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VOL. I. 




cHiiiLU MHiniKuiUM, iix>K> tntkt, chaiickkt uhs. 


loin 1Qi0jb e^smnllovt 

itc. &c. &c. 





THE First Volume of this Work is now cumpletcd, and au opinion may be 
fonned of a project, which was deemed nt its announcement so beset by 
difficulties, as to hold out little hope of a successful issue Those difficulties 
have however passed awuy — the completion of tlic first volume is accomplished, 
and nothing fonnidable remains to imj>cde the progress of tlie second. In 
thcM (Ages will be found the lineage of nearly four hundred families, enjoying 
in the aggregate probably a revenue of two milhons sterling, and deriving, 
many of (hem, their territorial possessions from Willuh of Normandy; 
invested however with no exclusive rank^-designatcd by no exclusive title 
I — tnd bom to no exclusive privilege. To this grade in her social system — 
her independent country gentlemen — England is mainly indebted for her 
greatness abroad^ and her prosperity at home. In tliia — and her free insti- 
tutions, <*he differs from every other country in Europe. 

It was the Author's intention to acknowledge his obligations to his principal 
correspondents individually; but, on referring to the list, he finds it soe\tt-nsive, 
that it would be entirely out of place to present such a catalogue here. He 
begs of them, nevertheless, to be assured that he entertains the strongest 
sense of the great and valuable assistance he has received. Indeed he is con- 
vioccd that, c^juld he adhere to his original determination, he should by simply 
to doing propitiate a more than ordinary degree of favor. He cannot, how- 
ever, forbear recording the debt be owes to Sir David Willinm Smith, barl. 
of Alnwick; to William Henry Allan, esq. of Durham; to Michael Jones, 

T—iTi the able historians of the 

ad Northampton ; and to the 

and useful works he has 


b— Jicd. 

$. p. — nne pnJe. 

(. p. m, — nne pnHe muenli. 

dau. — daag^ter. 



xtKs-SprrrtM.— Sir Ciiarlks Man- 
ITTON, K. B. has been nbed to the 
MUCC as Vucount Casffkiii ky, and 
BiKW BorrcsroKD. Ilt^ lurdahip'^ dUi-st 
Ml tbe |-2lli F(rbmar>'. 1H33, to Kidianl 
Smditraon, e»q. of BcIgravt-'-dqaare, M.P. 

ftUftCKt^T OF SoMKHrOBD.— Mp. Shak- 
>rl*7 diMl in IM34. Mu only dAUglitrr, 
frmacM Margu-itA. widow of VJrom Hcr- 
mft nq. of Killiiine Cu«lli.% vapooMd in 
Itta , T. R. K^mp, tsq. M. P. 

^P- », I. 16. for " John Morpland, esq. 
of Co[ipleiiinraitf," re-ad " Jacob 
MoreUod, era. of Canplctltwaite 

Bastard or Kitlet.— The Hon. Anne- 
ikar^. wifr of the prcMnt Mr. Uastard of 
Kidr^r. died ia 1833. 

RjcxF.rrs nr CohbI!. 
I>. 22. col. I, 1. 3fl, for " 1665," read 

p. 23, col. 2. 1. M. for " Walloa," read 

•• WaJton." 
P. a. col. 2, 1. 30. for " RaycM," read 

" Bayorfl." 
P. »♦. ool. 2. 1. 23. for " Dumfriea," 
read " Dampicr." 
Cfwrpr Williiitii Rickcttii (yoiingMt loo of 
Major Grnrral Itii ki-ii^) bj"bii» wife Lrtitia, 
p»-beire*« of Canw Mildmav.(*ii. of Shaw- 
' krd. and oatrr of Lady Mildmay of Ihy^- 
mtnfiriti. bad inae, 

1. tirorji'^Robcrl-Coodwio. 

2. ttarfw. 

3. Ilrarv. 
^ 4. WiUiiun. 
H & Edward. 

^m S. Letitia, who died uBtuJirried. 
■ 7. Eli». 
^B 9. Manannt!. 

H MmcDT or Maucaton. 

W p. 28. col. 3. 1.30, for "N«d«ood," 
V f**^ " Ne<dwuwl." 

Prra-R or HiiuirN. 

P. 30. rol. 2. 1, B from holtoni. for 

" Clui«te fmrtuj," read " Chri^to 

p. 31. col. I, I. .1i. fnr " t/mrif Hob- 

lyo," nr*d " tidtrnrtt Hoblyii." 

AU.AN OF BurknELi. UiiANue. The 
prevent Mit. Almn is in tb*.- ronimi^ioii of 
the peace for llit* i-ounty of T)iirhiini. 

RoBi-iHr Au.AK, eM). bApiiu'd i;)lh July, 
l&OO, {sfvrnth son of (JfOrgi- Allan, of 
Y»rTn) dit-d at Antigoa, leariug an only 
daughter and heiress, 

ELiz-ABtTH Ali^n, baptized at Darling- 
ton, mth May, lUUI, who m. John 
Burki-, I'sq. of tbe sunie i»Liiud, und 
wa« nintlier ui 

EuzABP-TH RrHKE, who vreilded 
Martin Blake, osq. Bi)d dted in 
London. 3rd January, 1771, 
leaving u son and four daugh- 

I. John niftke, living in 1783. 

1. Makuarkt Ulakk, m. John 
Tliomiinaon, eaq. M.P. for 
Sleyning, and left 

Mary TiinyuMKoN, the 
wife of Edward Becs- 

TO\ LoKti, esq, (set; 
vol. ii. p. I6S). 

2. Jane Blake, m. to — Reo- 
trop, of Antivi-rp. 

3. Penelope Blake, m. to ^ 
Sober, esq. 

4. Sarah Blake, m. to — 
Maslereon, trsq. 

Tli« follonin^' in»i:rtp(ion \a upon a mo- 
nnment in tbe cbanrel of Darlington Chnrcli, 
erected by the eminent antiquary. tJr.oHCft 
Allan, cm). F.S.A.. to tbe tnemorv of Ann 
Allan and her sister Dorothy, as ui»o to bis 
own wife : 

Cbofo Cvlesti 

IWnltirum Vir];iaum acMMere 

OoTolhcB pt Annn 

Grargii AOau, da ItWkwel] Grange, Ann. 

innwno t7A0, a!t.S8, 

pB-miaarum dulce diKUA, M invidia laaiar ; 

ha«c nnno 17B5, set <56, 

Paup«niiii Sol^num, oMnium delkta* 

I'tnuiuii OinsliBiii* Vlriuliltui fiimiai 

hu er(;u, «t in aenanam 

AiiHX', nui- conjugia cliariMiime 

Anno 1787, att. 4ti, ftbr«ptw. 

boc gmti mumi pi^os 


Om. Alhm da DtxUngton. 

WiUJs Of— Mr. Willis's son, 

PREDF.fttcK Wii.iJ«, esq. of thti l>th Lancvrs, 



wedded at the CaBtlp, Duhliu. 18Ui January, 
1B34, I-:iiz.ilH>lli l<oui«a, i<lde«t datif hler or 
Sir\Villiaiii<ioMet, undrr •ecretary of itatn 
for Ireland. 

Vavasoir or Wmtox. — William Vh- 
VftSOiR, €5(1- of Wi-ston Hall, died l&th 
Janaurj'. liS-'M. anil tcnvin); no uisue, tlic 
family i* now extinot. Tlie (rhildrru of Mr. 
VavasoiirV only water Ellen, wlio married 
tlie KcT. John Carti^r, nrt? 'William Curler 
nnd Anne, the wife of the Rev. Mr. lUwX- 


p. 67, col. i. 1, 37, for " — St Barbe, 

em." read " Jobii St. Uarbu, esq. of 


F.M.ISON OF Hepburn.— Tlie lntt? Henry 

EuLUtiN, esq. left, be«Ulefl the present pft»- 

leflBor of Hkphcrn, anolber son and Ihr^e 

daughters, viz. 

Kubert, livut*.'imnt-cotoiiel iu the rtr- 
iiadier guards, whu m. the Hon. 
Mary Montague, ilnn];hter of the lute 
Lord Itokeby, .-iiid hat) nne »»». 
Hannah, m. to .lobn Ciirr. etu]. of Dun- 
Atan Hill, in the county of UtirbRm, 
Aiiil h.'i5 fire ftona and three da^igh- 
Henrietta, m. to Georj^.' WtllLim Ayl- 

mer, e^. of Mowdeii Hull. F.a.«ex. 
£lizab4?th, m. to Frederiek Kdnanl 
Morrit-e. i-si|. of Ilet»hnnger in Kent. 
The present Mr. Ellison ban resigned the 
ftheriirdom of the palatinate. 

Myxors €>!• Tre^ro.— Add to the present 
Mr. Mynon'* tMue, a daughter, Phflippu- 

P. 8K. col. 2. 1. 37, for " holding an 
e-agle'« leg," read. " holding a hear'e 


F. 90, col. 1 . 1. 27, for " Slanton," read 

P. 91. col. I. I. n. for "Captain Mi- 

tluul Baakerville," read " Captain 

Sichotai Baskerville." 
P. 91. col. *i, 1. 5, for "John Scuad- 

more, rsij. ufThrnrplon," read "John 

Scudamore. eaq. of Tlirnvton." 

* Thi» p^lUtnun. thrmigfa the alHante of his 
ancNtor, Kowlano Minoiu, nq. with Tlirodoaia. 
dnu>;hli>r of Sir Pi>n-iv«1 WiUoaghbf, Vui. of 
WoUnion. piorej Fouiiders Irin to All SdiiU' 
Oxbrd. The descfnt la Uiiu tmred ; 

Bti4tMii CntcHricr. diuftbternf Jolui CLirho- 
l«f, cfaauberiaiaof l^ndou. Umt in I4;a, tr^dfd 
Su WilUwn Pecbe, km. nf LulliniculOH, Kent, 
and bad (with a lou Sir Juha Pecbe, knight bno- 
aeret) a dnughteri Pi^-nE, who m. John Hut, fW). of 
the Sltdilli; lVn](>le, and had a •on, 

Sia Pmivvii H.\rT of I.Mllint^oi], cliipf 
•owerawl knii-ht linitin^rto Mi_-,iiv VIII.. who 
m. Fwdiiwide, ilBiii;|.tfi udi) i-ikhtfir ol John Lord 

P. fli, col. 2, 1. .I from bottom, Hnm- 

phrrv Baj>ker*'ille. of Aberrdow, whu 

ni. F.ieanor, daughter nnd heiress of 

John ap Uwillein, bnd » son and nie- 

ccssor, John, wIiu wedded, in l<')7t4. 

Sanih. daughter of Johk Lewts, »q. 

of HariJtou Conrt. 

The fullowiiig extract from OdPRRICtW 

ViTALis (whn wrote nearly WO years ago ft 

History of Nunnandy, published by Mom- 

sieur du Chesiie) may throw some light on 

the origin of the great bouse of Baskek- 


" Batdriens Teutonicus married Ihe 
daughter of Rirbard, Burnaratd de Bene- 
farla, I*ord of Clare and Tuiibridge in Eng- 
land, by Koesia. his wife, siisliT l« Walti-r 
(JifTnrd. the seeoiid Earl of Buchinpham after 
the Conquest, and daughtpr of Walter Cif- 
fard. Count of I/ingueville, in Normandy, 
aud first Earl of Bin kJngbam, iu England, 
who was son of Usborne de Bolebec hy 
Avelina bia wife, sister to Gunnora, wife 
of Richard, the first of Uiat name. Duke of 
Normandy. Baldriek by his said wife had 
six sons and as many daughter*; the sons 
were Nh; dr Basuhlvilh, now Bac- 
queTille ; Fulke de Anjon ; Kobirt de 
CouTCT ; Richard de Nova Villa or Nevill; 
Baldnck. de Balgi-nznis. now Beangrney or 
BovsgeneY ; and Wigenus, or Wigman of 
Apulia. N1CII01..1R, the eldest, married one 
of ibi* DiiU^besft (Junnora'a nirws. and hy 
her had two sons. William Mnrlell and 
Walter de St. Martin, who were aneeslora 
of the Warrens, Earls of Warren and 
Surrey, and of the Mortimers, Earls of 
Mar^li. &c. Stc." 

RtsuKtx or Br* NtEPETll.— Incorporate 
the following particulars of tliis family with 
tJ(€* details given at page 104: 

The RuKHELtj; arc of ccnshleruhlo an- 
tiquity in Cnmberland; — in muny of tho 
early* entries in Ihe church regiiitrr« of 
Millam (which the Rtv. Henrv Oixon, 
oflteialing minister, ha* recently with much 
Ciin- invisiigntcd) Ihev »r*i de»cfil>c'd aa 
Rus5i'ns di< Uuddon flridge, and de Ar- 

\\n\, snd bad * iwn. Sir G«ot5» Hart, of Ltdr 
hnratone, and n dauRllf r, 

Cathrjukk Hart, wb" rspcpuawl Thoinu "il- 
lou^y, eaq. of Blon- I'lac*. and b-ft a tou aud 

SiH Pescivai. WitioecHBT. VdI.. who m. 
Brid(t»t, ("IdMl diiuRhtei- and co-fw-ir of Sir 
Fniucw WilloQghbjr. knt. of Wollaton. and siiter 
lu Mantarrt, »if» (»f Sir Boberl Sj^neet, created 
in U*vA, Uaron Sp#neer of W "rnileijrhtoo. Uy 
this lady Sir Pt-irivJ bad, with olher i<inue. 

Fb'axcis (.Sir), ancestor of Lord Miootnon. 
Tnrinx-n*. 01. to Rowijun Mrxoiu., nq. 
of Trengn. gTWrt-vTMH-gTeal-grea* grand- 
liitber of tiie pr«»mt 

Prr»a Rtcaiaaa Mriroaa.eaq. of Trrago. 



': bj nn intrrmam'age with tlicniit'H'nl 

JwitMM\o«. ID which ihey n'iii(*vccl 

kuiuca the yefkr* IflSfi Hud 16.^7, and Ihey 

eoMlinnMd lo*iil>td<.> therv uutil ItHa. u-ben 

fai eowwqgfncc o( tbe demise ta«ui.>]e#s of 

, Ae rider bnrtbcr. ll»c properly paitsod to 

[WiJtinui RuMftI, rwj.of Bninif|»'tli Casllc, 

rKii hat inp him»(-ir rcali*td » very con- 

■drratilr fiirtane in the county of Oiirlinm, 

^uaCI.■d tlte Ariiuisitioa, atui it ii now in 

tioa af R. Pi»tlewutef esq. of 

in KumeM. 

iy the early rvgiAtera are so 
■o »fry continiuHis pcdinrcf 
ir 'Jilt before the y#'«r I'ifH. und 
rc^'onN i.-oinn>cni.'<- willi KMKI. 
•fcStlx,* t'Sq. of Arnnhie, dying in 
MDft, wmB barvd at Millam, nnd j. by Itis 



li«rnfcn RrsstU.. esq. of Aniabic. who 

M 1 ( riirw, (lis heir. 
K:. lard, who J. 1st Becember, 1638. 
rtdrr Min and heir, 
MAmiew Ki's«ir-U., ewi- of Amahir, Imm 
Ifnh ^lurcb, l(il6, intcrnurrjini; with the 
Tay lor family, acquired the estate of Kowen- 
hpih mail dyin^ 27lh Jiuiuary, lOtM. had a 
■■ mA aBervKMir , 

IbTrHrn Rt-MELL, e«q. of Rowcnlnnds, 
(. l.'Ub Frhriiary. 1067-8, who h»d (with 
m djughlm, Eiizabetb nnd Bridgi-t) two 

RokpftT, hii heir. 

Matibrw. h. 3ud August, lf>KS, who 
willed *t Siinderlaiid ns a merrhnni 
in ITOU, nnd upon HLh drniine isnue- 
lr«0 in I7H0, tIeviiH-d half hiK forlunv, 
whteh wag very cunsiderahle. to h\» 
nrpbcw Williiini, )ati> of Itrniicepeth 
Cwtle. In Sunderland churrhynrd 
■ licantiful mununietit ix erected to 
hi* nteioort. 
lUftlHrvr Rnnrll' H. 38th February, I005, 
■ad WQ« f. by liin cider »un, 

RtiBfuT Hl'^^ftl, rsq. of Rowenlnnds. 
A. wh Ot-iuWr, lttK-2. who had t»»ue. 
H«miF.u', hifl heir. 
W'lijJAM. fucoi'Hor In bia brother. 
Ilnbcrt, l. in Senttmber, 1":I7. who 
went out to India u a mercbaul and 
ihere died. 
Juii^. A. Oih March, 1744, rf. m An- 
cu-i. I74.i. 
IL>b<>rt HiL>^U died Xind March, 175?, and 
wss «. by ki« son^ 

' flu bftrtWrs wvre 

Bobcft. m. lOth June, 1590. to Elinbclb 

Jttkrr. wborf. tad Febrowy. l«(U-4. 
P«t*r. who d. t7lb I>«i*ub«r. IC07. 

Matthevt Ri'»seLL, esq. b. 3UI M«rch. 
17%^, who dieil without iiuue at Rowrnl;inda 
in January, 1803, and waa i. by bii next 

William Rvkhkll, e«q. of Brancepeth 
Ca»tlc <a« stated in the body of the work). 
This Kentlrtnnii, who sold Iht; estate of Row- 
enland^. was disttn^itthed fnr lib<-mlity and 
bpDevolcucc. Aiuonj; niniiy Bimilar in- 
5laiirpn may 1k' mentioned nn hn.4]iital at 
('orn«ay in the romity of Purh.ini, whieb he 
built and endowed, for n considerable uum- 
ber of aged and infirm persons of both 
sexes, with a diapel for divine serrice, and 
a school attathfd for a larjce CHtiibliDhnient 
of bovs and )^irl:t, Pnriu^ the war in 1H03, 
he raisrd a t^orptt of voliiiileer infantry, cod- 
Aistins of two full t-om|)niiie«, nhieh he 
amied, clothed, and completely eiptipped 
at hi» own expense ; he was also chiefly 
iiidtruuiciital in raiiiiiitt the L'sworth troop 
of jiumiuirj' cavalry, and in the distre^ws 
on ihe termination of the war. he received 
find mnititained tbe poor, eominj; fmin uU 
(juarterA. in banackn constnicted for the 
pnruose, where every comfort was provided, 
while he kept alive their babils of industry, 
by engapn^; snob »n were able in varioui 
works on bis extensive estates. Mr. Rus- 
fiell was /. at his decease by his son, 

Mai^iiew Kl'sfiELL. CM), of Unmcepcth 
Cattle, vice-lieuteiiani for the county of 
Durban) (asstated in tbe body of the work). 
On leaving Trinity College'. Oxford, tbii 
Keutleman accepted a company in tbe iJur- 
ham militia, and was iiubse((ueully major of 
the regiment. In IHOl be was returned 
member for Sallash (one of \xh father'i 
boroughs) and continued to serve in parlia- 
ment until his death in London. 4th May. 
1822. }Ie rebuilt Ihe ^erealer part of 
Brancepeth Castle, and it is now one of 
tlie mortt noble edifices in the nnrtb of Eng- 
land. Probably few iudividiiaU have ever 
been so justly, deep! v. and universally 
lamented. Mr. KiiMell^s only son and sue- 
ceissor.the preiM^ul WiLLiAH R|-s.sELL,esq. of 
Brancepctb Castle, also vice-liculcnant of 
Uie cnuiity Palitlinnte. was r^'tnrned in two 
succes.>iivr parliament^) for Ibo county of 
Durham, and provi-d himself a sealoua and 
disinterested promoter of the reform, hy 
the patriotic f^itt of his boroughs of Hletch- 
luglye Biid Saltasb, consisting of three 

Etiutet, — Brancepeth, Brandon, Hard- 
wii-ke, AVilliimton, Westparks, Newton, 
Newton>cup, IlLikeslone, riiitlmrpe, and 
Ttiwaites. in the county of Durham, and 
itajsdale in the county of York. 

(;t\i>i.F.R ov Cam-as. — Edward Candler, 
esq. the brother of the present representa- 
tive of Ihe family, has been appointed a 
deputy Ufuleiiaiil for the couuty of North- 


The family Euaie»at<' — Morton Pinkney 
aod ('ulnrorth, both in NorthAmptoiiahire ; 
wiUi Undii ill Nurfolk and Yorkfthirc. 


p. 119, col. 1, I. «. for "PeDjuile," 
n-ad " PcD^uiti'.*' 
Flood or Flood IIjill. — Alterations in the 
accoaiit of lliis familv. 
FuioD, JoH.v. wq. of Flood Hall, in Ok- 
rnunly of KilLtiiuy. a maKi^trnte miiiI Av- 
puty lirtiti'Diiiit for thai shire, n. MiM Suii- 
riu.' i-ldi-fit daughter of the Kt. Hon. Wil- 
liam Saurin, (brother to the Bishop of Dro- 
more), late attorney-general for In-laod, 
and niece to the MarqoeM of Thomoud. 


Thill family de^of ndfi. it is preHuiupd, from 
Sir Thomas Flodrt. knt. of Milpitc. who 
wTi» ri-c<-i»rr of Kent, Sussex, and Surrey, 
and Ireattun-r to the army sent (it^Dip. Eu- 
Zabkth) to aid Henry IV. of Frame. In 
the mbeeiiu'-nt rei|^, a member of the Keiit- 
■h Iwttte, (who waa the firxt to irrtle XHn 
■•MW FutOD). rose high in fnvour with 
JTiMfJtUF.^. andhadM-rcral (H'^iit* of Eandtt 
in diver* i>.trt» of the kin^om. Up stjled 
himaelf in writing" Flood," while the other 
Iwanclief were written Fludds. Hence de- 

Pka^Cis Flood, esq. of Bumchurrh, in 
the coanty of Kilkenny, a major in the 
amiy. who m. Anne, only daughter and 
hrirr*s of Colonel Henry Warden, M. P. 
of Ip^wirh, in Snffulk, and niece to Ag- 
raoodeahan Tuffe, p«|. of Deaait, father of 
tks tnx Baron De«art. By this lady he 

I. Warden, of Flood Hall, as Ktatrd 

in the body of the work. 
II. John. -f 

Ml. Cliarlcis I as sUtwl in the body of 

IV. Henry, f the work. 

VL FraiH'is. of Paal^town Oavtle. in the 
MMinly of kilkenny. who m. Miss 
HatbMi. daughter of Henr\' HnKtin, 
r«|. of Great Clonard. M. P. for the 
Khir<> of Wexford, by his wife Lady 
Aniie Jane Oorr. danghter of ki- 
thnr Earl of .\,rran, by whom (who 
M. for bet dnxukd h'luband John 
Jamr», first Marqnen of AU-rcom) 
br had i««ui>, 

I. Wknlrn, LL.I>. ^udjfe of the 
hi)ch court of ndtnirnlty of Ire- 
land, member in ihi- Irish par- 
ttameni for tuany yenrs. where 
he ga>e r'IRrient support to hi» 
dia&pliBked rrlatiie, Hfkry 
FtAOD. He ». Miss 0'l>ouo- 
«a&. rirtrr of fleneral tVOono- 
»an ol that amii-nl lAmily in the 
<uuniv <tf Cork, and nunt to Hit 

Willinm Wrixon Bccher, barf. 
and bnd issue, 

Wanl*-n, as in the body of the 

Frnnctfi, acaptain in the army, 

killed in action. 
Ilfnry of Paulstmin Castle, 
whom, in 181&. Anna Maria, 
dau. of Henry Lennon. esq. 
I>unovau, a captitiu in tho 
array, who wrvfd in Hol- 
laitif. Hf wedded Miw Vig- 
nau, niece of the ComlesM 
De la Motte, and left igmie, 
Wnrden, captain AUt. 
Marinnnr. as stated in the 
Ixiily of the work. 
'2. Hultun, a rolonel in tlio lAt 
draj^oun guards who sened in 
llollaDd. He d. unmarried. - 

3. Fmnciji, a mnjor in tlie army, 
and high slicrtfl* for the county 
of KilkcDuy in 1778. 

4. Henry, a major in the army, 
who m, and had iMue. 

John, of Viewmount. as stated 

in the body of tlie work. 
Frances, in. to llr. Reed, M.D. 
of the county of <'arlow. 
VII. Richard, who (/. unmarried. 
VIII. Anne. m. to the Venerable Henry 
Cnndler. D.U. archdeacon of Oscory 
and rector of Callan. 
Tlie remainder of tho account, as given in 
the work, is eorreel. exci-pting that the mo- 
ther of the present Mr. Flood, of Flood 
Hall, was Misi A Irixorth, dttvffhtrr of 
Hichard Aldworth. ens, of Sevmarktl. in 
the eimnty of Cork. flf.P. and not Miss 
Bury, as erroneously stated at p. I'ili. 

Moi'ORAY hna been made A Cohpavion of 


Sir Robert's [^reat ^Aodfather Johk Muc- 
biijiy, esq. of Cotkaimy. who d, in 1732^ 
left tiro sons, viz. 

RoHtKT, his sueeessor at Cookairny, 

(see pnpe lasi). 
John, who hud two sons and three 
daughters, t it. 
John, whose only child, Aon- 
{^kemll Mnubray, wedded 
Jamefi-Trail Hall, eitq.of Dublin, 
barrisler-at-law, and has issnc. 

Margaret, who m. Walter Roas, 
eaq. ami Iff! a Mtn, 

John-Ross, whose only ehild. 
Agnes. esp»Hisoil Cliarlea 
Muekindish, estp 

Jean, m. to James Camphell. esq. 
Sir Robert's grandfather. Kobkiit Moibkmi, 
esq. uf Cockiurny,who d. in 1771f, had issue* 


bn, itlin tliftt, captain royal maritips. 
BoBlMT, M.l>. w)io *■ to ('<K-k»irny, 
and ttrio^ in I3t>&, wax t. )>y hifl el<lt-r 
KM, the preMint poneMor. 

Ororcr. lirul. rvyal nary, wbo m. Mu» 
.Tnb>-. iDil luiij i«i9ue. 
ixalM'tlt. M. lo John Blnck, vw\. 
try . m. Ui AlexjindiT Sotlivrlaud, esq. 
Mail lukd tMue. 

[IVninii family of. — ^Tbe rollowjug addi- 
to ^ account already pven of itiw 
■OBBt boose are extracted from au old 
fiAcrrr of tbe (iuaily. 

" WUIiam dc Orell. a p.-ntli-raau v( tin- 
■Mih pnrtx of Norniniidie, s^tf cnlled of a 
eMdr and faniilii* of that rountrie, niicl t.ov 
H csalratrtinn, the vowftlU v iind o ar<> 
fliajml tn a. by wKicb Darell u prODOuiicfd 
ha Or OreU. tiie which came in triifa the 
CaBfonor. beiog for bis ffuod im.ttii:c doni- 
IB Br onrtb* B* well in pacilK'in^ (tic rt-btrl- 
liMB aaa In YorLahtre. as in reitittling: ititr 
fannat Scota that came to help then). 
OMBMared boI only in bein^ dut»bi-d a 
t^^U* ia the citty of Yorkc, ufkr tin- 

Sot it, Imt also endowed wiiti tin- 
ea of a Saxon called Ethiddn^d, nf 
vortli. an ancient leat twelrt; mili'it 
■wKkf Yorke, the wbkh Sir William tiad 
■Mr. William, made kniKbt by Hvnn,- I. 
iblr o( the rnstlc of Yurke. wbii-)i 
iorreaaed much by ninrnagi.-s, and 
Ibr Im< of the fnmilie in Yorkshire was 
^ir Offirut- Dsirell. whose daughter 
Wirv Sir day Dawney, of Cowick, 
Mannadake, tht! soane of Va- 
f, ye Sonne of Sir William Uanrll. 
if bBBwvorth, wa»i Keneml under the Lord 
flcHMfv. baron of I'psitll, who ncrvrd 
I. iti Aeon, whcrr, by ye way, this 
nkr urbievrd K^eat f»ine by itlliiig 
«f IV uriatrr and ruliTuf ye Isili' of Cyprus, 
■■« w-rrfore. in ptfrpetuiuu Roi memo- 
mai, y* lion nbich he bare before unco- 
*m4, aai* now crowned, and having; no 
o««, bad In his copiizance tc saracvn's 
hnrf ym»'mi[ oat of a crownc attired aAcr 
tticDii; ' (itT — qute acta fuerunt in 

■BB 4' I'l primi." 

SBwtKi* Huiiu^ v»q. (second son of 
Tba^u |>«rrll. r^i. of Scolney, (grandson 
Iba TbDoUM wbo wedded, as slate<l at 
133, Tbomssine (•resley). marriL-il 
jr. daojcbtrr and s>de bt'trc»« of Mnr- 
■be Itarrll. rMj. of Pii);hiiiii, and Ihe 
irrmmbDU of Ifats itiarriaitr<'< 
DajiMX. e«q. of Putnty. in Sur- 
fof his w-omd wif«, in IfiSS, 
dMncltfr of John Rriitcoe, of Si. 
I, WaHbrook. nml had iif*ae, 
L in«K. who rf. t. p. 
n. RftatMT. of Kirhmond. This j^en- 
dnaaB m. Mary, rianghlcr of Jaiucg 

Porten, esq. of Putney, and bv bur 
(wbo J. Hlh Nov. I7.^t) k-fl issue, 
I. Rdward, b. in I72H. 
'->. llobert, b. in 1734. 
'•i. Mary, m. in 176H, to Daniel 

W ra\ . esq. 
4, Elizabeth, m. in 1761. to the 
R«^v. John Jr-ffrrys, D-D. canon 
of Cbri^tcburch. Oxford, anil 
bad a son and heir, 
'jTie Ken. John Jeffreys, who 
m. Charlotte, daughter of 
— ByroD, esq. of Hertford, 
and had four sons and seven 
A. Kolberine, ? . ., .■ . 
«. Judith. 5 both died yoong. 

III. John, of York Street, Si, James's, 
London, b. lOtb April, 17(KI, who m. 
Miss Acton, lirst eousin to 8ir Jidin 
Acton, bart. of Aldeuhiun, iu Shrop- 
shire, and died m 1768, having had 

1. J()H\, wbo d. $. p. 

'2. CATiitHiNE, who m. Thonas 
Hr.NRTT, esq. of Pytbonsc (see 
prigv !MU). 

3. Harriet, whom. Richard Croftes, 
esq. of Weal Hurling, in Nor- 
folk, and hiul nn only daughter 
and beiresd, Harriet, m. in I7U3, 
to the present Sir John Saun- 
nPRs ScDRKaiT, barl. 

IV. EliKiibetb, m. to John Jeffreya, esq. 
of Lincoln's Inn. 

V. Anne, m. to S. Shepherd, esq. of Min- 

ehin Hampton, in Gloace«ter»birc. 
VI. Kntherine. 

STU.t\r.w*YE5 or Wrll. — Richard- 

Pl'HCHA.<i SrtUNOWAYPJi, esq. who Was a 
deputy liKUtenunl for llie Fast Kiding of 
Yorkshire, died iu 1836. Hin estates were 
situated in the three riding of that county. 
BarneofSotteRLF-Y. — Mr. Rarne'souly 
son, i'Vederick Hnrne, esq. iH.4th PL-bnmry, 
1833, Mary .\nQe Elixabeth, eldest daughter 
of tlie late Sir John Coortenay HonpYood* 


Butler Uanvers' malernnl irrandmother was 
Mary, daughter of Joel Watwu, esq. 
Atthii.1., ok BuAM>isrof« H*i.l. 

P. 164, ). 0. fur " 1776." read " 1774," 

P. 164. l.H, for'RoberlHedges.eiiq." 
reail " Raberl Hfiip-s £vre, cs4|. 

P. UJ4, I. 12, aft.r " Robert, A. B." in- 
sert " a medical man, ri-sidcnt at 
Trillte, and a justice of Ihe peace for 
ihc I'oniilv of Tyrone. 

P. 16-1, 1. I'S, after '• Richard," Inserl 
"A. U. now of HarTey Township, 
county of Norlbambertand, Upper 

P. 166, col. a, 1. J, for "Mj.** read 
*' <■?'•" 


P. HJ5, col. 3, I. -10, for "Foxsall." 

Tfiui " Foxlt-y." 
P. Ifrfi, m\. 2, 1. 2, for " Arrfreits," read 
"* *«* It appears froiu aii nocient work on 
tlie county of Norfolk, tlial "Sir William 
dn Hoo, or dr la Mou, built (lie cliurtli of 
Mtilliarion, In tW Iiundred of Haiiililey»nl, 
county of Norfolk. He was a vpry re- 
nowned warrior, and wan buried A.D. 1410. 
In tlifl DrMRuday Ilook, lloo or llou «igni> 
fifs (1 rising ground, and tbe probabl4> pro- 
greM of the chnngc was (a« in tlit- case of 
lie family de Tyc, nftcrwanU Allc Eve) 
l>e Hoo. Do Hilt. De la Hill, Attetiill. ' 

MofiHC OF Apf'LFBv Pakva. — Tlie present 
Mr. Monrft irediled, in Jnnc. IH33, the 
daufrhler of Wi]liain-Pliillip!t Ing^', esq. of 
Thorpe ConHtantine. in llii? cuuMy of Stuf- 
ford. Hist only si»U-r. Miss StisAN-DlUM- 
MnKO MouRt, Miu* m-.trried 22iid Nov, 183"^, 
to EnnAHD'A^iTiiosY HnLi)F.\, eeq. of Ad- 
ton Hall, in till! founty of Warwick. 
Wiuhton-Middleton of Old Park. 
P. 171. I. 7. for "John Wilmerfitld. 
e«q." read " John Wilmer Field, 
Lane op King's Bromley. 

P. 174. col. 2, 1. 10 from l^ottntn, for 

*' Francis," read "Thomas." 

Aylmkk of Walworth Castle.— The 

pn-6CDt proprit-'tor's eldeat sister, Eliza* 

BETH-Mariiaret, wedded, dth Jan. 1H33, 

J. i. Scott. e«q. of the county of Devon. 

LiLi.iMiitToN-Sl>i>ONEH, of Elmdon.^ — Tlic 
nnneiicd engraving is » niorv accunite re* 
prcMnlalion of tli« armorial ensigus of this 

Latham or Bradwall. — Tlie present Dr. 
Latham's BCfond son, Peifr Mitc Uithiim. 
M.D. m. secondly. Uth Feb. iHai. Grace- 
Mary, third daughtLT of David ('hnmbers, 
esq. of Dorae I- square, counuander in the 
royal navy. 

W£U> or LULWOBTH.— CarUiuul Weld 

having durrenderod Liilworth to lii» next' 
brolliier, Joskph \Vki,i>, esq, thfit g^ntlemjin 
is now "Weld of Li'lworth." In vol. 
ii. p. 677, will be found a niore detailt 
Hccuunl of the family. 

Danby of Swiston. — WtiJ.iAU Dasbi 
o8[]. ^ihe rcprcsenlatire of the fniuilv) d. -Ill 
December, IH33. 

P. 201. col. I. I. 29. for " William Cal-J 
verley, c»q." read " Sir Walter Cal- 
verlfy. kut," 

PitiDEtrx-BniiNE OF ViAcv.— 'fim Hrv. 
Chaklks PKtDKAirx-llKt'NE d. 10 1833, an4 
was I. by bis eldest son. 


P. 2*W, col. 2, 1.22. for "— Stonor,^ 
esq." read " Thomm Stoiior, eaq." 

Lonrs OF Kn-BHiuE.— Colonel Lofliu'i 
younger brother, ('afTAIN FitEDERtCK Lui 
Tus, m. in )h:)3, FrnncfS, daughter of thai 
late Colonel Phayre, of the E. I. C. Service.^ 
His yount^est siller, Jake Pr.HrEVAi 
Coiiiplon Loi'tus. wedded in Septcnibtfr^ 
1833, Henrv-Cohbct &INGLeTO>, eS4|. 
Aclare, coumy Mcalh. 

P. 21 1, col. 1, 1. 9. after" Etenor," in- 
sert *'iw. first, to Oeori^eColley.esqJ 
of Edenderry ; secondly, to Coloot 
WilHitni DuckenReid : and, ihirdlyrJ 
to Sir Edwanl Tvrrell . Uarl. of Lyni 
in the countv Westraeath." I, 1.48. after "d. in 1807, 
dele " the male line of Thomas Luf- 
tos. of Killyan. by his first wife. Sn 
sanna Elkenliead, became extinct ; 
which paragraph insert at col. 2 
the same page, 1. 18, after "d 
f. n. in 1H24.'^ 
Colonel Loftus's estates are in the counti 
of Wicklow, Wcstraeatli. Dublin, ai 

Lewis OF St. Pierre.— The lalo Thorn 
Letiis. esq. did not d. unnutrntd. Hu 
widow m. secondly, Charles Kemejri 
Kemeys-Tynle, esq, M.P. 

PowEi.1 <ip Nanteos.— The wife of 
present proprietor, CoutNEL Powell, ti 
" Laura F^iwyna," uoi ** Imuimh Edwytia. 
P. 230, col. I, 1. U from bottom, foi 
" f'ortney," read " Pitrtfej/." 
CofiVTox OF Pentiluc. 

p. 233, ral. 2, I. 44, for " Sir Edwa 
Litilel^iD, barl." read " Edward Lii 
tie ton, ttt/." 
Bono of Gkaxub. 
P. 241. col. 2, 1. 4, for "SamiiayB,' 

rt'ad " Samicays." 

P. 243. col. 2. I. 10. for " ProwE, oi 

Bridg," read " Prowz, of Bredy." 

The andent amta of Bond are sa. n fcss or, 

Orlebah of IIinwick HorsE.— Richard 

OKLEBAH,esq.of Hinwick Himse, i/. in 1 

and was i. by bis tldrsi son. 


BuiisrTT OF WrtAM. 

P. 2M, col. ),!.'> from botlom, for 
" *.p." rrsri " *■ p, m." 

LriuMto?* or SiiBEwsBfRY. — Liculcitnitt- 
nfAomrl |.fiplitim'K elilfst daughter. Lot'tfiA, 
n» mmrrxM, 21rd \pril. lH:t3. to THOH.1S 
H. (lort, Iraq. 

Wiux»o<iD OP Gakvock. — The \h\iA» 
■hcKw Uiift funily originalK UeriTr<) ■(» 
flniifiiBTinn tboald lie ft\>eU Toitii and iiol 


P. 28I. col. \. t. 26, TliOBiM Hfory 
Kintftcotc, rwi- (iifplu'W of tlu- |»re- 
»eiil Mr. Kiii^tu'otf-, of Kiu^cuU*) 
M. Mcondly. in IKtS, Hon. llarrit-t 
niooiiififlil', eldest daughter of Lard 
Bloom fie Id. 
P. Q»l. Hmn- Kinpscolf. esq. m. Htli 
July, IMIW.' Horrid, eldest daii^;litiT 
of C. T. Tower. e«|. M.P. of WtiUd 
H«ll. Eurx. 
llvKtU^ or I|i>WH(iYDF.. 

P. 2H3. rol. 3. 1. 42. for " Muftgrum.* 
rr«4 " Muajjmvc." 
DiXK or JUkk.— Mi«»SoUna-Mary Hiike, 
ii«Hhli r of thf Nitr IJriitiL-nant - colmifl 
Ckuica Pnk«, (irreut'^^rpat-tn^-ai ^ninditon 
■fj<tl<» Tii'V.-, piw]. of L.-)kc, IiikIi »l>crifl~of 
Wilt . wedded in A|>ril. 1833. K. 

Bro« ... M xiifsoD. CM), youngntt son of 
liralrmiat-p>neral Ho<ll(»Oli. 
riiwnr-TEUPfiST nv ToNO. 

i'. ->»*, 1. 41. for "ffx/y rifle corp«," 

r»-»ii " aum rifl*" cor|iB. ' 
p. 3PC». Hriiiv TfinitMt, who wi. tlic 
brirrM uf Mirlii'ltl, was tlitr i-ikUUi 
•nrn of Ricluril T«n]|>cst, of Unice- 
P- 361. C%>Ionel Plumbc Tempest's 
0«'|ib«v, Capinia Hcurv lliton, m. 
MiM Harriet Fraifr um] iKit Fmnrr. 
p. ■aw. The Rrv. William I'IuihIh- 
(arcDod ■on uf William PIudiIh', cstj. 
by R>r«liTowiiley)i/. io I7M, Ifurini; 
fw« dkllglltfrv, 

Afloe, ■>■ (oColunel WilUim Tom- 

Sarah, »«>rond tviff of iJic prrnenl 
<Vilonrl Plumlip Tfiiipefll, of 
Tong Hall. 
nuritnLT or TiTLBT Court. 

P. ■*«. col. i. I. 26, for '' Ppn-griiie 

Kurjw," rvml " Pcri'((riiM-- Fiir(rf." 
P. ana. «-"d. X I. 37. MU« Taylor, who 
wm. ilir Kff. John liifcram. of Hiir- 
ford, u ttnli-d in hatr lind two dau^li- 
Irrt- Tht^ in incorrect, that ludy 
!»■> ' itlout imr. 

[p. 'jt. .. for *' Curnil6." read 

"Cuiudu, and for " Cnrnhwrton," 
n>Ml " Comberloii." 

llarwuu. or Puu*v.— Robert Mai'n- 

SP.LL, em\. of llniik Plni^e, d. in March, 1R12, 
and was x. hy hid crldrAt Hon. 

P. 3<M, 1.27. Major Krt'derict Mtiun- 
B4-11 \uii tince ubluirii'd his rrj^inicnt. 
and hccu appninlcd I0 tin? otiin* of 
P..T<H,eol. 1.1. .'i2, for ".lonn Bcaii- 
rnuip, daughter of Simon lt.iron, of 
BedfonI," read "Joan Id-aurhanip, 
daug)it«r of Simon, Baron of Bed' 
P. 308. col. 1. I. Ifi. for " LviKhlon," 

Foad " Lcigblia." 
P. aw. col. 2, 1. 13. for " eldest," read 

*' aecoud." 
P. 3m, col. a, 1. Ifi. for " ha« i*Mie," 
read ■' h«« so ujsue," 
Thf Cifit if not (as crroncoaily rtatcd) 
nn cnt;|[! mlh win^jit expundt-U or, but a 
falcon ppr. 

Tlir Jtfattors arc, " HoDorantee me hono- 
rabo," and " Quod vult, vajde vult." 

T&€ Kitatet aro principally stiunted in 
the counlicti of Limerick and Tippi-mr}'. 

TmiRsBY OF Abivotos. — Mr. Thnrsby'g 
iioungesl daughter, .Anne, in. 16th Januaty, 
1S34, Kcv. Benjamin Winlhrop. 

P. 3.34, I. 34. The manor of Hather- 
lon, in Cheshire, is assigned to ■ 
wrong proprieior. It is now lliv 
possCMion ofM. Mare, enq. 

GiLBtKT OF TRKDKeA.—CATiiniUNC, eldest 
daughicr of D<«Mta GiLseitr. esq. m. in 
April, mS'L John Sahuel Enys, esij. of 
Ltwis or H*RPToN. 

P.."W6. rol. TIieSlnNATHAS 
WmiiHTK, hart, whose dno)(hlcr, 
Anne, Wedded Th<imaa l^*wis, esq. 
of iiurplon, M.P. •n&ji never LoRD 
Kf,ki'F.k of the creat «'al. 
P. 33fl. col. 2, I. 0, for " Colly," read 
" Colby." 

Halkktt of Hall Hill. 

P. ,33!*. col. I. 1.37. Fkeokbick fthe 
rtiily win of General Hiilkoti. n ho J. 
■II 1768, by his .^ccoimI marringc) 
died a roBJur-KeioTnl in the British 
service. He Irft by his wife, a Mia? 
8eton, with three d.'kiiichiers, two sons, 

I. CiiLiK(Sir). K.C.B. BowcoDUnnnder 
ill chief nl Bombay. 

II. Hut;h, a jjeneral in the Hanoverian 

PvK or Farikodok. 

P. ;i.'>l. rol. 2. 1. 28, for " who died «ni- 
marrifd in 1812," read " who died 
irilAoMi ttta£ in 1812." 
RlCARDO or fiAfiOMBK. 

P. 373. The lnrt- Divio Ricahdo, e«q. 
h-ft, wilh five tlauKhtrrs, three sons, 
OsMAX, of Broroeberrow, David, of 



natcomtie, nn<) Hohtiwer, of llril- 
low Pliict*. Kt-nl. 

I}OW0E!tVrrJ.L Of 1*110. Col'RT. 

P. 376. 1.3. C.^TiiERiNP., only dNUf^^li- 
tcr of ihe present Jnlin Edmund 
]>i)Hit('«Trei1, tM|. of Pull (!iiurt. ^rIUi 
inamt-d, lutli Jniitiary. 1^3.3. to R. 
II. Hkrkns, eiH|. of I^ncolii's Inn. 
Uarvet uf Thorpe. 

P. 389. 1.30, afWr" Captain Blakislon, 
R.N." (/«•/* "bart." 

P. Wi), I. 31. aftrr '* Jobn RankinET, 
etti." drle " R.N." 
M^vNEixof North Kii.viNr.Tr»?(. 

P. -iM, en\. 'i. 1. .>•». for " (itorfft Cary, 
vi*\." read " Witliam Cary. e«c|." 
SiKEH ot-Tiie Chal-ntry House. 

P. 407, col. % 1. II, for "or," itad 

•* vv" 

P. -lO?, col. 3, 1. 29, for " Sykes,*' rvad 

•* Siki^." 
P. 417. Mr. Marsluitu's eld'-ai son i» 

a iu»);ii)tratv und deputy lit^-ulcuunl 

for tilt- L-ounty of Norfolk. 
P. 417. 1.7, for" .\mclia." read " Amc- 

P. 417, I. », for "80D," read " elde«l 

Wtkeiiam of Thame Park. 

P. 4211, col. 3, 1.22, for "Salgrave," 

rvad *'SiLUKAVE." The same errors 

occur Ofaio ui pajte 423. 
P. 42S. col. 3, 1. 13, fur motkrr, read 

P. 423, lol. I, I. 44, for " Franeit," 
read " Franctt." 

p. 424, 1. 16, for " Mmnaccan/* read 


p. 430. col. 2, I. 41. for " Bailngton/' 

read '* Baringtoii." 
P. 430. col. % 1. 40. for " xVe- IxirJ 
Chiff JiisUce Sir Thomiu Fltimtng," 
road " Sir I'homiu Kleming, boq of 
the lord chief justice." 
Vans-Agnew of Baknbakroch. 

P. 430. ml. 1, I. I, delr " and relict of 

.Sir William Wallace, of Crai^p." 
P. 4.'». for •' Sencban," read " Sheu- 
Utrhe of Cabintkelv. 

P. 402. col. I. I. 14, for " Mtmoniaus," 
read " Mumonians. 
Preston of West Derby Lower Hoc're. 
Robert Preston, esq. (the representative 
of iho family) (/. lOtli Novemt»er, IKLT 

P. 479. rol. 1. 1. 22. In tliv Holloin 
heails there \a a portrait of *' The Lady 
Monleagle," but Mr. Lodfc^ states that it is 
not known whether it is Lord Montcagle's 
first wife, Lady Mury Brandon, or his 
■econd, Hclcu Pnslon. 

P. 470. rol. 2, I. I. Wiliiam du WRrreo. 
Karl of Siirri'v, was prent k'"'""'**"' maler- 
iiallv of King William the C^onqucror. 

P'. 47&, I. H from Ihc iHittom, Tliomai 
Preslon of }lolker, by his wife Katht-rine 
Hoghlon, had, iM.-siitr9 the two sous, a dxiigli- 
tiT, Miir);arel Prt '^toi^ married to Cuthlterl 
Oi>te. efli|. of Whiotfin, and bad issue, 
bt-5iilett iwo itaiighlcrs, Katherine and Eli- 
zahi'th, a ^on Culltbert, bom 1(773, who was 
numeil in remainder to a conaidcrablc por- 
tion of the Holker propt-rty (on failuri- of 
the issue of Catberine Ludy Lonilier) by 
tbi^ will of his uncle, Thomas Preston ofj 
Holker. M. P. 

Same page. The Preslons, atid also thi 
Lowtbers of liolkrr, are buried in Cartmel] 
Church; and in Whittakcr'» Wbaltcy, Ie 
edition, there is an account of their monu" 

P. 480. cnl. 2, t. 22. In tin- middle ol 
ibe pew of the Preslon family in HiMer*! 
hham Cburcli. oil a plain black marble, oi 
which are the arms of Preston, with 
L'Uler bad^ empalitbg Molinetix, is 
inHLTiptiau : 

Uic itcct Domins IMaria Freaum 


lUastiiaHHi Domini Cxrrilli Molineux 

Viceoomitis d« .Varybcav' 


Nobiliasint DDmini I ImmiB Prestoo 

UsxoDetli. QuBc obiit 

Die vi. Julii, 

Anno Domini, MUCLXXIII. 

Sir Tliomas Preston, Ihe lliirti baronet, had 
been a Itoiiian Calholiv priest until hi« bro- 
ther's death ; but on that event ho married 
as stated in tlic text ; after his lady's deatli, 
however, be resumed bis sacerdotal cbarac 
ter and returned to its duties ; when hi 
Settled the Westmoreland estates upon 
two dau};hters, atid went beyond (be sen 
(lo Flanders, wliere he died circa 1710] 
bavin){ previously ^tlled the Laneastt 
estate, tbo manor and abbey of Kuruei 
upon the Jesuits. The legality of tliis gfUll 
was subsequently litigated, and tlie estatej 
by the iasue of a trial, adjudf^ed lu be foi 
feiled to the crown. wlii<:li seized upon it 
C'inS4-qiieiiiee, and ^mn(ed leases, and c«ea'< 
tually ihc fee simple, to the Prestons a| 
IlolktT, who bad been mainly instrument 
in bringiuj^ to li<;bt the ilLej^l wtUemenl 
made by Sir Thomas Preston. But it must 
be remembered thnt tlie Prcstomi of Holkt 
were not the nght hnri of Sir Thomas, nt 
could Ibey ever have l>een while a mal4 
dracendaDt of the Prestons of Cockcrba 
was in existence. 

(II may an well be slated here, thai tbei 
is in West's Farnrij an extremely ii 
correct and imperfect pedijiree of ' 
Prestnns of the manor of llolkerj 
wbicb c-iitirely omit^ the Cockvrbi 



bmnrh ; whove e^^iaU'nce \* distinctly 

nnj»pd by a pcdijtn-e in Ilir Hurl. 

MSS. IMn, M. I4fi, iia wfll Ha liy a 

[*ili|£r«« in the HrnildV iillit-r.) 

P. ■*«!. col. I. l.ifi. Man. tlie Berond 

rife of Kichanl I'n-aion. drri^tU bor des- 

rtil ftDin the LarU of Huiitiuifdon. Iwr 

r^tlMT Wini; lh>' fldpst son of the Rrv. Wi!- 

iun lltutini^, fourth son of the Honorable 

litiry Hoii^tin^, second sod of George, 

I nil f*T\, 

I'.AHXA. 12. Mary, the wifp ore. WiUI- 

ing Janr«, dird Jununry % 1833, a-l. 23, 

IvKTing 1 loiu Wilding Jonei>, b. 27th May, 

1H92 Urr husband U thp second 5on of 

.fh^tlr* Jonvv, esq. banker, of Oawcstry. 

rlio MiM tlitrtlMin uT tliv Iiili- Tboniiui Junes, 

|. Mljubuil (if t]it> Merioneth militia, ubo 

{ms ibr c-ldcdt «un of Mr. .Inhn Jonps, of 

|Prr*t>titi. in Flinl«hire, by MariA Marga- 

[,vrCt», <l«afchu-r and co-keiroM of Sir ThomM 

' I -■'"-— "''!i*, of EftrlnM-ham. in Ibc coDiity 

;;U and of Prctttatin, who m-bs 

'< l>;trnnet. 

. 14. DiiU|;blent of Richiird 

■r»--' uiii hi)nt ill I6V1. KliznU-th 

««• M. U> ('A(iiiiiti BriibuKon. Mary was m. 

cn Mr. J<iM-|dt Itluk.vr. Lcllico wu» m. to 

Mr. Hrig^n. 

lit-MvRV or Krjiwicic. 

P. 4*4, 1. ti. for " llDbtrt Barrfay. eaq. 
of H'ry." read " Kobcrt llnrclny, 
cm), pf t'r)." 
P. 4M. 1.11, for " Wit," read '* /inf." 
Pui •« or TllCKMIM. 

p. Sr££, 1.31. The age of the present 
Mr. Dntton is inrorreetljf slated IQ 
ihe bcMlv of tht' work. 
P. 52:1. tol 2. 1. ». The laU- Robert 
|i4ir(iK, i<Bi|. of Thiimhiini, m. Bn>t, 
MisA Bittlrr, and had a Ann, John, 
thr prr^riit |i(>«e«Sor. IIl> WffNtcd 
afl'-rMTirdu Uri<lt;e1. dniiKhi4-r of Tho- 
iintH Von-. r«<i. t.f il;irnboroii(!b, nnd 
had A yon, Willitiiii, and a daughter, 
Annr, m. In ftir Jnou-s FiCxgeratd, 
Iwfft. uf Costlti l»livn. 

WtNhK (IF Pi-NMitTM. — Willjam Wynne, 
i-«4). (the head of the family) </. in m03. 

S«KTTF,NiiAii ni- SwFTrEMiAii.— The late 
Millinglon Cnton .Swettrnhnm, had no f>an 
George, but a brother of thai name, who 
d. t. p. 

Hilt. OF CofHT or Hitt. 
P. 6.^, I. 17, for " Furre," rcRd 

»• Fwr^e." 
P. AM, I. 20. for " P«rdoe, " read 

'* Prtrdoe." 
P. 654, 1. 31 , for " IflOS." read " 1 828." 
P. 6W. 1. 32, for " Uuran/," read 

" l>uranrf." 

Anwf.kton of ErxTox. 
Tlie folloniii^ extract from the Mer- 
curius Politicus of August the 16th. 
a republienn tiajier. de»eribin(; a vinit 
of king Churletill. lo the Anderlons 
of Envton, shows the violent spirit 
of the linim. 

" AuKiiftt 14, IfluO, Tbie dny Charles 
.Stuart lo<l^e<l at EuxtoubnrE;b. »ix miles on 
thirt Kydi! of Freston, lieinj; Sir Uugb An- 
dL'rton'fi house, nho w-ia pHaoner at I.jin- 
caster, but sett at libcrt)- by the Seotts. 
This Anderlon is a bloody papist, and odo 
that, when Prince Kuperl »as at Button. 
iHiasltvl much uf being in blo<jd lo the flbuKs 
nil thai eruell niiiMaere. The iie\t nii^ht 
theyr ktnt; lodged at Brine, kEx niile^ from 
Warrington, being Sir William (Jerartl'a 
boude, who 15 a Huhtilc jesnited papist. This 
di>sembliug Seott iruyta none «o well io 
Lancashire lor his hoi^tes ai tJie pupists." 


P. tf7B. eol. 2, 1. 14, for "— RoDMM, 
esq. of Hoddum." read " EDUtMD 
RnDi>iM, esq. of Koddaiii," i\e m. 
Mist) Mary Hiivillc, of London, uod 
bad isttue. 
JoHK, 7 as slated in tlic body 
Edwakii, ) of tbe work. 
Mnry, m. In Bernard Fiilder, esq. 
of Alnwii'k. 





Ibl fauitb rdiuoo, io two rolumes (comprisio^ all tlte Neir Cmuoua), beautifuUy prinled, and 
■HtRltod wiih upwanb of 1.500 mgnnotpi, ainong which b a fine lik e ocw of hu Majesty, after 
SvH0aBft» La»Ttnce\ cdvlntvO drawing, price it. lOi. bound in morocco cloth. 

Tim new cdilioo oomprues ihrw tima iJw number o( bmilies thai have ever before been prv* 

W tfiepuUic ill any one iiublicnlion of a nmilar descnption. ll embraces even £imily m 

Iruatul, and Soolland, invested niih t»erei)itan*' iHxiuur^, aod every uxUvmimI in (he 

tlq^M! alliMl U) thoae CuniUes; so thitt its oollaiii-nil inftinnatian is now consderiLbty more 

ibaa thai of any «imifau work hitherifi published. 

" TV* pepttlar work ju^Uj dMervta to b« conudemi aa a Hiilnry of iKa UriUiih Nobility, ll ic roitrhnl 
b^ a «<nt4y of per««ntat anecdoit^. ikvpt before published, relative to nuny illattnoat bouMi. in addi- 
im i« s«ia>enMi authentic details connected with their Uncase, aad conmuQicaled Io the author bj the 
aaMr ialk*ntnr« o( the lillc*. The volutnni, rotitaiuint; ocany 1 ,4(>0 popn of Mter-ptese, are nmreover 
#am*eri with ufranrH* nf LAIN) heratdtc plain, and are ptinl(>d in double cuIubib». with so temark- 
4ly flcai BDd beautiful type aa to compriM a quanti^ of mailer equal to uo ku than twelve odavo 
-" " '-*^- Bmll. 



Uy JOHN UlRKE. E«j. 

BeattliluUy prinled u double columns uniiormly with the Peer^ and BaitMietagp, 

price 1/. 8«. bound. 
IW areA oompriieii tfae whole of the Peeiages which have been sutpendal or extingui«licd since 
fci rLaininH,p>niriilnriiiiigllirr»finhrnnfnTfh hmilj'.in rnrh[[fnriiiiiiiii.iiiilliiiiiiL,iinj.iliLrnmim, 
m all pB—ibIa caaea, throng ctlbB* collatarak or females, down to existing bouws ; il connecbt, 
m aMV iaitilinrri. ibe new with the old i»bility ; and it will, in all cases, show the cause which 
ka arfMMioad tbi revival of an extinct dignity to a new crcaUon. It should be particularly noticed, 
ftai ihia ikw work ippeitaiia iirarly as tuuch to extant as to tstinet peisona of distinctioQ ; for 
Aaq^ ihBnitiw paM tt*ay, il tartly occurs tlial whole iaiiulie» do. 



A^ov pomptetr, it* tme Aniw^'mc fo/ium*, royai quarto, price 5i. 5$.; OTy on large paper, 
uilA Intha proof plates, lOf. 10*. 


Hiik Manoin and Anpcdoles of their lives, and an Introductory View of ihe State of Female 

Socwiy and its lnfluei>ce, Dress, Manners, Sic. at that period. 

' Bt Mas. JAMESON, 

Amhranii of "The Uvea of c«lebral«d Female Sorereigrei.** " Memoirs of the 

Loves of the Poeia," &c. 

Coanntiaga avrica of tweoly-iwo splendid PortraiLx, illustraluif; the Diaries nf Pepyn. Evelyn, 
CkaMoa* aad other coolempomry writers of ihal ^-ay and inlerestinj^ period. Size of ihe plaies. 
■1 iaebaf by fbnr nrid a half; ttigmred by ilit> most dislinguidicd artitts, firjm Dmwings made 
V mbr nf hn Ulc Roj al Ilif^tineM ihe PiinceM> Charlotte. 



WITH tHiRTRAii?, pntct ftf. or 



Q^ T1ii» iicw am) ohrap edtllon may now, therefore, be hiwl C'oaiplcie in Sii Parts; or, in two 
vultintes f]uarto, with all the origiDal forty Portraibt and other ciobelli&bineota, price 2/. Bi. bouod, 
originally pubUslied at 5^ 5l. 


Uniform wUh the Waveblcy ^ostis^priet Si.aieh ro/wm. bo%nid and tmM I it M f 


l-'orminfr the Arot'si and Sf-rmiBttt N'olmnes of 

tirolbum*» laoorm ^ot)rli»t0 ; 

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The wjrks alrcadv publislit-d in this CoUccliuif are: — Mr. Bclmtr'* '' Peijiam," complete in 
two voluiiiftt, lOi. Sir. Warh's *'TiirM«iMF^" cotaptete in two volumes, IDi. Ladt MoaqAn's 
■** O'DoKHEi," coitipUne ill one volume, 5j. Doback Smith's " llEAMBLrrrr. Ilot.-»E,'* com- 
plele in two volumes, 10*. 




Now completed in nineteen Tolumcs, price only 4*. per volume, bonnd. 
Wvria cimlained in this tetccfion, and xold trparattli/ : 

Ycstfrday tu Inland, by V.. K. (.'rowe, «*«). 

coMiprlAin^B ('omunahon, and The Northems 

.>f 179B, 3 vols. 
Ti>-Uay in Ireland, by E. E. Crowe, esq. ron>- 

pn$iti){Tlierarders,CoiiueinaTa,01daud New 

Liehl. and Tlie Toole's Warning, 3 i-oU. 
Ttie O'DrieiH and The OTIaheitys by Lady 

Mofgao, •! voU. 

The Nowhiis, and Peter of the Castle: Tales by 

the O'ilara Family, 3 vols. 
Ibe Croppv, by Jolm Banim, Esq. Author of 

the ' O Uara Tales,' 3 toIs. 
The Anglo-Irish of ihc Nineteenth Century, by 

John Banini, Esfj. 3 vols. 



With a oew Life, Sx. new and cbeaitcr edition, in two thick quarto ruluiaes, coropnsing the 
quantity of nix ocuros, price- only 2t. lOi. 
Tilis highly inferettirtg and important work compnses upwards of two thoound Letten, from 
penoaofthe grvati^i >.-iiiii)i.-itci- id llic |iulilieal,lit(.-niry,and dramatic world. AnHXW otfaemtuGi 
may be mcnliotied, Oiiiiluun, C'lnuli-n, Duke uf Demniiliirc, Couolest SpeoGcr, Lord 
LytldlMii, I.«>nl Pembrtike, a>td the leading nubility of Oarrit-k's time, Warhurtoii, nufke, John- 
son, Hume, (ribbon, Sir Joshuii Reynolds, Goldsmith, RolMitson, Junius HeaUie, (ThuiDhill, MaKMi, 
CumlNTl;uid, Uoawell, Colman, T.and J. Wanon, Dr. lluniej', lkiretii,'l'hoiiias and ll. U. Sheridan, 
lUif^ Kdly, Murphy, Dr. tioodly, Isaac Itickeraiafl, Tickell, Home, C. Yoriie, Madanw Kicco- 
boni, Mn. Montajiu, Whitehead, Dr. Franklin, Hawkcswortli, Mallett, Mrs, Cowley, John ^Vilkeit, 
W'tiMn, CainsborouKh, &c. ; and aiucNif; oihets, the luUovring dramatic cliuractcre: — Mn. Clive, 
Mni. Cibber, Mn. Abiiiij^ion, Sin. Yates, S. Footc, Sixangcr, Uarry, Powell, Henderson, Mo^op, 
PdtwnH, T. Kii)^, Smith, Macklin, M«ody, Le Koin, Madame Clatroa, Cliarin Dibdin, T. Wdkts^ 
Reddish, Holland, Uicrelon, Mrs, Pop*-, BensWy. Aickin, I>r. Am^ <«■■ 8ic. 





Spralccr at Itt Aausc of Conraonf. 

BUTTON-MANNERS, The Right Honorable CHARLES, Spbakeh or the Holse 

or CouMONs, n lord of tnule auil plimtatiuns, 
an ofHrial trusted of tlie Dritisli unJ Hunterian 
MiiHeuina, nnd a beocher of Liiicoln's-Inu; b. 
2(nh January, 1780; m. finit. 8tli July, 181 1, 
Charlotto, daughter of James DeniiUon, esq. by 
whom, who d. in December, Mil.'i, be hw iMue, 

CHARtJiK, b. l7Ui April, 1812. 
Henry, b. 37th May, 18H. 


Mr. Manner))- Sutton espouBod, secondly, 6th 
December, 1828, Ellen, daughter of Edmund 
Power, e^q. and nidow of John Homo Purytrg, erq. 
and bu other rhildn-n. The honorable ^ntlo- 
man was elected speaker of the House of Com- 
mons, upon ttie elevation of Mr. AI)Wtt to tha 
peent^, as Lord Colchester, in 1 8 1 7 ; and he has 
been ru-cho»en by ev«ry Bub«ie<juont parllunienl. 





Tki* b ft brani-h n( the noble house of 
iManrf, vT*r^<^(P')R trom 

J**- ■>■. eU'vrnlb Eurl, and third 

Wtr il, kIio [iihprik-il the. Iionotirs 

rfkii testily in 17'il, and wiuiniulva Kiiighl 
•flkOMlrr the next year. His timne m. 
dfc Auput, ITI7, tht- llonorabl« ilridKel 
ItHha, dfl*- "'•' -'•'- bt-ia-&9 *tf RnlHrrtSut- 
t^lfinl I i' A ram, by whom, who 

iiUlk Juin . I ;.•«. !■< bkul furviviiitf Lutuc, 

John, MarquPM of Granhy, a military 
commander of bi^fh reputation, who 
predfWruwd bis fntln-r (nnnn 176U), 
leavinfT, u ith other cbi1dren,Cii.tKLES, 
tvliu Miivtrirded as fourth l>uke of 

Robert, wbnnasitmrdtlic addilionnl f»i- 
uauif (tud MriiM of SiTTON uinin in- 
heriting the e^taU'^ of his fcrandfather 
Lord Lexington. Lord Rubvrt Mia- 


nen-SiiIloQ was one of the lords 
of the bed-t:hitiiibf r to (be Prince cif 
Wales, nnd M.P. fur tin; counly of 
N'uttiiigliAm. Mia lortUhip H. t. p. 
in 1772, whcu the Ix'xlnj^on estates 
pmnt u> lu» nexl brotlicr. 

Tbe youDgest son, 

Lord 0EOB0tM*NNrRfl. having sucoppded, 
upnntliedeccane of hi;! brother. Lord Robt-rt, 
totbf-ostatesiorthp Lords L(;xiu)*toiiiirArai», 
a»i»uinvd tlit- Additional suniamp aud nrtus of 
Si'TTO't'. His lordship m.firiti in DtTcmber. 
1749, Diana, dattghtur of Thomus ChK|i1in, 
esq. of Blankncy, in tbe county of IJncoiii, 
and had issue, 

1. George, M.P. d. $.p. in IBM. 

2. John, a captain in tht g^iiards, &. V2th 
July, 1763, m. Anne, natural daiigbtrr 
of John. Marquess of Granby, and 
died in lft!6. leaving 

Fredkrick, In holy order«,of Kel- 
lam.Nott^, nrhoMi. in 1831, Hrn- 
Hetta-BarbiirB. third daughter of 
the Hon. and Kt-v. John Lumli-y 
Saville, by nhoni he left at lut* 
decease, in 1936, two sons. 
Thomas, in holy onU'rs.jtrrbpndary 
ofWcstniinfter, m. in 1S20, Ltn,-\ - 
Sarah, only child of Ibe Rev, T. 
George. R.N. 

Mary-Oeorgiana, m. in 1813, to 
Robert-Nassau Sutton, e«q. 
.1. Robert. 
4. Charles, of whom presently. 

6. THOHis. late lord chaiK-ellor of Iro- 
laad. and elevated to the |ieerug<t .ts 

7. Francis, an officer in tlie army, rf. in 

f). Diana, m. 3Ut April, 1778. To Fran- 
cis Dickens, esq. of ^Vollnston Park, 
ill the e<>iinl,\ uf Norllinmpton, rosuy 
years M.P. for that ehire. 

9. Loat*a-Brid;;et,in, to Edward l>K-k- 
vrood Percetal. rMj. nnd tt. in DUM. 

10. Charlotte, IN. to Thomas Loekivood, 
esq. and d. in IK27. 

Lard George MnnDera-Sntton espoused, 
aecondly, Mlaa Pearle. and bad anoilirr 
daughter, Anne, nhu m. Ihc Rev. Richard 
LiM'kwiMid, iind rf. in \»2it. He d. in l7tSJ. 
Ht.4 lonl!«hip'.i fourth son, 

Charles MiN\EHs-Si'nn\.h[ningentcr«d 
into holy orders, was nppoinled Ucati of 

Peterborough in 1791. consecrated bi^fanp 
of Norwich in 170*2, nnd nthanced lo the 
PaiMArY in IHO-I. His grace m. :ird April, 
1778, Mary, daughter of Thomas Thoroton, 
esq. of Scrivrlan. in the county of Nolliug- 
ham, and had iMue, 

I. CHAHI.r-5, Sl>P.*KF.R nr THE IIol'KE or 

CoHMnKs, and, as such, the First 
CuuHON'EK of the United Kitigduiu. 
•2. Francis, ft. ill l?«."l. m. in IHI4,Mary, 
eldest daughter of Laver Oliver, esq. 
and d. in 1H26, leaving no issue. 

3. Mary.m, to the Hoitornbl^ and Right 
Reven^nd Hugh Percy, D.D. bi^op 
of Carlisle, and dying in 18m, left 

Alge mon-Churles. 

Henry. Agnes. 

Hngh-Joceline. Lucy. 

Mary-lsuWlla. Gertrude. 

Louisa -Julia. Ellen. 

4. Diaua. 

6. Louisa. 
0. Cliarlutie, m. Sdi October, 1413, to 

tlie Rer. Jamea Crofl, arclideacou of 
Canterbury, and d. in im^. 

7. Fratic«-9. ^ 

8. Anna-Maria. ^ 
U. Isahella, m. 29th November, 1830, 

to Ileiir> William Chiche^iler, esq. 
111. Cuihrrine. 

II. Caroline, m. lu 1H3U, to Cbarle« 
Chichester, esq. ^ 

The Archbishop of CANTKitBiKV d. 31bi 
July, 1838, and was i. in bis enlitteti by his 
elder and only surviving snn, the Hight 
Honorable Charit-s Maxnurb-Sitton. 

.-Irfju — Quarterly ; first and fourth, ar. a 
caulon, sa. for SuTroK : second and third, 
or. two bam az. u chief quarterly ; az. and 
gii. in Ihf fir»>l aud foitrfh quarters, a fleur 
dr Usui the field: in the second and third, 
a lion passant guardanl of the last, fur 

VreH — On a cap of mainlenauce, a pcR- 
rock in its pride, ppr, 

Tmru Ittttdenet — HooM of Commons 

&af— Mistley Hall, Manninglrec, Et 

AW. — Since ihisarticle •"■* writlrn. Mr. M*l 
Nta»-SeTToy has rrtirvd fritni the rltair nf the 
I tcuM of croBiSMna. sfter recelvini; tli«- iinRnimnas 
thvnkii of all |iartii>s ; hut until th« dissolutJoo nf 
the preKtti parltamuit (IBSg) ha is tiill 


COKE. THOMAS-WILLIAM, Fwj. nf Molkham. io the county of Norfolk, m. firti, 

kjane, liaiiphter of J«mes Dutton, esq. by whom (who rf. in 
Jtuie, 1800) be liati three daughtora, vix. 
fm 1. Jane- Elizabeth, m. first in 1706, to Chsrles-Nevinson, 

TL^^ Vwcoont Anilover, who vm killed by the accidental 

Vl^ bnrsliug of hli fuwling piece, in 1S(W. II»r 1ady»hi(i 

>J L Mpomcd, secondly, in 1800, Vice Admiral Sir Heniy 

. < mS y ^ J^iK^yt K.C.U. aiid has issue, 

Edniird St. Vinc4-nt Di^by, b. 2lBt June, 1B09. 
K<-iiclni-H»-iiry Pifshy, A. Hlh AiiRust, 181 1. 
Jajie- Elizabeth l>i|;by, ih. 16th Snptember. 1824, to 
Edward, Lord Elknborougl), which niarriagi; was 
diss()l\ed by act of parliament in 1830. 

2. Ann«-Miu-garft, m. in St^ptttraber, 17tM, to Tbomaa 
Aii8oa, eitq. of Sburkborough, aAcrwanls created Vis- 
COL'NT AK80N, by whom (who d. in 1818) bor ladyship 
bad. with aovenil othrr children, 

TlionioK-WiUinni Aitiiun, present Earl OF LlCHFIt^LD. 

3. Elizabcth-Wilhi.'lmina, in. in 1K22, tn Joliii-Spvncer 
Stanhope, esq. of Cannon Hall, id the count)' of York, 
and ha* U«uc. 

■ Mr.Cok««ffpoa««d,B« February, 182^, Lody Anne-Amelia Keppel, daughter 
^M at Wmiaji|.Cbiurle«. present Ear) of Albemurle, and has ifisue. 

Thomai< Willi AM. b. 2tith December. 1B23. 
Edward -Kepiwl, b. ^)tb August, IH^. 
Heniy-John, t. .Ird January, IH37. 
WpnRiaji-Clarence-WalpoIc, b. 13lh July, 182«. 
Margarvt-Suphia, b. 7th March, ll»'i. 

Mr. Colw haM rvprMented the count}' of Norfolk for screriJ years in parliament. 
tolha aaUlMU the decease of his faLber in 1776. 


ty of Cork, from which Mr. Coke 
nfh frnialu deMcnl, and which 
%t 04W fepre»Dta« la deduc(<d by Camden, 

WiLUiM CoKi. of Doddiagton, in the 

MiBly of Norfolk, mentioned in a deed, anno 

UM, vW waa father, by his wife Felice, of 

Gufwcv Coke, of Doddington, from 

■kaa duoewled 

Su EowAKD CoiiK, theccIrbrolrrtlHWjcr. 
TWtvitarat |i«>rMin, tbt' KjnofKobi'rl Cokr, 
nq. «f Hilekatn, in Uio county of Norfolk. 
, bis VI ifr, dau}(hter, and unf nt' 


Knifcbtli-y, in ih*^ saiut- itliiie, wun born at 
ihe seat of his father, and at ten yean of 
agv sent to the gramma r-acboo I at Norwk:b« 
whence he removed to Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge, where he studied for four years, and 
was in foxae years ulterwanU cho«eii high* 
steward of that luiiversit)'. From Cambridge 
he removed to Clifford VI iin, and, (he year 
aAer. he was entered a ptudent in the Inner- 
Temple, whence ho wae called (o the bar, 
and being cboiHin reader In Lyon's-lnD. ac* 
ijuired so much irulebrit), that be rcry Miun 


attained potisidcnililp prartic*. About tbis 
period he married Bridticl, dauRhttr mid co- 
heir of John Pulton, i>m). of Huntinglicld 
Hall, in the county of Suffnik, rliird son of 
Sir William I'natoii, of Pa^^lon, with nlioiii 
hv acqnirrd a furtune of ttiirty (housAnd 
pounds. An alltaiu'e, too, that brouf^Iit Mm 
hononrs and prefernieiit:* a* well as nraltb. 
The cilie* of Coventry aiid Nor^tirh nonn 
after ek-ried him thi^ir recorder. The county 
of Norfolk returned him to parliament, and 
the Hoiim; of Commons plftred him in the 
Speaker's rhair. In the 3.*>th of Klizalieth 
(l<Jb2), Mr. Coke wa« appointed Soticitor, 
and the next yt-'ar AtlofHry-^rnrml. Iii I(K13 
he received the honour of knighthood from 
Kin^ James I. at Greenwich, and in three 
years aflerMards wai elevated to lUe beiich 
as chief of the eourl of Common Pleaji, from 
which he wns adrnnced, in 1613, to the dig- 
nity of CiiiKF Justice of G<iiGUND (bcin){ 
the 1a«t iwrsoii \»ho bon* that title), and 
RWom of the privy eoimeil. His lordship 
incurred suhsnjuently. ho\rever, the displea- 
fure of the court ; and while id di^^race, 
hearing that a noble lord had solicited from 
the crtitvii a portion of the landfl helon|rgiig 
1o the church at Norwich, which he bad re- 
covered, and iteltled thereon, be ciiiitioiied 
the piu>r Id desist, or that he would resume 
his gown and rap, and come into Westmin- 
ster Hall oDce again, to plead the cause of 
the eburch. Between his paternal pro|ierly. 
the grreat marriafce. portion be had with his 
wife, nnd his valuabW oRictE) and lucrative 
praetioe at the bar, Sir Edward Coke realized 
an Mtaie so ample, that each of his soni. pos- 
•CHwd a fortune equal to that of an elder 
bnrfher. Camden, in bis Britantiia, says. 
'* diat he was a person of admiriihle party, 
tliBii whom, u none erer applied himself 
closer to the study of the law, m> nerer did 
any one unileri-tand it heller. Of n'hii.'h he 
fully convinced Fngland, by his exeellent 
adminislralioQ for many yearn toother, 
whilst attorney-general, and by executing 
the offiee of L#ord Chief Justice of the Coin- 
tnoD Flens with the ^eatest wisdom and pru- 
dence ; nor did he give lejwi proof of bt^ 
ahilitief in ht« excellent lUptTtt, nnd Com- 
mentiiries u|>on our Lawii, wherehv he ha.s 
highly ohli){ed both his own age and poste- 
riiy." Hi* lordship rf. 3rd September. IKW, 
at the advanced age of eighty-three. A no- 
ble moDument was erected to his memory* al 
Titileshnll ehur^'b. Norfolk, with bis effij^es 
habited id judge's rolies, lying al fall lenglb. 

under a canopy supported by tvrn marble 
pillars, on the top of which are four largo 
figures, and between the pillars two marble 
lablcit, with these inscriptions: — 


Deo OniMO Maximo. 

Hk £inri« HnmaaiF Expectant 

RMnirrcctienem I'ioniia 

Kic Situs P«t non I'eritari 

Noninu fCDVASDrs Coat 

Eoties AuHATi'i I.f^^m luiima 

Inieqtrra Oraeulum non T>ubium 

Amtiiiinmi Pnnnironilnii Mritteriomin 

Cujus Kere oniua Beneficio 

Jun«p«ritt no4tri lunt Jvim- 

p*riti Eloqtientiar Fuluen 

Torrens Ftdmen 

Soul a- Sacenlus unicus 

Dirinis Heios 

Pro Rosliis its Dixit 

ul Lileris inandaase crederes OMi niai 


Ita Visit Dt non niu Dirinis 

.Saeerritnus tntimir Pietalts 


lotefrritos Ipsa Vera- Sotnper 

Caasff Constantiuimus Ass«nor 

Nac favor* nee Munerilnis VioWndua 

Ezimie Misencors Charior emt 

Huic rmis Qtiam libi 

(Mtrweuli iustar est) 

Sicocralns nrpe ille nuitiit SententtBiB 

In •« Frolnunt Nu[|i{UKni Ilic NiN 

Msdidoculns Pnotulit Scietitia- Ureimiu 

Quique Dum Visit Bibliothi>cn viva, 

iDOrtiius iltri nutruit Parens 

Duodecim Liberamni Tnnlecim 

Lihronun Phut 

FiweflAaul lliuc Munumnnta 

Kareiuant Marmoni 

(Nidi quod I'ios Futue Denotorint Poftvros) 

Ipse sibi suuni est monunKHtnm 

I^lannore l*r*reniiius 

Ip!M> ailii HUM 

Kst ^IxniilDS, 


Dkmcatkd to Tim Memoby or 

Sib EnwAMu CuIlB, Kkt. 

A Inlr llt^ven-ml Judge. Bom 

At Milebun, in this nmnt>- nf NortbUc. 

£xcell«ol in all Lnirmng, Divine 
and lluinitDe. That for his owa, tbia 

lor his Counlry't) Good, especjally 
in ibc Koowlmli^ lad Pra<:t>c« of I 
MiuucipKll Lnn-.t (if litis Kingdome, 

a fsRioos Keadrr, a aonnd 

Connsellof ; ID bi« younger Veua 

Becorder ofth* Cilieit of Norwtcb and 

l^ondon. Next Sotiritor-Genen) 

Coke, of holkham. 

to QiiMa CUn>i)^, iml Spetkcr 

of ibv ISritncotm Om \X.\V Ymm 

of hir RmicDe. AfterwHrds Atlonurjr- 

Gcocnl b> Ui» mme Qhmd, u abo to 

hmr 8ac<«Mor, King Jamm, to botL » 

UtkM SciT«ut fur tlu-ir M>j(i«t. 
ibr tbi>tr SftftiM. B)r Kidk JnmM 

cautinrMd Chier Justice of belli 

RcorlkM iBrcNUTvIr, in hath • juM, 

is balk SB «x«mptRry Jodgv, nae of lii^ 

IbifljrSBaM H<m. Ptitw Coumritl, u lUo 

if CqomA to QuMQ Anne, tad Cide( J iMlic# 

Elra W aU her PommU. I'srics. mnd Cbww. 

it»POff<» af th* Ciiie of C'ot«ddw, uid 

Stowwd of tba L'nirenit;- of Cam- 

' %ci^e, whanof b* wu wrartinne 

■ Mnnbrrof Trinitie (toltnljfe. 

Up fawi two Wivn. By nhdget 

bta bit W Ub (ona of ilw Uaaghten 

^id a> bain of John Puton. K«q.) b« bad 

I«aa« M*!!!! Sons, ud ibrM Uaugh- 

toi« i ind by tius l^jr Kliaabcili, liis 

metmd Wtfc (oh of Um Diogbter* 

mi tb« Bigbt llou. Tbonu. ht* Karl of 

£srter) b« had iamaa 

two Davghtm. 

A cnxn Hi)*ravi>, 

A rkoviDiXT Fathkk. 

bmcatti the effigies the followiog in- 

■*d his Pioof l.ile ritb u Vienu and 
OtputUR at Stou I'ocu in ibe 
It of lliitmiMaMiM rni W«iliwtMlaya 
dadnrd [>aTnf!^t,iiilhttTi<arDfoar 
l^onl MDCWXiil 
His Last VVnnli 
TWt Koo«om» (Oitt niv M ILL as Doya 
Laam Rvador to Igr« mt 
Tbri thou naysi to die." 

fir Bdarmrd CokA's iUugbti*re, by hbi la»l 

Eltisbrl&. mltn J. uitmarrir^. 

Fr— Bfi. n. to iobii Villifra, Viscoiinl 
Partwd. son nnd heir of Sir Gi-nr^r 
Villkrs, by Mnry, Uurhrw of Uurk- 
lnglun,anil rldr«t brother ul'Goori^s 
1>«^ of Buckingham, </. i. p, 
HiitBrii»ini:«'hridr«'n,h) hi* Ant wife were, 

UiAirri fSir), m. Th^o|)hila, ouly ilau. 
of Thomas, Lard Urrkclavt and d. 
link Jaly. \eaa. iMuelvM. ' 

Arlkiir. m. EliuW'th, diaghtrr and 
bviruBsofSir (!t>or>^ Waljp-Mvr.kui. 
af HMrIiud. In th« county of Nurfoilk. 
mttA Mk at his dvceaac. 0th Uecrmber, 
1039, foor daDgblera, bis co-heirs. 

iak*, oT Hotkliiuo, in Ibc county of 

Norfnlk,ffl.MerieI,dau^Iitprand heir- 
ess of AiitliuDV Wheatley. c»q. (sou 
afWilliiiii)Whciill<>y.PrutbikiLiititry of 
theoourtot'Conitnan Plraii},by whom 
be hnd seven sons aud seven daugb- 
ten, wbcireof Edward, hi« heir ap- 
parent, died before him, leaving no is- 
sue by Elizabeth his wife, daughter 
of Ocorgc, Lord Berkeley, whereby 
ihi' inheritance devolved, eventually, 
upuii bid younge«t mn, 
John, who dying unninrricd. the 
estate t)f HoiAH.iM, came I'l the 
heirs of [lr.NKT Coki, of Tbur- 
ringtan. fifth oon of Sir Edwurd 
Cuke (next menlioneil). 
H«nry, of Tbnrrington, in the county of 
Siifl'ulk, m. Margaret, dnugblcr and 
beircftfi of RJcbanf Lovehice, enq. of 
KingMlnwn, in the connty of Ketil, 
und WHS t. by his eldest Hun, 

iti(.ii%KD. who m. Mary, daughter 
iif Sir John Kous, hart, of Heu- 
bam I^lall, in the counh,- of Suf- 
folk, and left an only son, 
Robi'hT, of whom hereafter, an 
inlieritoroflheprinripa] part 
of Sir Edward C«ke's for- 
tune, and grandfather of the 
firct peer. 
Clement, m. Saroli, daughter and co- 
lieirenit of Alexander Reddish, esq. of 
Reddish, in the ciiiinty »( LauraAter 
(by n daughter and co-liviress of Sir 
Robert Langlvy, of Agccroft, in the 
sanie8l)ire),by Kboiii hea«^-4uired tlio 
I'Slfltenf Liingfiird,iii l)t>rliy«hire,aiid 
was t. in May, 1619, by his elder sou, 
EbWARD CttRK. who was created n 
b&ranrl, 3t>th December, 1641. 
He m. Catherine, daughter and 
uo-heireas of Si r LiidoH ick Dyer, 
kuL of Great Stotigbiitn, in the 
county of Huntingdon, and had 

Robert ) • « . 

Edward 1""''««""^ Bai^ncls. 

Catharine, wt. lo Coritelius 
Clarke, est), of Norton, 
Sir Edward was j. by his etdur son, 
SiK KoBEKT ConE, of Longfcrd, se- 
cond buroupl.M. P. for the comity 
of Derbv, in the Ut of James II. 
who m. Sarah, daughter aud co- 
heiress of Barker, esq, of 

Abrighile«, in the county of Sa- 


lop, but (lyini; r. p. in 1617. the 
li(te nnrt <.*«taU's duvoWcil u|<«n 
IiEh hrntlxT, 
Sir Edh«ru Coke, of Loiif[rorJ, 
Ihird hamotl, at hIiom deceasr, 
uiimiim'cd, tL'ilb Aii)Ciu>l. 1737, 
the baronetcy expired, vhile 
(he estatei paiwtd. by the ba- 
ronei'twilUtoEdwardCoke, esq. 
brother of Tbomnt, firftt Lord 
Aone. m, (o Riilpb Siidler, esq. «oii and 

heir of Sir Ralph Sadler, knt. 

Bridget, m. to William Skinner. e«q. 

■on atid heir of Sir Vincent Skiuiier. 

So murh for the lord thief justice's children, 

wo Don- return to the graodsoti of bin son 


Robert Coke, e*q. of ThurrinRton, 
In Saffolk, who, apon the deeeii»e uf bis 
cofuiu, (the son of b lit ^renl uncle, Jobu.) 
John Coke, cvq. of HolVbHiii. unmarried, 
foberited Ibut e^tJite, and tlius became pos- 
Muedof thecbiof part ofllie property of liis 
great Knuulfntbcr. Sir Edward C«)ke. He 
m. Lady AnneO*bonie,daH}thteri»fTlio'ma*, 
first Duke of Leeds, lord irea^urer of Eiii)f- 
land. and wiis ». nt his deceft«!. Itfth Jarmary, 
ItfTlf, by bi» only son. 

Edward CoKt, e»i).. of Holkbatn, who n. 
Carey, danf^iter of Sir John Ne»1on, bart. 
of Barrow's Court, in Olmicestersbire, and 
had iMuCt 

TilOM^*, hi» »uere*»or. 
Edward, of Longford, in the county of 
Derby, rf. unmarried, in 1733. and 
beqnPHthed \m estate to bis younger 
Robert, *iee- chamberlain of Queen 
Anne, m. in June. I7:n. Lady Anne 
Holt, widow of Juhn Mult. exq. of 
Redgrave, in Suffolk, and t^tMrtr and 
co-heir of Philip, Duke of Whnrton, 
but d. f . p. 
Carey, in. to Sir Marmaduke WjtiI. 
bart. of Constable Hurton. in York- 
shire, hatd. issnrless. in 1732. 
Anne, m. to Philip RoImtIa, pm|. a ma- 
jor in the 2nd troop of hor*e-'niard-«, 
and bad. with five youuger sons and 
one daugbler, 

yfe.^»xs RoBERTlt, of whom pre- 
sently, a« eventual inheritor of 
the esuirtf of the Cok('». 

Mr. Coke rf. 13th April, 1707. and was f.bjr 
his rldest son, 

Thomas Coke. esq. of Holkhnni, who was 
made n Knight of the Balh,*27ili May. 172A, 
and rU'VHird to the peerage 3lJlb May. 1728. 
as RaRhh IxtVF.[.. of iVirutrr-Lovrl, in rAir 
county of Oxford, In 1733, his lord&hip was 
constiluli?d joint post-master general, and 
created l«b May, 17-14, Viieuvrnt Coke, of 
Itolhiaiu, and Eari. or jA.icvaTv.n. He m. 
2nd July, 17IH, Lady Mary Tufton,* fourtli 
daughter and co-heiress of Thomas, sixth 
Earl of Thitnel, and had an tmly son. 

EowARI). Viscount Coke, who m. in 17-17, 
f^dy Mary Cnmpliell. daughter and 
co-beire&« of John, Duke of Argyll 
and Greenwich, but died, in the life- 
time »f bis fatber nud mother, without 
issue, otmo 1753. 

This enrl commenced the erection of that 
siatiily pileafbuihling called Hntkbam Hull, 
in Norfolk, but did not livp lo see it com- 
pleted. Il w.'ui, however, finished by bis 
widow, wtici survived him «L\loen years. 
His lordship d. 'Utth April. I7W. when the 
Eahijhiu of Leictjht.r, and inferior honors, 
became extinct, while tite entire of his ex- 
tensive estates devolved apov (Uie son of his 
sister A\Nr.) his ncpliew, 

Wemian RnsF.RTR, eM]., who assumed 
itiereupon the surname and anus of Coke 
only. He m. Miss Elizabeth Chamberlayne, 
and bad (with two daugblers) 
TuouAs-WiLUAii, his heir. 
Mr. Coke d. in 1776, and was j. by his elder 
son.tlie pre^nt THoMi»-WtixiAH Coke, esq. 
of Hoikkam. 

Arvtt — Party, per pale, gn. and az. three 
eagles diiiplayed ar. 

Crrtt • — On n cbapeau az. turned up 
ermine, an ostrich ar. holding in its moutb a 
hontc tdio« or. 

Motto — Pnidens qni patiens. 

•Vrff/— Holkbam Hall. Nnrfolk. 

* riwsbeyvneeof ibr II*moMv nr Ct.imian ws* 
lf>nninAted hf the Crown in this Isdy's favor in 
I73-I, and sbu hocuaft naroQ«n de CliAbrd. hnl 
oatltving bfriRiIy child Edward, Viscovnt Oke. 
the diicnity ft^ll again ioto sbeyinee K her lady- 
ship's decease in 1773, 


ANNESLEY, ARTHUR, esq., of Bletchingdoo. in the countj of Oxford, b. ia 
1760, ». luH father, Arthur AoneRlej, esq. in 177."), m. Ca- 
therine, (iHiighrcr and heir of Admiral Sir Chariev Hardy, 
(Oovernorof Greeiinich HoBpital) and has had, (with other 
children, who all died unmarried,) 

1. Arthi'r, h. in I78&, m. Eleanor, daughhr of Henry 
Brieo, e*). by whom he ha? issue, 
Arthir. Eleanor. 

Temple. Fanny. 

Charles-Jaues. Matilda. 

Henry. Nea. 

3. Charira, A. in 1789, in holy ordert. Fellow of All Souls 
Collrgf, Oxford. 

3. Calheriiie-Elizahelh, *. in 1791, m. to th« Honorable 
and Reverend Jolin-Evelwi UuscAwcn, second son of 
Ocorne, tljird Visroui.i Fiilinouth, and baji iiwue. 

4. narliHrn-Cnruliiii-, b, m 17IW. m. to TliomiA-Tyrwfaitt 
Drake, of Sliardcloes. Buck^, M.P. for Anivrsham. 

5. Mary, tn. to the Rev. Jolm Tyrwbitt- Drake, rector of 
Anenifaani. and d. in Itti?. 

6. Lncy- Susan. 


thia aaeirat family aMumed iT» name from 
Uv lomi of AMAESLev, in the rttunty of Not- 
Ittf^hun, tbr poaaevsor of whicli. at die lime 
of tto Nannu Conqoe«i, waa 

Rfctuan at AsKEaiET, whooe aon and 

KAtm »* .\\%r<;Lev. railed rito, (the 
BnKw.) AvuMied the [iriorv uf Fcllry. He 
hk tavH }ty Aubrey hb wift*, a «on anil &iic- 

RionkUi or AvwEMUr, living temp. 
UoaT II. who «nui. by ht« elder mmi, 

tSm K£>oi««u> DK An^ulkt, km. who es- 
ifae <i«0Khter and hrirest of — Hou- 
p. And hail on only ton. 

Sir Joh« UK A.vml>, knt. who h»d a 
CABl, in the 4fh Kb««4KD 1. of free warreu 
la aQ Ua de^mesnrs in Auncsli-). He wan 
ttafifof dw ocmniini of Derby .trtd NottitiC' 
%tm, I4tb EnwiND i. and ainn ol the eouiily 
rfOliTart<-f :^rfi 1th und &lli year* i.f tin- 
tiB— line '' I'din m. Annom, dan. 

if Sir Rot* "It. Lnt.Niid had three 

Robert, of Roddingtmi, founder, in :>fllh 

rottARD III., of Antipslcy Chantry. 
Halnh, of Kirkby Wodelioiise. 

Sir John de Annesley was *. at hi« decease 
by Um i-Idest eon, 

Sir John dc Annesiev, knt. who rf. a^th 
June. l.^W, and wa»*. by his son. 

Sir John m. Amnmllk. knt. who serreil 
in parliament aa one of tJu- knights of the 
pounly of Notlinphani, and had livery of the 
manar of Hedynlon and hundred nf llL'lyn- 
don, in Oxfordshire. He m. Isubcll. daugh- 
ter and co-heir of Marparet, tJiini .nisU-r and 
L-i>-heir of Sir John Chando*. Kniglil of the 
(Jarti-r. Barou of St, Saviour-te-Vtscoutit 
in Normandy, Ureal Sonesrhal of PoiLton, 
and Hi^h Canstablc of Atiuitaine, by whivli 
Iridy he had i*»uo, 

M.P. for the county of NotUQ|;huu), 7th KiCH- 
AKD 11. Tiiiit gentleman ni. A)(nefl, dnu];Iiter 
of Robert ('WfUm, of Clifton, by whom he 
had issue, 

HfOH, bis succeiaor. 




TiubffI, m. to Sir GrrvaBc CliAon, knt. 
of CUfloDt in the couiiW of NottinK- 
Tlionta* Anne«lej vhr a. at Ilia deceace by 
bi« only ton. 

SittHt'OH \M<t>rxLiy, kilt whom. dan. 

of Sir John Bal)tn^ton, nC ('liilu-rll, in (lir 
county of Nolbt. iind left Cwith a dauffhtir, 
iaabellK, wife of Edmuod WiUougtiby, chj.) 
•D only ton mid Aurvrtaor, 

Sir Ht'aii A\, knL of AimcBlvy, 
who M. a dnaghter of William Fitx WiUiaiui, 
eaq. and bad two mhu, 

John, of Annenley, who d. 16th Hrnrt 
VI. teavtng a dau. and sole heircM, 
Alick, who m. Sir GvoTgo Clia- 
H'Ortli, kni. anc<>stf(r of the Vt!i- 
counta Cbaworlh, aud with lii-r 
the manor and cntato of Annkv 
LEV |ia»^d to thu fatuity of Cbn- 
worth, and is navr in the poarti-«- 
flioD of JoiiK Chawokth-Miis- 
'rER5. c^. 

Tkc Mcond SOD, 

Thoiui) Annealry, vAq. of Rodiiigtou. waa 
i. by hifi elder Hon, 

WiixiAU ANNESUr, esq. of Rodington. 

who m. Mabel, daughter of — Rnglinh. i'*n. 

and had (with foar daut;li(rn>) Bvc tone. Hz. 

Hi'Gii (Sir), of Maitk- lliirliinii. in the 

county of Oxford, who li-ft Uircc 


iSph.'! ''"*'"'- '•^- 

RoeeitT. of whom jireaently. 
Thti fourth ioa, 

RoatJtT ASNEKLEV, esq. eventuwlly stic- 
CM>d<Ml to the f»mily Mtau^^, aud was of 
Newport Powell, in the cnant)' of Bucks. 
He m. Joan, daughter of William Clo%iIlc, 
of Coldbnll. in E^ whom he had (with 
three daujfbti^ri) an only «on and brir, 

Geuhue ANNesLfiY, CMi. of NVw|K>rt Pb^- 
uidl, wbo m. Ktixnheth, dtiiighter of Rnliert 
Dove, etq. and had eight sons and ttiree 
duu|(hk*ni. Tbc eidvel sou, 

RoBiBT A\NF>Li'.Y,eM(. ftctlled in Ireland. 
Hem. Beatrice, daughter of John Comwnll, 
eM|. of Moor Park, in the oounty of Here- 
fopd. and was t. by bis rMer son, 

SiK Fr*s<"i* .\>,rr, knt. who, for forty 
year*, filled wveral of the hi)iLei>t official 
attautiotui in Ireland, l-jton the instilution 
of the onler of Imnmclti of thai kingdom. Sir 
Fninria Aonealey waa theaecond person ad- 

vanced to the dignity, by patent, dated 7(h 
August, 1630, and in the following year. Sir 
Franci* obtaiued a reversionary grant, by 
)>Mlenl. doled lllh Mnrvb, KfU, of (lif Iruih 
ViiicouMty of Vatentia at the dereaae of the 
then vi«count. Sir Henry Power. He was 
put, however, tnlottic more immediate po»- 
semsion of a peerage, by tlie title of B*KON 
MorsTNOHKlK, «/ .ifainlnirrrit, in the countjf 
."/ Armagh. Hi^ lordship m. lir#t, Dorothy, 
daughter of Sir John Philippe, of Piclon 
Caatle, and from lhi» marriage the Earls of 
.Anglesey, the I»riU Altham,and the prevent 
Earl of Mountnorris, are den.-ended (i»ee 
liwke'i Extinct Ptrmtfr). The vlAcoant 
e»pou««d, secondly, Jane, daughter of Sir 
John Stanhope, and mter of Phili]t, first 
F^rl of Chesterfield, by whom be bad, with 
other t&suH. a Aoa, 

ThfHoH, Fmvcts A^^KSLEY.ofClo(:mag- 
llericatt. in the county of Down, M'ho m. De- 
borah, daughter of Iletiry Jones, Uishop of 
Meatli. by whom be had a .*on and succeMor, 
Fk-Imcih A\NKsi.EY,e*q. of Tborganby. in 
the county of York, M.P. for Wef>tbur\ and 
Duwiipniriek. He m. Kli7.abeth, daughter of 
Sir John Martin, of London, and bad iuue, 
Fhaxcis, hii successor. 
Henrj.rf. 1728, " '- ' -V-'»' 

^' Miirtin. i» holy orders, rector of Fril»- 
ham, Berks, m/aud bad issue, y 

WiLXiAM, who wa« created, in I7&5, 
Baron Annttlfif, »nd in eight yean 
after. Viscount Glerawley. The |rr*'«t 
griindHon of this nobli-man la tlie pre- 
sent WlLU.(M, Harl of AnnttUy, 
Arthur. H. in 178fl. 

Eliuibrth, m. to William Macginre, esq. 
Mr. Aiint-tiley d. iu 1750, and was i. by bU 
cUlcBt pon. 

tor of the valuable liring of Winwick, In 
the count)- of ljuucu:«(er, who m. Anite. 
daughter and ro-htir of Sir Robert Gayer, 
of SToke)>oge8. in the county of Hncks. by 
Lady Eli»ilH.*tli, !w>le daughter iind evrntani 
heirt'SM of Jamea Auneflle\, second Earl of 
Anglesey, and hnd i^ue, 
Artiii'k, bi^ Auccessor. 
Fmncis, in holy orders, of Eydon. in 
ihe county of Nortbnmpton, which 
manor lie purchased. He m. Mary, 
dutagbtrr of John W^alker. e»q. of 
Bicester, but d. (. ;i. in Isll. 
James, 4. (fth Deconibcr, 1777. 


Pr. AMBMbiy wu «. by hi« e1d«jit nan, 

Kmmx'M. \if%*MLMJ, esq. of Bietchinicdon, 
m Atf c<MUit> ot Omfonl, wbo in. ElizaWih, 
iam. of WiUmn BaMwin, eM|. ul' Arguileth, 
ii SbrefMhlrv. uid ba4 isvue, 
iUrTMt'K. hi* beir. 

FrwDcu. Jk. ill 176:1. in licly unlcrs. U.II. 
•uBM! limf frlluw of AllHimlbCullrge, 
OxfonL. r«»i(l(Mil of Eydou, comity 
of Moftbattiplon. to which placv be 
•«cc«c<lnl on the (li'alli uf hiii uncle 1811. Mr. Fnuii-i« Aiiitcd- 
Ir; d. 13th December, 1831. 

Anne, nt. to Charles Warde, osq. of 

S4(iieiTi«t. in ibecoauly of Kcul. 

Mr. Aniipsley d. in Fobruary, 1773, aad was 
». by hii« elder sou, ihe present AhTUUit 
Ansrslet, esq. oi BUtchingdoR. 

y| »-nu— Paly of six nrg. and ax. a bead pi. 
Cirtt — A moorV head in profile, couped 
ppr. wrviithed about the teniplcjt. 
il/afio^Vtrtutis amore. 

Stai — Bleti-hiiigdon, near Woodblock, 


SHAKERI.EY,CHARLE3-WATKIN-J0HN\ esq. of Somerford Hall, in tlie coiintj- 

of Chester, and of Park-place, Berkshire, b. 15th June, 
1767, m. Dorothy, daughter of John Morehmd, esq. of 
Copplethwnite, in tlie county of Westmorland, by whom 
he ha^ sun'iving issue, 



Ca&RLKs- Peter, h. 37th December, 1792, who m. first, 
Roealhii d'Avaray. daughter of the Duke d'Avany, 
and secondly, Je5!«y, daut;bter of Tlioinas Scott, esq. 
of Sbippertnn, in the rtmntj- of Middlesex. 

Oeoffrey -Joseph, h. 115th March. 180O. who «. in 1827, 
Elciuior-Marin, dauuhler of the lute Reverend James 
WeWliT, of Aivhfield, eounty of Loof^furd, l^^tand. 

Fraiices>Miirgarita. iH. 6nit, to Vigors llency. esq. of 
KillinneCsstle,county of >Vr\fard. anduf Hammer- 
ton Hnll, in the county of York : »nd «i-coniUy. the 
3Gth November. IHSS, to Tliomui Read-Kerap, M. P. 

> gnatianazi, whose fmtronymtc was Duckworth, nsHunicd, by act of purUament. in 
, 1790, tfa« •omune and araiB ofSiiAKEULiiv only. He vrus high sheriff for Clmihire 


TW asrimt family nfSuAKBALET deriree 
liM A0*« pr SiuKtttLKV, living temp. 
■■■« III. wbow Nin, 

HlxaT DC SlitKrKLr.Y, e^pouned Elti-n, 
litMw of — Sbotienorth, of Hbottewortli, 
■d firan tkia mMrriniit' lineally descended 

CanfnSTSutKPJtLRT, of Sbakerlcy. living 
is te v«i((n of HkMiY VII. wbo w. finit 
ioMt, ijsiirr of Robert I^aogley, of Edge- 

Ckd Usue, 

Wniinm, living in 1630. 
Margaret, who d. «. f, 

Geoffrey Shnkerlcy espoused, secondly, 
Anne,* daughter of Sir Willinrn Bootb, of 

* I1u« btdy bad pi«viiMuily been inurisd to 
John Le(tb, Mq, of Uootbs, (bod of John Lcgh, 
by Ennut, draghtar uod co-beinas of Uob«rt 
GrasTonor, of Holtas). and bad no oaly dougbtor 
sod badnai. 



Piinliftin MuMV, 1m( bad no fttrther bsue. 
lie wa« *. a< bis decensi- by bio fldi-Hi m)Ii, 

PCTEK SlUkrni.KY. esq. of Shnkfrlpy, 
Uring 8lh Henry VIII. wbo m. KUxabvtb, 
daughter and beircss of John Legb. esq, of 
Bootjw, and wus ». at bis dLT4-us« by bin aoii, 
Gkoffhp.y,eiiq. of Holme, wbo 
m. fir*t. Ihr daugbtiT of Uiwrence Holland. 
and secondly, inabcLla, daughter of Tbomas 
Venablcs, of Kiuderton. Hp rf. 6rb Jone, 
1647, leaving; inauv, (by wbicb wife is not 
positively ascertained, liut probably by thf 
tint) MX Bons and four daiij^bters, viz. 
Pftph, bid sQCfMtHOr. 

John, who m. ArloP, daofchter and co- 
bein-JM> of Rnlpb Woracley, of Ch»*»- 
lerand B>rkcuh<*a4l. 
Etizabi^th. m. to Roger Andertoii, e«q. 

of Forde. 
Margaret, m. to Richard Maa«ey, est|. 

of Sale. 
Jane, m. to John Brad«haw, esq. of 

Aane, m. to Hicbard Rivington, eaq. of 
GeoB'rey Shakerley was i. by hia eldest son, 
Prter Shakeruy, e»q. of Holme, who m. 
Elixabeth, daaghtvr and co-beireas of Sir 
Kiindlo Mainwariug of Orcr Peover, and 
d\ iiig filb January, 1663, waa t. by bis eldest 

OEOfTRCT StUKERLRY, eaq. of Holme, who 
wB« aberifl' of Che«bire in IfilO. He eft- 
piiuaed Jane, dau);hler of Sir George Bees- 
ton, of Bveiiton, atid bud i»«ur, 

1. Hn.H, who IN. Margaret, daughter 
ofThonuia llunbury.ew). of Stanney. 
and dying vita pair'u, left tsaue, 
PrxER. succensor tobi« grandfather. 
Robert, who m. Amy, danghier of 
Williuin l>ud, e»i|. of Egerton 
John, I , 

Francis, t ''■'■''• 

Jnae, m. to Froncia AtwMid, eng. of 

KijiAarm. who raecvrdnl lo fte mnor of 
Traor'aluds, but ib» BootJis ^«taterrrert«d 
TO bar f«lk«r** tieir male. Stie wmIiW ( ■• 
■ralM ivho*v> I'c-ter Sliakrik-r. uaaf. 

Elixa. ! ''• """»' 

llridfcei, ra. John Bolton, fliaq. 
Little Boltoit. 

3. Peter. ) . H 
.1. Tlmmaa. J ''* '' ^* ^ 

4. Geoffrey, who iti. Jane, daughter of 
John Bntterr. esq. of Waterlea. 

A. Anno, m. to Henry Bunbury, esq. of 

fi. Dorothy, nt. to William Legh. esq. 

of Booths, sheriff of Chcidiirc in 1690. 
7. Elinor. 
H. Aliee. 

G^-offrey Sliakerley rf. in 1019. and waa «. 
by Ilia };randffon, 

Petkb Smakerley, esq. of Holme, whom. 
Margaret, daughter of Philip Oldlield, esq. 
of Bradwall, and by her (who married after 
hia decease William Veniou. the Cheshire 
Antiquary,) he bad a son, 

Sir GEAFFltKY Sir^KCRLF.v. knt. bis suc- 
cessor in 1624. This personage, a staunch 
and devoted loyalist, soffered severely for 
his attachment to the Sri-tRrs. He was 
several times imprisoned, and had bis lands 
c<]nli&<'a(ed. L pon the restoration, how- 
erer, he ri^btnined restitution, and was ap" 
pointed by the king governor of Cheater 
Caatle. In Pennant's Wales is recorded a 
gallant exploit of this stout cavalier. During 
the battle between Poyntz and Sir Manna- 
dtike Langdale, on Rowton Heath. Colonel 
Sbakerley was commissioned to carry the 
inrelligenceof un advantage of tlie Royalists 
to the king, in Chester, then beleaguered, and 
to avoid a troubleeome circuit, he crossed 
(he Oee in a tub. bis burse swimming at the 
aide ; and offered to carry l»ark the king'a 
commands in a qunrter of an hour, in thr 
same manner. Chari-Ks delayed, Pox-nta 
rallieil, and the ruyal cavalry were de** 
truyed, which put on end to his Mnje9t^'*s 
project of joining Montrose, who was then 
in force in Scotland, Sir Geoffrey espoused 
first, Kathrrine, diiugbter of William Pen- 
nington, caq. of Muncoster. in the coanly 
of Cnraberland. by whom (who 4/. 4tb April, 
1073) he bad issue, 

Pn'r.R, his successor. 

GeotTrey. who m. Frances, daughter of 

Fnincis Keynrll, esq. of the n 

of Nevis, hut H. a. p. m, 
Aune, m. to Charles Hurlcston, es 

Pietuu. and had issnr. 



Hr m. •vtvindW, Jane, diOKhler of John 
Dolbcn. e«t{. of Srjp^yt, in Denbi^lisliirv, 
«d had fttrtim- itsue, 

OcfWGC, of whom hereafwr as 8ucces»or 

to hi* half brrilhcr PctiTr. 
Jotm, tiriii nilh t!«o^e, rf. t./i. in I7(VI. 
8k GtoAre>- SbBkvrlry if. in lf»0. a( tlie 
If* of 7ft. Ukd WM iolemd al Nvther Peo- 
rr.* Hw rjdcst too nnd beir, 
PmtK SbaKERUIT, of llalme, was go- 
lOT u c of Cbcrter. Hem. Elizabeth, dau. 
«f Sir TboKUM Mainwarin^, bt. bat dying 
iHMllaM in 1796, he Bellied biftftiLit<>!i u]K>n 

O l»MK Shakmley, esq. of Holme antl 
G«*r*>lll. wbn «•». Ann, yoiiOK*-*! dsuKlitcr 
with Walter Bagot. of Uljlbvfifld, iu the 

* Uthanofthiidcof HobM«haiM»l, LaN«tlier 

tmm ihaith. a bui^ uid buMbon* mnnJ no- 
nf iirhlr is ^nrtcd la tbr mnnOTy of Sir 
', «ith tka fiiilofriBg iaacri|>tion : 

Gdlfridi Sbaknl«7, de Sbabnley 

in ftffi) LmMMrieaai. 

^ui > caatrta tcpoftavil |i;lMiMn, 

Mlbor atliiJTCri*ii«. 

0^ Mob Unqor Caiold vt vcrlrsiK periclitiiDti 

pi— JTIB 

iHr^a. ilavmi|aa eancn eoaoluvua. 
na fadbn* doBpendiam, M ({uic<]aul iiiii|aiiin 

)«nK>dalt« dmnocntkivum furor, 

a MMMt cututauun i|iu pnun (liacnmiaa 

brlti mutinuil 

a J iwa U m«jar nrcjMH^undfa impar, 

Ift^ tj*d*A fMCantOo lUl «<|imtinB dignitatnn 

Aaeia C talr a aiU prrftvtua fuit ; 
baa Moanai, ab ao tponir dvpmituin, 

Paranik pntaoifmitiu 
C«f »aia» Clia Ocl. FEinniioitJN de 


pan viplanti& mt Sdtt Mlauni«nTit: 

«x aadcn iMtiMiiiift ronjuKie 

(ci^^ aaa HUit toe recoadita) 

tra* bunp** «aa-'«pit bbenw. 

count)- of Stafford, by whom (ivbo<J. in 1767, 
at the advanced age «if H9) be bad i»9ue to 
survive iiifRocy, 

I. GEorrBEv, ft. in 1706. who m. Anne, 
dan(;bter and ir>-heire»s of John Hur- 
le^ton. t^q. of Newton, by wbom 
(who remarried Lord Kilinore)-) be 
len al hia decease, iu 1733, no sur- 
viving issue. 
3. PE.TER, sueceMor lo his father. 

3. John. rf. s. p. in I73&^. 

4. George, iu holy orders, rf. j. ;>. 

5. France*, m. in 1748, Sir Wattin 
Williams Wynn, bart. and had two 
sons, of whom the elder, 

Sir W *tki\ W vnx, bart. was father 

of the present Sir Watlin Wil- 

liani»-Wynn. bart. nf WynnsUy, 

M.P. for l)eubigh«hire. 

Mr. Sbakerley rf. Had February, 1766, and 

was #. by bis eldest surnving son, 

Pf.tek Shakkhlf-y, eiH|. of Holme, who 
m. twicr, but bad one daugbtLT only, (by hi« 
first wife, Ann, daughter of John Ainson, 
esq. of Lees), which danghter, 

EuzA SiiAKEHLtY, succeeded to tlie estate*. 
Tliis Indy e-«p«u»M-d in 1764, Charles Buck- 
worth, (■8<). of Park-place, in tin- county of 
Berks, sometime a lientenant in the royal 
British fusileerD. and had, with other isaue^ 


esq. who has assumed tlie surname of Shak- 
erley. and is the present proprietor. 

Hrm»— Arg. a cbrv. rert bet\vccn three 
billock-i of tlie MH7ond. 

CWtt — A hare ppr. resting her fore feet 
on u garb or. 

Ktt«lri — Sonierford Hall, Township of 
Somerford. pariah of Asibnry ; Bigley cam 
Yutc IlouKes. and Allostacb and Brerelon, 
in the parish of Brr;rcton; all in the county of 
Chester. Sbakerley, in the county of Lan- 
caster. Park Place, Berks; and Winches- 
ter Stroet, in tlie citj- of London. 

.S/'fl(r—iSomerfordHall, in Cheshire. Park 
Place, Berkshire. 




EYSTON, CHARLES, w^. of East Hendred, in tlie county of Berks, m. Mflrifr 
ThciTsa, dai^hter of T. P. Mctralfe, esq. of Barnborough, Yorkshtrp, and hns i«ue, 

Charles. Mnry-Anutf. 

Gearge^ IiiaWlla. 

Mr. Eyston served tlic office of hifch sheriff for the county of Berks, in 1831. 






The E)'ston» have enjoyed their Berkshire 
estates, in the mnle line, tiincc the Kigii of 
Henrv VI. but inherit tliem froni raniilie« lu 
whose pOBAessionthey wer«ata mach earlier 

Robert de Turbeviile was seised of a 
manor in East (lendred, early in the reig^i 
of Henry UI. and from htm tlie estate pa&sed 

Richard de Ti'rbeville, who lived temp. 
Edward I. and lefl an only daughter and 

AMIClADRTrRBEHLl.F,whoefip(JUsetl Wil- 
Ijani de Archej;, and wa^ m. at her decease by 
her son. 

W1U.IAH i>E Arches, kuight for Berks in 
1336, whose sod, 

John oe AJtCHES^ ulso rt-presentcd that 
county ill the 8th and I4lli of Richard II. 
aDd 4th and 6t]i of Menrv IV. He left at 
his decease a son and heir. 

WitxiAM Rawun de .\RLiir:.'i, who d>injr 
without male iMue. bis estates passed to hia 
only daiifcbter aud heiress, 

Macd de Arches, who conreyed those, 
(since denomiiiatrd the manor of Arches,) 
, with otlitT tiTrilorial pu»fiesiiiMiis to her hus- 
band, John Slowe, of llurford, in the county 
of Oxford, whose name occurs in the list of 

Berkshire gvntr>- uf 1433. The only fiau|;b< 
ler Riid heire^ts of this marriage, ^h 

IlABKL Stowe, espoused ^M 

iomt Eyfton, (whose family had, for tbiM 
generadons befnrt^, piniAessed a manor in 
Isleworth, in Miditle»«x, now belonging tn 
the Duke of Northumberland,) and was «, 
liy her sou, 

WiLUAH Eystox, esq. of East Henci 
living there in 14M, who was father of 

Thomas Eyston, e»q. of East Heni 
T]iLti]retitteman m. Elizabeth, dau. of Robert 
Hyde, e^q. aud had a iion, hiii riurcfs^or, 

John EYsro>,es([.of East Hundred, liviof 
in 1.'V14, who m. Maud, daughter uf Hun- 
phrcy Tirrell, esq. of Waiilcy, B»sex, and Lisson, 3»fc/I^.4..')W.^*^^ 

JoHK Ryktdn, esq. b. in l.UI, who m, 
first, Joan Clitford, but bad no issue. Ht 
espoused, »econd1yjptuie, daughter and co- 
heir of Thomas Benngton, of Streally, in the 
count)' of Berks, and had several child 
by the eldest of whom. 

WuLlAM Eystos, esq. he was aavvvi 
at his dccen^c. Jn lAtM). This gentleman 
m. Mary, dnughler and co-heir of Jamei 
Tbatchrr, trsq. of Prieslhawes, in Sussex, hji 
whom he bAd fourteen children. Adhering to 
tbetenetitdrtbe Roman Catholic religion, Mr. 
Eyston hnd his lands repeatedly seqneatemj 
during the reign of Chari^s I. lie 
1G4U, and was s. by his eldest son, 

W1U.UU EYifTOV, etiq. i. in 101 1, who": 
Eleanor, daughter of George. Smit}i, eaq. ol 
Axh, in the county Palatine of Durham, and 
had iiisue,, who was east an ay in a vre«e] 
sailing between Marseilles and I<eg^ 
born, in the eighteenth year of hii 






Ftmncc*. ui AiuUne nun, at Farii. 
IW* gmtlraua, a pr»at sufTerer diiriitf; tl)f> 
€i*fl wbtSt bolh UD account of bin relijipon 
Md InvalU. rf. lltb April, K17U, wbt-n liia 
tAatii* pftHc<l to bu eldest surviving son, 

Gtoiu:B Ern^K, eaq. who adiiering, like 

M» ftwitttmon, to tbc rclipun of his furc- 

fcAcffS) waffcfcd both imiiriiutimif III mill te- 

^MMntioQ, and iva^ obli;^ Id coni|>oiiiid 

liiBrtI; for bis rstalc^, at the corrupt period 

vhtti ihr prrjnri*:* of Titus OATfs wen 

fcaila il by m bIood>thir«ty faction, as a second 

He m. in 1644, Aitnc. daughter 

Donnrr, esq. of Pelerly, in tlio 

tiy Af Bucks, by whom htf bad fivi* son^. 

Cm situs. 



Pjlaf ik tflUI, be wms «. by bis eldc!it ann, 
ChlMJM ErfTOM, nq. who m. in Ki'J'i, 

WUUk«d-DuR)<liy.ilau};bliT of Bar^il Fitz- 
I hnWft. M^. of SwinDcrtrm. in tlie county 
|>jf toSard, and bad i«b cbildrvn, viz. 
^K Qustxs, hi* SBcccMOr. 
^ BHit 4. ». p. 

TistMtA»-J<iHK, w1k» inbcriltfd tbe estatH 
^B mpon tbr druiiM!, iasuelvss, uf bis 

^B cider bfodif r, 

^P WflttBV-Otrorgc. 
H Whsftvd-Annc. 

H Jmw. 

^ lUry. 

ChariM Kjraton w«« a diligent and cu- 
I ■■ll^—rj and a friend and carr<>i>- 
. _jsl of Tboouu Hfarup, of untiijuurian 
frfMnfy, tff Dr. Kawlinsou, and of M-virnl 
I ^m laaw B— *iiiliirtit in literary and sri- 
i Mifc pwwdML. He d. in l'2l, aitd waa t. 
Klf hM eldMl aea. 

V (^a«lJt4 RrttnN, raq. whom. Mary-Mafr- 
^^ 4ka, dft«Khler of Thiima« Hawkynn. t»q. 
rf Kaab CmtI, tii the county uf Kent, but 
krtmf wilbnat iamr, In 17-17, in the -ISnd 
«Btr of Ma apr. was f. fn tbc rstatea by bis 
knt aBnivini^ lin>tbc>r, 

T(iOMA»-JoHN EvrroN, esq. who m. Mary, 
daughter of (Jporge Bruning. esq. of Ea«t 
MfOD, Hnuipdfairt'. of an ancient family in 
Ibiit county, and had ii^ue, 

Winifred, m. lo Bryan Barren, e»q. of 

Milton, in the county of Berks. 
Mary, m. lo the late Charles Butler, 
fsq. of Lincoln's liiu, an eminent 
Iflwypf, and recently one of Ibe king's 
counsel. Mr. Butler obtained high 
rei)ulation by his literary laliours, and 
by bis advocacy of religious Hbflrly. 
He was a Homan Catholic, and lived 
to uiiucj'it the total repeal of the law 
which bad M] long and so unjustly 
oppressed liis brethreu. He H. Stid 
June. 1R33. 
Mr. EyHton rf. in 1796, at tbe advanced age 
of i-i^htj-two, and was *. by bin eldest noii, 

Basil Eyktux, ewi. b. in 174H, who m. » • 
Mary, duugbler and heir of Richiird Hi"l- // 
dje ston, e w). of Gmy'sluu, by whom IteTact 

CiURLEti, bia beir. 
He d. in 1817, and was f. in his estates by 
his. eldest son, Charles Ky&ton, e9<{. the 
present proprietor. 

AriM — Sable, ihroe lions rampant or, two 
B>d one. 

«i'ARTERI)iOS : 

Stowe. Arg. a eberroti gu. between 

three crow* sable, beaked or. 
Archfs. Ou. three arches arg. capitals 

and pedestals or. 
T(-HBtviM.t. Krrnine, a lion rampant gu. 
Br.RiNuToN. Sable, three dogs cournut 

ill pale argent, colliireil or. 
Thatcher. — acroesnioline.achief — 
LAMKKveit. Az. three chevrons arg. on 
tbe up|>er a pallet. 
Seni — East Hendrrd House, county of 


BYNG, GEORGE, esq. of Wroihfim Park, Middlesex, M.P. for that ghiro, J 
17th May, 1764, m. Harriet, eighth daughter of the Uta Sir WtUiam Moulp>mcr}-, bar 
Mr. Byiif^ hai» bu^n, for a gruat many ycani, tlii* popular Biciubvr for X\iv county of Mid 
dlesex; id the mauy fierce contests which have occurred in his time, his sent has 
been disputed. 




Tliiit is a branrb of the noble and anciciil 
luMuic of BvMi. Viscounts Torringtoo. 

Admikal Georgr Hyno, (eldest son of 
John Bynj;, esq. of Wrothara), one of the 
mostdittin^ishfd ofHccm in the naral an- 
nals of (Jreat Britain, received the hutiuur 
of knighthood from Queen Anne, 22iid Or- 
toher, 1704 ; ivas created a baronet 14tti No- 
vember, 171.1; and elevated lo the iicerage 
0(h Svptember. I?'2I, by tin- titU'S nf JJaran 
Bynff atid ViJfcnrsTToKKiNUTON-. Hit) lord- 
ahipin. In l6m,Marguret,diiuf;hler of James 
Master, e»i|- of East Latipdnn, iii the county 
of Kent, and badeUven Minsand four daugh- 
ters, of whom 

Pattcc, «. his father, as second ris- 
cotinl, but dyiu^ s. ji. the bonorn of 
the family |>B««ed lo his brother. 

(iKuKUK, tjiird viscount, wbone (fn-Ht- 
([randson is Ibe present Gfor</e Bt/ng, 

RoBenT, of whom hereafter. 

John, the unfortunate Adnitral Byoff, 
so unjofitly executed in I?/)?, under 
ih« sentence of a court martial. 

Hi» lordship's third son, 

TiiF. Hon. Robert Bvsfi, M.P. for Ply 
mouth, was appointed one of the conimii 
sianers uf hii^ innjcety's nnv\, ^Ist Jant 
17.11 ; and, in 17.1^, governor of Barbados 
He m. Elixikbetli, dmit^hter and eo-beir c 
Juiiulhan i<*orwanl, eM|. anil hitil issue, 

ftfAtiUiK, bis fiucci'Mor. 

Hubert, smothered in the Black Uo] 

ut Calcutla, !2tith June, 1766. ^ 

John, d. ill 17G4. ■ 

Mr. Byng (/. in 1740, and was s, by U 

eldest son, 

Gi^ioRUt Byku, esq. M.P. for Middles?) 
who m. Anne, daughter of llif Right Hoi 
William Conolly, of Caslletown, in Ireland 
and bad issue, 

Okorge, present representative of th 
family. ^m 

Robert. fl 

Jobn(Sir), K.C.B. G.C.H. and TO 
]ieutcfnatit-(;enernl in the army, am 
colonel of the '29tli regiment of fool 
H gallnnt am] highly dt^lingnisbei 
oHiciT during the lute S[Ki»ish wai 
and at the baltin of Waterloo, wb 
has t^vice received the thanks of par 
UaDient for his services, and who ha 
obtained from the crown an booo 
rable augmentation of his arms. Si 
John m. first, Mary, eldest dnughiK 
of Peter Mttckenzio, e«q. by 
he has an only son, 

George-Stevens, M.P. captall^ 
the army and citn)|itroller of Ibi 
household lo the lord-lientenaa 
of Ireland, h. Sth June, IMS 
nr. 7th March, 1B2», Lady Agw 
Paget, ritth dauKbter of Heai] 
Willitiin, present Marquess O 
Angle:k>y, and has twoi 






1. OeorfFe-Hfitrj'-CharlM, i. 
aaml Febnian-. ItUO. 

2. AnoUirrsoD.&.2lAt August, 

Joha Byng vspoiuvd, decondty, 
K. Kcoatl dauKblLT of Sir 
Waller immcs, InltL aiid lias furlhrr 

Williata- Frederick, an officer in 

Ukc GuanU. 
Harriet- Pninc4't>, m. in I82H, to 
Captain Chorlrs Ramsilen. 


Caroline- Frances . 
Mr. Byn;; rt. in 1788, and was s. by bis 
eldpst (ton, Gkokue livNU, eaq. now M.P. 

Armt — Quarterly, ua. and ar. in the firnt 
(quarter, a liun ranipantof Ihe seroiid. 

Crrtit — All liemUlie nittpjope siaiant, erm. 
borued, tusked, maned, and boor«'d, or. 

Motto— Tatihor. 

Sfflt— Wrotham Park. Middleaox. 


^NGUEVE. WILLIAM, wq. of Aldermanston, in the county of Berks, and of 
re. IB the caonty of Staflfonl, m. Mary, daugiier and co-heiress of Sir William 





, fior of ihf tnoflt emlnfiit in 
^Shtfford, vrtk» settled at Cok- 
%tter Ihft 1>>M<JVK»T, and thence 
, its ««niaiiie. 

r-4t\<;hrvt, e*i|. of <'oni;;r*'ve, 
llir- tbirttffu MlaOonUhin- ffentle- 
l^ltom A'iny CiltRtrs 11. iii(«-iidt>d 
iroafrrrrd tbt order of tbr royal 
dir iovtitution of «nrh a t\vfgrvv of 
TtcrtHl in. He m. Anno, 
nf Sir Tliomari Pitx-llcrbert, of 
gi»a4»U|thtrr of Sir Anthony 
iu eninriit judgp, hy whom 

1. John, bis sticceMor. 

2. William, a colonel lu th« aimv, 
father of 

WiixiAH CoKBRKve, the celebrated 
OHAUATiiiT. *. in 1672. 

TliiH distinguished pemoo is 
npokeii of in temu of admirntion 
by every Englinh wrilL-rivhu ha« 
bad ocraniion to mention bis name. 
Stti'le miidc him the ptilron of h'u 
MiAcoIlouy, and Pnjie inscribed 
to him the translation of the 
liJAit. Placed by circuDistanM'a 
beyond the pecuniary anxieties 
of an author's pfDrL-Hsiiiii, be id 
•aid to have affected contempt 
for ibe jirofi'rtsinn iliii'ir. The 
anfH:dote of bi» telling Voitairk 
wbt-n be came to risit bim, that 
hw desirwl to he ooimidcrcd as a 
gentleman solely, and not in (lie 
liplit of an autlior, is one of the 
mortifying prootK that the bigheist 
gifted minds are not always Ibe 
stronKi-nl. The latter years of 
Coiisreve's life were rendered 
miserable by BickneK and in- 
firmity. Cetarrbs in his eye« 
produced at lenfrib total blind- 
ness, and n-pealed nttavka of 
ROut prvmiitnrely uiideruiinvd his 



constitntion. Re tonfrbt relief 
from tlitt watrrs at DkUt. but the 
■ccident of beiog ovvrtuni(;d in 
liis carriagr, \vCt ft |ierinnui'iil 
pain in liia nMvi, and, probnbly, 
Rccciifnitt:d \m tlt-aiJi. wbii-h oc- 
curn-d in January, 17W, in ttir 
sixtieth year of Iiis nge. Tho ir- 
matns of the poet were Jnlerrod 
witli p^at sulcniuily in Wesit- 
uiin)»ler AMiey, and Ht-nrtetla, 
Ducheasof Marl borough, erected 
a monument to his memory. To 
this Udy. who id said to hiive en- 
tertained a nio«t rom&iitic rcf^ard 
for him, he bequeathed the great 
bulk of hi* fornino. Coup-eve's 
occa«toim) poems are *o fur be- 
low mediocrity, iliat we have not 
deemed it necessary at all lu al- 
lude to (hem. Ah a dramatii^t. 
hi* fame in imperishable, and he 
Hlands, if nut at the /leari, in the 
very first claw of writers of co- 
medy. Not so much, howercr, 
for his humorous and natural 
jwrtraits, as for those of eccen- 
tricity. His nit, indeed, flavhcs 
upon us nlraoftt to nnnoyauee, 
and it is uften diflirall to dittn'n- 
gtiish the faUt humour of his 
fools from the genuine allies of 
his lively charaelerR. We shall 
coHi-lude iheac obscrratious M-itli 
Congjeve's literary character. 
from the pen of Dtulor John- 
son. '■ Coiipreve has merit of 
the hif^lKtit kind ; he is an 
orlglul WTiter, who borroncd 
nehber the model of liin plot, 
nor the manner of hi* dialogue. 
He formed a peculiar idea of 
comic excellence, vrhicli he stip- 
|K)sed hi coutdst of gay remarks 
and unexpected ans^vero, hut that 
which he endeavoured he seldom 
failed of perftinuing. Hissctiiies 
exhibit not much of imagery or 
pawion ; bis personages are a 
kintt of intellectual gladiators — 
cver^- sentence is to ward or 
strike : but they are the work of 
■ mlod replete with images, and 
quick in combination." 

Mr. Congreve was t. by liis elder sod, 
John Cukgrkvk, esq. of Congreve, who 

m. Mikry, daughter of Thomas Nichols, esq. 




IS. vid^ 

of B0700I, in the county of Salop, and^ 

John, his successor. 
Ralph, a colonel in the army, anil liei 
tenant-governor of (iihraltar, M-ho 1 

Anne, daughter of llnnmer.M 

and had a mio and a daughter, viz. 

Ralph, M.P. an oflicer In the yei 

man of the guard, m. Charion 

only child of William Iai 

Stawell, by his nife Elizabet 

hcireiis of the Fonters, of Aj 

Di!K*iMANvn)K. He d. witbonll 

sue, but surviving his wife, U 

iiuealhed his estates (which ht 

been settled on the fur\ ivor ) toU 

elder brtiiirh of his OMn fanil] 

Anne.d. unmarried. 

William, a colonel iu the army,1 

ancestor to Sir William Congreve. b 

Tlic eldest son. 

John CoMoReve^ esq. of Con| 

Abignil. daughter of John Harewc 
of ShreM'sbtiry. and had three sons, 
W11J.MM, his succesfwir. 
Charles-Walter, in holy nrders, ard 
deacon of Aj^nagh. if. unmarried, J 
KlCiURD, who eventually inherited d 
family estates. 
Mr. Congreve d. in 17*28, and was f. by k 
eldest son, 

WiLXtAN CoKOKEVE, e«|. of CoDgrevi 
who m. Jane, daugbu-r of — Waller, esq. « 
Ireland, a relative of the poet. Waller, bi 
dying s. p. iu I77!>, the family inheritaoc 
passed to his only surviving brother, 

Rfv. Richard Con<;, of Congrrtn 

who m. Martha, daughter and heireu 1 

John Jones, esq. of Pyunant, in the comt 

of MoiilgtiBtery, and bad issue, ^m 

WIL144H. present proprietor. ^| 

Richard, of Burton, in the county t 

ChMtrr, who m. Mary-Anne, daugl 

ter ofUeorge Uirrh, esq. of Hftm|i 

stead, in Stafford shire, and has a nv 

nierous family. 

Mariamne, of liwyd Park, Flintshire, 

Mr. Congreve was «. at bis dcc«a»e by U 

elder SOD. 

vtmw— Sa. a chevron between three bald 
axes arg. ^M 

Creit — A falcon rising. ^| 

Mtftio — Non moriturcigus faiua vivit. 

Stmt — Aldermaneton-Muuse Berk 



BASTARD. EDMUND-POLLEXFEN, csij. of KiUey, Detoiwhire, b. 12th July, 

1784, m. 22nd January, 1624, the Honorable Anoe-Jane 
Rodney, only aun'ivin^i: daughter of Georg:c, tterond Baron 
Rodney, of Rodoey Stoko, (by Anne, daiiphter and co- 
heireu of the Ri^t Hononblo Thoraait Harley, of Ber- 
Hngton, in the county of HerefonI,) and has i5sue, 

Edmi-nD'Rod>ey-Pou.e\(en, b. 7iii Sfptember^ 1835. 
Bald»iu-JohD-Pf>llcxfen, h. 11th Mitrrh, IBflO. 
Williain-Pollexfen, h. 12th January. i8.-)2. 

Mr. Bastard, who represented the county of Devon in 
seTeraJ parliaments, Bucooedcd to the estatM upon the 
dcmuo of his father, in 1816. 

TW hfldly of BiffTAiiD hiu bt'pa seaicti in 
|l«fnw)iireerer»iocetbeCn>i<it'r.sT. R»l>er1 
Blilart apprant in Dnmrsdny Book to have 
fetd fmMi of Effonl MeRi-y, Stonehoiise, 
BWtfcffit. Badrstonr. llanddesorr. Cumbe, 
DHHtentoBr. uid Bicbrfon). nil in (lie 
aaau^ ftf [>i>^i>rt. \\\» descendnnt^ h.-ive 
iMmarri*^ »ith iIh- hrirpMrn of Crbi|iin 
Ulklk' famili«>» nf Fite-Sk>|ihi:-n, Be^il1c)<, 
|lMMarrU.(:inN'rI. Ite\ nelt, Hflf.and Uain|»- 
lyilK, uhI lute at tlilTt'reul pt-riodtt !»Frvi-d 
m AioiS* of the roooty. Thfir u-at fur 
«ny graertfiofia was at (tnritbiii, iirar 
i^hrtdfr, until aboat the end of the le- 

W1U.14U BtSTtRti, tf**\. by timrria^^L' wiib 
iot Ptilk'ifi-ii. of Kiile}'. acquired 
;«lurh bu aincc boeu i\w I'smity 
Ilia «an, 

PoLtx^m UiAiARO. rM). of Kitley, m. 
lAriy Brirf^r*^ Ponlrtt.danchlcrol'Juhn, fir»t 
Carl Poolrtl. Slid wii> ». nl biii drcca«<- in 
Vni. bv bia rM«>«l itM, 

n1uxa.11 Ut'tiiuj, eM). of Kitlry. In 
tn%, a prrwrrl'til French Ilt>rl appeariiig in 
A» CSkaiirarl. grtfAl uUmi wiu rxt-iti-d fur 
dw «»Crfy i^f tlir^ iKtrIt Yard Btid Ametuil nt 
l*}«»o«th, on Bocooitt of A Ur((« number of 
Pfwefc (wiKwen confini-d liirre. for the n- 
■oval *( wliMn nn inM|ift c<>uld be span-d 
tW oTlMin, already inauflicient for 

m ilrfrvea of iIh pUoe. Mr. Bauard, a» 


a reward for his eervlcee In conductiufp theae 
pri«oucr« to Excu-r, awidtcd only by the 
gentry and peasantry of tlio neiKhbourbood 
whom lif- had colleclwl nn the o^^ciMion, was 
crealed a baronet by hix late Majesty. The 
title was (gazetted in 177D, but has neriTbeen 
.'i.-i.4umed. He m. Ann, tl.1ll^bte^ of Thomas 
Worstry, esq. of llnTinKham, in the county 
of York., and had i^sue, 

Joiis-PoLl-KXreN. bla suct-emor. 
FnMt'\o.^i-ho inherited the estalea, upon 
hill brothi-r's decease. 
Mr. Bastard waa t, ut his decease, in 17H2, 
by hi« elder row, 

JoHN'PoLLFAfrN B.mT.\Rn, esq. who was 
eU'ctcd ia 1784 member for Devon, which 
couniy he continued to rfpn-ttent until his 
death. Ileni.Sarah.B'idowor — Wymonde- liOckiii|;e.iutlievouiilyuf Bt-Tks, 
by whom be aeiiuirrd the estate-s lif>ton|{inf( 
to that family, but dyin^ without issne in 
1816, be wns «. by hi» bruthcT, 

EuMisti U.t)vT\RD, e«i|. eomrtime M. P. 
for Daiimoiitb. »bo m. Jane, daughter and 
hcircua of Capt;iiu HuwnulU K. N. of Sliarp- 
ham, Dcrnn, and had i^sue. 

EDMl'ND-P(H.l.K\^K^, pre sent proprietor, 
John, a captain in iht- Navy, and M.P. 
for Dnrtmoutb. mIio inherited llie 
Powiioll iBtate*,»iid residL'salSharp- 
Imm. He m. Francvfi, duughler nnd 
co-heiress of Bi^njtuuiu W lule, uf the 
GranKe, in the county of York, esq. 



Philomen-PownoU. in boly oniers. m. 
Mnrv, t'ldrst daughter uf Mr. Junticc 

Mr. Bastard died the same year he inhe- 
rited tlip et^tales. and W9» r. by his eldest 
son, Edmiind-Po(.lexff.N' Ui^tard, esq. pre- 
sent representative of the family. 

Amu. — Or, a cheTTon nz. 

Crttt. — A dexter arm einbowed in p1al« 
armour, ppr. gumiehvd or, the elbow Uy- 
ward» tlie smister» tbc baud iu a ^uutlct 

l^raspiD^ I sword aUo ppr. pommel aod hiU 
^rild, ill tiirml aiiiisler tlir puini douDuanU, 

Mottu^Pnx potior bello. 

Instates— Ch'ieQy in JJevoushiro; KiTLCT 
the prrsL-iil reside lice, firitl p^)Siie«*e<i iii 1700. 
The ori^iml prnperl)- nl different period* 
sint'c the Couque^tt, but tike dates uncertain. 
Some posseMioDA in Conmall about 1(£JU, 
uud au estate in Berkshire almut I7H0. 

Seats — Kittuy, near Yealmptou, and 
Uurklund. near Asbbnrtou. both in die 
county of Utivoii; uu4LocUiige,Berk;»biii!. 


BATEMAN, JOHN, esq. of Knypewley Hall, county of StaffonJ, and of TolsottJ 
Hall, in the couoty of Westmoreland, b. 31st October, 1782, m. 3(>th May, tBIoJ 
Elizabeth, second daughter of the lata George Holt, e&q. of IteiHrals, in lAocasbire^j 
and bu usue, an only sou, 

jAUt^l. 18th July, 1812. 

Mr. Bateman served the oAice of High Sheriff for Sca5^urdshtre in IB30. 



Thomas BATeKAN,eriq. ofToUon Hall, in 
the county of Westmoreland, d) ing in 1736, 
was (. by hii eldest «ou, 

JotiN Datrman, esq. ofTolson Hall, who 
M. Etiiuibedi, ilau^Iitrr of Edward BraiiTh- 
waite, ettq. of CartinKbtU, in Itie roiinty 
of WeDtmoreland. (direct lineal de^-eiid- 
ant from, and inbcril'ir of the esliiles v{. 
Bnbrrt'arliiigbill, kee|>eruf 
the Tower of London temp. JahbsI. and se- 

cretary to Sir Ricliard Wedton, K.O. lord 
treABurer of Knglaud for Irioli affairs), by 
whom he had issue. 

J\UF5, bis Aurcessor. 
John, d. uuniitrried. iu 18IG. 
Mr. Bulemaii il. in 1780, and was #. by his> 
elilt-r *(>«, 

Jamea Uatchax, esq. of Tolsoo Hull, wba 
t». Margaret. daughlerofEdnurd Nicholson, 
of Kendiil, inerchanl, mid ^randnuKhter to 
the Rev.WilliaDiNiebolsun.of Old Hutton,, 
by Margaret, firstcousin to Secretary Cmgg, 
aud had isauc, 

John, bis sueeessnr. 

James, &. in 1784, if. in Germany in 1800. 

Eltzabuth, m. to William Thorpe, esq.; 

of Majichester, 
Margaret, m. to O. P. Watben. esq. fifth 
Konof iiir Samuel Wnllien. of Wood- 
chester, In ibe t-ouut^' of Uloucrstcr. 
Susanna. m.To Hicbard Gould, esq. third 
Mill ofTh'tinas Gould, esq. of Nortliaw, 
in tbc county of Herts. 
Mr. Batemnn tl. In 18:^4. uwl una t. by his 
elder win, Juiis Bateman, ef*i. present pro- 
ArtHM — Az. on u fease enhotUod betucco 


ivtuutt IJrDin each an CAtoJIe 

'tirg. the chrmical ciianictpr of Mnrs sa. 

(Vt«I — A lower arg. iisiuiiit tiK-rcfrdin ii 

4i MJ f »g\f , winfpi eleratcd ea. chnr^pd on 

llw iKeiut Willi ibe chi'inical chnrsclcr q{ 

Han or : in Uir hcmk n wn-atli uf im\, pjir. 

£tl«f#«^rB tli« tawnnhip« of Strickland 
Kifde, SL«lMn«f^, and Biiriifiti<le, West- 
■Mvlaad, firvt acqnired in 1922 and \75'2. 
lstetotrBaU|wof Miirichesler.Salford.iind 
R«4lTftb| I>anea«hirf, first potur««(Hl tn 
1799^ la Ik* towuihipa of Knyprraley, Up- 

per fliddulph (inrliiilinp Ihc manor of Kny- 
pfwif)', Ihp pnai Ullie* of ih*' imrisli of Uid- 
rlulpti.atid (lie- pcriH-tunl ndviiwMOn of Ibe 
virnragfl of BidilylpL), WoUtanlon Horlon, 
Kii«liton Sfwnccr, and Norton le Moon, 
Staflttnlsliirf, first pos^psscd in IbOO. In 
the tawn^liip of SlroiKt.GlmireAl«reliirc, ob- 
tainnl in IKIH; and in llie townaliips of 
Confclpton and Buglawton, Clicitliire, ac- 
({uind in 1823. 

Srai — Kiiypcrsley Hall, in the county of 
Stafford; and Tolaon Hall, Wettmoreland. 


WISE, AYSHFORD, esq. of Ford Hmwi, and Wonwpll Court, both in the roimty of 
Devon, A.;20th April, 1786, m.iu June, 1809, Mary, daii^'htor 
of the Reverend Thom&fl Wbliby, of CrcswelUHall, in Staf- 
fordnliire, (by Mabella, daughter of T. Tiirton, esq. of 
Orpreve, and sister of the late Mm. Portmati, of Uryui> 
stone) by whom he haa had iitsue, 

Joiis-AYSiiroRc. />. in lUIU. 

Ilrnry-Wliitby, A. in 1813, «/. iii l8tW. 

Ilr^nald, A. in lUH. 




Pliilippa- Ferrers. 

Mr. Wi« Bucteeded hi* ftither, 19th May, 1809. He re- 
presented Touieiw in pnrliument. from 1813 to 1817. 


TUb laMtly, which resided in England 
idoM tlie NoHMA-S COMiuKfT, drduces ilji 
4maaA from 

Wiu-IAW WUE. OR Owiss. Iivin^ nboul 
l«ty ]re*ra after that great event, (le ua^ 
Lky Ua soa. 

IMKIWII ■ Fir/-WUB. wbn had a dauf^h- 
fer, m. U Fnlibrd, of Fulford, and a «oa, hi? 

OUVBM Witc, who waa m. by hi« son, 
ta Jnu Win, Lord of (jreston, father 

HcraT Wnw, whoae ton. 

WiLiJtil Wm, held nittpen lihralrs of 
hmt k C«mwall. in Uie 4»ih of IIf.nkv III. 
luMi 13IU). He was <. by hi* suu. 

StALoun Wtac, lortl of the manor of 

Thriiftsrltnn ; wbirb land* be inherited from 
the VipoDt«. He mas s. by b(« xon, 
Thohas Wise, who had t»o aons, 
Olivrr. who lefl a daiightt;r, 

ThoniaHiue, m. to Hugh, tioa awl heir 
of Sir T. Ueaaniont. 
The elder son, 

JnHN WnE, inh'-ritcd Innde from riat 
TrevHge^ and SydeuhauM, and wuiifilifrilf <d' 
Ihf. connt) of Heron, in the AtJi of [IcNHr 
IV. HiH ma, 

TlloMAA Wise. m. MnrgMfi^t. dangbtpr and 
heirea« of Rnberl itrell, eitq. of Slutti«--umbe, 
(descended from Alured de Urilo). Ry tliie 
lady he act]uired tlic manur of Stoke Damn- 



rell, wliere the WU*« built a house, called 
Mount Wise. He hnd Wiic, 

JoH\ Wisp. oI' Sydonham, in D«vod- 
ulure, who in. Tlioma*ine, daiifiIit*T of .Sir 
Baldwin Fitironl, of (iretit Fulford^ in l>c- 
T0iiiiUir(>, and had i^oiie, 

Ali<.-ia, m. to Jame* Russell. c!X]. and was 
mother of John, fi»t Earl uf B«dfurd. 
He wa4 4. by his son, 

Oliver Wise, of Sjdpnliam. Thij* gf^n- 
rieman m. Margarvt, daughter of JoliiiTre- 
niaynA, e»q. of CotlnromW, in The irtuitity 
of Devon, aiijl was j. by liis eldf r son. 

John Wiit, of Sydeubam, who m. (irrt, 
Maria, daughter of Jamfa Ckudteigh, c»(\. 
of Ashtan, in tlie county of I>c-s»n, by 
U'hoDi be b»d Thouak. Ntcholax. and Ann». 
i(^ P8pou8«.-d, ttecondly, Dorothy, duuglitiT 
of — Lcj^b, of L<^J;b, and had two «»lher 
M>ns and » dauj;hter. He wedded, thirdly. 
AiiDii, daughter of Sir Goorgc Mnthcw, of 
Ruder, in Wales, and had one son, Leoaard. 
He was J. by bis eldest son, 

jAUFjtWixE, of Sydenham, whom. Alicia, 
danifbler of James l>Liilinni, esq. of Wor-, ill ilie county of DcTou,and liad, with 
other iMue, 

JoH?(, his successor. 
William (Sir). Uf this frcutlpman the 
folluwini; ((uninl iineodolti is rflnltd. 
*' Haring line day lente Hkvry VHI. 
bis sii^vct to seale a letter, which 
hnvinf; powdered eri-mites on (he 
seale, why how now, Wi»e, quoih the 
kinfr, what, bast thoa lice here ? And 
if it like your tnajcstie, quoth Sir 
Willtam, u louse is a ricli contc, for by 
fOvin^ the Iniue, I part names with 
the Frvnrh kin):;, in that he (;i\eih 
tlip floure de lice. Whereat tliu kiiiR 
laughed hrartily to bearer how pret* 
tilytiobytin^ a tAuiit( namely proceed- 
in); from a king) whs bo daintily 
turned to ao pleafanle n ronoeile." 
Jtmm Whe wm t. by his eldest son, 

John Wise, of Sydcnbnm. nho m. AUria. 
daughter of John Harrii^, of Hityne, ser- 
jeant-at-law to Kiuff IIesry VIII. and 
had, with other issue, 

1. Thomas, nho m. Mary, daughter of 

Ricbanl B«iller. esq. of ShtlltHKhum, 

in Cornwall, and was t. by bis soti, 

Sir Thomas Wise, who was made 

a Knii;hl nf the Bath nl tlic eoro- 

nalion of King J^tirs I. and Mns 

•beriff of DcTonshirs In the 0th 

ofthe iMiroe monarch. He repre- 
sented Bet-ralftlon in pnrliatiient 
In lf!20, and following; yenrs. Sir 
Thomss built the seats of Sydeo- 
hiiin Hnuae and Mount Wise. 
Tlie former. savR Westcoie, " is 
tlie seat of tlie kni'ifbtly and dig- 
nous family of Wise, and beauti* 
(ted with build Jiij^^iufsiicb height, 
as the very fHumlarions art* ready 
to reeleuoder tlie burthen." Sir 
Tliomas m. Mar}^ret, dauf{bt«r 
and beiresi of Uobt-rt Staflbrd, 
exq. nf Stowford, in the county 
of Devou. and dying in 1030, 
k'fl (with a daiij;;hter, Margaret, 
IN. to Sir SamiiFl Holle, M.P.) 
ft son and successor, 
Thomas Wisr , of Mount Wise 
and Syden ham, w ho w a* 
sheriffofUevonsUJreia IfSM 
and reprc«enlat]vc of that 
shire ill parlinnient anno 
1640. He m. the Lady Mar- 
garet Chichester, daughter 
of Edward, Earl of Donegal, 
by whom he hud, with oiher 
is.Mie, a daughl^T, Margaret, 
tn. 1o Sir John Muleswortb, 
of Pencarrow, and a son, bis 
Sir Edward Wire. K.B. b. in 
IfKll, of Mount Wise and 
Sydenbnm. This gentleman 
supporled Ihc royal cau!«, 
and nas member for Oak- 
hsmpton, in the parliament 
which restored /finjrCHARLU 
n. Re m. firxt, in Ifldl, 
Arabella, daugh. and one of 
the co-bein of Oliver, Lord 
St. John.* nnd had is»ue, 
St. John. J . . . 
Thomas, jbotbrf...,. 

ARiSfi-iA. m. in 1073, to 
Edward Treninyne. esq. 
of Collucombe. This 
lady, who «as sole heir 
of her father, conveyed 
Mount Wise. Stoke 
Dumurell. the mnnara 


* By I^y Ambrlhi KK^rton, dm^literof Jnho, 
^rst RkH at Hriilgt^nier, sod gnuidauj^hirr of the 
^mtI of Rohogbnik*. by Eliubeth, dau((hler of 
William PiLulet, grandson of ^ii Georg* pBulet. 
brutb«r of Williun, first Marqueuof Winchastcr. 




of Svilpniiam, Stuwfonl, 
and otlivr huids. (u Iut 
hii»l>aiH). She d. 3Ut 
Januan,. 1606. 
Sir Edwanl Wwr 4'<i|)aiis<Hl. 
vcc'incll), Kiiili<riiri(), iUiikIi- 
li-r of J. Eliot. c»q. of Port 
Eliol. and </. io 1G75. 
3. Joha. 
' *n» •eroui too, 

JoHK Wiu. eflq. wbo wag of Totnets. m. 
iter of Rjohani Varavar, e»q. 
, hy bU sou, 

rujjMH, &. iu i^oa, 

«te rf. IB 109S, aod wiu #. by his son, 

h*t*% Wise. TnliHiw. TIii» Kftitle- 
IBAA m. in KQI, SufAuna, i^ister and co-livir 
^ T. Prnrtwood, efq. and d>inK titli Srp- 
kmbrrt IfTTf), nas a. by his son. 

JriHM Wi%K, rsfj. of TotnMiB. who m. RnX, 
M&ry'. dauf^itter of Lowi* Full. est), of Ash, 
b Dirioiuhire. and hud a dnugbtLr. Mary, 
m. im 1CV7, to A. Chnmprrnawnr. esq. ami 
■Airw«nl» to J. Sawli-, esq. of Penrire 
CmW. Ur> Wise r«fH>LUi«), srH-ondly, in 
UM. Dorodir, dau^htrr of J. Urookinx^t 
f9^. ofTotiMf**. and hiul ispiir. 

Samacl. m. Trrphftnn, danichk'r of — 
Co^lrMctiif. r«t|. of ItowrdpQ, and 
riyiuf; in 17.11). Icll 
Jiiii>. who *m-(Nfrdrd «.-vrntii!illy to 
Ihc mliil*'* mid rcpD-nentnlion of 
like family. 17-W. 
Mmry, m. to W. Payne, rsq. 
MiB Wt*e </. aatb July. ITiri, and wai s. by 

icM* Wt»>. nq. wbo rf, in 1743, and was 
I. by lu» brulbrr, 

ijniK Wi*e,e*c).who(f. in 1741,011(1 wan 
I. by hi* n«-phr«-. 

ioufc \\'i>i. cftq.ofTotn^u, wl)o«. Mfir- 

^rM) dmmf^ttr u>d hf*ir of John Ayshfnnl. 

ll^«f WeBWtrll Conrl. in tlii;i-tiunty of Dc- 

*«■. and hud, wiUi odier lAtiu-, 

I ioHn*. his mccrsaor. 

^1 (>«<ori;r-Piirl(>ne. m. Miwi Dnt-rrTt, and 

H •ik*UUi«rofCa|>.W.Wi«e,UHlolbt.T 

■ faMM. 

■^ BiaabrtJi, m. to Ihr Rer. B. Trist 

ftonMliy, M, to M. Milhaok, e«t{, of 
Tburpr Hall, in llnr (tmnty uf York. 
fatber ui ibn inrtnber for Canielford. 
MArfUM, M. lu tbe Rrv. i>. Amynlt. 

Jane, m. lo thi" Re». J. Clarke. 

Sarah, m. to John Julian, |'ih|. 
Mr. Wisv <L in 1765, and was t. by bia 
f Ide.ii son, 

John Wisp.t'iiq. of Totiiesfl, and Wonwell 
Oourl, b. 27th August, 1761. This gen- 
tlrnian m. EliKubeth, daughter of RoWrl 
J-'ruude, esq. of EilmnHlon (by Pbiilis, 
dauiflitvr and heir of Richard Ilorrell, cw}.) 
and hnd issue, 

AvsHroRD, biff heir. 


Jolin. bis Majesty's consul-general in 

Mr. Wise wai recorder of Totiiee«, and a 
drpuly-lifulpnanl of tbe rounty of Devon. 
He d. on the IDtb May, 1)4(1?, and whs t. by 
liis cldcBt son. the prenent Aysicford Wi«k, 
esq. of Ford Honi«f, and Wonw<;l) Court. 

Arms — Quarterly; I. Sa. tlirt;e chey- 
ronels. ermine. 2. Arj;. ^tt£-« dc sanff, 
three copper cakeifa. A. Gn. acro<» paUt-o 
Tiiire. 4. Sa. on a fcsi or between tiro 
crosses {latt^e arg. as many pnllels, gu. 
A. Ar. three hawks ^i. memhered, beaked, 
fcc. or. 6. t»H. n chev. \\er fesse indented ar. 
and ax. Itetwecn three niftrllctsar. 7. Arg. 
on a bend pi. three stags rourant or. 8. Sa. 
a pelican iu her piety or. 9. Arg. three 
liettdlets gii. U'ithin a bordure rbarged nitb 
twrWe hAxnnts M. 10. Ou.a feMear. betw. 
three escallops or. 11. Or, on a cher. gw. 
a cre«eenl on the firel. 12. Ar. three ash 
crops vert, hetw.twochevrouelssa. 13. Or, 
ouabendsa. three borsesboesor. 14. Gules, 
an Hrm in anaonr, holding a battle-axe, ar. 

Crert— Tbe old crest of the Wis<.-8, of 
Sydenham, was a raenuaid, ppr. In 1400, 
u dcmi-lion rampant, |:;a. gutt('-e ar. holding 
in hiA piiw-i» a re^l uince, wa» granted to 
the family. Mr. Wise likewise Warn the 
crest of tbe Ayshfords — n Sarac-on's bead in 
profile, ppr. issuing out uf u wrt-ulh of leaves 

Motto — Sapere aude. 

/Tr/o/M— Won well Court, and the Uarlon 
of tliAt iiumf, in the parish of Kin};»Uin; 
manor of Skeiiheny, near Motlbury, and 
Ui);hury Buy ; all of which came into tlie 
family will) the hein-Mi nf Ihe Ayohfonls. 
Manor of Little Totness. The great and 
small tithes of tlic parish of Totness, which 
cnnie into tlie family in IUU2. The Barton 
of Cot, in Ihe parish of Darlington, actfuired 
by the Widcs about the same period. 

Srutt — Ford House, near Newton Abbot, 
and Wonwell Court, both in Devonshire. 



RICKETTS, THOMAS-BOIIRKE, esq. of Combo, in die c-ounty of Hereford, 6. 28th 

Sppttnibcr, 1780, wt. 4th Aupiwt, 1R04, Ilarrk't, second 
dau^titer uf the lute Geneml William hofiue, colonel of 
the second dragoon guards and lieutenant of the Tower 
of London, (n descendant of Adam l>oftuit, Archbi«hop 
of Dublin, temp. Quken Elizabeth) and ha» issue, 

Rpxisae-CRAWFoiiD, an officer in the guards. 


Tliomiis-ITc nry -John. 


El iziibiilii- Margaret. 

Jane-Sjieiiier-l*en'eTalT > 

France»-S pernor- Perce val, > 

LoauB-GeoffciaiiB- Letitii. 




Tbt» family, trho«e surname was origi- 
imllv UictKDs. isorNorniiin i-xlrwrtion. 
The first person wefinri upon record is, 

RiCARl». esq. who d. leaTiaft three 

*0M, riz. 

Odnald, d. $. p. 

THOUA«,who carried on the Uoe of the 

The second son, 

CouiHEL Thomas RrcARDs, a gallatil »ol- 
(licrinthe nrroj of Cha«lk.h I., waiskilleil to 
pupjtort of the royal cause at the siep? of 
LiihfiHil. He m.MiM Elizabeth Ro(;cly, 
of Kiitjely, InSlaffonlobire.aiid bad t«o»ons, 

John, who tl. without iMue ; 

WiLUAM RiCARDs, esq. a captain in Crom- 
well** artiiy. who, arcomjianying the expe- 
dition miller l*eim and Venablcv, was pre- 
sent at the conque»t of Jamaica, in 1606. 
and vitbsequently obtained thi* command of 
Uluf^field'B fort in tlint inland. His commis- 
sion having been mode out iu the name of 
RtcKETTN. he anil his drtirendarit^ have ever 
since retained ihat desifrnation. He m. about 
theyearl07'J.Marj.<lniichterof — Goodwiu. 
CM), a younger »ud of Str Francis Goodwin,* 

' Sir Fnocia Goodwin's cMnt «m. Anbnr 
Goodwin. ii>m|. of Wiochuodaa. or Wincliingtlou, 
Uuclu, Iftft Ml only (Iwigliit-T uid )u•ir(^*«, 
Juik GwDWuc, vbo m. Lgtd VtbaitoB. 

and the Ijidy Elizabeth Grey, only daughter 
of Arthnr. fuiirt(.-enth LordGrey de Wilton, 
by his Inrdship's first «-ife. Dohoth v Z«»rcH, 
(see liurke'i Extmrt Perriigr)_hy whom 
(who d. in 1768, at the advanced age of U6) 
be liAit ijuiie. 

Joho» d. i. p. 

William, of Ridgelaod. in Jamaica, who 
settled in the Jerseys of North Ame- 
rica, and, barinfT married Mary, 

dauif bier of Wallon, esq. of New 

York, became Ihc fonndrr of the fa- 
mily of RicKCTTS, of North America. 
Jacob, d. without issue. 
GEunofc, uf whom presently. 
RfnJFiiniit, d. m. p. 
Oswnid, enptain R.N. lost on the rooks 

of Bi-rmudas. 
Viotetla, r/, unmarried. 
Rachel, ^n. to Thomas Johnson, esq. and 
hiid iMue. 
Captain William Rickettsd. in 1700. leaving 
\m nife his executrix and sole guardian of 
his children. His fourth son, 

Georuk RicKCTrs, esq. of Canaan* is 
Jamaica, mi^or-genoral of the militia, rf. in 
I'rX). at the advanced age of S(), in conse- 
quence of fati^es occasioned by military 
duti*'» during the rebellion of that year. He 
m. first, Snrah, daughter of Rayers Waile, 
esq. of (Thcrtupy. Surrey, and grandau{;hter 
of Colonel Thomas Waite, M.P. for Rut- 
laud&bire, in the Long ParUanent (Colonel 



OF COMBE. 33 ^^M 

^M Waito flMtl<* lh» Dufcpnf Hamilton ftmoner 

M>nt VtxcouvT St. Vincent (tr-e ^^^H 

^P in ttitf civil wan. and wne one of ihi* judtrcs 

Burkf't Ditliiiitary of the Pttr- ^^^H 

1 vW Ml Dpcm iJir triiil of, and ]>ii»9i-d »en- 

agt and Baronetage ). ^^^^^ 

tOKvtipoDlbranforlunali'C'lUKLr?!.) Mr. 

3.' Miiry, m. lu William, Earl of ^^^^| 

RtcLclta had no 1«m tluui twenty-acven rbil- 


ina, of wbon. 

Snrab, m. John Woodcock, eaq. and ^^^H 

JoHX, thr rldr«t. conlmucNl the line of 


the family. 

Mar>-,m. Richard HongbtOD.or E4her, ^^^H 

Williun-Rjyen. R.N. was lait at aea. 

in Jamaica, esq. ^^^H 

Jmirob. nf Midf^ham, Jamaica, m. Han- 

Majnr-Kcuvral George Rickette. of Canaan, ^^^H 

nab, daag^bter and co-bi-ir of .Tmsejuli 

espoused, secondly, Sarnli. d«U(;bter of ^^ ^^^^| 

Poyntx, ««q. of Iron Acton, in the 

BcnnRt. esq. and widow of John Lewis, pm^, ^^^^| 

cDunly oftiloucvater, and had an only 

of Cornwall, in Jamaica, but had no imue. ^^^^| 

L *»«• 

lit* wedded, tliirdly, ElizsTteth. daughter of ^^^H 

H UrorRT-Poyntx Ricketts, esq. gn- 

William Cleaver, oeq. orWrattnoreland, in ^^^^| 

^1 irrtiororBsrbadwsIn ITDK.who 

Jamaica, by whom be left a posthumous son, ^^^^| 

^M M. SnpiiiA, dAU^liIiT nf 'WHitcr 

tIeor>;(-- William, i. in 1700, who inhe> ^^^H 

^^^^ W«ttt,i»q. of South Hill, ntTkrt, 

rited by t)f(|UPBt of his fittlicr. the ^^^^| 

^^^H (forme riy govi-mor of Hpn^al.) 

etttalf of NewCanaiin, in St. Jnines'd, ^^^^| 

^^^^H and aunt nf the Intt^ Lord Liver- 

Jniiiaii-n. Ht- nt. Lt-ticin. cu-bcireas ^^^^| 

^^^^ft pool. b_rwlioni(ivbo(/. ill lK,')();ili(> 

nft-iirew Mildmay, <•«<(. of Shaivford, ^^^^| 

^^^H left isvne at lii.s dcrrasi- in IHOO, 

Ilantii, and rii*tor of Larly MiEdmay, ^^^^| 

^^^^B foar aoDS and a dHUjchtur, viz. 

of Uogomcrfit Id , iti the aame ohire, ^^^^| 

^^^^B 1. r>».iiK(.E-Pi>TM^. 

and bad issue. ^^^H 

^^^^^ 3. Charles-Milner. 

t, Georgc-Robprt'Goodwin. ^^^H 

^^^^K 9. MonUoDL 4. Frcdfrink. 

2. Henry-William. ^^^| 

^^^^* Ak iHbcLU, M. lo BaUoD, 

■i. Eilward. ^^H 

■ ««l> 

4. Letitia. ^^^| 

^^^■TWiBaa-WAlte, wsa lulled in 174.1 by a 


^^^^B krhooUirUow (WiUiaiii Chelwvnd), at 

0. Marianne. ^^^H 

^^^^^ Clarr'a acwlemy. 8oho-»4iiiHrr. Wil- 

MaJor-^-neml Riokelta was t. at bia dcceaav ^^^H 

^M liatn Oietwyiul wa« trini for rliit nmr- 

by ^^^^1 

^^^^^^ dcr. and found K^ilty. 

John ItickEns, esq. of Prospect, who m. ^^^H 

^^^^piTUliam-Hrnry, »f Canaan. Jamaica, 

4lh March, I7.'M>, ^Vinie, duuglitcr of Atex- ^^^^| 

^ and af l^tu^ryioiHi, limits, a bt'tuliiT 

ander Crawford, etu). of Cruil, en Fifesibire, ^^^^H 

^M ai Gray'«-inn. b. in I'M ; ni. in 1757, 

of the ancient Scottish family of Cmw-ford. a ^^^^H 

^K Mary, danghlcr of Sn-ynffn Jenis, 

lineal deMvndant in the mule line from Sir ^^^^H 

^H f-«q. of Mrafonl. 8tafTord»hin*, and 

Gre^nn Cntwford, who ttavfd the life of king ^^^^| 

^B KMtrr nf thr lata EaRL St. TlNCENT, 

Oivin \. wbi-n hunting ; in L-ominemonilion ^^^^| 

^B bj wbnm be tiad iamin. 

of which event thatmonnroli founded Holy- ^^^^| 


Rood Abbey, iind granted pnrti<-nlar armst lo ^^^^| 

^^^^H CTrft,«-!M],aca[iUiinR.N.draHnf<I 

thi! family of Ins iiresorver, wbii-b ensigns ^^^^H 

^^^^H by the np^fltting of his baff^o in 

Mrs. Anne Rickeit^ and her descendantit ^^^^H 

^^^^B INIK. Hv ei\untaeil, Oib Novcrn- 

weiT, by tbe laws of Scolluiid, entitled lo ^^^^H 

^^^^ft U-r, I7!K), I>ady F.liialH-th-Jane 

bear, upon Ihe death of Ikt brother without ^^^^| 

^^^^H LamtM>n, only 4Aiii;btcr of RiVh- 

i^sue. By her mother, the dnughter of Sir ^^^^H 

^^^^K ard,H\ih F^rlot Cnvan.and bad 

Tboma3 WiiKmnn. xlie derived frotn Anne, ^^^^H 

^^^^H dtiu)ttiU>r)i, 

Ni»ter of EnwiRD IV. through tlm noble fa- ^^^^H 

^^^^L^^ MArilht - llonoria - G«orgtatia, 

milifiA of Rutland and E&se^i. By thii^ lady ^^^^H 

^^^^^K who tale Of 

he had ii)«ue, ^^^^| 

^^^^^^^^1 kurnv Markbdiii, esq, and 

GEORUE-CRAWpnno, \m stieceiuor. ^^^H 

^^^^^^^H liaf aawinird thr samatne of 

John, d. unmnrrird. ^^^^| 


Alexander, &. .Iltth Angust, 1753; m. ^^^H 

^^^^V IlrnrirttJi- Gli»ibctb-Mar)-, m. 

Miss Waile, and bad i^sue, ^^^H 

^^^V in 1817, In Captain Eduiind 

1. Hoory-Jobn, a major in tb» ^^^^| 

^M PiamiT. R.N. 

amiy.whogaltanilydiittingninhed ^^^H 

^m 3~ Eo*Aitt>-Jiiiivi» RicRr-TTA, prr- 

himecir in tlie A«bauice war, nd ^^^^| 



bnKa'l&- major to Sir Chariest 
3. GirorgL*, orJaiimicn 

3. Barrvt, H. young. 

4. Miiriauuu. 

&. ElbHbctli-WUliattis. 
William-Menry, ft. in l/M, who left 
iuue, ot](< Bon and a tlau};iiter, viz. 
1. Gt-orgf St. Juhii. 

a. OT. to Alexander Bayley, 

CM), of Janiuica. 
Jacob, rf. uDinamed. 
Mr. RickettA wu $. at hb deceaw!, In 17G7, 
by his eldest son, 

6. Gkobgk-Crjiwfohd RicKP.tTi, esq. of 
Gray'ft-ion, who, being called to the bar in 
1772, went out to Jamaica, whcru he prac- 
tised as n barrister tur many year«, until ap- 
pointi'd his majesty's allomcy and advocate- 
^Deral, and a member of the honorable 
council of tliat islnnd. Ketumin); to England 
in 1S02, he settled at Ayshfonl Hal!, near 
Ludlovr. and. in four yearji adur, pnrclianed 
the ustate of Combe, in Herefordshire. Uc 
married, lOth March. 177d, Frances, young- 
esl dniiKhtrr of Nieboliw Boiirke,* e«i. by 
Elizalictb, daughter of Thomas Fearon, f»|. 
for several year* chief-juetice of the i:iluiid 
of Jamaica, and had iHue, 

George-Crawford, d. yomig. 
Thomas- Bot^RKK, hia heir. 
Geort^e, d. young. 

George-Willinin (Sir), otieofthejadgeK 
of die supreme court of judicature at 
Madnu.wborf. onm. I5lh July. 1831, 
on his pRKtage from Madras to tlie 
Mauritius, to which tnland he was 
going for the benefit of hiii health, 
and wait buried at itea. 
Johti-Bourke, in. Isabella, daughttr of 
Thomas Parker. e»q.(by Eliza, dangb- 
ter of Cbarle* Pallmer, eitq. and sidter 

* This Nicbolu Bourfc« wu a menber of the 
■ncieat Iriih houM of Bourke, or De Bur)ch, 
ftprio^^ing frflmn^riD Boi'RKK.of Moaej-Crow-er, 
ew). who left (bi^e eons, 

KriHi'MD, ftucMlor cif Niebolu D(>uik«, eiq. 

John, fiua wbom th« Earb of Mayo derive. 


of Charlex-Nicholaji Pallmer, cu[. of 
Norbitun. lute M.P. for the county of 
•Surrey), by whom (wbod. in Novem- 
ber. iklO) he lias issue, 

1. Frcderkk-St. Vincent. 

2. Another »oii. 

3. tftabellu-Marin. 

4. Caroline- Susan. 
Mary- Aline, d. young. 
Mary-Bourke, ta. in 1706, to Captain 

Roberts Anderson, of the 30lh light 
dragoons, and d. lUth April, ll!t21, 
leaving issue, 

1. William. 

2. Frances. 

Eliza-Bourkc, m.29lh August, 1H03. to 
the Kev. Rubcrl FilzwiHi^im llalUfax, 
rector of Richards Castle, and »on of 
the late Right Kcv. J>r. Snmuel Hnl- 
lifax. lord bishop of St. Asaph, and 
led issue at her dcceoM*, Hth .\pril, 

1. Robert- DUMFK I ES, a captain in 
the army. 

3. Henry -Crawford, an officer iu 
tJie army. 

3. Calheriue-Frances, m. tn Sir 
diaries Cuyler, hurt, and has 

4. lyiuisa-EliM-Bourke. 

6. Caroline-Charlotte. 
0. Oeorginna-Lukin. 

7. Octaviu-Gcrtnide. 
r^nisa- Prances. 
Annc,(/. iu ItMVy. 

Mr. Rickelts (J. en 1811, an<l ». by \m 
eldest son, the present TuoMAS-RotRKB 
KicKETTS, esq. of Combe. 

Amu — Erminois. or. a chevron charged' 
with two swords in sjillire ppr. the dexter 
siirmuuiiting the sinister, liilts and pommels 
or. between three roses gu. 

f-Vi-rt — An arm oinbowed, habited, er- 
minoift.chargrd with two roses gUfCuifed az. 
the hand grasping a simitar ppr. 

Motto — Quid vcrum ntque decent. 

Fttatrt — Combe, in the hundred of Wig- 
niore, Herefordshire, and Prospect Estate, 
in the parish of Westmurcland, and Lytid- 
hurst, in the parish of Mam-hesler, Jamaica. 

Seat — Combe, Horefordshire. 




MUKDY, FRANCIS, esq. of Markt-aton. in the county of Derby, b. 29th Aiipu«t, 
1771, m. lOrh Dct-ember. J800, Sarah, daupbter of .John 
Laaper Nawton, esq. of Mickleovor, in the aame t;]iirc, luid 
haa iame, 

WiLUAM, A. 14(h Scpleni)>er, IHOl, e«pooi»ed 2Hth Oc- 
tubrr, IH30. Harrwt-Gi-orgiaiia, eMf»l danghk-r of 
Jftuit'K Fmm|ttoii, e^{. of Mortrdm, in tlic county ot 


La lira. 



Mr, Muni]y, who represented thecounty of Derby for several 
years in parltiiment, nuccecdcd to hi» estalvs at the diTttuso 
of hia father in 1815. 




Tliii rminf lit fnmtly U BUppo^i^d to dcrivi: 
ifennuuDr fnim the nbbey of MuNDAVP., in 
lb iskrd^tm of NonuatH)y> 

|fW% MrNtiT. thiu^ In the time of Ed- 
•lan I., m. Iiuibel, dniislil''' °f ItobinKet 
tfn. of llo|M. and leH a wn, 
tbcBAMD Mr'^DV, wtiit wrdded Marion, 
of Sir Juhti de Lrdiude. knt. aii<j 
: Ikia marriaife Lin<.'ally di-^cendvtl 
SutJoNV MifcDY, knt of Choliendcn. in 
^«0«aty of OxfonI, who sirred the otK<.-e 
rfU>ftO MjkYna or London in l^i'i-3. Tliiii 
ifvlnil ciliain marrivd twiie, aiiil \eU itu>ut>, 
W Ins wcoad wifr, Jidisua, daugblur uf 
VlItiMB Brvwn. eM]. vix. 
Vt*<^IN-T, hii hrir. 

•*«*»*• i who both rf. s.p. 

ThoMM*. firior of Uodniin, in the timr 

of Heart \ Ml. 
John, or Kyalloii, in CorDtvall. 
llBritBnrt, m. firsi, Nicholas Jennini^ 
•Idenaai) of London; iind, M-rnndly, 
Erfviaad Ho<»anl, lurd ilrpuly of 
dsyii, (hi* •POOiKlwife) ui(l^ thirdly, 
Hmry Manno\. 
I EUsQor. M. to John K&rleaion, eaq. of 

I tlMth Ockendrn. in E»n. 

I Elnbeth. M. to Sir John T}Trell, knt. 

I aif Ciyppin^. in tlte eouoty of SaOblk. 

I Jmw, fli. ti^ Sir ThoninK Darcy, of Tol- 

Sir Jolm, who was scisod of Mnrkcalnn. 
Markuorth, Allr:>try. &c. died in I-UH, and 
woB $. by biR eldeiit son, 

Vincent Mi'NDV, esq. of Ufarkeulon; in 
the cunimission uf the pivu-e fur Iht? county 
of Derby annu Vt^sXi. This genllemau WhH 
father of 

£uwAl(D Mt'NOT, CM), of Mnrkeaton, who 
iM. June, ilaii^btcr of William Burnet, esq. 
i»f Wiiikbourne, in the county of NdltinR- 
ham. and won i. at bid decease, lo 1607, by 
his eldest son, 

Kkancis MtNDY.enq. ofMarkeatoo. This 
jrentlemau ejtpou«?d Kaihnrloc, rfangbler of 
William Smyth, eitq. uf (juarndon, in Der- 
byshire, and bad iiuiue, 
John, hid «ucc^«M)r. 
Edward, of VirKinin. died, lea viugiuue. 
Adrian, nf Qtmrndon ; It, in lOOH ; m. 
esq. of tlie county of Derby, and hud 
two ilaugblers, viz, 

1. Millicent. in. to John Mustera, 
e«i. of Colwick-hull, Nottin;;- 
hamsbire, nnil hence descends 
the present John Chawurth- 
Mi'-TTKlts, c!»q. 

2. Catharine. 



Millicrnt, HI. to Sir GermaD Pole, V.«t. 

of Radbornc. 
Jane. m. tu Eihianl Pepge. esq. of 
Aeliboum, in tlic county of Derby. 
Mr. Mundy, who served the office of sheriff 
for thi! county of Derby in 1617, was t. at 
hill dtceasc by bis eldest son, 

John Mu\dy, esq. of MnrLe»lnii, wbii m. 
Anne, daugbter of Sir Franria Coke. knt. 
of Truiley, in the county of Derby, aud li«d 


Francis, who it. 9. jt. in bii father*! 

WlU-UM. successor to the estate*. 
Gilbert, who was shfrilT of Derbyshire 
io lfi07, espoused Mtiry, dniiRliter of 
William Shensori, esq. and hence 

Edward-Millkr MfKDV, e«q. of 
Edward, M.P. for Derby in 1710, died 

in 1713. 

Eliiubetb, m. to Sir William Mydleton, 

bari. »( BelKay Cai>tle, in the couuty 

of Northumberland (hissecond wife). 

Mr. Mundy wad $. by hii eldest iiurriviug: 


WiLUAH MisoY. eeq. of Markeaton , who 
was succeeded by his sua. 

FRANcixMirNDY,esq.of MarkeatoD. This 
Kentlemnn m. Pliilippa, only daughter and 
heireM of Michael Wrifjlitson, e*q. of Ofl- 
BASTON. by whuiD be acquired that estate. 
He was sheriff of Drrbysbire iu lOm, and 
wu I. at bin deceuM by bts son, 

FiiAxcis Mundy, esq. of Osbaston and 
Markeaton, who wedded Anne, daughter of 
Sir John Noel,* and bad three sous and two 
daughters, rix. 

Wriciitson, bis heir. 

Francis, recorder of Tamworth In I70l>. 


Anne, m. to William Forrester, esq. of 

Mary, <f. t. p. 
This gentleman, the friend of Addison', 
StkeIpK, and ihe other eniineni literary mt.-n 
of his day, died in I7W, only six months 
after staudini; successfully a serere contest 

• Grp«t-([rsn(!Mn of I bt>mu Wentirortb. Kftri 
orClpteUfi'J. (i**-* BiiHtf'i Lttinrl and DiVntant 
Prmgt, article Wtntwarth, MsnjacM of Itook- 


for the representation of the connly of Lei 
cester. He wiu> jr. by his eldest non, 

WKHiHT8os Mi'NDY. esq. of Markeaton 
D.C.L. ill the nriven«ily of Oxford, hif^l 
pUeriff fi-ir Derbyftliire in 1737, and M.P 
for the fonnty of Leicester in 1747. He m 
Anne, dauijhter of R«bert Bunletl, ew^. ant 
sister of Sir Robert Burdett, bart. of Fore 
tiiarke, by whom he bad one un and foui 
daughters, namely, 

Fbancis-Noel-Ci-4RKE, his successor. 
Anne. m. to the Rct. H, Ware, D.D 
a descendant of tlie c«>lebrKted Sli 
Jnmt^ Ware, and bnd (with a son 
Ma.i'jr Ware, who married Mrs. Tar 
ruui] (hu duii^bters; the elder m 
to Stu-lteverel Cbandos-Pole. esq. o 
Radboum-hall, in the county o 
Derby ; the younger to the 
Siitmiel Crowtber. 
Mary. m. to Nicholas Heath, esq. 
Millicent. m. tu Capt. French. 
JEJiznbet]i,m. in 1 "W, to Robert, seventl 
Earl Ferrers (his lordship's secont 
Mr. Mundy died before 1760, and was s. bj 
his son, 

Francis- NoBi-CuRRE Mundy, esq. o: 
Markeaton, who m. first. Elixabelh, daugh' 
ter of — — Ayrton. esq. but bad no ifsue 
He espoused, secondly, Eliubctb, eldes 
daughter of Sir Robert Burdett, bnrt. iu)( 
had Iwo guns. vix. 

1. Fr.*ncis, )us beir. 

2. Charles-Godiny, of Burton Hall 
near Lougbborough, in the county oi 
Lrf-icesiiT (ftce Mttndtf, af Uurlon). 

Mr. Mundy was the author of two adnurei! 
detM-riptive poemi', \vdwood Fore&T asi 
the I'XLi. 4iF Nunwoon. He died in 1815 
and the mngistratos of his native cono^ 
Derbyshire, enused bin bust, by CHAimiY, 
to be pLiced iu tlie county hall, as a testi- 
monial of (he deceased's long and umincn 
ser\i(.*e8, in the situations of justice of tlu 
peace, cbnJrman of quarter soMlons, Ice. &c 
He was i. in his estates by his elder son, tb( 

Fhakcis Mukdv. esq. of Markeaton. 

Aran — Per pale; gu. ami sa. on a croei 
engrailed arg. five lozenges purpure ; on i 
chief or, three eagles' legs erased, r-U- 
guise Bz. 

Crett — A wolf's head erased m. beuut^ 
fire issiUDg from his moutli. ppr. 



£«<•<•• — At Msrki-'itnn, Mackworth. ind 
AllMine, »U ta tho rnunt^' of I>erl>v. Iii 
Af yoaMMion of the rmoily since the early 
fvlol cfac tvign of He^RY Vlll. if not iir«- 
tioulyt ■• dierD U gooct naaua lo bclic%e 

from certain donim<^nt« that ihp Mundys 

piwaessi'd lande at MarlLealoii so fur bnck 
nil the ypar \3W. 

ToM-n lieridenee — M, Queoii Aane-street. 

Scat — Mnrkeatoa, near Dvrby. 


LRLTON-LECHMERH, EDMUND, esq. of Ludfon), in the roimty of Ilei«. 

t; of Witton Court, Shropshire, and of Hanley Cattle, in tho coanty of \Vorc(-fit«r, 
i. SOtli September, 1789, J. to the estates and rcpresonution of die united families of 
Ottriion and Lochmere, upon the demise of hie father. 

Itr. Lcchmerc-Charllon is great-grand nephew and representative of Nicliolw Lord 
UfhoHie, of Evenbam. (Sec Burke's Extinct Peerage.) 



7W immHy uf Charlton* if of very ao- 
dM r«tnetioD, 

mt AiAx CiuiiLTON, knt of Appley Cau- 
lk, hk tbc oomnly of Salop, had iwar, 

I. i<MU«(Sir),wlioM. Hawige.ilaiiijhter 
aii4 brireas of Owen ap Grvffiili, the 

laalPriac«of Powys. andinhur right 

•c^nired tli** tViiila) barony of Polr. 
WM in citpile frtitn (lie t:runrn ; but 
fa Aa DTXt year. Iir>lfin dc la Pole, 
VBcle IB tbt! aaid Hawise, pretending 
• ri^i to the owlle of Pole, (after* 

ttg Us dittiatfuubed ni«inb«n wv nimy 
t \mA CluHbia, hi»bo|i of Hvrvfcird ; 
^bvlMB. biahop of I^ndaff; ud (.iuy 

warde called R£0 Castlk), rntsed 
a body of the Wel»li. and ruffu- 
larly besieged it, his utcce and her 
husband bein^c at that time residing 
therein ; whereupon tlie king directed 
bis precept to Roger de Mortimer, 
then justice of Wales, to niiiri;]i 
Ihitberforllieir relief and proteclinn, 
AgHJa, bc»wcvvr. they were disturbed 
by (he »auL Gryffiii. wbo hud suintnons 
to appear before the king, to answer 
fur bis prtjceetlings: and lo render 
John Cliiirtton iinil bjs viifc more 
secure in their title, they bnd a royul 
cbttTteriu the 7th of EuwakdII. con- 
firmatory of all their lands and castles 
in NoKTH Wales, Saitth Wales, and 
Pon'YS ; in which year (tJClh July, 
1313) John Charlton wua lummoned 
tn parliament at* B«noN Chaulton, 
and from that period to 25ih July, 
1353. His lordship was 3ubi»eqiiently 
JcsTicP. of Ireland, uud dj iikg in 13jW, 
was t. by his soio, 
John de Charltov, second baron, 
who was t. by tits son. 
JoHS'DKCHARLTON.third baron, 

who was*, by his brother, 
Edward oe Charlton, fourth 
only, the title is supposed to 
have fallen into ABEYANCE, 
an it still uuntinucH. (Sea 


Burke'M Extuitt md Dvr- 

mmit Pttrugf.) 
3. Al.'tN, ofnlium we \\a.\v to tri-ut. 
'A. loalwUn, m. to John de Siiilori, 1or<l 
of Uudley, from which alliance <lt?- 
rired the earls of Warwick and Lei- 
The second fton. 

Sir Aus' Charlton, kat of Appley Cas- 
tle, innrrjiii;; Eltcu. Ouk uf ttie co-tiPirs of 
the Lord 7,<twh, ar(|iiirf<l ilifi lordship ui 
Wialiefurd. In the &th of Edward II. he 
was nonstitutcd govi-riior of Munlgoint^ry 
and Wipmore TastleB, and oliialni^d pt-r- 
mistiion I'roni the king to embattle hj^ own 
castle of Applcy. His son aud »uccf*:*i)r, 

TllOMiS ChaRITOK, W1I.H $. hy hifl SOD, 

Thouvs Charlton, whose «on, 
RoBKRT Ca\RLTON, was father of 
RtCHARD Charlton, who m. twiro. By 
his first wife he had a 8on, Wiluau, and liy 
the second, (a dauj^htir of — MaJnwariug, 
of Pco*er) a w>ii, 

RicHtKD Charlton, of Tearue, who m. 

twice, and hid i&jntr«. 

RuBERT Charlton, who was father of 

Robert Charltov, who (•Hpoiii"'d Alice, 

dauf;bt«r and co-heir of Richard Tyler. oC 

Harilwickc, in tbc countj of Salap, aod had 

two t^OlllH. 

ASDBEw. who m. fimt, Judith, dnu^liter 
of Edward Cludd, evq. and vecoiidly, 
Frances, only daughter uf Sir Philip 
Ey ton. of Eyton, kat. Hence derived 
the CharltoDs of Shropslure. 
The second son, 

RoBRRT Charlton, esq. of Wbitton. who 
Aiiffrred sevi-rt'ly for his loyal adhprence to 
Kiu(( Charlp.t U, m, firfll, Emma, daughter 
of Thomas Harby. esq, of Adston, in the 
county of Northampton, and ttister to Sir 
Job Harby, kiit. by whom ho had issue. 
Job, bis iuccessor. 
Clement, > , 
J«mt«. $ ''■ J'^'^-B' 
Emma, m. to Kir Henry Barnard, by 
whom ^he waa [(randmothrr of the 
Duke of Chandos, Lord Middletou, 
and Earl Tiliiey. 
Elizabeth, m. la — S«rle, esq. and had 


Katherino, m. to — Cooke, esq. of 

Thursley. in the county of Derby. 

He npoused, secondly, Annr. daui^hler of 

Richsnl Wytht. esq. and sisivr to Sir Pet* r 

Wyrbe, kilt, hy whom he had four soiis and 

four dnnglitfirs, who all rf. nnmarried, exce 
LettiL-c, ibe wife of John Un'Kht, esq. 
Ai'tJtti, ill till' L'onnty of Kalop. 

Hifi only sun iving Kon and »ncces»or, 
Sir Ji)B Charlton, received the honor 
kiiighthuoil, nuK ap|K)intod chief jnstice 
I (Hieiiter, and nnminaltHl one of the jtidgos 
the Common Pleai', t^mp. Ciiarlu II. ] 
the 2nd of Jauks 11. he was advancftd bi ti 
dignity of a baroiiet, and whs speaker of t] 
HoiiKe of Commons. He e-«pou94?d, fin 
Dorothy, daughter and licircss of WillJa 
Bluuden, esij. of Bishop's Caslle. by who 
he had four soua, and three daughters, viz 
Fkanci^, bis aucccssor, 
William, ^ J 

Jnib, / d. unmarried. ^| 

Robert. > 

June, M. To Tliomns Hanmcr, vm\. of ti 

Fenns, in Flintshire, and had Iwoson 

William and Job, and a danghti*r, — 

m. to admiral Cornwall, of Ueringloi 

Dorothy, m. t«Sir Edward Lcightoo,i 

Wattl en borough, hart. 
Mary, in. to — Burrell, caij. of Ewiex. 
Sir Jt>b tn. M'cundly, I.ftliw, daughter < 
Waller Waring, esq. of OJdhnry, and ha 
further iftsUL'. 

Gilbert, who m. Anne, daughter and cc 
heir of — Staunton, ei»«|. ofSlauntot 
in Noltinghamebire, and had -i m)i 
Job- Stauiitou Charlton, esq. of Stann 
Emma, m. first, to Thomas CornwaJlii 
esq. of Ahermark's, and secondly, I 
Dr. John Robiusou, lord bishop c 
Sir Job CharltoD was /. at his decease, 37t 
May, IQOT. by his eldest son. 

Sir Francis Charlton, bart. who m. firsi 
Dorotliv, daughter and co-heir of the Rei 
Mr. IJromwych, by whom he had a son 
Hi.i'NnRL, liis euccossor ; ajid secondly 
Mt&s Cam, by whom he left tw-o sons, and i 
daughter, Emma, m. to John Lloyd, esq. o 
/Vnton, in Shrojusliire. Sir Fraucis i/. 3li 
April, 17i!0, and n'as /. by hie son. 

Sir Bi.t'ND»:L CH.iHLTMN, ban. who ■ 

Mary, si.'iteruf Lord Foley, and had iMfur, 

Fr^nci); (Sir), bis BDOoeHMir, as sixtl 

baronet, who ti. nnmanied, in I7M 

when the title expired. 

Hubert-Job, in holy orders, rector o 

Brampton, in the count}' of Hervfunl 

and vicar of Kiddcrniiniiter, WorceS' 

tersliire, d. before his brother, i 

Emma, d. uniuorrinl. 


EuEtBmt. n. to Edmund Leohmrn- * 

««q. of Haoley Ca?Lle. in tbt* county 

of WorM-Mer. Lntglit in pnrliament 

fnr that »hirv, in 173-1, anil hail ikkuu, 

NlCHi)L.u LEiHUElte, of Hnnlpv 

Ciwllr. k. in I7:)3, irbo succeeded 

U) IIk* Ctmrllnii i>«taU*8 iipon tht* 

dmbe of hiH nnr](>. Sir Francis 

Cfaftritan. in I'M, and kSAuraed 

ihal Mldttiorinl »urnamc. He en- 

IMOMid SusannR,diiu>;litprvf Jeo- 

•oo Cm^, mi|. of Powyck, and 

had jwae, 

I. EDHl'ND,pn-i*en(pas«c8*or. 
3. Fraiiiis, &. in 171)0. 

* Mr* Lachmn* wtM rvpmntiativ^ of ili^ 
•tert iHnilr of tliat nuiu', fnr on uTDitnt uf 
«lKk, ••• wtklv PituHALi., oTAllnMiDore. 

3. Emma. <i. in INOO. 
Mr. Li-t-limrrp Clinrtton, was «. nt bu 
dei-riiftt' by liis t^Ulvr son, 


now representBtirc' of the t\vo fa- 
niilirsof Leclinim' andCLiirlton. 

Armt — Qnarterly; fir»it and fourth, or, a 
lion riimpant, fin. for (!imri.ton. Second 
and third, ga. a less between three pelicaus 
or, Yiiliiin}; tlicir lirciisld |ipr, for LecilUKKE. 

C'rriU — A IifOpurd"« head froiil facrd, gu. 
fur CuAKLTON. Out of a ducal coronal, » 
IwlicaH, vuloiiijr iiDcIf, ppr, 

J-'xlnier — Haiiley, Wi)nif.Htcr»hin.' : Wil- 
lon, Shropshir* ; and Ludford, in the comity 
of Hereford. 

.SVrt/i— Ludford, Hrrefnrdahire; M'hirton 
Court, Shro])shire ; and Hanley Csbtlc, in 
llic county of Worcester. 


PETER, WILLIAM, esq. of Hwlvn, in the county of Cornwall, A. 2'2nd March, 
178.^; nil. I'ith ,)aQiiarT. 1809, Francea, only daughter aud 
heiroM of John Thomaa. esq. of Chivcrton, in the Muue 
county, by whom he lias issue, 

John-Thomas- Henry, of Clirist Church, Oxford, h. 23rd 

January. IHIO. 
WilHnm-Roii». an ensign of tbo 07th foot, &, IJXIi May. 

Robrrt-Go<lolphin. 6. .1UI July. MIH. 
GrorKv-Curc'w, A. ;tnl Antnift. 1H"21. 
Atgvrnon. 6. Uth May, 1823. 
Omnvillr-Carminow. &. I5tli December, 1825. 
Frances -Mary. 
Ellen -Jane. 

Mr. Pvtvr bM bftcn, fnr many years, a deputy wanlen and lieutenant, and ooe of tlie 
nf Uitf Cuurt of Quarter SeMtom. of the county of Cornwall. 


Tkw fusily luu b«vn forspveral ccnturle* 
IMMiM, axvA poMfMted >if Intnln, in tlie we^l 
•^ImIkviI. Arrunlinft to Ittfldon and otJier 
mi^^air*. the I^uly Alice I'olc. in the 
Miraor tr nrv IH. Rave the ninnor and cat- 
Ar II, in Drronfthin', " (d uue of 

4r ,- r.„, .; I'etrr, w|jo»e posterity after- 
•ardttDoli the name of the place." Another 
Willi wtthNl at TorT'Newron, in the adja- 
fiBl pariah ofTorr-Briitn, of uluch vae, 

John Pkrtkk or Petre. who lived in the 
reigns of Richard 11. aud Henry IV. By 
hifl wiftt Alice he left isfiie two sons, 

1. John, lii« 8urceii(>or. 

2. Nif-liola*, who succeeded (o his mo- 
ther'aestalea in Ui>r!>ct»hin>, and rc- 
8idin)( at BakelH-arr, in thai county, 
wae M.P. for ShatVubary in lh(>38th 
of Henry V I. and tt. i. p. 

JoH?i pETEB.thc elder brother, inherited 



Iiiii falhf>r> Pftlates in Devonshire, and left 
usuc by hu wife, d ion iiami'i) 

William PETf-n, who, t\» il appe ar^ from 
an iiiquLflition taken iu Uip l'2th of Edwitrd 
IV. wik:i B«U«(1 of Turr'Nt^nfun, UukclK-nrt', 
ami oUirr lands in tlw coauUi-8 of Devon, 
Donet, and Hatiu, nnd wu at tbat tiuit 
t«r«ttty-four years of age. By lu« ^*^l' 
JuAD, be bad several children, omun^ wboni 

1. JoiiSi, wlio inltfriird Torr-Nf»"Kju 
aud other estates in Devon, and whu, 
by Alice, dangfalcr of Jolin Culliiit^, 
esq. of Woodlandft, in the same coun- 
ty, was father of Sir WUUani Fctvr 
or Petre, principal wcrtlary of stute 
in UiervignsofBENRV VIII., Edward 
VI., Majiy, and EuZAiETH, anil an- 
cestor of the Lori/j PtTRi;, of W ril- 
Uf, in the county of Essex. 

2. William. 

WiLLUH Petes, tbe younger ewn, suc- 
ceeded ID bis father's cstatcn at Milton in 
lUmiwIiin.', and Bakebearr in noriwLibire, 
and further increuseil bis paTriniony by Lis 
ninrringf nith Joan, the only daughter of 
Sir Ruger Arundel, of Calwoodley, in the 
county of I>e*on, by nbich lady he hiid 
issue three sons, 

I. Hoger, who rf. young. 

3. William, who Miecvetled his father, 
hwttl.s.p. inthe37tb Ueury VJII. 

3. John. 
The thin! w>n, 

John Pkti'.h, resided at Bowbay, near 
Exeter, and na^ one of the representatives 
of thai city in the tiroi parliament of Piiiuf 
and Maky. He ouirried biscoosin Wilmot, 
daughter of John Peter, e»4[. of Torr-New- 
toQ, and lister to Sir WilliamPetre, aud died 
iu 1A79, at a very advanced age, lea\iiig a 
numerous progeny of sons aud daughters, 
anoDK** whon were 

I. John, who was M.P. for I>ar1raouth 
in the Ist of pMiur and M.itn (tlie 
same parliitmeiil in wbirh bis falhi-r 
repre^euffd Exeter), and tl. i. p. in 
the life-time of bis father. 
3. Ulltu. who suceecded bis father in Lis 
DevuDftliire estates, and was sealed at 

* Bowhay drweoded rrom r«lli«r toKonto JoMK 
Pkna. Mq. of Bcnvfasr. who U-fl an ooly daughter, 
Fkancu, who m. Sir ABeo Apsley, governor 
u{ tlw Tower, and had issoa. 

1. Snt PcrKa-Amat.wboaeoah-dagcb' 

3. Thoilu. 

Thoha» Peter, the (bird son. to whom hu 
father had made gift of divers lands in Com* j 
wall (whii-'li lauds had been acquired by WU- ■ 
liani PetL-r in niurriatce witli Joiiu Aruudel), 
ei*]iouM'il A^iieK, daughter r>f Thoinaif. Godol- 
jitiin, e«q.t (by bis jmohW wife, a daughter 
of — Granville),anil wasf. by his ctdeslson, 

KoBtKT PtiTEH, e»4|. who was bred a »ol- 
di<^r, and M^rved with cretlit under Sir Ed* 
ward Puyningft at Havre, and in the Low 
CouQlrtes. In the I3lh of Elizabeth be wu 
M.P. fur Fowey, in (be l-Hh. for Penryn, 
and in the 28th of the same rctgn, for l>arl- 
moDtli. He m. Thotnasine. daughter of John 
Kestell, of Kestetl, in the county of Cora- 
wall, etuj. and left issue, 

U£\BY Prter, esq. who was M. P. for 
Powey in ttie first parliament of Jatnes L 
and v\u> m. in MXK), Deborah, danf;1iler of 
JoJin Treflry, esq. of Place. Henry Peter 
d. in l(ill>. leaving issue, a son, 

Thomas Pf.ter, esq. b. in 1610. who m. in 
\G^2, Eliznbrth, only daughter and beirrH 
of Henry Michell, esq. of llarlyu. io the 
county of Comwalt, ivnieh place had} been 
acquired by the Mii'hells, in the reign of 
Henry VII. in murriage with an heirew of 
the Tregoyes, a family. whi«*h, according to 
Carew,rAnkcd amoDgut the English nobility, 
in the time of Wiii.iAii the Conqueror. 
Having been an active royatitit in the civil 
wars, between Charles and his Parliamenl, 


ter and 1»>itesa, Calberine. m. h«r coo* 

sin Altiiu, finii FaH Dmhuivt. 

S. Fnincpii, n.tcSirUeojamin Bathsnt. 

Upon Otha I'etri (a meaikcr of this braDcb of 

the family] the following curious epiupb [staba 

•eeoiu KxmJnatwr ChDrok, nt-ar Est4«r. 

" Iu M>Dipitenuna iiu-inoruuu OlliDniM FtSm 
Mtaiffrri mmtliiMiinua rjusliLiUJ bor tnonumfl: 
p. p. p. 

CondituT h^ Petti pisuiia Petn Patratia 

Oman baWt nonaa naia Patra vara fbit 

Vicinift pftnia— sponav ooBstantiv—aiDciris 

Nstia— pauperibna Petrapatrocinii 
IndoUr tan pnipriA. qnaaa staounata fUait avltt 

.Mart* «io clarus, couju^. Prole. Patrp 
Fama fides<|ue viri aobiMiuni iu sfrculs praatal, 

Mena generaaa Dititn crclitua orts petil 
Sic Petn Potnnn operil, — Mrrpus Petra.n«aipv 
Patrai bee, 
At ChriatB fruetur nena melira* Pati^ 
Ob* . . . die Junii 1607. 
t Ths Duke of Lacds, the rapT«M>atauve of this 
and«Al family, it dMc«nded from Tbonsa Godal> 
phio, by his /m wifw, wbn «*s a dan^lar 
Edaiund Uonitbov, of Bonithoa, caq. 



Peter vnu for a lonj^ timr Jtnpri- 
bj Cromwell, bat pnxrured lij» release 
M Frbraarj. 10^, Ihrnugli tlte iiiAueuce 
ud mterference of hin mHtcninl kimDitiiiu, 
(k-oclebrslFd Hafb Peterv.* wbo wab ctiap- 
ha bi Uk' Protector. He d. in 1676. Itav- 

iif Imoc thtv* Mnn, unit ■ daugbler, , 

Ikavtft of lioary Vtiir4>nl, vm). 
Wm viiUst MM uid luc-oepMur. 
OnOOBY PrTU.rsq.ofHBrlyn.wiuHifrh 
SWriffarCorannll in tlit* la^l yrar uf Kiiipc 
WiIUubV and the fir«t of Qum-n Anii(>*!> 
nricK. He ww ■. in IBM. tr> KliiMbetfa, 
*mfciT of Join Oonvr, of Goo%i-biii, a, in 
ttvoDHiiyof I>0TOD,c«H. abU dying iii 1710, 
«■• t. by hii wn. 

lo<i« PmLR. cttq. wbo m. iD I6H&, Ann, 
■and duigbtrr of Sir John Coryloa, of 
NmB«-Frrrai«, faart. M. P. for ihe coaniv 
tt Cocvvmli, and if. in 1733, tearing iuun 
fkaMm avvernl ilati)elit«ri). 
t. HrsBY, hi/i Mirn*»t»or. 
2. WitlJBm, Rrclnr of Mnwnan. wbo. 
by hi« wife Elixnbclli, dnu|;btcr of 
Ifce RvT. William Smith, chofiliun to 
Qw* * o Anor, tvft iMue two uiu, 
Wiujjiw. ai. k> Harriet, dauffbter 
■ad co^beirrM of tlit* H<taourable 
Ororge Hamilton, lecoodum of 
iamoa, nUtb EhH of Abemtr«. 
BnWK T, Kentor of Snllv.^who m. 
Jiartba. daufcbii-r of ^"l^niiik- 
^a»^-*^tyfc. c»q. of Olamoricniuhir*^. 
, X JouUhati, of Porlbcvlhan, who m. 
[^ Mwy, daagliter of Heiu-y Hoblyn. 
w^. bgr Bridiret, daiiftfatcr and ro- 
kninmorJoha Carew. of PenwAme, 
Mil. •M tnoAna^^lrr of thn c)>l«- 
hnkHd KiBfaard Cari-w. of AniAny. 
'«f lb* 'Survey ofi^mivaU.'lic. 
'•• an sctivc Diaf;islnile and 
ipntlefluui. aad waa x . at lii» detwiiK 

ttimv PfcTfR. e«i. Hiftb Shnrirr of ihc 
(Msatfcf Cornwall fn tike 'Jtith of Cpurpv II. 
%MB«Jfr Mary, only dauehUT and )ieirc»>A 
if WVmb liarp«r, r*n. of Trrtartbpu 

• H«f4 PaOra (of m fionilr which l>»d Ix-iii 
<»*••&■■ AirtwOTp, on iccouQl df ils n-li^'wn) 
^ *• •« •fTluMno* Dy)u*wm^o Prttm, a mn^ 
tfcn< •*■ fam^. br Minha. dMf)iti>r of .Irtbu 
TbAt, "afi. of PImw. The immio of P#(fri «■■ 
4m M^Bwrf bv Thoouu [Jiiltfiiv»(#, the grwidfW- 
Hafh. Tk»h«r.t:h«rU«l'<'ri>N.iUlmnud 
«a like H(»li of J I'll, •Dil iht- nMi* lui- 
*4' Bulwt' Wuboiion, wm of tiii» ftiaiily. 

(dcsrended from the ancient Derhyiibirv fa- 
mily of ihiil name), he liad i^uc a eon, and 

V\ ILUAM PfiTKR, eaq. who m. his couain 
Mary, dauy;litor of Jonathan Potcr, e«q. of 
Porthcothan, and resided at Horlyn. Like 
bis ancestors for many generations, — 

" Whose doom conuodirg DeiKhboura Bought, 
Content with i-quity uubovgbt." 

he dischargotl the duties of a tviunly muj^ts- 
trate and Eiigliith rountry geiitleman, nilli 
no lees credit to himself Uiau advautafrc lo 
all aruLind him, nod dyint( tn 1770, was i. by 
bis eldest siir^ iving son, 

Henby Peteb, for many years colonel of 
the Royal Cornwall Militia, and a ranijistralti 
and deputy warden and lituleuant uf tliu 
county. He was m. in 17*2, (o Aiuia .Maria 
yonngfsl daiigliter of the lalv Tbumas Rx)us, 
eiq, of Piercefield, iu the eouuly of Mon- 
mouth, and dying in 1821, has be«n s. by 
bis eldest son, Wiluah Petkr, esq. now of 
Ifnrlyn, and repress Dtatire of this ancient 

Arms — 1. GuIcs on a bead or, Wtween 
two escallop shells argent, a Corniirh chaugli 
proper between two cinquefoits nzurv, for 
Pktkk. 2. Argent a snttire sable, for Co- 
avTOSf. 3. Argent ou a chevron azure, be- 
lueea three cinquefoUs gules, as many 
horse-sliws or, for FrRRAH^. 4. Gules tuo 
lions passant °;iiiirdaut or, for BiiD|itj'>ATB. 

Cmt — Two li*Mis' beads erased aud en- 
dorsed, the first or. the second azure, gorged 
uitlt a plain collar eoiiulerehanged. 

^foltlM■t~'^a^a3 Dieu rien, and Sub liber- 
tale quietvm. 

Etiatf* — Tlie manor of Tltkoctt-ow, wiih 
Tt(KLoti2A, and other lands in tlie parish of 
Padstow. A pan of the property acqiiirod 
by William Peter with Joan Aruadel. 

Harlyn, and other estates in the parishes 
of St. Merryn, St. Er\aji, Little Pelhffric, 
Padstow. &c. acquired in 1^2, with ilie 
heiretw of Mitchell. 

The maiifir of Trefeock, with Trovarthen 
and Trenlinny. came by the beiress of Har- 
piir, in 1717. 

CinvKBTo\, with die manors of Tywam- 
hayle. Bosvellack, Veiitongem|>s. and other 
lands iu the parishes of St. Apies.St. Allen, 
Cubert. Newlyn, &c. acquired with tlic heir- 
ess of TllOM«!l. 

StatM — Ilarlyn near Padatow, aikd Chl- 
vrrton, near Truro, in the county of Coni> 




DTMOKE, HENRY, Esq. of ScriveUby Court, 4ii the county of Lincoln, The Honor- 
able Thk Kisu's CilAMPlrtS, b, .5th March, 1801 ; aur- 
cc«lc<l to the estate:) and the herpilitary chAnipionfihip Rl 
tlie<li>ceMO of libi father, the Reverend John Dymokc.on 
the 3ril Dec. 18'28, havin(f previously executed the official 
duties of chaiiipiirm an deputy fur that f^eutlemun at the co- 
ronation of his bite Majeity King* Ghokue IV. Mr. 
Dyinoke m. 14th January, 1823, Emma, daug-ht«rof \f^< 
Warn Pcarc<?,4!sq.of Weasonhall, in Norfolk, and Holm Cot- 
tage, Richmond, Surrey, by whom he htw an only diuighter, 

Ehha-Jank, b. 11th Pebrukry. 1B26. 
This pentleman ia the verenteentli of bin family who bu 
inherited tl)« ancient office of Cii.impiom. 




Tliiii family ranks in point of antiquity, 
male and female, with the mon ancient in 
the kingdom, ll derives the ningulnr ofiice 
of CHAMPION from the relehraled baroniiU 
honw; of Marhyi'N, or Makmyon. M-itb the 
feudal MANOR OF Scrivelsby. to which the 
champi<^n»>bip ift nttncbed. 

At the time of the Norman Conquest. 

RiiBF.RT DF. M,iRUYns, Lord of PoDtiiey, 
in Normandy, harini; by ^rant of Kin); Wil- 
liam the castle of Tamworth. in thr rounly 
of Warwick, with iIip adj.icent land.*, ex- 
pelled the nuns from the abbey uf Pnleii' 
worth, to a place called Uldbury, about four 
mile;* disliitit. " After which," (writes Sir 
William Dugdnle.) " within the compati* 
of a Inelfemonth. as it in said, mukinff a 
eoatty fntrrtMiuinfnt al Taniwurtli Cnsllc, 
for eome of hi« friendu, amongst whom vrm 
Sir Walter de Somcnilc I*ord of Which- 
over, in tlio rounly nf StatTurd, his Kwnrii 
brother, it happened, that a« he lay in his 
bed, St. Ediib iippenred to him in lli(> bnbil 
of a veiled nun. witlk a crottier in her band, 
and iidvcrtiacd him, that if he did not restore 
Ihr ahbfy iif Poledwnrth, which lay within 
the torritoricf) helon^in^ to hi? castle of Tarn- 
worth, unto her succcs»orp, he should have 
an evil death, and go to hell. Aud, llmt he 
mjfhl be the more sendihU of thix her adiiiit- 
nilimi. »he smote him on tlie side Miih Ihe 
point of her crosier, and so vani^ht-d rtrtii_\. 
Moreover, that by ibid itroke being much 

wounded. Iii^ eryed oiil no loud, that liig 
friends in the house aro«e; and, Gndinf^ him 
extremely tormented witli the pain of hii 
wound, ndvi.ird htm to ronfetut bimsrif to a 
priest, and vow to restore the nuns to their 
fitrmer pusficssioDK. Furtbermnre, that bav- 
in^ po done, bin pain ceawd : and that in ao- 
coniplishnieut ofhisvow.accompnniedhySir 
Waller de Somervile, and the r^>t, he forth- 
with rode to Oldbury ; and. craving pardon 
of the uunt^for the injury done. brou|;hl then 
lijick to Pole«tvortU, deMring that biuiudf^ 
and hi* friend Sir Walter de Sonirrvilii, 
mii;ht be reputed their patroov, and have 
burial for themselves and iheir heirti in the 
abbey — tlm Marmlona in the chapter house 
— the Somervilcs in the cloystcr. However 
some circumstiuice^ in thi* slory (continues 
l>u)[dah%)may seem fahutoua. tliu »u1iAtaaca 
of it is certainly true : for tt exprewly ap- 
penreth by the very words of bin charter, 
that he gave to Usanua Ihe prioress. /iir fir 
eMtahlithing of the rriif/ttm ofthott wim* lArre, 
thr rhurck of St. Ktittfi, uf Polrttrartk, ■■t/A 
its apjiwlmancei, to that the ro»vrnt of Old- 
httrp thouid f-cwniN tn thai jtlare ; auil Liko- 
n ise beetow ed upon them the whole lordship 
of Polesworth: wliich grant King Stephen 
afterwanis confirmed." The cnnlc and ma- 
iiur of T.imuur(h, in Warwick^hi^e. and ibli 
manor of ScriveUby. in Ihe county of Lio- 
coln. were pranted by the Conqoeror to thii 
Robert de Marmion, to be held by gmDd 


it>. " lo perform thr offic*.- of chnm- 
Uie king** roronatinn," (llir Miir- 
Vfaai. it if said, were bi*re<litar>- champions 
to riw Dnkr* of NormaiHlT, |>rinr ti> the con- 
^■m of EagUod). Hubert Mnrmioti wu 
•«>«v«dr4 «l tuB decease by bin hjb out! 

RoBCST SE MmillTON, Lord of Fontntty, 
Ib Normandy, whrre he poMeaiird a fortified 
caatle. which was bcsie^d hy GvuOrey, of 
A*>«a, in ||m> -llti of Kiiik Strpbi-n, aud it— 
wiAit^ed. Thi« Robert haviuR a Krral rnniily 
ta ihc Earl «>f Cb<.-5lt-r, whu bud a nuble »vat 
M Cfti^Blry, <'uti*rrd tlie prior)' Uu>re in Uip 
Ml uf itirphf n. ajid, i':\|><;IUntc the monk», 
ttncrf il into M foriilii-utiuu. di){Ki"t! nt tbi- 
■■■liltteHi*iT4dc«))ditoh4*it in ilie adjaoent 
iiUa. which he caused to hv cu'i-rt-d over 
■Ml tarlb. in urd^r to Mn^ure the uppruarlie^ 
Itarvto t but the Earl of Chester's forces 
dfwwii»|t arar. as be rode out lo rt-coiiuoitrc, 
W fell ialu one of those very ditchci. aud 
hfiA« his thi|{b, ki that a eominon siildirr, 
tfwmmtly ftiiuf; him, cut olt'hia hrud. He 
*M f. by kia mh, 

RnOKKT DE MtRMloN, who, ill the 3Ut 

Btmj 11^ being ooji«u'tuted aheriff of Wor- 

mtttnkin, eontiiiued iu that olGce until the 

rad of Ike foar-atid' thirtieth vear of ilie 

•■»• Tftpi. Hp wuji bIm) juKticc iliiicrant 

M Warwii:Liihirr, and n^iav other counlieti, 

mad afmin tbcrilf nf Wurre^bTsliire in the 

lalaf Rkkard I. In 6v« vearA aiterwarda 

br tOBtidtd ibai monarch into Normandy, 

mA im dkc Idtb of King John Un wiu in the 

^lifi Jilfcnii Ibfu made into Poit:tDQ. Thfa 

^H^aAal lord died about the year lil7, ieuvinR 

^'Vav, by different mothera, 

RtmBT, bis tuoccMor. 

tRttlHrC jna., who h»d ih<' MlateofWi- 
tfhukaip BtidConinsby, in the county 
irf Ijincoln, 
William, ofTirington. 
mm < ' '' -^y M>n, 

Ibut < N,«hoapiM>ar» tuhavv 

Hwd »4lh the Krenr^h, when rhey xeixed 
ifaa Karmandy in the l>c)onni»K of Kinj; 
lote'aratfn.furth'- iminierorArthur, I>uLe 
tdftrttaay i hulaffTwardfl tuhaiomade hia 
imm, f'tt la thr Tith of Henry III. he had 
^^Mmg «4 Tanworth Canlle aud hia father'H 
^^^^B Imad*. He supposed to have re- 
^^^IKA to Normandy in twelve yAAm aOer- 
H w^aad ta have dieil there in 1211, when 

Purup Df- MtaMtoM. who waa sberifr for 
ttreovnfnuf Warwick Rnd Lcicenter, from 

Ihe Mrd to the .mth of Henry III.— In the 
IjittiT of which years he «na <]iU'Htioiied for 
Hilling with Rirhard de Miindevill, and the 
rest uf the justices, forf{aol delivery atAVar- 
wit:k, having no cuminiMion so In do. The 
next year he attended tJic king into Gascony ; 
upoo hi* return nhcnvv he was taken pri- 
soner by the Fnnirh at Ponte:*, in Poictou, 
with John de Pte^etii, then Karl of War- 
wick. notwithstaiidinR (hey had letters of 
safe rondurl from the king of France. In 
the 4/ith of the same reign this feudal lord 
had 8uiutnon» to be at Loiidou with divers of 
the nobility, upon the morrow after Siman 
awtJude* dtij/ ; in which year the detection 
of many of the haroiis be^nn further to ma- 
niftiii it-M-lf, by their a^uDiiiif; the royal 
prerogative, in plncini; aheriB's throughout 
ditfereul rthiren. Iii this period of dilliculty 
Philip de Marmtoii, being of unimpeachable 
loyalty, had, by special patent from the 
king, tlm counties of Sufiblk and Norfolk 
committed to his cuslod.v, witli the castles of 
Nornich and Orfonl: a well-judged confi- 
dence, for thruiigb all the subsi^quent for- 
tunes of Henry III. he never oiice. swerved 
from his aUegiance. He was present at the 
battle of Ix'wes — and his Gdelilj was re- 
warded lifter the rojal victory of Eveahani, 
by Kome valuable grants for life, and tlie 
govcmors.hipof Kenilwortb Castle. He m. 
Junne, voiiii^eftt daughter, and eventually 
sole heiress of Hu^h de Kilpec, of Kilpec 
Coslle, in HercfordHhire, \ty whom he had 
four duughlers, liis co-heirs, viz. 

Joane. m. lo William Morteyn, and d^od 
1. p. in I2i>4. ; 

Margery, m. lo Ralph Cromwell, anif 
had an only danghter and heiress, 
Joane, Alexander, Baron Fre- 
rille, whose grandson, 


Lord FrrviUr, claimed the 
championship in the lai 
Richard II. by the tenure 
of Tamworlh Ca»lle, but ihe 
matter wax decided agaiurtt 
him. in favour of Sir John 
Maud. m. lo Kalph Uotiller. and rf. i. p. 
Jo,*N." who had the miuiurof Serivelsby. 
m. Sir Thomas de Lndlow. knt. and 
had tMue. 

John de Lndlow, who d. t. p. 

* UsakB, in hislli^toryor Mannyuu, Mya, that 
this lady wu by a seooad wife, Mvy. 



HARIiAReT PR Lt'DLOW. Mil6 h«irf M 
of her brother, with whom we 
sliall (irucet'd u nife of SiH John 

MtR<itnr.T DF. LiDiJ^w. upon the d^ceiae 
of hi*r brotbiT, became sole beirc^ { Unnks 
ntiikra her grandaagblftr of Sir Thomim (ti> 
Ludlow and Jo«d Marmyon), ami iuherited 
Ibe manor of Scrivelsby, in Lincoltuhire ; 
idjr espoused 

Sir Jokv Dymmok,* km. and thU ^entlr> 
loin thus acfinired, m iih that baronial i*»tal<*. 
Ihr offit-e of Ki>'u'» ChauI'Ion. Im ibp Jftth 
and 47th of Rt>W4HD ITT. Sir Julm D>-niokc 
rcpn**f«ted wilii William Mannvu". the 
county of Linroln in parliament, and in Hie 
1st Rirhard II. be nn-t a^in one of the 
kni$;b(«forLinfold^hire. Attheraronation of 
thi» monan'h he executed llieofliceof KtKr.'s 
Champion, and was the first person fo offi- 
cially employed at the coronation of no Eii|;- 
lifih prince.t Sir John H. in thr 4th of iJie 
Mine reign, Irarin;; Margaret, bis wife, wir- 
vivinp. whorf. in lhe2iid HEJiRT V. at whtoh 
time. Thomas, her son nnJ heir, wm sixty 
years of age and iijmHrdii. The said 

Sin TlioHAs Dyumok was one of those 
eminent person*" who. immediwtt'ly prior to 
the coronatiyn of A"i«^ HrvRY IV. wa» made 
a Knight of the B»lb, ul the Tower. On the 
corooatioii day he performed the oflirc of 

* Thia ftmily acquired its surname, it is pre- 
sumed, from Uie inauur uf Dimhok, in the county 
(rf iilnur^aler. 

Krusv DvHMnK.liviag (nnp. EowtaolII. m. 

■ daogbterof PleM«tiii, and bad issae, 

JouM DvnNOS, wlin m. Ffliris, daughtvr of 

~ Hnn^ill, and hiul it «nn. 

Sis Jor?> Dymmuk, the buabud of Mir- 
gar«t de Ludlow. 

t His right was, faawerer, dtspul/^ by Sir Hslil- 
wJD Freriile, tlien I^nrd of Twnwortli, wbo exhi- 
bited bsfcre tb« rviiTt of chiims bis prsteuiions lo 
btt Knra'i Cbnapimi. and to the wrnce «pp«rtsi»- 
■n^ to tbat ottot, b/' fMaon of bis tcaur* of Taui- 
warth Castle. vH. 

"To ridenmiiileteiyBnnedupoo nbariMnl honu> 
iato Wnttniaster Hall, aad there to cbUlcsge the 
eombat with whousoerer should dan to oppose 
tbs King's title to tbs crown." 

Which service ti>e Barons Mamyon. his sdcm- 
toTS, l.ords of that costle. had theretofore per- 
formed. Itut Sir John Dyaioke cousler-clninnil 
the «B>eoBice as Ixird of ScriTeUby. Wlieti<ii|H>n 
the nmstsble and ranrsbnl of rn^lnnd s{ipomti-<l 
the said t^ii John Uymoke to perforni the cifice at 
tbal tinie. 

Champiok aa depntr to hii mother, then Irv- 
ing. And again at the coronation of the re- 
nowned H(\HY V, he rxtcuird the duties of 
the Mune office, in the «ame manner, on be- 
half of hi* mother. Sir Thoma? m. Eliza- 
belb.dniighler and heir of Sir Riohard Heb- 
deii. knt. (by bio uife, the daii^^liter and heir ■ 
of Rye)and dying in the last year of Henry j 
V. waa s. by bia aon, ^M 

SiH Philip DvHunK. then iwenty-two^l 
years old and upwards, who officiated a> 
Champion at tlie coronaliou of Henry VU^h 
Vpon lhi» occasion a wandatt- wa^ made bf^H 
the King to the keeper of hi« wardrobe, to m 
deliver to the wttd Philip Dymmok (then not r 
knighted) such furniture. Kr. as his aocea- 
loDt had been accustomed to have upon thMt 
occasions. Thi» Champion espoused Joanc, . 
daughter of Sir Christopher Conyers. of 
Stokebnni. anil it. in the Mril HenRT 
leaving bid luin, and auccepsor. 

SiH Thohas Dvuhok, Uien twenty-seven ^ 
years of age and upwards. This Cbampicnj 
made a conspicuous figure in the reign 
EuwtHD IV, Hisi'ounertian.bowerer, w1( 
the Lonis Welles, and a ^uiipiciou tbat Wl 
favonred the Lancaslrtiui inlrreat. le«l him 
ton prematiin; death upon the sralfold (re- 
fer 10 Rurkr'K Extinct aad Dormant Pt 
aiff, arlirle WHXE«). Sir Thomas m. Ml 
garet, i^econd daughUT. and eventmilly ni 
of the co-heir* of Lionet, Lord Welles, 
JoHne, hiii wife, daughter and heir of 
Robert Waterton.* and had issue, 
Robert (Sir), bis »uct^»or. 
Liont-l (Sin), wbn m. Joaue, dnugbtc 
and co-heir of Riohard (Jriffith, 
of Stickford, in the county of Lincnli 
and had three survi^iug daughter 
liiit e4>-)ieira, via. 

I. m. to Hoptoo. 

•i. Alice, m. tu Sir William Skip- 

3. , m. tu J. Goodrioli, of Bo- 

SirLionel was sheriff of tJie coontyof 
Lincoln in the 7th Hknry VIU. br 
|7th August, I6IU, and wa» Writ 
at Horneiv«fle, where a mnaomei 
erm^led to Ills memory ktill reinaiu*. J 
Anne. d. in I4fi'i. 
The elder son and beir. 

• Th« W*T»aTOi» were a Linrolnsbire 
of distinctioD, and wem ftequently rfienSii oft 


lYtoveitT Dt««ikc wu of vrry lender 
kt Ibr time of his rmbtr's unhappy 
4ndL But lie L-<uI DO sooner nrrired ai 
■Mtarily. tlian the King, a^ if to rumpeusaU* 
faf the- Tatr of bU fitlirr, ndmittMl litm lo 
biT« IJTvry of kII his inhtfritaace. bu well of 
Ihon laDfb whicli came throuj;h tlie Inte 
Chunpion, m of \ho*c othrr trstRU':^ which 
kaddrvulv^ upon bim through bin mother, 
Aaofr>lMelreMofWeUMand Waterton.witli- 
«•( Hiy M««wM lo be taken, eilbrr as tu tbftr 
< rflW rad ritcnt, or of »urb due lui tht^King 
*i^ W •«tiU«H] to t'Uim due to the crown 
■poa aacb occaiioru.* Sir Kobcrt officiated 
wCWsapioa at Ibe i-on>iiutioii» of RictMRD 
III. HCNBV Vn. Bn<] HfcHRY Vlll. Hl- was 
a Kiilltary man, anil f>n« of the princijMl 
■ra at tlie flVpe of Toumiiy. wbere, 

cl>» mtrmidrr of the city, he woa i^on- 
Kini^'fi trvMAurer. Ho wa« a Kmght 
BivMjrtT, and wa> BhrrilT of Lineolnsbire 
I* the ^{imI HKItARI> III. 18th HEMtY VII. 
aad Irt Hraiy Vlll. This ilisUofntuhcd 
tkamfkm e«poiu<*ti, dm, \niie, daughter of 
AkxaaderCruBDorL', by whom be bod threi^ 
4aq^rt>m. He tn. wcondly. Jane, ttaof^htrr 
aid r»>lirir nf John Sparrow, of London, by 
whoa hm kftd a itoa, 

CavaBO, bis Burci-tf or. 

9tr Ibohnt d. 13lb April, IM4. nnd vna bu- 
rwd at 8cri*rl»ljy. Hr nus *. by liin son, 

Stt, KowftBD Dyhokb, Tliifl (gentleman 
aat •bvriff of the cotinty of Ijiicoln, iu the 
hfr-cnoe of his father, anno liVMI : nn office 
»luobbraJao filled in the Ut RimARD\1. and 
ted aad 3nl uf Piiiui* aiid MiKT.ia which 
prifM, aa well a« in that of tiufen Eu/«- 
ma, be «a* rr|krntrdl> r<'(umr«l our of the 
mmaty r*yrc«rnlatitps to p;irUanieiit. Hf 
■Kriali i a* f'litunos at the coroDntions of 
20W&BD VI.QiM-rnMitRY.anilQurf-N EL1Z4- 
MM, He «. Auue. ilanghler of Sir Gcorgf^ 
Ttftoya, atvter autl heir of Gilbfrt. I»rd 

* TW iiAm n( o|itDion and ■ffaira hB>) now be- 
cwrgmlh-rhanfvd i inunuchu/tia^ Eowjiid 
M t^nmd C«ci1r, bi« dsagbt«r. to John, the 
nf ihal very Richard, Lord Wrlle*. 
W had iH'b^ul^ Inii > few y^im befoni ; 
mmmm*mi, cn>kt«d thi* Mid John. Vlacoant 
a. Tbw iIm tmid John, Viacouni \V«lIi*9, was 
VBclo (s lb« ynwoK [lymriLir; «nd he 
(W ««e •Iliure. wm b«coDii< rhr ^rrrat 
r •/ tW Bna « Im) had tak«n ■wsy thu life of 
Htmim's Um. »/ Mstmrnn. 

Tatl>o\9, of Kyme.*hy whom (who enpouBCd 
ftt'condly. Sir Robert Carr) he had JKHne, 
Robert, hit tuectsxor. 
Charles (Sir), of Howell, ill llir county 
of Lincoln, and M.P. for the city of 
Lincoln in l.'VO. m. Margaret, relirt 
of Anthony Butler, of Cuuta, and left 
no issue. 
Rtlward (Sir), who was sherifT of Lin- 
colnshire in lAK-l.nnd member in se- 
veral parliam^'nta for Umt county. 
He m. TnJh, dunghler of Tboints 
l>ynioke, mid left two diiug;hters, vIk. 
Margaret, m. to William Marbury. 

Fratkces, m. to Haker. 

Sir Kiluai-d Dymoke J. in l.'Ml}, and was s. 
by his vMe^l ma, 

RnBP.RT Dymokr. esq. who m. Uridget. 
eldest daughter mid eo-heirof Eduard.I^trU 
Clinton (iiftcrwards Earl of Lincoln), by Eli- 
xabrlh, litD firni nifc, daughter of Sir John 
Blount, knt. uiid widow of Gillwrt, Lord 
Talboyn, Hy Thi.-* I:»dy he had « numerous 
fiunily, of which, the eldest and youngeat 
sons were 

ED».%ltD (Sir), lii« surcejwor. 

Nicholas, who m. , daughter of 

Dnnvers. and liad n 9on, 

Kuw»Hu. who wKxcedfil. npon the 
death of the honorable cliaiiipttin, 
<Tbarles Dynioke, his coiuiiu, to 
the manor of Scrivebby, with 
the champiuiinhip. 
Till* ehampioii >/. in lAWI. and was t. by liia 
eldest son. 

Sir Edward Dvmokk, wba claimed Nml 
exerciswd the office of cbani])toii at the rort*- 
nation of A'ini; Jauii^s I. He m. first, Ca- 
tlieriue, dsnghter of Sir James Harrington, 
by whom he bud a son, Charle:*, whn ti, 
young, and a daughter, Bridget, baptized at 
Hackney, 6th Noverober. I.W7. He es- 
poused, secondly, Aiuie, daughter of Sir 
John Monson, knt. and had another ton, 
Edward, who also deceased young. Sir 
Edward wedded, thirdly, I3lh November, 

• llie rhildren of Gilbert, Ix-td Tslboys. all 
dacvftsii)^ nithoiii i»ne, the iuberitHnc* taxa* to 
lie di'td*^ bt9twe«D the sialan uid co-heirs of the 
•aid (Jilbert; in vrhirit division th« cutle uid 
msnon of North sad $«atli Kyme (tli« old barvniil 
SMt ufthe Krntesirvllio thi'Oynok« fsmily. who 
IMMueMfrd iIm sanis uniil (hp liut century, when 
thev were sold hy tb« IK'nounble (' budpimi, 
l^wts l>vaii>ia. 



IGIO, Han. d»n|tlit«r of PouIu-ii<>t, 

<'M]. uf. MUUTlun. aud d\iuK in 1026, ku i. 
by the nn\y M>n uf Ibis inarmge. 

Ch4HL£a Dyhoke. esq. TliU KeoUfman 
wa* a »-n)uus 9ii]»partrr uf lit» atib«|i{>y m>- 
vmigti, A'iny CllAKtu I. Il« d. uumarriM]. 
m hiimiOe«tr> garruon at Uxfont, in 1044. 
By hu will, proved in the pnrrogativc court 
ofCauterbury (ith July in llie utmv year, he 
ordered thnt tlio Aum offaUO «bould be ex- 
produd opon a lomb ft>r bim at Scrivelsby, 
wbere Iwf d»-iiret lo l»e buried ; ho Ik- 
qiivatiird to bU majesty the euio of jC^OiH) 
lo rcUcre ht» nece««ilie«, and br rhnr^es 
his estate*, and the runt* iu hi« tcna&ts' 
luiBda. with the pavnieiit thereof. Pying^ a 
bacbclor, the inheritance of the baroninl 
manor of ScriveUby, nitb thi* office of kind's 
cliampioii, devolved, by virtue of a «eltle- 
ment made by bim, upon the nest male brir, 
his cotuin (the lOD of hia uncle, NicboU« 

Sir Edward DvMnKE, whopprfDrmedtbe 
datieA of cham]iioD at the coronation of King 
CftARLU il. bavin); previously received the 
honor of kni^litbond. This (jcntleniBn m. 
21st June, 1024, Jane, dauj{hti>r of NicholaB 
Crewy, e»q. of Kulnelby, and hud, with other 

Chjiiile«, bia 5uccc]t»or. 
Jubn, who m. Elizabeth, dnughter of 
Tbomas Welbome, esq. and left a 

Chakles, who m. Mary, dnughter 

of Needham, and lud ij*»uc, 

Edward, nhuinbt-ritcd tlie eg- 
tate« and i-haiiipiuniduj) un- 
der the will of hilt coitNiri, 
the Hon. Champion Leu is 
Dyniuke. Of thin Edward 
more p eaently. 
Sir Edward was nhcriff of Lincolnshire in 
IWS2. He diMi noon aftt;rH-ard». and Mas 
huried at ScriveUby 8tb Jnuuary. KJKJ—I. 
He was r. by bi« eldest «on. 

Sin CnARi.Efl Dtuokf. who officiated aa 
r)iainpiun nt tlit- coronntiun of A'im^ Jamea JL 
llyinokr, e«q. of Scrlvelaby, wu« sri down 
by Kinif Chahlt-S U. a» one of (he projecEeil 
kiiiKbtd of the Kayal Oak. He e(>[Kiit»-d 
Eleanor, daughter of Lewis Walfioii, Lord 
lloi-ktn){hani, and had isauo. 
Charlen, nlio il. younf^. 
Edward, who d. in France, in liu hven- 

tietli year, and was brouj;ht o*^r tni 
intrrredatScrivelsby. 13ih Mny.lOM. 
CllARLC^, his heir. 
Lemis, ancceasor to his brother. 
He d, about the year lOW. and wrsj. by ki» 
eldest 9urtivinf( bod, 

Charces Dthokv, eJU]. This ^ntleman 
ful611ed the duties of champion at the coro- 
nation of WiLUAM and Makv. and likewise 
at the coronation of Qiurii \Nn.t. He re- 
presented the county of IJncoln in parlia- 
ment, from 1608 lo 1701. He m. Jane, 
dttufrhler of Robert Snoden. esq. but dyin)^ 
«. p. I7tb Januar)', 170!2"3, wos t. by kis 

Lkwis UTUnKe, esq. who officiated as 
champion at the coronation uf tlie two first 
monorchs of llie line of Ilruntiwick. Hn 
was member of parliament for the count)' 
of Lincoln from 17U3 to 1705 inclusive, and 
from 1710 lo 1713. This genlteman lived 
to an advanced a^, being bRplired ut Scri- 
velsby, 14th February, 1600, and Iteing bu- 
ried there *i6tb February, 17O0, at whirii 
time be had completed his ninety-firtt year. 
Herf. unmarried. and the e}itale«.i(Serivels- 
by devolved, under bis will, upon biscoosin, 
Edward Dthokc, esq. who. not living at 
the period of a coronation, bad no oppor- 
tunity of perfnrmini; his oflicial duties a* 
champion. He m. Elisabeth, daughter of 

SpKrave. and relict of James Coward, 

and ilyinp 12th Sept. 1700, waa#. by his son, 
John Dyhdke, esq. who performeil the 
duties of champion at the caronation of Kim§ 
OftnROE HI. The following pamgrmpb il 
taken from tlie British Chronologisl for (ha 
month of September, 1761. 

*'Sept.lH. Acolonel'sguard monnted 
at Whitehall, aud were pliici-d at all 
the avenues lo the abbey, hall, Itc. ; at 
nit;bt Westminster Halt was iUnml* 
naled, and John llymitke, e»(|, put on 
bis armour and tried a grey horse 
(which his late majeKiy rode at iba 
buttle of Dcttingvn) before iheir Royal 
Hit;hnesses the Duke of York and 
Prince Henry, the Duke of Devote 
shire, he; several other horse* were 
walked and rfide up and down tbe ball ; 
and Earl Tnlboi also tried the hone be 
intended to ride on tlie coronntion day." 
This grnlleaian nt. Martlia, daujchter and 
heir of Josiah Holmes, esq. and had. nith 
three dauf^hters, two sons, viz. 
Lew 19. his heir. 
Jons, sBccesMr lo his brother. 



B« A OA Muck. 1784, and ww «. by bU 

Lewis I1YU01.K, mri. ThU e^nllpinan 
cUiBivd beforv Ibr hoti»if of lordx tilt old 
ftaio%v OF MAiiMin>.' bul unswcrssfully. 
He w»* ftbrrilT iif LiitciilitAhir^ in 1780. Nol 
btias !■ ibe lime of a coronation, he lisd no 
■yper tiiui ty nf offiaiitini: iif> champion. \ie 
^vamarrird. 12Ui M«y, IHQU, aud wm j>. 
b« kfa hrnilier. 

The Rkv. Johx Dymokf, ifK^tor of Scri- 
*cl»by-, pn-b«tid&r>' of Liiicotu, ttc. Tliie 
pMl#nsii ^in^ called npon to ofttcinle as 
OiUirioK M lb» cttronarion of Kinff GEonr.E 
IV. wm ehhgeA, omng to bin clericil rha- 
iVKlrr, to nd b\ deputy, and be Ilu-rrfore 
■ppolBb^d bifi rider son, tbf |ir«>9(>iit H(:nrv 
IHiloftK, wbo Fulfilled tlie duties of the 
•ceordiaKly. Mr. Drmoke cepoused. 
Jttiy. 1780, Aiiir1ia-Jnne-Alii'<'.ilHti);li- 
■f (^pCaio Elpbinstone. of the British 

H^ • to jd 

■ amm, mn 

* to S^, 1814, T>ewM nvmnlo, esq. anrlr of 
t sbaaipion, prpw^iierd ■ petition to tlH> 
pta y iog to bi decUrvd <>uitil«d to the Ra- 
Ar Mabwiom, of SerirelabT. io Tirtu« of the 
«f tW nannr of Scxivrlabr ; wluek poti- 
rvlnrvd to tlu> •(birnoy-general, who 
tmrimf wpawJ tbtTvoa, lb« awne wm> referred to 
Aa Hm** of Lofds, where c*id«icc was nc**ired 
■t ifca bar, aod tbv eUinaalB ctiuiuei niuunoarrd 
^ vbcB tb» nioraey^aeral wu bpaid in reply. 
UBi« documents on ilw part oF ibe 
b«t tb» cUitaint died before tbe judg- 

** Wi*b T*»pecl In Ibn rlum," aay« Nirolan, 
•• It ia IB ha •baorred. that tbough the nmnor of 
ItfinMiT w«» bitkl by tba Mrrics of (lerfunu- 
1^ A* aAea o^ Iritif '■ rbBHi{iiuD by RDtw>ii de 
■■■««■. te lb* Rt)v° oi Vi illiuu tlie Cuntjurror, 
W waa i«bC by msun tbanof a bnroa, but by 
aanaa nf tb* bn laij aad mitla of Tamworiu, 
aUab W bvM of iJw kiug in cajiiie by kni^liU' 
BO tbat, if St ibiB |i«nual hunmii-^ by 
«ra aduiit*!! . the pannaor of ilw msnor 
«l kw^kbtp of Tuntrortfa. ('which la the diviaion 
rfbkaprafwrty M\ tntbfAttwaofJoane.hiaeldeM 
miim nf U illinin Mottayn, and on ber 
a. ^. ID Alaxander Frcrillc. httsband of 
io^fbCar Mtd beir of Ralph t'nmwi^ll. by 
tW oeu aiater of the said Joan d« Mo«- 
> waoU pnmioa Uw cUin to ibe burony eu- 
by RofaMt ilv ManairOD, b« haWoft d«rived 
bM davaiif fcnat tbal bamay iMlead of ftvm ibe 
MH^Bof tba aaaor urSi;ri*<J«bv. Murcovvr, if 
FbA^ MamycMi, tb* ImI barwn, bail >li«d wiaed 
rf a kvmT in trt. LcwU' Dyincke wai not eren 
a fl»b*u trf the ajud t^bili;*. ibouftb be waa thv 
of use «l' bis daujcblen snd co-bain." 

uavy. nod admiral of' the RiiMian tlftU by 
whom be bad isiaie, 

HrMIV, prraent rAatrnptoM, 


u '> these ladies are bolb dend. 

Mary, > 

Maria-Cienrgi.itiii, m. '2i»t Ju!y, l»32. 
to .Sir John MaiiHi'I, l>;irl. 
He rf. ,'Jrd Uecemher, 1838. and was suc- 
ceeded ill (lie Manor of Schivkijiby. (by 
which the champiniiship is conrerred), and 
his other estate*, by his elder son. 

Arms —^.crt>wiied 

LrDi^^w. Az. Ihrce lions paBsanl. rv- 

fCnnlauiit, wrj:. 
Marmvon. Vairee, az. and lUf". a fesse 

frttlj, iinles. 

KiLPKCK (tin stated in (ho college book^, 

but probnb]y borne as tlie badge of 

nffii-eorCHAMP(t>N,»-eRaipb Brooke *a 

discoverj" of CanidenV errors). Sa. 

a sword erect in pule nr^. billed or. 

JIebden. Enn.rivefua^ilainfestfcgnlea. 

Ryk. Gules, ou a bend arg. three rye 

stalks and ears, sa. 
Welles. Or, a lion rampant, dooble 

queued c^a. 
Watrrtos. Barry of six, erm. and 
gules, over all, three crescentii, sa. 
<f ^suAYNE. UiUes, a feaaedancetteeor, 
between aix croM croBslctsofthe IbM. 
Sparrow. Arg. six span-ows, aa. ibree, 
two, and one, on a chief indented, go. 
tH'oswords in snltier between as many 
wolves' bcDtls era-ted or. 
Talboys. Arg. a saltier gules, on a 
chief of the second, tlircv escallop 
shells of the finil. 
BaKKROFK. Gnles, on a bend arg. three 

cint[uefoiU an. 
PiiicwirH. Oulcs, two bends, or. 
I'Mi'iu.viLLe. flulen, a cnnc^uefbtl ar. 
within an orle of eight cross crossletrf 
Kyme. Oulen, a eberron or, between 
nine cross croA*let«, arg. 
Crtatt — Pint, a sword erect, org. hill and 
pommel or. Second, a lion passant «rp. At 

crowned or. Third, tbo scalp of a^rc, ' )|hfkji 
ears en-ct ppr. -" 

Motio — Pro RegB Dimico. 
Seat — Scrivelsby Court, county of Lincoln. 
The chief part of Scrlvelsby. Court, the 
aiu-ient baronial seat, wn? destroyed by 
fire tXxxy or screnty years iigo. In ihe part 



coBSUBKd nru a very large hall, on tlie 
imnnels of thf HainiH-atiiig uf wliicli na» 
dejiuiU'il tlir vartuuii iirm* aiid alliauceft nf 
t]ie family tliroiigh all irtt nutiuToiirt And far- 
traced descents. Tbe loss liitu been, in some 
dE>{;rpp, I'tvmpcitMtrd by llir addition which 
the late pro^irietnrA made to tlifwc parts 
nhieb es4*flped th» riiTHjres i>f the ftiiRieti. 
AKuin»l the M>uth wall uf the chancel, in the 
parish chiirch of ScriveUby, is a very hand- 
some marble luonument, aniaineiited with a 
biiMt of the Hon. Lewis DynioLe, champion 
at thi; cnrniiatinii of the two lir^t sovereit{ii)i 
of the llau^ of U^uI)>^viL'k. Dn the north 
kide of the chujicel i» a marble tablet to the 
momory of the Hon. Jnbn llyuiuLe, w]w 
performed tlie dutie« of champiuu at the 

eorunation of A"!!!!? Gmboe HI. On the 
floor of the »«mth side of the coinmunioa 
table is a plate of cof>per, on wbicb » au 
inAcription to tlie memory of Sir CIuu-Im 
Uymoke. kiit. wbo was cliaiiipioD at the 
ouroiiation uf Hintf Jam^.^i II. At the ea»tern 
end of the aisle are two tombs, uu one of 
ivliiili in the (i^re of a iLnight i» chaia 
urinwir, cros»-Uggedt on the other that nf a 
l»dy wifli » lion at her feet. Uy the fride of 
thes« U ibe tomb of Sir Hubert l>ymoke, 
who wa» cliampioQ at the e-oroDBli<ia» vf 
Richard Ml, HkNRV VII. and IUary VIU. 
On the Door of tlie ai^e it also a »tone wbick 
otive coDtained a kraw (i^re, with comtr 
shields, and au lUMrription. all of uhii-li are 
now gone. 


■ -wC Jnfc 




PAYNTER, JOHN,ejiq. of Boflkenna, b thecoiinty of Cornwan, 4. in I790;». t» 
the «statea upon the dcmue of hi« father. 


He etfpouard Kleuior Wilton, and wa# /. 
bj lti» son, 

Gr,Oii(.e Patntek, who m. ^di April, 
IJ)fi.% Anae Andiome, and was father of 

William Pavstck, esq. Thi» gentleman 
commenced, in th« >ear lOW.tke purchaav 
nf Ibe pre»ent prn|ierty in tlie deaiiert' of 
lliiryan for bis 8«cond son. He m. Marjr 
Keifpv'in, and bad iasuc. 

I. AKTHrR,arTreliMirk, whom. Sarab ' 
Praed, and was j. by hin i>on, 

Fhancis, wbo m. bis fint I'vwmi, 
Mnr^nrel, daughter of Fraocu 
Payutfr, esq. of Boskeona, and 
bad au only (Uuf;bler and beirett, 
Mary, of Trrli«iick, who es- 
poused Juhu Hrarte, eaq. 
and had three dani^btrri (co- 
hein-Hieii). one uf whom at. 
Captain Wallis. the circooi- 
•avigator; another. Hear)'- 
Hawkins Tremayne, esq. of' 
Heli^an, and was mother ofj 
tbe late member for Corn- 
wall -, und the third, Jan*, 

Tliid famSy aettled at a remote era at 
Lilhney. in (he count)' of Cornwall, where 
the monuments of its niember« are numerous. 
V ^' \' It afterwards acquired Deverell, in the 
"^ ' -mtyinntKiuriDif parish of Gwinear; and, sub- 
seqii^iiilv, Tn*H»sick, in the a^oiuing dis- 
trict of St. Erih. 

WiLUiM CanbokmEt alias Patnter. of 
neterrll, obtaioed, in l&fiO. a srant of the 
armorial ensiiEtix nou borne hy lbi» family. 



espoiwed Colonel Prancin 
Ritld, ofTreburtlia. nnd wiut 
IDullicr of (hf (irt'n^nl Fraii- 
ctM Hparli* Kotlil. «m]. of 
3. F>^KCii, of whom w« are Bbont to 
Tlir — coad MB* 

PlUKCIl PaVVTUI, esq. of lloAkpniiii, m. 

Margaret, daoghter of Pnwiett. eM|. of 

Kllbortt* ia Miildlrsrx. aud tiMil issue, 
LHCtt, hb lucceceor. 

m. to hrr cousin, Proiicis 
Payuirr, e»q. of TkIUsJcL, and had 

tfr. Pat-nter waa j. at hta decease by Lift 

Fainris Paymtui. eM(. of Bv«keiiiiu, who 
■. Mrs. Mary llawiey, and was fuiiirr of 

Flumtu PiYMTCR, eiq. of Boakeiiiia. nho 

m. Mary, daiigliler of dilly, esq. and 

was M, by hill Aon, 
Jamfs Fav\tkk. ewj. of Bo^kriiiia. who 

eM(Mnt»nl Hetty, diiu]j;liter of Welhcr- 

head, nq. and bud iMue, 
John, hiit hrir. 

TLoniAA, wh<^ Nt. Anne, claii^htf.r of W. 

Moody, v»i\. of Kiiifpcdun, HomerHt- 

ehire, and lia« issue. 

Mr. Pa>7ifer wdb ». at his decrane by hia 

elder )K>ii, the prf»«nt JoilN Pavnter, esq. 

of iloftkenna. 

Armt — Az. thref> bloc-Ls iirg. eat-h chArg«d 
H'tlb un uunulet sa. (gninled ^'iiid July, 

tVeit — Three brokeu broad arrow*, or, 
knit with a lace and mantled gu. doubled 

Eitaif — Tluekeniia, in the doauery of 
Uuryaii, Cornwall. 

■S«al — Buskenna, near Penzane«. 


[, M^ILLlAM.eaq. of Blackwell Cranpe, in the connty PiJiitlne of Diirtiaiu, 
ijr, l'9iS, I. tu the estates upon the demise of his relativo, George Allan, 
w|..3Ut Julj, 18*28. 



Ty»ia » braiu-li of thtt ancient family of 
JIh at BockcnluUl and Urockhoiue, in 
ksrvaftt} of HufforU. 

Geoitr.F. Al.t.AN. esq. of Yarin. in York- 

iiltire, (second oou of William AIIjiii, esq. of 

llruekhouKe). m. ii dmi};hter of — Clifton, 

and had (with other children, who d. t. p.) 

I. Thomas, (eldest son) b. in 1061, of 

Newca»tle-upon-Tyne, wlio amamed 

a 1ar|^ fortune In the colleries, and 

piirehased estates, a part of which 

Dtill retains the name of ^Vllun's Klatts, 

near Chester le Street. He lefl four 


1. John, who d. unmnrried. 

2, GeorRe, of Ncwcnstle-jipon- 
Tyne, who d. Ath October, 1720, 
leaving four daughters, his co- 
heirs, vix. 

Anne, m. tn William Ilii-ks. 
diirgeuii of Chulhaui Ho^pi- 



rm ^^n^r^^^KK^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M 

^R 40 



tal, and htu\ a ton. George 

by government contracts, bnilt Black- 



well Grange. He (/. in 1743, Iraving 


St. Jmni-s's. 

(with n daughter, tlannnh, who m. 


Cntlteriiie, m. tn Capt. Richard 

Farrow Eden. esq. of Darlinglon.aiHl 


Pid^'on, antt</. in 17ti6. 

li. in I77K) an unly anrviving son, 


SuMin, J. uninnrriod, 1781. 

tiEnRfir, of llUekweU Grange, who 


Rat^lmel, ti. unm»rritd. 

espoused, in 1717. Thomosine, 


3. IJnm'i, an eminviit ini-rcli&iil, at 

daughter and co-hcircas of Ar- 


RoRerdam, who m. Susan, eldcut 

thur Presrott, esq. of Blackwell, 


dau^htt-r uf John Colville, e«q. 

in the eounly of Durham, and tf. 


or \S'hili;liuud«, in the counlv of 

3Ut July. 176:j, leaving tbre« 


Durliam, and sister to Cnniilla, 

daughters, his ro-heir^, vis. 


couiiti'BsofTaukerville.liy wIkihi 

1. Dorothy, H, unmarried, fa 


(tvlio '/. 11th JaiiiiAr>-. 1782, at 



the advanced age of 92} hv lind 

3. Catlierine, d. unmarried, ia 



175.1, and buried with greal 


Juho, who was killed hy a fall 

funeral pomp, in Darlingtoa 


frura hU horse. 



Charles, Komclimt.- of Rottvr- 

3. Anne, who eventnally be< 


daui, anerwsrds of the city 

can3e sole heiress. She d. in 


of Norwich, who left by his 

October, 1786, and devised 


wife, Hannah, itniij^htrr of 

all her estates in Durham 


— BrowD, two dauf^literg, his 

andVurkshire tohercouidn. 


co-heirs, riz; Susannah, m. 

and nearest male relation of 


lo — Liltledale, pAq. and the 

lier name, James Allan, esq. 


younger, m. to M. Jackas, 

uf Durlinglou. The memory 


of Holland. 

of this lady, who wan lon|^ 


4. Thomas, of Allan's Flatls, who 

di»tiuguished for her bene- 


*, to the bulk of his father's pro- 

volence anil exleiisive chart- 


pert}', was one of ttie principal 

ties, is M) much and deser* 


coal-owners on the river Wear. 

vediy revered at I)arlioglOD« 


Mr. Allan d. uiiivcrsnily lament- 

that lirr portrait hangs over 


ed, In 1740. leaving four daugh- 

the ehiruney-pieee of every 


ters his i-o-heirs, {who conveyed 

respectable parlour in th^ 


the whoie of tUeir father's great 

place. _ 


wealth to their respective hus- 

lit. Robert (seventh son), who (/. ut Alt' 


baiid?) riz. 

tigua, leaving an only daughu-r ao4 


Siuan, m. to Ralph Jeanison, 

heiress, Elisabctli. who m. — Burke, 


eoq. of Wttlwortb Custle, iu 

esq. ^nd had nu only daughter and 


ihe eounty of Durham, M. P. 

heiress, who espoused John BlskOj 


for Northuuiberlaud, and 



masttr of the stag houndji to 

IV. NiCHm.A» (eighth sou), of whom 


King GeofttiE H. 




V. James (ninth son), tf. young. 


esq. of Wratting Park, in 

The eighth son of George Allan, of Yam, 


the county of Cambridge, 

NlCKuus AlXAN, esq. of tfad 


M.P. for Leominster. 

county of Diirliain, m. in IflBl, Elizabeth^ 


Dorothy, m. to James Garland, 

onlydau. of William Sober, f«<|. of Cocker- 


eMi. of Michael Stow Hail, 

ton, county of Durham, (son of Robert Sober, 


ilt the irount>- of Essex. 

esq. of Nestfield, in tiie latter i»hire. whicti 


k Cnmilln, m. to Itoliert Shafto, 

estate descended to the Allans) und bji4 


esq. of Benwell, in the 

fourteen children, upon the yonngert oi 


county of Northumberland. 


^^^^H • 

tt. George (sixth von), b. in 1063, who 

}*MK,>> Allan, e»q. of Blackwell GraQge, 


settled at Darlington, as a general 

tlic family estates eventually dcvolmt. This 


uierchaat,iuidmakingalarge fortune 

gcntlemau ee[K>uaed Elizabeth, daughter of ^ 



■■faiB Pemb^rton. rsq.* hy Elixahpth, 
^^Irr of John KUlin^lixU, rif). of Miil- 
na BLGmrge. iu tUtr connh- of Uurbam, 
■■ailed frwrn John dr K,\il>iii;biiU, uho 
■g i« g j of ibe tnanur uT Nrtlier Mitldli'trm, 
1417. mmI wlioM ion aud heir, Joilin Kit- 
'ighftll. m. Beatrice, (lau)$bl«r of John 
Icms'K. of Crufi, in Yorkahirc, ewj. re- 
rtwaUiliw ufthal aut'it^Qt Norman fauiilv. 
Ir. AUan 4^.10 l71M.s«ued,(b«sidefl leaving 
Urfv pcnocMl prupeii}*,) fur trnn of life 
ri in frTt of c^Utrti at Blackwell Gmnge, 
'ilun HAl FaiiB, Do(lDiire«, D&rlingiou, 
liB Uoiur, NrstfieM, &c. iu the county of 
NiKff^. uhI of thi- niiiDun or lordshipii of 
fefWr Wonall, Ap}>leioti-u|)oii-Wiiik.p, and 
laftao. Bad eftates at Ergbolmt', and a 
wi«t7 of the tnanur of Ualton-upon-Tref, 
» tW Karth Riding of tlir county of York, 

iJcoMf^ 1ii> succcMor. 
JuBM, 4^. uoiuarriMl, 96tl) Scptriuber. 

■olicft, of Sunniiid«. iti the county of 
t>arhara, lonl <if tbt- niatior of Barton, 
ni tlw (-(lunty i>r Vurk, and of the 
mmmor of Ingluton, and of e<latcs at 
Bwfc op Wrarmoulb. Nc5tfielU, &c., 
DufcUB, He M. eiiiLa)»eth. one of 
tk* ^Anj^bter* anil ro-hrin-siycft of 
Robf-n Harrifton. a wpalth}* merchant 

IalttoiMlerlaiid. and d)ing2H(liMiirch, 
IflOB, poa WK fd of a large penMHial 
pfvperry, Irft iMu#, 
1. KoBKNT. of Nrwboltle. io tlie 
^C cottntr of Durham, b. lOtli Ai^ril, 
^m ITflfi, who m. Hannah, thinl dan. 
^^ ot Wk. llavelock. ship-oniKT, 
Hand alsterofWillinu] HavdrK-k. 
^m vvq. Utr of IngrrM Park, Keni, 
^r (mUcIi he M>ld to (Tovfmntrtii for 
opwanlA of 1*7M.1MK),) and left at 
Ititdviniw.'ZTth December, 1613, 
WiuJiy, who i. to lllackwell 
^B Grange at tlie d«iuiiH> of ht« 

^K rrUtire George Allan, c»q. 

H 3lAt July. 1828. and is the 

^P rttLfe£>r HEpnucNTArivK or 

* hj iIm naniiga tka mmtar mk) lordshtii ^ 
, ta iL* coontjr of York, ewM to tli« AlLuta. 
I gr«at-f nndMn of John 
I. *w]. of AtcUbjr, Hid ht» wife, I*abol 
''**T. |iMlliinlilii of Sir RiJph (Jrvy, knt. of 
' of tbe pmnt E*aL Catr. 

Rol>crt-Hpnr>',F.S-A. of New- 
bottle Honse, and of Dur- 
ham, the autJior of a bislory 
of the rity of Durham, tec. 
b. 22nd January, 1K4)2. 

John-EdKard, h, 'ihth Jtute, 

CeorKe-ThoiHM, k. lllh Oc- 
tober. 1804. 

Jiinien, &.2nd December, 1607. 

Elizabeth- Anne, m. 21«t May, 
1832, tn ni^njaniiii Diiuii, 
eflq, of llarwonh, in the 
county of Durham. 


Johanna- Mary. 


CaroUne-Jane, «■>. 29th Sep- 
tember, 183t, to William 
HuotiT Burne, esq. capt. in 
the Durham militia, grand- 
son of Charles Burne, i-«|. 
by Philadelphia, danghn-r 
and co-heireiM of Thomas 
Laiublun, esq. of Hurdwick, 
iu thf! county of Durham, 
great grandson of Sir Wil- 
liam Lainbton, of Lambton, 
Lnl. slain at Manitun Moor, 
(ancestor of the present Lord 

2. JoHN,ofBlackwcll,inlhecourty 
of Durham, M. A. a justice of the 
peace for tliat shtre, a* well as for 
Ute North Riding uf the county 
of York. This gentleman, who 
Is lord of the manor of Barton, 
in Yorkshire, and owiier of es- 
tates at Blarkwell, Sftfltfield, 8ic. 
in the County Palatine, wu ii, 
30U) August, 1778. 

3. EliulH-lh, m. to John Maling, 
Mq. of Hylton, in the county of 
Durham, and d. in imo. 

4. Anne, d. luiniarried in 1H(>7. 

!i. Mary, m. 13lh June, 1802, to 
John-Henry Johnson, esq. a cap- 
tain iu the north York militia. 
The eldest bod, 

GeoRiiR AlJJiN, esq. of Black well Grange, 
F.S.A. who is designated in Sir John Preit- 
wick's JietptthlicH, as " a learned, studious, 
and caroftil preserver of English antiquities, 
aud a favoun'r of literature ;" and by Mr. 
Surtece as un rminuut antiquary and col- 
lector, wu born 7th June, 1730. Besides 



urenil Ifiaroed and vatuable publicitioiis of 
hi)! owu. which wurv priated at bia i>rivat(> 
press, at Blnckwell Grange, Mr. Alliin );c* 
ueroiuly aMUted, and vrn» thR patrun mid 
original promoter of Mr. lIutchiiiBon'^ His- 
tory of Durham. Hu m. Itftli SrplcmbtT, 
1706, Anop, oR]y daughter and hpirfiw of 
Janieji Cotliuf; iSicboltton, iwq. of 8cniton, in 
the connty of Yurk, and had igsue, 
Geurge, bii» BuccvMor. 
Jameii, h. '27tli Fvbruitry, 177*2, a vupl. 
in the 'Jdtb rctgiment of foot, tt. of lh(> 
yellow fever, in the island of tireiindu, 
Mth M»y, 17U5. 
Anue, *H. to John Wriglit, es*). of Bolloii- 
on-Swate, in llie county of York, and 
d. in 17117, jearing two sone and two 
Eliiabf^th, m. in Norember. 1701. to 
Seymour llodgvon, esq. of Richmond, 
in thf county of York. 
Ilannali, rf. youn};. 

JDorotliy, d. unmarried, I8lh Soptt^^tubcr, 
Mr. Allan </. I8tb May, 1800, and was ». by 
bis cider son, 

Georgk Allan, f»M[. of BUckwIl GmuKc. 
M.A., F.S.A., a ffentlenian, not more dis- 
tinguished for hia literary talrnis than for an 
elegant, accomplished, and f<;eiifrou£ mind. 
In 1H13, upon i1n- retirpmi-nl of Mr. Ralpb 
LambtoD, .Mr, AHan, afti^r a long and severe 
cunlest, was elected a re presents tire iu par- 
liament for ibo city of Darbam.* He m. 
Prudence, daughter of William Williamii. 
esij. but had no iMue. Mr. Allan, who was 
a justice of the peace and deputy of the 
rounty of Durham, </. at Sl Diner, in Franco. 
31»t July, 183ft, and leaving no is&uc. Ibe 

* The Dumbera nl th« close of the poll frcrv — 

Far Mr. AUko 440 

Mt. Baker 360 

family estatei devoUed. u stated aJboi 
upon bis reUiive. William .\ll4n. ck). oc 
of Blttckwttll Grange. 

^mu— (JIARTmiY or KIGHT. 

AUJtK — Sa. ■ rrofts potent quartc 
pierced or, r.hari;ed wirli four gnl 
de sang, in chief two Uodr* h< 
erased of the second, all within 
bnrdiirr ingrailed erruiuois. 

PE«BRRTft\— .\r. a t?|]H\ron ermine' 
tween three griffins' headn couped 

IllNOHAit&ii — Gu. in a marsh, a hind 
Uwlged |ipr. 

KiLi,iNr>H.tLL — Gn. a bend raguly af;^ 
between three garbs or. 

HrRnp.WYK— Or a mannch sa. between 
three martlets gu. 

Lambton— Sa. a fcss between thr 
lambs pa«sant arg. a trefoil ga. 
the fess, for cadency. 

D<>DS»i>RTH— Ar. a chevron sa. charged 
wub three bezants or, between three 
bugle-horns, stringed of the M^romt., 

Crftt — A demi-lion rampant arg. duull] 
crownetT gu. hoMing in tlic dexter paw 
cross potent or, and supporting with tJie 
nister paw a rudder of the second. 

Motto — Forliter gerit crucem. 

KttaleM — The manors or lordships 
Nether Worsall, otherwijie Low Worsall, 
Applctun-upoD-Winkc; c»tatcf-at Erybol 
and n inolet) of the manor or lonlsfaip 
Dalion-iipon-Tees, in the North Hiding 
tliv county of York. At Blackwell Gri 
Potiim Hill Farm, Dodinircs, Darlingtc 
Hill House, &c. in the county Palaltne. 
the^e pofiseMions, eiccepling the manor 
lordship of .\.ppteton-upon-Wiske, poi 
chased by Mi»s Ann Allan, were acqtui 
by George Allan, esq. who was b. in 1003. 

.Veuz—Blackwell Grange, iu tLe countyi 



WILUS, RICHARD, ««). of HiiUnead Park, and of Hall of the HUt, bath in the 
^L county of LAiica«ter, l. IBtii S«plenilwr, \7I'M, m. Cicely, 

^H only daughter of JoMph Fii>ld«n, escj. of Wttton Park, mwr 

^H JJtf\ Blarkbiirne, a branch of the ancient and ennobled family of 

^^ >a | C^jt Denbigh, by whom (who d. in April, 1 822) he ha« hail issue, 

»^- jT Richard, of Went CottrtKe, near Lcie^ater, h. Kith July, 

^ / 17M7,M. 17lhJuly, IHli»,iAcy.dauf;bternud co-lifiress 

ItflL «tflL 1 *'*^ Henry Alhcrton, c«j. barrister at law, of the family 

I>i5i of Athert^JD, of Atherlon. 

I — ^ Jtwcpli, yf Calcutta. *. Ktli JiUy, 17t». 

DauieK h. 4lfa Au|;u»t. 171K). 

JuUu. h, 7th UcKjIht. 1793. m. Blh March. 1831. Eliza. 
daiiKtitt-r of George Roach, esq. of Everton, near Lirer- 
)ioul. whicli m.irrmi;e has tiince becu aQtmUcil. 
Henry, b. Urd April, 17D6, lieutenant in Iht- }.Hb light 
dntgoooc, rf. n liilc oil scrfice with his rcKimuul at Reta, 
in the proriuvc of Leoa, Spain, I3th October, 1813. 
WQliMi, i. SCh May. 17!)6. a oiid^ihipiiiaii iu the ro^al aavy. d. at Conuinn, iu the 

SoTveillanre frigittr, 3Ut Augii-ii, 1812. 
IWwu. i. 27th April. IWM. 

Fri-dtf-rici, lieutenant in the 9th lanceni. A. I7tti July, IMfl. 

EdMB/d.U^ul/-iiaiitin lhe37thre^inentof infaiilr)'- ^-t^'h Oct. IrtOd.m. IStb Hny,183l, 
IJairictle, «taiif;]it4-T and co-bciress of the late lieul. col. Kobbias, and has issue, 
Ed wanl- Rii-Iiard- William. 
Ibr^ganrt-Oorothea, m. lit May. 1821, to Charles- Robert Sberbounie, esq. of Hirst 

Baiue, sou of the late admiral, hoiiuruble Robert Ili);by. 
OeriUa, m. IBlb Septrmher, IHIH. to Tbumas Farrer, esq. son of the late Jam«B 
Farrer. est), of Ineteboroitgh, near ClapUani, in (he eounty of York, and has issue, 
I. Thomoi-Hear)-. 4. Cecilia. 

3. William. 5. Mary. 

3. Frederic k-W ill is. G. Ellen. 



rar«Jl»r. J. imh March, 1800. 
r. WiOip, who rebuilt the Hall at Halsnead, s. his father in 1790. 


TVs femily of l>R Aktku, or Uaniki^ 

Mr. Willis derives in lineal de»- 

aoeMBpanicd WujJ4H the Cvnqueror 

kta BaglMld in H>fl6. and Ihr name of iIm 

IMtotk ii to be found innrribrd an the roll 

tf tattrl AbWy>* Owing, htmevvr. to the 

tULtiw oif d«e4tt in the turbulent times 

!^Cii»aij;s I. tb» UseajKe can only be traced 

. aaosmcy from the year I3d0. 

* BuHh/* Ctlitui md D^mimt Pmrngr, 

Wii-UAy Db AsYRfui, sen. of I>aresbur>-, 
in Cheshire, espoused, in 1270, Apies, 
d«U),'htfr of Thumiu de LeK^. of Hiffh Lcgh 
of llie Wp!«I Hull, and hud, nith several 
duughters, thrct: sons, vi:c. 

I. Thomas. 

3. W'illinm. who inlierited his fnlhcrls 
lands in fhiresbury. and left iswie at 
his decea-v. in 1300, with i^evenil 
other children, u son aad Miccciisor, 



John (Sir), km. of Daresbury, 
whose aoQ, 

WiLUAH D'AVYKRS.eii^utliiii^ 
ClrnieDcc, dauglitcr and 
tivirt-ss of Alan d« NorrcjPi 
obtainf^d large fiorsAf^iUiioiiK 
in Chosliire and Laiiciuhirc : 
and from tlii» marnu^e dt-»- 
ceiidcd (lie Ilnnie-llH of 
Darrabury, a family wliirh 
existed iu 16C6, u]i(;ii Sir 
Pcttr LejxeakT iiublinlied 
biii biattiry of BiirVlow Hun- 
drftd, but which ha« been 
extinct now for several years. 
3. John. 
Th* eldest wn, 

Thomaii Dp. Anyek.s. lind lands in Limmr 

by f^nuitDf bis falber. 17tb EniviHU II. and 

imrcbued, in 1301, Bradley, from Peter 

Uiitlnn, lord of Warburton. He m. firat. 

Maritnn'l, daiiphier of Adam de Tablcy, 

NHil iiH<t, wiib otber rhildren nho all d. t. p. 

Thomas (Sir), who m. Unbel. daufchter 

and hrirc9!i«f W illiaiu Bnggiley.and 

dyiiiK lit the lifetime of bis father, 

'Jlilb Edward 111. left an only daugb- 

Mar^iARKT. lieireM to alt her mo- 

lber'« Und», ihuKC of her falbt^r 

htlag Mttled ou the heirs male 

of the De Anycrs : ahe w. ihrier. 

John (8ir), of Uro|)«nliale, who innrried 

(w((ie, but had IMiie only by his finut 

wife, Joan, dAu^hter of Sir Willinni 

lloydell, iiiixl sifttrr and co-heir to 

William lloyilell, of Dodlcoton, in 

the county of Cbesliire, vii. 

Hul>rrt, f/. «, ;», in 43rd Edwakd 

MarKin^t, nHianced to Sir Rubrrt 

(iro^veiior. btil d. utimarried. 
Nkuilaa, heireu to her mother's 
tnnda, left an only dauf^bter and 
MuriearFl, m. to Alan de Kix- 
tiiti. and 4. without usac, 
Thonina Pr Anyorn. of Hrndlcy, eapnuscd. 
■et-ifitdly, Joan de Norrey», ninl left, with 
litn ;toiiii|i;i'r auna, 

HlH TlloHAli IIH AkyKR!). knt. of Over 
Tibivy, *vbo inbertlfil his fnlber'a p«tBteii 
ll|ioll the ilrrenae of Ilia half brotlii-r. Sir 
Tb'inini una a warrior of iiole. and wr*ed 
Htlli dlallnrtlnti under lli<- f>imniiit llti^h de 

Cnlrelcyr of Lea. He eapooaed Katbrrine, 
daughter and lieireM of WQlJaui, son of 
Adam de Over TabLey, and iipvn lhii« mar 
riage onc-tbird part of Over Tabley wat 
settled on Sir Tbuiitua De Anyers and hu 
wife. FIi« eldest ftnr, 

TuctMAs De AnYEKS. of Over T-iblev, m 
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Kicluird Ariod 
of Aston, and widow of Thomas Bo)dell 
juti. of Uropenhale, and left at bis deccave, 
in 1431, witL other iwae, a ecu and auc- 

Thohak De Anyers, of Orer Tabley, 
sttled the elder, wbo m. in 1413, l^bel, 
daughter and beiretta of John Kixton, of 
lli^, by which alliance be a<-quircd laMb 
at Warrington. He n-as «. at bifi decwc 
by his eldest »ou, 

Thomas De Akykm. esq. of Over Tabley, 
who espousing, in 1440, Msnd, dauf^fbterof 
John Leycester, esq. of Nether Tabley, liad, 
with other issue, a son, 

Thomas De .\s yers, e^i. of Orer Tahley, 
who m. Catherine de Middleton, or .Milne- 
tOD, and wa? t. by his son, 

Thohaa De AxYERs,e*q. of Over Tabley, 
who took poflHssion of Cherry Tree Horvt, 
in Lymme, as ne>t heir, upon the decease, 
in \iSii, iflsuetess, of Thomas DanJcll, of 
Lymnie, t)ie last heir of that family. Thi 
matter M-aa not, however, fnlly selllnl itntfl 
till- award of William Hill. prebrnd.irv of 
Lirlilield. Mrd Hemhv VIII. when William 
Daniel], of Longdon. in Slaffardshire, w^ 
cUimed as next heir to Daniell, of Lvmme, 
3.t »on uf William, brother of John Danldl, 
Ijite of Cherry Tree Hurwt. eonvryed all kfa 
right in those landa to Tliontas I>e Anyen, 
c»q. grandson of this Thomas. 

Thomas Dk ,\nyers w. Blanch, daagbter 
of Piers Warburton, esq. of Arley. and 
dying in I41H, wa« «. by bi« eldest eon, 

PllRfi De Anyera, esq, of Over Tabley, 
wlio M. in 1400, Julian, dnugbu-r of Sir 
Peter Newton, seeretnry to Prinre Hrnr^, 
and WHS t. ul his demise, in 1523, by La 

Thokis De Anteiis, esq. of Over Tabley, 
nho purrhaMrd from W'iltiam Sneyd, Mik 
Henry VHI. the pro|»erty euUed Wicbe'f 
Ifind*. He m. Mnrpan.-t. dau|rhtrr of WQ- 
linm Wilbmhani, esq. uf Woolhcy, iu A* 
county of Chester, and had issue, 
Peter, his sacoeMor. 
Thomas, who inhrnted. upon the de- 
mise uf bis brother. 

^^^^^^^^^wffflsn^FHALSNEAD PARK^^^^^^^46 


^ ^WBIfaUB (Sir), n lawyer of eminence. 

cejtter. leavinfT (with a dan^hter. 


Marjpircl, who probably married into 


^B (tica^. 

the Mitii'hiill fmniU, a genileninn of 


H Kichznl. rf. in IflfM. 

that nanie being mentioned hf. the 


^1 Ellc-B, m. io 1563. lo John M1U8V, €!<([. 

nude of Sir Snmuei Iianieil) a sod. 


^M of Codinj^tun. 

Thohar, of Over Tahley. who M. 


^B Uaric&rTt. M. fint. to Christopher Hol- 

Alice, niere of Henry Neville, 


^L ford. cfq. of Ilcoit. ID Flintsliire. Don 

eaq. of Holt, in Leic<^?ter«hire, 


^K of Sir John Holftinl. of Holford : 

and had (with otber children who 


^B Bad. MYondly, to JaiuM Barker, of 

d. issue] fs») 


^1 Ilimond. 

1. S4M1T.L (Sir), who served 


^KThosuu Ik- Anycrs rf. in I6b\, siidwwf. 

aa colonel in Kinf( Williams 


B liy kis rMeal son. 

army, from which prince 


~ Pimm Ur. Anykm. esq. of Over Tnblcy. 

be received the honour of 


Tlu» i^adrniAD |tarrhaM<-d, in lAOti, the 

knightliond. He m. fint. 


Ball 0/ WoodUnds. in Over Tnbley, which 

Anne, tlau^liter of HoU-rt 


mt^gMtti to thi? crown upon the atiaiiider 

Tatton, esq. of Withenshaw, 


' «f MaOUx dr Ttililey. 'J'^nil Fduiku IV. 

in the coonty of Chet>ter ; 


b Bb wjwmaeal. in tAAU, .Vltce, daughter of 

and, seeoiidiy. Frances, 


^■6«M«|^ Bo<ilb, eaq. of Ihinhnm Musey, by 

daughter of tht' Hon. Robert 


^^AhwB be had an only dinKbl^r, 

Dortner, of Kowaham. in 


^H DoaumiT, who m. Williain, eon and 

Oxfordshire, by whom he 


^B heir of Richard Ma»9y. esq. of Rix- 

had an only daughter, Anne, 


^B toa, in the eoimty of Lanruster. 

who died in infancy. Sir 


^TTrtvr D*t Anyrrv dying Uius witliout luale 

Samuel H. 34th December, 


1 itmr, in 1&&7, H-as «. by bts brother. 

ITX. and by hi^ teatamen- 


TiMnbU 1>f: AsTrM. e»q. of Over Tabley, 

tiiry injunction ilireets bis 


«to ■. AJif'e, daiiKhter of Fuulk DuKuii, 

body to be buried in bin 


o^. af Gknler, and had, with other iMue. a 

chajvel At ItoHthome, where 



B monumeuC is erected to his 


memory. Hia cfttnlPB were 


hh pwccraaor to 1676. Thi« geiitleman 

len, by will, in the firnt in- 


T><iWd. ia IS174. Anne, daasbler of llenr}- 

stance strictly entailed upon 


Malarwanaip, eaq. of Carinckatn, Id Cheshire. 

strangers, of whom Ibe first 


kj wboca (who HihM'quenlly married Thomas 

were hi* great nephew*, the 


lltnU, eaq. of Sneienham, fa Cheshire, 

Bona of Charles I>ucken- 


Mri A la 1033) be had tnnie, 

liehl. esq. of Mobberly. in 


^k PrrcK. bis sacceaaor. 

Cheshire, by whom the nante 


^M Rtekard, tl. 1. p. 

and anna of l>aniel1 nere 


^H Praa<?Ks. m. lu Edward Utlleton, esi]. 

taken, the entail cm off, and 


^H ana of IJttleton. ol' PiUaloD. 

tlie estates sold. Thun the 


^B AMttr. 4. nnmairie«l. 

surviviii]^ ilesciMtdatit* of Sir 


^^K Mary, «• (tr»t. tn Jubn Woodrool, esq. 

Samuel'a great uncle. Co- 


•a4, artmodW, 10 John Kiog, eitq. 

lonel William Daniell, were 


ttmm, d, without Eaauc. 

deprived of their inherit- 


TV ctdvr aon and »uureMor, 

ance. alUmugh Culonel Wil- 


pRTta l>t Ak>e«s, esq. of Orer Tabley, 

liam Danietl. in order to re- 


vw hat aiv yeara of a|;e when hia father 

pair the injury the Tubley es- 


4»d- la leSA. he reprrsented the vouiily 

tates bad sustained, had left 


•f Cheater in (larlianiertt, and marryin]; 

from hisowndau.bis posses- 


IVi-l^r J^-ylil-' "f lli.-li«Nl (irfiMitfnnr, 

sions in Staffordshire to Sir 


(14. lit Ealno. in ('he^hire, had iaaue. 

Samuel Danielt'tt father. 


^K 1. pKTUL, of Uvrr Tabley. a raplain of 

3 Sarah, whofn.HewitlPark- 


^^ a foot company in ibe nr^imenl of 

er, esq. of Mobberley. and 


^H iaha. Ear) of Risers, raided for the 

had an only daughter. 


^H ktaf'a flrr>[ce. He rf. at Uxford ofa 

Sarah, who enpousing Sir 


^H ahet rccctTCfl at the siege of Oloa- 

C. Duckenfield.bLhad. 




with othpr (children, nho 
nil tL unmuTJed, a son, 
WiLiJAM (Sir). b«rt. 
wlio awuimeil, bj' 
act of parliampnt, 
lf«' surnBiiicoriM- 
NlKl-t. ii|mn iiiliorit- 
ing the Ibrtuni- of 
that family, I>ying 
witliuui is8Uf, (he 
eslalfg )]a«84.-tl from 
liiit relict to her se- 
cond hiisbnud, JoLii 

11. WlLUAM. of whom pn-aently. 

III. T]ion)n», Hlftin nt the buttle of Braia- 
fnnl, in l»43. 

IV. Mar);»rifl. IN. lo Richard Green, esq. 

V. Christian, m. to George DeTOii|>urt, 
etf(). ofCiiJvelry. 

V). Miiry, m. to Col. FitK' ollircr in 
t\\v parlianieiit uriuy, Kud a inembiT 
of the noble fiituily of Winchebea 
and Nutliughnin. 

VII. ElitnbtEth. 

VIII. Anne, m. to Robert Sun ford. esq. of 

Thr trcnnd »ua, 

WiLUAM tin A\YKK«, esq. waa colouel of 

o rfifiniftil of infiiulry, in the servit-f of the 

tmrliaiiti'iil, hrld uiidrr ihrec nevera] cf>m- 

nijpiiioii'i, "lill [in-'M'n'cd at ilnUiiciHl. \iz. 

iirflriit-ruU ralrftix, Cromwell. «iid AtotiL. 

|l<< m. Dorothy rurili,* of Wi^raii. in l^n- 

riiahirr, (To-hririH*" of William Forth, e«|. 

uf WlKan, by wlioiii lie had several chil- 

ttrfii, vIh. 

William. ( , , „ 
■ I \ a. t. p. 

fhiroiljy, (/, unmarrietl. 

1^1 i/4iii'.ril. of whom hpreafler. 


itirr, ) 


KIInm. whom. Ulh April. 1641, Martin 
Wllll*,t eaq. of HaUoead, and had 

' 'flrl* Mr hon dia anM of Holt uid Forth. 
Mnf owlwchtoff «# Holt, Mq. of Sberiog- 

I TIm fWHy of WitXM chlBi d«iicviit tram th« 
MMiMNl m4 MiHif«M r«uityof Wbu-u. Urowv 
WiIIm, *I I'. Ibx ««Uhn|M) Mliqiiariao, wu one 
itl (<■ iw«-»»iU(«, i.»nI ItU (l*»woiU«U hare MMimfid 
«>/ l*t« fof Mm •Niriant*' of Klimioo, IW ratsitw 
ftft lA lfi»w hi M«m|.-(.ir», wb«» lh»y ow n«w 

nuM m il. Id lU »wt»" "f (:ii*«ij* n. laoM*! 

I. TiioUAA Wii.u«, esq. of Hal>- 
ni'adaiKlofilaUn'th'Hill. Thii 
gentleman, wtio rebuitl the wpct 
front of Hall o' th' Hill. d. uom. 
itil727.and wa«*. by liisbrotlier, 
and Hall o' th' Hill, rebuilt the 
Dorth front of Httlmead in 1737; 
he m. Anne, daughii-r of Williaa 
Ffarrington, emj. of Skaw Hall, 
.in the county of lABOUter, but 
dying witbont isAue, Irt Nor. 
17fi.3, his estAtea paaaed to kit 
eo«»iii, Tbomiw Swettenbl 
Willia, eaq. of Snetlenbam, 
whoae demise aIso, «itbonl 
dren. the property devolved i 
his kinsman, Ralph Eahlc, 
The oldest surviving child, 

Eltzabc ni DE An t kks esponsed twiee; 
her seeond bnshaiid. W^iltiam Hullon, 
Khe hud one 9ou aud a dun(;hler, who 
d. isAueless ; and by her lir»l. Ralph Fii 
esq. of the noble family of WincfaeUea 
Nottiogbam, an only daughter and lii^ii 

M^KY Finch, nho m. John Earle, 
Liverpf>ol,de*cfnded of thenncieut hou^ei 
Earic of Craplethorpe, in the county of 
coin, luid bad iaaue, 
Jobti, d. I. p. 

R.iLrH, of whom presently. 
Thomas, who bad two daughters, 

1. Mary, m. to Thomas Earle, eaq.i 
Spekelandn, and bus issue. 

2. Jane, m. to Richard Gwillym, 
of IJetvsey. in the count}' of 
caster, and has issue. 

William, who m. Mrs. Anne Wii 
ley, and had iMoe. 

WiLi-ts. itnhx Ik'Tlubirrfinnilrof that 
to which &nii]f a baraoetcy waa graolM by Ki 
CnAaui I., canM inloLaDcaahirv. uid pur 
estatM in that county, which, I^Mbrr witL i 
am Qow in [wmkrhsiuu »f Kicbard \Vi 
llabuMwd Park. 11* m. Ebubetb, 
F.dwaKj Martin, esq. of Drogbada, aid 
Mjtniiy, of IlalsDMid. who 

P« Auyera, as aharv. 
Bartha. wbo m. Williain Sirettenbam, aaq. i 
Swettrabuiii, in f hMliim, and bad a md, 
Tnnuts, who BfWDRipd thi> saniaflwi oC 
> ujwn iiibHiiUBi; tb« Mtatea i 
bis cooain, Dsnivll ^VLlha, «aq, 
Swettebban-WtUia d. in iTilH, 
waa (. in the W illia pDMeasiooa by I 
rebtive, Ralvs EaaLS, tm\. 



i,of E*ertoti,m. and baa 

2. ThomM, uf Sb«kelsuilfl, wEiom. 
h» cDusin, Mar>'. dauj^httT of 
TWoiiMc EaHe. esi). nnd had iMue. 
S. Mary, m. lo Arthur Hejwoid, 
•■q. of Lorkliitl. 
S«r«li, «. to ihe Hon. and Rev. Joliu 
8unl«T, rector of Winwi<!k, in llit^ 
emmty of LaDouter. and brothor of 
Edwmrd. eleventh Eurl of l>tTby. 
' eUr*t Kurviving aon, 

Earie, ecq. usutned, upon inherit- 
Asictut, I7m, the Hilii» estalps, 
K»of tbe mtIII of Dank-ll Willu, 
uhI of Hallo' tti' Hill, the 
' asd ftmu of Ihat fiitiiily. Hi? rs- 
I Poruihy, Mcond daughter and licircsi^ 
W ftiirliard Attlrrsev. «*«•(). of liivcrjioiil, a 
hnadi of the Xl^cneyg, of Aldrrftey, in 
CWiMri,. and bad twuc, 

Bkuamo. |iri*»rnl proprietor. 
Witlia. of Handforil ColtaKC, near Hal^ 
nrad, wild klill ptlaius ihv iiuiiic of 

Earij;. He m. Annfnn-Cfrnin Lul< 
vena, an Italian lady, by whom hf> 
bas, (with anotlicr son and dauj^hter, 
both now deceased,) 

I. Willi*. 2. Sophiik. 

Mr. Willi!) was «. at bia decease by faia elder 

son, RtCHARD Willis, esq. now rrprvK'nta- 

tive of the family. 

Amu — Arg. a fesse between three lioiia 

rampant |^. within a bordure. ermines. 


Df. Akyf.rk, Holle, 

Ue Tabley, Finch, 

Rixlon, Earte, 

Forth, Alderaey. 

f 'real- Two lion's jiaws erect and era««d, 
boldinf; a human heart, gu. 
Motto — Vlrtuii liili»sima cvsats. 
Estalrt—HitUufaA Purk, near Prescot : 
Hall of the Hill, nfiu- Cborley ; and Muiika 
Hall, near Et-cleti, all in Liincashire. Mul- 
lenatnwn, near Ardee, county T^ulb, Ireland. 
.SVar«— HaUne&d Park, and Hall of tho 
Hill, both in Lnncasbire. 


SHAFTO, ROBERT IiDEN-DUNCOMBE,eKi. of Whitworth Park, in the roimiy 

t palatine of Durham, b. '23nl March, 177H, m. in November, 

^J)rfAA^ IS03, Catherine, third daughter of Sir John Eden, Ijart. of 

^^yyW K-Tfc Wiiidlcstooe, and haa had issue, 

^^yy*^^^> RoBERT-DtNCOMBP., 0. ill I^udon, 7tli April, iWM. 

nS^^^^ John-DunconilH*. A. ICih May, 1807. 

Thomii:(-Duti(.ruuib<.*, b. in I HI I. 
Frrdcrirk-Williani-DuiKombe, h. 18th Jitly, 1812, and 

^i> X^ Slinpib\-nuneombe, i, llth Aogusl,1R11. 

■^ "* -^1 >■ Arthar-Dtincombe, b. Ilfli January, 1815. 

Catherine, m. 17th May, Itt27, lo WilHam-CharleA liar- 
land, esq. of Sutlou II:iU, in Yorkshire. 
M ari u-Ucorgiaua. 

Mr. Shafto, who represented the City of Durhara id purlia- 
nicnt, In 1804, aneceeded his brother in July, 1802. 



) IhBilv «f Rh 4ITO U of frreitl antiquity 
of Knfflaud. Some litlU- iiici- 
^f uf the rank whitrb ihe old lordn 
iM o» ilie borderraay be pitliered 
and tnditioQ. At Ihe " Raifi »/ 
t," in 1&7&, a hostile meeting 

between Ihe Scotch and English Wardmg, 
one of the Har-irrics of Ihir l.'itter was, " A 
Srknffan and ft Fenwiuk." The iJcotit had 
ihe honour of the day> and nnionKBt the 
many English who were token prisoners or 



" Vovog Himry Sobaftm be is hurt, 
A Muldirr abot him wtlfa s bow,*** 

CtrTHBEftT Pou-lOTT, Becnnd or youogor 
•on of Sir John Folliott. had tsiue, 

Thomas Follhut, who is snid to have first 

iu^umcd Uic* Huninnie of SiiAFTO, from hi* 

rcBidt-DL-e :)t Shafto-Oai;, In Northumber- 

lund. Frooi him riprun^. sixth in drM-rnt, 

WlU-lAM Shaito, esq. who left hy hit 

wife , heireus of Bfiviiiglnti, in Narth- 

iimWrlaiid, a boo and 8ucce8M>rt 

Edward SliAFTn, esq. of Baviu|rton. who 

m. Elixabclh, dBU|;h(er of Thomas Swin- 

hunif. <'»q. of Nafferiun, in tba count)- of 

Northumberland, and had, with othur idsiit-, 

CiFTHiiRKT. who (. u( iia^iii|;toii, and 

marrying Isabel, da tighter and co-lieir 

of Roger B«rtram, e»q. wan aucestor 

to the ShaAos of UavioKlou, now re- 

prescDttd by 

R-lBf.KT-lKQHAM SHAFTO, e»q. of 

Alexander, who m. Aitne, daufchler of 

l->uwi<:k, eH|. of Little llaiie. 

Mahk. nf whom presently. 
The third t>ou, 

Mark SllArro, e*q. of Newxa^tle-upun- 
Tyne. lerved thf office of mnyor uf tliat litj- 
in 1648. He m. Margaret Riddell, and had 

Edward. of Newcaetle-upon-Tviie, mer- 
chnnt-ndveuturer.vthoiH. I«ahel ()|;U^, 
and left Hi his deceasii, iu 1678, se- 
veral children. 
Mark, alderman of Neweaslle, who 
served llir otKre of sherilTuf thtil city 
in XMd, itnd mayor the xubsequent 
yfar. He d. i. p. iu IQiK). 
NiNIAN, of whom hereafler. 
I^eoniml, </■ iiumarried, fltli Dec. 1684. 

I.MUIH-4'lol, tt. $. p. 

Hliuibeth, m. to William Oreenwell, e»q. 
The third son. 

NiNlAN HllArro, etq. of Newcustle, ni. 
Anne, daiiRliler of Henry Brandling, of 
Newc-astle-upon-Tyne. anil djing iu 1661, 
was ». by his eUh'st i«on, 

RoBRRT Shaito, es<{. alderman and sheriff 
of Ncfwawllo la 16U7. who m. Jimii-, dauuiiter 
uf RolM-rt Kden, e»i|. of tliat place, nod bad 
surviviiifc iwue, 

RoHfJiT, to whom his father devised 
llenwell Tower, iu Ih" county of 
Norlhuml>erland, anrestor of the 
HiiArrns or BrsHKio.. 

* UiiwtraUv of thsHrotiisb ilorder. 

Mark, of whom wp are sitoat to tr«af. 
Niniaii. 171. June Curr, and tt. in 1647,, 

leaviofT iiwue. 
Eden, m. to Anthony Metcalfe, efiq. 
Anne, m. to John Clarerinic, esq. ofl 

Axwell, in the county of Durtiam. 
I)orca!(. 111. to Henry Cock, of Nr 

castle, merchant. 
Mary, \ 

Alice, C rf. unmarried. 
Isabel. ) 

Robert Shaflo's second sarvinn^ son, 

MAKKSiiAFro, esq. barrister-at-lawof I 
Honourable So«'iely of Gray's Inn, and i*-| 
corder of Newcjwile in I04rt, pnrcbased 
Whilworth, in the cunnty of Durham, fa|| 
1062. He ffi. Mury, daughter of Thomui 
Leptrd, of NewcaAlle, merchant, and ka^l 

RoBF-iiT (Sir), bis successor. 
T1ioma». a Humliur^h merchant. loth January. Ut63, to William' 
Strother, esq. of Fowerby, in tbcj 
county of Northumberland. 

Mark ShafCo H. 35th February, 1650, 
wm t. by }iis eldest son, 

Km RoRKRT Shafts, knt. of Whilworth,^ 
in the county of Durham, barrister-at-law, i 
who. beini; appointed recorder of Newcjutl* 
in 103(1, received tlie honour of kni^hlhootfj 
at Whitehall, 2f)th June. 1070. Wv « 
constituted serjeant-at-law iu 1674. and tal 
lOBft resiRned the recordership. to wtddLl 
situation he waft a second time eboseo. at tks| 
Revolution in lOKfl. He m. in 1061, Cat 
rine, daughter and co-heir of Sir Tboi 
Widdrin^rtoM, knt. of Checitebarn (inuii 
in the comity of NurtliuEnberlaod. setjeanl 
at'taw (by Frances, his wife, daughter 
Ferdinando, Lord Fairfax, of Cameron) 
and left nt his decfnse '21 st May, 1706, 
only son and succe^or. 

Makk SHArrn. esq. of Whitwori]i, h. 
1002. who served the office of bif^h sbei 
(by patent) of the county of Durham in l70V,j 
He m. Cathenne, eldest dauffhter of 
John In|;leby. of Ripley, bart. and erenti- 
ally co-heir in blood of her nephcH, StrJ 
John Inf^lcbv. Uarl. and bad issuer 

R118F.RT, his heir. 

JoHX, euceeasor to his brother, 

CHtherine. m. 31st January. 1715, to 1 

John Eden, of WindlL-aloae, bart. aa4 1 

left issue. 


ir.tHmnaJ. WQt December, 1733. bikI wu 

». b^ )li« rldrr flOOt 

RoURT ShaftOiOmi. of Wliitworlh, M. P. 
CirllK- city it( Durbmn, 1st G»mi.F, I. who 
wcMid Lord Viscouni Uonruir, by vrbom (whn 
— riiiil ttftcr kis ilvcrttse. Rev. Tliouia« 
Uni, D.D. PrrbeotUry of Durham, fourth 
•M <4 Sir Raben Eden, nf WiDfllrfltoiie) 
kwTtoc^ DO ume, tbr e«latv» derolved upou 
V» ooly bfvlber, 

Joiiik Sitfcrro. esq. of Whitworth, M.P. 
htlke city of Uurhnm. from \'-2i> to 17t2. 
TU» Kratlrtnan m. Mary, ttau^hlrr and 
Mreas nf Thoouut JorLsnn, ('Aq. of Nim- 
rfifbn. Ib ihe coanly of York, town cltrk 
■f thf citv »f Lanilun, by nbom (wlio re* 

Berried tfU-r h'n dect^dAe W^ime, cut], 

mAd. is 17GH) he luul i«sue, 
Rrmjrr, bU rarres»or. 
Tbnmiu-Gnoilfdinn, D. D. Rortor of 
Bnuicoprth (ind Cnnon RrHdenliiiry 
nf Cbritl Cliiirrh, 0\fui'il, (/. unniiir- 
rii^ 17th OrioWr, 17tl7,aiul wss hii- 
rird in ChrUt Cburvb Cuihedntl. 
Dvrvlhy. n. lUlh April, I7(», to Wil- 
tool VMrgban, Earl of Usburne, and 
d. in 1005. 
NAfCSLrvt. rf. tinmarried, in 1818. 
Hr-SbAfko rf. 3rd April. 1742, and nas f. bv 
llaVJIT SfiifTo. e9*\. q{ WbJInort]!. who 
Ittth April. 1774, Aime, daughter 

and M>]r hcircM of Thotnat* Diinramhe, f>«|. 
of 1>ii[ii*oiiiIk- Piirk, in (ht- ootmty of York 
fbj IMhiiii, hi.t »if<% yotiiigce) dati^hU'r of 
llenr\' llou-ard, fourth Karl of (,'arlutle. ca- 
hfir of lier inulher. Kr;iuc'e«, hii ivife. only 
rliild of Cbnrtfs S|>rntcr. Ihinl Enrl of Sun- 
derland, by hill CounleiCii, Arab<>Un, yomigctit 
dau|;hter nod co-heir of I^U'iiry CavendUb, 
Duke of NnrcaHtle). and luid Imbc, 

John, his suocir^sor. 

RoBFRT-EofN-iHiNCOMBe. present pro- 

Thotudo, h. 23rd Anjipist, 1777. 
Till!' in-iiUemiin. who n-prcaenlpd therounty 
of Diirhaiii in parlinmrnt from 170U uutil 
I7(^, and suhgeqiieulty the lurou^jh of 
Dowiitoii, for iffveral yt'ttrs, rf. 24th Novem- 
ber, 1707. and was *. by his eldest »on, 

John Shafto. esq. of Whitwortli, at whose 
decnme. onraarrifd, in July. 1802, tlie fa- 
mily <-slale8devolvf(I upon bis next brolhcr, 
KoBEKT-EDPA-DrNCdMBE SlMFi'u, esq. pre- 
RPiit r«pre«cntBtive of this hraiivb of ibo fa- 

.-IrmjT— (in. onabendRr^.threoinuIlcWai. 

Vrrtt — A salamaiidrr n-guiirdant vert, in 
the middle of QiimeM ppr. 

Ettalti—M Whitworth, Bisbsp'fl Closs, 
Dyer's Grecu, North Brdbiirn. Bitchbum, 
(ind Wittou-lc-Wear, in the county of Dur- 

SetU — Whitworth Park, in the county of 


EVELYN-JOHN, o»q. of Eatin^on Park, in the county of Warwick, 
A. in 1788, m. tn 1810, Eliza, dauf^ter of Arthur iStanhopc, 
esq. cotuio in tb« Earl ofChesUirlicld, and has issue, 

Evrlyk-Pmiup, h. ia 1812. 
Arthur, b. in 1813. 
Sevnilid. A. In 1816. 
George- Edward, b. in 1817. 
Walter- Devcrcux. h. in 1820. 

Mr. Shirley, who r«prciM;nt«d tbo cotmty of Monaghan for 

wmctime in parliament, nnd who h a tnistco of Rugby 

ichovl, inherited the estates upon the demise of his father, 

17ih May, 1810. 


n» ii ft hriMifc of A« wttit Ukd a&cirai 
«< Steky, Eula of Fcxms, tpriag- 

Stt Ronxr Ssuut, Uft. fint Bahl m 

i«i hcfasH W l ^ w wBM WaaluiflBa, Mq. 
iT CbwAm. m WB^in, m1 bad; with 
■i-|iil tlfcii ihMiiiB. 

Eliabctk.wWK. JuM. IMi Ekri 
M Wiras af Wr brscWr. id Ae 

«. W 

h» cUft After ••»- 

4. L«ncMr.«WliftArw«»ii.<is. 
Lavhmx. fe«ft Eari of Frfrm, 

WuinM«T«K, Iftk eari, abo ^wjih. 

■ ■■■■I iim mtL «te ki>4 iww. 
RiHMAT. kit MMMMr. u m- 

WunMTBic. ncssKT Earl. 

F(in«)Mri MfUM iA. iraMjlT, in I ABO 
af Ot W gn Ftocfc. fftq. and 

I. »»Uit.!»rSia»<Q<ra.wlioJ^ji. 

a, CIWMI> aTvboM liercaArr. 
4 fliaalHi, wiptwUw »f <fae bowe- 
baM M Qw»« CbutaCiP. MJ>. for 

IH» D—ocfr of OH»rd. Ut WL 4. j». 
jk. Mklk d. wmmmrrnrd. in 17^^ 
«. ffMrnTr ak tu Prtrr Batbunt. rMj. of 

Ctoiiwloa Park. Wnts. ami W. Irav- 

r, Mari. ■. t» CtArln* Trym, r«q. of 
H^ki. iM Dkc roaatT «f Nordi- 

Ml A»»»» •-•»**» «•»>»« Furacw-. ind 
J^ i« irm. I<«itef • daairfcleT. 

9. France*, » 
10. StPn«rt». 5 *'- nnmamed. 

Tbe third, but, ptentnaUy, elde»t lar 
•on of the Bccood nurriagr. 

The Hoa. George Shirley, of E 
l«o, in the county of Wan*-ick, a capt 
the first reg:JtiH<Dl of foot guardi. m. 1 
daa^lrr of Hnmphrey Sltirt, eaq. an 
two MMu and two daughters, vie. 
Gkdkge, his sncceMor. 
EvELYK, who inherited upon the d 

of hij brother iiWueleM. 
Selina. m. to Sir Thona*-6«orge 

with, bart. 
Margaret, m. to John Staith. a 
Comb HaT. 
Mr. Shirlej rf. ^nd October, I7«7, 
was s. fay hi« eldest »od, 

Glorge Shirley, eaH|. of Eitin^n, 
■. twice ; Init dying #. p. in I7U3, the e 
deToUed opoo his brtjtbrr. 

EvKLT\ SiiiKUY, esq. of EAtiiiglon 
tt fo mm d PbiUi»-Byim, daug^bter of C 
Mb WoUaston, esq. and had iMue, 
EvsLVx-JoHN, prfsent proprietor. 
Cbarles. 4. I3th Noremher, ITS'. 
7th December. I§19, Anne-Char 
aecond dan^hter of tbe Hon. and 
George Bridgeman. 
William, A. Mrd March. 17W. 
James, in holy orders, 4. I5th Jan. 
Haraiio. 6. 8th December, IHOS. 
Arthur-George-Sewallii, i. in 181 

Marr, m. Io George Morant, esq. 

Emily-Harriet, m. to Lord Saffiett 
Mr. Shirley if. 17th May, 1810, and « 
by his eldrtit son. Evklyn-Johk Shu 
eaq. now representative of this brani 
the ftmily. 

^FMU— <^arterly, first aud faarth,p( 
six. or and ai. aeanton emiinp : second 
third, France and Eugtaud quarterly, n 
a border arg. 

CV«il— Th** bo« of a Saracen, side-l 
and eoopi'd. ppr. wreathed nbout The 
plr«. or and ax. 

^fl<fo— Honor virtutis pnemium. 
Ettmttt — In Wanrickf^hin- ; and in 
county of Monaghan, Ireland. 

5e«lr— Eatinf^ton Park, in tbe count 
Warwick ; and Loogli Fra, in the cuan 


VAVASOUR, WILUAM, esq. of Weston Hall, in Uie county of York, m. Sarah, 
da^tiier and co-h«ireBS nf John Cooke, e«q. of Sn'inton, in the same shire, by whom 
h> has tto ia$a», Mr. VnvRsotir sticceedod to die cstAies of bi.-i fainily, and the repre- 
MMMioa of the ancient house of Vavasour, upon the decciisc of his brother tn 1795. 


T^ eminrnt family of Vav.*»oii. or Val- 
■ uua {m» Candrti ha» it), ilerivi'd their 
Bsar from lb*lr offir«, bciiijr formrrl) 
kj^» vmXnuar, m degrtt then little infrrinr 
li*f baroniol. "Tberr arr," says Brac- 
ka. "for tlir eivil f[ovemniPul of mnnkiud. 
vaprTtirs. kjagu, snd priuce», mnguntes or 
tUMUtmM, and knuchfii." 

te VaroKK te Vavasor is mentioned in 
DtooBaday Book, at holding in duef of the 
Prtvj9, Earl* of NorthumWrUud, conri- 
AiraU* manorp and rstates iu Slullitti, E^ele- 

«4. SmMmU (Sautoo), lie. He was father 


fa MaOOU LK V4VSS0R, fnlher of 
fa WtlUaJI Ut ViVAMiH. Inrd of Hast-l- 
•ood. jwlgr in the rri^ of Henry 11. and 
4Wwf Uie wiUMisacs to the rhHrter of the 
■Mvy «f S^awlry, in Yorkshire, n^foundcd 
k^WattUa dc P>>rrv, Countess of WanriL-k. 
T» Alt ahbpy h^ himself also made a i-nnni- 
^nUr AnatioD of Uiid. He was 1. by his 

fht ROKKT Lt VSVASOR, who in 2Ul 
KrtT} III- ^r** hi(rb*sheriff of Nottinjchom 
Md Derby* and from 31st of Ihtt sumo 

reign baring served for eight yean succes- 
sively. He had Ukenise the custody of tlie 
honor ofPert-rell. He m. JitHnn, diiti(;hter 
of (>ilberl de Koss, of SteetOD, by whom hn 
had issue , 

I. John (Sir), his nuecessor. 
3. Maude, m. to Theobald, brother of 
Hubert, ^rrhbtshoTi of (Canterbury, 
from whom (leiM.'trnded the family of 
Buth-r. dukes, mBrqiiesM'i., atid earls 
of Ormonde ; and from whom aliu) 
descended her majesty, ijueen Elixa- 
bctli, by her KFanilfalhrr. Sir Thomas 
Bole^iTie, r.reated Rarl nf Wiltshire 
and OmioDdc. 
Sir Robert rf. 3«th Henry III. and was i. by 
his son, 

Sir John u:».inn. knt. Lord of Ha- 
wlwood, who (Tttve to the abbot and convent 
of Tliornlon, to the (-htirch and canons of St. 
Peter in Hovrden, stone fnini hi^ t|U!trry in 
Tlx'Tes-dalt* (now called Jackdaw CrapR), 
near Tadcaster, to build their churrhej, and 
rt'pair oihcr edifices. He m. Alice. iliui|rhtrr 
of Sir Robert Cookfield, knt by whom hv. 
had, with a yonnjrer son, Malokr, of whose 
descendants we are about to treat. 

Sir William le Vavasor, who s. his father 
at Haselwood. which he bad license 
to castcltate from Kiiiic EdHanl I. in 
whose reign he was employed in The 
Oascoi|^e and Scotch wars : and was 
so ctttecmcd, t}iat he had summons to 
parliitment anKin|{ the barons, from 
28th l^dwsrd I. to (fth of Kdnard II. 
He giivi- to the aruhbiphoi" and rhap- 
terof y ork. fntnt the abovemeiitioued 
quarry in Thcve*-«lale. the stone of 
nhicli the noble edifice, the Minster, 
waicrocted. He aUo made and found- 
ed St. LconardV Chapel, in his castle 
at Hiwelwooil.which.on thefore^oinff 

^^^^ « ^^^^ VAVASOUR. OF WESTON. ^^^^^^B 

^^^^^^B aa^HB^ ■■■ Bo^ extnh-paroeliinl liy 

sour, of FlaMlnrood, in the connt^B 

^^^^^^B AvsMUiiftdf^: Ike kin^s charter for 

of York. fl 

^^^^H AB«ftafcljB4alMd3BUi April. 12ri6. iit. William. of nenrb>-(non Uan-| 

^^^^^^H BNanl 1. : Ibe uwfiriuation \» dated 

by), in Yorkshire, niu*e«tiir tofl 

^^^^H SA Jnv. 1400. bnng the 3Ut orKti)- 

the family (Scronp) in that |d.ii« J 

^^^^^^B IT T1. Sir ThonuM Taviuor, ibe Sir Jotiii 

e Vavasor of Hnselwood was «.B 

^^^^^^H BbcsI descvtMUnt of Uiiii baron, «o in liU estates at Denton and AsVnidi by hill 

^^^^^^B tiniiifcuifccd himself, with trthers of second sor 


^^^^^H the DobUity. by nusinf: force* aiid Sir Maujkr lk Vavasor, knt. of O^iiton 1 

^^^^^^^V e^ipptnfc Ten»eU to defend Queen and AkLweIIi. who m. Alter, ilaiij^htcr of fl 

^^^^^^H ElixAtM-th a^in^t the Spanish anna- William Diutlnn, eM). and had issue, 1 

^^^^^^H 4k, thai the qnecn. in reward of \hi» i. MAruRR (Sir), hIio liveit a^mnl th« B 

^^^^^^H wtmL, and oat of particular rej^ard for 3rd 

of Edward IH. (I32t«),m. and left 

^^^^^^^B ose of ber molds of honor, who wifl a imi 


^^^^^H VaviMkr, and acknowledfrnl by her 

William Vavasor, of I>rtiton»- 

^^^^^^^1 mnjestv w her kin5n'onian, would 

nr. Afni^f', dnii|;hier of Roger 

^^^^^^B nerer «aSvr the rhapel al Haselnood 

Orymslun, esq. and had issue. 

^^^^^^H In be moletited, when.' ihe Koman ca- 

Sir Maof^r Vavaiuir, wbu left 

^^^^^^H tbolic rite« still cnntiTiue to be cclc- 

iwua by Im wife Mar^ptret, 

^^^^^^1 bruted. Lord Va^aftur m. Nielmla, 

Agnes Vavasor, m. Sir 

^^^^^K tlBiijtlfatcr of Sir Stephen Wallis, knt. 

Bernard BrocAS, kaL 

^^^^^H of Newton, by whom he had iMoe 

(from whom she wu di- 

^^^^^^ three sons. 

vorced, and afterwards 

^^^^^H 1, Robert, Mcond Lord Vavasor, 

Ml. Hen. I^angfield, eaq.) 

^^^^^^f . who wu Ukewiw employed 

by wliom ^hc had iAsa<, 

^^^^^^^B agafaut Ae Scots, and aUo liail 

Sir Bernard Brocas, 

^^^^^^B ^nraraons M a baron. 7th Ed- 

knt. chamberlain to 

^^^^^^B ward 11. He married, and leA 

Qaeen Anne, wife 

^^^^^^B istmr two daBfcfatBtTr 

of Richard 11. He 

^^^^^^B '■ Elun^Mth Vavasor, m. Sir 

wa« attainted ksd. 

^^^^^H RolM-rt of Nutting- 

executed for |^^^B 

^^^^^^B whose heirs it 

treason, lift HoflP^B 

^^^^^H supposed tlii« barony Mill 

rV. and is buried id 1 


St. Edmund's cba- fl 

^^^^H a. 

pel, in Weatmfai- 1 

^^^^^H Robert. Lap! Vavasor, dyinK 

ster Abbey. He fl 

^^^^^^B ' without iMueniale. WN5X. at Ha- 

leli issue, H 

^^^^^H selwtwd by his ue\t hrutlier. 

William Brooi^ 1 

^^^^^H II. Sir Hrnry le VavaMr (setxnd 

hi« son and fl 

^^^^^K Fun uf William. Uaron Vavasor). 

heir, who atadfl fl 

^^^^^^B %ta» the direct anivstor of 

over bis eNtate ^M 

^^^^^H Sir Thoniiui Va^u^tout, of Haxel- 

of Denton by fl 

^^^^^^B ^^'^ ^'^ rreatrd a 

deed of feoflT- 1 

^^^^^H baronet l(UH, which dti;:nity 

mcnt to Wil- H 

^^^^^^B r\|>trvd with the late Sir Thomas 

liani Ga»- H 

^^^^^B Vaiaiour, in IH'M. The e^liiles 

coigae, JofaB H 

^^^^^^H' ui llaaelwood, &c. drvuNed by 

Thwaytes.aiid H 

^^^^^■' upon bis cousin, the Hon. 

others, frooi fl 

^^^^^^B Kdniml Mannaduke Stonrtoa, 

whom Jobs fl 

^^^^^^B (nreoiid Hon «f Charlr^-Pliilip. 

Vavasor of H 


Weston, re- H 

^^^^^^B Man, dauRliter and iH>-hi>irc!« 

covered ibe H 

^^^^^^B III' Murinndnke. fifth and last 

same. H 

^^^^^^ who. (hatiiong 3. 

Tbomns. who hnd his father's H 

^^^^^H^ name to V at iwoitr, and biiii|c 

manor of Wolniogton. He left ^M 

^^^^^^V rifWlrd a tutroiiel, the preiient 

S8ne by Joan, his wife (who «. ^| 

^^^^^B Sir KilwardManuntluke Vava- 

terondly, William WiliuuD, ai|. ^M 

^^^^^^^^^^^VAVASOUR. OF WESTON.^^^^^^^^fl^^H 

^ Sir Manger Vkvuot, who d. 

He wns t. hy his eldest son, ^| 

^^^^H williout iwne, 

JniiN Vav^kor, c8<), of Woaloo, (made ^M 

^^^^H William Vavasor, m. and bad 

biB n-ill lui l^dwnrd IV.). >n. Fllen, dnufrb- ^| 


trr of Thunuu lieckwith, of Cliute, osq. (she ^| 

^^^^^^^K Margaret Vavaaor. 

nindv hrr wilt iad Hvnry Vll.), by nbooi ^M 

^^^^^^^^^ wliu d. 

he had iwua, ^M 

^^^^^^^P tame, about Hih Ki<'liar<) 

John Vavasor, esq. of Weaton, who tnar- ^M 


rttrd aud bad issue, ^H 

^H 3. Ricliard, m. and liatl two aons. 


^^^^K Maugcr and William, ulio re- 

.Amuslattn. >». — Norton, esq. ^| 

^^^^K Icaavd lo Sir Beriiard Onx'nA, 

Kathcritie, m. Rob«ri Wood, eM]. ^H 

^^^^H Lnl. »ad AKtica Vu%ajior, his 

Joun, m. Rufc Hutton. c«q. ^H 

^^^^^V wife, «ll iht-ir ri^lit iind iiitc-rfiit 

A^ii^K, IN. William Burton, caq. of ^H 

^^^^H in the manur of Dt-ntmi ; and 

Iiigmiiiithor})!^ ^H 

^^^^r abortty nflerwarda both <i. mtii- 

lie was .iiicccedrd hy his only Mm. ^| 

^^P Ani iMur. 

J<iHN Vavasor, f»q. of Wcslon and Nl-w- ^| 

^^^ U. Jf>Hh.orwboinprM«ntly. 

Ion. near Ittpley. Tbin giMill«inan ni. Eliza- ^H 

^^BSHBlf^rVavMor.of Denton and A»kwilli, 

hctli, daafr|)i«r of Henry Thwaytes, est], by ^| 

^^pitv<«l AdktfUh by hi« second sou. 

whom he had issue, ^H 

^H tfm John lc V iv^aoH, of Aitknilh, kiit. 


^HNwm. tbedau)>hterBnd hpireas of Sir Wil- 

Flizaheth, a nun at Nunmuncton. ^H 

^Bba dc Stopltiini, of WeKlon, knt, hy u houi 

EIIrh, m. William Rxilcliy, i^Kt). ^H 

^W had iavDC, 

Hv made bis will 14tt2, and waa s. by hia ^M 

ioNK uc V^VAXOR. of Askwitfa, who lired 

elde-«t son, ^H 

BboM the yvu I33», and left iMue by Aticv, 

John Vava.<<or, eM). of Weiiton mid New- ^M 


ton, ffl. Cecily, daughu-r of Sir John Nor- ^M 

ioyv U V«v4^oa, of Askwith. who n. 

tun, knt. by whom he had Issue, ^H 

Axi>»«, lUugblKr and beir of — de Bene%-il<>. 


ud had iame. 

Marmaduke, n. AgnH, dan(;hl(*r of ^M 

^^ WiLUAM. atlomay-geaeral to King £d- 

— Saltniarshe, esq. and had issue, ^| 

^m ward IIL 

John Vnviuor, v»*\. t>f Waltham, ^M 

^» JOM*. 

iu Hertfordidure. ^H 

U# «as 4. al Wrslon hy hu Mcond son, 

Eliaabeth, a nun. ^M 

^H John VavuoH, ntq. of Wejituo. This 

Anne. m. Sir WDIiaiu Calrerlcy, koL ^M 

^^■Mlnaaa ■•• A^n**, or Annr, daughtrr of 

of CaUerlpy. ^M 

^^B WilUuu Maalererrr, of Wotberflomo, 

Joan. w. — Walworth, eaq. of Ita- ^M 

^^■L (Tbw AgnM. or Annis did rcK'asc to 

venscroft. ^M 

^^■MLftrr «on, nil hf r ri;;bt in Urn manor of 

Margaret, m. OirUlopher Rayne, esq. ^M 

PBPpb, in UW, *iiid H.-iir> IV.) Thc>' 

of Ni-thi-rdiile. H 

' Mt haoff, 

lie maji t. by his etdeiil son. ^M 


John Vav.uioh, esq. of Wenton, who m. ^M 


first, nridgft. dauf-btiT of Sir Thomas Man- ^M 


levt-rcr, knt. of Allerton, by ivbom he bad ^M 

Mama a. b> liia Ftdcal fton. 

iasQp. ^H 

1^^, JflHw V*%*xiR. riMj. of Wt-'Ulon. who wi. 


^B^qpifTl. daugbu-r uf Sir IVu-r Midilkritn, 

EliznUth, m. — Johnson, esq. ^M 

^^TSliKLfM* Lilt, by wboia he Lad Usu«, 

Dorolby, m. Thomas Higlilcy, es«t. of ^M 

Jon a. 

Newball. ■ 

^H William, paraon of Bursdoall, in Cra- 

Hu m. seixiudly, Atpies, dnnghtpr of Sir ^M 


Williiiui (Jilverley, knt. uf C'liUtrley. by H 

^H Flrnrr, m. Mnllldn, daughter of — 

whom htr bad issue, ^M 

^^1 KuiiiMi-, nq. from whom di^Kcndcd 

Isabel, m. John Haythor]** *^- of H 

^^k lb*- fjiinct BtitovET$ VAv.t.i4n<n. of 

Chrslrr in l)ii< Street. ^M 

^^m Cn\fprath'>r\t, in the ifiiinly of York. 

Ornof. m. Thniuw^ Sotbnby, esq. of H 

^^m l«>«)w]|*. m iitin, at Sniitliwn\t?. 

FockliiiKtoii. ^M 

^H ^si><^. m. John Kci'knifh, ru). of 

i-ViiDces. m. first, Anthony Fawkes, H 

^H Otatr. 

t-»q. : secondly. Vvtxr Baiubridge, ^M 



C8q. ; and. thirdly, WiiliaiaPuUt-fn, 
v»t\. of St.-«tlmi. 
Ann, m. firiit, Tliomajt Pulltfynp, esq.; 
and, jtecontlly. Pettr Unnliy, vni. 
He was t. by li)5 f>ldeitt Aon, 

Makmaduke Va^asovr. psq. of Weston. 
Thin gi'ntlcman m. Joan, daughter of Sir 
William MiddletAn, kni. of Stockeld, and 
tcfc a SO)), hid flutcoftftor. 

William Vavasoir. esq. of Wftslon and 
Nowion, who m. first, Alice, daughter of 
Hicliarcl Pavor. esq. of Brnyme, by whom 
he hiid unt' aon and u daughter, viz. 

Mauocr, hift heir. 

Agues, m. first, John Piille>'ne, esq. 

of Killinghnlt : and, evi-ondly, £d- 

rannd ParkInM>n. esq. 

He ni. secondly. Etiy.iibeth, da»||!lil*!r of Sir 

Leonard Bot-kwith, knt. by whom he had 

another daughter, 

Francejt, m. Sir Hi-nry SliugBby. knt. 
He M. thirdly, Mai^pirct. daufclitir of Wal- 
ter WaUhe, esq, of SheUdeti Abbprley. 
in (he county of Worcester, by whom he 
likewise h»d issue. He va» i. by his vldv»t 

Sir M iiraKR Vavasour, knt. who n. ioan, 
dAu^hter of John Sarile, eaq. of Stanley, 
by whom he had. 


Mary, m. Stephen Hamnierton, e«|. of 

Hellificld Peel, in Craven. 
Fmncps. in. Edmund Cloughe, cm|. of 
Thori>e Slapylton, near Leed?. 
Sir Mnii^er was a jtislii-r of the |icoce in 
the 44tb Elizabeth. He was t. by his »on. 

WlLUAH Vavasoi'R, esq. of Weston. This 
f^ntlrman m. first, Mary, daughter of Fran- 
cis Vuughan. i.'sq. of Sulton upon DerwenI, 
Bud bad iaaue, 

M&uger, m. Frances, daughter and co- 
heir of Piers Leghe. esq. son of Sir 
Peter Lrghr, of Lyme, iu Clieshirr, 
bal died in tlie lifetime of his father, 
without issue. 
Thomas, successor to his fntlier. 

He m. secondly, Anne, daughter and heir 
of Richard Tolson, es*^. of Cockennniith, in 
the county of Cumberland, and widow of 
the Honorable Edward Snnle, second Mn 
of John Lord Sarite, but bad no issue. He 
was I. by liis second and only «nrvi\ ing snn. 
Thoh.(s Vavasour, esq. of Weston, nliu 
m, first, Mary, daughter of Hichard Nor- 
ton^ esq. by whom he bad ni surviving t»a\ie. 

He esptiiif;pd, secondly, Dorotfiy, naughter 
of Joliti tlniddyle, rsq. of Porlfield, county 
of Lancaster, and bad a son. MACciEH. his 
successor. Mr. Vavasour wedded, thirdly, 
a daughter of John Roodcs, esq. of Rib- 
chester, county of l^ancanter ; and, fourtldy* 
Elizalwth, daughter of Sir Alexander Bar- 
low, of Barlow, near Manchester, by whom 
he had also isine. He waa ». by his son. 

MaugER VavaS<h'b, esq. of Weston. This 
gfntlemaii m. Frances, daughter of Peter 
Vavasour, esq. of Spaldington, by whom he 
had Susanna und a son, his successor, 

WiLLTAH Vavasohb, esq. of Weston, who 
m. Mary, daughrer of Thomas Kawkes, eaq. 
of Famley, in the county of York, aud was 
4. by his eldest son, 

William VAVAROt' of Weston. Thii 
gentleman m. Anne, daughter of John Chap- 
lin, esq. of Tatlivrell, in the coanty of Lin* 
coin, hy whom (who d. Iltfa March, 17H3), 
be bad issue, 

Wai.trr, W» heir. 

John, killed hy n fall from his horse 
at Apperby Bridge. 1/ith Norember, 
1777, leaving no issue. 
Charks, d. uDmarricd. 
Mar)-, fli. Captain William Candler, 
of the lOth regiment of foot, second 
son of Henry Candler, 1>.D. Arch- 
dpanon of Ussory, and gratKlson of 
ThomasC«ndlrr.c«q. ofCallanCastle. 
in the countj' of Kilkenny, In the 
kingdom of [rehuid, by whom she 
lefl issue. 
Mr. Vavasour was s. by his eldest son, 

Walter Vavasoib, esq. of Wi'siun, wha 
rn. (^th July, 1761. Ellen, daughter of Ed- 
ward ElmsaLl, ciH|. of Thorobill, and had 

Walter- Avscouch-Fawekb. 

Kdward-Klhsaij.. successor to bis bro- 

WlcXHM. present lord of the soil. 

Ellen, m. at Thornhill. 34th NoTeii> 
her, 17b7, to the Rev. John Carter, 
of Lincoln, and W. in IHI6, leaving 

He ff. in 1780, ami nas s. hy hi.« eldest son, 
W\LTtH - AstOltai - FawkE5 VAVA»Ot'R, 
esq. of Westnn, a minor, who d. unmarried 
nl Weston, the 2rttli March, I7»7, and was 
M. by his next brother. 

Edw ,vrd-£lh5alx VAVAaoi'R, esq. uf We»- 



r daa^ter of Robert Sufton, 
in til< county of NotliDK* 
OB, (wko m, feeoBiUy. the Rer. Jolm Ohn- 
mat, at NewtDO Kyme, Vorlufhin-). by 
4aai h* had lut ieMi«. Re wm #. by bis 
ivAtf. tWe prMSDt 
WhiuN VAf Aiovm, ««}. of Weiitan, the 

only trnrriving male dencetiilant of the ui- 
cient housv of Vavatiour. 

Amu — Quarterly: for V4v,(»<in, fir>jt and 
fnnrth, n fp»fte daiicell^e mi. : fur SrorHAU, 
second and third, arg-. a bend sa. 

Cr«( — A cocL Ku. creited or. 

Seat—V/e^tiiu Hull, YorUhire. 


STRICKLAND, THOMAS, esq. of Sizergh, in the county of Wcstmorlaud, b. 
ISA Marcb, 1790; m. in November, 1824, Mademoiselle Ida do Fin^erlin Biialien- 
|V, jooD^ut daughter of the Baron Fin^erlin Bisahcngcn, and has a son and heir, 

W*l.TF.B, A. at Paris. 6th September, 1825. 

Mr. Scrirhhoil inberiteii the ettates upon the demifie of his father. 




W« aliKn brpn lb« dt^tall of thia ancirnt 
£iaa]j tiitb au extract from Nicbolnon and 
Bar*'* Uialor>' of the Aiitiquitird of West- 
■vlMid and Cumberland. 

*' In MeUloipon there bath been a family 
al Sbatsfc Bali, macb more ancient than 
«af of iba name* of Biudlovr ur Bi>lliiit;bani. 
■• Isvd* ■' the Diaour- Whirli family oame 
tmBSlKiek.Uad, (or ntherStirklniiil.) which 
«M lh» ftmtan grouiid of iIk- \ouu^ tattle 
(rufWd itirL* or steers) in the iiari^b of M(ir- 
IttAtJa ikia ocmnty, in wbic-b pan they had 
naiadrrvhle po«M.iwion9, aji well as at Si- 
Mf^ and other at^uccnl places, i^euerally 
hoMea nitrr the baruits of Kvudnl. Il in 
a^amhal v^traordtnary, Il>al aruimcst the 
P*<li|.ni» Af almost all the other ancicnl 
fiMUas bi thif cminty wi* haw met with no 
i-ount fif this family ; but I)k> 
Af cIm iMc worthy owner of Si- 

zergb Uall, Charles Stritklaad, efW]. we hare 
been ennliUnl to make out a re^lar and an- 
theulic deduction of this family from the 
clearest and most undeniable evidence, vix. 
(he family writiuua." 

Tlie firct of llie name of Sti-ick.Iand met with 
is in tlierei^i of A'my John, w hm OilWrt Fitz 
Reiofred having been compelled, on ncconnt 
of his involvrmcnl with the rebtlliuus baronit, 
to give hostages forhia fiitiin- comlucl, which 
hoatageewere the son!*, d.iiigbtero.and hcinj 
of the principal men^e lunbi buldiiig under 
the baroud of Kendal, amongst whom was 
the soo and heir of SiR Waltek dr Stirk- 
t.AND. la the time of Hugh, bishop of Car- 
lisle, who came to the see towards the be- 
pinniiiu; of the reign of King Hesrv III., 
ihifl Sir Walter had license to keep a do- 
mestic chaplain in hin family, within the 
pnriiih of MurUiid, so oa it nboutd be of no 
(iri'judicti til ilic nsotlier rhiirt-b. Sir Waller 
SlirLland granted to the church ofSt. Mary's, 
York, and to tlit- prior and monks of Wedcr- 
hiil (wbii'h HHS a rell of the said abbe} ) four 
acres of land, to lite territory of Stirkland 
moutter free. 

The son of thic Sir Walter was 

Au4M DC SnRKLtMi), whofle iwn, 

SiK RoRERT DE SriRKLAKD. granted by 

dreil, dated at hi» manor ofGreat Stirkland. 

on thu evb of fit. John the Baptist, 2.1rd 

Henry UI. to William his son, and Clizabeth, 



dan^hlRr of Sir RAlpli Deinoiurl, knt. on 
their morriuice, lii^ whole uiauor of Great 
Strk'tland. Thb Sir llaliih Dciiuwiirt lutd 
an only *'m. ItiLlpli, at whose der^-as*;, witli- 
out \M»t^, llip inhi^riwiicc Uevolveil upon iha 
above Elizabeth StirLliinU. Sir Koburl whs 
t. by his son. 

Sir William de Stbikehxd, who, in the 
4th Edwakd I. wm uiider-sherifT of tlw. 
county of Wc^ttnorlnnd. He contirmcd in 
Ihv 20th EoWAHD I. the grant miule by hia 
grfatKrainlfallicr, lolbeahbotof Si. Mary>, 
Vark, and the nionk» of WlhIi'sIiuE, and nsut 
#. at hia deceiisc by hb ^ori. 

Sir Wjltfr dk Strickland, who in the 
muh Edward 1. wati with tlie kin^r at thf 
aicKC of Carlavoruk, and tu tlic- lat uud (>tJi 
of EpHAKD II. wa^ kiiif;ht nf tlit* shire (or 
Westmorland. !n the 1/ilh of thu ftanie 
reifpi, be was api>oiiit(!d sherid'of tlic coiiulv 
i>f Westmorlnuet. In two years n/tcrwiu-dK 
he was DKniii knight or tht- ftauie lihire. In 
thcUlk of EoWAHD III. SirWjiltir obtniued 
a (Critnt to incloao hi* wood and denii^sne 
IsiiiU Dl Sizertfb. and to make a park iherp, 
and to bold Ihi^ ftanic ho iucIusvU lo faini and 
his heiiH for ever. 

This Sir Walter, on the marriage of his 
Still, Thoiuas. with Ccciliu, (luu>;Iiter of Ro- 
bert de Wp11», settled the manor of Hack- 
tboqi and his lands in Ovens iiider, Slc. tm 
the boiue of that niarrlaK^, with remainder 
(a John and Italph, bi» other two sons. lie 
ap|i«ars lo have had issue, 
TitoHA>, his successor. 
John, who W9B knight of the shire for 
Westmorland Isl Edward II]., and 
to whom Sir Waller granted *lh of the 
■aaiereipi.allbis lunds of Whenfell, 
wtlh remainder to Iu5 son Thomas, 
In the 17th Edwakd III. Sir Walter a^^in 
represented the cmmty in parliamenl, and 
wasi. upon \i\» demise by bis eldest »ou. 

Sir Thomas SrnicKuso. who hi tlie a'lth 
i)f EiiKARD III. obtained a (uileut cmpoiver- 
ing him lo impark bis woods at HeNio^iun, 
Levesnes. and Iliu-kerthorp. containing three 
hundred arres, for bi« good services done in 
France. In the same year, Katliarjiie de 
Rons, daughter nf Sir Thomait Stricklaud, 
und widow of John dc Ross, rtfKendal Cii^tle, 
awigiis over to her father (Sir Thomas) the 
ward and niarriage of her danghter, Eliza- 
beth de Ross, who was aftiTward« niiirriid. 
in the 8th RlctlJiiu 11., lo Sir WiUiam del 

In the Wth Edward III. there u bd 
denture uf covenant between Sir Thomi 
Stric-klauil and Ranntph de I>»ere. Innt uf 
Gilleslnml, euiieeniing the lu-irriageof Wal- 
ler, bis son and heir, with Margaret 
Lathuui, niece of Ranulph. In four yt 
after, Sir Thomas made a Mttletnent 
lands, at Sigt^^wirk and Levens. u|ion U 
xoringer itnns, John, Peter, and Thoma*, fa 
life, wilh remainder to his own right betn.' 
Sir Thonms had a fiflli son, William, who ' 
eon.secmled bishop of t'urli*le, 24th Aii| 
140(1, and who d. at Rome in 1419. 

Sir Thomas d. in 1377, aud was g. by 
eldest son. 

Sir Wai,tf-H de Strickiu'^d. ThUgrt 
llemnn had no issue by his first wife, Mi 
ga ret tie Lalliani. He espoused, *eeotul|j 
Isiihella, daughter of John de Olney, wliit 
John, in the .'}ih of Richard IJ., settled upoi 
tlie issue of tliut marriage a tenement 
London, known by the name of tJ real Flat 
situate in the [mrish of St, Mart'-al-Hill. 
the I4lli nf RH:H.iRn II. Sir Walter was 
cheater for the king on the inquisition 
mortem of Thomas de Ro*w, and, in fuui 
years ufler. wa8> n knight of the shire 
Westmorland. Ilii was s. by his eldc 


Sir Thomas dp. Strickusd, who in 
.■5111 uf Mfkby V. conveyed his whole eaial 
til tnistees, that if lie should die in his vo] 
age to Serve tlie king, they sh'iuld enfe« 
Mabel his wife therein, during her widi 
hood ; and if sbn should die Wforc his 
Walter should come of age, then tliey 
to receive the profits during bis iionageJ 
delivering the same to William de Tunsi 
and John de Weffington. In the Alk 
Hkvrt VI. Sir Thomtw entered into artic 
of agreement with Nicholas de CroOr, 
wherein Uoth parties become bound undi 
the penalty of £V10, fur the soleninixatie 
nf a marriage between Waller Strieklat 
Sir Tbiimns's son and heir, with l>aat 
danghter of the said Ntiholas. when be iba] 
snid N'ieholiu should aidiin bis fuurleefktk] 

In the 7tb Henry VI. Sir Thomas rc| 
sented tlie count) of We«tmorland in 

Ill the Ulh of the same reign Sir Tltonuu 
went to l^indon, and joined the solemn 
cavalcade that was lo alteod the 'young kiag; 
lo Pari^. ill nrder lo his eoronatron. 

In Ihe llMb Henry VI. Pope El'nKfilt«' 
rv. granted lo Sir Thoinai, and Habel, his 



*r n «!nmpslic vlmpcl and por- 
P, ulik-h Hull i» ,vet eMitiit, with 
ttead Ttnr fair, about tb(- Lrcadth 
vbat more thtu double llie tbirk- 
•l/ni-cniwii, with a cro«!' on one 
andMiieaUi Evt:r.MVi<( PI'IIII. 
rrrvc, tKo raccit or venerable oUi 
ftboTf . the letters SFASFE. Sir 
M «. by his ftOD, 

K SrftlCKLAND, vrm. In tbv I5Ui 
. thi» grDlletunn bnJ a grant of 
if keeper or the park, of Cal^nli. 
xt ytmr the kioff appointed bini 
enend of nit hi« n-nts in and about 
lilh a fee of l^lll per unnum, nnil 
ly when B{Mn duty. And aft^T- 
Ikni of tb4>#c, tht king granted (o 
Mnnii^r ftod tifrij'ifii.- of l]if ituid 

tiui; of Windermi'rn, and all 
letioinents in the bamle&t of 
and Undrrnw*lbt*ck, for term 
>yiag to tlie king fire niark.^ 
of Henry VI. lbi« Waller 
Mt ibf* kinK the d'^mnnd of one 
inmrk*, due to ibe itiiid WalUT. 
roirn, fur takinfc of H^'^nry Talbot, 
ttrioits traitor of our Lord Hrnhy 
big of England, by virtue of the 
lOft of iho Mid laie king : in con- 
irflfca king'i granting to bim the 
|Hkr of ttiB Ling's dogs eiitled 

StrickJaaii appears to hare been 
i^oCMtriuit and of tlic forres 
iHUrd CO raiM, with tbfir pro]>tr 
K, «ra have a uiutcr roll* >et i-x- 
b HHeiB* tu bare been tumiv out 
"B np acl of the burdtfr Aervioe. 

Mb of W»lbrr Stryk«lM)d>*, Ear|uit>f ti 
«b4 off K«nd«l. bis MTVaou, Uuanta. 
OMawiUtli) Uw CduDtia of Weitnun- 
H^itilann tbayn. 

tSUlVtvTs ff lltM milt Wiiiler 
Hon* !■■»«• and k Ikiwo 
liftAoo. Hon* h anw waad m Bow«, 
m bb« flMwwr, Bitt« vrrBSOi moi* ; 
■h • Mot— fawnra uul k Bowe. ) 

eacMi. borM bUBM and a bowe. 
ftnift^. hans banmi itnil > huwt*. 

(wifb KfeauiOK.) 

In llip aifb Henry VI. hf? wns knight of 
the «hire for Weslmorliiml. and in setvn 
years afterwards, according to the iis;i|;e of 
lb<)«4! times, be «»» retained by Kichard, 
I%arl of Salisbury, (o serve liini in peuce and 
ivar. Upon tlie triumph of the huu4e of 
York, by the accession of £oward IV. we 
find him obtaining a charter of pardon. 
Thid Walter Slricklaud hud ifisuv, 

TlIoUAS, wi. to Agnes Parrr. daughter 
of William Parre, fton of StrThomai! 
Purre, and lii» wifi.'! Elizabctli. one of 
the three ^iKii^rs and eo-heir»of Hen- 
ry, Lord Fitz-Hugb. 
John, knight of the «hire for Westmor- 
land, l'JtliofE<lu»nl IV. 
Margaret, m. to William, Kon ofRirhitrd 
itcdmun, for which marriage a dt»- 
penMRtiim wan obtained from Vincent 
ClenienI, the Pupe'a Niini-io. 
Waller was i. nt his decease by his eon. 

Sir Thomas Strickland, knt. who was 9. 
by his son, 

W^Lrr.n STttlCKLAND, Mq. who, ID the 
15lh of Henry VH. had n di)t)»en»jition lr> 
marry Elizabeth Sulkcld, uud wa:a 1. by bis 

StK Stkicklaxd, knt. Ttiis gen- 
llcnifto m. first, Agnes, daughter of Richard 
Redman, but bad no iii^ue. He m. secondly, 
dithurioe. dnugbter and sole heir of 8ir 
lUIpb Newell, of Thornton Brigg», in the 
county ofTork, by whom he had 
Walter, his putvesjior, 
CltKabelh, m, to Sir William Stricklund, 
km. of Bo}-ntoD, in the county of 
Agnes, m. to Sir Ttiomat Cumeik, knt. 
of Workington. 

Thomas Waiyner, IlorM hitrovs and byU. 
Tbomu Syll, horae haniM nnd hyll. 

(with riervn nwcv.) 
Foytmen, with wme IIunM, otiwn nova : 
llinmiia !^]ipnce ; njwic, ta •■U«t. and a bowe. 
Ruwllnriil MylMj harowx, aud n boir«. 
Hugh iiiidauui a liowe. 
Hryui iliggynj abuwe. 

Jhoa Atkinson, 1 jnkfl asd u Uyll. 
NycaJI Spv^ht. a tidlet fi Dyll! 
IMmn Stryklaad. a sallet & BylU 

Hrre folkivT liiti whole af ibe uw^n Tor Natltuid, 
RtMiuDliiig to fifty-fire, and uf «ucb of thi> other 
manora. die total making lw» buudml and ninety 
nun of all urns. 

t UcUni't ui iron. 

f "f*^ 


Cathuino. Lady StricMBnd sumred her 

hosbnnd, nnil mnrricJ inict iiflfr his de- 
cease, tiret, Hrnry Brough, enq. and se- 
condly, Williun Kniut, l-wj. tiir Walter 
waa M. by bu son, 

WALTtR SthicKLanK, esq. of Siwrgli, and 
also of Tliortiloii l\n^n, viho wa« a minor 
al the lime of his futJicr'e dec«ase, and in 
vriird to tiieKinpuDtil t]ie29tii HenryVllI. 
wben he had livery of his lands. In Ihu 
6Ui of Elizabeth be nan Vnight af the 
shire for the county of Weetmortand. lie 
m. Alice, daughter of Nicholas Tempest, esq. 
of Holni. in tlje county of Dnrliam, by whom 
(whom, after his decease SirTlinnias Boyn- 
ton) he had iuae, 


This greutlemnii built one win^ of Sizergh, 
part of the opposite fnnf^, Hnd made mnny 
alterations, atid put up many of the wain- 
•cote and carvingia now iu the drawintr 
room and other purts. He aUo placed 
the arms of Qyum Elizabeth in the inner 
room on the firdt floor of the tower, com- 
monly called the ' Queen's room.' He tf. iu 
15fl9. and was *. by his elder sf»n, 

Sm Thomab Stbickusd, K.B. M.P. for 
&e county of Westmoreland in the 43rd of 
EuXAKF.TH, and 1st of King Janes, by wbom 
the day preceding hi« majpnty's coronatioi) 
be WHS created a Kuight of the Bath. Sir 
Thomas m. Elizabeth Symon, of Bristol, and 
had a daughter Alice, m. to Sir Williimi 
Webb, knt. equerry to /Vince He.nky. Hf> 
tt. secondly, Margaret, daughter of Sir Ni- 
cholas CunrenT knt of Workiogton, by 
whom he bad issue, 

Robert, hiH successor. 


Waller, from whom descended the 
Stricklauds, of Cntterick, in Tork- 

Dorothy, tliird wife of John Fleming, 
esq. lii Kydal. 

Mai^aret, second «if« of George Pres- 
ton, eM|. of Holker, Lancikshire. 
He d, in 1616, and was a. by his eldest son. 
Six Ro8e,bt SiRicktAKn, kni. M.P. for 
the county of Wi-stmorland in the aUi of 
King Jamls I. This gentleman at the com- 
mencement of the civtl wars, espousing at 
once the royal cause, obUtined, in 1638, a 
colonel's commission fruni Lord WentMorlh. 
Ijord-Lieulenunt of the rounly of Vork, to 
command nine hundred militia in the North 
Riding fur the King's service. And in 1040 


III oo! 

be received the King*! eommi 
Algerngn, Enrl of Xorthumberlaud, I 
meiii, itccuutr^. luid march the st 
Ni'Wcaatle-npon-Tync. After this 
ceivcd a third comniisiiion, to conu 
troop of horse, which he himself di 
mand al tlie battle of Rdgehill, wi 
son. Sir Thomas Strickland, led there 
of foot. In l(HI be was constituted 
the deputy-lieutenants of the county oi 
Sir Thomas m, Margaret, eldest dl 
and co-beir of Sir William Alford, t 
ton, in the county of York, by wb 
had issue, 

Thouas (Sin), his sarcessor. 
Waller, m. Barbara Belasyea, 
daughter of the Houourable 
Belasyes, son and heir of T 
Viscount Faucouberg, by wb 
bad a daughter, 

Dorolhy.fn. WilliainGi 

he d. in 1674. 

— — a daughter, m. to Nk 

pur, esq. of London. 

Sir Robert had the gratification 

ing the rusturiilion of tlie monarch 

dving it) in70 was j. by his elder sot 

SiH Thomas Strickland, knt. wl 

made a banneret by Kinff Ciiahlei 

person, in tlie fitild at EdgebUI, SOrd O 

1043. Thisgeutleman represented the 

of Westmorland in 1601 . He m. Grd 

daughter and co-heir of .fohn MoseU 

of Ulskflfe, in the county of York, b] 

he had two snrriving daughters, 

Alice, Tti. to Sir Waller Blont, ( 
diugtou auid Muuly, in the co 
Worf^L-stf-r, but d, witliout issi 
Anne, m. to John Middletoo, 
Slockeld. in the county of Yfl 
d. without issue. 
SirThumuam. secottdly, Winifred, di 
and heircM of Sir Charles Trenlhai 
of Rocctster, io tlio county of St^a 
had issue, ^H 

Waltxr. 6. in May. 1046. ^ 
RnbiTt, H. unmarried. 
Roger, who was page to the Pi 
Conti. wben he went froa Fr 
be elected King of Poland, 
unmarried, in the twcniy-fonr 
of his .tge. 
Thomas, in holy orders. Bishop 
mur. He was sent ambaww 
England by tlie Emperor, C 
Vi. He d. al Nunor, id tli 

I?4a. and wuM buHrd tn hi« own ca- 

StncUand, who hiiil Itcen priv)- 
KinfE Cl»rlM II. M'aa mio of ihc 
, , emwciJ to A'iiiy J iHE*i II. Htid follon- 
l| A* fertvnea of that noDarcb, li. in 
hMMt Mb JsBvary. 16M. He wu #. by 

Vu-Td STiiauuND. eM|, whom. Anne, 
)jH0ltfr of Grrard Salrin, esq. of Croxdale, 
raa CMW^ nf Durham, by whom he had 

' Tmmtt, U« neccMor. &. :l£Kh June, 

I G«nrd. *. 30di July. 1701. and d. I«t 
Sfptrwber, 17B1. He m. Gnt. Miu 
Mar)- Bo^pal, and had, irith two 
Grrard, ft. 4l}i October, 1741, m. 
lAch April, I77tl. Cecilia, relict 
|k of CfaarlM Strickliiiid. e«q. of 
^H Staergfi, and dytnp '23rd October, 
^P 1706, Mt urae, 
^^ OvotEo* *• 39rd October, 1 7H0. 

GeTant,i.34tbPrbrtJury, 1783. 
Mr. Gn«rd Striciilaiid, ieo. im. bc- 
cvadly. LMly Gaacoigar, n-lict of Sir 
Edward GoAcoipie, hart. 
Hwy. ^ at the a|t«> of firtn>ii. enmar- 
1. mh May. 1717. 

«■«« t. by bta eMttr son, 
STmiCKLiXD. rsq. who M. first. 

■. 1738. Mani, dauKhtrr of Simon 

Mip.eMq. of Datiby.bywhomhe badiiiae, 
WatrtA. kt* «um>Mor. 
WBWam, wito emhrared a r»Ii|pouB life 
!■ Am Ouaeh of Rome (the religion 

ScnrilAftd m. ae<:undly, Mr«. Archer, 
NV ni ioha Archer, psq. of Oienholme, 
had «■> iMoe. He was j. at hU decease 
<■ *ldMi Mm, 

Tuna SraioLLAvo, «q. Thi» gentle- 

•• ai-^lii Janr. I76A, Margaret, daughter 
liickMel James Mr«»enf:(>r, oa). of Fouo- I 
. AMry. ta the cotuity of York., bat dying ' 

without iiwur, inl76I,inui. by hiiiyounge«t 

Charlh SritiriLUND, esq. wlio m. aOih 
April. I7fi2. Cei-ilia, only daughter .)f Wil- 
liiim Townlcy, e»q. of Townley , tn the cotinly 
of Lanraxtt-r (by his wife, Cecilia, daughter 
and sole iturvivinf; heir of Ralph Standish, 
esq. of StandUb. in the eame county, and the 
Lady Pliilippa Howard, second daughter of 
Henry, DuV« of Norfolk), by whom he bad 

Thomas, bifl laccenor. 

Charles, d. i:)th September. 177.'). 
Mar)-, m. 27ih Febmary. 178(), to Fxl- 
WHrd8tcphcnS0D,CMi. of Parley Hill, 
in tbfl L'otinty of Berkti. 
Mr. Strickland d. 6th October. 1770. and 
waf t. by his eldest eon, 

TiioMAh STHicKiaND, cf<\. who likewise, 
upon tb« dcceme of his uncle. Edward 
Towneley-Standish, of Slaodiiih. inherited 
the Standinb estates, and attuned the aur- 
name of "Standisii." He m. '24U) Fcbni- 
iiry, 1789, Aiiaflta»ia, eldent daughter of Sir 
John l^wnon. hart, of Brou^h Hull, in the 
coanty of York, and had isflue. 

CiURLtt, who itibpriled the Standish 
estates, and continued the namo of 
Staodiitb (tu?e family of SlandishJ. 
TiloMAf, of SieerKb. 
Anuittawia, b. I Mb May, 1707, and rf. 

32nd Noretnber, 1807. 
Elizabeth, b. Ut March, IWO, and d. 

17tb September, 1813. 

CAtherine, b, tOth July, 1807, and rf. 
19th March. 1808. 
Mr. Strickland m. secondly, Catlierine, 
daujfbter of Sir RubertGerard, of Oarswood, 
in the county of Lancaster, and left at his 
decease nnolher daughter, 

Monica, m. in December, 1837, to Sir 
John Gerard, hart, of Garswood. 
Artns — Sa, three eM:allo[iii within a bor- 
dure enj^railed arg. 

Srai — Sizergb Park, in the county of 



SUMNER-HOLME, GEOUGE, esq. of HRtchlands, iu the county of Surrey, 

lOlliNovemlror, 1760; m. 17lh November, 1787, 
daughbir nf Colonel Charles Pcnible, comnmnder in 
of the Eaiit India Company's forces, at Bombay, by 
hu has had issue, (with two other daug^hten, wbo 
died in infiuicy). 


Gfouge, who rf. at Paris in 1817, at the age of 21. 

WiLUAM. whom. Mary, daughter of J. llRmard HankiJ . 
esq. of Fetcham Piirk, in tlie county of Sum-y. 

CharleS'Vernon, in holy ordrr«, rector of NewdipB'l 
Surrc)', and of Fardborougb. in tlie county uf Hailhf( 
who m. in June, lKi6, Katltiiritie. daughter of Willli|«( 
Muson, esq. of Necton Hall, Norfolk. 

Sophia, III. tg Atidrew-Heiiry Thomson, pm]. son 
Thoinfioii, esq. of Waverley Abbey, in tlie connt 

l*his gentleman, in consetiuence of inheriting (in 1794} the Holme property, unai . 
by sign manual, the additional surname of Holmk. In November, 1786, be M i 
elected M.P. for llchestor; in 1790, for Guildford ; but retired in 1796. In lBOft| 
Mr. Holme-Sumner was again sent to parliamonl by the borough of Guildford, aalfei| 
1B07, by the county of Surrey, which he continued to represeut until 1826. H*l^| 
flcquently sate for CuUdfonl in 1830. He haa been forty years a magistrule for ifa 
county of Surrey, and ten years Colonel of the First Royal Surrey Militia. 



— ScMNBR, esq. a merchant of Brielol, 
bad two sons. 

I. of whom presently. 

II. John, D.l). canon of Windi^or. and 
provotft of Kinf^'s CuUt-t(c, Cambridge, 
who left several sons, two of whom 
left issue, viz. 

1. Rf^BF.RT, nliof/. in 1804, leaving 
JOHX-HIRO SuM\r.R, l).I>. lord 

bishop of Chester, 
lord bi«hop of Wjm-hesler, 
wbo m. iu 1816, Jane, daugh- 
ter of J. P. Maiiiinir. esq. tind 
ban issue. 

2. Richard, tvhom.Sui^annn, sister 
uf Lord Onmbier, and tt. in 177H. 
leaving (with a daugbtcr, whu in. 
in 1826, C. Douglas Halford. 
esq.) B son. the present 

RlCIURn Si W\F,R,neq.«f Ptil- 

tcnhau Priory, iu Ihe counlv 

of Surrey, wbo m. m I 
Fanny, daughter of G. M 
neuY MuQtgumrrie, es^. 
(•arbo1di«hain Hall, Ntf> 
folk, and has issue. 
The elder son, 

— WindMr,«-asfai 
WlU.IAH-l}lU(iilTWCLJ. Sl'UKEK, esq. 
in 1768. purrknited the estate of Ha 
This gentleman went out early ti> I 
whence he relumed after twenty-thrc« 
spent in the Company's service, io 
to settle in hi? native ronniry ; but the 
of India being in a critical silnatiou, 
nKjuiritig the suporinlendence and e 
of its most active and iiilelligent m 
be was prpvailed upon to go back 
year 1763. as first member of the 
under Lord Clire, with an nppointmflrt 
succeed to the govemorship-gem-ral ia 
uf tiia lordship's death or return to Rngk 
The dccllDe. huHcvcr, of his health. 


own return beforv either of those 
jk look iilaer, He es^wusril, wliite in 
pCadttrine, d»u]ctiler urJoiiN IIolmf, 
9t Hohoe IliU, in the county or Cutn- 
fed. and had by her (wliu H. in 1771, 
iHrboiB B white iDftrble tsblel is crcclrd 
cKurch of East Claadon), a son and 

ItmicKtwlw) inherited (u slated nbove) 
fran hU luaMmal uude, Tiioh.i.i 
HoLMr, e«i. or Holme Hill, tlie pro- 
of Itml rsmily, and tit Uie pre- 
reprr-M'ntative ortlip StrHNFRX. 
a baaker of London, b. 4(h 
17B9, and J. in 1796. 
nf. M. to James Laarell, etq. 

•riy ; firrt and foiirtli, cr- 
cbnmiD* or fur SI'Hkkh. Seeond 

and third, arg. a btick tnppant gu. for 


Cimti — -Firdt, » lioii'rt hond erased arg. 
diirally Rorged or, for Ki'MNKH. Sfi-uiid. n 
bavrk, wings elevated, ppr. for Holhk. 

Etlalr^—Xn the pftrithe*of Eftst Clandon, 
Weslhorsley, Kipley, Uckbam. Bbley ind 
Chtrteey. HaU'liland estate purchased from 
tlip widow of Admiral UuiM'uweii, in 17GH. 
Tlif othi-r pus»i-»8ions between that pcrtoil 
and iHUfl. 

SrnI — Hatohlniid^. in the pariah of Ejist 
Claiidnn, in tht^ rauiity uf Surrey. 

•,* It i» probable, from the circnniMance 
of bearing the exact sam<- nrtna, that Mr. 
Sumner, llie eminent aniiqiinry, and lea rued 
author of " thti Ai)li{|iiitied of (Jaiiierhury 
and of the Cinque Ports/' waaofthis family. 


IXER, RICHARD, eeq. of Puttenham Priory, in thp county of Surrey, A. 
M. in IBI9, Faiuty, daughter of G- Mulineux iMi)nl{;oinerie, esrj. of Gar- 
Hall, in the county of Norfolk, and has, with otlier imiue, a son and heir, 

MokTuN-CoRMSH, b. in March, 1825. 




For an acoouutof this genilemaii's family, 
refer to that of GK4tRtii>.'MSp.r, 
e»q. of Hulchlnnds, reprexetiUilive of the 
senior branch of tlie family. 

Arm9 — Ermines, two chevrons, or. 

Crfjt — A lion'ft head era^'d iirg. ducally 
gorged, or. 

KstHtti — In tlic porisbefi of Puttenhnm 
and Wnnboruu^h, first pmsefl^i'd iu IHlfl. 

5«a/— Puttenham Priory, near Guildford. 



PORTMAN, EDWARD-RRRKEI-EY. esq. of Bryanrton. in ihe 
Dorset, aod of Orchard Portmnn, in Somersetshire, L 9th July, 179D, m. 16tl 
1827» Lady EmnoA Lasoello«» third daughter of Henry, present Earl of H^ 
fuid has iiwue, 

WlLUAM-HBKBY-BrJlKfXI'.Y, b. 12th July, 1839. 

Edwin-Bvrkoley, b. 3rd Augiut, isau. 

Mr. Portntan represents the connty of Dorset in parlimnent. 

Dunstan's Cliurc'h. I^ndon, where j 
xacat was erected to his meqiory. 

SiH Henky PnHTMAN, kal. MR 4 
ceMor of the judge, capODsed Joan, dl 
of ThomaaMicheU, ew^. anil dying ^ 
was «. by ha sun, 

John Portman, esq. of Orchard 

man, wbo was created a B4Ro>'K'i 

November, 1012. He m. Anne, d4 

of Sir Henry OiJford. k.Dl. and leA ii 

I. Hknrt (Sir), his t«uvc4-s5or. t 

Lady Aiiitr, Stanley, but d. i 

1621. j 

3. Hugh (Sir. > 

4. William (Sir), eventually hi 
of the baronetcy. 

6. Joan, IN. to George Speke, i 

pMlLU'rA, m. to Edvrard Dot 
esq. of Pylle, and the fS 
of this maniage. i 


PyUe, ultiiaal<-ly ii^ 

the estates, and astui 

suruHiue of PORTHAIJ 

fl. Anne, m. to Sir Edward Ss] 

of Bury Pomeroy Castle, a^ 

with other issue, 

Edward (eldpsisoD), fromi 

Edward, present DuKB j 

HRKSKT. descends. 

Heshy (linh son), of whoa 

after, as hoir of the Porta 

7. Elizabeth, m. to John Bloet, i 
Holcombe. i 

8. Grace, d. unmarried. [ 
The baronelcy «nd re|ire«eiitatioD 
family eventually devolrcd upon Sir 
fuurlh Hon, 

SiK WitLUM PoRTMAS', hart 
Anue. daufrhter and co-htircss 
Collrf', I'M]. n{ Barton, by Elizabeth, c 


The PoHTMASS appenr to hare been of 
distinction in the coualy of Soniprsel, in thir 
reif^ of Edward 1. at which period flourished 

Thohas Portwan, whose grandfather htid 
borne the arms still nsed by the family. 
The lineal deaoBiidant of this Thomas. 

William Portmak. settled at Taunton, 
lenip. HeSKV FV. nud was a niuHifieifnl 
benefactor to the priory of that place, where 
be was interred. His »on and niiccrssor, 

Waltkh P(irt*«a\, espoused Clirislian, 
daughter aiid heiress of William Orchard, 
of Orchard, aad was ». by his son, 

■John Portman. of the Middle Temple, 
uho d. in 1521, and was s. by his son, 

Sir Wiujam Poktman. knt. an eminent 
lawyer, who was appointed sergeunl-al-law 
to King Hf.\RY VIII. anerwordii nne of the 
justices ofthe Court of Common Plta^. aud 
eventually lord chief juftice of England, in 
which elvvBted #titiiou tie distiugui^^hcd him- 
self by displaying a d»-|;rpe of iiilt^grily 
and iudep^ndtfhce very unusual among the 
judges of diose arbitrary and despotic times. 
He d, in 1565, and was buried io St. 



irus of Hamphrev Wj^nd- 
fff Wivrlutcoubt*. auU mm t. al 
■ by hi» «oo. 

JLutH PoRTMAM. bsrt. who was 
fight urthf llAtli tiy Kiii^ CntHLRS 
1^ fimt, Elizabeth, dauglitcr and 
|6ir Juhu Culler, bart. wcoadly, 
dau}tbler of Sir John SoulLcoto, 
, Moi*}, dnuiH't^r nod )i«iress oC 
blman. but bad no i^ue. By a 
26tli February, he devised 
togvtber witJi other vti- 
irye aoumol, lu hi» cnii.iin, 
aTMOfR. Hq. (refer ki istfue of 
pth child of the fin>t baronet) 
I itilvrritini:, nftsiinx-il ihr ^tiiniume 
M PoHTUtK. He ni. ftrtX, Peiie- 
ibu'r oi Sir William llA^lcwood, 
. and tcvondly, Meltora.daugh- 
am Pilih. eiwf. of High Hall, 
lial dving 4. ;t. thv prD^M-rty 
\j farther Hmitation npon Mis 

Berkeley, eiK]. (refer to issue 

child of the first baronet.) 

i^ uiuk. the name of Portman 

i M. Annr.dniu;hlFr of Sir Edward 

•C Bury Pomeroy, and Krandaugb- whom be had ismc, 

r-WruiaH-BBRKeuY, bit ntc- 

ri Berkeley, esq. of Pylle. who 
fcooet (laughter of Thomaii Ryvcd, 
; of Rjuiaiaot and hud two daugfa- 


IxtHiB, m. to Andrew Napier, 
c«|. of Tintmhali, in the couiiiy 
uf So Bieraet. 

, AmndeU, m. to Thomas Troy le, 
e»q. nf llunlaham, in the county 
of Drvuu. 
m, la Sir John BurUnd, kni. 
ODe of the barona of Ihe Ex* 
ti'T, ami had a Don, 
hn-Ilcriflt-y IlurlBtid, esq. of 
AtocX. House, Dorset. 

WRf r. rI bis dcceane by hi# 


Ichard Portman, in the county of 
ami of BryanstoD. in the coiint%- 
wIhj f-vpooMTd Anne, daughter of 
ilrti. ntq. af \\\^\i Hall, and dying 
U ». by hii Bon. 

tViLU«K PimrMAN. K»t\. of Or- 

Iman. and of Bryanatun, who iii- 

p fiuBily rotates of Pylle, upon 

the deraifie of hia aunt, I^tdy Burland. He 
wedded Anne, daughter of William Wyiid- 
bam, esq. of Diiiton, and had issue, 

I, Hksb\-Bkkkp.lky, who m. Lucy- 

Eliznbflh, daughter of Lurd Dormer, 

and d. in IHM, leiiring, 

Charlotte -Li'cv, who wedded 

John, present Earl Poulet, imA 

has issue. 

3. EDWARn-BeRKELEY, auccesjuirtobia 

9. Aniie-Hary. 

4. Henrietta, m. to L. 6. D. Tregon- 
well, esq. of Cranbome, Uorsetohtre. 
and baa iMUc. 

6. Wyodbaui. 
Tlie second sou and successor, 

Edward-Bkukelev PnKTHAN, esq. of 
Bryanston, and of Orchard- Portman, m. 
first. Lucy, duughler of the Rev. TboraOji 
Whitby, of Crt-swvll Uoll, in Staflbrdahins 
and had issue, 

1. Edwaki>-Berkeley, now repreiien- 
tulivv of Ihe fainily. 

2. Henry- William- Bi-rkcley. A. 8ib 
May, IHOl, who m. Harriet-Emily, 
second daughter of T. L. Napier 
Slurl. epq, 

3. Wyiidbnm-Berkeley, h. 4di June, 
ltk>4, who M. Sarah, daughtifr of 
Thomas Ttiomliill, v*(\. of Kiddles- 
nurtli, jr Norfolk, and has isme. 

4. Fit/hardirige-Bi-rkL-U-y. b. S3rd Jan. 
1811, a fellow of All-Muls. 

6. Lucy-UabeUarM.toO. Digby-Wtng- 
field, caq. 

6. Marianne, m. to Oeorge Drumniond, 
esq. and has ii^^ue. 

7. Hnrripl-EHa, m. to W. Stntford- 
Dugdale, cm|. M.P. and has imne, 

Mr. Portmnn cBpouitcd neiondly. In March, 
ISlfi, Mar)-, eldeel dougbter of Sir Edward 
Hulse, bart. of Brewmon' Hou5e. Wiltj<. 
He died at Rome, l&th January, 1B*i.1, and 
wn» t. by hi« etdi-xt Kon, the present Ed- 


This is a branch of the very ancient and 
eminent house of Berkeley, of Berkeley 
f\sTLt,' but mure immediately L-cmnected 
with the Lords Berkeley, of Strnttou. 

* For a fiill acconut of the early Berkdaya. 
raftirto B»rkr'» £j(iiirt Pttragt. 



Sin RicH.iHD Bekkelet, luit of Stoke 
GifTunl, in the C-ouiily uf G luut-ester (ilirs- 
ccnded from Sir Maurice llerkeley, knu 
KcuQfl »oa of the fint Luro BeRKELEY, of 
BerktU^ Cattir), d. in 1514, leaving wtiv 
by his wife, RllzaboUi, daag liter of Sir Hum- 
pbray CooiuKvl^y* l^Dt. two son*, viz. 

John (Sir), of Stoke-GiSard, ancestor 

tu LoIlD BoTETUfRT, 


Sir Mavhicr BeRKELCv. K.B. of Brulon. 
in thr coiiDly of SomFniet, iitaitd>«nl-be-;irfr 
to IIenhy VIII. Edmakd VI. and Qureu 
Em/arktii. Of thU KLMitlcman it h men- 
liuia-d, llint, tn (he IJrst y<>nr of Queen 
MjtKY, riding t-a^uiiUy in I^ndon. he mei 
with Sir Thomas Wiul at Temple Bar. nud, 
perstiatlin;; hiin lo yifld hitiiM'lfto thvtiiieeii. 
Sir TlinmoD took htH udvir«, and, mounting 
behind Sir Maurice, rode to the coort. Sir 
Maurice fl>. first, Catherine, daughter of Wil- 
liam Blount. Lord Mountjoy, anii had. witli 
several other children, a e*ia, Henry, h'm 
SQCceuor. He espouiied, secondly, Elixa- 
belb, daughter of .Vntliony Sind», eaq. by 
whom he lind two vtnr* aiid a daughter. Sir 
Maurice wM a. at hi^ decease by hi* eldest 

Sir Henry Bj;iikfley, knl. cif Bmton. 
whom. Margaret, daughter of WilHuin Ly- 
({on, esq. of the county of Stafford, and had 
three aoiifl, viz. 

1. Hai'RICR (Sir), from whom derived 
the VlftCorNTS FlTZIURDINC, the Ba- 
wnst, Berkeley, ofStratton, and ihf 
gallaotEARL OF FALHOtrTH. 

1. He>RT (Sir), from whom d 

the Bekkeij'.ys of Yarlin£lon. 

.1. RnWAHD (Sir),of whomwei 

tu treat. 

Tlie third wn. 

Sir RptvtRn Berkelet, knt. 
eHiiaused Margaret, daughter of Join 
land, ei>q. of Sussex (who#e ancestor 
mas Holland. R.irl of Kent, m. Joa^ 
Fair Maid of Kent, grandaughter of 
Ef>vi'.\Ki> I.) Sir Edward built the mi 
hnnse at Pylle, where he resided ufl 
decease, in Ifl64, when he wus #. by hi 
Edward Bgrkkley. esq. of Pylle,! 
PiiiLirPA. daughter of George Speki 
of Wliilelaekin^tnn, by Joan, daugli 
Sir John Portiia\, ban. and dying in 
was jr. by hi:« Hon, 

Edward Bebkei-ey, esq. of Pylle, « 
Elisabeth, daughter of John Kyves, i 
Ranston, and had (with another son 

William, who n&^umed (as stated a 
the surname and nrmfi of Poft 
upon inheriting the estates M 
family. ^ 

/Irm*— Quarterly. lirBt and fourth 
fleiir-di'-li» az. for PoRTMAX: 
tki nl . gu. a che V. ermine between ' 
palti-e. arg. for Behkelet. 

Crvrt— First, u talbot eejazit 
eond. a unicorn gu. 

Eitatet—\n the counties of l>orMI 
merset, and Middlesex. 

.Si^'Bli'^Uryanslon, near Blandford 
cbard-Portman, near Taunton. 





^ w M'UlH in lh<* \>Mifh «r 
Iw wmmty of Jtcrk!i. ntiuMt tlu- 

i« pAtiirn, ^sq. ma A. io 1679, and 
fa ITfla, irt. M. wii» tmrir<I in tlif 
of HmT*i rliHlvU. He Irft three 

I. RintABD, in boly onl«n. fellow of 
Trinliv ('ttllri^. C-nmbhtlice, and rrc- 
tor ef Bmdini: in Ihr Ule of WIkIiI. 
who J. qiiraarriol, in I7&1. 

% Bphkt, of kIioiq iirfM'iiUy. 

ULMER, ROBEBT. wq. of Holmo Park, in iho ccunty of Borku, A. 3Ut Jonuary. 
},«.to the rcprrst'ntfttlon of tlio familj iifwn the (IpmiReofhifl fnth^rin 1806. Mr. 
' repr— aptn the rounty of Berk.t in parliotnonl'. 


.\. Samuel, who ft. in I7U8. li-avinR 
159 ue. 
Tlie st;cond mu, 

RoBRHT Palmer, genl. nf (Jreal Riuiioll- 
atroet. Blonmsbnry-sq nitre, nllMrney-iit'lnu, 
wan fur Diuiiy yvan af^ent to liiii ^hicl- the 
Oiike of Bedford. Ht m. first. Mi*.-* Le 
Rnn, of nrvat Yarninuth, In NorfulL, by 
whom he bnd ocveral children, who »lt 
d. young: nnd. M>i'ondly. Mit^ ChArlotta 
WaJtelin. uid by her (who li. in I76H) 
be tel) at hi» defense, in 17H7 (njlh four 
daut:hter«), an only M>n and nuixetuior. 

KlLliAHD PaLUKR, i>JU]. It. in 17AA, wlto tn. 
in I7!>l, Jane, eldest dauKhler of Ohifield 
nowlen, e#i|. of North Atiton, in Ihi- i-oiirtly 
of Oxford, by whom (who d. in 1K12) he had 
eleren children, nx of whom, viz. three t<on« 
and three dangbfen). now nurvive. He d. in 
IKiO, Hiid wa»9. by his eldeiil Bon, Ri>hkht 
pALMRR, eitq. prvMtit reprcseotative of the 

A ma — Cheqocx or ajid M. on ft chief f}.t. 
(wo mtiMelp of the fir*t. 

Crrtt — A IwllMit sejant, emiinoiit. 

Kttatet — III llie paridheft oi tionniiiR and 
Hiirvt. in the county of tJcrka. 

.SVji/— Holme Piirk, near Ki-ndin;;, B«rkp. 




Ij\MBERT, AYLMER-BOURKE, esq. of Boytoo Hovwc. in the wunty of fl 

m. Catharine, dsiu^hter of Ricliiiv(! Bon&ter. esq. of ^ 
lej, in \Vanvirk»tiire, by whum (who f/, in 1828) ba 
no butue. This gentleman, who U g:rand8oii and repn 
lAtivc of thp Eit#t Viworvr BnuBKF-of Mato, hafldi 
piiishfd liimsclf in the litornry and Rrienlifir worid, 
IiiiH alUiucd preat emiuonce ns n botanical collector 
writer. Hu in Vice Presideiil of the Liiina>an Soc 
follow of tile Royal Society, fellow of the Autiquarian 
cietv, &c. &c. Mr. Boiirke Lambert s. to the eel 
ujran thedenitfto of his futtmr, in 1B02. 




TfaR family of Lambekt is onppoi'nl to 
derive from llie Hv. L*MBr.RT8 of Fmnce. 
lui boTli bear the ^amo armorinl enMRni^. 

John Likbf.kt, esq. of Kirlon, in the 
county uf Lttieohi, wns father of 

Richard Lambkrt, esq. of Kirton, wbo^e 

John F^amSEIIT. enq. of Kirtun, ('(tjimiBrd 
Joane, daughter or — Conye< esq. of the 
cvanly of Lincohi, and had issue. 
RtCHAHP, hiii iiucccssor. 
John, wlio m. Caroline, daughter of 
Humphry PoclLinf^D, caq. and had 
wvenil childrrn. 
Thnma«, of London. 
The eldest son, 

RiciuuD Lambert, etK). imrchaM^d. Id the 
year 1572. the estate of Tlnvtun. wliich hnn 
dencended in direct lineal heirship to tliv 
|ireseut |iroprietor. Mr. Lajnherl was she- 
riff of London in 15R8, and ninrryin^ Alice, 
daughter of Humphry I*ackinpOH,«sq. had 

EowiHD, his »ucee8t«ur. 

Richard, orSherrin);:toii. 

WilUum, of London, d, i. ji. 

Edward, of Loiuloii. d. s. p. 

Gileft, of Oxnead. 


Jane, m. to J. Jackman, enq. 

Mr. Lambert nwi $. at his dweajie by hi.i 
eldest ^on, 

Edwird Lahbrrt, eaq. of lloyton. uho 

DC oq 



ni. Anne, daughter of Bdward Jack ma 
of llomchiirch. a.nd had iwue, 

EnnARn, hi^ Bucreiwor. 

Thomas, who continued the line 

Kd mil I id. 



Ilririffi'l, m. lo Rcnrj BnriK'*.'' 

RliKabeth, mi. to V-. E)-re*. e«q. 

Alice, m. to <t. HuMey. esq. 

Anne. m. to Sir G. Lambe. 


Jane, m. to A. Arney, nq. 



Mary, m. to — Poulton, esq. 
Mr. I^uuhert dyin); in irHHs, na« hnril 
t)\ne.-id, in the couniy of Norfolk, and 
r. by his i-lde»C kou, 

EowAKD L.AUIIKRT. esq. of Boyton, 
ni. Diilrihelta, ihiu);hler of W illiam Sw 
ef>q. of Cunville, in Dorsi'tflhire, and 
Iwu dautflitcn, who were both nuu 
Dving ihitii in ItilS, without male iama 
family estates devolved upon ht» next 

Thomas LtMseRT, e«q. of Bnylon. 
gentleman rebuilt, in the year 1818, 
matiaion-houM at Unylon. Hn m. J 
daug;hter of Walter Dauchc, esq. of i 
bury, and had ii^fae, 

Fnui'\n, his succe»H>r. 

Thomas, in holy ordrr«. D.D. I 



lofSarom, whom. TirHt, Marj'. 
itPT of Thnnian fWnetl, t**q. of 
N'cnnn Uavunt. aad liud a »on, 
Ttiomn!^. H*" rsidtiisird, dccmully. 
A nDr.MMluwof William HearAt,M.l). 
of Samui, 


iobn. d. without u*u^. 
Waltrr. of SlicrriHglon. 
IUar\-. M. to J. Bitil«y, Aoq. 

be eldest wm, 

Boat-HD UtMBCRT, fwq. of Keerfl, e«- 

jMrd • daogbhrr of Kobcrt Cole, esti- ui<l 


KttxMWth, nho m, WilHAm Drouncker, 
r*q. of Earl Sloke, frrtindsotk to Sir 
Hrnrv Brouncker, kni. of Mrlksum, 
Add nearly rela»d tn Sir William 
Jirounrkcr, knt. VlKoant Brouncker. 
Castle LyoDs. 
bert d. in 1643, and naa /. by bi.t 

TiioMkn UtuiipnT, etu{. of Huytuii, who 
Ebmnor. dxugbter of fidn-anl Topp, e«q. 

(D, hia focceaaor. 

X. Tbomiw. in huly ordpn. M.A. rector 

of RoyUta and SluTrJiiKton, who m. 

JaiH-. daugbler uf Sir lleury Cuker. 

knl. Hnd Irfl (with two ulher dauf^h- 

_ trrt. who i/. (. p.) Jane, n». lo ihe 

Itrr. K. Head, and HIeiuiora, m, to 

I. Mrn-in. ewi- 

2. Kdwanl. M.A. recmr of On^lirfflon 
St. Gflwrge. who m. Mary, daughter 
of — St. B«rb«. ni*\. und bud iiume, 
Edmi ND, uf Bagshot. who ant<r- 

ward.H siirrerded nl Bojtoit, 
Edward, of Ihe Middle Templ<*, 
and of NVw Sarutii, who m. 
Mar)', diiugbter of — Norris, 
e«<|. of NoQAOtb. and had, nith 
two dnughten. two wim, viz. 
Edaiuod, of Bronihiim, a colo- 
nrl in tlin Eail India Com- 
panr'n service. tvIio left at 
hi* deccttM.'. iu IWW, two 
•iiDK Cdmiiml und L'dunnl. 
Edoard, ffetor of FreahltMl. 

r, m. I«i Ricbord Stokes, ttt\. 
Anae. m. to Samuel Stoken, esq. 
•. l>e'borBh. Bi. lo — Kelly, esq. 
7. EUnbrih. m. U — Mills, pm). 

Mr. Larabort wan /. at his decease, in liiSi, 
b_> liin eldest son, 

Edmi'no L.IMBF.RT, eM[. of Buvtou. who 
rc|>r('»enti-d tin- bonrngb uf Ni-w Suriitn iti 
parliainenl. Tliiii geRtleniati e!t|H)used Sn- 
rab, daughter and heiress of Peter Blake, 
t*sq. of Andover.but dyinf^ without isBue, in 
1733. the family possession)) pny^ifd l<i lii» 

Edui'nd LAHliEnT, e>M|. of Boyton, wbo 

m. Anne . and hail issue, 

EoMl'ND, his sueoeiuior. 

W illiam, chief of Dacca, m. Lady Hope, 

but d. I. p. 
Edward. R.N. 
Ktchard, rf. yonng. 
Sarah, m. to tbc Rev. James Vcrney, 

of Gloucester. 
Anne, ni. to — Scroop, estj. of ('.astle- 

Mhtv. > J 
The elde«t roh. 

Edmcnd Lambkrt. esff. of Boytun. m. 
first, the Hon. Bhidop-t Boi'RIr, daufcbler 
and heireas of John. Viscoisnt BOLHKlt. of 
Mayo, (see article of Bovrkk, Viwovmlf 
Mayo, at fool), by whom be bnd an only 

AvLUER-BiniHRE, pfeHTDt proprietor. 
He espoused, secondly, Bridget, daughter 
of Henry Seynier, esq. of Hantunl, in the 
county of Vursel, and hud issue, 

AnnC'Elixabetli. »/. young. 

Lui-y, M. to John Benett, esq. of Pj't 

House, M.P. for the eoufity of Wilts. 

and )xaa issue, (see fiunily uf Be- 


Mr. LamlMTt dying in 18(G, was i. by his 
only son, Ayi-mkk-Boi'KKK Lamdkkt. e»«|. 


Viscounts Buuhkf, of Mayo. 

SiH RiciUKD BoiiiRR, a distiiipiiKbt-d 
member of the ancient and illuatrioup family 
of Bourkc, espousing Grntiim, iUtn{!;bl«^-r of 
Owcu O'Maly, of the OwIl's, an Irish cliief, 
bud, witJi otlier i^ue, a son and successor. 

Sir THP.nti4i.D Bimirkf., knt. who r<>pre- 
M-ntrd, in ini3. the couuty of Mnyn in p»r- 
liamenl, and iK'iiig {iris^^fpst-ii of a Uir^v 
eslHlt*. and di»lingiii.-«liecl for hi^ eminent at- 
Lirhment to Uie crown, was advanced by 
A'l'ny Charles 1. in {tfSi. to Ihe diKtiity of 
Viscftl'NT Boi'RKK, of Mato. He». Mnud, 



iIiinKliliT af Charles O'Cunor, vs^. imil liiu! | 

MiLe:<i (Sir), liM successor. 
Pa^itl. tf. t. p. 

Tlkt;olral<l (curiiaiiird Uir Strottff), nf 
CUiK^an, in thr cimiilv of Mb)". wIkj 
it. ill lfV>4, iL-ii*iiiK i^tuv- 
Hicknrd (suniamrd Iron l}irk),vtho m. 
Anil**. (launliiRi" of 'riuMiiaa Miu.'M«- 
boti, of Eniiismorr. Ui llie county of 
Clare, and lind tiK>iie. 
Mary. m. to rlie O'Coiior Hod. 
lltiiioni, nt. first, to Murmgli OTIii- 
hi-rty. PM). of At;hiinmurrn, in lli»i 
county ofGalway ; mid, Sfcondly. tn 
Ulifk Boiirkc, t94i. f>f Castle IlHctil. 
Margarft, m. to TlieobjiW B*rtirke. *-rc). 
of Turtonftb. 
HU lotilKliip (/. IHtb June, I02&, and wa« t. 
by liU rideat mtn, 

SiK Mii.i!>! BurnKF.. sorotul Wsconnt. who 
luolt hi* iwat in piirliiiiin-nl tth Nrm-mlHT, 
IKM. HtK l(ird!ihi|i m.fir»i. Iluiiorn. dniip;h- 
ItTufSirJtihii IJourkc.ol I>rrrym»rlMtflitiiy, 
ill Ihc rimiily ofUulwiiy. liy Ihf l.nd\ Mur- 
Cun-t UoiirKr. duiii;hiiTot (lirK. iliinl llitrl 
of ('Imiririir*!!', iiiul bad. wilUolJKT ii**ui-. 
Tlir.oB'ti.n (Sir), hid Buccf««or. 

Tlw TiBcount c»pou8<.-il. »r»f>rKlly. Miiw 
Frrnke, ntid dyiiiR Iwfori' I04U. wm *. by 
htn Kon, 

SiK TtiFORtin Biii'HKF. third riitrount. 
who ivn« ediicaird in The university of Ox- 
ford, under (he }iriMl An tibichon l«iiii|. His 
lordship wa» ii(H'UM-d by the hi>;b ri>iirt of 
justice, io \\\« tJmr of tin' lomnionivi'allh, itf 
ba\ ifig tnken part iii iliv tniixiiiirn' iit Shrult* , 
■lid. hriiiK found puiliy, nns shut at Oiilnay 
lAlb I»fi-enibi^r, UVU. He iw. fir»l, F.kmior, 
dau|chti^r uf — Talbot, cxq. of tin* couiily of 
York, and bnd i»Hue. 

Thkubald (Sir). hi» nti-ceswr. 
MlLF.-S who inbrrited, us fifth viftt^oiiul. 
Maud. IN. to Colonel John Uromi, of 
Weatiwrt, and the ^'n-nl>tui'at-(^-at 
^andson of thi« marrinKf; 15 Ibe pre- 

Howr.-PPTP.R-BBnw\t. Marquew 
of SliffO. (nee Hiirkr't Perra^r 
aud Itarnnrtnt/f.) 

Margaret, m. Sir Henry Lyncli, and 
el. t. p. 

His IortUbi|) ('siiHiiiAed , Kt-i-oiidlv. Rleamir, 
dauKbterof Sir Lukv FitJigcrald, of Tncrog^ 
ban, in tbc rouuly of Mtath, by wboiu bt> 

had anoQ. Lnkc, whofi. in in fancy. He waAJ 
«. by hi» eldest nrn, 

SiK TiifcOBALO lioi'KKK. fonrth tiM-j>anl 
i\bo obtained, nrter iho rc^loratioii nf thi 
kiii(c. a n-gntnl of liin cwlale, ronoiKtinfE 
'H>,iK>li iu-n:^i« of land and lire nmnore. in tbi 
4 0nnty of Havo. His Iord:*hip m. firel,] 
I'lennor, danRhU-r of Sir Arihiir l^iftun, u| 
KBtlifarnbain, knt. ; and. sw^indly. Am 
Itiidy Onetitf; but dyiSK in 107G, iasucl 
the honors devolved U)k>u hit next brotberd 

MiLF.ii Boi'KkF., Gflh \uci>unl. who 
Jane, youngest daughter of Fraiici», l^or 
Atheury. and vnu 1. at bis decwiw. in IMt 
l»y hi* only cliild, 

Tiitontit) tloi^RKE, dixth %uM.oniit. 
m. firiil. Iiis foujiin Mar}*, yoiiiip-i*! daagli 
(or of John llrowiK*, cm|. of We(H|iort, 
whom he bud l^ue. 

Tiikobalu, hi» ftnixtcsAor. 
Miles, d. ynuii^. 

J"ii\. « ho iuhrrilwl 11* eiKbfb viwoi 
Joan, M. Xa Mtirroii[rti-Mi>r);»n tVl 
hrrty, t»|. of U-niunfield. iti ibeeoul 
ly i>f fintwjiy, and bad fivu M>ti» 
one itniit^hter, v\t. 
\. Ilrian,r/. in ITM. 
•J. John (Sir), who m. Miw Bny«f/ 
of the county of Liineriel. auii 
bad Tliiimas uiid AnnlH-lla. 
X TIioiiiaii,wbom.Su«inim}lourke. 
of tin- eounly of Gaiwuj.iiiid haJ 
n lion, John Ikmrke O'Flaheny, 
I.L.Ii. ami M.P. for CaiJan. 
4. Patrick. 
6. Miebatl. 

6. Miiltel, m. to Captain Willus 
Eliuil>ei)v, ubbeu of Channel Row Non- 

nerj*. Ilubtin. 
Mary. rf. younp- 

Bridget, m. tu John Uiinninc. rw^. of 
r<astle Coote, in the coutity of Ro»- 
comtnon, and bad one «ou and iuitr 
daughter*, viz. 
1. John (Sir). 

'i. Mary, m. to GM>r^-Wil)ia«, 
Eiirl (if Covenirr. 

3. Elizabctli, m. fintt. to Jamea, 
DukeofHainilton ; and MN-iMvdIy, 
to Colonel John Ctimpbrll, win 
afterwards became Duke of Ar- 

4. Catharine. 
6. l>i»y, d. young. 


Ht» IrtnUfai)! m. ^rcnndly, Miir)f3ir>-t, fldi'Sl 
iautiiirr iti Bn'au 4>uiitiinv:, fM). nf Oiistlif 
r<ivi''. I'ut tuul HO ruriliiT iiuut*. II4? vnu m. 
\tl h» <fr«-f-aaM* by hi* vldr^it ton. 

Sir TiifOBtlO BhIRKI , wncnili vm-onnt, 
ohwluuL lii» M>»1 ii)|iarlUiiiriiC)U 17-11. IIi!> 
lofibliip m. in 1736. EIli«. «l(irr daughter nf 
!«■» AK>r. wq. uf Gon-nm. in lite county 
■/ killt-MDy, l>y wtiiim (nlm wns irt-'ali-il in 
17Jft, CinNTlLAk IIP Bman|]i>k} he Imil Ino 
[tmt, «Ik> buUiilic^d yoiint;, vihen ilie family 
tAm «fNl p»tiilt-x ilrrolvctl u^uu bu iortl- 
Fj^Vuult brulhrr. 

JniiN |i4HKitK. I'ietiUt vimrounl, whii (<fok 

kf -rrti in |>.-irlijiim-iil ill I74.*». Hi« Jiinl- 

■ ' ■ . '1 .-III.', dniiKhtt-r .iiiil lu-irv.oD of 

■ "'* ' - ; ^y]ni«r (a il(-Mr>?iiilaiif iif I>r. 

';^ill. an-hbishoii ol' raiili-rhiin . 

'• f'li/ttirTiO. I>) nlitini (nlii>n'- 

' ' ') • 1770. RtliiiDiii) JiinlHii, i-M|. nf 

L^,-i, in ri,, r.ituitj ill Mavti) lie Itiwl i»i«m*. 

&«uicit,A. l7Ui NurrnilK-r, IT-ld, wlm 

4. al an early age. 

BRitHir.i , will" *urv(vinpchH«l nm) licir, 
nlio m. KnMI'KI) l.tMB^KT, i-tii). of 
Uo\ti>ii, iiikI liad ao only :ftiii, Avt- 

MFK-lJoCKhb L^MBr.Kt. PrUV Tl-pTO- 
cii-litiitiK-of tliP llOUKKKSi VlSCOrNTli 
UuLKKK, 0/ MtttfO. 

Artn* — At^.oii a bend t'u^railed Wtw^'en 
Iwii lidiiH nini)Niiit i^a. Uirut- annnli-(4 or, fur 
for LtUBKitT, iiuiirti'rio^ the (!m>it{n)i of Uiu 
ViM-ouiiU Uourkf, of Mayu, vix. (larty |K>r 
fens or am) rrniiur. n cross ^. tliu firO. 
t|iiurU;r cliar^-il m ilh .\ lion ru]ii|*iiiit on. iinil 
[111- M'cdiid willi a iJ<'\tor hiiiiil, i-i.iiii>ril 
itt tlte wri^t aud «re«-t, i;ii. 

CVrtf — A iJi-iiLi-pi>gu8u», wiUi wtofpi ex- 
|mniifd, frininu. 

h'ltalfi — Boyton, Girton, and Slivrriiig- 
loii, ill Ihi- t-ounty nf Will^. 

't'uutt Hmuittife — l.<ivit-r(Jrintvcuur->tr(.'i'l. 

•Scnf— Duvluu (loiuc. Wilbi. 

\ WILKINSWIN, ANTHONY, estj. of Coxhoo. in Uio cuuuly of Durham, wiccooded 




9rH44«U W||KIV»)V, fM\. of Cnw»K«U-. 
I Utirhani, yoiinp'tit f-'*n nl' 
i.tOI). of Ul«l )Ukt1H< pliu'f. (/. 
ITI7. IravinK tturvitiD)( Muv, four HHIS 

I . Thosm, of duf city uf Durham, Wr- 

tisl'r-al-lnw.Mi. I7lJi |K-< cDihc r, 1717. 
Mury, duu^hl'T tintl hi-Jr of William 
l-'<-:ittn'r»loii[iaIgli, i-si|. ul' Uniiicciiftll 
Htid Sluiiliy. by wlioui ho liad nii 
only ibiughti-r, 

Muiv. 6. 27^1 l^cfi'iiiU'r, 1718, rf. 
'Jiid Ki-lirunrj. 17-it). 
lit- (/. 1>0tii r.Iiniury, I7:):l. <um] bis 
widnit r!>)>i)ii»4-d SirWiltiaiii WiiJiuiii- 
siiii, liiirl. Ill Moiik,-Weurnt(iuth, iu 
iJif couiiiy of Diifhiiin. 
•i 4oh. of Elvi-I, d, iit 1734, m, p. 

a. anthiiw. 

■I. Itii-liiird, itlio m. first, Fraiwir* , 

and bad innip, 

'riioiiidit. who li. ». i>. in hin fatlier's 

life I inn-. 
Kirhard. Ml. to l-'lixal]pth,dau^liler 
of OiriMnphvr Micl.l«'lMii. of 
Ihirhaiit, gi-iil. and Ivll an only 



Frances, hoir to hf^r grand- 
fulhvr, but d. I. p. 


IK- wt'ddi-ti ftccondljr, Hannah Rirh- 
anlson, rvlJct of Autliony Sultou, oT 
Gnlcxlieail, iiiiTclinnt, but tiRtl nn 
otlit^riiMuc. Hod. lOth Mitrrli, l7.'jH. 
&. EtiKiibctti. ffl. 3rd 8i>ptftnilK-r, \m'i, 
lo J.ihn Trotter, e»q. of Morton IIrII, 
Mid l^thian. 
0. Elrnoor. 
The K-cunil gumvinf; son, 

AsTHONY WiLKlssoK, e»q. of Crojispali-, 
B jiu>ticf> of the peace for die county of Ilur- 
ham, baptized lilih September. 16H4. in. 
Deboruh, tlaugbtiT and cu<bt-ir of Gilbert. 
Macbon, esiy. and had UMtCt 
WiLLiiH, hi« Huccc«8or. 
Tbomav. somctiniv of Kini^ton-upon- 
Hull,iiierrh«iit.afti'r«iinl9of Bnim-f- 
petU, m. in l7/i7. Jane, daii^liter of 
Richard Willianintm, of Kirk-Klhi, 
near Kinpnon-upon-tlull, nitTchant, 
and had four daughters. %iz. 

1. Debnrab, m. to Calverley Be- 
wicke. eitq. of Close House, in 
Nortliumberlnnd, and d. s, p. 
3. AnDt.% m. to William Wfitson 
Boltnn, of King^ton-upon-HiilI, 

3. Jnne, w. to F^wstcr Jolgn^nn, 
pAi). of Klihester Hill, in Dur- 

4. Mnrin-lMl>etla. 

Gilbert, of Newrantli'-apon-TjTie, mer- 
chant, afterwards of Uniiicepetb. m. 
Jane, only dauf[hter of Hauxley Sur- 
tees. of the same place aud profca- 
Aion.and bad an only child, Aulliony, 
who d. in infancy. 

Margaret, m. to Thomas Wharton, of 
Old Park, M. D. 

Isabel, m. to John Richardson, esq. of 

Anne, m. to Timothy Hutcbinson, esq. 
of Eglestone. 

Deborah, m. to William Rt^d, esq. of 
Sand Hutfon, in the county of York. 

EliZ''il»eth,ni. tiri>t, 10 Geort^e Mowbray, 
evq. of Ford, in C'hetihire. and ar- 
condly. to John Goodchild. esq. of 
PalliuD, in llie same county. Shv d. 
in \6QS. 
Mr. WnUnmn d, in 1758, aud wu r. by bis 
eldest son, 

WtLUAH WiuiiKitON, wq. of Ntnrowtle- 
HlMin-Tync, wlio wrvrd the office of vberlff 

of iho county nf Northnmberland in 1707. 
He m. Pbiladflpbtn, daii|;htpr and. tTen- 
tnally. «ole heiresA of Tlmnutn CU-nopl. eaq. 
«f (.1rnm!l, in Nortliumbcrlaml. and had 

1. Anthony, hisMircecMr. 

2. THnM.ts. who auccewled bia hmlber. 

3. Richard of Newcastle-upoD-Tynr, 
d, 1. p. 

4. Wilfred, ati ofEcer in 

5. William, u general in t)ic army, and 
colonel of the lUlOt rejpineiit of fool. 

6. John.somerime of <trAy'« Inn.afVT' 
wards of Hoppiland, tn the county of 
Durhntn, »vbo (/. lit 1810. 

7. Pi'njvfll, m. atiti hud ifwue. 

8. Philadelphia, m. to the Rev. Hngb 
Hodgson, of Egtin^ Northom- 
herland, and is dereawd. 

9. Oorotliy, m. to Ilrnr^' Collingx>M>d, 
pwi. of Lilburne Tower, in N'orlhnn- 
berlaad (hi* second wife). 

Mr. Wikincon d. Ilth OcIoIht. 1768, and 
wita t. by his eldest son, 

Anthony Wilkinson, e»q. who d. un- 
married, and was *. by his brother, 

THOHA»WiLKi\sov,e«q. Tbtsgentlrmaa 
cspnusrct Hnniiab-Elixabetli, daughter and 
co-heir of Robert Spearman. c»q. of Old- 
acres, in ihi.' county pnlntine of Durham, by 
whom (who d. '27th April, lK31)he hadiMue,' 

1. Anthony. Lis succesffor. 

2. Cleunell. 

3. Perceval-Spearman, in holy orden,' 
m. in IHI7, to Sophia, onlv cliild nfj 
P. J. Anslrutlier, esq. (who was Ibi 
only son of Lieutenant- general Ad- 
atmtlier), and ha« i^ue, 

Perceral-Spearman . 
Tliomas- William. 
Mary- VuMnilber. 
Isabel In-f'bristiana-Jano. 

4. Wilfred.ofthoR.N. rf. inlheWr* 

&. Elizahetb-Philadelphia, m. in IBIfl, 
to L'al»'erly-Br'»vicke Rcwicke, c»q, 
of CloM Hoaae, Norihuinbcrl«Md, 
and lias iasne. 
0. Ilannab-I^tbella, m. to Warraa Bank.I>urh*ni, 
and baii issue. 
Mr. Wilkinson d. in November. l»t2A» and 


>T his rldptt Mn. ihf prfwiit \s- 
Tiiohi WiLKivftOK, cs!}, nf Coxlioe. 

vlnw — GuIcB. A feftiiy wary, betwevn llirer 
■Birom*' farail* u*. 

Trr** — OmI of n mural coronet gu. n uni- 
rara'n brad, ar. 

£at»tr* — Hutam, Coxboe, EddrrafTcs, .SVaf— Coxbop. 

Sh»»ralnp, «nrl xhv GranjjPH. Hiirworlli Brynn. 
Wliin; Ilurwortii. l^iiKtliilf, Stnnlpy, Holni- 
si<lr. Tuixliilc. Wbiitnii. Brufl'iTton, Wood- 
Imiii Burn, Ruvb^fori) ami Stobluilce, id 
tb« county palatine of Durbam. 


VARD-PLrMER, ROBERT, e«i. of GiUton Paik. in the county of Herts, b. 
19th Marrli. 1765, m. lirBt, 2n«l April, 1796, Catherine- 
Julia, rlau^hter of C. J. Maling, esq. of Hilton, Duriiani, 
(ontt Bister of Admiral Malio^, and of the CoimteM Downger 
of Mul^^ve) by whom he has issue, 

Hc^RY-Geoiiue. Inle minister plenipotentiary for acknovr- 
led^'ng (he Mexican Republic, in. Emily, mtomU dou^li- 
ter of Sir John Snitibuniv,* bstrl. of Cupbvatun, uikI 
has (with four dati^litcm) tno »uui», viz. 

1. !>.i.lley. 

2. Smiiburne. 


Mr. Wnrd espoused Bcroodly, IHth .luly, 18^8, Jnnc, relict 

of William Pliimer, e«j. of Gilston Park, and daughter of 

the Hon. nnd Rev. George Hiunilton, son of James, seventh 

Karlof Ahcrcom(by hiaeountess, Anne, danghter of Colonel 

Pltuner, M.P. of Herts, 1680.) In consequence of this alliance and hii<> marriago 

walMBfTBt. Mr. Ward wisuraed by sign manual, the additional surunme and arms of 

^PLmr.v. He was educnted at Christ Church, Oxford ; railed to the bar, ood appoinlMl 

1M5, on«of tfa« Wdjih judges, but retired from the profeuiou to became under 

of ScatA for Foreign Affaire. 1-Ie was afterwards, from 1807 to 181 1, a Lord 

'•Tiiw Admirvlty; Clerk of the Ordnance from 181 1 to 1323; and 6nally Auditor of 

At Ciril Lwl, until the abolition of that otlice in 1 831. 

Mr. Plumer-Wani is now (1832) High Sheriff for the county of Herts. He is dift- 
lilcrary world as the author of the History of the Iaw of Nations, 
re, Ob Veitr, Arc. Ac. 

* Tlw 4MaMOl hooM of SwnrvcRKt ■• uRonj^ thr most rmrieni in tlir kinftdom derivinj^ fnnD tbe 

'uf tWnobilitY of Euit>|<*>> mh) bmirinif no lf«a than eiglity-iix qunHnrin^H in i(« nliielil. ll 

I •» tiB>'a] (iru|^iitt»n, tbo eariy kings of Fnuu-rr, many i!in|>iM>>T«, ilukon of Nitnnaady, \lta 

•' KnKland, ibe PetvifS. (inclodinjr HorsrcB) the N(>vill». all th* (.intys, the 

ft tl^aflili tliJi- Warrras, llowatda. Cbffor^, VrtKi*, MortJin«r<. Fitahtiglu, Fitxuliinv, 

listTimi : iha bofaniM, VfluxM, Dacn-n of the ^'oT1ll, WitlvillM, Ut Kosa. 1>« la 

Mo^iii ai >. DaaKhamps, &«. hix, Uf th« tKrnty-riT« banma wlio wreuclied M-icxa Chabtji 

bav ta«a, il » » be* woflbv of obMnrilioo, tlist cigtitt-cn wvrv diracl aocmUirh of tbo Sn tii)>urDi<i . 




TU» hrmmtk «r ite bady of Ward k^ 
U«fC b«ne Ar NIK <UU M iW DoUe boue 
oTWuta, riwiiiiwifi Bmmf^r, m» SirrH Waad. 
Buimp ^ SmHdmrf, xm the time of CHAftLCS 
11^ MCIi«f-huaa8lE Ed«*m> Waho. tu Dip 
Wuw oC Poaftet, aad u Johm Wakd of 
MsvtaTM, Kml; Wt meAim^ pa«ti*e bo*. 
m ytt, bem aaccstatocd rcKarding itJi fuiin- 
dirtioo. prior to Ibr ynr 1704> owing to tht^ 

Jom Waiip, e«). h&vinK du^ in the ^a~ 
hM*«fOfbnUtttr, whrre be hid prerioiuly 
•CTT«d at Uw uiinit of ihut ctlt-lirntfil fur- 
troivVDcIrr AHminil Rook anil tlio Prince of 
Hew. Hr li-ft an only «oo. an inranl, on- 
d^ ptan}l«n«bip, 

JoHM Waiiu, v*t\. born in thr ^uriwiii, 
und wh/> r«**i(l<-dalmrM^a1l liu lifr in .Spain. 
H** WM n nu-rclisnl then", and only »c(tled 
In Knuland in I7H2, HnvitiK previously n- 
piMiATfl nHpanisliliidy.hy wliomhchad w»u^. 

I. <ir.(iui;i'.. of N'orlliivoofl Park, in tlir 
[•Ic of Wi|cl>^ a miTt'ltant uf pn'al 
eminenrc in Die t-tly of Lutidon, who 
M. MiM Miiry Woidfejl, and li id i\\v. 
fcillowlBK cliildreii, vix. 

OkoRoK, uf NonliwoiMl Park, m. 

Mar) , (LiuKlitcr of Ur. Saundt-ro. 

Wiltiani. » dirc-clor of llie bnnk, 

nnd liil** in«nih<T of purliiinK*nl 

for \\w cily uf Luuilon. m. Eniily, 

ilan. of HrrvL-y CH>inl)e, vn\. an 

iiKlcrnnin, »iid M.P. fur iUv city 

of IjOtutoii. 

Ili-iiry. m. Ilami'l, dnu|rl]|prof R. 

UuvR'it, cM(. din-ctor of lb« £»st 

India ('onipnny. 

John. IN. MuH (iriu'L* Llnd, of Ire- 

Henry, in Iioly onlvr*. m. Mis* 
niirrit-l Ht<yiiintir, nii'ci' of Ho- 
raci'. Lord l{iMT)>. 
Rlrliiml. n li<Miti-iuinl in thf^ 7lh 


Km iH'Oft. 

Ilarrii'l. Nt> lo J. Brckford. fn\. 
at-oniiniiiidor ill Uie K.N. couain 
of Lurd Kivirti. 
'1. KuBbHT. of (iiUtoit Park. 

3. Elixabeih, d. tmouirried. 

4. Charily, at. lo WUUam 


The pLTMCiiB carm- from Old \V1nd«or«| 
about fbe year 1600. apon at-t|iiirinp Gilnoa] 
and Blakrswarv in Hi-rtfordidiire. Tra-} 
ditionally ibcy derive from a Saxon kntfcfaU] 
bol Hie pedigree in the berald'* eoll<^ daM ] 
only from tbr time of Euzabkth. at whic^, 
period they were a family of great upalencr. ' 
In 16HU, Walter Plumer H-as created a ba-J 
rouet, bat the title ii now extinct. 

CouiNEL Joiiv Plimer, uf B]akeawnc,J 
in tlie (xiiinly uf IKrtford, M.P. for Ikafi) 
phir(>. P8)Kitu«l, in IGN). Mary Hale, of i 
HertfonLiliiru family, of King's WaldoBf] 
and liij (.-Idt-t dau^bter, 

Anm: Pli'MEH. m. James Hainillon, ¥t-\ 
veiith Earl of Aberconi. by whom she 
with oUwr children, 

Jahmk Hamilton, who niccreded 

eighth Earl uf Alien-om. 
JoliTi Hamilton, father of 
John-Jahks Hamilton, who inherited 
as ninth earl, and was created Mar*. 
i|ues« of Ab«'rc*>rn. His lunbhjp] 
watf f. at his decease, in 1818, b/i 
hi^ gmndson, 
Jamkk, present MAR4L'eftS af\ 
(iKdK'iiK Hamilton, ill holy onlers. oae 
of the I'anons of Windsor, n'ctor of j 
Tii])l()w . iind vicjir of llray. in Buckji, 
m. KliziilM'lhi diiughterof Lieutenant- , 
general Kichard Ontdow. and left, ' 
with other i»»iit-, at hi* deccaae. im\ 

Jane HANti.To\,uhi>eipou8edfint,' 
William Plumrr, esq. of Riliitaa 
Park, forty ye.imnieroberofpii]v 
lianieul fur the county of Hert-i 
ford. This gentleman, no IULK| 
Pli MEK being then IcfU m 
hilt wife Kole heirea» lo bitteataQn^l 
and she inherited accordinj^y 
hit. HeeeaAe. Mrs. Pliinter m.\ 
»«^:ondly, RoBkRT Ward. eiq. 
n bo ihcrpDjHin, ox already stilted, 
amnmeil the additional »iinuuB« 
and amis of Pi.rMKH, iuid la the 
(inaeni Mr. Pn mir-Wabd. 


ly : Itni .itiil fotirlli, ut. a 
>, in the d«'Xti;r aud i^iaiitter 
in rhirf. a key anil an aiiulmr re's- 
U, for Wtlio. Sriftml and Uiird 
per eberron 8cur>'. conntfP-flt'ury. 
Mid arfC- three nuirticte, ruunlcr- 
. for Pli MRU. 

'of WtHO. a wolf 'a bead ernA^d 
p]ir. boldinit a Urse key in th« 
For Pli, ft (leau-liuD.gult^v.liu 
tuK « snrb, or. 

EMAte Knd manor of (TTie^hajii- 
in tbr county v( UxKkit; niauors 

of (;il^toll Ovi-rhall. Ni-ilii<rfiiill. Kni'twick, 
nnd 8liiud)>ti lordmliiit, SlaiidnH iViiiry, and 
Siaiid'in stn-cl, in (he- county of HiTte ; 
Hliiki-i^nart- . in tli« Kaitit? Mrv, und »uvcn 
iuunar«itii)jt.'iidiuit lu('lu-8tt>ri Hall, SiilTolk ; 
advoivttuns urSluiilon and Eastnick, Herts; 
Hutvifwurth, Suflblk. uid Nortli WeaM, 

TVmi'H Rfiidtnef — Cnvendish-^quart^. 

.S<-M(«— <rib>tou Purk, and Staiidun Ixinl- 
Dhi|), M^rttf; (^tu-iilium-Wubuni Hidl, Bui-kt^ 
and Clivaton Hall, Sntrolk. 


JrCESn*KR. IIAI.PH, esq. of Toft Hall, in tlio county of ChMtor, 6. 1764, m. 
diuiglitcr <if ilio Rev. Kgcriim l£i(;li, of the fnmily of Iligb-Leigh, 

K%Lm-(>EKAKD. b. llltiOt-tober, 1817. 
Km mn-Throdosia . 
tJcm Ha r formerly ropreseuted Slmflvsbury in parliament. 


r»ltii. ytiunper lircjtlu-i' of 

of Tftbli-y, PrtiHiiiSi-d Juan, 

iuid bpim* of UoIhti Toft, of 

ijiof temp. Rittuitb II. wh* *. 

ttKYCESTeas of PooLK, which oon- 

tiniivd trj rt'sidf lbc'ft> until HirH\RD 

Lr.YCKSTKK, mayor of Cht.'titfr, Imv- 

ing no ii^suc*. Kayv nil bi» laiidif ill 

PnoU- (o Sir Henry Delvt-is. burl, of 

Duilin^ton, in nmrriiit;e witli Mary 

Leycmter, hin niitiu.*. 

John, liriug in the reipn of 1Ik\ky IV. 

Robert Ifcycvstcr was t. at hii decease by 

liiii sun, 

Ronp-RT Lp.Vcfsteh, of Toft, the fip«t of 
tliift family apparffolly in po^nr.iHton of that 
t'slale. H*; M. JiiDL', duuf^bltr uud cu-bi-ir 
nf Ralph Booth, ynuni^rr &an of Sir Hubert 
Ilootti, of Ounliaui MaAty, and had, with 
other isnae, a aon and heir. 

HAUfn. who m. Ajfnfs. duciglit^'r of Ro- 
bert Kat«'Jiffip, aud iiri-diH-t-iunUig his 
father, left two i*onj". 
Joiiv, »iu:i!i:aM>r to bts ^raiidiaiiivr> 
RobiTt Lt'ycesler waa s. al hia dereaM by 
Ilia iprandaon, 

John LK^LtsTEK, nf Toft, who m. Eli- 
nour, lint- nf the Umi diii>};hlt-rn and t<i>-b(?ira 
III Sir JaniPA II.irriu(Cton. of WolfuRf, in 


the county of Northaroptou, and was ». by 
fats eldest van, 

Ralph Lrylkstek, of Tofe, wlio m. in 
M§9, KlLeii, (tau^hter of Kalph Ep^rton. of 
Riiilry. in Clifshir).*. I>y wlioni (wh« cs- 
])nHSf>(l iifler hiB decfftse Rot>f*rl Honforii, 
of Chorley) he had a son and suocettsor. 

Sir Ralph Leycester, of Toft, who r*-- 
t'civfd (be huiiour of Vni(;1it)iood at Leilli, 
in Scotlnnd, I Ith May, l.'»44, ui which titae 
the Karl of Hertford, brinf; then frpnernl. 
knijibtcd iMrvL-rul Cheshire pentlenn-ii. .Sir 
Ritlpb m. Ilrsi, Klliii, d.-iiii'hti^r of Philip 
Logli, of Boothes, and had iuac, 
Ralph, who d. younK. 
WiLUAM. hit) »UM'etmor. 
Lanrenoe, who m. Jane, daughter of 

John WirburtOD, of Uromfii'ld. 
John, d. i. p. 

EVixiihelh, m. first, to Sir Randle Man- 
waring, of Over Pfver: and. sp- 
coudly, tu Sir Edmoud Trafford, of 
Anne, m. to Philip Munwaring, troUier 

Hod heir to Sir Randlu. 
Ellen, d. young. 

Mary, m. to Hugh Calverley, of Lea, 
in C1ie«hire. 

Sir Aalpheapoaacd, secondly. Jane, daagUter 
of Sir John Calverley, of I/ea, and relict 
of Jubfi Fdwardf. of Cbirk, iii Uenbig-hthirp, 
but had no further ii>«»r. Hp d. 23rd Ft>- 
bniaiy-. Ift72, and wii* ». by his eldest p«r- 
riving son. 

William Lkycestfh, of Tofl. who m. 
6ni. Kntbariue, daughter of John Edwards, 
<rttq. of Chirk, and had is^ue, 

K.iLPM, predeceas«d hi« fatlirr, *. p. 

Gf.oKUK, hia successor. 

Jane, m. to Henry Davenport^ of Chor- 

An lie, > 



who all d, unmarried. 

M»r\'. m. first, to Roivland Huntington ; 
secondly, to David Middleiun, f>f 
Chester ; and, thirdly, to George Cal- 

He csponsffd, arcondty. Elizabeth, daughter 
of Robert Worlseley, of Booihe. in Lan- 
cashire. TbU William sold all his [lortion 
of Buckles worth, in Nnrthnmpton»bire, to 
TboDias Bnrham. of Teuton, Kent, for the 
anraofi'.'XW. He d. IWb Noveniber. 158!*. 
itad waa buried at Mobbvrlry. 

Sm Gkohof. LR\CKKTRR,ofToi 
Kurtivingson Rud succe!(M)r, n. Alii 
daughter of Pelt-r Leyccfiter. esq. o\ 
(and co-heir to the lands of Col 
Staflordithire. in right of her niuthei 
ler and heiress of Edward Colwick 
Colwick). and hud issue, 

William. ? 
George, ' 

both d. yaaaf. 

Rali-ii, hie tiuMreMor. 
Eliz.'ihetli. d. in infancy. 
Kntharine, m. first, to Willian 

eiu). of WithenRhaw, Cliesbi 

iiei-oiidlv, to Dr. Nichola, P 

>fRry, m. in 1611, to James Ml 

Alice, in. to John Bni<I&l>aw, 


Tlie following appninlnient appci 
nnold deed dated 15th May, l&tM,- 
Twl of I^yrester, Bnruii of Denl 
majesty's lieutenant and captain-gt 
all ber army and forces in these p 
guvernur-getieral of all the prorii 
cities united, and tlieir n»MX'iales ii 
countries, for the good opinion wo 
the fidelity of this gentleman. Geo 
cester, our servant, we have appo! 
captain of I.Vt foot-men, and Hugh 
bis lieuteuant." Sir George was 
about the 44tb of Eltzabelb. and « 
sheriff of CheiJiire by (uilent, da 
December. 4&tli of Elir^abetlt. but Ij 
dying in March following, be bad 
patent for the same durante iirnrpUu 
deparb'd this life, witli the repnl 
hii\{iig betn a person ino»t *rr\n 
bis countr>-, in 1612, and was «. Irt 
)Mirvi\'ing iton, , 

Ualtii Lkycestp.r, fm\. of Toll, 
Mary, daughter of Anthony WoodI 
of Mollitigton, in the county of Ox| 
had isjjue, 

Gf.oRiif , his HuccesiKir. ^H 

»■">"■■ I a...e. ^ 

Auihoiiy. > *^ 

Mar>', m. first, to CuUert Cj 

esq. of Oxfurdslitre ; secondl| 

Ward, tu\. : and^ thirdly, U 

William Ajre. 
Jane. m. flr<it, to Captain Conn* 

si-coudly. to Thomas Hart, u 

lane, London. 
Townshend, m. to George Brd 

oi Kadbrooke. 



•jcwtpr difiposed of his part of the 
Colwii-k. and dviug to 1640, wn» 
bis «ldmt son, 
Iftonnt. LETCE5TEII. psq. of Toft, who 
[DarMhy, daugfatrr of John CluytoD. pm|. 
■ad co-beir of Richanl Clayton, 
Cnwkc. in Lancu^liire, and had 
chUdrr'n. by the cldfst of whom, 
|lt4ir» LFVrrsTKR. esq. of Toft, he was 
I at bu drccAV. in 1071. ThuKVii- 
r«pou»cd Elennor, dnti^ht^r of Sir 
rycr«tcr. bait- of Tnbley. ihe well 
, hiflorian of Chedbln-, uiid hud issue^ 

Ijpfc, a military officvr. wtio ti. in 

m. to TltomaA Molepwortli, 
[^cf^. of Wlncbom. 

^^ > dii'd aaninrried. 
Dorothy, > 
ftaaeo. w. 1'> Thftmas Kigby, rsq. of 

dH eottulv of Lnnca»liT. 
Jl»— Rj*-" 


A is Harvli. 16H5. uid wu «. by his 
!■«•«( LeTcr.iTFH.fsq. of Tun.wlioiH. 

Iter of Oswald Miwcb-j, p«|. of 
, (■ ifae coanty of Lancaster, and of 
in thr coonly of StafTord. by 
W \»d (wttli MTTFml ilaugbters, who 
1 BMirTf-^"*) tbrc« sans, 
I. hii mvcTMor. 
r, ■ merebaal in London. 

mm and saocnsor. 
LsTcasTCR, esq. of Ton, h. in 
poMKj Kafhrrin^, dau]t;titer nud 
I of Edward Norris, esq. of Spekf. 
rof Ldncaftrr, by Aone.daugh- 
■• of Peter Gerard, esij. of 
by ber (wbn rf. in 17W. at 
I a^ of ninety) be had UMoe, 
lact. hi* raeceMor. 
brir to his brolber. 
I, J. ttunarri^l in 1756. 
^ i. in IT4H: kinic*" cmniMl and 
t wm* vf tlir jiid|[<>s of North Waliit, 

i. in I7.y2: iu holy orders, 
)( Jk. lTC*"f I'f StiAr upon Tern, who 
m. 6nt, '•' -hter of F. John- 

awn. *■■}. - y ; and, secondly, 

Elm. dMvbtcr of Charles White, 
rmi- «r MaadlMler. 
Aaar. «. la tU-t. Or. Norbary. 

Kntherine, y 

Mary, > d. unmarried. 

Jane, ) 

Snsann ah- N orris, rf. young. 
Tlieodoiiia, m. to the Rev. Eperton 
I«ei)tb, archdeacon of 8a]op, and rec- 
tor of Lymmo. 
Sasannab, m. In the Hon. John Grey, 
third son of the Earl of Stiunfonl. 
Mr. Leycvstvr d. in 1777, and wus #. by bis 
eldest son, 

GF.ORGE LevcEfiTF.R, esq. of Tofl, at 
whose decease unmarried, iu ItMO, the fa- 
mily estates devolred npun his bnither, 

HiLrn Levckstek, eiiq. of Toft, who m. 
in I7fJ2, f'lmrlottc, tJiird daugbtfr of the 
Kev. Dr. Lutthington.of Eistboume,Suasex, 
and bud issue, 

ItALi'H, prejent proprietor. 

Henry, a captain in the navy, d. at P'tsa. 

George, fellow of King's College, Cjwi- 

William, m. in the Kast Indies, , 

danghter of — Friel. esq. and has 
Cbnrlntte, m. to Charles Ihimbleton, 

es(|. of Bath. 
Harriet, m. to tlu: Rev, Robert Cox, 

viear of Dridgenortb. 
Mr. Leycester was i. at his decease by bis 
eldest son, RALfil Lr.\CKSTKH, esq. pre- 
dent representative of tlie fatuity. 

Amu~~Ax, between two Hetirs-de-lts or, 
a feBBe of the second fretty gu. 

Creri— A roebuck parly per |iale or and 
gu. attired of the seeond, holding in bis 
mouth »n acorn branch, ppr. 

L'lttttei — Toft, Clieitbire, posscflaed from 
lime iinnieinyriwl. In the female until the 
reign (if RicHAUD II. when a Leycester, of 
Tabley, married the hrircKS of Toft, from 
which p(!riod it bus come down to the prc- 
*wnl proprietor in hereditary m-ile dewi^cnt. 
Sna—'tafl Hall. Knutsford, Cheshire. 
This mansion stands about one mile south 
of Knutsfonl, at tbe end of a venerable and 
spacious avenne formed by triple rows of 
aucieiit elms. The gronnd slopes gradually 
behind the house to tbe Great Vale of Che- 
sbirv, over which there \g a rich and exten- 
*ive ppispect. The principal front of the 
hnll. which closes up Ihe nveiitie. is brick- 
built, and of two stories, excepting Ihe pro- 
jecting wing8, which are of three, and Icr- 
iniuule in gablet*. and a square tower of four 
stones, which rises from the ceutre. 





DONOVAN, ALKXANDKR. enq. of Framfield Park, in the county of Sum^ 

of C'hillon'Od Pnrk, Surrey, a (jfentleman of Lho kill's. 

Iiononiblu Privj- CbutnbtT. A. ^50i October, \778. m^ 

Mun Anue Foster, of t)i« fiimily of Lord Ferranl, airi 


Aniic. m. to T. Braddi-ll, t-Mi. of Pro»{>cct, in tbe< 

of WtfxJord. 
LiiiliM, m. lu R. Stonr, i^sq. of Oalr Huiim-, in Si 

Iic««|>oiutHl, Kouodly. Elita. daui;fit«r of CIihtIoi 
enq. of Blvtfae. in N'uttinuiiiuniihir?; imil thlnllv. in I 
1817, the HonoraMe Ciirulino Vmnnerk, prcond d&u^ 
Jofilma, first Lord Himtingtield ; by the last Udy Im 
further i^uc, 

Alf xantler. h. in June, lbll>. 



At tho geoeral election of 1820, Mr. Donoran became a candidate for the bol 
uf Ll'Vvs, together with Sir John Shelley, bart. and Tbomns-Read Kemp, c«t.| 
contest rommcuced 7th Jone, and was continned until the l()th, whun Mr. Do) 
tetirwl.^ j 

Ho t« lli^ Sheriff for the county of Suaseit in the preeent year (1832.) 1 



lUa family i» of Mili.-t<iii» Irish rxtriii-tioii. 
Durinit Ihr uaiiriH-il kwhv r>f OLtv>K Canu- 
WKiJ..C4turtF,urs <>'1>om>vjin, n df«croiUnl 
uf the «rry anciL'nt bouse of tKIKinofan. in 
the county of Cork, hnriii^ nubrmcrd the 
protrvlant rrlif^iDu. obtaini-il frnm the pro- 
terlur the couinuntl of n troop of hontc. and 
ilfupptuf; tbe orifiinol O. as savouring loo 
inutrli of C-nlliiilirUiii, wn» ^Rxrtinl ■» Cap- 
tain 1hiitit\aii. On bin rt-lirvtut'oi from the 
itrmv, bv purrhaai-il au Mtate in ihe count^- 
of Wrxfunl. whrrr bia fainiU (tmtinwil lu 
rr>i(lr ittilil thrir »ftllrit>riil iu Eii);lftlHl. 

Jtui-.& DoxitVAN, fai). of ('hLllowrf Park. 
Siirn'\, tbo IhirKl docvodant of Cuplain 
Uoao%JUi,iit.iu 1773. Bliaa MaTKtUTi Moorr, 
of llubUn, and had iwur. 

* 1'h*nuiBlMT«Bliht- biial^oaa'uf tb^polc, vvM 

K« Ki^r J6H. 

SNrij.av .*i<>* .-. . .*>^ 


.VtaxAKDER, present repreaeitti 

die family. 
J&ine«, (if Bofkhatn mil, SuaM 

m. MiM TbomitNin, v1dr«t di 

of Georpr Tbutupaon. f*\\. of 
Mary. m. lo Gtitrjjt- Bnid<li>U, 

Proeprcl, in the county uf W 

Ur. Donovan rf. in 1H31. and was *. 
rtdcst auB, the prvaent Alkkandbr 
VAN. e«q. of Fram&eld Park. 

Hraw—ATK. aa arm lying feaawayi^ 
cd at the elbow, and bobtinir n swocd 
entwined round the blade a aerpeut. a| 

Crraf— A bawk, win^ displayed, 

Jf«<t»— Adjttvantc deo in ha«tr«. 

K*i*tt» — Framfifld Plnc^. Suaae. 
chafird in 1817. and olbcr adjnininR 
Mitrf nr<|iurrd . llorbMin Thoqi I 
i^uflulk. 111 n)thl of iht' prc^scnl II 


■n p«t]itr«nH impmprmli* re<-tnr) 
'iiB(Ti*hirr.nnn*lui«e»l i»f Sir Gforcp Uave- 
-1. : riiillfiWM. ttc. inherited froui 
• rill 183t. 



T>nrn RrMulenr* — IS, 

.VrrtI— FraiTiMil Pnrk.Sitswrx : nnd Chil- 
liiwuB Purk, Siim»v. 


ISON, CUTMBP.RT, eeq. of Hebbiirn, in the county uf Durlmm, b. \1i\\ .luly, 
1783. m. IsabellH-Gracc, duughtcr nnd co-hciretui of 
Heury Ibbetsoa, esq. of St. Anthony'*, in the county of 
Nnrtltiimbt'rlnnd. and lias issue, 

Iitiila*llu-C»i»lii«>. m. in I^M, lo Hon. Oeorf{c JfAiu 
ViMmlilcs-Vvnion, eldeit wo of Lord Vernou, »iid 
Itiu is»nir. 
Ilfiirifttn. m. in Januiin'. 1834, to WilUam-IK-nry 
Lnitililoti, rsq. of Itiddit-k Hnll, in ilie county of 
l>urhuni, m-vl limllier Ut litiril Durliuiti. 
Loniiui. in. 8th \)>rt1. If^f, to I>unl Viscnuiit Slonnotint, 
rtdeHl Kon of tlitr rit{)il honorable the Earl of Miui^tii*tiL 

CvihbrrT Ellieon, who roprcsciitcd for conio (ime Now rjwtlp -upon -Tyne in pnrlii- 
am) '\* High Sbcriff for the county of Durham, 6. to ilic liimity mtates (i{M)a the 

oi hi* fiuhor, 20lh Au;;uHt, 1795. 


iKTItT KlXtfo\, nf NewcaMle-upon- 

r,«krrckaniadvrntiirf>r, MTVfd Ihi* ofTiro 

fikmffof Srwriwtlcii. IM4— 164»— ISM, 

*■>« I nt likdcrrmtc by bj» H>n, 

I Et-Uiiov, nf Np<vxa»lle'U|>oo- 

>■ ItAmi ftclvontunr, who m. Gliui- 

,4Ba(tilrr of — Mrtralfe. nq. of (j!o»- 

in llk« rountT of NoiihamI)i>rlnnd. 

Im4 ■ HiB ■ml iUfTeyMtr. ii|ioii liis di;- 

r. in t^rflO. 

CrruBKar Clu»on. of Newcutlc-npou- 
Yy*r, oMTrhiinl ndirnfurrr. wlio m. Jaiir*. 
Amk^It u( diAtlr« U)r, VM\. Olid wiui a. bv 

kiiMU F4JJi»o<i, tti\, who n*rvod the 
«k* af •Wrifl' af Nevrcftstle in KVUl, nnd 
fimjifcii thai borough ncvrral yoarA in 
piUiWiiil He ai. tirKl, Klizab<-tb. dAU};h- 
^* -' t'rthbi'rtOfpy.t'Mi.of Ncwcaiillf. nnd 
k wortL. in Ihr county of Northumber- 
■i»^. m wtmna W hnd a non, 

OiMai ar. hi* fuicTrsnor. 
B>«pett»r«l. •ccondlv.^tb July. 107-2. A^- 
••. rvfkl of Jami-* Uri^|£s. of Nt-wrnsilc. 
ImI Im«I bo furthrr iftStir. 

His tuin and Purr^^psor, 

OiTHBERT Ei.IJ«ii\, fx*!. of Flobbum. m. 
in UitKt. Jaiic, daoKhtrr of WiUiiim Curr. 
cfM). of NcM-caHtlf, mitl sijitiT of Sir Raljih 
Carr, and «»« ■ . at h)» deccnsp by bi^ sim, 

KoQEKT Rllison, fsq. of lli-bbiirn. »lio 
(^pouHeil, in l(S)f{. CtiznbeiU. diiu|;brtT nr 
Sir Hfiiry Uddcll, of Ravwimortll Ciutlu. 
and bad i^siif?, 

ClTHBKRT, his HUiXTiWor. 

IlLHiry, 6. 3nl Man-h, Kim, nbo tn. in 
I72J*. Hfinmib, daii^hti-r and ro-bt-ir- 
*.*«» of William Cuatiiwortb, esq. ami 
had a don, 

Hkmiy, w-bu/. hii uncle in the fa- 
mily P^tBlCS. 

Robert, i. in NovemlKir, 1710, coloin-l 
of the 44th rt-^mcnt of foot, d. i. p. 
23rd October, 17«5. 
Mr. Elliwin was t. by hii» eldest son, 

CiTliBKRT ElilsnN, i-8i|. of Hebbiim, A 
general officer in the army, nnd M.I*, for 
Sbafte?bnry. at whose dcixaiw. niinmrrird. 
Iltb Orl'ibrr. l7Kii. ibc family |)0(Utir«sioii»^ 
dovoUpd u|>nn hift iirphpn'. 



Hr.NRY Ellison, esq. of Hebburn. who 
ta. litli Mny, 177», Hcnrii'Ha. ilauRhler ol' 
Julin Iri^iacAon, e«|. niid dyin]^ in 17tl6, wait 
M. by bis son. Cithbert Elli8<»\, e(M|. pre- 
irnt repn-KL-ntative uf ibe family. 

Arms — Qa. » chevron op, belwrca fhrer 
eagtev' hcail4 erawd, arg. 

Bstatef — At Hebbam, Monkton,- 
Grtiu^re, N'ewtoD Uarth. tiitefbeod , 
niitl Sbipcotc, ill !ho coanty of Durhiiin 
iilso \Veatt>ii8, NpthiT Houften, ami t 
burn, ill tbe county of Norttiumbt-rluoi 
Toa-n Rttidencf- — WhiU'hall Giinirt 
Sfat — Hebbum, in tlie county of Die 


FITZ-HERBERT, THOMAS, oiq.of Norbury. in thecounty of Derby, andof I 

norton. in StaflfordHhtre, b. 21st January, 1789, . 
father 2 2Dd Nov. 1799, m. I.^lh.luly, I80i), M 
daufjhtor of John-Palmer Chichester, e«|, of 
in the county of Devon, and has imuc, 



CllAttLES, b. SUt June. 1810. 

Mr. FiU-Herbert is the twenty-sixth Lord of the 1 
of Norburj*, and the tenth Lord of Swinnerton. 
served the office of sheriff for Stnffordsliire in 1831 


The famity of FtTK-HtiiBF-nT, »bo*p 
name appears iii tin* Koll uf llailln Abbey," 
descends from a Norman kut}:ht, called 
Hkiibkkt, which in conformity to h previi- 
lent ciistoin umoiiRst tbe Noruiaiw of dps- 
Cribing t]i<>ni9<-lves h» the miii r>f WMiie emi- 
nent ancestor, became the pntmnymic uf 
tiie family. In Latin, Filiut Hrrbrrli : in 
Normnci, FUm, op Fitz-Hrrhrrt. Iil Ibe 
jcar n-25, (25lb Henry I.) William Prior. 
of Tiitbury, by hi* chnrter, attrstt-d by 
Robert de Ferrers, Eiirl of Derby, tlir supe- 
rior Lord of Tutburj-, and his two souji. 
Robert and Williatn de Ferrers, Hawise, his 
wife, the Di^bop of Lilchfu-ld. Abbot of 
Burton, and divera other dietiu^ished prr- 
•ons. granted to 

WluJtM FiTZ-HEBBKliT,t the manor of 
Norbopy, in iht county of Derby. {The 
original charter, >iith tbe manor, arc in the 
poMcflrioiiof the present Mr. Fitx-Hcrberl). 
Re was $. bj bis son. 

• See Burkr't F.ttinrt muH Uorwtant Ptemge- 
i Wiixuai, Ibv WQ of U«rtHTt. 

William Fitz-Hkerert. I^ril 
bury, livinjc in 1 100. nho wa» t, 

Jo|[\ FtT/-HKRBEIIT. Lord of 
who was f. by his son, another 

John Fit/.-Hekrekt, of Norbo^ 
was t. by bis son. 

Sir Firz-HrRap-RT, of 
bury, to u-hom /Hug llesitT III. fi 
KrccHarrcn in Nurbur}-. A.D. 13S8 
bud three sons, viz. 

1. HbKRY (Sir), bis suceessor. 

2. ThoDiaik, Lord of Somenftll, | 
county of Derby, liviai; in tlu 
Hb\Rr in. from whom UaHl 
seended fl 

iRicii.\i(D Fitx-Hekrkrt, « 
Snmertutll, who W. iu ItKKI, 
out i^sue, and 

NlClil>L4.H FlT/-HeitRKKT.(l 

descent ].younfcer brother o 
Fitz-Hrrljert. of SomerMi 
m. ricely,or Miirunret. d»l 
and co-heir of Itobert Fri 
o»q. of Poreiuark. aiid no 
tliereby the oinnon 



0«rfay*hirr. Frnm tliM mar- 
_ I liMHiUy tlerivvd tlie present 
• Urary FiU-Herlwrt, bnri. of 
Iglun. (S*t Btu-ket Petr- 
Sjft and Bmtitutagt.) 
iRielimrd, of Twycros*, in the cutinty 
tf Leicmlcr. 
Uiam ITU t. bj hu eldert *on. 

BottT FlTZ-HtBBEBT. of NorbuTV. 
milnunn ivati a knight bmincret. 
pF«riitMl th* county of llurby in pJir- 
iin 12IH and I3U7, and wits blierift'of 
kr, and of N'uttiiishHni, iii 13ft3-4. 
I ». by kU foil, 

IM Fiti-Uerbfht, of Norbury. 

Krrt, ditiifiltter of Sir William 

jr, kilt, of Marstun. in the county 

Tliu feudal lord was living; iu 

I bu dcMAM was t. by hia rrldi'oi 

FiTJi-HrRBKKT, of Norhory. 
fewAitt) 111. rotifiniK-d to lliis gviitle- 
lirrwarrtrn in Norbnry. He m. Junr. 
'H of Sir Nicbolaii Knireton, kiit, uf 
m^ in Derbyshire, and was $. by 

[laii Pm-IIcnsEiiT, of Norbury, 
■ Utitt^ in 139H, and marrying Alice. 
^oTNicbolaBLonffford, ofLontrford, 
Muty of Derby, wad m, at bis decease 

fcFFiTf-HKliBKRT.of Norhary. Tbi« 
\m wiKHised — ~, duuiiliifr of — 
p, aad nna m. by hiit son, 

^ULA* FirK'llFRBKKT. of Norbiirv. 

of Uie thirc for IH-rby. in M.'U, 

Ll I-A&2, and Alu-rilf for that coumy 

Liid tMO. ll»iN.firat,AUei*,daHgb- 

Miy BooUi. of Hnrlnaton, in Derby- 


' - iicci'sAor. 

I. . Ilrrhyshirtf, remrm- 

f mB itt i i a{ tbi- Court of Cxflit-i^ int. m. 

!■■(■><' t,dAUf;hler and b«>tr<if Rubrrt 

lifeifagtiw, of the Fleet, younger inn 

t Sir William BabiniptoD, and bad 

,«a. Rlfnbetli.diinithlpr of Ralph 
rn, of Sawbridpewortli. in thp 
ity of Hcru, by tthom \\k had 
r, wb*y po9«e«^d (ralrnbarj-, and 
rplokU. )■ Hertfordsbire. 

m. Ut John Cotton, of llampatall, 

Rlizabelh, m. to ndwanl Cro«by, uf 
London, lucrchaat. 

ImiIm'IIh, n. to — BabiDKlou. 


Nicholas Fitx-Rerbert *ii. awondly, I«ahH, 
duufrbter of — Lndlow, of Stokeitbay, in 
SbropHhin?. and hnd two other sons, and two 
dnti^tera. Ho d. \W\\ November. 1473, 
iind wan t. \t\ liiA elde:(t son, 

K^LPH Fitz-Hehbebt, of Norhiiry. who 
m. Elizabeth, mily daiit;hler and bfir of 
John Miir^hall, of U|]loii, iu LeicesterKhirf!, 
and bad i»0ue, 

Joitx, bis successor. 

Henry, of London, m. Flizabelb,daagb- 
ter of Robert Godwyn, of London. 

Th'tmas, Doctor ot Decrees, precentor 
of Lilclttield, rf. 2l)Ui November. 1532. 

Richard, mipposed to have been a knight 
of Rhodes. 

William, prebend of Hereford, ebaii- 
cellor of Litchfield, rector of Wring- 
ton, in thftcoiintvuf Somerset, Pre- 
bnni of Lincoln, t«h October, I,VXJ. 

Anthony (Sik). judp; of the Ctiuiuiou 
Pleaa, of nliom hereafter, as four- 
leenth Lord of Norbury, 

Dorothy, m. to TliomaH Comberfurd, of 
Combe rford. 

EdetJi. m. to Thomas Babington, of 

Agties, m. to Richonl Lioter, of Rowtoii, 

Elizabi-th, m. to — Futjambe. 

Miirgiirct, m. to Tliom».t Purvfoy. 

Alice, Alibess of Pi)Ii>if«worth , in the 
county of Wunvick. 

Mr. Fil^-Herberl (/..Jnd March, 148.1-4. and 
wa« a. by hia eldest win, 

John- Fitz-Hehbert, of Norbury, to 
whom King Hknby VIL granted a getieral 
panloii, in l/iOfi. He m. Benedtcta. danghter 
of Jiilin Bradlmrn, of the FIoo, in the county 
of Derby, and had iaxue, 

NtoiOLAK, who m. in IdOl, Dorothy, 

daugbterof Sir Ralph Lon^ord.knt. 

of Lonf^ford, but d. in the lifetime 

of hi^ father, witlionf )9«>ue. 

Elisuibeth, m. to Sir PbiHp Draycote, 

knt. of Draycote, in StJifford shire. 
AnDe,m. to John Welles, of HoarCross^ 

in StafTordKbiro. 
J.ihn FiU-Ilorbert d. 24th July, l.Vll, ami 
I havinR outlived bis son. hii diiughteni be- 


^^^H came hi? ro-hdra. hut Nnr>)itr>' pttmcd l<i 

rnnnty of Bnlnp. and din) i^ 

^^^H luH only •iiirviviiiK liriithi>r. 

br hnd iMnr, ^ 

^^^H It. Sir 4st>io\y PtTx-Hf.iincRT. km. 

TiioMitH Fitz*IIp.nbrrt. ml 

^^^^1 Tttid eniiiH'tit iM'r^uii wns eilm'.nti'd nt 0\- 

ceedrd ns second Lord of 1 

^^^^^^^K fMnJ, nixl nni^rniiriN, utiuKiii); the law, nr- 

KfiHTox.nnil innrn, int; 1>ii 

^^^^^^H tnined tlii> rniik of^rrji'aiit. iNtli Noh^iiiImt, 

only dnu^litcr ami brir o 

^^^^^^^B IdMI. Id I'iiti, lir wiis kiii^liU'd niid coHi>Ti- 

Mnrd Ka^U vaq. of BiwIUn 

^^^^^^^ luttfd otie(i|*tlicjii(l;{f!)tirc1i('(Viiim)oii PlfHH, 

Ituckingbanisbin.'. hml a if 

^^^^P ill wliit'h jiulii'iit] stjttidit ilffinrtiiig liittiM-tr 

tiaushtrr, viz. B 

^^^K nitli frra-Hi )(riHleiir(>,ju0tic-e, nndknoivJL'il^i-, 

Kuw.iKD, hIid m. ■ 

^^^H 111.* Uetiinic nt Irii^Ui the orncle ul'llip l:i». 

dau){htt:r of Sir John C 

^^^^^^^ and vcai uiiIvcriMill) olcfriiicil a ^rufuuml 

knt, of A^UTing. i 

^^^^^^fe lawyer. He wa« uittlinr of vArioiiB work*. 

(-ounty of Siissox. and 

^^^^^^^ not only im Inn-, but upon Ln^bnndry ; soitit' 

l>rfon> bi« fatlter, (2&i 

^^^V of wliich art! now cxcvcdiiiKly srnrcc. Hin 

vctubcr. 1612) left a • 

^^^^^^^ great wnrk, Pr Salui-a Urrvium. is |>niiii4^^l 

WiLLiAsi. «bo «acc 

^^^^^^H for iu utililv by BliirkittiiiK', ulin va\U it, 

biit grandfather. 

^^^^^^K *' A digMt uf tiiv mo^t aiu-ienl nnd bif^hly 

Eliza betfa. m. to Jof>epb M 

^^^^^^^BiTeneralile cullcrtioti of funn«. tlie n^^rst^-r 

i>st|. of C^t■^dovl . Jltu:! 

^^^^^^^B of Bucb writs as are miiiMe out of llic kiii|rV 

Thnni.'is Fiui-Hf rbert rf. bi 

^^^^^^^B «oaru ; in whith ever)' nmii whu id iiijund. 

a^ Hft. and wai a, by lii«| 

^^^^^^^BiviUbe flare tu lind o iiitthu'd uf n-lic-f cxarlly 

son. S 

^^^^^^^KSdi|>ted lo Ilia own case, dpiirribcd wiiliin 

William Frrz-HcKM 

^^^^^^^B tin: compa99 of a ffvi liiirt^, .iiiil yi-l wJltimil 

Swinnrrtoi). of whom 

^^^^^^^H ll)u oinlsittfiii nfany material rimini^latir*-." 

after, an ulueteeud^ 

^^^^^^1 Kti m. Matilda, dau^bter and co-beir of Sir 

Norbur)-. fl 

^^^^^^^ Kic-liard Colton, of Hiinistall. Redwarc, in 

-1, KliuilHtli. m. to WiUinn ■ 

^^^H~ the county ofStAlTord, and bad iMur, 

of l^n}r|i-y. ill ibf county of I> 

^^^^^^H 1. Thomas {Sir), bi« i<»rcesAor. 

.V Diirolhy. m. Sr^l.toStr Ititlpl) 

^^^^^^H 3. John, m. CatberiiK-. dauftliter of 

frird, knt. and Kprondly, to 8Ii 

^^^^^^^B Edward Kr»lwuid. uf the Vncht-. in 

I'nrt. knt. nf Etnnll. J 

^^^^^^H Ibe rniinly of Iliu^kn. »nd 

G. f'ariit-rtnf , nt. tu John Sacll^fl 

^^^^^^H TlloMAi), / ivbabvrainei>T\U*t-ttl)i 
^^^^^^ft AsTltow. 1 and si'VfntcfiitliLcirdri 

Morlt'V. in D^rhysbire. V 

Sir Anthony Fitz-llerb«Tt rf. 3Vfl 


1.^H, and wax .*. hy Iiik chlcRl ion.V 

^^^^^^H >iicbolnit,»rcrftary toC'nrdintil Al- 

SiK Thomas Fitz-Hrkhkiit. of |fl 

^^^^^^H at Romr. L'VHI, 

who m. in IS>%. Anne, daiij^bter IB 

^^^^^^H oftrfiuon, Ut Januari', in tliat 

of Sir \rthur Eyre, of Padk-y. in ibH 

^^^^^^1 vrar ; drowned at Florence, in 

of Ut-rby, liut had no insue. He wii» i 


of Stuffordiibire. in 1M7 and 16M. 


t. p. The c^^tutcD of Norbury jminrtl 

^^^^^^^V Georifp- 

nrpbew, ^ 

^^^^^^H Jnn^, m. to Tboraa« Eyrif, of Diin- 

Thomas Fitz-Herbekt. of Norlfl 


m. EUzabcrh, dauifbttT of John w 

^^^^^^H Matilda, in. to TtiouiBd Barlon. of 

eM\. uf MoMrbrick, in tbe county of L 


tt^r, but dying wfthaul iuue, wa«^ 


brother, S 

^^^^^^H Man.', m. to Tbomas Draycot, of 

Anthony Pitz-Hehbert, of Nw 


Tliiri ICt-ntleman m. Martlia. daH|di 

^^^^^H John Fitz-Herben r/. Sih Nov. l.'i(H>. 

Thoraas .\ui>trn, esq. of Oxlry. in t 

^^^^^^H 3. Williani. m. Ivltxahoth. ytinnfrfr of 

uf Stulford, and bad issur. 

^^^^^^^B IIh* lni.> dflU(rbtf>rA and ro-hpirn of 

JivHK f8ir). ht» successor. 

^^^^^^H Hunipbn-v Sninnerton.c^q. of 8wt\- 


^^^^^^H tbp uf StnlTiird : 

Mary. nt. to William I^nnn 

^^^^^^^H and thuH ari|u{red tftal raanon 


^^^^^^^H tlii5 Indy (nbo espoused, sr<-iindly. 

Calbflnnr, m. to Jobn M«-l« 

^^^^^^V Jobii (intniTc, rftq. of Gnfarn-. in ibo 

41)0 of Sir Thomn'* Mi'lvrnn 


■ Annr. m. to Rirti«n] ConKirve, esq. of 

Thuuas, bU snccpsaor. ^^^| 

B SlrrttAD. ill Stiiff'unlitliirr. 

Baicil. ^H 

Eluubelk, ai. to Htr Jdm Fllz-Hf rhcrl. 


Int. of Tnaiogtun. 

Jane, m. in inH?, to Rich»rd Moswy, ^^^| 

■^ ritx-H<^rbertrf. in ItHS.anilwu r. by 

esq. of Rixtoii, in tb« county of I^an- ^^H 


caitlcr. ^^^1 

Bill Jon» Fit2-Hebbert. knt. or Nor- 

Winifred. ^^^| 

my, wbo n. ID 1031, Dorothy, daughler 

Catherine. ^^^| 

Prh-n Harpar. c«>|. of Bnfcball. bat had no 


^■r. Sir John tra« appointed colonel uf 

Mr. FitK-Herliert wns x. by bis cldt^st ton, ^^^| 

H^DMW, in (he;-'a M;rvk-e, 16th Drccm- 

Thomas FiTX-IIp.RBFRT,«iiq.of Nnrbury, ^^H 

V;1843. Hri/. at LicliticliJ. t3lb January, 

and Swinntrton, who IN. in 1713, ('oni^tantia, ^^^m 

MMIf, aad w»a <. in ihf^ eeuti'ti of Norburv 

younger daughler and co-heir of Sir Gcorgu ^^^H 

ky ktt cottMR. frcrt-r to WiUiaiD. third non 

Soulhcote,. iMtrt. of BlyihlNjmiigh, in the ^^W 

iTKr Aiitli»a> Fiu-HrrUrt. tlic JudRe). 

i^H>uiity uf LiacoU), and liad ii^ue, ■ 

^^ i«M FiT/-llF.RBeRT, fitq. third lord 

Thomaii, hiK heir. ■ 

■ Maroi. Tbia ^ntleman m. Aunt.*. 

Mary. m. to Thotitoa, youajfer son of J 

jtMf bcrf o^ Sir Baxil Brooke, knt. of Made- 

Humphry Weld. e»q, of Lulworth ^^^H 

fy, ia BiatfbnUhirr, and had issitv, 
Baal, hij racceHor. 

CiiHtir, in lite coiinly of Dorset, and ^^^| 

d. 8th Uitober. 170n. ^^H 

ThMiUi. of Sbercock, in Irelaitd, the 

Calbarine, m. lu Kobert Berkeley, eaq. ^^^H 

pmomrd aiu'cstor of tbn Filz-Hci^ 

of SpetL-bley. in tlie county of Wor- H^^^f 

brrtJ of thai kingtlom. 

coster, and d. t. p, ^^^^^H 

1 WilUain, 

Fram«a. ^^^| 

Conitantia. ^^^| 


Mr. Fitz-Ht-rbert d. in 1706, and vroA^. by ^^H 


bis «on, ^^^1 


TiioHAsFtTZ-HritBERT,csq. of Norbtiry, ^^H 

Man, MK. to Jubn Coweff esq. of Col- 

and Swinrierton. This gentleman espoused, ^^^| 


lirKtt in 1737. RliKalwib, daughter and co- ^^^| 

Fraapra, mu to John Giffonl, eaq. of 

heir of Anihouy Meaborne, e»i). of Poiilop, ^^^|| 


in the county of Durham, hut hud nu i5»ae. ^^^^ 

BrMp-n, ■>. lo Bnzilt Bartli-lt, i>9q. of 

Hr- nt. secondly, i» 1740, Mary -Theresa, ^^^B 

Caade Morton, in Worrralervbin-, 

dau. of Sir KobtTt Tbroi-kuionon. ban. and ^^^M 


had fire sons and eight daughters, vix, ^^^| 

Fitt-tf^Tlirrt, who wa« numrd, in 1600. 

1, Thomak, bis siiccpMor. ^^H 

■Csf tkc intrudrd kutghts of the roynl 

3. n.izii^ who «. his broilier. ^^H 

, «■• «. by his «ld»t aon. 

3. \^'illiam, b. 3ttth October, I7AH. tu- ^H 

uit PiTJt-llmakRT, esq. of NnnofRV 

Mutneil by fign innnunl, 3nl June, 1783, ^^^| 

Bwi«\i.BTOK, who csiMinAt^l June. 

the surniinit! and amis of Bhock- ^^^| 

ifcm- aad beir of John Cotton, «Aq. of 

HOtR-s. in compliance .with the leiitn- ^^H 

ItaiC AbboO, to III*- county ol Huntinj;- 

mentar) injnnelioit of JuM-pb ilnu-k- ^^^| 

,Mid of Iio»cob<>l and \\ hitff I..ailit-it, in 

holi'S, fi<\. of Claiigbloti llall, in the ^^^| 

t|MUre. by whom hf had issue, 

nriunty of Lancaster, lie fa. 'i(Hh ^^H 

WfiilJAM. bill Btii'<-r>B»i)r. 

June. 17U1. Mary, eldest daughter ^^H 

' HaiilL 

und r^-hi-irof Junies Wind^or-lleue- ^^^| 

Wmtfrvrf - Hurolby. m. in \W\, to 

age, e«|. of Cadeby, in the county of ^^H 

CkaHrs EyBbni,<<W|. afEuvl Hcndrcd 

Lincoln, and of (>alromhe, in thf Inle ^^^| 

L in BrrkahtiT. 

of Wight, and dying in July, 1817, ^^H 

K FttB-lIrrbcTl waa f. at bii ilereaM by 

left issue. ^^H 

■cUcT Km. 

TiioHAS-PiT2-Hr.RDEnT Brock- ^^M 

WiLLUJi PiTZ-HeftftERT.raq. of Norburv 

HOLES, of ClangbtoH Hull, i. in ^^H 

inl9«ia»«n«tt. Tbingenrlpmanm. in If^'U. 

1800. ^H 

Iliibifb. only dauKhtcT and beir of Kohf rt 

Francin Brockboles, k. in 1W2. ^^M 

lhM»,«aq. of Wc-ppra, in llit- county of FUut, 

Charles BriH-khoIca, ^^^| 

M (nudasf liter of OrJohnOntfn, Bisbop 

Praneeti BriK'kboles. ^^^| 

If 9C kamfh, aiHl had imae, 


Mary-Anne BrockholcB. ^^^| 



4. Edward, d. before 5lh June. 1778. 
A. Robert, it. 3rij Deremlier, IHti2, an- 

6. Mur^', a professed tiuii, at Paris. 

7. Constantia, m.finit,Hth Au^«t,176t<, 
JoB^pL Brockhul<>8. esq. of Clauf^h- 
toii Hull, und ^ecuiidly. lo Plulip 
Saltmarah, vfq. whom she 8nni'iv<>d, 
and died at Bath, in March, 1H13, 
without JMtue. 

8. Barbara, to. first, to Georjffl Fas- 
burgh, esq. of Bodney, by wliom 
Bhc Lad no iiu>ue ; olie espoused se- 
condly, George Cralliorne, esq. of 
Cnilliorne, in the county of York. 
and had a daughter, Mary-Anne- Ro- 
salia. She d. at Florence, in IHOri. 

9. Catherine, <i. in IMW, unmiUTied. 
It). Charlulle, m. tu Sir Thoraas Gage, 

ban. and d. in 1790. 

11. Anne, d. unmarried in 1811. 

12. Teresia. m. to Thomaa Hornynid, 
esq. of Ulnckmore Park., in the county 
of Worcester, atid d. in IB)5. 

13. Lary, ni. to Jnme-S Donner. esq. 
. aud d. in 181S. 

Mr. Fitz-Herbert rf. .Ird October, 1778, and 
was r. by Iii« eldest »uii, 

TiioMtK FiT2-HERBRiiT.Psq, of Norhory, 
ani] ofSwinnerton, &. 30th August, 1746, m. 
in 1778, MARV-A\NK,*yoang;estdanfriiti>ror 

* This is lb« celebrated Mas. Fitt-Herbkit. 

Walter Smythe, esq. of Bambridfre. ti 
county of Hants, niece of Sir Inward Sm 
esq. of Acton-Barnell, barl. and mdo 
Edward Weld, e*q. of Lnlnorth Casllf 
d. without iMup, at Nice, 7tfa May, ! 
He was *■ by lii? brother, 

B*ZtL FtTZ-HEKBPRT. e«q. of NoH 
and Swinnertnn. This gentleman espi 
Elizabeth, youngest daughter and co-ln 
lames Windsor-Henenge. esq. of Cm 
in the eouuly of Lincoln, and of GalM 
in the l&\e of Wight, by whom be had 
oav daughter. Kltzabeth, who d. nxxmmi 
in 18l'i) Dve wns, viz. 

Thomas, present proprietor. 
Bascil, if. 2nd Jaly, 1790, rf. — — 
Julin, b. 3m(I September, 1792. 
George, ft. .Will July, 1793. 
rranci«,£.2l8tJune,1796; fn.38th 
18tW, Mariu-Trresa.dau. of Joba 
cent-Gandolfi, esq. of E««t8h«4 
Surrey, by Teresa, dau. of Th 
Horii\nId, of Blacltmore Park. 
hie wife, Teresa Fitz-Herbcrt. 
Mr. Fitz-Herbert d. autli May, I7»7 
^v'us t. by his eldest m>ii, tlie present Tn 
Fit/.-Herbekt, esq. of Nortmry. 

Amtf — Ar. a chief vaire, or and ( 
overall a Wnd Aa. 

Vrett — A dexter arm, armed and gai 

jW««»— Ung je serriray. 

Seat — SMrinnerton, in the county ofSti 


GORE-ORMSBY. WILLIAM, esq. of Porkington, in the county of Salop, 

181^, Mury>Jane, only daughter and heireea of < 
Ormsby. esq. of Wiliowbrook, in the county of I 
and PorkiDgton, la Sliropstiiro, upon whicb oci»n 
a&suraed by sif^ niaiiunl, tlie additioDoJ surtuune and 
^ of Omisby. By ibis lady he baa issue, 

John-Ralph, b. 3rd June, 1810. 

Owen- Arthur. 



Mr. Ormsby-Gore succeeded his 5ither in 1812 
I hO(i, he represented the county of Leitrim in p&rlii 
and was returned for Camarron in 1830. 




ftrndy derive* from « common an- 
srwTth Uie noble house of GtmE. Kerh 
ia Irflaiid, and the C«rU of Ross, 
Aunaly (now exlincl). 
[CoKi:.of ixiDiloa,and Eiut Ham, in 
L, led a Km, 
IsiLklLD GnkE, an aMerman of tiae city 
, kIio m. Helen, daughter of Juhii 
of Davenaiil land, in the ttiunty 
I, «»d dylnj; tn December, 1C07, at 
age of ninety-om.'. left issue 
of wbon* 
LtRO (ihe I'ldest), was M.P. for 
|j>fml«^ in 1003. He d. K>uvia^ svvt- u 
Jmik <Sik). the fourth son, wafl Lord 
Mayor of London in 1*^24, and from 
kna the present WtLLUM(>one>LANu- 
TOR, «»q. derive*. 
Kaira f ihc »eveudi son), of SoulhnJI, 
Middloen, m. Aj^npt, dauffLtcr niid 
bcir of Richard Young, t-wi. and wi- 
dow of Cbriftophrr Meyrirk, of Nor- 
fsq, and dying in 1037, was s, 


8iK JoHji Goiit,of Sacombe, Herln. 
This grntlpnian m. Ciithfrinv, 
daai^ler ot Sir John Boliirr, 
K.B. of Woodliall, Hirtford- 
ahirr, and dying in IGW, wa« *. 
by hin «ou, 

Rtl^ti (ioKK (the wcoiid nt" 
th* family ceiiM in Inirtiid). 
wlw Dt. Hnniiati, daughter 
of Sir Willuiii liore, barl. 
ruBTiM rotnlnrum uf Itic 
connty of Lvilriin, and vta» 
a. at bis dLi-ea«e in 1731 by 
hU son, 
WiijjAN GuHE. M.P. for 
Kilkenny, m. Dorothy, 
daughter of Isanc Man- 
ly, itv\. poslmaatcr-ife- 
nera) of Irclanil, and 
dyiuK In 1747. wa« j. by 
his M)n, 

RiLPH CoKK.of Har- 
roiivmuunt. in thp 
county of Kilken- 
ny. M.P. for Kil- 
kenny, m. Eltxn- 
betb. dau. and heir 
of Heury fiorgt-s, 
raq. of Somcmeat. 

in the ootinty of 
liondonderry, and 
left at bis decease, 
in 1778, an only 
daughter and hfir, 


who m. "ViiX- 
and was oio- 
tJier of (he pre- 
sent Mr.Onns- 
by Oore. 
Paul (Sir), the eigbtli son, of whom pre- 
The youngest son. 

Sir Pall Gokr, went over to Ireland as 
ciiptain of a troop of honse, in the reign uf 
Eliziibeih, and eventually settled there. In 
Nuvember, 1O02, C4i]»uin Gore vnas dipulcd 
by the Lord-Drput)' Monn^oy lo convey 
biT Maji'fity'ii protection to Rory O'Donncll, 
who had sui-d to be admitted lo the Queen's 
favour, and to bring him to the Deputy then 
in Connnught, which miMioo be cxecute<l 
jiuccewfully, and conductioj; O'Donnell io 
Athlone, the chieHain niiide Wa subinl<ution 
there to Eltzabrth, and waa rn^alrd the opxt 
year Earl of Tjrconnt'l. For lliii* ajid other 
»pn ioTB, Sir Paul wag ri-warded by n grant 
from the crown of the barony of Hoylngb 
and Unnnaffh, in tlic county of DoncKall, 
which he enjoyed for sonn* years, until King 
Jamps 1. pnintcd the same ettlate to thu 
Earl of Annntidalp, and in Ht-u tlicn-of con- 
frrrf>d a|)on Sir Paul Gore a much inferior 
property upon the plantation of Vlster, \iz. 
on<< thou)*and three hundred and forty-eight 
ncres of forf^itpil landii, calU-d Majrhera- 
bcgg, in the same county, lo hold tlie »ume 
for rvcr al the annual rent nf, t'Kt I0». «hifh 
estate was erecK^ into a manor, under the 
dpcignation of Manor-Oore. In tlie parlia- 
nienl, which met ISlIi May, 1018, he was 
returned for nalUffhaniion.and was creati'd 
a hamnet of Ireland 2nd February. Xf&Z. 
He m. Isabella, daughter of Francij* Wick- 
litfe, and niece of the Earl of Stratford, 
I^Td- Lieutenant of Ireland, by whom he bad, 
with other iMue, 

Ralph (Sib), bart. ancestor of the EmtIh 
of RoM(nowr\tini't),aud of tlie pre- 
sent Sir Ralph Gore, bart 



8ia AtTHtM GoRp.fKcond *oo),whotri- 
ll«H al S^'mtnntt-Gorr, in the county or 
Mayo, and wju vrrtne4 a haron«t lUth April, 
IIMQ. In lOm br had a (rrHtil nf thf? laads 
of Npwtown, with iho creation of tite wbolt- 
Into lh« natior of f!a>tlr<<:ore. fiir Anhor 
w. Kleanvr, dan(flil«>r uf Sir Gvotx^ i^t- 
(Jrorice, dart, of Cnrrick, in tbc conDtj' of 
l^nlriin, antl had, wilh olhr-r imiic, 

I . PaI'L, anrcabir of Ibr EarU of Arraii, 

d. witA palris. 
3. Arthnr. 

3. William, of whom pmrnily. 

4. fivot)^, nnri-ntor of tlie Lordl An- 
nally, now extinct. 

Tlic iJiini jioM, 

H'iii.i.iM UoRK, c«q. of Woodford, in rlii^ 
rniiniy nf |j<rilrim, rfjin-'Wiited tlint (-ouiity 
In piiriJanirnt. H<- m. Cailu-rittc!, iluii^hlfr 
of HirTlioiiiiiM Nrwronti?it,barL of tlte county 
of Ifonfcford, iiml Had iwii'*, 
I. WmJum. hi« 8111-ivMor. 
3, lloliert, who m. t^tifia, rlnu^litrr of 
H4'nry IlcooVr, ow|. of ('olplirooki-, in 
tho roiimy of Ft-nnann^jh, and left, 
At his dfci'iiw-, ill 17H7. ii M>n, 

Wll.Ll,4M, nbiiiniit-d-di-d bio uiiflc. 
3. Sariili. m. to Sir Arthur Nt-wconien, 
biirl. of Mopntowii. 
Mr.Ooii) d. in 17*^. iind wna i. by his elder 

Ml (I, 

WiLLUM OoRr, KH\. of Woodford, M.P. 
for till) ('outity of Lrltrim. who m. in l".i:i. 
Markh, youiijiciit sister of John, Karl ofltiim- 
ley, and had iiu only nou, ^^'illiam, who tt. 
yuunK. M r, Uarv d. in 174EI). nud thu« le-Av iug 
itu Iriciiininli- iiMiie, wns c by but iie|ib<-u, 

Willi lu ti(iHr^e»i|. M.I*, for thf ixiiiiit>' 
of l^'llrim, i. ill 174-1, This iciiitU-iiiiin m. 
Frnn^4-»•JAlll^-(!«lrp>H (Inn', •>iily daunhlrr 
Mild heir of Kitljth (Jurr, eM|. of Barron- 
iimunl. M.P, fur Kilkrnnv. and widow ot 
Mir lln)d<H>ke Kviiun Morrr*, burt. nud 
il>iii|t It) IHIA, hft a aoii. 

WiiutH, llw prrarivl propricter. 


MvYKM'K, MO uf t.lenellwi, lineally dr»- 
crtideit (htm llvOt ap (l\iidrllu. one of tlie 
rinren pulrtiin'h' of North N\ (ilr*^ m. M«r- 
Rnrel, daii|thlrr nf Ktau Vyhah. mr of 
^lirnn op \>Um. of Itloyrlou, aiHl left a ton. 

John «r MavNivK, who ■•. \nkam. 
diiiighlrr (if Griffith «p llttWdll, «p llft«id. 
«p Mervilith, and Irn a inH, 

llo|i|.iir tr Jmm%, vhu r«|MHM«l Oit*»* 

hwyvsD, daughter of Witliam sp Hei 
ap RvA, and was j. by hi* «oo. 

UwEN AP KoaERT.of Bod«ilin. Tliia ^a*' 
llcman m. Ankaret. dattftfatpr and hftr of 
David apWillian, ap nriffith. ap Rol 
fsq. and left a son, 

Jiiii\ OwE>i. e»q. nerretan' to LonI W»| 
cinghaTn, who m. Euf-K, dau|;blcr mnd bei| 

of Wlll.IAM-WTNNEMURiri:,l-«q. of Cli 

ncney, by whom (who eopoufied, necondlj 
Hon. Sir Frsnvu Eure, younic*''' von 
William Lord Eure, and rf. in 1626) be 
a son and micce»or. 

Sir John Owes,* kni. of Cleiramer, I 
colonel in the army, aad rfce ajlinird 
Nortii Wales. This K^ntlemaa e»f 
Jennet, daughler of Griffilh Vauxhan, 
of C'oreygedol, and was, in 1666, «. 

William Owfv, esq. of Porkinpon. fa 
the<;onn(y of Salop, M.P. who m. kathrrioe, 
only child of Lewiii •\nwyll. ew). of Parke 
in the roiinty of Merioiietb, aiiH dying: 
IW'-H. Irft'n son. 

* In the chiirrb of I'enmorva, in the rouDly i 

Camarron, is tlw follnwinp monumental ia-j 

Kri]4ion to the namnaiy of ibis ifeotleuiiui -. 



d» CleiiMUM!^ in Co; C an iarro fl MiliUa, 


in patriun amoris anlMiliaainii, in 

Reirrai(nr«liiuiu»ium Mnrtyniii('Brvltii»}rniBiaB) ' 

indubitHlir 6<lolitHUi>clari, 

()ui ad SiKTo Sanctani AlnJMtaten a peidnoUieiiKj 

ntbie enptvodaini Sununa perictda, luba-otiMtBa 


Hostimn copiu non nemei fbdit, m (n^l, 

Keli^ioiinu vindi'caWt : 

ntMMC infelici Mirte io perditiaaiinoruia 


Ite^U jan S«n|^tiw uabntaa 

tncidtrn Dax pnMlaBtiariau ; 

Uade Sa|iplez Maa obaaiini rcdsmetBt, 

Niai i|t>od Henu •ansBnuuBfiuima 


eoUo tplnr unpcnernte obUto, 

Secam acwm retudit divina via, 

ValttrnM|; fali tanlavit alaa.diiDWarnos I 

Cantlttn B^cuiulun) vt sibt et nuia mditaluiB vid< 

Anao LXMBini 166d. et .i^iatis suv 66, pbwkda 


Atq: fax «!■ I hai Jmimi canju^ JoneUa OA 

GriAiri Yangfcan d» Conyfrdol Am : 

iapaee rtqpuatax. 


pnbtudtsif •! pMtttia argo 

Av« Atw^. U. M. poa. 

RoKltT OwRK, knt. of Porkini^on 

I Clrno«>ney. M.P. Tliu Kcuttrmnii m. 

|nr«t, daoKlitiT anil lifir of Oiven 

esq. of Glynn, in the county of 

lb. and was i. at his dcveoK, in 

by hi* Mn, 

'UUAN Owif. esq- o( Porkiti}^R, wlio 

oqIv daopliter of the very Rov. 

Ootlolphiii, deao of Su Pnul'ii. and 

1 ni Halon. »i»leT of Francis, laj«l Lord 

Inhiit, of HrUlor. and dying in I76H, 

and modauf;ht(;rs,nUof whom 

■niDBrri«d, with the exci-jilioii of tin.- 


HCAUrr OwEv, who at length b^t-nm^ 

f, and in 1777, wi. Owrv Ohmsbv. tsq. 

iU owl) rook, ID tlw county of SUgo.Biid 

eyr«l lo him the rstati-'« of Porkiiigtoii. 

Onnaby waa «on and heir of William 

\%f, Mq. H.P. for the couDly of Sligo. 

, daogfater of Owen Wynne, caq. the comity of Sli^o.) Mr. 

rf. in 1M04, and hiii widow in IMM, 

an only child and heircKt. 

MiMT-JANe Okvsby. who repretentu 
thr ancirnt NoBLE rAUlLY of UoDol- 
rNiM, and inherited such portion* of 
Ilia GodolpbiB property, aa lieing 
pnrrhrit aA«r Ihe last Lord (iodol- 
|diin niadr hi* will, did not pass iiu- 
dcr it. rillirr lo llie Oiike of Leeds. 
or lo Lord Fran(-it> <>»Iiorne, now 
Lord Godolpliin. Thi» lady e«pouj»ed 
WiujiM Goiit. esq. wlio assumed, 
aialri^adj itated, the uddilioiud aur- 

nanio of Okmsbt, and ts the pmeot 


Arms — First, quarterly : first and fourth 
t{u. a fciMe betwctm three croM croMlels, 
fitchee or. for Gokk. Second and Uiird gn. 
» hrnd botweun »tx cmfts croMlets, fitcheu 
or (a canton arg. charged with a rose of iho 
field, for distinction, for OhmkbyJ. Second 
OoHK. Third ur^. a whirlpool itz. furGunuc^. 
Fimrth, «rg. a chevron *a. between three 
roots ppr. for Coiite. An ejictitelifion of 
pretence. Pint. 0KHS8Y,(with()nt the can- 
Ion.) Second, aa. three rheiui rooks urg. a 
chief or, a coat of augmeutatioii. Third, gu. 
u cherrun between thrire Ijuus runipuot or, 
forflwKN. Fourth, Mai'hice. Fifth, Lacow. 
Si\tli. gu. nn eagle displayed witti two heada 
between three ticurs-dc- Us arg. for GoDot/- 


CrrsU — First, an hnraldic tiger, rampant 
nrg. ducally gorged or, for Guke. Second, 
a dexter arm, enibowed. in armour, ppr. 
charged with a roiie gu. holding in the band 
u man's leg also in armour, couped at tho 
rhigh. for OitHbitr. 

Mvtto — 'In boo )tif;no vinces. 

EMtntrM — To Shropshire, Carnnr%on«hire, 
Ahire.Sligo, Mayo, Leitriiu,Ko8couimon,and 

TWn Retidfmrt — Portland Place. 

.Vrfl/*— PorkingtoD, Shropshire, Glynn, 
Mcri(iiietb»hire and WiUowbrouk, in the 
county of Sligo. 



MYNOUS-RICKAHDS, PETER, esq. of Treago, in the county of Hereford, ft. 
1787, m. in 1SI7, Mary-Elizabeth, daughter of £ilini 
Trowbrid^ Halliday, esq. of Chapel Cleere, in SomerHl^] 
shire, (lineally descended from Sir Leonard HalUdaj, Lord] 
Mayor of London), and has iasue, 

RoDEftT-BtSKf.RVIt.LF RldLAItDS, h. IQ 1819. 
Edmuiiil-UaKkerTille, 6. in 1823. 
Walter- naskervtlle, b. in 18M. 

Mr. Mynum t. his futher in 1794, and serred the office 
Sheriff for the county of Rndnor, in 182.5. He ij a depnvj 
lieutenant and magistrate for Herefordtihire and Radiar-] 




In the Roll of Duttel Abbey, the name of 
MvNOHS, the founder of this family, appears 
Bfl one of the eequin'B atiendant upon thf 
CoNQL'ERoR, and TnrAiio ha< been in their 
poaeeuion since the canqnest. 

/oHN DK Miners, of Triago, was sheriff 
of HLTi-furdBhitf, in ihc KHli Hknry III. 
and waA constituted by Edward II. keeper 
of the castle of St. Briavcl. and uf the furest 
of Dene. He was t. by htn non. 

Sir Rookr Mineks. knt. who m. Joan, 
daughter of Sir Lawrence Bostock, knt. 
third son of — Bostuek, of Cheshire, and 
was f. hy his son, 

KiCHARD MiNKKK, who espotised Mar- 
ftnret, daughter and <:i>-]itijre8s of Sir Gernrd 
do Funitval, and niece of tlte Lord Fumi- 
Tal. temp. Edward Land was «, by his son. 

RooRR MiKKRs. who m. Murt^arot, dau^h- 
trr and helrL'ss of John-dtr-la<Hny, ofWel- 
linjnon, and was i. by his son, 

1'iiit.te MlKEMS. who m. .Uice, dau^h- 
ti<r of W'illiani ap Jrnkin ap Jrrvinrth, luid 
was f . by his son, 

pAOAfti's Miners, who *raa $. by bis 

Jknkin Ml'^EHS, who m. Eva, daughter 
of John Micbt-ll, and left asnn niid surrfsnor, 

Riciunn Ml^trnit, who was sheriff of 
llerefordabire in Iflth nK\RY VII. (sntio 
1500). He m. Joan. dauf(htrr of Gwillim ap 
Tbom* ap Llrwrllyn np Howell ap Uy- 
Inmffiit asd was ». hy his son. 

Thomas Hyners, who m. Anne, 
ter of Watkin Vaof^ban. of Herei't, hy 
zabcth, d»ii|;hter of Sir Jumrs Ba^kerrtt 
of Erdialey, and was r. by bis son. 

Sir Richard Myvors. knt. whoet 
Anne, daughter uf Ttiomas Burgh, andi 
t. by bis son, 

RiciiAKD Mynors, esq. This fcendi 
iitnii m. Knlherin*-, daughter of Sir Thos 
Vaiij;hau, of Porllmmal, in the euunly 
Brecon, and was s. by hid son, 

RiKihK Mynors, esq. who espoi 
Jane, daughter uf John Harley. esq. 
Brampton- Brian* and aunt nf Sir Rot 
Harley,* K.B. master of the mint. 

* Tliin ^ull'i-mnn hnJ n rtwiI for life frum 
cmwn. I5rtliS«Til«nl3*r, I6ii6(! Cn«au>I.)sri 
office and offices of muter tad worker of 
to b« coined iii Ihe Tower of I^udou ; mat, 
thu Btb of N'ovnnbi'r faSlDtring, au inttrotar* ' 
made bi^lwc^tMi the kinf md Sir Hobert. for i 
the monies of silver tnd gold, sccording to hisl 
t^rs patent. To this office was annexed ■ 
uf four tbouaoDd pounds per aw num. A(W 
kin^'> munlirr, the p«rtiBmpnt luring ordered 
new coin to be atamped. Sir Hoiwrt Ksrley i 
tn roio with any of hpr stamp than that of ibpl 
wberenpoD tlw parliament ordered a trial of 
pixe to b« Bade nt ^ir Uobert'a ezpeoaa, Midi 
moved him from his place. WbU* be had ' 
it, to tlie ffreal improvenent of oar omn, lie iat 
ducpd ttt*' rstnuos Brtiflt, Tbonas Synonds, bi 
engraver of the diet fbtthe miat. 



llua I. and wu /. at his dtfcrase by lii« 

RnwYjiWD Mvi«inHS. mq. who ni. Ttirti- 
4MM,d«iiKhlrr of Sir Pvrcival Willuufrhhy, 
kaL o( Wutlatuti, ia Nulliii){liuiu»hire, And 
ijiinf: in 1(V>1, waA a. by Iii9 ttttn, 

BoaKKT MiMOB^.CMj.i^. in IfllG: who m. 
is IMtl. Eliza, daughter ut Jame« U«nald. 
M(|. and bftd tJdue, 

RoBCMT, hu »accesM>r. 
TheodoMt, who M. firal. Roger Boiiltfit, 
«aq. of Hereford, and hiul an only 
4— ghl c r and hcirvM, 

TiiFonoKit Boi'LCoT, whom. Peter 

Rirk.Ard#, rsq. of Evi>i)ju1ib, iu 

Radaorfhire, aud left a son, 

Pl^rKR RiCKAiiDS, esq. who 

m. Catharine WitJierstone, 

daughter of Edward Wi- 

Ibentune, e»q. of tlie county 

of Hereford, and dyjug in 

1780. leA ■ son, 


prefttDtly, hi inlieritor 

of the edtatei of the 


T1i«*doaia Mynont espoused, m- 

coimU)'. Richard Witheralone, e«q. of 

Ibe Lodf;e. and had a aon, 

EoWilD WiTHRRSTONE, who m. 
Anne Barrett, and left at his 
<tecea»e an only daughter and 


who e«poii»ed. a« stnlcd above, 
her IdnflUutD, 

pETtll RlcK4KDN. 
Mr. Myaor* tt. 23rd of August, 1673, and 
mam a. fay hi* aon, 

RoBUT MvKOKfl, e«i. 4. In April, IfiM, 
m. Elba, daughtrr of Willjaui Adami, esq. 
■f Mottmoiilh, and wu j. by hU son, 

Kbrbt MrRitiHa, raq. sberitTof llereford- 
Ain to 1736, who m. Tbniun«iue, daughter 
irf ThnauL* (itnii^e, «»q. of London, and dy- 
taf lOlh JutH', \7-Vi. wa* t. by hia 8on, 

BotErr Mtnums, eaq. who verred the 
attrr of vherttfor the coanty of Hereford in 
Itm. Ilr m. Mary, dnughter and heires« 
«f TWndb* Parry, epq, of ArkBton, bv wli(»m 
(«kra MfKMaMl. *ec(ind)y. CharU-s Morgan, 
n^ ot Rupcrra. t^iond »on of Tboma» 
SI«r|Sk, c*q. of Trrdtgar) he hud no isNtie. 
B»d.m IW6, when ilie e^tutes and rt'prc- 
t nM don of tbr Mytiim' fitniily pB»»«?d to 
hiilinuii (refer to detceDdant of Thco- 

doffia.danghterof Robert Mynore.fonrteentli 
Lord of Treago). 

Pf.TKK RiCRARDs. esq. n-ho asiiumed, 
in I7S7, the addiliunnl surname of My- 
M>ks. Up (to.Meliora, daughter and heireiw 
uf the Rev. J. Powell (by Pbilippa, daugh- 
ter and heircRs of Thoraas Baskerville. esq. 
of Aberedow, iu the county of Radnor, by 
Meliora. daughter of Richard Badkerville, 
em), of Rtchardston. in the coutity of Wilts), 
and bnd issae, 

Peter RicRARD8-MYSoits,pre««nl pro- 

Tmohas-Haskrrvilli', Mynork. b. fn 
179U; u»samed the ndditiunul sur- 
name of Bt-iKRHViiXFi in 1H1H, and 
nerved the office of sheriff for W ilts in 
\H^. Mr. Bjuikerville m. Anne, 
daughter and hei res» of John H^ni-ock, 
esq. of Marlborough in Wiltshire 
(iwfamiiy of BasKEKVILI^ of Rock- 
k-y House). 
Meliorn. m. in I81S, to H. H. Farmer, 
eKq. of I>nn»innne, i» the county of 
Wuxford. and hiw iaitue. 

Mr. Riekarde-Mynon d. in 1794. and was t. 

by liii« eldeM son, the pn^neiit Petkh Rick- 

ABDs Mykors, esq. of Trtago. 


TTiH Rahkrrviixf.s of Erdesley (the name 
ofwhoAe patriarch la to bo found inscribed 
OD the roll at Batti-l Abbey) were for many 
ni^fnc champions to the kinga of England, 
and were sheriff* of the county of Hereford 
tweniy-one time*. 

Camden, in \i\i Britiinnica,in the account 
of Hereford sJiire, ohsicrTeB : " Erde»ley, 
where the famous and ancient family of 
BASKKitviLLt ha*c long inhiibited, which 
bred in old time *a many noble knighbt ; 
ihey deduce their original from a niece of 
Gunora, that mont celebriite<l K(ifmnri lady, 
who long Ago flmirifhed in this county and 
ilh neighlMiur Shropdhirc ; and held the ham- 
let of Lanton in eapilr. as of the honour of 
Moutgoiuery hy the service of giring tlie 
king one barbed arrow as often a» he came 
inio tliose parts to hunt in Corn^edon Chase." 

Sir Robert Baskkkmuf, knt. of Erdes- 
Icy Cartle, in the coniiiy of Hereford, m. 
the daughter of Rees, of WalUa, and was i. 
by hii tton. 

Sir Ralph B*sKFRvit,Lr. living temp. 
Henry IL from whom we pa»8 to his des- 



8ia Richard Baskeiiviu.p., one of the 
knights of llie nh'iTv fnr the rounty r>f Here- 
ford, to whom, in t3(H), the writ wu iet^upd 
for the ob»er\itidn of tlie charttr yf forest*. 
He wifiK ^lieriflful' llen-furdinliirf in tbr isih 
of EowARK 11. (aiinn l.llo). He d. in tlip 
reign of Edhakd III. leaviaK by liitt wife 
Joanna, daugliler of Sir Rii-hard Poyutx, 
or Poyniiigs. ti moii arid sueceHsor, 

•Sin KtcHARD B\sK»:Rviu.F.,whofle son, 

Sir Richard Ba.skkrvii.uI':, wa* in wan) 
to King Richard II. and uttaiord mnjority 
in tlic I7l[i of tliat prime. He d. in I.3WS. 
Hia gmudjton. 

Sir John Baskkrvillb, knt espoiucd 
Elixa, dauRliter of John Toucbet, Lord Aud- 
l9y, and was «. by hi^ ion, 

Sir Jamek BASKEiiviLLt. who wua alwriff 
of Hereford in Uie3«lli Hcnry VI. Hem. 
Sybella, daughter of Sir Walter Devereux, 
Ixird Ferrers, of Cbartley, and was /. by hii 

Sir Walter Baskerville, who served the 
office of aheriff of Here fordsti ire in the Dili 
of Edward IV. aud waa made a Knight of 
tl»o Bath It the niarriaKC of Prince Artliur 
in 1601. Hem. a daughter of Morgun John 
ftp Phillips, of Peocote, and dying 4iJi Sep- 
tember, 1508. wtts #. by hbi Boa, 

Sin Jakks Baskehville, knt who m. 
Eliznbelh,daQKhti^rDf John Abreytor.other- 
wiae Breyuion, and had issue. 

JAHEii (Sir), whn m. KntheriDe. daujrh- 

Ut of Walter, Viscount Hereford, 

but does not appear to have had issue. 

John, whose line ceased with his great- 



Thomas (Sir), d. t, p. m. 

Walter, d. $. p. 

Sir James d. l.llh November. 1646. and as 
the line of the family eventually proreeded 
from his yooiigeat ion, we pass at ouvc to 
that person. 

Humphrey Baskbrville, who m. B«i-| 
niir». daughter mid heir of John Aguillian, | 
of Lambcdr nnd Aberedow, both in the* 
county of Radnor, and wa» i. by hij aon, 

John Baskerville, whoM gr«at- 

Thomas Baskerville. esq. m. SybeJla,' 
daughter of Collins, of Bryugwy n, and 
». )>y hi« ;w>n. 

Thomas BtsKEHViiXE, esq. who r«poiUF4l 
Meliora. dnugbter of Richard Uaskenille,! 
esq. of Winterbaurne, and dying in Nurea-^ 
her. 174f>, left i^n only daughter and beirea^ 

Pkilippa Bamcekviixe, who n. the Rer.^ 
John Powell, and lefi an only dnnghteruMlJ 

Melioha Powfxl, who m. first. Pi 
RicKARDS MYSdits, e«|. of Eiijohb, in tfa*' 
county of Radiinr, and was mother of the 
prenent Pi-n-KR- Hickahds Mynokb. sq. 
Shu eapoutfed, secondly, Jaspar Farmer, caq. 

AmuSn. an eagle di$|)Iayed or, OQ tj 
chief nz. bordured arg. a ehev. tietween 
r.reiirent5 in chief and a rose tn base of 


Bask ERVt LLC, 


Rers or, 

Le Grose, 


f>err — A naked arm embowed. the 

holding an engle'i leg erased at the thigh. 

Matto — Spero ut Bdelis. 

Ettalu — Trpftgo, in Herefordshire ; 

jobb and Aberedow Court, in Radnorshir 

The Treago estate enjoyed by the Myaai 

fnmily since the Norman Conquest. 

^e«i*— Treago, HcrvfortUhire ; 
House, Raduursbire. 



Blacut, &C. be. 


in the couuly of Wilts, and of Clyro Court, in Ratloor- 
ihire, b. in 1790, m. in 1818, Anne, daughter aud heirew 
of John Hancock, esq. of Marlborough, but haa no tsstu. 
This gentleman, who '\a a magistrate for tlie cotinties of 
Hereford, Radnor, and Wilia, and deputy lieutonant of 
the laat Ahire, inherited the Wtltahire estates in 1817, 
upon the- decease of Colonel Baskerriljc, and in the fol- 
lowing year he assumed by sign-raonual the surname and 
arms of that ancient and eminent Ikniily. He served the 
office of Sheriff for Wilts, in 1827. 





TW Gunily of Baskekville, which thi« 
rrpre«fntB. i* one of t\\e mo^t 
and bonouRitile In nti);liiii<l, \H 
is Bpaa the roll of Battel Abbey. U 
■■iataincd the hl(rhe«traukaniotiKDt 
r, and it eiui boast of the bluad of 

RoBrar BiaiLKaviLLE. knt. nf Krdid- 
FCairte, in thf county of Hrreforil. m. 
.dswghtrr and hrirpss of Galfred Rees, 
id wu f. by hi« Ron, 
iXaLTH DB Baskkrville. lord of Erdis- 
I tW ^xmf of HcNRT ri. who m. adiiURb- 
Tlie Lord CtilToitl, and was «. by hiusun, 
RouaK DK BA»KKHMU.r.. of Erdiflley. 
nta< in the rrifcn of Hr.Kav U. who m- 
immA • daof^tnr of Sir Rotkutf da Grot, 
IhLsmI was J. by bin son. 
WtLTift or Bakkf.ii\iu.k. of Enli^ley. 
ka^. Rioitiip [. who WAS i. by hill ntu, 

WtiriK or Baskekviixs, who m. Susan. 
la^hT of Sir John Crigdon, koL iind hud 

I L WiLraa (Sir), who inht-nted Erdin- 
Wj in tiir reiitn nf Henry HI. Hr 

».gftsUa . and h-ri nt biti dp- 

f^aff in 1390, two <Uu(^btc-ni, his ro- 
Mrs, tU. 

I. JoaD, iM. to RngiT, f-on and brir 
I of Waller. LonI CHffonl. 

X BtbOl, M. to Hugh do KtontTs- 
u. RkH4R» (Sir), of whom iireseutly. 

IN. George, Lord of Lawton and Picl- 
lhom<\ in the county of Salop, temp. 
Edward I. whose fton, 

George, of Lawtoo and Pickthome, 
Was a. by his eldest soh. 
Sir Kichurd Baskerviile. kni. 
Lord of Picktborne, who 
wasf. by his son, 
SirKoger llaflkerriUetOfPick- 
thorne, who flourished in the 
reign of Edward HI. He 
had tliree sons, 
W*i.TPR (Sir). 
John, Lord of Weslon, 

d. t. p. 
Rictiard, whose lino ter- 
minated with his great- 

Sir John HaskurviUe, 
knt. of Weston, 
she riff of Here ford, 
51b Edward fV. 
Tlie eldent son. 
Sir Walter Boskenille, knt, 
of Piiklhome, m. Elt/Jiht-th, 
daughter of — Lucy, and 
was 1. hy bis «on, 
John Unskerville, of Pick- 
thome. who left no only 
daughter and heires«, 


whom. William or Ro- 
bert Powlf burst. 
The second son of Walter de Baskerville, 



Sir Richard dp. Daskrrville. bfcatue 
Lord of Erdinlcy at tlie decease of Wb eldi-r 

brother. He w. , iloujjhtcr of Sir — 

Sollcrs, kni. and was *. by hi* elder bod, 

Sir Waltkr i>£ Baskerville, Lord of 
Combe, who m, i» the ^mli Edward t. Si- 
bill, dRUffhter of PcUt Curtwtt, of Caux, and 
dying abont the I'ith of Edward H. waa t. 
by tiU son. 

Sir Richard de Baskervillb, knt. of 
£nli«ley, who espoused, in the MthEnwARD 
II. Jane, or Joaiie, dnughter of Sir Richard 
PoiiiMjOrPojTiings, knt. nnd wiut «. by liia 


Richard Baskerviixe. of Krdwley, living 

temp. Eowakd III- m. KihellB, dHUffhUr 
and heireas nf Sir Walter Cavelt-y." km. 
by wliom he hnd a son, bis suwrsetir. 

Sir RiCHAKDBAsKF.Tiviu.E,knt«ho sued 
out his livery in the 17lh Kiciiaku II. Hr 
m. Joan, rlaa(;liter of Adaiii de Fveringhain, 
ofLaKlon, and dying lOth September, 1395, 
wail *. by his son. 

Sill John Baskerville, knt. living iti the 
rei^M of Henry IV. Tliis gcntlciimn m. 
Eliswlw^th, dauRliU-J- and heirew of John 
Bnigge, of Lcttou and Slaoton, and had 

John (Sir), Iii* siictessor. 
Ralph, h. 2l8t October, 1410, who m. 
Anue, daHght<*r ami co-bfir^csof Sir 
John Blnrkett. knt. and left an only 
daughter and heiress. 

Jane, m. to Simon Milboume, of 
Sir John Baskerrille ma t. by hut eldest 

Sir John Bakkehville, knt. of Combe. 
6. 12th Fubmary. IWW. He espoiim-d Eli- 
xabeth, daughter of John Touchet, Lord 
Audley, and bad iMue. 

I. James (Sir), bi^ focccsior. 
II. John, ufan neddf<l Eleanor, daugh- 
ter and heiress of Thomas HoU-ol. of 
Wottoii. and became possessed of 
that estate in right of his wife. He 
wn» futlier of 
William Bnskenillf. of Wotlon, 
who left three daughti.T8, hia co- 
heir*, vii;. 

1. Eleanor. 

2. Joane, m. to Richard Mo- 

ningtoQ, of WeitliJdi 

county of Hereford. 

3. Jane, m. to Tlioma 

bruge, of Manael G 

in the county of Hei 

til. Henry. 

IV. Humphrey. 

V. Sibill, in. to Richard Rowi 
Sir John d. 23rd December, I4&5, f 
a. by bin elilent son. 

Sill Jamp.s Baskrrvuj.e, knt. of 

ley, sheriff of Hereford, 3Hth Hen 

4th Edward IV. and Uth Henb 

wiiich nfliii^e had been fre<(iiently (i 

his ancefttora. Tbii^ gentleman espoi 

bill, daughlc^r of Walu-r DcTerciu 

Ferrent, nf Chartley,* and liod ismc 

1. Walter (Sir) hi* heir. 

It. John^ who efpouMd Alice, d 

and ticir<?88 of John Bridges, a 

ford, and bad a son, 

Hrnr-c Baskkbville, who n 

daughtrrof John Rafibn 

county of Gloucester, ■ 

surviving i»8ue, 

1. Sir Thomas Daxki 

knI. of Goodre^t, 

county of Wiirw ick. 

of the Kiigtiith urm 

cardy, who m. Mai 


of Troitworlh, and i 

lfi&7, left a Mil aiid 

* TW Had. MAS. aiat* ibal tb« wif« of tbia 
ctM)«iiic& waatWdaufhtrrof^irRtclimn) Hamp- 

* Through this aUiancfl the BasfcerriU 
from till! \i\aaA royn). 

Edward I. Kin)i;of Eln^Und.m. KImiDe 
ter of »riliDaii<l III. Kitif; of CuUle. 
with othvr iMU», 

Titi: PiiiMT»a JoAM or Amn, (U 
daa{;bter), wlui espooMd Gilbort da CI 
a( Uliauc«mter. and had, imttr atim, 

h»oif Et-UNon HE Ci^AnK, eldnt d»a( 
oO'heir to hrt brxtther Gilbert, Eari of G 
Her Indyahip m, Hugh L« Pftajimrrr, 
(jlOQCMteT, one of the bapl«aa farariia 
WAiii) II. bv wbirai (who wasbaWadaA 
she wu motb^r of 

SiK KtmrAnD Lk Dtspnrcsa, wba ■ 
danghtvr of H«iirr, I.ord Ktrran, ol O 
dpag in 1.141. left an ooly ion. 

Sin EnwAKD l^ DtapEKcxm. who, tm 
EnwAKb 111. being th«n a knifbt, atla 
ward iIm- lUark Princp into Fnmre, Mad 
(h* gbry of PoicTii«», For tvreral yf 
w«TtIfl, Sir Edward oontiatied la the Fm 
•tnd for hia giUsot eooduol wm iiaiwiai 



Hannibal Baskekville. 
t*q. lord of th« luatiur 
of Soanioipretl, in tbe 
ronnty of Uerkeiwho m. 
his firBt coufin. Miiry, 
dAO. of Capt. Mirhnct 
Bukenille, aiid relict 
of Joba Morgau, esq. by 
whom he had siiteru 
BODi and two dauf^hter^. 
VILLR, an officer iii the low 
couQtries.wbo m. Coiistanct;, 
r*q. and lpf) a ([.tii^hlrr, 
Mary, hi. to her cousin. 
Hannibal BaAk.cnilU-, l'mj. 

3. Joha, > 

4. Arnold, S*'-'-^' 
Philip, who left iMae, 
Thomas, of NeOwrwood, from 

whom sprang- the BuskerviUee 
of Sellwrwood, DOW extinct. 

Ja«trs, of Kyre Park, in the connty 
ofllercfuni.wlioi-Bpoiisrd Ijuird, 
4jM|Chtrr of — Bulkelfv. «*«i. of 
Oif cnunty of llante, and rt-lirt 
of Sir Francis Willouf^hhy. by 
whom he had iuiie. 

iainr«, who was drownrd in 

th* riTer Wye. 
Catbrrioe, n. to RiuhnrdTom- 

liVI. m fith Otsfaber, 1S7«, being alao ho- 
ld vidi tW (nuirr. Hi* lordship m. Flixa- 
^■■tavr and b«irp*» of Bartbnioinvw do 
hanh, Bmiom Knfivttiih. wd had, with ether 


t—iaii l^ T>orrwiK, whom. Robert, Lord 
IB. nf ClBTttoT. by wlioRi the \«(t at brr dt-- 
^ jBi BaaraT V. a aoo and atKCMaor, 
imKmi I^oan FaaaAa*, of Charthry. who «a, 
and BO-heircM of Sir ThonaA 
km. Kanm of Roebr, in the cDunty 
», ^ad w«a 1. hy bii »ld«7 wn. 
IBAua ].4«att FaanaMA, of ('Lanl<>y, who w. 
^ttu ^^bter of Itir Haiaou itetknap, kni. 
kk(9lfc Hntav VI. I«A u only daughter 

pasTtsmaa*. who eapoowd Wiltn- Dsrereaa, 
HuoD F«mra, of CharU»f . in 
I ^ te wUr), aad Ud iMOe, 
i«v*. Lord Farrars. of rhard«y. 

m. (am Ksted aborv) lo Sia Jamu 
kaL of Erditby. 

k)'nft, e»f\. of Moninf^n- 

*«. lo — Hardwicke, esq. 

of Hardwicke. 
Mary,in. first, to JohnScuad- 
ninrc, e«q. of Thnirpton ; 
secondly, to James tiar- 
Dons. eaq.of Trelough ; and 
thirdly, to William Parry, 
Sir Jame* BaskeniUe was t. by hin koh. 

Sir Waltbh Baskkrviixk. km. orErdi»- 

ley, aheriffof Hfrfford.Othof F.dwahd IV. 

who was created a knight of the bath, on 

tliv marriu^e of Prince Aktiiih, in laoi. 

He m. first, Anne, diiughler of Morgan ap 

Jonkin ap Philip, of Pencoyd, and had tgjue, 

I. Sin Jambs Baskekville, knt. of 

Erdiflloy, who m. Elisnhelh, dntighter 

and co-heir of John Uroynton, of 

the county of Hereford, and had, 

nilh several daughters, five sonv, viz. 

1. Jamks (Sir), of Erdisley, sherifl" 
of Hereford a4th of Hf.nhv 
VUI. IN. Catherine, daughter of 
Walter, Viscount Hereford, but 
rf. i. p. in l.Wa, 

2. Jims, of Erdislcy, whose male 
linetenninnted in 1017, npnn the 
drmitir, i»!4iieleiis. (if his grt-al 
grandson, Sin Hi:mphrky Ba8- 
KKRviLLE, knI. of Eardcsley, she- 
riff of Hereford in 1610, 

3. TiioMAs(Sir},ofBnnsop, county 
of Hereford, called in Nash's 
Worcestershire, of Wolves Hill, 
in the county of Worcesb-r. This 
grnlleman m. Eleanor, dau. and 
co-heir of Richard Ahington, 
esq. of Brofkhampton, in the 
county of Ilt^reford, and relict 
of John Pansey, esq. of firinsap, 
by whomhe had au only daughter 
and heiress, 

EtKAXuit, ni. to John Talbot, 
esq. of Grafton, hy whom 
she was mother of John, 
tenth Earl of Shrewsbury. 

4. Walter, of Erdisley, who w*. 
Jane, relict of Thonms Thnme, 
of Stovil or Slowell, hut rf. ». p. 

6. HiTMPHREY, of Aberedow and 
Ijimbedr, in the county of Rud- 
DOr, which »*8tatf» lie acquired in 
marriage with Eleanor, dau. and 
heiress of John ap Gwillem. His 




l^rvil-^reflt 'great f^nndtoQ and 

Thomas BASKF.RviLt.r.. e«q. 
Mpotued in 17(H>, Sybill. 
dauplitcrof — ColIin«,esq.i>f 
Brrngwyii. i" tlit^ conntj- of 
Radiior.and wasf. by his sou, 

THOMiS BaSKF.KVIU.I'., eM]. o( 

Abcredow Courl, wiirt m. 
Meliora. eldest dnu^hler of 
Kicbard Bnakt-nilk-, *-i^. of 
Ricliardslon, in Wiltshire. 
by Jane, daugbUr of Sir 
WiUJatn Gotv, knl. and It-ft 
at bis doreasr an only dau^b- 
ter and heiress. 

PiULii'TA, whom, in 17W. 

ibc H«iYer*nd Jobn 

Powell, of Pt'iilnnd, in 

the coiiiily of Rniliior, 

by wbom (who d. in 

181[>) Khr had an only 

daughter and b^ireftH, 

MEUoitA.m. in 1787, 

to Pf,TF.I{ RrcH- 


of Treaifo. 
11. John, («econd son of Sir WaitAr 
BaAkcrville, by the dau|;hter of Ap 
Philli))wbij left « Son Henry. 
III. Thomas, of Pontrilaa.* 
IV. EILzalwtb, wifeof KynardDel&bera, 
or lU'CoriliiiK to sumt-, of Sanacru I*e- 
laherc, of Kynard-iley. 
Sir Walftffm. iccontUy. Elizabeth, dauKbter 
of ll«nry ap M(;lo ap Harry, of PoBtun, by 
whom he bad further isaue, 
V. Philip. 
VI. Edward. 
VII. Williatn. 

* TUa gvDtlenufi left an iUoptinat* ■on, Vixv- 
■ntt B«UEAVii.u, of rouirilu, who m. Jaer, doa. 
and DO-b«^ir uf tlicharil Monint^n, esq. of Wnd- 
bide, and Joan, his wife, duu^hler anil co-hrir of 
John Uukerrillv, vf). of Wotton, by wbom hff 
liad a tOR uiA aocecMor, Jahu UAMEn%-iLLr., of 
I'oolnlM, of whom it ii reooidtd, tbit by two 
wivM Iw hiul Uiiriy children, and nt^y &a niuiy 
by CDAeiihinM, uid il ia fuilhvr rvlattfd, that be 
«b»wt>d to Kin; Jamu fifty fttout soma. lb- m. 
ItfhilU, awood ilan^btcr of Sir IItnii)ihnT Ua»- 
barvHU, of Erdcal^. knt. and wat i. by hu •on. 

W«i.TMi Ba*kuviij.k, of Pootrilaji. who m. 
Ann, ilsHKhlrr uf lltmry Vaughan, tm\. of Mooom, 
atti «M I. by lu* ton. 



VIII. Jamfs, from whom some a 

N*tIierwood branch to be deaceo 
IX. Simon, of whom we are jnaC 
lo treat. 

SlMOV BA«KFPiviLLB,e*q.e*poo»ed E! 
beth, daughter of — Brand, ew). of V 
borou)Eb, in the comity of Wilts, and 
three eouB, 

1. William, of Wanhorough, wfc 
in ItKM, leaong two dmifchterv, i 

Elizabeth, m. to Hou. 

Mary, m. to Thomaj Fosi 
eldeit lion of SirTbomaf Fo 
knt. one of the justice* 
roiirt of common -pleas. 

2. ThomaH, who«e aon, 
James, m. twice, but J. t. p. 

3. Gv.o'n.r.v., who continued the 
(he family. 

The young«iit ion, 

Georor Baskkrville, esq. of Trw 
bury, in the county of Gloucester, wei 
Eleanor, daughter of — guarrel, cai 
Blockliuid, of Evfdham. in the coam 
Worcester, and had iwuc, 

1. SlMDS, who went to «ea. abool 
lime of Tilbury Camp, and rf. 1. 1 
2 Thomas. 

3. Anne, who m. twice, but it. i«*u# 

about the year 1(144. 

Thomas BASKcnviLLr.. esq. (the m 

aon) of Ricbaniftton, in the coaniy ofH 

m. in 1604, Johan Lor, by wbtJn Im 


1. Thomas, 7 
r William, $ 

3. Fra\ci8, sticceuor to bi« fathi 

4. Jenwora. m. to John Grubbe, 
of Potbeme. From this alliaoi 

who d. tftsuelestf. 

HcMMiaeT BAsouiviixa, of roatrflas, a 
Anni*. daofrlilin' of Sir Tbomak Anhrvy, ki 
bad iwo (taDghters, bia co-beir*, via. 

1. Maby. m. fini. to Sir Kdward H 

ban. of luuilamam. in tba coonty tS 

mouth, and AA-milly, to John Ilvwv* 

priry-counciUor uid vice-admiral, ' 

county of Glonccilvr. payraasUr-gaa 

tlm )^iiinU and ^amwHia, by the k 

whom abe bad a SOB, 

Jotn< liowK. elarated to the pMtaf 

GwMfir 11. aa UARoir C'hki 

(mmi tlurlt^'t Ettimfl PttrmfY 

1. Cecil, m. lo Barlholonvw Gane«,«a| 

(iuaily of Aberhran, ia tba cosntyoCi 



me Grubbe or Potfaeror, and Bea- 
taa of SuliaWry. 

lUmriiie, M. to H^nn* (irubhe, esq. 

lixab^h. m. to John, son uud heir 

of Sir John 1aidI>f, knl. iifCoUtoti. 

7. Anne, m. to John Polwhele, e«q. of 

Polmbeli*, and frou tliitf mnrriage 

lineally demrs the prc«ciil 


of Polwbelc, tb« well-k nown ana'- 
qoarr orComwidl and Devon, 
ft. Mmry, m. to William lUven, est\. 
losly mrriTing eon and lieir, 
LAvn» B*KKtRvrLLE, van. ^- >" 11IA, 
April, 1030, Marpirft, secoHil (tHU[;li- 
|»r IhHm (SlAnvill, efti|. of Broadhinton, 
' eoonly of Wilu, (aherwartla Sir Jotin 
I. LsL) by irfaom, who d. 'iHth M nrub, 
br bad. will) fimr djtii(;htur8, tlirre 

WAi.rcK. d. t, p. in 1696. 

Ptwww. \rnaf in 1060. 
[•Fcood tou. 

■OHll BiiKKRVILLC, tiq. IN. Mlf}'. 

pr of Rirhnrd Joae». r»f\. of Man-liuni, 
ity of Olouopvtrr, and bad, irtlli 
• ckildr«n, (who appear to have 

kRD. rldiwt larvivtog son, and «tic> 
lu hix fnlher. 
Ovoqce. of W'inlcrboiirae Baaset, wbo 
d. 3Dth May. 1766. at titc ago of »e- 
«nil^-lJirre,leaviug,wiU) other iMu«, 
tk daofhter, 
Jaa«. a. to her consjiif Tliomas 

Baakcrvillf, esq. 
Baakf>nrUI(^ was t. al bi< deceasf^ 
I fUcat •onrlring aon. 
CNtap BtAKKKViij.p., t^. of Rirhird- 
wbn rspuuArd Jaiif*. dauKhlcr of Sir 
■ Oorp, of Barrow C'^rt, in iKr 
of SoSDcrtfrt. and widow of — - Ray- 
«^. br whom he bad iuue, 
Tmohaii, bit aacccwor. 
MuJORA. t. in ITIM, whom, in ITie, 
TWoMMM BadLervUlr, ^t*\. of Aben>- 
4am Covrt, and left an only child and 

PHlurra, who m. io 1707, tbir Ri'v. 

Jolm Powrll, of Ponland, and 

bad an only daughter and heireM, 

MtuoR4 Powell, who m. first. 

un 1787, PuTF-a RtcKAnD»- 

MtKfiKK, e»q. of Treai^, by 

whom (who d. in 17IM) «he 

had iMMf. 

1. Peter RicKARDB<Mv- 
NORfi, rsii. of Trt'Bgo, 
(*ee that family). 


of whom pri'iit*ntly. aa 
fucceaaor to bi« relative. 
Colonel Baakerville. 
3. Meliora,)ii.iu 1K15, to 
Hugh-Horel] Farmer, 
' esq. of Dunsinane, in 

the county of Wexford, 
Hud haa iMue. 
Mra. Rickardft-Mynors ei- 
pouied, aecondly, Jaapar 
Fannvr, esq. but dyiug in 
1829, left no furtlier iflsae. 
III. Jane, m. to Thomas Roding, esq. of 
Salishurj', and rf. t. p. 
Mr. Biiskcrvtllf, of Ri*-bardston, d. l-lth 
SeplendM^r, 1739, aged sevent)--two, and waa 
«. by his only suniving son, 

Thomas BAtRFRviLLR. cm\. who eiipoutcd 
his cousin, Jnne, daughta^r of fr«orge Bas- 
krrvillc, csc]. of Winterbourne Biust't, and ^,>,.(;, 
Icfl iti.sue at bis decease, in IT-M. (with a 
didigbtiT, Mcliora, wbu d. unniarri(*tl, in 
I77.1J a Kon and successor, 

Thomas Ba^kukville. esq. liculennnl- 
colonel of the 00th regiment of foot, who m. 
first, Anue. only dauKbtt<r of the Kcr. JamM 
O'Neile. of Ballyshaniioii. in tbc count)- of 
Dutifgal, ntul sccoudly. Jane, youngest dau. 
iif ThumtiD Uishop, esq. of Kinsale, but 
hariiig no iuue by either of these ladies^ liis 
estates derolvcd, al bis decease in 1817, 
upi>n his cousin, 

Tiiom^s-Baskf.hvillk Mynors, esq. 
who assumed, tn I81H, (as staled 
«)>ove,) the suruumo and arms of 
BAKKKHVitJ-K, of which very ancient 
liou»c himself and his brother, Peter 
Rirkards-Myiiors, esq. are the repre- 
Arm* — .Arg. bflween three harts a chev. 
(iuarlrrinff$ — (Same as those of MYNOHk, 
with the eTisi}{ns of Hancock upnn an e»- 
iniTcheon of pretence. 

Crrti — A wolf's bead erased arg. holding 
in its mouth a broken spear ; italT or, bead 
iirg. imbued gu. 

iVo(/o — Spero ut fidells. 

Etlatt» — In Wilt«, Herefordshire, Hants, 
Dorset, and Berks. 

.Vmti — Rot:l.ley Honse.nrar Marlborough, 
Wilts; aud Clyro Court, in the county of 


natpi) Dalegarlli). a» appenraby deed dnird 
anno \M6. The lonlntiip of AwAtliunite 
was (granted by Arttiur Boyvjll, in 1U)2, to 
Adam de Aw»llm-Bite. in who&r family it 
continued for 226 yenrw, until ihf tieirfN> 
married with the Stanleys. In UWS, Ni- 
L'kolnii StanLt'it^h oblaintrd by purcbnse, ttitr 
manor ntid demrsiie of Poii»Diiby, He was 
t. I>y hit Kon, 

Thohas Stakletgh, Lord of Awsthwuite, 
(Id Uie records, called Stanlaw), Uviaf^ in 
the reign of Hbnhy VI. who reprewnted 
the city of Carliile in parliament. Awstlt- 
waite, bis son and heir, wa> x. by hip con, 

Thomas Stanley, esq. of Diilegnrtb, who. 
(rspo)uing Ann, daugbt»r of Sir Rirhanl 
Hudleston. lent. Dc<|uircd lauda called Hy- 
l(in. and wii« s. by liis nun, 

WiLUAH STAM-KY.eaq. of Awsthwnite and 
Dalrgarth, living 17th Hemiy VII. who rn. 
Alice, daughter of SirlUchard Duvkft, kul. 
and bad a ton, 

Thohas Stanley, esq. of DaleRarth, who 
m. MnfKaret, daughter of John Flemiiig, 
esq. and had i^ue, 

JnuN, his i<iicces8or. 
Tbunnii8. who wiik appointed master of 
the mint in IA7O. and obtained frtpni 
hi« futber the ant:ipnl fitmilv posKt-n- 
sionii of Greswithen, Embleton. and 
Brackenthwnite. He m. Lady Myt- 
ford. relict of !|!ir Jamen Mytford, 
kn(. by whom he had an only daugh- 
ter and heireaa, 

Maky, who m. UiR Honourable Sir 
Edward Herbert, afterwards Tre- 
ated EaKLOF P(>¥ltH (set- Burke'i 
Ertiuft Pfrrayt), 
The eldest son, 

JoKN Stanlky, esq. of Uale^rtb, fa. 
Margaret, daughter of Thomas Seuhaune, 
esq. ond was «. by his son, 

Thomas Stanley, e»q.of Daletcarth.^bo 
purchased, in 1577, x\\» maitor of Birkliv, 
in the cofmty of Cumberland, from Ilia rQusin- 
german, tlie Countess of Powis. He m. Isa- 
bel, daugbtRr of John Leake, esq. of Ed- 
monton, and was m, by bis son, 

Edward Stanley, esq. of Ualegarlh, who 
n. Ann, daughter and co-heiresa of Thomas 
Briggs, esq. of Cawmire, iu the county of 
Westmoreland, and had a s^in, 

John Stanley, esq. of Dalcgartb, his sur- 
cesaor. Tliis active and zeal- 
ous royalist, was beavily fined by parliament ; 

but the pemdty was subsequently mit) 
He obtained a grant from tlte crown, 
fair and weekly market of Karengla 
likewise ptircbii.>ied tlie manor of '. 
Mr. Stanley eRpoiisi-d. find. Mary, di 
of Thomas Stanley, esq. of I>ee, in thi 
ly of Sussex ; and secondly. Uorolhy, 
ler of Henry Feutlierstonhaugh, of P 
sTonhaiigli, in the county of NorthumK 
He was a. at his decease by bta son, 
EowAKD Stanley, ejiq. of Dalegar 
IN. Ituhel, eldest daughter of Tlioma 
welt, est), of Sella Park. This gen 
was high sherifT for the county of Oi 
land at the revolution, and proclaiioe 


Hi» son and successor, ■ 

* 'Wn (bllowinK curiouH certifioatM an 
X\\« pouMsioB of tb« Stanlvya. "vj 

L, s. T 

Wti^iriuitt njiprsn'th by certificate, ua 
hand of Mr. Leerb dated lj<> Jmn. 164B. th 
Stanley fif nidfpirlli in tJip couutT of ( 
limd r^j. balh roni.|iounile>l anij paide in 
cured his fine, at the committee at Gdk 
HnJI : these im tberebw to require yon, 1 
hereof, to forbeu to ofTer any vtotnow |o 
will ur Iu any of his family, at his Iwuaa 1 
^rlJi in the county of Cumberland, ur 
away nay of Jiis hones or other lluuf^a, iba 
nothing prajudinial to ike |iiirl Jiunent ur m 

Given under my band and seal t§t Feb. 


To aB aScrni and soUiera under _ 

my otnmiund. V 

L. S. Six ({aaiteriBgs. 
Whereas John Stanley of Ualegarth is 
of Ciimticilnnd esq. hath subachbml to bia 
iiitioii mill |>«id and secured his fine, mmoi 
the dtinrtion uf Purliarot-nt : tbene «i« ( 
to require and coiomiuid you to jwrnit n 
him and his aftrrsnu, quietly to paaa ml 
^nnh uhornaid, with ll>eir Imraes aud 
nnd to furtiear to muteit ur Inmliitt htm 01 
his famtlie, there, witboul sriiing or taldl 
any of hi* horses or other poods or eatate 
f T(>r ; and la pennit and to anffn him b 
ht» tamitr. at any tyine, tit pas* lo any jdat 
Ids or their occBsions, witlwut offtring an 
OT riolence to him or any of his ftmOy 
nt Dalgnith, or iu his or tltmr trareUa, ns ' 
aasw«.'r your contempt, at j'oor utmost pen 
Giren under my hand and sas] tbii 
of febniary, 1648. 


To all oiErersanil souldiera and all oths 

whom tbcae may concern. 



iw WT*fn-«T, f«i. of Datp^artli. hoaght 
tt» rri'tory of Puuwnlty. iinil iht- titlits and 
^■huvAl lanils tJH'iTuntn liclonginic: wiiL 
■y oCbrr valuable vobttrs in tliAt |>iiriKli. 
0« hi* BDUmitv. he built PunM>Dby 11*11, 
I* «Ucfc aemt b« rrmuTcd in lfjH7 from Dale- 
firlh, the aiirieni rrjt)ilrucf> of tins family. 
Br wrJdrd Dorothy, co-tteire»A of Edward 
Rob, esq. of Wifrno. in the couniy of Laii- 
oslrr. «iid bad three rionii. 
BctWABD, liis sacce*!ior. 
JokB. in holy orders, rector of Worl- 
ingtoa. who m. Clara, dHU|;btur of 
Juho Phili|>M)n, p«q. i>f Calgarlli, in 
the ruunt> of WfAinioreland, and had 
a too, Edward, who nt. Julia, daugh- 
ter of John Chmlian.PSq.ofUnerigg, 
by whom Af bad 8<?veral rhlldren. 
Holt, a lientenant in briRndiiT-general 
W«nnrorth'« rt-^uient of foot, d. un- 
married, in tbe expedition against 
Porto DcUo. 
TW rldrst aoti, 

Cbwabd Staklcy, CM), of Dalgarth, cn- 
fmme4 Uildred. youngest diiuf;ht«r of Sir 
ttaiff^ "FUfnuo^, bart. Innl-bidhop of Cai^ •rliom be h:>il (with four daughters 
twMr. wfao all ti. iininnrri«^d). 

GepKOt • FPW4RD, liid sacceuor, fr. 

Marrh. I7M. 
Dorodiy.iii. lo linatenatit Joseph Oacn:. 
■ad tf. the year aftrr marriagr. 
SAwriStailey rf. to 1751, and was bis 


OEOftaR-EDWAnn STrtKLEV, eiu). of Pon- 
awl Dairgarth, who m. lirst, in 1774, 
r, jronngcil daugbtcr of Sir William 

FIcminic bart of Rydal, by whom (who d. 
in l7Hn) b« had two douj^btcrs. MilJrrd and 
Elizabelb. IK* eitpouitfd, ttrirundly , ici 1780, 
Elixabcth, daughter of Morrifl Eyaua, faq. 
of the county of Middlesex, and had further 


Edward, present proprietor. 

George, i. in I7i>l. 

Mr. Stanley, who nervpd Ihe office of aheriff 
for CiiiwlM-rland in 1774, wu» r. at bis drceUFG 
by bi* elder iton, Edward Staslry. «-sq. of 
IJaK-gartb and Ponfonby, now reprMcnta- 
tive of tbe fiunity. and twenty-fourth in di- 
rect lineal de&cent from Hknhy Stanleich, 
of Stooeley. 

Anmt — Arg. on a bend colliscd »ert az. 
three bocks' heads caboM«d or, quartering 
tJic AwhTiiw.4iTK arma, viz. gu. two barear^. 
in chief three niullel of Mix points pierced 

CVeir — A fftag^R head argent, attired or, 
collared vert. 

MnUn — San» charger. 

EtlaUt — Palegnrtb, an extensive pro- 
perty in Eskdale. wbirh came into po«sea~ 
sioii of tbe Stanley family iit 134.^. and ha.i 
dew*inded from father to son to the present 
proprietor; the manors of Binker-Awsth- 
w»ite and Binkby : Poiuionby Hall, logelfaer 
with Ihe manor mid nearly tbe whole of the 
parish of the name name: fioberies of sal- 
mon : and tbe tithes and patronage of the 
ehnrcbes in Cskdale and Ponsonby. 

iVffl/j— Dalegnrlb Hall, and Ponaonby 
Hall, both in tbe count)- of Cumberland. 



SMITH JAMES, esq. of ABhlyna Hall, in the comity of Herts, in. first Fni 

sister of thn Right Houarabia Charles ArbuthiKH 
whom bo had an only son, ^ 

Jaues. &. iolHOO, t/. in 1811. -^ 

He espoused secondly, in 1803, Mary-Inabella, dauf 
of the late Augustus Pechell, esq. receiver ^ner 
his Majesty's customs, and niece of Sir Thomu Pec 
by whom (who d. in 1823) he has had issuA, 

Auc.rsTi;'fi, 6. 15tlii September, ItHH. 
Frederick-(leorge,t.20tl) March, 1806, rf. in Juue, 
Robert- Algernon, 6. 2nd October, 18H. 

Fntnces-Mar^'-IflnbaUa. ^m 

PaoHaa-WilhcIimiaa. JH 

Mr. Smith served the office of high sheriff of the a 
of Herts, in 1831. 




This family, with the eollatcTiil branches 
of Sir Oeorge Broudey and Ijord Carring- 
ton, derive immediately from Thoma.4 Smith, 
of Reyworth, in the coant)- of Nottingbam, 
and of Gadesby, In Leii^i'stershire, wbo was 
a descendant of tlie Smitbs, of Aahby Fol- 
villn aiid <>«desby, and from whom he in- 
herited this latlvr pro(KTty in 1690. Tht- 
Smiths of Asbby deduced thf^ir ori),^" frnm 
Sir Michael Harrington, standard-bearer to 
Kin^ RioURO I. in the Holy Land, one of 
whose descemlants cbanged hin name to 
Smyth during the conflicts betn'een lhi> 
houses of York, and Lancaster, for yurpuHCK 
of cOHcealnw'iit. wbii-b siimame remained 
afterwards that of the fatnily. 

Thomah Smith, esq. of Reyworth. m. For- 
tune, daughter of T^urence Collin, e^i. 
banker, at Notlinghftni. sod had issue, 

Thomas, who served the office of hig-h 
sheriff for the ooimty of Leiceslcr- 
He nt. Miss Mary Mauley, and had 
five daujfhten, viz. 

1. Marv, m. to Thomas Tomson, 

2. Elizab(!th,M. to Giles Eyre, esq. 

3. Catherine, in. to WiUiatn King, 

4. Anne, m. to Henry Walters, esq. 

5. Harriet </. unmarried. 

S'iMitp.L. i>f whom tiereai^er. 

Abel, of Nulliugharo, l>, m, 
dauKhier of George Beaumont 
of Chapclthorpe, in Yorkshire 
had issue, 

1. GEoRGi, created a baror 
1757, whoflc SOD, Sir G 
Smitii, the second barone 
sumcd llie surname of " I 

2. John, of London, merchan 

3. Abkl, whose son. 
Robert, wan elevated t 

peerage, Ifltb July, 171 
LoKD Cakrinoton. 
Sahiel Smith, esq. (the second i 
Thomas Smith, of Rp_\-M-orlh), left is»v 
John, who d. Dnmarried. 
Thomas, who m. Dorothy, dangl 
John Lister, e«q. of Sysouby 
had »n only daughter, who es( 
(be laic Sir Philip Hales. 
Samuol. ^M 

The ibinl son. m^ 

Sami:ri. Smith, esq. who m. Elli 
daughter of Thomas Watson, esq. u 

Sami'F-L. M.P. for Worcester, n 
Miss Lockyer, daughter and I 
of George Lockyer. of Mapj 



and left iiisae tlire« 

HoKiM, «hn 11. thi; Hod. Marjr Hut- 
chinson. daofEliter or ihr Right Hon. 
Jobu Hrly-HatLbiui^ou. Kiid amil of 
the |>f?«PDl Earl of Ponoughmorv by 
wbntn <«bn </. in 18!3l)h(> bud issue, 
I. Hrly-Hutchinoun, in holy or- 
ders, DOW deceased. 
3. A dttogliter. 

3. C. Jocclyn Mary. m. to Ihc Rev. 
H. B. Tn<itr>tn, uod d. :)rd Au- 
£u»t, 1M3(}, leavinfT two suits and 
fonr dau^lih-rsi. 
William. J. youDg. 

CbArlen, n-bn rf. lesringlkfMMMaBd 

one daughter. 
William, rf. young;, 
(iffir^f, tt. leaving tlirev koiis and a 

Jaukti, present pOMtuwr of Ashlyna. 
Armg— Or, a chcnon oottised between 
three deini-griffin», the two in chief rt-a- 
pectant «a. 

Cre4t — An clcpliant'a bead, flrased or, 
eared ga. 

JUittto — Preigiiert baleine tjre fort. 
Estate — Aiihiyiis Hall, uenr tireat Berk- 
bnmpetead, Herlis, purclinsed in IHOI. 
Stat — Ashlyiw Hull, Herts. 


ILDERSEY, SAMUEL, ev\, of Aldersey and of Spunitow, in the county of Che»- 
■. 9tb AugtnC, 1824, Luny, daughter of George BayUs, en), of Shifoal, Salop, 

Hl'OH-RnBERT, h. 19th November, 1828. 
Thoouis, b. 3Uth MHrrh, 183U. 
Lucy -A tine. 

AMeney, who Berred tbo office of hic^h sheriff for tlie county of Chejiter in 1816, 
bUwr in 1 Et03. 


Robert, of Middle Aldersey, ancMtor 

of the Alokkseys of tbat place. 
Trom the eldest son. 

Rali'ii AtouitsEY. of Aldervey, who H. iu 
\9X7, lineally descended, 

Witi-UM Aldersey, esq. of Aldersey, 
liviiij; temp. Henry VI. nho m. Margaret, 
daughu-r and hLMri'M of Jolm Stalker, of 
Loner Spurslow. and wiL» i. by Wa son, 

Hekby Aijiersev. e«q. of Aldersey and 
.S))ur«tow. Thtfl }^otl(;man m. Jane, dangh- 
ler of John Huvkenhull, eiH|. of Hockenbull, 
nnd liaU iMue, 

JoMK, bis successor, 
Robert, m. Anne, diiughter nf Malhon, 
of MHl]iti«, and was ancestor of the 
AlderARys who settled la ILenl aiid 
in Stnfl'ordjhirv. 
H utfh . fit . M ar^faret, daughter of Handle 
liamville, of tiuwsworth. and bad an 
only daughter. Margaret, who e»- 

I family of Al-DEK-Sf-l is of great antf- 

in xinv county of Chester. 
VtOH PK Ai.DrnsKV, of Aldcr»ey, who 

iWd tr«i|>. Heshy III. wns falhrr of 

411 Of Al.l>EaiiRY, lord of A moiety of 
ITM^, who had three sons, viz. 
lUlni, his hrtr. 



pOQWd, first, Henry BuuWry, esq. ; 
aod, Mcondly, Sir Howiand Stanley. 
t«r of James Colgrcavr, PS4|. of Ilnr- 
gnivp, aiid w»« grandfather of 

Wiu.uu ALDKKitEY, llie celebrated 
antiquary, mayor of Cliester in 
lltory Aldenejr waa t. by his eldest eon, 

John Ai^RMEY, esq. of Aldersey and 
Spumtnw, who m. Auue, daughter and ovcit- 
tu&lly beireu of Thomas Bird, esq. of Clut- 
Ion, t>y wbou he had, ialer alios, 
John, bis successor. 
Thomas, founder of tbe school of Bun- 
bury, w. Alice, daughter of Kivhnrd 
Calthrop, esq. of Alliiigliani, Nor- 
folk, but dying t. ;». bis estates passed 
to his nephew, John Ald'vnvy, esq. 
of Londoa. 
John Aldflrsej d. in \SQS, ind was «. by bis 
eldest son, 

JoHW Aldrrsky, esq. of Alderecy and 
Spurstow. This gentleman espoused Aiiue, 
daughter of Hugh Astnn, esq. of Aitton 
Green, and was t. in 1&H2. by his sub, 

R^NDLP. Alukrsey, esq. fjf Alder*ey and 
Spurstow, whose great-grandson, 

ThdHAS AloeksET, esq. of Aldersey anil 
Spurstow, barrisler-at-law, b. in 1694. m. 
Margan-I, daughter of Thomas Lcc, esq. of 
Dembult, and dying ia 1716. was s. by hisi 
eldest son, 

Robert Aldersev, esq. of Aldersey and 
Spurstow. who wedded in IfXIH, Jhhc, diiutlh- 
ler and ey-beircss of Thomas Webh, geul, 
of Middlewiek, hut leaving no is^sue at bis 
decease in 1730, the estates devolved upou 
bis hroUier. 

Tmk Rev. Samuel Alpekskv, of Alder- 
»ey and Spurstow, rector of Wigao, in tlit* 
county of Lancaster. This gentleman m. 
Henrietta, daughter of Henry Bridgemnn, 
D.D. bishop of Sodur and Man. Ihird son 
of John, lord bisbop of Cbv«ler, and bad 

TiloHAR, M.ll. i. in l7iM; fn. Mary, 
eldest daughter and co-li«ire«s of 

Cornelius Rigoctt, esq. of Dai 
and il. $, p. in 174.1. 
John. d. unmarried. 
Robert, rf. t. p. 
UridKemiin, m. Nancy, danght 

Fooie Gower, M.l>. 
Henry, ) both preduceascd tlio 
Cburlvs, \ ther. 
Samuel Aldersej d. in 1742, and the « 
ultimately devolved upou liis only sun 


The Rbv.Sawdel ALDEMEV^of Aid 
and Spuntow. who m. Margaret, yov 
daughter und co-heir of Cornelius Hi 
esq. of Darlands, and was i. al bis dei 
in Pfbniury. ItftG. by bis son, 

RoRi-HT Ai.DeR<ti:Y. ettq. of Alderae 
Simreiow, £. in 1738, a b<;iit:her of the 
Temple, at whose decease, unmarri* 
November. IMTJ, tlic etitatcs devolved 
his brother, 

SiKtTEL Aldf.rsey. e*q. of Alderse; 
Spurstow-. This grutlKman wedded J 
heth, only child (jf William Wnttun, e 
Haddeuliam, in llie county of BuckStMB 

SAMt'BL, bis successor. 




Mr. Alders>ey rf. in IHU3. and was «■ 1 
elder turn. Sahx'EL At.DEItSEY, esij. pi 
rt-presenlntive of the family. 

Amu — Cu. on a bend engrailed ar) 
[ween two cinquefuils or, three Iro] 
beads cabossed vert. 

(-'rcMl — A derai gripbon segreani 
beaked and armed issuing from a pla 
five ostrich feathers or. 

£Vi St**— Aldersev, in the parish ol 
dington, possessed slnoe the Com 
Spurstow, and other e»Ules, in Bun 
iind I*eel Hall, in the parish of Tanrii 

Srat — Alderaey Hall and Spuntow 
lioih in Cheshire. 




^D, JOHN, esq. of Marple Hall, Cheehire, and of Bradnhawo Hall, in 
ilie coantj of Lancaator, b, I9lli June, 1776, m. 19tfa 
Ootuber, 1812, Elizabeth, <laiijrht«r and co-heir of the 
Rererentl Thomas Bancroft,* M.A. vicar of Bolton, a 
jtuticfl of the peace, and chaplain to Viscount Casllo- 
Staort, and has issue, 


Thouas-Braikhaw, 4. 10th February, ISHU. 

Eliza beUi. 

A an a- Maria. 



M argari: l-San ih . 

Esther- Alice. 


rood, who is a bachelor of arts of Trinity College, Cainbridge, succeeded 
the 26tfa of January, 1801, and served Uie office of sheriff for Cheshire, 


p of MiRFi.e, or as it wn» 
n MtKPTLL, -KTU panted by 
date, by RandU-. EhH nl 
[tbert. mn of ■RoIkti Ae StoWe- 
ejred by the *ald KobiTt lo 
grry. and her htubaiid, Wil- 
chief j««iiw of ClienttT, Ii 
|1m Vernon faoiily iiulil llir 
r George Vernon, called the 
cmX. who lefl two daughters ; 
m. to Sir John Mannertt, mid 
SOAMKT. n. to Tbon)Jii> St.-irii- 
lick. In the pnrtilion of thi- 
•eorgr, Maride and Wybres- 
mtatn. deioWed ii)mii liio 
ripHVl Stanley, and frotn the 
w^>le mne by piireha»f to the 

kxHAwr.m. ElizalH-th, dau)ch- 
Eyre, and had, with an elder 

kpniAWi:. who m. Margaret, 
iriitophrr CUyton, of Che- 
witb other children, 
kDSHAWB, who purelia»ed, ^th 

rnf ArcbhUlmp Hwicivn, tnnp, 

June, 1606, Marple Flail, aod lands in 
Marple and WyberaleRb. from Sir Edward 
Stanley, K.B. Hem. Durotby. daughter and 
ro-heiresa of George Ba^«baw, of Rid^tr, in 
the connt>' uf Derby, and waB t. by bi» m>u, 
HE^KT BKAU^HAwii, living at Wybers- 
loffU ill 1006. He m. in 1503. Catherine, 
ilaiiglilpr and eo-lifiress uf Ritlpli \\'iniiiii){- 
loD, esq. of Uffertou, and had sanriviug 

Hhinry. his uncressor. 

Jo[lN. M-rji-nnl-ul'liiw. the CKLEBHATKO 
rHFSinF.ST of ibi' aatHnied \l\^\l fonrt 
of juntice which determined the fate 
of the u»biip|)y CitANLeii. This re- 
rnnrkable pi-rfinn wa* bniitised nt 
Stoekport UKli December. Iffir2. He 
wi. Mary, ilnu^liter of ThoniuD Mar- 
bury, eaq. of Marbary, in the county 
of Cheater, and d, without le^timate 
iMue, in lefttf. 


iXirutfay, la. in 1019, to Geoi^ New- 
ton, gent. 

Anne, rf. unmarried in 166U. 

Henry llradshawe d. in IffM, and was t. by 
bi» eldest 9t>u, 

HF.SRY UitADKH^tWR. eHi. of Marple, who 



m. 6nt, Man'. dnu(;bter of Bcrnnrd Wells, I 
af }lti|H-, in Jlrrliyslnri', by whuiii he nc- 
quirH Wybc-naV^h Mall, and hnd iuut, 

Henht. hiR »iicceK>or. 

.\niiL'. of Peel, hi LMiicAstiire, tl. in 

He efrpousod, secoudly, Anne, dniighler of 
(•eorgt: Bowdcu. l'M|. of Bowilen, tti the 
county of ChrstrTf and had Mfvprnl oilier 
children. The name of this Henry Drad- 
sliHwe is the finil to the Cbesliire petition., 
addressed lo the two hooses of jiarltatnent, 
fitli July. 1»46, praying for the entablwh- 
ment of the preebyteriaR reli);ion. He nctcd 
tia a niHgiatrati* uuder the parliaraenlariaii 
government, and had a commiMioQ in the 
army, being major in Colonel Dtiken- 
field's rp^iment. under the appointment of 
Lord Fairfax, and he had also a lleuten- 
ant-coIoii«rB commission in Colonel Aah- 
too's regiment of foot. At a Inter perifxi 
hv ViOM nominated to ttie comniAnd of tbe 
militia of Macelesfield Hundred, and \r&» 
at Its head at the hattle of Worcester, where 
he wu wotitKlcd. In 160*2, Colonel Brad- 
flhawe was one of tJic court martial which 
Mt on tlie trial of the Earl of Derby and 
otlier royaliitl.1 at Chester. In IO(W, the 
Rurrivors of tliC persons who constituted 
that court, inrluding Briidahawe, were *.mn- 
moned lo appear before the lordu' com- 
mittee, appointed to consider of the privi- 
leges of the p«ernt(e of this kingdom, lo 
whom the petition of the Countess of l>erby 
had been referred. On this oc-casion il 
appenrs that Colonel Heurj- Bradahawe was 
confined in the house of Thomas Lee. a 
ntetHnger of the black rod, from tbe 17th 
July to the 14th Auguiit, 1000, on nluch 
day the said Colonel BradBliawe. tierry 
Bradflhawc, of OrayVinn, and Cromwell 
MeTerell, of Tideffwell, in Derbyshire, vrere 
boand in £6IX) to Alexander Thane, gentle- 
man tuber of the black rod, for the »aid 
colonel'* appearance. There were nl Mwr^ile 
aeTeral forms for >n apology or luiswer of 
Colonel Bradshawe to tlie iharge agninsi 
him. the aabstaoce of all which amounted 
to thin: — " thai being au olficer under Ge- 
neral Cromwell, he waa by him commanded 
to be present at n court martial at Chester, 
for the trial of llie Earl of Derby, and Ibal 
not knowing whal danger he might incur if 
he should nhitenl himaelf, na» sometimes, 
though not constantly, prenenl at the ma- 
naging the Mid uial, but never subscribed 
aay wamuit for the Earl'a execution : that 

he knew not by whal snihority hi* tordsVip. 
WHS removed from Chesli-r, but on the cua-i 
Iniry laboured a» murh as he could to Atvti 
the earl's life, and at the instance of lhe| 
BUcceeiUng Earl of Prrhy. lie presc-nted a 
peeition to Oilonel Macwnrtli, president o^j 
the court, for sparing the earl's life, an^f 
did earnestly press it, and should not ba*e | 
been present at tbe lust court, but that be I 
had engaged himself to deliver that peti- 
tion ; that being sent for by the lata earl b«J 
did immediately attend him, and nt his k 
ship's desire wrote to his brother. Jot 
Bradsbuwe, then president of tbe council 
stale, to UM- his utmost endeavours fo 
sparing the earl's life; that he niier 
any thing which bi'lyngcd to th*- said earl 
bis coumIl-s^, or any of theirs: that he 
a poor man, indebted, with a small estal 
and a poor wife and eleven children, 
unprovided, to maintain. Wherefore, 
tending for the fatiire so to demean hti 
as becomes an obedient snbject, he hank 
craved (he benefit of lus majesty's iiio«t| 
rioiis pardon, and their lordship'i fav 
able construction of the premise*, awli 
his errors miyht W imputed lo hia 
lamented ignorance and mistake." Iji 
Hrndshnwi' obtained Uia relcMe, aa a| 
by a receipt fitr £40, dated 14th \« 
UUU\ and signed Alexander Tltaoc, 
ill full of fees due to him as usher 
black rod, from Colonel Henrie Brai 
during his cnufinementi and by 
Mgned Cromwell Meverell, dated 23rd Fe- 
bruarr, 1660, for the colonel's pardon SQtK| , 
out. and thirty shillings paid to the 
of the black rod as a gratuity on the 
very in of his bail l>ook. On dM 
March fnllnwing the said Henry Br 
was buried at Stockport : and was /. 

Hkshy Br.\D6HAWF., esq. of Marplr 
Wyberftl(>gb, who pnrcbaaed Urai: 
Halt, in the county of Lancaster, in 
He m. Magdalen, daughter and c<»-heir 
uf Thoma.s itarcroft, e«q. of RarcroA, ia i 
same shire, and had issue, 

Hknry, his successor. 
TtloHAS, successor to his hrotber. 
John, who J. 1. p. in 1741. 

Maky, m. first, to WilHAmPimlot,ea|< 
uiul had issue, 
John J'lHtoT, who s. to the Brai- 
shawe estate* tuidera •cttleoinl 



of hif BBcle, Thomas Brad- 

lleury Pimlol, d, i, p. 
Blr». Pimlot enpotued, Mcoiidly, Na- 
tbutie] liJierwood, esq. of Bolton-le- 
Moara, hi Lancashire, tod had other 
brar, rii. 

NtTHJiMEL ISHERWnnD, wbo I. to 

tlif Bnulftbawf t-DtaU-nuutU'rhis 
uncle, Thomaa BratUliawe'B, «et- 
rlemrnt, on the death of liia ttalf- 
tirothtrr, JoH% PiMLOT. 
TRuHti IsiiGRWor>D, who $. \m 

I Hr. Bnul«bjiwe d. in 1606, and was *. by 
[Jiii eldrct aoo, 

HlVRT Braoshawf., e«q. of Brndflhawe 

[■ad Miiqtli*, who lerred the office of BhcrilT 

■Ihrcoantyof Derb) inlTOI. Hcm.EH- 

Pfchrtk* daagfaUT of K it-ha nl L^gli, esij. of (he 

Sm Hall, ia High Lri;)i, but dying without 

Imr, Ihv <9talos devolved upon bis brother, 

TiioMki Braoshawc, e«<|. of Brud&hiiwi- 
ai Marplr, wbo A. *. p. 2ijth January. 
I70— C O.S. and having ftrttledhJa estates 
(ihe son* of his sifftcr) his nephews, 
iWir lonle Imiu*, was j. by tlic eldt>r, 

Jotiat PiMtx>T, ewi. who had an onjy 
4Mfht#r, who M. Lindon Evelyn, ewt- M.P. 
brDniMlAlk, hnld.t.p. m. Mr. Pimlot was 
i. d bio dmrcoM by hi« half brotlier. 

KatHAXIex. IstlCHWooo, esq. of Brad- 
■bwr aad MarpU'. who m Elizabeth. 
4aar2urr uf — Brnbin, esq. of Brabin'fi 
Han, but dving in 176&, t.p. was «. by liis 

TwnVAft iKHEnwoon. esq. of BradAhawc 
ami Morplr. This f^ntleman espoused, 
irsc. Ellwbrlh, dautiblvr of Thomas Alt- 
cr«/t« trtq. of (titibmnd House, near Blark- 
Wr a. by Mbom he had one son, wbo itf. au 
iB^iOl. and fix dauffhtem. He m. secondly. 
Mary. djiai;bter of Thomas Orrcl. estj. uf 
Mahhrrlrv, in the county of Cliester, and 

Thomas BiiAD5tt«nT, his mrressor. 

UeN'KV BHAOfiHAWR, 8ucc«s»or to hU 

JoHK, present proprietor. 

Ha^dalen-Barrroft, m. lo Henry Sal- 
vin. esq. of Thorpe Salvln. 

lUariann, n*. to George Salvin, esq. 

Hannah, wbo H unmarried, in 17116. 

Mary-Anne, who d. unmarried. 

Mnrgaret, d. unmarried, in 17»3. 
Mr. I«berwood was s. at bis dccc-ase, in 
177M, by bis eldest son, 

Tiioma»-BkaD!<hawk Ishrrwood, esq, a. 
in 1768, of Bnidshawe and Marpte. who d. 
unmarried, &th Janaarj-, 1791, and was # . 
by his brother, 

Hf.mry-Bradsiiawk Ishehwood, esq. of 
Bradshawe and Marple, at whose decease, 
unmarried, in 1801, aged 36, the estates de- 
volved upon his only surviving brother, John 
UllGKwooD, esq. the present proprietor. 

Armjt — Ar. two liendlets sa. between 
two martlets, of the second ,■ for difference 
an annulet fj^es. 

Crttt~~-K stag at gaze ppr. under a vine- 
Irer fnicU'U ppr. 

Quarterings: I. and 6, IsHEHWooD. 

3. BKAOSHAWt. uf Marple* 

••). WlNNISgTON. 

4. Offebtow. 

5. Brarcropt. 

Kitatet — Marple, ^vitb the manor, by 
purchn5e from Sir Edward Stanley; lands 
ill Offerton, by niiuriugc with Cathi-rine 
Wiuniiigton ; the manor uf Bradxbnwe and 
other lands, in Lancashire, by purchase from 
II collateral branch, torop. William and 
Mary. BesidHa tbew lieretliiary lands, two 
estates in Marple and Offerton have been 
purchased by the present proprietor. 

Seatf — Marple Hall, Che-sbire: Brid- 
Dhawe Hall, in the county of Luucastcr. 

/Vtrfe. — The poet Milton's mother was 
Sarah Bradi^hawe, a relation, no doubt, of 
the president Bradshawe. 


RU5SFXL, WILLIAM, enq. of Bnuuepeth Caatic, m the counly of Durham, i. 
hifl father 8th May, 1822, aud u member of parltameot for that shire, (1832). 


WiLUAM Rirs»ELL,c«<i.ofBriincepelliCa*- 
tle (which hp pTirchawjtl), h. in IT.'VI, m. first. 
Mary, dacghtor and cn-hf^irena (with her 
ttifltpnt, FUzabeth, wife of Robert Allan, esq. 
ofSiuiniiide, in the county of Durham, ind 
Aiinu, wife of John Malinf;, (wq. of Bi«hop- 
weannouth Grange, in the same shire) of 
Robert Harrison, of Sunderland, near ihr 
ftca, a merchaot of cou*iderabie wealth. By 
lhi« lady he had (with two dauRhters, ibi- 
clder n. to Sir Gordon Drummond, and the 
youu^T U> Colouul Buuhury) a ton, 

Mattiibw, bi» sor,ceflAor. 
He espoused leoondly. Anne, daughtt^r of 
Edward Milbanke. e$t\. Collector of the Cus- 
loou of tho port of SauderUnd. and ^aa- 
daughterofSirRalphMilbanke, ofHalnahy. 
county of York, bart. bnt had no further 

Mr, Rusaell commenced his fortunate ca- 
reer at Sunderland, near the 9pa, as a ge- 
neral merchant. He aHerwards became a 
banker in partnership with bi« hrotliers-in- 
law, MeMra. Rubi-rt Allan and John .Muling', 
and, aa bin opulence inerea«ed, ^pcciilati-d 
CKtouively in Collieriea aod by induxtry 

perseverance, and great good fortune, ac- 
quired immctiiiv wealth. Hu d. In 1817, 
one of the richest cummoDers in Eugtaod. 
Among Tinmcrous other ac(3 of bencfiwnce, 
he founded and endowed an hotpital at 
Cornsay, Durham, for aged persona of both 
gexe^, to which he annexed a school for lk« 
education of the young. 

Hia only son and «ucces«or, 

Matthew Rrsseix, esq. of Brancepeth 
Castle, m. Mias Tenny«on. Nster of Charles 
Teiinyson, esq. M. P. and had iwae, 

William, present proprietor. 

Emma-Maria, hi. 9lh September, 1838, 
to the Hon. GusUTus Frederick Ha- 
mitton, only son of Gustavus, pr«««l| 
Viscount Boyne, and has iMue. 

Mr. RuMell stoml a severe but nnsucccM 
contest, in Iftiat, with Michael Angrlo Tay- 
lor, esq. for the rfpresentalion of the f ily rf 
Durham. He wiw»uh*ei)aently memhrrfor 
SalLtnh in srreral succcssire parliamrnis, 
and vice-lieutenant for the county of Dur- 
ham. He li. in London ath May, 18-23. aod 
was I. by his only son, WitxUM Rt uUi, 
e*|. pre!H-i)t rep re«enta tire of the family. 

Amu — Arg. on a chevron between 
ixran* crnetaletA fitebee sa, an escaliop or. 

Cml — A goat paMant arg. 

£^(ater— The several manors and evtates 
of Branrepcth, Brandon, Wests Parks. Wel- 
lington. Newton Hall, Hardwirte, BUlt^ 
stone. Shotton, Foxton, Laylon Thorpe, 
Fullhoriw. TlioqiG Thewles. ice. in ite 
counly of Durham, and at Bryr-dale AMiey, 
in tlie county of York. Mr. Ruestll is sUo 
proprietor of extenaive collieriea in tht 
county of Durham. 

Sfalt — Brancepeth Castle and Hard- 
liicke. in the eounly of Durhani, and Btj*- 
dale Abliey, Yorkshire. 



^'DLEH, WILLIAM, esq. an oSiccr in tbo royal oavy, succeeded tiis brother in 
Iry, IS^.*! ; mairieil 401 June. 1820, Louua, dai^^hter of iohn. Erered, esq. of 
Idom, in tiw county of Somcnet. 





of Cftiidlrr U of coiuiderabic antiquity to the countiefl of Norfolk and Suf- 

. Ae naBM vw formerly written CAiiddiT, und more aiicif ntiy Kacndb-r, fnini 

(4i prvmmvd to be of Saxou ori};in. A lirancb of this family bet-mnc extinct in 

of CujABrTH, as the follcnriog inscriptioD on a fine monnmcnt la Tottr-iihiini 

tmfm y Iwdy of Riflurd Cuide- 
||j«Mic* of Pmm ■rilkiii y* Comity of 
M Wibioi^Hi in tb» Coaoty of 
niti Elin: Lock y* dvughtor It 
ir HmoA^W Lodi wcoml •aa to S' \V*> 

Here alio reHetli' iu pcun tb* lK>dy of S* F«rdi- 
)iaii<(a H(ybaume Kii' Justicp of Peac« & Conan 
in (he County of Midd— H« wnrt*^ ■ttho Fert of 
Qm: Klitalifthof fnmoue mviaarx oniofiTSoyenuiine 
Lord K. JuMi in thrir Privvrh«mlin^--H''wn« « 

■■f Itvf4 InfBtlm' in lK>li«> WMlork !f6 earpfVd MiijeHlratf withnnt rvvpoci of I'nrMOsaad 
" » (ruti Fhrad to lb» cau*e of lbs l*oo» — H« mnf 

rwd i>«iM Ann* y' d&ur £c b^ir of Itirhard C«ii- 
(t*l*r Esq" tti^ lirt-d tof^etht^r in lial}' VWdUxk "HI 
y«an lie endmi thu liff thv 4"' Jun« A.D. 1618 
■ged 60 yMTM and D<im4 Amu ended this tile tlM 
t4f> of JuD« A.D. 1615. ^d 44 y*an». 

f bad HBUv cue uo and ooe daughter, 
bMi iA kin iBtuucii, nnd Ann^ tho 1** 
V FenUaando Ilmrbounii* Kui(;lil-~Mi> 
t U« Uiv S4^ of Ootolr' A' Uai 16(M, 
■ad tbaadd Uiw deccaMd tb«y* 

Itow — dar botfad. 

EUMbetb CandeW 
in testitnoBte of bor lovo arected tbia 
nmamiai at tier one charge* 16lB. 


Ilir jftcvt Uonina Auna t'zor rbanwtms t'vrdiiundi Heybomo 

. Um luKfr* Kirr CaDdelnr Ann et RUr. nzoris ejus i\^uf obijt tf4, Junii 1615. 

J'ndr CRrvns Chmii vir*^ piolis amsTit anianteB 

Cbunm ^i antv ornnr* a-giT egeiukp (iiit. 

C*iv9t£B. e«q. a Lieutruani- 
rti» army, mnder Cromwell, had 
gr*Bt» of Innd by patrnto. 
Nomnbrr, Wtb and Utb June. 

3Ut of CbarleH 11. id the ronntie« of KH- 
kfuny ntnl Wexford, and ibrn'iipon upttlcd 
in Irrlnnd. Hp m. Aunt', rvlicf of Major 
Jubu Villiers, bv wboui \w bad iasuv. 



1. Thomas. 
■ 2. Jrihn,whQfN,t)iedAughter)iudlioire«s 
of Johu WBlsingham,eK).orKi1bUne 
Cfulle. in the couuly of KUktinay. 
by whom b*- Iffll isttuc, 

Thomas Candler, of Kilbline, who 
m. EliialHMb, tlau|^btrr of Abra- 
ham Ball,eM|. of Dnrver, in the 
couuty of LoDtb, and left two 

WalsiDghatn Candler, d. t.p. 
Floriuda, d. onmorrivd. 
Lieutenant-Colonel Caudler was /. by his 
ftdnfl sou, 

THOH.ts Cakdler, esq. of Callan Ciutle, 
is llie county of Kilkenny, who m. first. Eli- 
zabeth, daughter of Cnptain Wiiliam Uur- 
rell, by Elizabeth, sister and co-heir of llie 
Tery Ileverend Benjamin Phi|»p#i, l>ean of 
Ferns (a branch of the faioily of PhigtpD, 
from which the Earls of Mulgra^e descend), 
but had DO issue. He m. secondly, Jane, 
daughter of Sir Henry Tuite, barr, of Srt- 
nagh, in the county of WestmeaUi, (by 
Uinnn Mabbot, niece of Edward Hyde, 
the celebrated Ear) of Clarendon, and fintt 
cousin of Her Royal Uighnesa, Anne, 
Ihichcu of York, mother of the Queens 
Alary and Anne) by whom he liitd imuc, 
I. Henry. 

II. ^t'illiam Candler, I>.D. of Caslle- the county of Kilkenny, m. 
fimt. Miss A»tou, by whom he bad 
iwiue a Min, 

1. Henry Candler. LL.D. in. 
Mr». Eltrood.dauRliIi-ruf — Mat- 
thew, ew]. of ifonni-iitou, iu the 
county of Kilkenny, and left 

Henry, a captuiti in the anny, 

d. nt St. IlumingM in l7iio, 

ag(^ twenty-one yeaw. 


He m. secondly. Mary-, daughter and 


co-heir (with her cou^int*. Mary-Ju- 

liaua. Lady Morre«, and Anne, wife 

of Thomas Croker, esq. of Backwex- 

tOD^ in the county of Kildare, whus« 

daoghter and heiresn wa« rrealed a 

peerew, by the title of Baroneiw Crof- 

lon), of Sir Kirhard Ky%-es, knt. a 

l>aron of the ELxchequcr, by whom he 

had tssup, 

2. Edward Candler, of Prior Park, 
and Combe HiU, iu ibe cotuty 

of Somerset, and of Agb 
in the count)' of Kilkenny i 
time an otficer in the i 
who on succeeding to con 
bleeataiotin thecountieso 
fulk and Lincoln, nnder tf 
of his relation, Margaret 
of Sir Robert Brown, bs 
danghler of the Honourah 
berl Cecil, Hecond son of * 
Earl of Salisbury, took tbt 
and arms of Brown, in ai 
(o and after thai of Candl 
«ign manual, dated Cth 
1803. He w. Heeler, d« 
of P. Bur)', eaq. of Utile ) 
in the county of Cork, I 
no issue. 

3. Mary, m. — Dobhyn, e« 

4. Jane, m. first, to Captain f 
rclt, secondly, to Oliver ' 
esq. and thirdly, to Jaml 
miltoD, e^q. of ShetfphiU, 
county of Dublin. 

5. Anne. m. to John Ulim 
of Arches Grove, in the-- 
of Kilkenny, and left ^ 

Mary, m. to John Ht 

esq. nf Legget's Ralli 

county of Kilkenq 

whom she has iaaoe. 

III. Thomas, rtf Dublin, m. and lefl 

John, of Castlewnod, in the <3 

County, who rf. *. p. ' 

Thomas Candler, esq. nf Callan, mM 

his eldest «on, ] 

The Venerahtf Hfvry CakdlckJ 
Archdeacon of Osaor}*. and Rertor) 
{Treat living of Callan, who M. Anae,' 
ter of Francis Flood, e«|. of Bamc 
the county of Kilkenny, sifter of ti 
Honourable Warden Flood. Lord C 
tice of Ireland, uud nun) xn Sir F 
Flood, ban. by whom (who d. 1 lUi 
ber, 1761) he hud uuuc, 

1. Thomas. -j 

II. William Candler, of Aconfa^' 
county of York, sometime t 
tain in the IQth rej^nicnt of 1 
Mary, only daughter of WilUl 
Tasour, esq. of Weston-Hall, 
county of Vork, (by Anne, d4 
of John Chaplin, of Tathwelli 
county of Lincoln, e»q,) by wj 
had iMQc, 


1 . Oprit, of whom hprfftftcr. 

3. Thoma* (Kir), knight of the tc- 
vcral Rowian Orders of St. 
Anne. St. Grcirgo, and Si. Voli- 
drma. a rrar-admiral in the ser- 
vice of Hilt Im|icnal Majesty 
tbe Empcrar of Russia, m. Hm, 
Marie dt- ItoUroff, u lady of a 
noble and ancient family of Rits- 
«ia, t>ut had no i^ue ; be m. 
•Fcondly, Jvie. eldest duuKbtcr 
of Jobn Booker, f«q. hitf Bri- 
iBMiic Maje«ty*n CoiiauI at Cron- 
■tftdt, by Uabella. daughter of 
Capttuo iamrs Ufunillon, of the 
lale of Armn, K. B. hy wbora 
(«Ik> d. in lA-24,) he had 

'\l'illiatD-John,&. loth Augiiiit, 
IHi6. tt. 2Ul I>ecember fol- 
Jaiii— Orrig. 

Fanny, i.Ard Sei>ti>ra(M"r. IS**, 
and d. Mlb of the mmo 
9. AniMbella, m. to Sir JoDalban 
Co|H»,of BrewenH*. in the county 
of Ox/brd. barl. by whom !ilie bad 
iMue ibree sotu, who atl d. un- 
OHiTied. Lady Cop« d. AKh 
AoifBatt 1919, vtd Sir Jonatban 
3tMh Decrrobcr, IH^I, wbrn thi' 
baroDeiry became extinct. 

Aanv, M. to — Berry, eiiq. of Oore 
Qrovr. in the King's County, and 

tafTandlrrrf. December, I7d7, and 
Ti/f his rlHrat »at\, 

rerrwl Thum«<« Candlkr, of Kil- 
<■. BanUi. daujfhtcr of — Lech- 
cw), but by whom barium oo Jasae, be 
by hi* nepbrw. 

Hpnrt Casdi-P.r, <>sq.eMMt son of Cap- 
tain Williun Candler, of Acomb, in tbe 
county of York, by Mary Vavasour, hi* wife. 
Thin gentleman iw. Mary, only child of Wil- 
liam AscoufchtCsq.of Kirby Malzurt, in the 
said county of York, by wboia (who d. 7tk 
March, IHlfl), be had issue, 

1. IlBNnY. 

2. William. 

3. Jonathau-Tliomas, a licDtennnt in 
the ItiiMiaii inipprial Giinrdti, d. un- 
married I'ith February, Iwt2. 

4. Edward. 

6. diaries, 
C Georgr. 

7. AnuubvUa. 

8. Mary. 

9. FJmma.m.the lleY.CliftHes-William- 
Heiiry Evercd, Rector of K\lon, in 
the county of Somerset 

10. Cbftrlotte, d. an infanL 

11. Charlotte, b. January, 1813, and d. 
the Ul April following. 

12. Hester. 

He d. the Slst October, 181A, and was j, 
by his eldest son, 

HesRV Candleh, who d. unmiuried, in 
February, 11*25, and was j. by his brother, 
the present Williani Candler, esq. of Ihv 
royal nary. 

Arm9 — Quarterly: fir«land fourth, parted 
in tierce, per {fM indented, the chief per 
pale, azure, and argent, the base or ; a can- 
ton Gales, for Candlkk. Second and third, 
sable a feis, or, between three asses passant 
argent, for Ascrn'OH. 

Crftl — Tlie IJKure of au angel proper, 
vested argent, holding in the dexter band a 
sword, the blade wavy of the first, pommel 
and hilt gold. 

Motto— \A morteiQ fidelii. 

PrfSfnl Retidtnc* — Malvern Lodge, 



SHIPPERDSON, EDWARD, enq. of Piddmghall-Garth, ia tbe county o 
ham, b. 20th September, 1780, s. hu father in 1793. 

Mr. Shipperdwo u an acting magutnite and deputy lieutenant of thv em 




The riimily of Shipperoson hare held 

lands hy ropy of court roll, tn Di»hop Wear- 

tnouth. tince thv romrarnci-mciit nt least of 

thr records of the Ualinoc Court, temp. Ed- 

\mxniy III. 

^JWlLLUM SillPPEHDSON, esq. of Binho]) 
WwHixxiiIi Jtiid of Murtoti, in ihv puunty of 
L Itiii'Iiiiin, living; in Ifift/i, pn. Joan, dau^htpr 
af Juliii (iixidrhild.csq. of l{yho|)o, Aiid iiis- 
tcr of Ridwrt (^oodchUd. esq. of Pallyon, by 
wbotn lie bad iwiue. 

I. John, bii sucecMor, who left threv 
toil*, vii, 

1. John, of BUbop Wearmouth, 
who was father of an only eon, 

John, of Bishop Wearmouih. 
who m. in I66D. Elizabeth. 
I'UIr-fli diiitifbter and co-heir 
of Kiilpb Smith, esq. of Wp<ii 
Itiiinlon, ill Ihirham, and 
liiid thrtw dnll^^tc^« : ESUh- 
beth, Marpim. and Isabel. 

9. Ororoi, uf NewciulK-. and nf- 
terwants uf South Sbii^lds. who 
linil JMUf, 

(JUDitDK, of Biddick. in tbe 
euunly pnlatinr, whose onK 
dntiKhlrrand hrire!>«, Elizjt- 

befh, piqMHUet 
dleton, esq. of Offort 
John, who rf. k'niing 
daughtcn ; Anne, Ot 
and Jane. 

3. Richard, of Hetton-le-U 

the coanty of Durham, v 

in 1664, Eliubelh, da 

and heiress of Ricliard J 

e»q. of Hetton. and left J 

RiCHiRD, d. $. p. ^ 

Robtrl. who m. MiM I> 

STdgPH-ick, bni Iiad ni: 

John, d. is*ueleM, 

Joan, m. to John Jotuu 

Elizab«ib, n. to Robe 
cholson, of Suiidorlaa 

II. Adam, a raptain under Croi 
whi> had i^unir. twi) wjns. (bi 
whom d. J. p. ) and sevrrvl dang 

III. Ephard, of whom prrsi-nlly. 
The third win, 

EuuAKi) SHtppKRDSO!«, esq. of Bf 
which ht' ncquired by gift from hii i 
24th Novi-niber, 1B4.5, waa i-apula 
troop of horse* under General iUuajL 
m. Anne — , and had iasne, S 

Edward, his mcceaftor. 

* Tbe original oommusioB nad«r tbe hai 
Mnl of " Geor^ Mciiwke, captain f;*B«^ 
ecinamaader in citiefr of kD tbe foreas in d 
itc." to Edward Shipp4>rdMn to be " Cqiti 
■ troop of bone id C'oI. Knneis KaclMr bt 
tnrnt" St. Jimn. «<k Feb. 1659. with s « 
•ion signed in th« name of tbn pitriiamfnt 
Com'oBWKlth of Rnglmd, by U'iUi^ L« 
Sp«uLer S^.Tan. 16^9," is in lb« j niir aiiiM 
jirvsciit Edwvd Sbippardsoo, «« 


Fraoci*. of LoDilon, Rtid nflrrwarda of 
Gatrihead, who h. and hud iwuv. 

iohn, 4iB«crihed of Hnll Gnrtli. m. and 
lerided ip Ircl«nd. wIuti.- lie wu.s 
tiring t, p. mX ■ very idvauced age, 

tcUsI MD uid heir, 

•birr Aod *ol(f lirirrM of HvUiam 

r«q. of I'iddin^hall Garth, and 

^litrr of Sir WiUiuin Bctii»}>t.-, of 

, Dartiam, hy wbom(who tt. in 1()9&) 


, Kjum. nccnaor to Uu fatber. 
Robrn. ofMurlun, rf. uunmrriod. 
£il«(ard. of Pittingtoit, (/. tiiiniarrird, in 

SWpfKrdMm was b. nl fiM decease, 
r« I707( by Ki* ^ld««t sunivinir son. 
SH>PrRRl»ON, e»q. of Piddiufj^liall 
wKu wa* appointed, lo 1713, major 
mtlitiR (rain bauds. He es- 
krvi, 'tnly child and hfir^M of 
r. TtMau* MwKrav«i of Urrat Sal- 
4c oooB^ of Cumberland, prebon- 
DariuuB. and rrctor of W'hltbiini, 
^■oaof Sir'WUUam Musgravr.bart, of 
B^ hy H*ry. daughter of Sir Thn- 
I, barL of Copgrove). and bad 

^brr, 4. young. 
t*BD. mCOCMOf. 

ph. <r. i. p. 

IftTfarrt, esrculrin to her mother's 
wQl, d. uamarrif^. 
Hasy. d. in infanc)'. 

Sbipprrdft'in. esq. d. lOlh Junf, 1710, 

a. by hia fitleal aturiviug Son, 
ijto SiiirrcHliSoa. eiK(. of Piddiug- 

faall Garth, who m. Margaret, only daught«r 
of George Baker, esq. of Eleoiure. and bad 
an only Run »nd uiccewor, 

Kalpii SiiirPEaDs»K,C8q. of Ptddingball 
Gnrth, who vspoiued, tn I77U, Fnincca, M- 
rond daughter of tlie Rev. Samuel Kirahaw, 
U.D. vicar of Le«dj and rector of Ripley, 
and sister and co-heireM of the Rev. Rirhnrd 
Kirshaw. B.D. rector of Masham, by wboiu 
be hatl i&stie, 

Edward, pre»ent po«se«aor. 

Ralph, h. !i!2tid Februiir>-, 17H4, a lieu- 
tenant in the royut navy, d. al aea in 

Richard-Francis, d. young. 

Tlioniaa- Richard, in holy orders, rector 
of St. Mary-le- bonne, ft. 3rd March, 

France*, m. to William \ppletree.«M). 
uf Ooldings, near BaitiiigHtake. 


Margaret, m. to Walter C. Huppur. esq. 
of Uclmont. 


Mr. Sbipp(.-rd«OD d. Bth November, t7M, 
nnd nas ». Iiy his etdcift ««^in. Euwakii 
.Siiri-rF.RDs<iN. esq. now reprraentative of 
the family. 

Amu — Sr. on a bend arg. three loxcngva 
iiz. each charged with a planetary Kun in hia 

Motto — Nuliem eripiam. 

lUtntra — Piddiiigtonhall Garth, and Eiint 
Mortun (one half of llie township in tht? pji- 
riah of l>alton-le-l>ale), with the farm of 
Carr Huuiie. in the parish of Houghton-le- 
Spritig ; all in llie county of Durbiun. 

RtiidcHct — Durham. 






CTjVRKE, WILLIAM-NEI-SON, esq. of Ardiopton, in the county of B« 
26th April, 1799, m. 22i)d Febniar)-, 1827, Catherine, daughter of Lieul 
General Tltonias Moljneux (next brother of Sir Capel Mul}-aeux, hart.) ami ha4 


Maria-El iwiWth-Molyn(nix. | 

Emily-Sarah. | 

Imcagt. ) 

occura in a deed of 1496. His aon. ai 

John Ci-arkb, ew). wu re«i4 
Ardiii^toik in 1533. \\\% will bea^ 
-JUIb April, I6(ft>, lud the codicil \ 
null OttolHT. lOTOj shortly after wW 
riod hi! di«d pos^Mtrd of a lease fnl 
one yean of the manor of Ardiagtj 
fee of which was sulwiatjuently paf< 
and the fn-^huld manors of Eait d 
Erli's Court, iind Ishury, togrther i^ 
tAteH ill Bii»itda», Lockinge, Readi^ 
Stralhfieldiay. He espoused Alida, | 
Icr tind heir of — Pikeman, of Bq 
and h»d, with three duugbtera, tllM 
viz. 1, whtwc issue became eq 

JoK\, nf whom precently. 

Richard, d. t. p. 
The aecoiid son, 

John Clarkb, eiu{. of Arding 
Dorothy, daughter of ItJchiinl Si 
Nether Winchcndon. in the coi 
Ducks, aiid dying about the year 1{ 
M. by his son. 

Slit Edward Clarkf., of 
-who m. first, in 1A90. Mary, dai 
Edniond Winemnn, esq. of St( 
county of Berks, but h*ul by hrr 1 
viving iMue. He e«pou«ed, aecoul 
sanna, eLdrit daughter of Sir Thoni 
pie, bart. of Slowe (anc-cstur of thej 
Duke of d^kingham) by Hefitber.f 

John Clarke, of liikpen, appears iu 
the list of gpiitry for tlie county of Berks, 
returned into tho exchequer I2th IIbnry VI. 

Jon N Clarke, of Basildon, was aelMd of 
divern estattw. He m. Lucy, danghter of 
Sir Walter Movie, and dying (ith July. 14ir7. 
was buried in the chancel of Bnstldun church, 
where his gravestone yet rcmaine, Imvint*' 
the effigies of himself and his wife, and 
underneath the following inscription, all in 
brass plates : 
'* Hie jacet Johannes Gierke et Lucia 
uxor ejus, qui quidem Johannes obiit 
aexto div Julii auno Domini 14117. 
Quorum iiriiniabtis et animnhus pue- 
ronini suorum propicietur Dens. 
Amen." • 
His »on and heir, 
John Ci.^nKB, m. Elizabeib, daughter 
and heiress of Thomas Chanipeney, of De- 
vonshire, and had a aon, 

AL'otTSTi:vB ClURKB. of whom mention 

* Tlds is r«pr«sent£d in Couj^h's Sepulchnd 
Muiiunieulx, wIm-iv this geniltfoian is emuaoualj 
oiUcd « priest. 

tcr of Miles Sandys, esq. of l^tbn 
had issue, 

John, his successor. 

Tliomas. bachelor of medicine. 


f Fuller, to fab " Wmtfain of Enflsndj 
that Lady Temple UvmI to see servji bl 
bar own dsaeatKisBts. 



inna, m. to WfllUm WoUaMeot, m(|. 
t WolhuDfitoD. in thr county of 
lrrk«. tbc bead of an ancient iU- 
jkoUo fn wil y, wliicli terminated in au 

HcVBlKTTA-MilRlA.whoni. in ITAA. 
Arthnr. frvcolh Earl a( Fingnll, 
j aad bad. wilb ullivr iiuae, 

Amthvu, present EablofFin- 
^Iher. m. to Henry KaapiK-, cm). nf 
prcM9lii Oxrortlshire, uud bad an 
inly dBuglil«r and heiress, 

' Manr. who »!• her coui^io, 8ir 
Rfchanl Templr, burl. K.B. and 
from Uii» luarriiige lineally Aea- 
\ cmhU 

J Rktmrd, preMut llt'KE of 

ly, ■>. firrt. to Thomafl Danve re. 
of Adilerbnry, in iIip county of 
: and, secondly, to John liar- 
r«q. a( Beech Hill, in the 
of BeriLS. 
>, m. to Juliii Blind, esq. of Wam- 
nwgfa. WUt«. 

ifainily. Mary, danghtpr of 
Dnurbr, *«<]■ of Little Willenhuin. 
ofWilliam Winchcomhe. esq. nf 
. la tbe ronuty of Berks. Sir 
I Ghrie f rvr'd tlie office of biph 
Ih BrrOfaire in 162fJ, and dyin^ in 
aAsr iru interred in the family 
UMnjtttm. wlK'fi-* a handsome monu- 
h mcAe4 lo bis memory. His aon 

U Clabkk, esq. of ArdinfrtOD, upon 
Ml of tbe civil war, raised a 
rf ham for the serrive of Kin^ 
He m. Caltirrine, dau(;ltt(.T of 
■ HiWmiii. rsf). tif Tottenham, in the 
; tt MlrfdlawsK, by whnm (who e»- 
ilv Us decease Culoarl Thomas 
>, • parUsioeotruiBn officer) he had 

■itt. Us MiccuMr. • 

tRD. who inberltrd npotf tlie dv- 
', iaBiteih>«s, uf iuM broUirr. 
U^.in 1680. 

Ilfcsrinr. is tn Tnlin Vjllit rn Viscount 
Omwliini' nephew of Geurge, Ibe 
t D«k.r of ]lu('kin{;liam. 

■. tn John Sherwood, esq. 
m. to Edmund Wiwman, esq. 

of SteventAii and Spersbolt's Court, 
in Ihe county of Berks. 
Hrslher, wt. to the Rev. John Torhuclte, 
\-icj»r of LudBarsball. 
Mr. Clarke rf. in 1646, and was *. by bis son. 
John CuiK»E, e«<i. of Ardiumou, at 
whose decease unmarried, iu 1703. the e»- 
Ifltcs dcvoUed upon his next brother, 

Richard CLAiiK,F.,eftq. of Ardin(c1on,who 
(M. Elizabeth, daaghter of John Smith, gent, 
and had issae, 

Edwakd. his «urcp««nr, 
Richnrd, A. in Ififtft, whom. Jane, lister 
of Riehiird Potengrer, esq. rtcurdcr 
of Reading. M.P. for that boroiigli. 
uud a WpIsIj judge, by whom bo bad 
m-o daughters. 

Dorothy, lu. to ber first cousin, 
William Wiseman Clarke, esq. 
of Ardinglon. 
Mary, m. to the Rev. John Aubrey, 
B.C.L. ft'ilowofWinchesterctil- 
lege nnd rector of Slrathfleldsny. 
John, whose male descendants yet re- 
Mark. 6. in 1702, a captain iu thf army. 
Luke, i. in 1703. 
Maria, m. to Uie Rev. Tborons Price, 

ricar of Ardington, and ff. in 17A0. 
Calherinp, m. to Henry Wise, esq. ood 

rf. in 1762. 
Susanna, m. to RirhnnI Coxe. gent. 
Elizuhelb, m. to Thomas Yorke, esq. 

Mr. Clarke was ». at his decease, in 1710, 
by bis eldest son, 

EowAHD Clakkk. esq. of Ardin|t:ton, 
who m. in 1721, Mary, only daughter and 
lieir of William Wiseman, esq. of Steventon 
and S[>ersholl's Court, (whose ancestors set- 
tled in Berkshire tc-mp. Eu/abkih. being 
a yoiiiigrr hraiu'h of the WisemAns, of 
Thornham Hall, in the county of SulTolk, 
one of whom whs at Aziiicourt in 141.^, and 
another knighted at the biitilf of Spurs in 
1614). Mr. Clarke was sheriff of Uerksbtre 
iu 17*28, and d. in 1733, leaving an only 

William-Wiseman Clarkr, esq. of Ar- 
dtngton. who was b. in 1727. and m. in 
1750. to his Unit cousin, Dorothy, daughter 
of Richard Clarke, esq. of Reading, and 
hiid isKue, 



Dorothy, d. unmarried Ist September. 



Tb« only nnn and bHr, 

Willi lu-WiJtRHAN Clarkr, eiu|. of Ar- 
dinKtoa. (. in 1750: in. first, Elizabeth. 
dangliter of Kicharil Co\p. coq. and hnd iiri 
only daughter, l>uroth>'-MariH. He es- 
poa»od, secondly, Elixabetli. daiigbler of 
John Kfrr. esq. by Mary, sister and heir of 
Hichi*rd -Walter Ni-lfton, c»q. of Cliaddlc' 
worth, in the couuty of Ilerkfl. and by her 
(who d. 2Htli Febrnary, 183^} had i«8ue, 

WiixuM-NKLsnv, piv»eul prujiriftur. 

CJeorge, d. In iufancy. 

Mary-At]D-8anib, d. unmarried 10th 
November, laao. 

Elizabeth, d, unmarried 4th June, lltil. 

Catherine, d. unmarried ^tb J« 
Mr. Clarke, who wiu ^bcriff of Berf 
IHII. d. at ArdingloD 4th Scplmbl 
when the family esUtM deralred t 
only Kunivin^ ion, Wiixiam - 
Clarke, e»q. now repre«'alative q 

Amu — Arp. on a few sa. Hetvre 
(aomettmes fix) crossed |>at4^es ; tlirt 

Crrtt — A cross pat^-e or, beltiMI 

of winpi erect expanded az. ' 

3t0tto — .Absit Dt glorier nisi iD B| 

Semt — Ardinfrton House, Abingda 



ORMEROD, GEORGE, e«q. of Sedbury Park, in the coimty of 0!oure«t©r 
Tildeftley House, in Ijuiraidiire, b. 2Uth OctoWr, |] 
2Dd August, 1 SOS, Sarah, elde«t daughter of John ) 
M.D. of Bradwall Hall, Choahlrc, and bns issue. | 

Thomas-Johnson, h. 27tfa July, 1800, a fellow of 

nose Collrge, Oxford. 
Eleanor- Anne. 

TliU (ftntleman, the iihle ftnd well known nutlior of (ho " Hblory of ClteaKii 
rflodtfd bin father in 1785. He i« » doctor of laws, a fellow of the Royal 
and a follow of tho Society of Antiqaariea. 


The family of OR^iEiion. one of hiKb an- 
li.nilty. afMimed ita wimame from an ealate 
ill the jHiriih of Wballey and honour of 

Clilhero. . 

M«tTMKW PB HoHMBRooES, living temp. 
IIPNRY 111. w«» father of 

TuXK DK OHUi-.iioTfD, who held lands in 
t'Uvitfer Inthf rounty of IJincaftcrin !»oc«i;i- 
IViMH Hunry dr U". Karl of Lincoln, and 
wtta gn'al-«Tiiinlfatbcr of 

John Oruerod, of Onnerod, 

Lawrbnce Ormerod, nf 
fished in the reifrn of Uknrv VI 
a son, 

Adah Orheroo. of O: 
Krandfiitber of 

pF.Tr.K ORMraoo, of Orrorrod, i. 

who bad two aoaa, ris. \ 

I. Peter, who «. at Onnerod, 

3. John, of Haslin^cD, in 



«f I«iic«i1»r. wbo Irn »t lib d«crase, 
ia low. « «oo. 

U\en. falkvr (wjl)i oth'T cliil- 

drvQ) of 

Thc Khv. UuviiH Ormehod. 
a ilictinguii'lirt) iHilrmicul 
writrrof the lime orJAHKfif. 
HewMaduiltedof Emanufl 
CtdlcfOf Cnmbridji^e, f>lli 
June, IHOO. ami, in I6U6, 
publisiii-it. nhilp » rt^jdt^iil 
tli«re, A small 4to, eritiilrd, 
" A Picture of a Purilan." 
la Ihitt work lie lrace« llip 
KttBlti«« of the Kccis, and 
defend* tbe prolejiuni estab- 

lishufal of EUZJBETtl, IDA 
series af dialopien, wrilb-n 
with all the quAmtiie«s nf 
thr tUy, bnl uuifumity dU- 
pUying a tigorouH iimler- 
«t«idin|;, and occtuiionaDy 
riMog into a iitniiii of roiiiit- 
denblf loftintiu. In ini7. 
ho wa* inslilnted rector nf 
lliinl^ltill, in Ihp county of 
HoBK-Mei. Mr.f)riiif)ritdn-iui 
tikewiftc ;»iiih<>r of the " l»ir- 
tttTPof a PapiBt«"lcc. 

OKaritdD. caq. of Ortnerod. m. 
. 4uKhtrr uf Saraui-I HaydocL, paq. 
tymadiarOt, and dyiug in 1678, wiu 
I at Bomley. in the county of Lnn- 
H* WW ». by his eldest aon, 

Obhcrdd, mq. of OnneriMl, 

in IA87, Eliuibotb. tlAu^htrr 

Barrron. uq. of Barcroft, in Laii- 

e« KuA had, with othrr children, a son 

rtm Omiranr). c»(). of Ormrroil. who 
■friat'd IMb Novemb^^T. I&HH. TJiiii 
m W po W fd Joliiiniiit. dau^dtrr u( 
f Boaranli. rsq. of Motilmi, in Liitn-ii- 

mi had (with Ihrctf ilnutthtprH) four 


^ ^viiftMCK, who inbrt^tod Unncrud. 
W/tB lin^Al dc«cendniit and n'pn'»'n- 
^0Vr of this Kriillftnan, 

|«aiiKK«iCK OnuERop. i-Mi. of Or- 
■irmd. d. ^nil March. 1773, 
leaving iMcae (by bis wift-. Mar- 
lh»-Anor, only iister and hetr 
of Thooiaa-Pctpr Lrgh, f6i|. nf 
Lyme, M-P. and datij^liU-r of (In- 

Rev. A:«hl>umhaiu L#(;b, hy hiii 
wife.Chnrlultr- GliKabvtb. riaii^li- 
tcr of Sir Holland Em*r[<»ii. harl. 
nf H«uton) an only daugbter and 

ed John Hargreavps, esq. 
lieutenant-colonel drd royal 
Lancashire militia, and con- 
veyed to hini thc cstnte of 
Ormerod, in whom i( is 
Qow vested. She d. in I8(WI, 
leaving i«duc. 

2. John, who «/. idsuE^lcM, in 1G42. 

3. Peter, who also d. a. p 

4. Gkuhoe, of whom we are abool to 


Tbe futirth «on. 

CeoRuF. Okmkrud. eiq.ofMonton, weil- 
dei] ill 160!), Auiie Pilling. »nd was $. at his 
decea^ in lOOfi, hy his eldest surviving son. 

OuvKR Oknekod, esq. of niirj-, in the 
county of Lancnieter, who m. twice, hut had 
tsnue only by bis first wife. .\lic^. daughter 
of — Hotvurth. esq. of Burj-, rix. 

1. (iKoRUF., his snrcfiAsor. 

2. Elisnbeth. nt. in IT^.to John Upen- 
i»han, oiiq, of Piinbolc, in tho coanty 
of Lanrnsler, and had issue. 

3. Aniie. irho d. X. fi. 

4. Alice, m. in ITrtO. to Jumes Open- 
shnw, t.'9i\. of Wabncrsley, in the 
roiiul\ of Lanraster. nnd had i<isue. 

5. Kachel. n. to Robert liuolh, esq. of 
Bur)-, and had iMue. 

The only son, 

Gfohce Oruf.rod. esq. succeeded \\\» 
lather upon his detnise, in IT^H. lie m. in 
1743, Auiic, duufchtfT of John IIuti-bin.4on, 
esq. of Bury, and had an only child, 

Gkorce, of Bury, who m. in 17ft4, Eli- 
zatieth, dangfater, and flually co- 
heir, of Thomas Johnson, esq. of Til- 
derwley, in the rouniy of Latieaster, 
hy hia wife, Susanna, danf^hter and 
sole beirciis of Sumuel Wareinj;. esq. 
of Walmeslcy, uml h'ftJil hi*i rleceftse 
tt. fi. in 17M, an only child. 

Oboroe. |irr-fciit proprietor and 
representative of Uie second 
branch of the family of Orme- 
rod. of Ukuckod. 

Armi — Or, three bar* and n lion pauant 
ilk chief f^a. 




CrMi-—B«rry of four pierce or uiiil pii. >i 
woirs head 0)up«d ; in the* mouth an a«trii.-li 
feather erect ]>pr. 

EtMrr — In Lamcasmire : — Tildersilfy 
(ill tlif {>.irMh uf Lfic;!!), liy [lun-liaitc of tlnti 
proprititor'rt mnt('rn»l j,;r«at-f;riiudr!illi«r, witli 
varimis othtr I'statee in the pari8lii'ii> of Burv , 
Whalk'y, HusUngdrn, and Manchpstt-r. 

parllv pntrimonial. and p&rtlv by 
from the Warciiips and Johnsons, of Titc 
ley. luGLuiCESTtHsHiRE: — S«-dlmrj'l 
(iriTidL-nluiiti [)ari:4h), and other eAiatei 
ehiti*pd by tlip j»ri'«ent proprietor. 

Seats — TilderaU-y UoaM, in Lancad 
and Sedbury Park, in tbe coonty of C 





GREENWELL, WILLUM-THOMAS, wq. of Greenwell Ford, in the couni 
Durham, h. 13th Febniary, 1777. m. 26tb June. 1618, Donrfhy, second dani 
of Franctit Smales, etwi- of Oiirhnm. and ha^ issue, 

WtLUAH, ii. '£\iA Marc--}!, ItliZU. 
Praiiriit, A. 24lh Mh>, IH-*3. 
Alan. h. lifTb Sepleinbt'^r. 1R24. 
Henrj-NifhoJas, t. i\{\\ Dfrrnitti-r, tHW. 
Uorolhy . 

Jl/lr. GreeDwcll &. his fniher ^fith Fcbniary, 1805. 


'A. RtniAiiD. of wliom presently. 
}, RobtTl. 
The tbifd itoii. 

RiortHD GRFP-NwrxL, esq. of Stol 
left at his decease in ISfiA, a son and 

WiixiAU Orfknwrll. esq. of Slol 
ifhntie ^un, 

WuxuM Ghf.k\weu., eBI|. of Slot 

espoused Alice . and left at his de 

in 1024. with several other cbildrvn. 
I. William. orSlobiLee,wbowas 
and sequestered as a recuanl 
royalist. Hu<f. in 1687, leaving. 
3. Ricbanl. living in 1024. 
3. Nicholas. 
The third hmm., 

Nicholas (iiiFFNWF.m I'sq, of Fci 
piirt-had>cd in 1 63.3, Fay rhare's law 
rnKi>. In l^m. hi: uri^uired another pi 
frum Hodgson, of Manor House, and < 
other parcels of varioas dates. He ■ 
at bis decease by his only son. 

WiLUAH GKF.eNweu.. esq. of Gret 
Fwrd, and sometiiQC of Kibbleinrorth 
i^spniifteil Barbara, daughter and heii 
Robert Cole, esq. of Kibblesworth, am 
with set'eral other children. 
Nicholas, hb succeasor. 

The wide spreading and aacient family of 
Grkf-kwf.ll, is of long standinf; in the 
North of Ent;land. 

Thohas Greenwell, esq. of Stobilee, in 
tbe parish of Lanchesler, in the county of 
Durham, living in 1S0O, had issue by his 
wife, Agnes . 

1. Thomns, who rf. j. /», in 1304. 

2. PKTER, in holy orders, who inherited 
the tenement called Sluhilce, as heir 
to his father. .Mb July. 15tM. (ind 
immediately surrendered it to his 
brother KicbanL 


lAa, of NewruUe, merchant, who m. 
Jane, tUuglitrr of Alderrnan WillJnni 
AuboH. of Newcoslle-ftn-Tynr, ami 
had iMoe. 

I. At'Boxe.mfrcbiuitofNcncnntIc, 

mhoil.t.p. IT2»-3«. 
3. William, living in 17DI. fxrcu- 

tor to hie brother Aubnne. 

3. Nicbolu, d. in 1714. 

4. imnt, d. yonog. 

6. Cftlharinf^, > , , , 

6. Jane, 5 *'*'"' **• "'""• 

7. Elbxbeth. tf. in 1711. 

^ Bu-b«rm, Hi. to Pwil Gibson, of 

Rabvrl, un nhrnn hi» fntlirraml motlicr 
MttledloodfiinKibblFiiwi-trth.iii 11183. 
He at. in 17<r7. Miu Phillia Aubone, 
and left, with junior idsuc, a son, 

WiLUAM, of Kibblcsworth. who m. 
«q. of Newcaslle-on-Tyne. and 
was jt. by bi« »od, 

JosiU'A Greenweu.. esq. of 

Kibblecworth, and of Ntw- 

ca«tle-on-Tyni>, who m. 

Mar^-, dauRhler and heir^sfl 

of ibe Rev. Tlionuu Rubin- 

jon, A.M. rector ofWycliffc, 

ID lie comity- of York, liy 

Oljvik. daughter of the Kev. 

Henry Sta[iyIloi]. of Thorn- 

too WatlaM, and dyiit^ in 

1797, left uauc, 

I. Wiuj-iM. ft. in 1775. 

3. Robinaon-Robert, i. in 

mm, a merchant in 

Newcnsllp, who m. in 

1819, Elizabeth, tbiigh- 

teror.lohn MelUr, f<u). 

of Wbilby, and hn^ 


3. Ijeonard. C. B. a cnlo- 

nr| in Ihv army, t. in 

17«1. Thin tcentlrman, 

a diHtinf^iii^bed ofTicer, 

entcrudtbcannyin IH03 

and wan prcAfiit at the 

attack oti UeuDoaAyrps, 

whrre \iv wan iif>vi-rr]v 

wounded, lie served 

Ihroa^hout thr whole of 

the Pi^niiinnlnr wiir,nnd 

commanded the 4Alh re- 

giment. duritiK Maa- 
•ena'd retrrat from the 
llne«. at ihp b.ttilf nf 
Fuerites £>oiior. and al 
the stumitng' and cap* 
turc of Badajoz. 
4. Olivia. 

William Grcenwcll d. in 1701, aad was #. 
by his eldest iion. 

NifHoLAs Grf.enwelt., osq. of Greenwell 
Ftird, who m. KlizabeUi, daughter of — Ad- 
di»on, esq. of Eggleetone, aad wu /. at bif 
decease in 17:10, by bis oiily bod, 

William Ghkenwell, eaq. of OreerweU 
Foril, viho espoused 6th At^ust, 1734, Mlm 
Marit' Sander.son, anri bad tasue, 
.4lan, bis ifiKH^essnr. 
EHzabeth. »i. to Edward Charlton, esq. 
Graco, m. to John Gumming. r«q. 
.4nne, m. in 1761, to Robert Hurteei, 
esq. of Crorjirell. 
Tlie only fion, 

AnN CJRKrMwr.Lt, e^. Kiicceeded his 
lather at Ford, 14th April, I74H. This g**'i- 
llemanm. Anne. daughtirof Henry Oriidby. 
i'tu\. of Lancheater, by whom (who rf. 23rd 
April. 17143) he had iuue, 

WiLU4M-THnMA8, frnent proprietor, 
GeorRe. whom. Mi^sAskwitb. daughter 
of Willinm Aakwith, esq. of Rippon, 
and haa iaaue. 

Aliin. who if. in 1780. 
M.-» to Alderman John Hntdiinson, 

of Durham. 
Anne, m. to Eilward Serle, esq. of Col* 

eh ester. 
Jane, d. young. 

Etixabeth, m. in 1fll9. to John Grmn- 
well. caq. of Bromsbieldi. in tlie 
county Palatine. 
Mr. Greeiiwell d. 2&cb February, I4(V>, and 
was r. by bi» eldest son, Wiu.itM-TlioHAS 
Gbm;vwkll. esq. now representative of the 

Armt — Or. two bar* a%. between thre« 
ducal coronets ga. 

CVrtf — An eagle's head hrg. beaked gu. 
gorged with a eliaplei of laurel vert. 

EitMtr — Situated in the parish of Lan- 
Chester, in the county of Durham. 

.S*(wl — GreenKcM Ford, in the county 



PARKER, aOBERT-TOWNLEY,esq. of Cuerden Hall, in ihe county of Lana 
b. 27th AuguBl, 1793, m. 2Ut December, 1816. Ha 
youngoBi dnug-hter of Thomns Brooke, esq. of Church 
shall, in Chcahire, aecond eon of Sir Richard BrooW©,! 
Norton Priorj*, by Margaret, youngest daDjjhter ol 
Robert Cunliffe. bt. and lias issue, 




Thoh\s-Towvlkv. b. Mh May, 1823. 

Robert-Town tpy. i. 20tli L>erember, 1823. 

Henry -Town ley. ft. 3lsl March, 1827- 




Mr. Townlcy Parker, who aerved tlie office of high •! 
for Lancashire, in 1817, «. hi« father in 1793. 



Ur. Whltaker. in his Hislor) of Whnlky. 
notices, Mt tljf dffcrtivc Qi.-roiitil nliirli he 
fnvps of thf Parkers, of ExtwUlIe, " that 
Wjlliani Parker, of Kxtwistie, opcuni in ilie 
KHhof Hknry iV. and Joliii Parker ol the 
saiiie plairt', in tlie 7tli Henrt VI." 

John Pabkek. of Extwietle. had by h'u 
wife. Isabvlln. ■ son and succ!(>!^fior. 

RollKRT PaRKP.R, whl> WilS {>nfUti>»K*-ll of 

BrcnxUff and Extvristlc. in l.Wii. He pk- 
ponsfd June, daui^hter of Evan Haydock. of 
Ht'auntliortli , in the county of Lancaster, 
and \v(\ a son arul ht>ir, 

Joii\ Pabkbr. e«q. who m. Mar^nl, 
daughter of Laurence Ton nley, of BurnnitP, 
in the county of Lanca«ter. and dyini; in 
Ifl34, was 9. by his eldest son, 

ioiiN Parkkr. esq. B. in I67B, who m. 
Elizabeth, daii);hl«r of CiilbbertHnldswortli, 
L-aq. of Sowerby, in the county of York, by 
whooi he bad. with other issue, 

Rmbkrt. b. in KHX, who m. Mnry. elder 
daui;Iit«r nod co-heir uf Nicholas 
Scarborough, esii- of GIiisburn,in the 
roonty of York, and dying vilA pairis, 
in IftW. left 

John . socccssor lo bis j^randfathi^'r. 
John Parker, esq. served the office of sbcrilT 
of LsncBshiri' lit UiVi, <ttid nns a. at bis de- 
cease, in 1666, by his grnndson, 

John Pakicrr, esq. who m. Jane, di 
rcr cif Hvnry Foster, esq. of the coai 
Srtuthiiinnton. and relict of Colonel Ft 
Mjiihnm. a cavalier officftr, by whom b 

1. RoBiinT, bis successor. 
tl. Mary, m. flrst, to Benjamin ' 
dington. esq. of Allerton Gledo 
the conntj of York ; and sccc 
eo Richard Asshelon, esq. seco« 
of Sir Katph Asshcton, of Midd 
in the rounty of L:iut-ast»-r, by ' 
InittT husband she bad a sod, 
Sut RALril AssHF-Tos, hart. 
left two daughters, his ro- 

I. Mart, m. to Harbord 
Lord SuRield. and had 
tliree daugbti^n, tiro i 
frond Lord SuSch 
Edwaku. present 
SrmuJ), (see B 
3. Eteaoor. m. in 1760, 
TfaoDiHs Egerton. firs' 
of Wilton, by whom si 
an only surriviug cbil* 
F.I.RA\OR. Uf. iu 17 
Robert, prvsctrt 

TnoHAft, prvsvnl Eahl 

or WiLTOK. 

ni. Elitabetfa.M. loTliomis Lister, esq. 

nf Amoldski^^n, jn the county of 

YnrL, unii bail a «an, 

Tnoy^s LisTEB, esq. a( Arnoldii- 

hiincio, wbo bad, with otfarr tivne, 

I. Tln>«Ji!(,ofGi-«liuriH' Fark. 

gnKidrnihrrorTilOMAit, ))re- 

MDl Lurd Ribbksdalr. 

i. Nathameu of Anuttugv 

Park, great grandrmlier of 


Lister, enq. of Amiiiiige 

Park (4re tkat ari'ieU }. 
tr. Jnati m. to Kdward Parker, esq. of 

BnnnlMUne, io the county of York. 
aatv •on. 

nataT PAKKKR,Mq.wiuRheritrorLaa- 
in 1710. He m. Elizaboth, danghl«r 
prf c*-lieir of Chmtopber Banitdire, e«q. uf 
. ia llw cotitily of l^nrant^r, by whom 
i M trry nnmerotu family. He rf. In 
: « wm nnd succetnor, 

Parkfr, e«q. who, in 1719. 
iKe family fteal from Kxlwifitle 
Hall, to which h« had (succeeded 
iKbl of hi* mother, the co-heircM of 
>Wr BAOBftre, e«j. of Hank, in the 
•f lAimaler. He m. Anne, dau|!;h- 
I co*bHma of William CInylon, vv\. 
., in the samp ■hire, member fur 
la BiAav iiarliamrnlA, and wiut t. 
, in 17.18. bv lii-i eliltwl aoii, 
l«T pARiLrH, esq. A. in I7'27, wImi m. 
ooly daoi^bter and Dule heirew uf 
\ Totmlry, etK|. of Royle, in the 

eoiinly of Lnncanler, by wlirtm he left iwue, 
two itnnA Riid a ifaiighler, viz. 
BAMSTRt. Ilis successor. 
TiioMAS-TniVM.EV, who inhcriteil from 

bin bnithKr. 
Anne, m. to Richiird (Croose) 
of Shan Hnll in Ibe county of l^ncas- 
\VT, and of Adliiiglon, in the couuty 
uf CheetAr. 
Mr. Parker, d. in 1779. and wa« *. by his 
elder son, 

BaNASTRK PaHKRH, i'i*\. who IN. Ahiu-, 
dauf^hter of William Ilutton, ew|. oC llulton 
Purk, in tlic county of Liinciiiiter, but d^vin^ 
>. p. in I7H8, ivnn «. by hi« bmlher, 

TilOM>i*i'Tow\LEY Parkck, eM). who m. 
SuBsanab, only diiui^htrr and m>1c lH-iree« of 
Peter RrooLe. i-W]. of A«lley, in tl«e comity 
of L.ini-aidt-r. by Hhoin (who re-married Sir 
Henry P. HoRhton. bnrt.) be liiid bsue, 

RuBERT-TowM.R\ . prelftit proitriefor, 

Susan, m. to Fnmcis-Kicbard Price, 
c<iq. of Bryti->-Pys, in tlie county of 
Anne. m. to John Biukervyle Glegi;. 
c«i. of Wilhinglon, in tlie county of 
Mr. Parker served the oflSc* of sheriff of 
Laticoflhin-, in 1793, and dying the same 
ycnr.was*. bj liis only son. Kobert-Town- 
tr.Y Pahkp.r, esq. now represenlatiTc of the 

Amu — Gu. a chevron belwcon three 
leoparda' hcsds or, in the moutli of each an 
arrow fe»»cway«, arg. 

(Vr/I— A buck trippani ppr. transpierced 
through the body Mith an arrow piileway, 
pntni downwards, arg. 

E*talet — III tlie county of Lnnrsster, 
£!ni<— Cuerden Hall, near Preston. 




onnui. a. ' 

ROUS, THOMAS-BATES, esq. of Couitynila, in the county of Glamor^wi, 

Jnnuar)-, 1783, m. llUi May, 1811, Cliiirlotte, daug 
of Sir Robert Sulusbury, of UaDnera, in the couid 
Monmouth, and has issue, 

(IrnKdF-GHr.Y, b. 3nl Jftiiuary, WIS. 
Charlotte- Katherine-Elizftbeth. 

Emma- EliiHibi* til . 

This gentleman succeeded to the WcUli cstatM 
Robert IIoub, e«q. in 1806. 


This family resided, and was possessed of 
exteitsive property aud itifluciiL;e. in tlie 
West of EnKland for many centuries, ll 
derives its origin fnim 

Radilpiiis LP, RiTi'R, a Norman kniglit 
in the train of the Cosqi'eroii.* 

HADL'LViluri Lt: RlTUfi, his son and heir, 
m. tlic daughter of Asceline dc Yvcrj', a 
poweifal baron in the reigns of William II. 
and HcNRY I. and had, with utlicr i»sue, 

WlLLtAH LF Ri'FUs, one of the justicet* 
itinerant of the counties of Wilt^, Dorset, 
Somerset, Uevon and Cornwall, tcmji. 
Hknry 11. and sberifTof Dcvoniihtre in the 
31st and ^rd years of the same ret^, who 
was t. by hia son, 

Sir RADULrHUSLERiTL'B.knl. whoMTSon, 
William l.t Rocs, flourished in tlie reign 
of Henry III. and left a son and snccesinor, 
Sir Ralvh le Rots, knt. lord of Little 
Modhury, in Devonshire, living temp, Ed- 
ward I- By his wife, Alice, Sir Ralph leA 
issue a son, 

John lb Rocs, who was himself t, by 
his son, 

WtU-tAH LP. Rous, who m. Joan, daughter 
of Sir Richard Speccott, of Speccott. in Ibt^ 
coanty of Devon, and was «. by his son, 

* Roll of Battel Abbey, sve Btirkr't £itinrl 

Ralph i.?. Rous, who m. Joan, da^ 
of Robert Uodneeford. and had isaue. 
Ralph, whose only dauf^bter com 
by mnrriflKe the manor and lai 
Little Mo*lbury to tlie Dymocks, 
wfaum tliat estate passed by enl 
Ixird Bonville, and tbcoco to I 
Urey, Duke of Suffolk. 

The second eoa. 

Sir Robert le Roitx, kni^ht-ban 
upon whom the continuation of the 
line dv%olvcd, dinlin^iiisheJ himself 
EnwAun thp iSlarfc Prinrr. in the 
^\ith France and Spain, as a valiant s 
and a skilful captain. Sir Robert, wh 
Kov«-rnor of Cherbourg temp. Richa 
was i. at his decease by bis son, 

Wit.iiKM LE Rni^B, who M. Aliee, d 

ter and heiress of Thomas Edmem 

lidmerstoo, and had two sous, 

William, his successor. 

Robert, who d. $. p- 

The elder, 

WiU L4M LK Rous. inlicritt>d his ni< 
Innds of Fdmerston, and m. Mai 
dnufchter of Willinm Lower, of the i 
of Cornwall. He was j. at his dece 
his sun, 

John Roits, who m. Isabel, dang;! 


of Modbury, atitl wm liviiif; 
in \4ti4. Mht«i>n and buc- 

ViLUiiH Rov&, or Eilnipni|nn<>.iii.8ibyll, 
I ^W i of WillJAm Fmvel. of Fcmrl^- 
1/^ Urvon, Nud wa« j. by bin Hrtii, 

■■ Roi'^. of EdtnrretODi', who e»- 
JoUan. daii^liler or Williiim Hill, oi 
mm) Fleet, io Cuniwul], and cvcn- 
^co-hrireM of her bratber, John HilF, 


Rich tup, his »»cve»$OT. 
Jnhfi, nbo inbfritr«l trnm tin mother 
MallDn« and other laud« in Cornwall. 
b«l 4ji>r '• p bequvallivd tbosc es- 
to htit npiiliuw, Sir Anlboiiy 
of Ednivntoa*. 
l«U«r BOO. 

4BD Rout, of Etlnivrvlonc. m. £!( »- 
ttaiigliter of Sir Edmuml Mervyn, of 
L Wilt*, ottp of the judges of iho 
pl^MM, and had, with (wo other »oas. 
Aktiiont Roik, of Edmerstoui?, hh 
}tmor, who Jiiberiti^ hiM fntht-r '» I'fUitt'K 
V*oiuluiT, a« well a# Hultnn. atid the 
t IjmWiI poMcmniu of his node, Jubit 
b Sir Anthoti; was a itiuii of f^eat 
i«m| vittnr*. He wai Iwirp Blit-riri of 
kaJJ. in the I9tli anil 4-2tul of Qwm 
•■rrn. wa* odi> of tht* biirgeKAen rt-- 
rf In aFTTe in parlintnciii for East Lomi> 
r 17di yc«r nf tbal rci|{n ; ami jii thi- 
r Kimjf JaKM I- wan one of the kni^btg 
atifrv for Comwall. He m. first, Eli- 
U Aaoghtrr ofTbonuu Southcole, etu). 
>ir of Wr mother, a Miss Bartihoiuc, 
Im« be Imd iuur. 

I. Ambrose. OMOrihe n-iirf^pntatives 
af L*aBOe*loti In Ibr first {tjirliaiiiriit 
v€KingiKmt% I. Hem. MRp;ila|pit, 
4mmi^ttKT of Peter Oslxiniir, p»q. of 
Gllick.«aiul», iu thf rouaty vf B«d- 
brd, by whom he left nl bin dei^t-nse, 
«iU patrii. ^rd July, ItKA), ii imme- 
rotti family, the e1ile»l of Mhk-|i. 
WiUJ4M. «. liU gramlfttthiT. 
1 RnataT, who expouiM^ June, duugh- 
lar of Alexander Pym, t-Aq. ititd niece 
94 lb* celebrated John Pyii. by 
wiMtt W had a nott, 

A^THDWT. M.P. for tht* eounty of 
(>>niw«ll in lfl&» and ItlTA who 
■■. Mary, daughter of William 
Hnd#haw, esq. of the county of 
Laiir«t<>trr, anil hnd, with other 

Pkamcik, of Woollon tJade- 
ridge, of whom heroaner, a« 

3. Kirbnrd. 

4. FnANCis, whon>8idt>d nt l„ttirake. iit 
OoniWHlI. and was memhiT forTniro 
ill tfaf Ist year uf Ciiaui.k.s I, fur 
Tri-pniiy iti the .Ird, and upiln for 
Truro iu the Ifttli atid Kith of Ihiit 
rei]^. After the death of the kin^, 
he wns knij^hl itf thr »bire f»r Dctou, 
and speaker of Ihr short parlinmeni, 
and, in the followinf; year, appointed 
one of Cromwell's lords. He wu 
al«o provosl nf Eton eolleice. He </. 
ill the [jft'tlnie of the Protf.ctor, 
iind was honoured with public obse- 

r>. \rthiir. 

* Tbr followiiiK oemunt of bin funrrsl and clia- 
neter is taben fniD) llw Mrrruiiua PoliUctu, a 
npwBpBper of tb* dny: — " Moiid«v. the *4lh, 
Lt>mx tbv day nppatnt^d for the ini^rm^nt of the 
coqiM af the Rit>ht Hon. Fnncia, Lord Rouav, il 
was [M-rlunnrd in thin munnpr: the InnU of bis 
Hig;hiies9*s prii^' council met at bis bousp at Ac- 
ton, ai also div»rB of tbe Dommiuionert of the 
admiralty, and uf the olBcers of the army, with 
many olber perwM of honour and i|a(Jity. Ilia 
llilcbnMs was also pleased to aend aeveral of bia 
irentlemcn in concha with six horsn to b« pre- 
ment nt tli« mlf^iiiity ; llirtM> lienOda likitwiM^, or 
cfflceraatnmM, ^TPthpiralt«adiuioe. Tbv corpse 
was placed in a carriage, corerod with a pall of 
blark velret, adorned with escocheona, and drawn 
with BIX horses in mourning fumilutv. The lords 
of tb« cooDcil fitlluwMl it, and llw rrat, in their 
order towards Eaton coUvge, by Windsor, wbtne 
tbi dweased lard, having b«eD proviMt,dt!>«{red )m 
might b« inlem>d. A sermon wns pmirhitd after 
the burial by Mr. Oxenhridge, one af tlie felLnwH, 
and BO the ceremony ended.- Hk needs iu> tnunu- 
menl besides lua own printed works to conrvy bia 
name to posterity i tbo Other works of hiit life may 
he irrmed works of cliarilr, wbuniiii h« was uoat 
•■xemplBTy, a* the poor in amny part^ now wiih 
tears will tell you. He chose to Uy his bones ta 
bis coQe^. because the society bad bin heart. 
bi-ing men of tba same CbristiBn t«(nper with 
fainiKlf ; and in hia Imatament he pnyed tliat Cod 
would ple«se to oontinne it (as it 1*) a Jaraem 
iiiirserv of piety aiid leomiu)^. 1 abaU udd no 
mor« bat this, that bis death was on extraordinary 
loss to bis Highoesa and good ibwo in partioular. 
and tb« whole nation in jeiwral." Other bis- 
(ntians (Clwrcndan. Wood, itc.) |tire. however, a 
very diArenl elwactet nf thu peraonaf^. 




a. EUxabelhjM.toJolinNorthrale.^sq. 
Sir Anthony cspoasLMi, KerrtiuUy. Pliilii9|iH, 
flBUf^hf^r of Iliiiriplirr'y ('nlt^i^, fA<|.i and, 
thinlly. Sugau. (l»u)fliUT of Sir liewis Pol- 
lani, one of llit- jii(tt]i;us of thi- cumiriLui 
pleas, and widow of Jolin Coplesion. ffci. of 
Copplesioii. in the couuty of Devou. He 
J. in Kf23, at a very advanced age, and was 
t. by Lis f^raud^on, 

W1U.IAH Rois, esq, of Halloii, M.P. for 
Truro in the Ut parliiunont of Charlks I. 
who ffl. Mary, elde^ daughter of Richard, 
Lord RoUitrtuti, v( Truro, and filter tn John, 
Earl of Radnor, hy whom h« had Jsflne, 

KicKARD, hi« AurccsAnr. 

Charles, who rf. *. />. 

Elizabeth, of whom prL-seiiUy, aa 
h«iros« t>f her brother. 
William Rous was g. by hin eon, 

Richard Rwh, e»q. of Hallon, M.P. far 
UoMincy 13th Charlcb II. who m. Mary, 
dauf^hter of — Clarke, esq. (into whose fa- 
mily HaltoD eventually passed), but dying 
*. p. vest* i. by his only BiBttT, 

EuzABRTH Rors, who espoused hercousin, 

PfiANcis Roii«, esq. of Wootton Unde- 

ridge, in the county of Gloucextpr, (refer to 

iMue of Robert, second son of Sir An- 

THo.vv Rotifl. knt.) and had i?»ue a son, 

Thomas Rois, e«|. who BctUi-d at Piercc- 
field, in Monmoutluhire, and marrying Jane, 
daughter of — Hoekins, e*q. of the crrnoty 
of Gloucester, had (with three daughter*. 
the elde«t m. to Thontaa Co»tar. esq. of 
Redbroke, Gloucestershire ; the ceixtnd lo 
the Rev. Dr. Beutliam. canon of Chrfst- 
ehnrch. Oxford ; and the youngest to J. 
Mecrop, esq. of London) throe sons, viz. 

WiLUAU, who predeceased bis father 

Thomas, who «. to the e»tale«. 

Mr. Rous d. in 1737, and was *. by bis eldest 
surviving son, 

TiionA.s Roi's, f.8c|, of Hiercefield, (an 
i-Ktiite he aubscquently sold lo the family of 
Morris), This gentleman espoused Mury, 

daughter ofTliomas Bates. cu[. ol 

umh'L-'rhtnd, ami had i^^uc, 
Williiiiii. tl, wnmarrieif. 
Thohas-B\tes, his successor. 
GKuRiiK. sucvfsftor to his hroih 
Roheii. of Courtymla, in the n 
GUmorgun. high sheriff for til 
who ti. unmarried, and wan j 
estates by his nephew, Tliomj 
Roun, esij. 

, f both d. niunurried. 

Jane. ) 

Anna-Maria, m. to Henry P« 

of Harlyii, in the county of C 

The eldest sun'iving son, 

THUMtS-BAT[.S RoL!t,csq. of Ho< 

in the i-ouuiy of Herts, who for roai 

was member for tlie city of Wore 

parliatneni, dying without issue, i 

the rvprescntatiou of the family i 

upon his next brother, 

Geobge Roi'B, esq. of Bedford 

Londuii, tin eminent hnrriider, coi 

the East India Company, and for 

years M.P. for the burutigh of i 

bury. Tliisgeutlerann (who sold Hoc 

m. Charlotte, daughter of the H 

Thomas, dcitn of Ely. and master Q 

church, Cumbridge, by whom hu In 

Th OH AS -Bates. 

George, in holy orders, recfail 

verton, in the county of S* 

who m. Jane, daughter of 

Newcome, esq, of Burcolt, 

same shire. 

The elder son, Thomas-Bates Ro 

inherited, lu 1806, the Wel«h entatc 

uncle Robert, and is now the reprec 

of this ancient family. 

Amu — Or an eagle displayed^ 
his wing, with feet and bill gu. 

C'reit — A dove arg, 

Mvtto — Veseitur Cbrislo. 

EtlMtta — Cluefly in Glamorganalil 

Stat — Coart)Taia, near Cardiff^ ( 




iMUEL,eaq. of Worthy Park, in the county of Hante, b. 29th May, 177.^, 
m. •24th October, 1SI2, Eliza, duu^hter and co-h*ireB» of 
the late John Biniu, esq. haakvr at Leetls, hy whom he haa 
had iasue^ 

JoHv-Bi\Mi. b. 3rd Au^»t, I8I.1. 

Allrcd-Elli!'. b. IKih Auifiint. 18)7, aiid d. Wlh Ajiril, 1821. 

Gforpc-Alfrcd EUiv, t. lOlh Decemher, 1834. 

Frances- Milliceat, d. 7th May. 1831. 

This ^Qtteman, who is lieutenant colonel of the WorcMter 
Ijoral Militia, and a (Icpiity lieutenant, and maj^iMratft for 
the counties of Hanls. Worcester, and Hereford, served 
tlio office of sheriff fur Worceatonlure, in 1818. 


proprvior of Worthy Park 
I fcooa aon of the late 
vraL Wjtix.rsq. bankcr.of WurcL'stLT, 
b *ilW, Millicrnl, dnu^falor of the late 
M, i— tlaMf of her ouly hrolhcr, John 
nf Claioes. inheritor of scvrral 
in Wurci'ilvrshire and He- 

-Prr frss*. or and ax. a fewe bat- 
t,tWBl>t iMttellce hetwern tliren fleunt- 
l^all eoantenrhiiiigcil. Beariug nn c*- 
kcoa of prrlrurr, the en»igus of Dinnb, 
m. t taieom »olui or. 

Crtit — Out of n mural coronet or, n clenii- 
wolf arg. charged on the neck with a fesfts 
embattled, counter embattled gu. 

Itfotio — Firm. 

Ettatei — At Claineg, WorceAlershire; 
and manor and estates of Cradley, near 
WhcIlKnirne, Herefordahire; which \tos»eA- 
ffioiiii have been for n long period t-njoyed 
hy the family. The mansion, and Hamp- 
shire estates, were purchased from Admiral 
Sir Cluu-lea Ogle, bart. in (he year IH3S. 

Stat — Worthy Park, near Winchester. 



F1X)0D, JOHN, ew\. of llood Hall, in the county of Kilkenny, m. Miu S 
daughter of the Rig-ht Honorable William Sauriii, late aUoniey ffent-rat in Irelu 
ht» no JMue- 


the Kit;ht Hon. 8ir Hpni 
vendiah, bart., luid faul ( 
yuuK^T iluugfaler, the wife 
"r*v. Mr. Si. G«org«) 
Frances, who n. fint, R 
Soil} , esq. and had ii 

1. FlROERirK Sou 
•Mumed. by rig 
nual, in IHlV.tbt 
tional eurnattit- an 
of Flood. 

2. Francen Solly. 

3. Jane Solly. 
Mrs. Solly t-spoiwei 
rondly, John Ilarwar 
»op. c«q. of Doory F 
Ihp county of Longfui 
tiud two oilier hvm 
daugliif-r. viz. 

John JE>aaop. 
Franci» Jcuop. 
EliMhcth Jewop. 
At the decease of Sir Fn 
Flood, ibc baronetcy bcca; 
lit. Charles, of Ballynock, in the 
of Kilkenny, d. nnniamVd, in 
tv. Hvnr)-. in holy ordpr». d. s. f 
V. George, of Kilkenny, in boly 
D.D. rector of Rittlidonuy, i^ 
county, rf. in 1770. leading ii 
VI. Francis, of Puulstotm Cattle 
oonnty of Kilkenny, who in 
Hallon, dftiighter of Colonel H 
M.P. by liis wife. Lady Anni 
daughter of Axtliur, Earl of 
and had issue, 

* The family of IIattok. which d«rt*«l 
nwne fmin thf lordshij) of Hatton, in C 
hu mainttiaed, *ttt tinc« ita ptfttltmen 
land, * leodini; influence in the eooniy 
Aird. It immediately ilrnvm fran ihe c« 
Sin CiiauToruaa Uattok, Lorit Cu 
or £iicLA!ia. 

The Floods possess three estates in the 
county uf Kilkenny- — Flnod H™il, Familey. 
:viid Paulstown Castle; and it is a^sunit-d. 
tliat Ihey descend from Sir Tliomoii Fludd. 
knt. treasurer to Qu«en Euxabkth. 

Francis Flood, chj. espoused Miss War- 
den, of the county of Kilkenny, by whom he 
had »even sous and a daughter, tiz. 

I. Wardiln. his successor. 

II. Jolui, who ni.Jaiie, only daughter aiid 
h«ireM of — Crompton. esq. of Ilie 
CDDDt)' of Kilkcuny. and Lnd two ttous, 

John, ofFlfKid Hall. 

FRKOERtCK. of Newlon Ormonde, 
in the county of Kilkeriiy, and 
of Banna Ixidge, in Wexford- 
ahire, custos rotulorutn of the 
Utter county. This geDtleman 
w»s created a baronet on the .Ird 
June, 1780, was a member of the 
Irish parliaiueut, and. subse- 
quently, of the Imperial Parlia- 
ment. Sir Frederick Flood m. 
first. I.ady Juliana Annesley, 
daufthter of the Earl of .\njtle- 
»ey. by whom (who li. in 177-1) 
he hiul no issue. He espoused, 
Kcondly, Frances, daughter of 



I, LUD. jnd^o of th« blKh 
ndmimlly in Ircluut). f. 
hi» f«ther al FaitUlnnn Ca»th'. 
He M. MIm Donovan, lister of 
G«oend 0'l>oiioTftn. ufUir couii- 
tj of Cork.nnd aunt lo Sir Wil- 
Itun WriTon Bfrhftr, hart. h_v 
wliom lie had iMue. 

I. W*ftors. wlio prfdectHwd 

bix fnttier. 
1. Hf.nry, of PauUlown 
Cattle, author of Hcvrntl 
political Cisnya, wliu nt. the 
dnuffhieroftlir |in>^t>nt l>inl 
Aldborongli, and hue isme, 





3. Francia. a traptain in Iht- 
anny, killed in notion. 

4. DoaoTiin, who m. Mi^si 
VlPgncaa, a tnily of Frrncli 
eitractiitn. and left itmnf.. 

Warden, a L-aptain in the 
6Ifl ^ kind's own) light 
6. Mamnite, who inhrritrd 
cooaklvrabte propprty. m. 
Ilw Rev, Stuart IJatailtOD. 
of Tyruntr, tiecond cousin to 
the MarquPM of Abercurn. 
bo I d. t. p. 
tiallon, a totoncl in the Xtt dra- 
gooo (fnards. d. tuimarried. 
^^ Praapta, a m^jor in the army, who 
^m had iasne, 

^1 1. JoHN,orViewTnount,lD ibu 

^H county of Kilkenny, cirrk 

^B of tlie peace for that abire, 

^B aiu MiM Bnislie, )^at ]^n' 

^^^K dansfatrr of Dr. Maude, 
^^^H bubop of Mcatb, and lia« 
^^H iaaue, 
^^^V Wardcin. 

^^^^K Elisabelli, m. to Captuiu 

^^^K Stoyle, of the 34Ui. 

^^m abm. 

^^^^ Marianoe. 

^M t. Anae. m. lo ihr Inte Dr. 

^V ll«fd, of tlie county of Car- 


n. Kich«f4, rfL lutDuuriod. 

viri. Anne. m. lo Ur. Henry Cnndler, 
archdpHi-un of Ossury. and rtrctor of 
The ifldc^t «oti, 

Thk RuiHT Hi>N. Wakdhn Fu«"D, of 
Flood Hull, wa» rhieif justice of the court of 
K iiii^V Hench in Ireland. Hid lordohip 
eepoHsi'd Miss Whiteside, and dying in 1764, 
wns f. by his son, 


HtNHT Ft/toD.ofPannley, in the iH>nnty 
of Kilkenny. This eminent person, g-o ce\e- 
brnted in the eventful history of hia native 
country, wmi born in 1732, and edurntcd 
at Trinity College, Ouhlin, and nt Cbrint 
Church, Oxford. In the latter nniver»ity 
under the care of Mr. Murkhain.uftvrwurds 
nrcbbiishop of York. In I7.'J0. Mr. Flood 
obtained a aeitt in the Irish House of Com- 
mons, hut during that eesnion took no part 
in ia dtfbates. In 1761, be wn» re*elccl(.-d, 
and Iterame alino(<st immediately aAcrwnrda 
leader of the oppoaition. The repral of 
Pov. VI Nil's i,\<v* fin*t eiigrtgfd his great 
piii\-pnt, and bii ultimately surcecded in 
having the obnoxious clausea of that statute 
nhrofTjited. His next patriotic vrTorl va» 
the introduction of a bill for limiliU]; the 
duration of pnrlianiprls, which had previ- 
ously milMtisted in Ireknd, for the life of the 
tinfT. This meaaurc he advocated in vain 
in the administrations of tlie Ionia Ueule- 
nnni, Northumberland and Hertford; but 
bis peraeverance and eloquence eventually 
triumphed, and the Octenmal Bill passed 
into a law under the government of Lord 
Townsbend. ThiA waa thn first victory of 
intpnrtanre ai'^hieved by the friends of frc^e- 
dom in Ireland : — within a very short period 
the glorious and bloodleas revolution of 
1762 followed. In 1776, Mr. Flood wnn 
sworn of the Pri^-y Council in both king- 
doms, and constituted Vice Treiunrer of 
Ireland. In 17U1, the Spirit of Liberty, 
invigorated from the opposite shores of the 
Atlantic, roused a foclint; in Ireland whirh 
concession alone could asjiunf^e. Kn^Iand 
waa embarrascd, enfeebled, aluiool pros- 
Imte. Ireland was armed, united, and re- 
solri-nl ; Mr. Flood saw the crisis, and seized 

• By «ini*coniitr«cli«nuf thiiilatut*, tliel'rivy 
Council of Irvlnnd hod osmimed Ibr more thiui u 
cnilury. salbority simdir to that ronnerly exerciacd 
by the lords of Arliclmi in Scotland. Bv tlii* 
usurp«tiDn ll>v puliunent nt' Ireland ww reduced 
lo a nurv cypher. 



it, — f>inaiicip*dJlj; Moueir Troiu tlie tratn- 
mcU of uffict', hf HftStiiUvl tlic Minifter in 
rtitj Huust' iif OoinniiiiiK, willi all ihH vehe- 
mence of h\» eloniiencp — all the weijjlit of 
l)U patriotism — all tlic eiierjO' «'' hw dm- 
racier — nud ilenianJed n n-istonition of liiit 
wjuntry's riglits. The govrrriniert cower- 
ing before its powerful u^ailant, and si-uiu- 
ble or lliL>' iii^iabilily of iu position, reliii- 
(]uiebed, withoat procra»tiiiatiou, wbul eould 
no longer be retained without peril. The 
patriots, IIcrgh nixl Grattan, flow acraaa 
the house upon thi« memorable ocmaion, and 
embraced tbu umtor, tliv funnfr4!\i.-luiiutng, 
" Hue i» tlie mnu whose iiUegrity the ]iig;h<>si 
ofliee in the land roulJ not warp." In 1*85, 
Mr. Flood WB8 returned to the British Houh^ 
of Commons, and contiuut'd n mi-riiher niilil 
the dissolution of ihiit parliament. Ho died in 
December, I7ii't. Thehistoryof hiscourtry. 
should diat history be ever wriiu-n with im- 
partiality, will do ample justice to the intre- 
pidity, the diaintcre8lednf:t>s, tind patriotism 
of this emiaeiit man, and ulien it records 
the illustrious rhamrters which adorned the 
cIoM of the eii^hieontl) century, it will place 
upon its brightest page the immortal name 
of Flood. 

Amongst hi* contemporaries Hkxry 
Flood enjoyed the most splendid reputi- 
tiou. "Here," said Mr. Curran, iipeaking 
of him in a celebratt^d debute, " all Ihe 
wisdom of the state is collected, exploring 
yonr weakness ami your strength, detecting 
every* Hmbuscade, and pointing Ut the litddcn 
battery that wn« brought to hear upon tlic 
shrine of freedom." Upon his resignation 
oribetreasureehiptMr. Montgomery "called 
t)ie attentiou of the liouxe to a right bununi- 
ble genllemiin (Mr. Flood), the bcAl, the 
most noble, the most indefatigable, the most 
sincere, that had ever sacrificed private in- 
terest to the advantage of bis country." In 
tlie debate that ensued, Mr. FIoihI rose and 
spoke at rousiderable length, defending hiit 
political conduct, and concluding ««nth the 
rollowiiig cbaracleristic sentiment ; " My 
ambition haii been when out of office not lu 
be factious, and when in office not to U- 

We cannot close this notice of Flood, 
without alluding lit least, to the personal 
di.spute which occurred between him and 
his co-patriot, IIknkv Gk^ttw. The dis- 
cu35ion of Poyiiing's law first caused n mis- 
underAtnndiuK between Iheec iclebralrd 
pcrsens, and a sitb»e(|uent debate upon the 

repeal of the etb Okoroc t.* produeei 
JilliTi'ntion between them, unpamlird 
thn walls of piirliiiment, for vitupe: 
bitterness, nnd pe.r^onnlity. In 17S2, 
Gmttan obtained a simple repeal of 
4;latatory act. a course which Mr. Flood 
tallied in two very powerful ^peechea 
security tigaiunt England's pnrferring 
future period a similar preutnaion foooi 
upon the j'tttNLiCLii of th« meOMUTe. 
upon this opinion he procured a law renoi 
ing the claim for ever. The dispute lo 
we allude occurred in 1783, and Mr. 
in the course of tlie dcbatf, entered into 
long and interesting narrative of his whdl 
politii^al life. 

The question of parliamentary refon^ 
Mr. Flood rulvocaled for the first tin»s il 
the Irish House of Commons, in 1781, vili 
his Liccuslomed force and eloquence. U 
17iM, he addnrssed u British ptirliameot npM 
tlie same iiuporlnnt subject ; and his e|MHB 
upon that occasion was published in Iflli 
with bis reply tu Mr. They M 
admiral oratoriral efforts, and at the thu a 
delivery called fortli the highest eulogy frn 
Mr. Pitt. 

[lad Henry Flood not been one of 
mnst eminent st/itesmen and orators of 
period in which be lived, hts transla 
Demosthenes. jEschines, and some 
Odes of Pindar, would have slam 
a man of genius, and innnred him 
in the temple of fame. Mr. Flood's ftjrl 
of etoqiience is described as of the 
first order, replete with knowledge, 
vigorous, acute, and argumentative ; 
it is stated, that while be hurried away 
auditory by the force of his great 
ing faculties, he delighted every persoa 
taste and judgment, by a certain felicity 
diction, which added ui6iute graoe 
beauty to hisdelivery. HflSometiiDC* 
trated his advervtiry by u single word, tl 
resembling (he great I^rd Chathuro. w 
attributes as an orator and statesman be 
in the highest keneration. 

Hknky Flood espoused. 13th .April. 
1702, tlie Lady Frances-Maria Berrsfi 
daughter of Marcus, first Eart of Ty 
hut died without issne. He devi«ed hi* 

■ Tliis set had dscbml 'MUt tW kisigAm^ 
Irvlond ought to b« subordinate to. sad dcpca* 
u|>an the Imperial crown of Great Britain, 
Ihjil tlir j-MrbaHirnl nf England tiatli (>iwCl 

make laws to buid ibe people of Ireland." 


< Ac coll<^|^ o( Uubliu, for 
it of the Irisli laiifcuaftti ; 
' >rt« lM kfter procrastinated titjga- 
erted to his cooain, anil lieir at 

Plood, raq. of Flood Hall, in the 
f Kilkptiny- Tliix ^nlleiiiim m. 
7, of the conoty of Cork, anil had 

trt, a{ Fnriiilpv. 

Mr. l''loo(l n'AR KiiiTPeflotl nt lii^ tlpceaiu* li^ 

hji* I'ldtT son. Uie prfii<:ul Jmis Flood. i>«(i. 
of Flood Hitll. 

Arms-—\eTX. n elii*»ron betwreti itirui* 
n-olven* headrt AraA«>d ar. 

Confirmed to Sir Tlioinas Fludd. of llie 
county of KcDt, 14th Eliz»l>clh. 
Crrtt — A nolf'a head, as in Ibe armi. 
Motto — Via unita foitior. 
Rtiet*$ — In the county of Kilkenny. 
.Vm< — FIixm] MhII. Kilkeiinyshire. 


LAY, SIR ROBERT, knt. o( Cockaimy Houw, in the mmly of Fife, a 
^m deputy Iieut«iiu»t and ma^lrat« for that shire, 

^H b. in I774,»t, in September. 1 1^07, Lnuru. fourth 

^B _dk\ flaii^-hterof Williani-Hohjton.eM]. of MnrkfielH, 

^^ ^nn i^ '** Middlesex, and haa i«Kue, 


'lUx July, I^IK. (iiptHin FiffKliirr militia. 
Richard-Hu»8cy-CliurU-0,&.30tli May. I»l0, 

Hon. Eaal Indin Company 'a Serrice. 
Wil1iam-Hob!M}n.6.'2Klh Auftusl, 1818,R.N. 
Edward, b. 7lh April, l^'2d. 


tlvman, a lieutenant rolonel in the army, received the honor of knighthood at 
*ftl*r«, 20tb April, 1 8'2^, in consideration of his ancient and honnrahlc denrent. 
cti. hi* father in 1794. in tliv eatatt* of Cockaimy, and in part of the burouy 
fcriiluni^. orit^inally the property of the potent Earls of Dunbar. This estate 
v^ed by GalieQa, daughter of Waldeve. fourth Karl of Dunbar, who </. m 
Imt hsabaad Philip d« iMoubray, with whoiw descendants it liaa cuDitiiuiod to 
M pariodt with the exception of the short interval from 1320 to 1346, when 
Mian wu Buapended by forfeiture. 

ibart Hoabray, when a captain in tl>o 80th regiment of foot, embarked at 
1 1801, under the onlera of Coi.oNEtWr,LLESLEV(now Duke of Wellington), 
B ■tendftrd of Sir Ralph Abercrombio, in Efi^pt- He served ten years in India, 
,ip tl» Mediterranean. 




RonRR DR Albim espotued AmiciR de 
M u^«bnly, sister of Rot)«rtde M«nbrny,Earl 
orNorlhuniliorlaut]. and bod twoKouB, 

I, William, from wIudid derived the 
Earls of Aki'ndk.l, thf male lino of 
which eminent liouse expired in 1343, 
wiiile UiP femalr Line, now rrprescnlcd 
by Ihu Duke of Norfolk, coalinats) 
the fanttly. (S«e Burke't Extinct 
'i. Nkiel, of whom wc arc about to 
Tlie Becond son, 

Nigel dc Albim. pouensor of one hun- 
dred and twenty khi^ht'b fre« iii N'orniuudy, 
and one liundreil and forty in Knglunrl, m. 
ill 11 IK, Gundred de tJournay, only child of 
Gerard de Goumay. by Etlitli, danghter of 
WilLiiun. Earl of Warrrn and Surrey, by 
Gundred, ilaiighter of Wll.l.uu lli^ Can- 
qutror. Their eldest aon. 

RocER, by Hperial command of King 
Hen RYl.assomed the surname urMonBiuY, 
and tlie arms of that family. Tlii? Ro^er 
was one of the eliief comnmnders at tin- me- 
moml>]e battle fouglit in 1I3H nJlii the Scou 
near Northallerton, known in history a^t Hia 
Battlk of the Standakd, and adhering to 
KiDK Stephen, in his rontest with the em- 
preM, wu» taken primmer with that inoriaxuh, 
at the hattte of Lincoln. In 1 146 he acu'om- 
panied L<vrii, Kisu of Fbanc*-, to the Holy 
Land, and there acquired grent reuvwn by 
vanquishing a stout and hardy Pagau in 
single combat. His grants to the church 
were munificent in the extreme ; and jjia 
piety so fervent, that he a^aio uv^umed the 
cross, and made a second journey to tbe 
Holy Land, where he was taken prisoner, 
but redeemed by the Kni^bt Templnrs. He 
d. »o*m after in the Rant, and wa^ interred 
at Sures. Some aiilhoritie* «ay tliat he re- 
turned to England, and living fifteen years 
longer wim buried in the Abbey of Ktlniid. 
This potent itersonage wedded Alice, de 
Gftiit, and had two ^ons, 

NiGKL Dr. Mowbray, tlie elder $on, as- 
sutning the Cross, »et out for Paleatinc. hut 
d. OR the jonmey. leaving by hi? wife. Mahol, 
diUKhter of Edntond. Earl of Clare, four 
sonit, viz. 

I. Wtu.tAM,aiieeatorof the Mowhrayx, 
Dukes of Norfolk; also of the How- 

ards. VukeAorNDrfolk.and tli«4 
branches of that puissant bouse 

2. Philip.' 

3. Robert.* 

4. Roger. 
Tlie second »on. 

Philip ot Mowbuay, eapoased G 
daughter of Waldeve, Earl of Dunbar, 
with her acquired considerable p' 
particularly the Baronies of Baibougle. 
meny, and Inverkeithiog. The frnit mralia 
of this Philip in the rei-ordn of Scotland ai 
curs in a charter dated l'i08. He was m 
basnador to England in 121& and 1231,1 
treat of the marriage of King ALKiLthltl 
II. with the Princes* Joan. He liad II 
snnH. I. Koger; and 3. Nigel. 

RoiiER DK Moi'BHAY. the elder son. ia 
charter to the church of Soltray. cunfira 
la the Abbey of Jedburgh the donitioi 
the church which Waldeve. the son ufOl 

* Regatding the i»iority of tbiae twS 
nneb diwuuiun hiw insen. Sir WiUitB D 
d&l», in his Bnronuge (I. M\.) arrungeit thr ■ 
tlms. 1. William, t. Robert. 3. Philip. 
Il«K«-r. And iMiTS. •' Of which RoU-rt 1 liwl* 
be took* to wife a founim of Scotland, who hi 
fair iDberitsare there, from whom datcari^ 
niowbrnvn of that kingdom." Dot in tbe mm 
Dugdalf rf fera for bis niitbority tn th» MoafliV 
n. 193, whith ti in these words, "Tuae 
Ro^ri de Motrbnr primogvnitui Aiit Nt^ 
de Mowbmy.qui ei Rnoc«Miit,qui habuit >■»«■ 
Aliciun d* Uant, Uic Nigrllos crpit io a^ 
lilinm Kdmondi Coatitii de Clara, noraia* 9h 
luD, Ft genuil ei eb qoHluor tilioa, acUioiC^ 
lielffium d« iMowbray. Robnrtuni, fbdipp'-^ 
Rati^nim. llle vero porro Kobertns ftaci^^ 
<i»in Ni|celli. feo^ttua fuit in Scotil nobibb^ 
quDiidun Bnnmivsam. c|inuu eejut io nion^iB 
loCft IMrft patris sui et powt uumi-m oiari* et^m 
•aoefdoliB tatravit. at awltu iu mimus suai ^V 
ecelr«ia« in Anj^liil, in Norauuiiutt, «t in 
Ilrr# Robert, the san of Nigel, ia the Mi 
taillt;«bK>therof Nigel.nM 
previouslv in tbe Monasbcoa, wher* D' 
ootioMt Ruhetl, Philip, and Ilo^r, u tb# 
sons of Nigvl, without mi-ntiuninj; tbr i 
of Robrrt, Hml RolxTt ile Mowbray 
rounteaa in tier Hwn right thrir d< 
>iiv« been Earla. Tbe saceaasion of ttv (^ 
of St^oilanil, at that «ariy period. i« cWrl; 
datiKl by Lord Hale* in ih«i Sall«eri«nd 
none appears at eonn«vted irilh Robert im 
bray, who ocrurs ao wbtrr in the nc«rdk « 


*'niy |[TaQilfalbfr" (ovas ineun) 
to Utnt abbey. 

tD Oi. MniDBiY. the next on rc- 

r of thr ina^:TUitr<i Si-otitc, from lljt^' 

ISM. espOu5«d thr M>cnnd dau^ttltr o( 

$Jahm Cnmyn, JuaticUry or Scotlniid. 

of Bimrk John Ciimyn, wbo m. Mnr- 

, mter of Johu Baliol, King oX Scotland. 

rb^ tMiut. 

Willum. > , , . 
John. \^^'i-'-1>- 

Bogier, who, pnf(a){ing in a ronxpi- 

racy agmiuH King Kobekt in I.T20. 

rf. in priMD before trial, when \\\* 

fiwal pocBnakms of Barnbout;!*.* uuil 

Dalmeny, in Iba county of Liiilith){ow, 

iBvcrkeitfaini?. in Fife; LVsiford aiut 

Eckfurd. in Roxburghshire; Melb- 

«ro. in Prrthkbire; Kellie, in For- 

Urpliiiv: Kirk Mii-hael,in thrrnuiity 

•f Uttinfriec. tlie offirp of Standard 

Snuvr of Si.-otland, and hostiliigits 

were forfeited ii> the trown. 

4. Pinur (Sik), of whom preiWDtly. 


tbutk ■on, 

hipMiur UE Mnt'BRAY. fell with King 

1 tt tW tune in question, Williin de Mow- 
f. <U*ft «iB of ^ ig*t. executed nro rhultmt, 
md 1* 11vr<JalF'i Miiiutfliciin If. 190, con- 
Ik t^ Alihey of N'pwburgh all the dons- 
rtbnMn fey Rogwrtle Mowbntr hit gnjiA- 
^M MftI (t« Mowbnv biji father, tlint) of 
lIBwIncbam, " TUiVrt dp Mowbray. 
i,RDif Ae MowbniT. my brMhsr. HobCTt 
W. wj brothM-." Hare PhUiy tnki^ 
■ tf W btelhtfr Rnbertt indicatiBg that 
lb<U«rhteth«r. couHinmtl/ saoood wd 
^VHf i» Mowbny ibo nukM nt that 
!^*lftc«Hia Igttre iath* records of Scot - 
^ ■bBnriMlGaliMiB.dmightarof Wal- 
E«H of Dttnbtr, with wbom he 
tan in that kiogdon. II* nuut 
^*P*va of high biftli and ooand?nUton, 
I Hm 4aiiiiii^' in rasrnage it diuighliTof 
■ pmmAil of the Scottish nobilitr, 
V*^^*oi1ttOT«d ia importut ni>Koria- 
"ipHd \ and no bmily of convqueace 
'•'Mcrfrty existed in North Britain at 
t.«M»p(il«tof Nipcldp.Mowbniy. I'rom 
NMilit leptinuc concltuioo* fen>. thai 
!~**»j, and not Robert, mu Mooiid 
^■'dMbewaf ancestor of the llon- 
'■"'•dl K ii also Bppar«ntU>aI the Scou 
I Hd Baraoeaa of Dugtlal« iwre nnp 
'pnon, Galiena, diui^hter of Wal- 
'MB' Diriw, apoQW of f'hUip de Mou- 

EDWtKD Bitici- ut tliv iMititfof 
1.11S. Hi- m. Evf. Ltidy uf Rtxlcnstlf. in 
Forfunttiire.and had one md and a dnughter, 

JuH N (Sir), of Redcastle, who was ^lain 
at Annan in 1332, ttu the purt of Btl- 
w.-ird Baliol. Ht» cmtates wi^re for- 
ffiled, and fipMntt-d to Sir William 
Ae. l>oiigIn«, knt. Uk* grant bearing, 
that John had eurcrciled to thtrtie ea- 
tntes by hpn-<Utarj' 3uccefc*ion (o Sir 
Philip d« Moubmy, hi« fatlier, 

PiiiLiPP,^ DK MorBR,tY, designed daughter 
aiiii )ieirc-»« uf Sir Philip <lt.' Moubmy in a 
regal chart<>r 3rd August, V.iM. This lady t>R- 
poueed Sir Hartholomew de Loen. a foreign 
knight, probably of the liousi- of Hrynbei^, 
ill Gucldcrland. n-tatwl to tlif Dukeo of 
(lUplilrf!!, who Xif.Te rniiiiiTtL>(l in titarriaife 
widi thtt kingi» of England and Scotland. 
Philipjia nnd hrr Lti^bruid had Barnhoiigle, 
Dalmeiiy, and Inverkeithing, r^sto^ed to 
Ihtiu by royal charter of iSth May. 1346; 
anil thry occur fn^<iu(<ntly in original instra- 
mrnlK down tu )37.'>. 
Their only child. 

David, aasuuied, as a matter of course, 
(he diatini^tfihed name of 1m niateniBl an- 
reKtora — MotiBRAY. ]ii» father being a fo- 
reigner, witlioul property and connexion in 
Scotland. He WM contracted in marriage to 
the Lady Janet Stewart, daughter of Robert, 
Earl of Fife and MmiU-ith (aflcrunrdK Duke 
of Albany, and regt^nt of Scotland. Ann of 
A'ln^ RoBF.RT H.) in l.TTS, by indenture 
under which, the estaten were provided to 
llie iiisur of that marriage. In HOI, the 
landf) of Baritbougle, Dalmeny, and Irivcr- 
keitliing, were the property of 

John unMui'SKAV, indicating that hewaji 
aon and heir of that marriage. He was suh- 
«ef|oenlly knightewl, and a Btrong proof that 
he was i^raudaon of the DtrK^ or Albany, 
Regmt of ScaOand, occurs in bis forcibly 
di»po»)u>ssing Murgarel, Lady of Cragy. of 
her lands of Luckald, iu the barony of Dal- 
money, " wickedly, contrary to God and 
all justiw," ft» the n*c«rd bears, and Imii8- 
inilttiig them to hio hou, ua none hut a near 
connexion of that iinprinrt]ilcd and powerful 
governor of the kingdnui duml hare ven- 
tured to act with -tnrh Hugrant ii^uslice. 
He was dead before l!*t February, I42R, when 
PlMLiP DE Mot'BR*Y, of Bambougle, is 
dt^'^rilxHl as son and heir of tlie deceaaed 
Sir John de Moubrav. knt. Lord of Bam- 



hoaf^le. in an iDttmmrat of AppfUatioii to 
Po(>e M»RTiv V. of that date. The pariia- 
nitfiit of Scotland itecidcd. I7t)i March. 
l4-i(^-90. that the tantU of Lui-kiild flioiild 
Im* rpKtured to Hart^rvt, l^dy of ('ra^*. 
and thAt «bf ehould b« replaced in the 9atne 
an freely an nhc hod bi-i-n brfort* shv was 
deapoilcd of thtrin by the decta»t;d John de 
Monbray, knt. and which landa wen; un- 
justly detained from her hy Philip de Mou- 
hray, who wu amerciated, and found liable 
to proMcution fur expense* niid duitiu^e». 
Philip de Mouhrny oa.'nini in rhartern and 
other dociimontg down to 1477. 

Phiuc Mowbray, im »on, had a eharter 
of the barony of Dalmeny, on his fatlier'ti 
resiifiifttioii, fith February. 1450—1, and oc- 
curs in »n indenture 3Ath Janunr)*. 1461—2. 
He wedded luabel Sle^vart, and bad a son, 

SiK David Moi'DRAT.of BaniUou^le.ivLo 
•erred beir of Philip, his father. Wli 
hreh, 1-106—7, and ]a»( octurit in I41H. 
He was father of 

]. John, of Dalmeny, who prvdereased 
Im father, tearing n 9on. 

StK John Moubkay. of Bambou- 
gle, who «f. in I5IU. leavlnK an 
only diiiighler and heirt'M, 

B,iKB.lR.t MOURHAY, who es- 
poused Robert Bnrtoun, son 
of Sir Robert Bartouii, of 
OTer-Bartoiin, high trea- 
surerof Scotland. In 1527, 
Robert Bartoun wiu or- 
dcuned, by art of parlia- 
ment, to change hts name to 
Moi'BRAY, beeause " the 
same hsu been an old and 
honourable hoo^e, and done 
our Suverei^ Lords prede- 
vesaon good serviee in their 
war* and oiberwi.i<>." The 
eldest son of thia marriage, 
John Mdvbhay. of Barn- 
bougie, was father of 


of Barnbougle, 

whose son nnd sue- 


Sir Robert 

MorBR*v, of 


m. the Lndy 


dnugtiter of 

Uw fir 


and 1» 
the fir 
in 161 
rf. *. p. i 

•2. WiLiJAU, of whom we are a 

The srronti (ton of Sir David, 

William Moubray. of Cockairny, 
c-lirtrler of the landii of Cuvbaimy. ai 
of the bdrony of Inrerkeithiug, from 
plifw. Sir John Moulimy, of BamI 
wlipreiu he is desiened "Sir John's I 
uncle on the fnther'f side ;" dated 24l 
teniWr, 1611. TUi« charier wu pr 
to Ni»bet, when compiling hb system 
raldry, about 1720, by John Mouli 
Cockairny, stated by Nisbet to be I 
doubled heir of Williiim Moubraj, oi 
Himy, to whom the charter was gru 
a (tin'ct and uninterrupted male tin 
Sir Rubert Mtmbriiy, now of Cockal 
ill like manner heir-male of the body 
John Moubray. of Cockairny, it fulloi 
Sir Robert is heir of William Moub 
whom Cockuirny was granted in lal 
direct and uninterrupted mute line. 

James Moiibray, of Cockairny, tfi 
proprietor of thai estate, on record, i 
bel Clegbom, and waM i. by hi* eldea 

Robert Moubkay. of Cockaimj 
IN. by contract, in l-WO. Margaret, dB 
of John Finlasour. of Kelleitli^ «■ 
father of 

James MotBRAV, of Cockairny,; 
poured, in 1600, Miu-ie, daughter 
Leslyr, of Otterstoun, in Fife, tatd 
his son. 

JoMK MoUBRtV, of Cockairny. 
IA36, Elizabeth Logan, of the family 
gAD. of CouflUmn. and was ». by hM 
»(in. 1 

Rdbfht Movbrav. of Cockaimj, 
ll>3», nho w. in 10(H), Margarrl. da 
of Ururgc Bruce, of Kinne«swi» 

linn of tht> rarls of Elfpn. KincBrdinc. 
AflrAbury : and of Cbriiidon. Cnuntfiis 
uti*)iirr. Robrrl Mnnljrny d. in IftSi, 
. with oCbrr iMue, two «on«, 
I. JnHHt hi« ntccfMCT. 
p. Ri>Br.RT. fmhrr of 

RuaeRT Mut'BRAY. of ibe Bnsh 
and CavtlrlBw, Jn thi* I'oiiiilv of 
Ediobur|*h, whoAc flilest diiUK^- 
and h«irau. 
Jeam Movbkhv, n. in 1748, 
Arcbnuild Troner, fsq. se- 
cond bod of Alexander Trot- 
Ivr, rsq. of Csttlrdliicl, in 
Bvnrtck^limN by Jenn, dnu. 
of Sir Rnbrrt Stimri, of Al- 
lanbaok. b»rt. by Jean. dau. 
of Sir John Giltnuur. u( 
C'rwijEmilU-r. knl. I<)rd-|ire- 
•idrtil uf the court of Brs- 
MODS. Tliry bad four aons, 

I. ItoBF-RT Trotter, of 
tlie Uuah luiil Cnslle- 
law. who d, IcKviiig 
'2. Alexander Trotter, of 

3. Jolin Trotter, of Dur- 
hum Park. 

4. SiK (Toitt*Trottrr, 
of Wcdtvtile. ID thr 
cooiity of Lincoln, crc-- 
Rl«i a baronrt 4th Scp- 
Irmlwr, Itt2l , wlioquar- 
tfn hU mother's amu 
writfa hia paternal coat 

I (*i'e Burktt Ptcrtge 

L and Barunrtnt/e). 

ild«T 9*m of Rubert Mntibr»y, 
■« Mo* BR4V,«^ii().ofCockAimy,Um^n- 
n Nubel'a Heraldry aa undoubted 
dirrct aikI aniMtrrru)ti»-d male-lint; 
iUtam MiMibray, of CfM^kftimy, wliu 
fhortrr of llirae landa from liif ne- 
fwr John Moabmy. of Bflnibougtc, in 
Br m. MnrKarrl, daughlt'r of the 
XlBSiurd. ininistrr of Ea&t Caldrr, 

and KTandauehti>r and heirctts of Robert 
W;ilI«(Ktd, csij, ofToQ^b aiid Whitfield, by 
wliom hf bill], tv'itb othrr i»ue, a sou, 

Ri'SRRT. bu dncceKRor. 
John Moubruy dyinf; in 1733, waj buried 
At Pnljjtly diurcb (whpre a niununicnt is 
crerted to hi» memory), oud Mas *, by Vis 
i'\i\(-i\ «on. 

RnHF.RT MniiBRi(V,»q. of Cookaimy. b. 
l8tJnnaar\, 17(X),whoff), in 17'i6, bid cout-in 
Mary, only rliild of Jurnes Uudittton, v»t\, 
of loverkrithing, and waa /. at bis decease, 
in 1779, by htD eldest furviFinff aon, TMi)l'BRAY,ftKi. of Cockairny^wbo 
w. in IT?.**, Arabella, dauj^hter of Tliomas 
HuMcy, cs(|. of Wrexham, in the county of 
Denbigh (niBlPr of Lady Bickerton and of 
r.ieiitcnant-sciicrai Vcre Warner Huwey, 
of Wooil Walton, in Huntingdonshiro), by 
n-hom b« bnd two sous and one daughter, 

Robert (Sir), present proprietor of 

Rii.'iMRD-Ht'Ksi'.Y. a n-ar admiral of 
tlic- red, c-ompanioii of the order of 
the Bath, Etc. who iisgumed by sij^ 
manual, in lH3'i, upon aaccei-ding to 
tbc estftte of Wood Walton, tbe *nr- 
nnine and arms of HrftxRY [tee that 
Elf nnor-Mnria- Anna, m. in 1401 , James 
Stuart, rnq. of Punearn, Fifeshire. 
Rob«?rt Moubrny. of Cwrkainiy, rf. in I7IM, 
and was s. by bis elder itnn. Sir Robp.HT 
Moi:eRAY, knt. DOW repre»entatiYe of tbiil 
ancient family. 

^riMJ— Gu. a linn rampant crowned »rg. 
ivilbiii a bordurv eniirailed of tbe last. 

Creti — A dcnii-Uon rampatit, crowned. 

AJotloft — Over the cre»l— Forliludine ; 
ander ibr nrniK — L<>I tlir dtted dbow. 

Stftporlrrt — Di'xter. a man in armour: 
sinister, a woman habited ppr. 

Ettatrt — Tlie estate of Coikairoy, pan 
of tbe Iwirony of Inverkeitbing, and tbe ad- 
jacent estate of Otterstoon. 

Sfal — Cockaimy House, Abvrdour, Fife- 


HAMJfOND, WILUAM-OSMUND, esq. of St. Alhans Court, in ihe c 
..v\hl/y.. *^^'*'' *• '^'^^^ April, 1790. m. I5th Jdj, }BU 

Gnham, eldert dau|E^liter of Sir Henry Oxendi 
of BTxMmc Park, and ha» iwue, 

WiLUAH-OxetidFn, h. in ricccinber. 18 
EgnrlOD-Doutflas, b. in June. IWfcJ. 
Maxiniilinu-Mouliif^, I. jn May. 1H24. 
Hinry-Aiitlioiiy. b. in Juue. I82t>. 

Mr. HammomI inherited the ostates at (lie dweai 



The first tnember of Ihie family Dpoo 

Ji»i>jHammon, or HAMH0XD,wa5 resident 
io Kent, ti*ni|>. IIkxky VIII. ha teiianl to 
the abbot and coDvenl of St. Albans. Ilr 
died in 1535, nnd Wiui *. by his eldest son, 
Thouas HAMiioND, who [turcbased. in 
1551, the niiinor in which he before rrnjded, 
and built a part of the mansion- house now 
reiDHininK. He w. firot, Anne, daiif^hter of 
Robert Hadde, of Aylesford, in Kent, hut 
by her (nbo d. in IMG) ha<] no i«;ue. He 
Mpoust'd, «ei;ondIy, Alire, dnui;hter of Eil- 
nnl Monnis,ofWa[derKhare. and had seve- 
ral ehitdren, viz. 

Edward, bis sueces«or. 

Thomits. of Noning:ion. 

l»A«e, of East Sutton, 

Jtihii, of Lincoln's Inn. 


Mary. m. io I5rt6, to Amolde Hadde. 

of FHtisli-d, ill Kent, and uftrnrards 

of St. AIjihaRr. t'anlerbury. 
Martha, m. in IWW. to John Sea. of 

Kntht^rine, iw. in 167.^, Io Edn-ard 

Hills, of EfCarton. 
Ilebcwn. m. but H. m. ft. 
tilanUi. ) one of whom m. to Matthew 
Jftnr, \ Hadde, e»(|. tif St. Aljihnge. 

"■ eldi-«i swo. 

Edward Hammond, eaq. of St. 

Court, m. Kathertne, daughter of 

esq. of Pntesham, in Snssex.aud hi 

1. Wtu-IAM (.Sir), his sucMMo 

'.}. John, who m. Eleanora. daa, 

Willijiui Rohingon,es(].of Yo 

and had iuue. ^^ 

3. Edward, b. in 15K2. ■ 

4. Tliumas. ^ 
6. Fr^mis, 1 These gcnllemi 
0. RoBKttT, 1 were distingoii 

their military talents, attain* 
the rank of colonel. Th 
served for many ; euru in the ( 
anny ; both aceonijwnied Sir 
Raleijrh in his expedition to * 
and drew fitrlh strong expi 
of approbation fnrni that gall 
dier. In the civil comanotioB 
BabMH}uent reign, they tofifc a 
nent pan. The elder (coIom 
cis). in Ills advanced age, n\ 
his native place, and after 
added somewhat to the bui 
died there. Tie younger { 
Robert) was shot in the tran 
7 Elizabeth, m. in 1610, to ! 
Jlule«, gent, (second son of 
phrey Hales, esq. York Ren) 

8. Mary. 

The eldest son. 

: WtlJJJlM HlMHOKn. of Si. Albans 
f who received the lionuar of kni^lit- 

la 1600, Mpotue'l EIIi'zabeth.tliiiiK'i(''r 
BKmy Aurlirr. rSq. iif BixliojiMUouni)-, 
irjmrrl, iLiUKbter of FdwartI S:in<ly.-«. 
bhep of \ork, uul bad, (with three 
ttn beside) 

. AvTHoxY. hii foccmsor. 

). Mu7, m. to Sir Tboiau Stanley, 
fcat. aad was mother of 

Thomas SriNLBY, the poet, of 
EUnbetb, m. to Sir John Mnrahnm, 
h«rt. of Whomesplftcp, ill t)it- cotmiy 
of Kent, und had iraue. 
Sim ■Joh>; Marsiuh, hart of Cu\- 
Irtn, whi»BJ* only *on, Joh v, rf. j,;i. 
Sir RoBfKT M^rshau, bart. of 
Ba»hy Hall, Herts, who»« son, 
KoacKT. wui rleroted to the 
peerafie, in 17IG, i»i IUrhn 
BoHT>-FY. {Stc Burke t Peaayt 
mini Bar'jmrltge.J 
L^Blmbetli Mar<huai, nt. firet, To 
^^BKb-phen Peiikhurst, e««j. of Bax- 
^^v trd Place, iu Sussex, and sccoiid- 
^^vl;, to her cousin. William H^h- 
Moiip. r«i|. of St. AlbaiiB Court. 

mUm Hamniontl J. in lOlA, aod was 
lis rUtMt wm. 

VU-4T IIJiiiMni^D. eiq. of St. Alhnn's 
, «bo Ml. Anne, dauglitcr of Sir D»d))*y 
1^ Lai. of Ctiilluiin Coattc. mnitier of 
!■ to Kiafi CiUKLEH I. and hail, nitti 
I dauirhtrrs, four Mtn». viz. 
WiLuiK, bin aiicc4>uior. 
, K>Mlley. 

I At ^opy. "f Sotnert^bNlii Plaire, in 
^^koBBiy of I]iuitingdaii,whoAe Aon, 

^^%rfto%\, of Somershatn Placn, 
«a« a member of parlinrarni. and 
«Dfntnt»»ioner of th« navy in Uiu 
rri^nf QMrm Ak\E. Thi«f;en- 
tWmaii. a pcrvoa of criebniy 
MBOOgfS the wttd Rnd politicians 
nf his day, a |M«ri«N] whru Si. 
J^ie-phf-iw displayed do onliunrv 
deserve of elo<|iifnoe, nhttincd 
from Lord UoUnhroke the epi- 
ll^ Af Siitrr TtmgiuH Hant- 
■Pw rf . Ifo««pi>U8ed Jane,diiuyb- 
trr of Sir Walter Clirgen, ban. 
and bad iMue, 

I. TnoMAi,ofSonifrifaam,vrho 

M. MiM Gliziihcth .\dniii5. 
and rf. in IT-V*. 
3. Jaurs. the elegiac Poet, 
M.P. for Truro. This emi- 
nent person received his 
education at Wetitmin«t(>r 
ttchool, where lin formed an 
inlinincy witii Ihi? Lord* Cob- 
ham, Ctienierfield, Lyltellon, 
and Aeveral otliera, who 
ouhftequently di^tinpilithcd 
themselvt'A in the liternry 
world. Hill " Love elefries" 
were |iuliU»hed ahortty after 
Ids dciith.witli a prefnce by 
LonlChriitprfield. Theyare 
chiefly iniitatioua from Ti- 
bullus : are obviou.sly the 
frntt^ oi i\ htghly ntltivfiieil 
mind, and havt- been much 
read nnd admired notwith- 
Mniidiiig ibe m-vere mid illi- 
beral (:ritJci»»i8of Dr. John- 
tv, Edwnrd d, nt nen. 
Anthnny Uammond //. in IfiOl, and wa« «. 
by his eldt'st son, 

WiLLUM Hauvond, cMi. of St. Albans 
C'liirt, who m. twice, bnt bad l»sue ouly by 
hiH fiml wife, Elixabeth, daughter of Sir 
John Mar:»b)un. hurt, vix, 
Wiu.tAM, bin 6ncce»!»r. 
Anthony, rf. youni;. 

John, harriater-at-lftw, who left an only 
diiufrtjter. Elizabetli. who 4. unm. in 
Eli/^Wib, III. to Oliver St. John, esq. 

son of till) chief jiiPtice. St. John. 
Anne, m. to Dr. William Wollon, Ihe 
well-kuQwn rrilic. 
Mr. Hammond having been bred a physi- 
cian, went abroad in pursuit of profcaaional 
LuoM'lcil^e. and ii very ciiriuus nccouiit of 
bis travels, wriltcn by himself, is still pre- 
served amoRf^t the family papcTs. He was 
succeeded at bis decease by his eldest son, 
WiUJAM Hauhosd, esq. of St. Albans 
(!oun. This gentleman m. first, tn 1<W2. 
EUxubctli, (Uuphler of John 
by whom {who d. in ITt)*:!) he bad a sou. 
AnTHOKV. bis 8un:e)wnr. He espoused. 
secondly. Mary.daughUTofTbomn.' Turner, 
esq. of Iledcn. and dy'm% in 1717, waa #. by 
bis eldest sou. 

Anthony Hammond, esq. of St. Albans 
Court, who rf. in 1722, and was $. by hift 
only child. 



WtLUiM Hjimvosd, e»q. of Sl Albans 
Ca«it. who M. Charlotlr, daughU.T aot) vn- 
fcJlMiotfWiUJMB Egerlon, LL.I). (fcr»ml- 
■■« of Joh«, aecoad Earl or Bridf^ewater). 
bf Ann, dangbler of Sir Froocis Head, and 
kttd ia5ue, 

WtLUAH, hU «QcceMor. 
Aiilboiiy'E^r1un,in holj orders, rector 
of Knowlton, and Ivy c^iiirrh, Kent. 
Charlotte, m. in 1771, to Tbumaa Wat- 

kinson Pnyler, eMj. of Ilcili-ii. 
The eldur »on, 

WiUMM H4VMi>\D, e«|. of St. Albans 
Court, Ml. in 1785, Eliubrtb, eldest dauRhter 
and co-beireu of Ovinund Beaavoir. D.D. 
by Anne, dangbtvr and oo^beiresa of John 
Boya. eaq. of Hoad Court, desc^ndrd from 
thf Ooy^V of FredTille, and hod usue. 
WiiLMM 0^iti'M>. present proprietor. 
MA\imiUnn<lhidlvy-l>i|;xe9. wIk> in- 
herited under tlie will of ibe late 
Pr«Bre«-l«abelU Madter, widow of 
— |lfMter,r«q.of YotesCouruKcnt, 
Iba Mtatnin Kent and lineolnshire. 
of tlw MMieni family of I>ai.y«o\, of 
HamplAu*. nnd aMnmed, by royal 
Itoenae, the Bumame of that family 
(DiLVsoN) only. 

Marv, m. to Charlr» Alli\. esq. of Wil- 
luu|[liliy I1«]l, ill the (*ounly of Lin- 
t'lilti, Mitil hiui LMun. 

Charlotte, m. John N«thercole, en 
Caroline, ( , , , 

Julia-Jemima. S'^*^'*''^'"**- 
Seniiim-Juliu, m. to the Rer. CI 
Glyn, of the county of Em«x. 

Mr. Htuuovn w-is m. at his decea5e 1 
elder iK>u, Wiluau OsmindHaidioki 
oow representative of the family. 

Arnu* — Ar. dd a chev. hi between 
opreasex, each charged with a martlet i 
6eld, ihrt'p eiicallop shrllii or, all «ril 
bordure engrailed vert. 

CVert — A hawk's liead, collared go, 
bsuinf; or. ^m 

Motto — Pro rcge ei patria. ^| 

Etiatti — Manoh op Estwall, « 

sni.F, in the hundred of Windham. 1b 
thi« manor Wlonged to Odn. BillM 
Bayeox ; it thence paued lu the crowi 
tcrauted to Nig^l de Albini, and waa 
vi-yt'db> htm lo the monastiTy ofSt.A] 
At the dissolution, it M-ns yold to S 
Haleii, thence lo Sir T. Culpepprr, 
purctiiuvd from him in IhM, by Tl 
Hamon, din^rt ancestor of the preseW 
sessor. Otlier estate* in Kent and B( 

Srmi—St. Albana Court, Nonll 


* Gruled by Barlm, fjwiar Idii^-at.«i1 
Tbotnas Hainon. of Nonin^B, ia 
Edward VI. 


PARFII., EDWARD, esq. orCaleliill, in Kent. m. 2n() March, 1802, Marj-Anne, 

dnoghter of Thotnu Butlork, esq. of Miucoqts, in tbe 
county of York, luid has tftstie, 

Edward-Hekbv, i. 27th November, 1810. 
Phili[v-John, b. 38th Januarr, 1817. 
Heory-Johii. b. 2Ath June. IHI9. 
Jamtn-Steplien, h. lUtli Di-ccmber, \»J0. 
William, h. 6tb Jiuiuur>-, IH33. 
Ri>l»rt. b. '27lli March, ISM. 

Mr. Daret] t. to the e«lut«H upon the demiM of hia father. 


nrry atioivnt familj is of Nnnnaa 

4sriTitig rmni onr> of llie jc^illant 

ia anna nf the CoNgtiERoit, 

appemrt on the roU of BaTtfil 

rtLUAM Darrll. of Scmj, in thc coitiity 
r«^ left bj EoiRia his wife tliree Honn, 

MtRMtmnEK. who inheritfd Senay. 

JoHk, uf whom prca«ntly. 

Wilbam. of Littlecote, in Ilu* t'ouuly of 
L Will*, undrr- treasurer or Engluad, 
jL WCMliT <jf the Dan-IU of Littlccutf . 
Ilf wcoml fon, 

^MiK Dtat-LL, puri^luued, in the 4lli 
■mv IV. Calc Hill, in tltc toiiniy of 
Knt, >a4 rspouainic Joan<^, unly dnnghter 

MrrM of Valpiiline Barrett, of Pt-rry 
tmat, hy CSerle, daughlfrr and eo-hcir of 
fc ^ 'flM Bl Le*B, had, with odier iaaur, a 

WruJAM, of whom prrsfntly. aa ances- 
lor of Ibr thsrelh vfCaUhiil. 
■»«. wroodh , FIor»'neoC'hi«-h('lr)-,hcirew 
i# VillnBi Chicbclry, arolibidliop of Can- 
tobary, by tbi> lady hr nnpiin-d the manor 
■f fcnrhET, and bad a *ou and successor 
b Oat CBtatr, rix. 

Bmrki't £tltiw( Pwr«^, 

Thomas, of Sootney. who m. Thoma- 
«ini>, dait^htrr of Sir John Uredlcy, 
of the comity of Staffurcl, and was f. 
by biB son, 

Hf.s'rv, of Scotuey, from whom 
that manor pasacd in direrl sue- 
ceasion, to hia de»cendanl and 

Akthvk DaRP.U. eaq. of ScmI- 
ney, at whoiw" df>cpu«e un- 
married, in 1720, the estate 
of ScoT.NKY devolved, ac- 
c:ordtnf{ to an old family 
ortllemenl, upon the ain-ond 
brother of the branch of the 
DarelU aetlled at Calehill, 

GKORiiE DtliCLL, esq. »e- 
cond son of John I>a- 
rcU, esq. of Calehill. by 
Olivin hi* wife. dnuK'h- 
ter of Philip, Viitcount 

Tbe eldest ton of John Darcli, hy hia firtt 

William Dauplu of Cilphill, m. Anne, 
dnngbtL'r of Sir Edward Uuildeford. knt. of 
Halden, and had is^iie, 

JoH\, bia aucrvnor. 

Julian, wt. to John Dering, eaq. ances- 



lor of tbe Deringt, bnroncts, of Snr- 

He d. in 1471. itud wu8 t. by his soil. 

Sir John D'tncu., kni. of Cnlrhill, wlio 

w»8 BO great a promalcr of the Eabl of 

RiCHHONo'a inUTe»t, diat Kiafr KiciUHO 

III. declared bim a rebel and a traitor, 

S4>i3u^d on nil hia lauds in the counties of 

Koni and Worceater, (in which Ultcr he 

hiid thirteen manont) and (p-antcd them to 

.Sir Willinm Harrington, km. W]ien tlie 

earl, however, a«rended the throne. Kir John 

obtained a restitution of bin pofieMions, and 

wit» appointed esquire of the body to the 

kin^r, captain of the Lancera in Kent, and 

xht-rilf of the coant)'. He cii|»)ascd Anne, 

daughter of James Isaae, esq. of Bekes- 

borne, by whom be bad iMue, 

Janks. hifl suecenAor. 

John, in buly orders, of Wittfrshnm. 

Isabel, Ml. to John Fane, esq. of Hiblen. 

in the county of Kent, and had, uilb 

throe danfchters, four 8on!>, '\'iz. 

I. Henry. whoif.#. ;<.26tb Henry 

'i. KicHARD, from whom linrrallt, 
derives John Fane, present Earl 
of WeMtnureland. 

3. Thonuui. 

4. John, anceBtor of the earU of 
Darlington (recently advanced 
to the marquimito of Cleveland). 

Sir John d. in l.'MK), and vaa buried in 
Little Churl cUureb. where a monument, 
vliU remaining, was erected to bis memory. 
His elder son and successor, 

^iit James Dabi^ix, kot. of Calebill, w»s 
Koreroor of (juunes and Hames Cxftle, near 
Cabtts. He m. Aniie. duu^fhter of Nichohiii 
I>yker, esq. of the ronnty nf Uerkit, by 
whom he had, nith one flaughler, three 
sons, vit. 

Oeorob, bis successor. 
Nichobu, of Ltxlmm. 
Huga, who left issue. 
He it. in 1&2I, and was i. by liis eldettt ifon. 

(fiiORUE Uaheu., esq. of Calehilt, v.ho m. 
Mary, dauKbler of George Whitehead, esq. 
of ibn ruuoty of Hants, and dyiu); in 167t}, 
was t. by his son, 

Sir Joiiv Hakru., knt. of Calehiil, who 
m. Anne, daughter and co-heir of llobert 
Horne,bi»ho|>ufWi»ebester, and bad eleven 
sons and Rve d3n(;hterii, nf Hlioin, 

George, predeceased his falJiiT. 
KoBKRT, succeeded Uiat geutlemnu. 

John, m. Ijady Dorothy Hai 
had two danghtera. He was g 
man harbinj;er to King Jahe: 
King CiunLF.s, and dying in 
aged 7.1, lies buried in the cfauj 
Little Chart. 
Natuamel, goremor of Guenui 
Anne Besuvoir, of tbat island 
had issue, 

Natuakirl, governor of Sbct 
Rud Languard Fort in the 
of Ck.iklk!! II. m. the dau 
of Colonel John Lcgge, « 
noble family of DartmoutI 
Irn issue, 

1. John, of whom bcr*" 
as inheritor of Calelul 

2. Mar>-, m. to Sir O 

3. Elizabeth, m. to Tl 
Sackvillc, esq. 

Sir John was «. by bis eldest sunmn] 
Sm Robert Dareli^ of Catehill, w 
first. Alicia, daugbler of Sir Thomas 
Ion, knt. but had no issue. He eapi 
»ecutidly. in 1014. Jane, daughter of i 
topherTuldorvey, enq. of Hortou, ucat 
terbury. by whom bo bad, with othci 

John, his successor. 
Edwani, who m. Miss fViroUiy 
ping, a co^beiress, ami leA atk 
cease, in Itf65, a son, 
John, who eventually ink 
Sir llobert d. in 1645, at the age of 7* 
tta,s r. by his eldest sun. 

Sib John Dareu., km. of Calebill 
171. first. Elizabetli. daughter of Sir Ei 
Dering, bnrt. and hud an only dait];lit 

Elizabeth, m. to ber cousin. Sir 
DareU, ofCnIehill. 

He espoused, secondly, Bridget, dai 
of Tboimis Dcmie, estj. of CJinteTbur 
hud no further issue. Dying thus w 
a tion, the manor of Calchill, with the 
estates, devolved upon his nepbew. 

Sir John Dareu.. knt. of CalahlU 
enjiouseil Eli%abeib, daughter of hli 
deceesor. but dyings, p. in IW'f, wai 
his re In tire. 

John Dakcll, esq. of Calchill. (n 
issue of NATllAKtct., fourth sou of lb 
John Darkix, by hia wife, the 



Thlit fTf^ntlrmnn m. Olivjn, 
of I'bilip Smith, Vucount 
. ftnd hsd. witli junior \»»ne, 
I. PiiiLir. hU snccfMur. 
% Gwi r y i!' . who inherited (as mpplium'*! 
•boTv) thtf rsttte at Scotj* e\ in 1720. 
vpoa tbe failure of diaIc iwue ID tiiat 
branch. Hr difl not obtain poMewion 
bowpv^T wilbotit lili)(ntion, being 
Uf^ to defend binuelf af^ainst the 
c Hsirn and hcini of Arthur Da- 
,1, e*q. of ScotnpjF. Rp u1lirnnt<^ly 
led, and continued to reside at 
y ontil bia deatli, wben he 
M «. b; bu Mm, 

JoHH, of Scotney, wbo, in 1774, 
conveyed the luauur and mtaie, 
witb divrrv nlhrr latiiljf in tlic 
parisb ofGoodburst, lo IVIr. John 
Ricbardv, of Robcrtabridf^c. ivho 
^^_ ac*^'' parsed Aw»y thtr»e manors, 
^H ta 1779, to Edward IIussCt, 

IWlfc in l»Iy ordeiB. 
•Up«t nm and heir, 
nur D(KI.U., esq. of Calehill, rebuilt 
^mrat tnanaion-hoiise on nu cminrncc 
avail diatauce IVom tht* ancient refit- 
It of tbc family. lie n. Mary, daugb- 
pf Robert Constanline, esq. and bad, 
. avTeral otbrr children, 
niXKV, hi* MlCCCMOr. 

Calberinc, m. lo MicbacI Bray, esq. 
Barlmra. m. to — Broadman. esq. of 

He d. at Caiitcrbur)*. and wns brought to 
the elidK-h of Little Chart, to be interred 
with hill anceftiors. Hti «on and 9ucce8>m>r, 

Hf.nrt 1>arp.ll, Mq. of Calehill, m. EH- 
Kiibeth, decund dan^^liter of Sir Tboinai 
Guge, bart. and had i^ue, 

Henry, d. tmnuurried, in 1802, at Ben- 

Edwakd, present proprietor. 
Philip, H. tmniarriod, in 1813. 
Lucy, m. to Sir Edward Hales, bart 

yvhod. t. p. ID 1829. 
rallierine, tt. niinuirritNl. 
Elisabeth, m. to Jobu-Lincb French, 

Barbara, m. lo Francis Chotmetey, esq. 

of llraiisby, Yorkshire. 

^rms — Az. a lion ranpant or, crowned 

Crest — Out of n ducal coronet or, a sara- 
reiiV hr>nd, roiiptNl brtow the sliouldcrv, 
ppr. wreathed about tlie temples ar and az, 
on his hea<l a cap of the lui, fretty ar. 
turned up enn. 

Etiatet — In Kent 

Sfat — Calehill, in the county of Kent. 


SWAYES. niCHARD-PlIRCHAS. oaq. of WeU, in the county of York 
b. 8th July, 1776, m. 28ih November, 1801, Sibyl, only 
daughter of Willinm Bayldon, esq. of York, and has 

RiciURD WiuJAH, h. Int SeptetnWr, \Wl. 

Heury, h. »Otli June, 18<Kt. 

Lciuiiui-Maria, m. 13tli Sefiteinber, 1^2A. to Tboinatf 

son of Anderson. e*q. of Swinethwoitc Uall> 

near Leybnm, in Yorksltire, and has isituc. 


Mr. Sirangwayes snrrc>ed(>d at the deceaae of his fatlier, 
on Uio lat August, 16*28. 



^^^^B Ufiuagr. .^^| 

^^^^^^ Ttiis family, which boa»t« of hif^b anti- 

HlranfTfiayei MBir 

^^^^B qutt>, id allied, through fenialc^. to the nvble 

jesty three huiidn< 

^^^B hotiM-s or Percy, K>mcr,L'mfrt:ville,Talho>8, 

pieceSt which weiv 

^^^^ Bcniert. &r. 

the most aeuovAble 

^^^B HENRvSTfiAKr.wiSH had.with Other iftsuf. 

tlie royal fugitive 4 

^^^^L^^ 1. RouKK. his »uccti«»ur. who m. Alictr, 

ceived. Thuiwas. h 

^^^^^^^ fliinphter of Robert Orr«n, ejti^. and 

but a ftmull porliot 


fiuni which iMtobe p 

^^^^^^^1 Thumas, cspoiucd Aliaiior. duugli- 

die a4;eount of hi* 

^^^^^^H ter of Walter Talliays, and was 

a-s the ]ioii»e of Stnu 


paid DO leM than £3 

^^^^^^B Henrv, who m. Snt, — dau. 

its fidelity to the 

^^^^^^^H of Sir John WaHhiim, 

Tliiii galliuil e&valie 

^^^^^^^H had an only daughter, K[.i- 

danna, dauf;hter and 

^^^^^^^m ZABETii, who m. Thomas 

of Thomas ICdwards, 

^^^^^^^H Trpnchard, of Dorsfbtliirc. 

dun, merchant, and k 

^^^^^^^^ He Pflpoused seconilly, Do- 

other children, all o 

^^^^^^^H rothy, duu};hlcr of Sir John 

d. t. p. hi« successot 

^^^^^^^H Arundt'll, of Luiiheni, and 

Thomas Strangwatbi 

^^^^^^^M was «. hiB son. 

Metbc-rrio Sainpfof 

^^^^^H Sir Gilkn 8TK4Sowt«H, 

m. SuK4in, dautfbter ) 

^^^^^^^1 Melberrie Stimpford, in die 

of John lUdont. esq. 

^^^^^^^1 county urDonti.i,frumH-honi 

to), and bad fi»e a 

^^^^^^^1 vre pAM to hiA descvuilant 

fan r da up h lent, of w! 

^^^^^^H aud representative. 

dau](fater only ]^ 

^^^^^^H GiLP.s SriiANuWATKii^ esq. of 

namely. V 

^^^^^^H Mell>errieSnai])ford. Thin 

Sf'SANKA, who 10 

^^^^^^H gendemnn vras repretienta- 

StTBD^wayes - 

^^^^^^H in parliamrnt Dor* 

eaq. and bad 

^^^^^^^B settthtrfiaud one of tla- 


^^^^^^H VOUUCil to KiKff CHARl.V.i 


^^^^^^^m In du- time of die 


^^^^^^H war, he liad the coinumnd of 

Earl of 

^^^^^^^1 a rei^tmt'nt that ilivi»iuii of 

TKB, who. 

^^^^^^H the royal oncy which acu-d 

nuance of 

^^^^^^H under Prince Maiixice 

of aeitleini 

^^^^^H the west. In I64A, he wa£ 

Mimed thi 

^^^^^^H impriitoni-d in the Tower, 

and omu 

^^^^^^H for hi« anTi\e loyalty, where 


^^^^^^V be endured t-on6netnent for 

3. TlioinuK, m. Kalberine, daoj 

^^^^^^B more than two years and a 

Ralph Nevill, Karl of We^tsu 

^^^^^^K haJf. There t» b tine Me- 

and widow of John Mowbra< 

^^^^^H dmllion stnickofMr.Slranir. 

of Norfolk, and had issue. 

^^^^^^H wayei upon thtu orca^ion 

3. Jamea (Sir), a judge.^^^H 

^^^^^^H on the rever»p of which ia 

Thi» third son, ^^^| 

^^^^^H repre»pnled t}ial pari of the 

Sin Jamp-b Stranowish, M^aaS^ 

^^^^^H Tower which ti colled Cai- 

ter of Nicholas OrrtdJ, esq. and wi 

^^^^^^H Bars, with ihie inscriplton 

his «ou, ^ 

Siu James Sthamowikh, of^ 

Ca«tb>, in the county of York, He 

^^^^^^^1 DmuMiuc ndrenB <leiJ«niDt." 

^^^^^H When Chnrlen fled die 

Elizabeth, daughter of Robert £n 

^^^^^^^H west in diit;;ui»e, after 

had isMie, fl 

^^^^^1 battle of Worcester, Mr. 

Ralph. ^^^B 



I, LL-B. 

M, M. lo WiUiam Aske. 

m capottMd, Refcoiidly, Rlixabetb. 

M»doo-]l«irof Philip,' Lord Dan-y, 

hnbcr fawue, 

I.UD (Sir), who m. ElizaWtli, ilmi. 

fch.■ir of William NeviU, L^kA 
brrKr. and EaH of Kent, atid 
I iMne, but hu line l» now extinct. 


Mr, HI. to Edmond Malerer«r, of 
Mtmcnae, TorLsliire. 

Ml MD of Sir JHiuea Stnuig^ays, 
and wiff, 

SrRiNcwiTs. iM. Anne, dau|;lit«*r 
by, and vru t. hy liis M>n, 

SminawAYS, of Orm»l>y. in the 

Tort:, who etpnuwd — dnufthlt^r 

1 TfmObrd, of Lduicaoltire, oiul was 


trft4»iiWATfi. of Orroshv, who m. 

f^tet and cf>-hi'ir of Ralph Dauby . 


liRD (Sir), hi* lUL-rvMor. 

iML fint, to Chriitopher Cutters, 

liMODdly, to Uob«rt Wilborfow. 

urvc. M. ig Philip Buinbridge, of 

wmby Hill. 


M Uk 4eeoMe by bi« foo. 

IIUI0 Stbingwaves. of Ormshy 

I, wbo m. first, Jaof, daugbti>r of 

kMrrtutm, uad liud iuut*. 

, wko inhrritrd Ormnby. and 

lytof MKTgim, dnughuT of Sir 

kw4 Cbolmlpy. kn an only dau. 

1KB, m. to Ralph Craihome. and 
'd. «. p. 

W*, I*, firw, — Triatrum. and had 
knsbtiir, Ilorothy, m. to Christt^- 
r Fuliltoqw. Mrs. Tristram e»- 
|^»Mdly, Jamrs Bradahaw, 

M^mie Bradihaw. who m. a 
4aagliCer of Jaiucit Pcniman. of 
OrsMby, and bad a wn, Hoger. 

iha Bradshaw. 

ttStnoKwayi cspoutcd, M-condly, 

■fliBer of Tbutnaa Thwnyle«. of 

I had I'uribrT intuf. 

.uf Mlddlcaburt:b, in. Man, 

daughter of Hoper Tockert, bat d. 

EnwARD, of whom presently. 


Marf^arec, m. to William Ralmnk. 


The second son of tlie oeeonil inarriaire, 

EnwMKD SrRANr.WAYrs, m. Phelire. se- 
cond daughter of William Uatclifl'e.of Laii- 
caater, and hail iSMiie, 

John, who ti. unmarried, 
The second aon, 

Thomas Stravowatks, of Little HoltFiv, 
in tfie t-ounty of York, m. in IG(il, Dorothy, 
dauj;hter of— Ilard.nstle, riHj. of Kirliy' 
oij-lhe-Flill, in the B.-imc shire, by whom 
{who ft. in lOTH) he had issue, 
John, hi-s sueees^or. 
Rirhard, m. to Anne, dnnghler of — 
Kaye, e«q. of the county of York, 
and had ia^ue. 
Anne. m. to Richard Sadler, eaij. and 

bad i{i.'«iiR. 
Marpiirt't, m. to — n«njj{h. esq. and 

hnd a iu>ii, John. 
Dorothy, m. to — Nicholas C-arter, esq. 

and had insrte. 
Mary, m. to Richanl Wilson, egi]. and 
bad issue. 

Mr. Strangwnycs vm t. by bia eldest son, 
who, removing from Holtby, became 

JoH N Stbangwa ves. of Well, in the county 
of Yorli. This prntlrman «. firatianu, 
daughter of Tliom;i.t Preslon, esq. of Ilolt- 
by-M»fina,(by Klixabeih. his wifi-, dau|;hter 
and heir of U'Arcy Coiiyen, ej*q. of ihn 
tuiroe plnee), by whom (who d. iu 174fi) he 
had t^sue, 

1. JoHN.of Alne, in the county of York, 
and of the <:ity of York. b. I3tli 
Mnreli. I70t^, m, Frances, daughter 
of Henr)' Baynes, e&i\ of Bootham, 
and bad issue, 

Hrnry. who d. *. p. 
Fhakcrk, m, to Allen Swainstoiu 
MD. uf the city of York, and 
bad ifsue, 
John Sm ainstos. who rf. unm, 
Edward Swaini^ton. who as- 
sumed the name of Sthanu* 
WAYCs. (Se« StrmH^wmi/tt 
HafKarrt Swaiastun, d. uuu. 



Mftry-FIixabeth SwainMon. m. 
to Christoi>licr Nevilr. esq. 
of TIiurn«y, in t3ie county 
of Lincoln. 

Mntildn tiwainetoti, d. unm. 

Harriel Swaiiiaton, m. to 
Genrge Trcm^hipr, e»i\. son 
of the RpT. Tlionia« Trea- 
cher, of Begbrouk, in Uii- 
county of Oxford. 

n. Richftrd, of Well. 

III. Thomas, of Burhani Wood, in t]i<-- 
connly of Hertfunl, m. Kith Dccc-m- 
h»T, 174H, Elizabeth -Anne, only sur- 
viriof; issne and heire»3 of Thomaa 
Holl, esq. of RfatlinR, in Berkshire.* 
f;nind'nier« of lord clui-f justice lioli, 
and fint coaiin to Mary, Counteu of 
llHildin^lou.aiidLndy I^cad.ofLeug- 
li-y Part, Berk«bire, by whom he 
had issue, 

John. h. 24th Anguat. 1756 ; d. un- 
married, in AoirricM, in t77&. 

Tlionia^-noll. H. young. 

LorisA, m. to be r kinsman, Richard 
StkanuH'AYM. cw(. of Well. 
Tlii» luily Ijpfflme ovf-ntnnlly one 
of the co-heirs to the Baront 

IV. Elizabeth. H. unm. 

V. Dorothy, m. to J. Paluier. esq. of 
Bi-dfurd Row. IaiikIou, and of Baun- 
more.intliecounty of Kerry, and had 
an only son, John-Grovk Palmer, 
esq. wlio wan many yean attorney 
general in the Bermudas, and marry- 
ing Mi«9 Dorothy Bui], left at bis 
decease, in May. Itt32, 

1. JohuP»lmer,i'*q.of Baunmore, 
mho m. Jjiabella, duutrbter of J. 
Sluddard, eaq. and ha^ i&»tLe, 

2. Hester -Stranpvayes Palmer, 
m. to the Honorable James 
Chrifltie Eflten, chief juntice and 
president of Uie council in the 
Bermudas, and Iiba idene. 

* By hU wife LvCY Kjtvvtr, ymmf^r ilaugiiier 
and co>heir (with her siater, Elinbvth KnyTet. 
wife of Iteory WiUon, esq, of Didltiq^oci, ia the 
Ifneat descendant and repTfwnlatire i>f F.(lniua<l 
KnyYet,e»<].a«rienit porter tn Kin^ Hevhy Vill, 
and hi* wilt, Jake Boi-aenirti.diiufcliterBnd erm- 
tmllyaolibeirof Sir John Uourohier. Lord Uernen. 

Palmer E«teQ, <>«q.' 
ter, m. in January, 
Ann.dang^hterof' H 
iioo, eM]. of Rxetel 
Bitter of Lady Ham 

Hamilton Eflten, an ofQ 
the riBe brigade. 

ii. Harriet Palmer, m. to 
Charles Austen, of the R.I 
of the Rev. — Anriten, of ( 
ton, nenr .\tton, in Ham| 
and has i^ue, two aom aud 

The second uno of John Strangvaya« 

Rich ardStrasowa YES, wsaofWd 
wa» L. nth April, 171(1, and m. lIHh 
1742, Faitli, daughter of Thomas To 
ewj. tvf Ays};arlh, in Wensleydale, 
couiLty of York, by whom he bad iaai 

John, b. in 1748. d, in 17')a. 

Richard, iinccesaor to his father, 

Mr- Straugwayes dL in 1704, and wai 
his uiily 5untring son, 

Richard Str^kcwayes. esq. of 'W 
24 til September. 1749, m. first, RIIad.^ 
ter of Mr. Fryer, of Pickill. in the i 
of York, but had no issue. He r»p 
secondly, Catherine, d-inghter of T 
Pnrchos, esq. of Spcnnitborne, in IIh 
iihire, by whom (who li. in 1781, Bg 
he had sunriring ismie. 

KtciiAKD-Pi'RCHAS, hts luccewoi 

Catherine, m. in 1805, ioTboiiiaa 
CMj. of Bedale. in thv county uf 
and d. t. p. luth September, U 

Mr. Straufo^i-yf^* wedded, thirdly, U 
live, Louuta, only dnii^b. of Tlionuv H 
wayea, esq. of Barhom WmmI, and I 
the co-heirs, in right of her mother, 
harony of Bcrners,t by this lady k 

Thomas, heir apparent to bia ■ 
captain in tlie army, m. Call 
yoimgeKtdntigbler of Colonel I 
(of Scholes, in Yorkshire) of til 
goon guarda, and had an only 

t Tbp bMiUiy of Bernen lua TMMrtI 

nWor*^ tfl Mm. Strangwajea* amood eoai 
bi>n Wilflon. cftt], of Didlii^toa, riwodNT' 
mbo has taken bis seat m li>rd Bemeis. 


CanliBt-Francei. who rf. in IMI. 
/•In, m mtiKiliaDt of l»iitli)ii. 
Gdwu-d. of Hiiioii. m. in IKX), Ocorgi- 

uw' Krrilrricji. tlaiif^litor of thr late 

John WalkiT, t»i. of WallercluuKh, 

in Yorkftlure. 
D'Arry, of Loiidoa. 
Fnncb, ua officer in tliv A6th reKinient, 

d. ftt Suntl. in the Faa Indies. 
[LiMHa. M. to Willinin Morton, e^. of 

Ripcfl, io Yorkjltirc, and bail iuoe. 

Mr. SinuifCWHTes, rf. Ist of Angunt. 1928, 
and wiis «. by hiii eldest hd, tlie prownt 


j^mw — Sabjp, two lEoni u^enl jKiManl, 
paled gules. 

CreM — A Hon, as in ilio anns. 

Motto — Yatoycau & ae doublero. 

Jtendence — Y ork . 


MICHAEL, Ciq. of Sollcrley and Dimwich, in tlie county of Suffolk, b. 
3rd June, 17^9, tate Ueuteniuit rulonel of the 7lli hiiBMars, 
and mcmlwr of parliament for Diinwich from 1812 to 
1830, espotijwd Mar)', tJaujfhter of Ayscog-h Bourherett, 
esq. of Willinjiflmm and SliillinglKirgugb, in Ltncotniihire, 
and has Lesue, 


Fkedkkick, M.P. far Duawich, captain in tlie Vith 


Colonel Dame succeeded at the decease of his half brother 
Milt!8 Barne, esq. on tbo 8th Septemhor, 1825. 


IM BmNT, kliT. Witt, (^nl Mayor 
of LoBduD in 1662. By htH 
he had ucsue, 
it., ku nttrfuar. 
, mho m. Jaop. daughter of Tlumian 
I. c»q. of YorkflbirfT. and left 
tm rimflilrfy, hi* co-beim, viz. 

1. Mjuy, M. to Praucia Ruberts, 
«iq. of WiUdon. Middlesex. 

2. E]i>*bet]i.iH.1i>EdwBrdAllhain, 
cwf. Aciuod ioa of Sir James 
Altfauin. oS MnrkittiaU, in Essex. 
■. Ant. Io .\i(;xiinttcr CarlycU, 

••q. anrf secondly, to Sir Francis 

■L to Sir John River«, knt. 
I«f^ Hiyor of London iu 1574. lie 
4.iaxit Ff binary. 1593. 
. ■. by hi* elder sou. 

Sir GEORnr Rjrkf:, knt. eirizen of Loh- 
diJii, and Lord Mayor in I5ti6. Hem, .\iine, 
daughter of Sir Willimn GtTrunl.kut. (who 
wiM Lord Mayor of London in iXA) nf E>or- 
ney, in the county of Bucks, and had issue, 
1. WlUJAM'(Slft). 

8. George. 

3. Frands, ^ 

4. Thomas, > 4. a, p, 
6. Jubn. J 

6. Mark, ni. — « and bad two sons, 


7. Peter. 

5. Itichard, of Tnn^ley, in Surrey, m. 
F.lizabetli, daughter of Sir Fratici5 
Aungier. aflerwiirds L<ird Aoiigier, 
Mnsu-rof the |{otl-i in Ireland, bat<f. 
1. 1>. etk October, 1020. 



9. Mamt, m, to Waltn- MarleT, cm]. 
ftr Geavp ^ fai 1202. and wu f. by bu 

, 8lB WiLUAW B«ii«r.. knt. of Wootwich, 
fm iW countT or Kent. This j^KtitU-mao e»- 
pm»td Aaae, daagbtr of hin GrmcR, Doctor 
EtwiB Saody*,* Arclikisliop of York, and 
hmA tix wot «ad a daughter, riz. 

1. WiixuM (Sm), of Woolwich, m. 
Dorothy, d&ughtPr of Sir P«ter Man- 
wood, of SL Stephens, Canterbury, 
Kai^bt of tliv B«tb, and bad an only 

William, who rf. i. p. 

2. RoIxTt, of Grimsby, in tlie county of 
Lincoln, m. ElizalH-lb. dang^fater of 
Tbomatf Tvysdon, eftq. of Wye, in 
the coitnty of Kent, and had isftuc, 

Robert, who rf. t. p. 

Carola, m. Sir Rogrr HaranFt knt. 

Serjeant at Axtos. 

3. Thomas. 

4. MiLEfi, to holy orders, of wboui prv- 

6. Jobu. 

0. George. 

7. Anne, m. to Sir William Lovelaec, 
of Lovelace, iu tlie county of Kent. 

Tlir fourth 80H, 

Tiib Rkv. MtLKit Baiine, Rector of B - 
Aho|ifl]>ourne cum Biirbam. m. Jane, dnuf^bter 
of — Tni»i» or Truvrm. v»f\. of Clii]>pinj;- 
Norl'in, ill llip roiinly nf Oxford, and dybitj 
lal 8i<|iti'nibt'r, 1070, loft iuiiii>, 

1. MiLM, of Peterhouae, Cambridge, 
D-D. chuplaiu Iu Kinff Cii^ki.ks II. 

m. but left no itMtiie mI his de- 

deuie, about the year 1700. 

3. Johh, with whom we shall proceed. 

* TIm ptaimM of diis Prelsb^, EDWiiiD Hav- 
PV*, Mq. WM ClMnMllar of the Rxrlwqui-r in the 
n-liru of (JROHOB U. Mid i^tffvntfd to th« pecrofie na 
l^mn H»nDvt,ot OinUrtUif. Il« wu tutMetiiivntly 
Hjionkor of lb« lltmtM of LuhIb. Hie lordship d. 
In 1771), «ni) wm i. by hi* *ld««t ikib. Edmjikii, 
LWeuiid l<»Td Hnndrt, «t vrhoM- dec«iM, TritJiout 
|4mu*, I» 171^, tlM* tidr vxfnnNi, and th« eilateii 
r»>l mion bii niaxe, Mjihy ii*yt>\i, who bad 
I Aribiii, Mwii"'*"'^'^"'"''**''^'"'^'*''**'^ 
tttf Uurlm'i Kt4iHtl PMTitgt. 

9. William, of Benksbouni 
n. hut U-ft no tuue. 

4. Uenry, of Yurk Buildii 
eounty of Miditlescx, m. 
daugbter of J. Mainwarin^ 
Loudon, and dyinf^ in 16D( 
daugbter*, bis co-bein, ti 

Elizabeth, m. to Josef 

i-ttizcn of London. 
Frances, m. to llenry S 


Jane, m. to the Rct. Johl 

Rector of Knowlton, 

and of St. Mildredi 

Siiint*, Canterbury. 

6. Robert, cilixrn of Ivondoa 

dniighterof Tboniax WyviJ 

iUire, iind Icii on only daa 

Jane. m. lo the Rev. Hd 
Rector of Swaosoa* 
Gravesend, Kent 

6. Anne, m. to Beraanl G3 
left un only daughter, 

Klizabetb Gilihurd. 

7. Hestiier. 

The Aetond 9on. 

John B.»r\f:, ritiirn of Lon4 

nued the line of the family. Ha 

daughter of Edward Bilierti, of tl 

I^icenter, gentleman, and had t«a 

1. GKOHr.E, Fellow of St. J| 

lege, Cambridge, d. unai 

?. John, of London, merchnt 

rah, dntigbter of Benjamin 

Kenainglon, gentleman, an^ 

sons and two daughters, rj^ 

John, who rf. in Ireland,) 

Benjamin, an officer of 1 

killed in a duel in ]j 

172*2, unmarried. 

Miles, rf. in 1705. unmari 

George, m. — , widov of 

yer, but had no iMue. 
Elixabeib, m, tu Henrr ' 
of London, «on of Sit 
Trollopc, ban. of Ck» 
Sarnb, m. to George Tborv 
of Diddtngtnn. Hantfl. 

3. William, rf. at Bombay, in ) 
married. " 

4. Mll.F.6. wbo erentualij 
the line of the famUy. 


i. H«-nry. cidwn of Loudnii, m. Anne, 
liauKblcrMfUiff Rcv.WilliHin DowiIca- 
ytvU, Kffctor of KiiiKtiaui. in Oxfortl- 
•kirn. and bad (wu sons, Henry luid 

6. Adqv, d. oonuuricd in lOtfS. 

7. Alice. «. to Williiim Selwyn, ciliEOn 
«f Itfodoa. 

fcurib Mill 

nxt B.iiiNr., a nirrcliant of Lotiiloii. 
EHxabetli. daughter of Soloiimn 
, esq. of the city of York, and bad 
D and two daugblfTH, viz. 

, hi« »Ui')-e>)tor. 
di. n. ti> Sir Sb>pheii Andenon, 
of Kywortb, in tlie omuitjr of 
BrdfunI, and </. «. p. 
AlW. *i. unmarried. 

Barae d. in 1743, atid w*s i. by bji son, 

BaRKK. wq. of Sollrrtty, in tbp 
fff orHniToIk, M.P. for UuDwich, b. in 
k n. int, ElimbcUi. daughter aiid co- 
■fNatiianifl Elwick.ctiq.of May Place, 
Crmjfard, Kent, formerly governor of 
Sul Ccorge, in the Eiut Indies, and 

hi* MiccMiar. 

El«rick. tf. a4th June, 1760. 

fpoo a ed tecoDdly^Mar)', eldest 
of flrorRe Tliornhill, e»q. of Did- 
in lluiiiicigduiitiUire, and bad, with 

, M.P. for Donwieh, from 1777 
Ip I7MK, aftiTwanls a CommtMioner 
Taxea. rf. in 1*W. untiuuried. 
<n, M.P. for Duiiwjch, from 
|9i6 M 1H12. I>ird Trca»urrr'» Re- 
■■■hmcer, afterwards a Lord of 
^1 Tl llMWy from IHOU to 1h13, and 
riiaa ■CimiiiilMifiiiii of the (Jiuiouu, 
dt km laSft. uoDiarTicd. 

MiCHARt, present proprietor. 

Ttiomas. in holy urdcre, M. A F.S. A. 
aometiiDc Rector of Soulhrlnihiun, 
Sfiint James's, aod of Sottcrley, .Suf- 
folk. Chaplain in ordinary to their 
Miyestiffl Gf.okge III. Georoc IV. 
and U'lLLMH IV. m. first, Eh'xa- 
beth, diiughtrr of Rjchnrd Wyatt, 
e*q. of Miliou Place. Surrey, and 
accondly, Sarah, daughter of the 
Hon. and very Rev. Andrew St 
iohn, D.D. fiud Deau of Worcrentcr. 

Mary, m. to W, Snwhridge, e«c|. of 
Eatil HaddoD, in the count)- of North- 
am pton. 

Sarah, m. to John Hnrdinj;, esq. of 
CjyHderuon,aud</.7tlt January, iDltf. 

Eliza U'ik. 

Anne, m. to Drake Onrrard, e«<). of 
Lamer, Hem, and d. lu January, 

Mr. Banie rf. 2<ttb Decemlier. 1780, and was 
s. by bis cldciit son, 

MiiFS BiRNF., esq. of Sollerly, Suffolk, 
and May Place, Kent. M.P. for Punnicb 
from 1791 to 1790. at dereose, un- 
mnrricd, Ktb Srptrinbt'r, IH'^.'^, Ibe I'fltales 
devolved tipon bin batf-brotber, Michakl 
Barne, e«i. the prMent proprietor. 

Arms — Granted in the reign of Qwen 
HLiz.tBtTii to Sir Geor({e Barne, knt. and 
hi* brother John Barne, caq. Quanerly : 
first Bod fourth, az. three Leoparilf>' heads, 
arg. SP4X>iid and third, arg. a cherroit az. 
between llirce Coruish cboughi, »a. 

CWjI — Ra, an eagle displayed, aa. 

Mottu — Nee liniid^, nee teiner^. 

Eataifi-^Xn the counties of Suflulk and 

Ttnt-n fteriJmre—'Qr*M\^noT Street. 

•S'r<if«—DuuniehttudSotlerley Park, Suf- 



LUrrRELL, FOWNES JOHN, euq. of Dimstor Caatle, in the county of Sot 
and Netbwsy House, Devonsliire, member of parliament for Minehead, b. 3til 
E^uct, 1787, s. to the efttat«« at the decease of Uia father, in 1816. 



The fjunily of Li'tikmll, or LoTF^nPLL, 
v/aa rata 1)1 iiklicil in England hy ont> of ibi- 
i-bfefit in llie Norman Conquest, whose nBme 
in to bf.' found io the Roll of Bnttct Abbey. 

In iLc r(.-i}!ns of Hfnry I. siid A'my 
Stephen, Sir John Luttrell held, in capiu, 
the manor of Hotun P»giif]. in YorksUirc, 
which vrstrd in his male ilesci>ndaiit« tirtil 
the time of llEKRV V. when it rierojvi-d 
upon an heire«9, who ettpouned John Soon, 
fvuda) lord of Calverle7« and Htcwurd of the 
houtwhotd to the Empr^si Mai'D. 

The estates oi' Sir Geotfr^- Lullrell, fcDt. 
in the conntietf of I>erby, Leicester, Not- 
tingham, and York, were coiififlrated in the 
rei|^ of RiCHAKD I. for his adhesion lo 
John, Earl of Morton, but Uiey were res- 
lorrd upon the ocncMion of thai prince to 
the throne, as A'irj; John. Sir GtHtffry 
KubSL-quently accompanied tlie king into 
In-land, and ohtiiiu-d from the erowu a 
^rant of Luttrellstnwn, in that kinjrdoui. 
Tlie dt'M'cnilautai of Sir Gcoffry were after- 
wanls fendal barons of (niham, and one of 
those bnruits, Knnr.RT dk Li'ttrkll. bad 
sumnione to parliament, on the 24th June, 
and '2nd Nit^enibrr. I'Htt'j. (See Burke's 
Eitmtt ttnit Dormant Vtengr.) 

Joiix Li-Tfneu.(younKesl»oBof X'ndrew 

Edward I.) Bcquire<t by ^rrnnt fn 
crown, in the llth Edward III.. 
land.4 and rents in Cliiltou. in the coi 
DcTOQ, which shire he represt-nted i 
liiimcnl in the 37th of the same tni 
Ilr wi. nvo wived, by the first, HU 
tieeuis to have had 00 issuv ; by tb« i 
Juan, he had a son, his suecenor. 

Sin AvnREw LrTTRr.ia^ of CWlto 
had mnrried tn the lifetime of his 
Lerly EliRabeth Conrlenay, set.-ond dl 
of Hugh, Earl i>r Devon, and wJ 
.Sir John Vere, kni, son of Atihrey d 
Rarl of Oxford, an alliance which col 
the Luttrells with the Rotal Hd 
Plaxtagcn'KT. The son of this mw 
Sir Hoch Littrcu., resided at I 
Castle, wliicb his mother, Lady Eli 
had purchased from the fHmily of ] 
hfwas nicmber orpnrliameni fur So 
shire in die rei|^i of Hu hard TI. 1 
ce^sivcly for that county and Her 
l\w Kth Hi^MRY rV. Sir Hugh ptioo 
at law against EdwanI Plnntaj^ne 
of Ynrk, and tlie other heirs of Jo 
Mohun. of Dunster." by which he ( 
possc««)ion of the honours and C 
Dunster, lordship of Carbaroptoa, 
the county of Somerset. He wns aH 
raufircr of Blackmore Forest, in Dor 
a prity-counrillor lo A'tny Hrnkt 
one of the commanders under thai 
monarch, ut the reduction of Har 
Normandy, annoHl.S, andatlheou 

* JrMin, l.a»nMoacN,orD('9c«r«a, Idl 

ceaac threa daogfaurs. his co-btin, iria, 

Fhilippa, «. ffrat, to Kdwnid Fli 

Duke of York, and ■ccoiidly. to 

t*T Fitt-Walier, knu 

Ktiabeth, m. WdUam dcUaataoD 

Mitui), m. to John, Lord 9tnai(>e. of 



rof Ronra. In I4IH. bcinit Liirutfoant 

'H*rdt-ur. he took from Ihp Frenrh llie 

tUl(IfurtrewofHoMt^ev^I(^. Sir Hugh 

, Catbrrioe, dmigliler of 8ir John B«bo- 

kaU and was $. ia 1431, by his eldest 

ioH?^ Ia'TTRLll. M'hu bad been mnilv 

kl of ihv Bath at the coronaliun of 

tv IV., aano 13Q04 Thia koDuiiI per- 

Mpoused. lint. Joan, daughter of Sir 

Maltet. of Etunore. but had no issut-. 

m. tPt-omlly. Mari;arrt, daughter of 

Ixird Audlcy. lie died lite yeiir 

Us iathrr. poaaeated of the cB.-itJp, 

iDd manor of Dtinsler. lonirtliip of 

ii{ttnn, town of Miiwhrud. with «ev<;rui 

in the west, held of thr rrotm. af 

rrabr*- (MniQN of forty-uine kniglits' fees. 

liLi-nise seized of tbi' mADor of 

rJ^ with four otlier koif^ht*' fees in 

iliire. and Wiui t. by lu9 son, 

J««i« LirTTKELL. wl)0 wu made a 

il-BA'KVEReT at the battle of Wakt>- 

U 140^, nnd fell (ightinc undtr the 

of Laocaflter. in 1471. ile was 

itly attainti'd by A'lny Edward 

• ■•4 Ul amstie of Dunater, lonInhii> of 

I, Alc. irmnted to Sir Edwant 

kat. first Earl of Pembroke. He 

ky lu» wife, Klixabflh, dniighlr-r and 

of Sir William Courteiiay. eldest 

:«f Sir Edward Courleuay, of Huc- 

1 and Mccrswr, 

LcnTHtix, who it mentioned by 

and other bUtorians araoni^t 

I of tioto in the ne«t. who joined 

'Iau. t>9 KicHHovD at his Undin};, and 

aA*TWmnl« iufftnimeutBl in quellini; 

' nworrection. When the »uc- 

llMae of Bit»nnnrM {ilac-d the crown 

Rlt-KMoso's head, ax lUxRY VII.. 

itaftea of Sir Hof^h Lultrell were iinme- 

(y rr^KiTed, nnd he wia sahBe(|ueiitIy 

' of the Balli, at the coro- 

II, in \-it<7. He cspoiiicd. 

n, riauKliter of Robert Hill, and 

(skBlemally} of Lord D;mhcnpy, 

I a fw an g ar aoa of thia Sir lluj^h and 
n>-*»ibi>nC RtmKMT LiaTiiiii.t. who diei] 
1 1 VI. Mnifl of tbd cutla and 

' ■■^n. in ih« miuiit of Dublin, 
Up> ««U kniifrn IrUh fiunilj of Lultrvll, 
I ww»ih» •itiiu-t F.ahih or CiniumemN. 
f 1W Ctauta av THK HtTn wm then first iiuti- 
fti^aAaoaabifd of fbnjr-aix kxuKfau, unongsi 
: ■■««» ihfw of iW kinf '• wna. 

K.O., and secondly, Walthera, widow of 
Tburaii* Drelne. Jle was *. iii 2inl of Henhi 
VHl. by bin imn liy hin lirsl wife, 

SiH Andkf-w LirTTRKU., knt. of Dunsicr 
Cu«tle, who M. Mnrjpirel, daii^^hler of Sir 
Thomas Wyndbnni. and bad iftsue, 

John (Sir). Kit Aeir. 

Thomas, Miccewor to his brother. 

Ric-hnrd, ancMtor of tite LutlrellH, of 
Martland. llonnibcre. Sandon-Court, 
and CbeUea. 


Sir Andrew was t. by hif eldest ion, 

SiH John Luttrell, who in the ."ytlh 
Hevry VIII. wafiwitli the Earl of Hertford 
in Scotland, and present lit the tiduiij' of 
E«Uu1iiirKh and I^eith, when be received the 
honorof knighthood. Two years afterward* 
he was under the ttauie noblcuKin ul Bou- 
logne, and bad the command of a hundred 
men. In the reign of Edwahd VI. he was 
likewii«p di«lingui«hed in arnu, and was 
made a KniKhl-BaDncretrfor bis eondurt at 
the taking of YfBler, in tlie first year of that 
nionareb. He m. Mary, daaghler of Sir 
John GrifHtb, K.B. by whom (who m. after 
his decvaiie Jiimeti Gudolphin, of Cornwall) 
he had thr<'e daugbtem, heiresses to one 
third part of lii-i estates, the other two thirds two enltuls^and by the will of 
Sir John himself, upon bis next hrullier, 

Thomas Lt'TTRKto., esq. M.P. for Mine* 
head. This f^ntleman, in order to preserve 
the estntes which be thus inherited clear of 
his niecRS portions and of hi« brother's debts, 
sold all the Iniids in Devou nnd Suffolk, but 
those were amply replat^ed by the estatcii 
ae<]uired on his marriaKo with Margaret, 
only daughter and heiress of Chrivlopher 
tlailley, est), of Wilbycunil>p, and 
grandaugbter of Pbili[)i)a. daughter of .Sir 
Humphrey Audley, by Elizabeth, widow of 
Sir Jiinies Luttrell. In rnntieipieiire of ibu 
consantpiinity it was necessary to procure a 
Rpecini bull, in the 6tb of Philip nnd Mary, 
from Pope Pxt'L V. losanction tlie mnrriafre. 
Mr. Luttrell d. ui 1670, Margaret, his wife 
surviving, who was afterwards m. to John 
Strode, of Pnrnbain. esq. and again to 
Rit-hnrd Hill, esq. He wns r. by bis eldest 

tir.otmr. Li'tthbix, esq. who inherited 
likcwifM.' hh mother's lands. Tliis p-ntle- 
nmn wax sherilf of Sumersetshire in \fAKt, 
He added eonstder-thly to the buildings of 



I>iinstfir CaFtIp, nnil lived therfi in the great- 
tst bo«|]it»lity. ei^joyiii^. in an emiiteiil <le- 
(frre, the Invf and n'spfcl of liis ticigliliour- 
liood. lie m. first, Jo.-in, dnuglilcr of Hugh 
HlewkleVt es^. of Marsh, in the comity of 
Somerset, by whom be had Thomas, his 
racvrssor. Ho espoused, secomlly, Syl- 
ve»tra Capi>er, by wboin (who wfildfd aft<-r 
liiM d«cea»e, fir^l. Sir Edmund Stor}-, nud 
flecondly. Gyle» Penuy, v»q. ) bo bad two 

Pinna, m. ro Alexander Lynde, e«q. 
Sarah, m. to John Wofiati, esq. 
Mr. Lullrell died iit uu advanced age, in 
l()30, und UA8 K. hy his hoii, 

who had married in (he lifi-lime of hia father. 
June, duugbtcr of Sir Fronris Popham, kni. 
of Littlecot, and dying in 1047, wiu j. by 
Mi eldeet sod, 

Georce LuTTRZti^esq. of IMnster Castle, 
to whom (. his next brother. 

Fhancis LoTTRELL,e«iq. ofDiiniiterCaatle, 
nrho was likewise t. by his brother, 

Tn<>«AsLt.'TTRELL,e»q.<tf DunnterCflStle. 
This gentleman esjwused Lucy, d«ugliterof 
ThamM Simond«, esq. of Cambridgeshire, 
and had ifsne, 

Fiu>cis, hii xuceeixor. 
ALF.XANDf.B, who ». his nephcw in the 
Mr. Luttrell was j. by bis elder son, 

PHANci8Li:TTHELL,e»(i. of DuDstcr Castle, 
a rolonel in the army of Kiuif Willtam, 
who m. Jane, ooly daaghter and heiress of 
John TreRonwell, esq. of Miltwn Abbey, in 
Ihe eounly of Dorset, and bad issue, 
Tnr.iiONWBU., his hptr. 
Mary, m. to Sir George Rooke, rice- 

adDiiral of Great Britain. 
Franees, m. first, to Edward Hervey, 
fiq. and secondly, lo Edward A«hc, 
eti\. of Heyte«bury. in the county of 
Col. Luttrell d. in 160l>, and was t. by his 
Of phew, 

Trrgonwbll Lvtthrll, esq. of Dniister 
Castle, at whose decease witliout issue, in 
ITCNJ. the e-slntes rcrerled to his uncle, 

Alkxakdkk LinrTRKLL, esq. of Dunster 
t'-i»tle. Ttiis Kcatleman ^erred in all the wars 
In Flanden, thruiigbout the rei^n uf Kintf 
WlLUAM, stid iu Quftn Assw.'s time was 
Mlonel of Ihe royal regiment of marines. 
He was likewise. dnrinK the (^renter part of 
those reiicns. member of parliament for tlie 
borouifh nf Minchesd. He efjKniscd Uoro- 

thy. dniighter of Edward Yard, t 
Churstnn, in the ecmnty of l>e\on, ■ 
two sons, 

Alp.XaNqeil, hii tiucemr. 
He rf. in 1714, and was i. by his elde 
AlEXAKDKR LlTTHtLI^ esq. of 11 
Castle, who m. Miir^iiret, daughter 
John Trevelyan, bart. of Nettlecomi 
bad an only daughter, 

M,»Rii*RF.T. m. to Henry Powni 

of Nethway House, in the cw 


Mr. Luttrell bavins; thus no male iss 

estites ilevoUed, at his deceuse, up 

only daughter above mentioned, 

M.uuiAKt.T Lt'TTitfLL, whose bn 
Hpmrv F«wsf.s, assumed in ooumi 
the additional suniiame and arms of Ll 
Of this niurriagc were issue, 

John, heir lo his father and nKrtl 

Francis, a commissioner of the ei 

Alex.nnder, iu holy orders, rec 

East (^uantocksbeii, who d. ia 

Mr. and Mrs. Luttrell were sococo^ 

their eldest son, 

John Pons Ej)-LltTTRELL, esq. of D 
Castle, M.P. for Minehend. This f 
man w. Miss Drewc. of Grange, 
county of Deron, and had issue, 

John, kit heir. m 

Henry , com missioner of public mI 
Francis, a captain in the army,*) 

Drewe, and has issue. 

Alexander, in holy orders, im 

EastQuantockaboad, m, Mi«L 

and bos issue. 

Tliomas, in holy orders, vicar nt 

head, and incumbent curate of 





Mr. Luttrell d. in I81fi, and 

eldest son, tlie present JnHK 

TREU„ esq. of Dtin^ter Castle. 

^riiM— Quarterly ; first and A 
a bend betwepn six martlets^ sa. 
TREtX. Second and third, az. 
displayed in fesse, and a mallet u 
for FowKEs. 

Cre»/— Out of a ducal coronet ol 
of five feathers at^. 

Eitatet~ln the couoties of Soi 

Seals — Dunster Castle. Some 
and Nethwiy House, in the county oTI 



-GORE, WILLIAM, c*q. of Newton Park, in the count)- of Somerset, 
colonel of llie O.tfonl militia, A. in December, 17fiO, m. 
first in 1783, Bridget, only child md heiress of Joseph 
Laogton, esq. of Nenton Park, (upon which occasion he 
awumed by ro^'al permiiwion tlic additional aurnamc and 
vmB of Langton) and has had issue^ 



1. William, A. in 1787,M.P. for the ronnty of Soinrr- 
iet. m. 3Ut FchniHry, IH22, Jni-inllia-Dnntihi'a, 
only child of H. Pr>wcll Collins, poq. of Hat.-h-ll4'«u- 
champ. in that shire, by wlioni^ wlm d. in February, 
Itt37. be had one son. 

3. Eilwant. i. in 17tW, an officer in the army. 

3. John, an oflicer in the array, r/. at Ceylon. 

4. Frances- Matilda. 

Col. Gore-Ijin^ton enpottAed secondly, Mary, only daagli- 
•f Jolm Browne, e«q. of Salperton, in tho county of Gloucester, and ha« by 

6. Wtliinm-Heory. 
4k John-Frcili-riclL. 

7. Uar)-[Ieiirietta, m. in 1K11, to Sir J. M. Bur^)'ne, bnrt. of Sutton Park. 
(1. CaniliDe- Maria. 

> Gan-langtDn nicceeded his father, Edward Gore, esq. in IBOl. 


]y, vrhirh nri);ipHtes in a coni- 

wilb the Earls of Arran, in 

m innneiliaiply from 

lOott, wbo acquired tlie Iand» of 

Itlaike eounly or Km«-\, mihI was 

■ MB, 

kIB Gote, ao aldennan of the city 

«. who m. Ellen Ditvennnl. of Ilu- KftM-x.iinil dving nt tlir b^ 

(fclflW, mas F. by his Bon. 

)*wii <InaK, km. who serred the 

Lncit BlaTott of Ihi- city of Lon- 

' J'JiB m. Miss Campbell, dauKhter 

>Cam|>bc-ll.«nd<lyin)(iu 1630, 

\i} hu MB, 

»«« Go«e, kat. of Gilntnne, in tht^ 

f»f llrrm. who ni. BridKcl. ilauf];htor 

««( llnrrini^im, hurt, luid Jyiiitt 

«u r. by hiK Ma, 

f^iut tio^%. of Monlcn, fii the Rntmly 

*■*•?. sfttr^Tirdi of Barrow Court, i» 


Somersetshire. This ^nllcmnn w. Jniie, 
datl^htl•^ of Thoiiiiis Smith, enq. u( Ted- 
worth, Wilts, by whom he had a son, his 

SiH TilnHAH OoRE, knt. whrtta. Pliiti|ipa, 
sister and co-heir of Sir Giles Tnokrr. of 
Maddinjirton. in Wiltshire, and dyiiiK in 
lO?'}, was ». Iiy his son, 

EoisAitn OuKK, esq. who m. Arabella, 
dan. nnd co-heir of Sir Juhu Smyth, burl. 
ofLonu Ai^hton, in tlie county of Somuts**!, 
nnd d. in l7-t'2, vrhea he wns s. by his son, 

EnwAHD (totiK, esq. This geiillemnn es- 
pnustti Hnrbara. widow of Sir Eilward Mns- 
lyn. Iiarl. and diiuiflitiT and sole heireM of 
SirGeorgr Bromic, of Kiddiniftnn Park. Ox- 
fordshire (by the l-ady Barbara L^o.danRh- 
tiT of Edward, first Enrl of Lit<-hn<>lit), by 
nhuin he h-ft tit lii!> il^rcaitc, tn lUUI, 
WitUAU. his successor. 
Cliiirlrs, in kniv nrdiTS m, ia )7W1. 


Hurriftl, UaiiKliter ol K. Ultltr. esq. 
anil lin«, with oilier issue. 

MoNT.iGUK. the )>rt-0«ot poe«eiBor 
of Barrow Court. 
Mr. Gnre tt. in 1801 , and was s. ty his eldrr 
son, the present Willi.(h Gorr-Lanoton. 

Arau — Quarterly, fir«t ami Foarth f^rmnd 

quarters: quiirtpr1}r firnt ami fimr 
three chevron* gu. Attend and Ihirt 
croM raoliDe sa. for LA^nroN : secc 
third in^nd quarters, Kules, ■ feue I 
three cross cro«slets fitch^e, or. 

Motto — (n hoc sif^o vfaicea. 

ToHH HtSifUnee—X^. Grosveoor 

Seal— Newton Park.. Somerstrub 


PATESHAJL1.-BURNAM, EDMUND, esq. of Allenaraore, in the county ol 
ford, 6. in 1778^ m. in 1804, Milborou^h. daughter aud eo-hetrt-Mi of the Ri 
Jamoi; Itifrram, of Burford, in the cotinty of Salop, of the ancient Mon^mt 
family of that name. 

Mr. Pateshall assumed by royal sign manual, upon (he demise of his mo 
1820, the additional Aiintanie and arms of Buknam. He $. to the eitatcs u] 
deceaw of hb father, 4th Norember, 1790. 





The family of Lfxhuerb* (from which 
Mr. Patcshall derives lii» paternal descent), 
came from the Low Couiitricjt, and, si-rvinjj 
onder Willi lu the Conqu^-ror, obliiiiHil 
from that victorious prince Unds in Haaley. 
Worcrttershire, called from Ihein Lech- 
mere's Place. 

Adam dr Lbchmf.rc, of Hanley, wu 
M. by hia Mn, 

• \.tm i« ■ branch of tl* Khtne which pBrta 
fraiD it at Wyki>. ud, running w««twud, falli 
into Ihe M«M before Rotterdim. 

Miitilcy. whii fliiiiriithed temp. Edw 
■At\(\ \\m\ a HDii and »iici'i's»or. 

IIenhy LixhmkUI', who es|>ou»e( 
— mid. dying in the reign of EoWJ 
was t. by bis son, 

Robert Lechmkrr. whose grn 

RiciuHD LrxHURRE. m. (31 
VII.) Joan, daughter and eo-brircH 
W hitmore. of Haiile> . and from him 

Edmunu LechmkrRt esq. who ■ 
)^r<-i, diiiif^hter of Sir Nicbolaa Oi 
knt. and dyin^; in l&'jit, was «. by h: 
StR NtCHtiL48 kol. 1 
ap|Kiintiil a baron of thi- excbe 
the n-^olution. He wi*ildrd Pt 
dnofthtcr of Sir Edwyn Sandys, c^ 
burnt-, in the county of Kent, Rod I 
1701, ieft issue, 

I. EDHrND. who m. Lucy, daa| 

Sir Anthony Hiinfcerford, o| 

Castle, in tlie county of 84 

and left at his dereave, in 17- 

junior issue, two suos, via. 

1. Anthony, of Hanley 

in the county of WoroaR 

was father of 



MrwD. of Hnntpy Casile, 
M.P. for Ibc county of 
Wnrcwter. wlm rejioosi'tl 
ElizAbf'ih. dnughtrr nf Sir 
Blundel Clutrlloii. ban. uf 
liudrord. Uvrtforflnbiri-, niiil 
hod a MHi and racrcssiir, 
Nicholas. of KiinlpvCiU' 
tir. who Afnitnti'd, upon 
jnlifrithtg ihprhnrlton fj(- 
tatP0 Rt the drrenM of his 
tinrlc. Sir PriinL-ts Charl- 
Inn, hart, in )7H4, lln- ad- 
lUtional lumatne and .trmr> 
rif Chahlton, nnUbtason 
and heir is tlte pmsetvT 


Charlton, f»i\. of 
Liidfon) ibt- 
rouniy of Heroforrt 
(tee/amUjf of Char l- 
a. Nictinu<i. of the Middle Tem- 
ple. barri*in"al law, and M.P. 
TliM rmiiM-nt lnw}4T was n|>- 
pointed aolieitor-gi-npral ill 1714, 
cfaancrllur of tbr diirhy of Liiii- 
oistfr in 1717. and iiltorDey-Ke- 
■fral ill tlio folIou-iuK year. He 
m nn« of llir mnniigers against 
BarhrTrn II. and wn« elevated to 
tlw |H-emKt> ^Ifa Aiijru^t, 1721. 
hy ibe lilk of LuKti LKvitMt^Ki^ 
or Evr-AHtu. Hf m. }My Eli- 
ubclb Howard, dnu. of CiiarU-ji, 
Earl of Carlisle ; bnt d)iug 

Ilaaaelcaii. in 17'27, tli« Bahun i of 
LmiMKRB became extint-l, and 
Ike e«tatr« devolved upon his ne- 
pb»w, Edmund lA'chmurv, of 
Honley Ca«lle. Hin iontitliiii was 
a icood law> er, a prompt and able 
speaker, much touricd by tbe 
Whig parly: bittof n tempervto- 
lent, proud, and iniprai-ticable, 

lekniaa I^^bnirrr'A second fion, 
iDTf LrciiHKRr, cnq. inbcritvd by will 
U> reUtiTe. Rt>p«-r l^erbmere, caq. 
If i l ^ of Pownlinpe, in tbo rounty of 
lird, U»d Milled Ibrrtv Hr e«pr>ii5>-d 
m, wU<nr of Ji))tn Holme*, eaq. and 
faagliter of RfllM>r( CUrLe, esq. (dr^- 
4 fnm Xkm ancient faniily of Clnrke, 
iB^iBim, \m ike rfraiily of Keni), .-tud 
[fa t6M, «s* ff. bj bid only son. 

Nicholas I.F.ritMrup, of Pownhope, who 
M. Martba. dHUfibtt-'r and co-[ipire,».t of 
.liilm Sradamore, esq. of Trcworyiin. in thi* 
roiiniy of Monniooth, nndrf. in 1711, a\ tlie 
early a(jc uf twetity-iiix, leaving an only Bur^ 
vivin)( son and »uc<.'e«sor. 

ScrDAUORc-LKciiMiiRe. e«}. of Fown- 
hope, «bo m. Jane, Et«cond dani^liter of Ed- 
mund Pateshall. esq. of Allen«more, and 
bad (with Iwo dauf;blen«, who Itotli raiirried) 
five t,(m», viz. 

1. JoHx-Sci'DAMORK. wlio a. hi« father 
ill tbf faniily e^tales, and marnrinfr 
Catherine-tieeond daiiffliter of Jolin 
Witlimore, esq. of the HiLywood, in 
tlii^ county of Mercfurd. left iaxoe kt 
bifl decease, Hih Jitnuary. 1801. 

2. Edhu%d. 

3. Edwyn-Saudyd, wlio m. Elizabeth, 
datigliler of the Rev. Mr. JuncD, of 
Foy. in Herefordahire , ond by ber 
(wbo d. in IMS3) ha* imue. 

4. Nicholtui, d. at sea. 

6. Tbomas-.\llcn, who ml. Jane, younp- 
eitt daughter of John Whitmure, of 
the Haywood, and left i<i?ue. 
The »e<-ond son. 

EnMitNi) e«q. upon inhe- 
riting, at hi A ninternnl nncle'n decefise. 
llie Alleniunore c^tau-^. assumed, in com- 
pliance with (he testJimentnry injanetion of 
that gentlt'taiun, the ftumame and urius of 
P4TP.KHALL only. He eapou«ed .4nn, dau. 
and heiress of William Bumnro. e»q. of 
We»ting1on Courl, in the i-onnty of Here- 
ford, by whom (who rf. in ltt9n)he left iA.<tue 
nt hift deeea«e, in ITIMi. 

I. EDMiitD, prcient pow>estwr of Al- 

"i. William, who m. Elizabeth, dauj^b- 
ter of Michael Chren, enq. iind baa a 
daughter, .\nn-EliHilH>th. 

3. John 8eudnmore-I^cbmere, who m. 
Mary, daughter of the Kev. Mr. Wil- 
liama, of Sbubdon, in tin* county of 
Hereford, by whom be baa an only 
AurvivinK child, MtRY. 

4. Nirholas, captain K.N. 

6. Edwyn-Sandy^, rnptaiu in the Hon. 
Gael India Company's Serrire. d. al 

Ceylon in 1819. 
fi. Ttiomas-Allen. 

7. Walter, in holy orders, M.A..rf. iu 

8. Ann, m. to the Ker. John Jonei, 
M.A. and ban two dauicbten*. 

9. Martha, m. to TbomadWillianM.eMq. 


sad Ihw ikrm mm and three daafcl>- 

Mr. PatMhall 'f. in ITOi). >ii(l «ru >. at hid 
doHMC try Ilia rtdeat aon, the prcKDt £d- 
MVtlD nUNViH-PiTUIUlX, eMl. 


Till* faaiily lyjuu i>f hi^b aiiliqaity In 
till* <^>ui)ly(>f Northiimiilott. In tItcGlbjresr 
uf l(lLti4Ni> I. wr- riiiil ujiou rcritril tlieiiftine 
uf HtHoN DK PtTKitit itiJ., high filirrifr of 
ttml aliifR: anil CBnidrn ini-ttliuii» liia dttt- 
iTnilniitN »» (prrformiiig lli« tame duty during 
M»«rrHl aulHwiiuf^itl rfii^nii. 

Tiiohah Patkhiiall. uf Paddltstoiie, in 
lh« county nf llrrcrurd, m. lliv dnu^ljter of 
— C.u\t', of Hiilfirrld, in the i»me fhiff , and 
liiul It jion, 

TMDNiifi pArK«lui.u of Weiton, who cd- 
pounrd Miirnti, dniiKlilT of Tliiiniii* Htnitb. 
i-M|. iiiid 4l>ii)t{ in litK7, It'll ibmu-, 

I. JoMK, nf Wcaloii, who m. Jane, 
duuKlitt-r »i>i| i<4>- lit* irfKS of Tlinniuit 
Alliii. rflq. mid tt. i. p, ill 1720. 

a. Tliomni., ) h„„,rf. ^iihouiiwu,.. 

3. WiilKT. S 

4. EdhcnD. wIio m. M»r\'. daughter 
Mid cry-lirlffM of Tliomaf AUeii. tin\. 
Mtd U'tl imiuo III )il» dvmi^f^, in I731>. 
ono M>n iind u diiii)tlttiT, i ix. 

JuHM, (, Wtli .\|iri1, 171-1 : who rf. 
uniiinrrii'il. Inn iili: Iiia rKlulrs nl 
Allfiinniiirc uiid Wcitou to tbr 
•on of liiM i^i^lrr, 

JtNH,^>»Sctip«M(tnK Lfxii- 
ItKHK. i'M|. of Fowiitiope Court, 
oimI hiid. nttli other JMue, Ed> 
Mi'Mi LixMMtK».. v«q. inlieritor 
uf Ilia llNCLU'ft |)o«icMuoii«. 

Arwu — Qwnrterly often, 

Ul for PlTESHALL. Ax. 0«l fl 
brtween throe hccrti arg- «• 
ewallope pi. 

2ad for Lechvere. Go. a fna c 
two pelicans ia cfairf aJX* ^ 
noees»ary nuirk of cadency. 

3rd for WiitTHoKC. Vert, frett; 

4tb for RouKE. Arg. a cbev. eaf 
IjetHttn thf«v che«J rooL* am. 

dth for ScUDAMVRE. Ga. thrr* 
mp« lc»tlti*re«l and bai-klttl o 
and one ; with the mark of a 
for the third hoiiiie. 

Illh for 8ri:DAMitRF. (ancient), 
cross pnn^e fitch^e f^u. 

7tb fur Ti(F.<:o2. \z. tvro bars ; 
or. in chief a lion pasoantr go 
of the second. 

8lh for IH EwvAs. Ar. a TeM | 
tween three mallets with *ix 

Utii for HiNTEHcoyBK. Ermii 

hnrs ^in«U gu. 
lUlli itiinrlerly for Bl'hnam. Pi 
fourth, g«. ii chev. brtweeo 
tioiis* heads eraiw^ or; secof 
third, 101. a chvvron between 
tioiis rampant arg. On an eeci 
uf prcteiuT fur Is'GaAM, qui 
tint and fourth, emiiue un a f 
thn'e ei»eaUop« or; secoud and 
vert thri'C c»cu((.'heon« aig. ti 

Crrti — Onl of dncal corooet, a | 
arg. ruining tt^'lf ppr. 

Srat — .Altettsmore. in the county ol 


\\w ctHinty nf Lcireater. h. ia Decvmber, 17d4, ai. 2tMb Ai^iiat, 1815, France 
b«UB. tliird daughter a£ the lat* Colooel Stepbe* FrwBaoUe and niece of ifai 
Hanond^e Sir W. H. Fneuyitk, of Stanhope Street. May Fair. Mr. Bude 
T*n wrml tht ofica of hifth afaeriff Ar I iiiiMliiriilii . 1831-2. 




MaUrmtHrburdiK nulik-fniiiily of Uut- 

«»LtT Ui'TLEit. tlir iM'coud E;irl. wtio 
aanry. 17M, Jane, only danf^htiT 
Kuchftiru Tiret Earl up Bklvk- 
tiad mve, 
RttBcar-llBRSEKT.wbo'.iutliinl Ejirl. 
ler uf Uk' Intr Ki^ht Hon. fliiviil Ln- 
tiMU'br. Ii4il iwa sua*, vix. 

bcirxtuifh. (Svi* Ithtke's Petmigr,) 
'i. DiirUI, (i(t-rnM'tl. 
M»ry. M. to Uie Kigbl lion. Gvor^u 

Fiiwoobf . and il. in IVM. 
Cilbcruir. n. In (ieor^ Mnrley, citq. 
wbn J. iit 1839. 

dcfkim, m. to the MunjuM Lt-wU Mn- 

Etri'v •rf-ond *an, 

Ai'r,i'Mi'» Ui TLhu, ni. first, in 1793, 
I, lUaetitcr and hfirt-txt 'if Sir John 
VIK, hftTt. («r« family or Djiivits nt 
■ wbicb i>ccuion be nifumrti the 
■wTMUic uul ann» of Danvkkii, 
Si<iRuK-JoiiN-I)4\VKHx, preseot poai- 

\<igttftU0, 6. All) Auguflt, I71>H. 
■{Mju*«-u M^nndly (bU Smt wife ily{n>[ 
EUxa-Buurrr, tUtugbti-r of llam- 
' Start, ni>|. And \mA by that lady (wbo 


-WniiAin-AuguatiM, ft. in Ifl03. 
■Richari A. attlh Oft. I»>7. 
Fn^r1r4-Augu»luti-AshNy. i. in IWtS. 
[<'kwlr*-Att^:ii«liiii. ft. ill iHur. 
' iwrtbrr MB. A. in 1811. 

Eliznbrlb-S<»[iliiH,ifi. in Livuto- 
nant-(\)|nnel Henry Ihimarestjuf. 

Mr. BulU>r-lhinv(?r8 dyingSSth April. IWO. 
vm* ». by hi« eld«»t «oii, GeoHiiE-JoHN- 
DtKvElts llrTi.F.n-I)ANVP.n.s. t'tH|. pn'Eirtil 
rcprpscntatlve of Ihifi branch of ibe Uullcn*. 


This ffimily dt'iioniiimtfd from Ihr town of 
AiivcTA, in Praiiirc, aiti] aiirir-iitly nntli-M tie 

Roland d'.lr^vLKso, uiie the gulluni rom- 

Rani' I*'Anvf,rs. received of Crispin, 
Ixird ol'Wiitliii^furd, Uit'DuiiiurvorMiirlow. 
Donti'y. Hiid i lmkb am, lo hold of Wvs htmonr 
of WallinKfi»nn Th« descendant of llii« 
eriiiMciit luii^bl, 

S tMi'EL DANVBRS.e^q, e8|K>u8cd Elizabelb 
MiHirewooiI, of Ovt-rton, iit \\n: roiiiiCy of 
IX-rby, »n hrtrrsii, by wIiohi. (who m. itflur 
Mr. l>Hiiverd' dL-<.'eaM>. John l>unrrn>, e«tq. 
of PrewoH Manor, in Ibc roonly of OxfonJ. 
nt'iibf-n of Sir Henry llauvt*r», Kiirl of 
l>itnl>%. ilif stiiuiK'b and loyal iidlierent of 
the unhnppy Chahlp.s), he biu] issur, a sod 
and 0tiri-e8t(or. 

JoNKi-ii I>\s\KK.s. ceq. of Hwiihlandt in 
the county of Lcici-stcr. vrho. hating kuccl-s- 
sirely n-pn'wnlfd Bor<iu)(bbrid)ire, Uritm- 
ber, and Totn«iw, in parltnmeni, nas ercaled 
n Baronkt in 1746. Hir Jo«<-pb m. Fraurc*. 
dnugbtrr of TlioniH.1 Biibinj^on, e»q. of 
Rothlry Tcniiilf, L»-ifi"»tt-niiiire. by whom 
\\f had ati only Hon and ttucrcitNor. 

8lR JniiN IIAXVF.RS, bnrl. of Switblnnd, in 
ihf county of Lfiresu-r, who m. Mi*A Wat- 
M)ii, dnughtrr and hi-iresf of — Wutxoii, 
r»(]. and len a d:in|{l)(rr and hfircKii, 

ELlz.iDLni. who m. (he Hon. Aroi'STl's 
Bl', nn idalitl iilwii-. 

Armi — Quarterly, finst and fourth, gu, a 
chevron bclwi-en three mulleli* of six points 
or, for l>i\vKHs: tiecond and third ar. three 
tHwered t-ujw in bi-nd between two l>eudlet!«> 
rnii;. ii. for Bt'ri.PH. 

Creiit — Fint. for Danvers, a wyreni or. 
Seeond, for Bun p.h, a demi-rockatnrc 
couped viTi, comb, beak, wattica und du- 
cjitly {;or(*cd or. 

flfaita — Libert^ loote enti^re. 

Kitattt — At Switbland, Leicestershire. 

.Sf«(— Switbliind Hall, near Mount Bor- 
rrl. Lcicesterfthin'. 





STEADE. BROUGHTON-BENJAMIN. esq. of Beanchieff Abbey, in the 
of Derby, b. 3rd July, 1774, m. 2Ut December, 1802, Min DaltoD, and has tsoue, 

EDWARD-V.iLP.NTtNE, B.A. of Mafcrlnlpn Collvftc Oxford, b. Mth F^bniar;, IHUS, 

justice of the pcac-e for the* i-ouuty cif Noltingbau). 
Hary-Meliscent. m. 22iid Marcb, 1831, to tbe Rev. W.Snutb, M.A.uf Dunslon H 

Mr. Stcnde $. to tbc fumily estAiett tipon the demise of his brother in 1796. Hei 
a miigistrate and deputy- lie utenaitt of tlie county of Derby. 




The firnt meiitiou we havt* of llu- raniUy 
of StcHde, liviui; ul. or being- p'owe&.ied of 
ONttSACne. in the county of York, where 
BtAiiclf the old familv inari»inii, :iii<I other 
property, appears, eayt Ur. llunter,iTi»onic 
old writing of the time of Edwahd III, be- 
tween I3'2ti and 1377. 

John of. ia Stedf., resided, nemrdiu^ (o 
xeveral ancient deeds, at OneoBcre, in M17, 
M did |ii« ininiediate i>ucce»iiort), Tlioin»t), 
John, John, »nd Nicholas de la Slede. 

NicHoL-ts Stkade espouved Muy llevp], 
and wa» <. by bis son, 

Nicholas Steadr. who m. in 168). Iui» 
coasin, £lixabeth Sleade, and dying iu 
Mnrcb, ItilO, wiu t. by biD son, 

NiciioMs Stf.adp., etiq. who marrying in 
1619. Frances Hrif^hton. left at his dceeaNe 
in l&i3, a son und successor, 

Thomas Sxr-tOE, es<i. who was himself 
$. in IB86. by hi:; sod, 

NtcHOLAS Steade. esq. who m. in lOGLf, 
Har}', dnutcbter of William ^lilner, e^. of 
Burton Oningc, in the eoiinly of York, mid 
winter tr> Mrs. TleaQinont. from whom derivi-[) 
die UcHumonta of Bretton llull, in Vork- 

^liire. By her (who d. iu 17IS) be left 
i<ou and heir, 

Thomas Stkadk, esq. wbu eB[K>u»r<J 
leWJ, Miss Creswick, of Hurrowlce H< 
in the cfjunly of York, and was s. at 
demise in 1730, by his son. 

NlciHiMK SteadE, e»«|. who m. iu li 
Ann. daufrhter of Benjamin Miekirt 
«sq. of Ardsley, in the rounty of York,! 
hud a son and succewor. in 1700, 

Tkou^s Steadk, esMj. who wedded. 
176y,MeIiw"ent.d»utEhterofStrelley P« 
(•Ml. of BeaiiehielT \bbey. in the countyi 
Derby, and sister to Pett*r-Pe(f|fe Bi 
efti|. of Winkbounie HBll,Noltingfai 
by whom be bad, with other issue, 
Tkohas, his siiece*sor. 
BRoi:GllTOK-]lr.NJAiilN, present 

Mr. SU'ude dying in 1793, was s. bf 
eldejtt son, 

Thohas Steaoe. enq. a captain la 
3I»I re||r. of light dragoons, at whose 
cease, unm. in 1796, alCape Nicholas Mi 
St. Domingo, the estates devolved upon : 
brother, Broi'ghtox - Bf SJ«iilN Sti 
es4). now repxesentatiTe of the family. 

Armt — Arg. a rhe». between (lireel 
heads, rouped sa. muzzled or. 

Creft — .\ stag trippaiit argent. 

iv«f(ife<— At Woodseats, in tbe coan^ i 
Derby, and at Staoington, Worral, Wi 
ley. Burrowlec.Owlerton, Bentebongh.! 
Onesucre. in the county of York: must 
which Ynrkshirv estates bare bern for 
long a period in the {lossession of tbe fan 
that the date of their 6ril acquirement < 
not at lliia distance of time l>e precifcly 

SrnI — Beaucbieff Abbey Iteibythire, 



■DPNCOMBE. THOMAS, cBq. of Copgrove, in ilie county of York. m. in 1795. 

Emmii, daughter of the lale Right Reverend Doctor 
Jolii) Hinchrliffe, Loni Bishop of Peterboraug;h, anil hat 

^ m 


TtioHAK-HijNr.sBV. M.P. fur fliTtTord. 

Heitn-Jithn, in linly nrdcry. 

Kdwari], alM> in holy nrdf-rs. 


liinmat n. to Colonel Dawkiun. 

Pnincn»- Barbara. 



tV Dr-tcoNfiKX, oriKinally of BarU-y lind. 
July iif Hurl. itighuii), it|)rt-a() lliroiigli 
braochre into other coiintlt-K durijif; 
V-i^* of King Hkknv VIII. and hi» 

Flnw iRii VI. 
WiujtM l>i NCttHBl^, nf Iviri^hn, (nl tbr 
u( Ar hrrald'n ti^iUiliiin iu \GIA-i) m. 
■■l^liT iiT Jiihii Tlii'i'd, t:M(, nitil 
t'llKBfs of wham the upcond, 
A*Tii"»T iMixcnHaB, wq. of UrAVtoD, 

>'^ ' y of Bill' lis. m. .daughter of 

■ I of rf»e manor of Whitchurch, 

U III 1-.^1|(*, 

1. Chailfj (Bir), n hnnkrr in London, 
irbo served ihr t>ffii-i" of sheriff for 
thai riiy. atiiitt )7(H), and flMod in 
uiiie \rar»nnerwHrdi, the civil- chair. 
Sir Charln H. untn. itosseswi'd of iiu- 
tnrtt#f> irrnllh. arqiiiri'i] t)y hlDMelf, 
trbirh he deviiied to lii» nephewx, 
Aaibony l>unronihr. Ihr wm of hi» 
hrnthrr. nnd TboniM Broun, ihf> Aon 
I'l hi* autrr. 
1 \iiihony. who m. Jane.etdeRl dau)i;h' 
trr aad eo-hein'M of ihe hononihle 
'rrileriek Comwallin, and had uii 
ly toa. 

AwTMoM . who inherileil, at) st.ati*il 
abotr, a nii>i«ly of bid uoeU>, tSir 
Cb«rl«a Utmcombe'* lart;i' for- 
lOdit, and was elcvutvd U> ibr 
|ir<t-rji|{r by tpller* patent, dated 
ZWd Jane. 1747, u Lono Fever- 

sitftM, haroi) of Dowtou, in iba 
vouity of Wilttf. IliM hirdxhip 
m. thrice, but left iiWie only by 
his tliird wife, Aiuie, dnuKbTer of 
Sir TUoniiui Tinleii, a dau|;}itrr. 
Anke, who ffl. Jueiih, itecond 
Cnri of Radnor, by whom 
■he WHB mother of the pre- 
sent Evftt: OF lUoMim. 

His hjrd«hi|t ilyiuK tbii5, in 1763, 
n-ithoHt male iMue, the Barukv op 
FKM':R?iH(M bi'fiime extinct. (See 
liurkc'i ExIiKct ami Dvrmant 
Pee ray f. ) 
3. Maky. of whom preiicnUy. 

Mr. Duticombe'fl only daughter. 

Maky Di'Ncohbk. espansvd Tbo. Braun, 
eaq. of the rily of Lonili>ri. who iissumetl the 
auninme of OcMnuRF., and hiid an only 
tt'iii and ttiieeeiwor, 

Thomas Discombb, treq. of Ihincomhe 
Park, high sherilT of the couiily of York, 
ji) 172H. Thin genltemuii m. Mary, daughter 
of Sir ThomBS Slingaby, of KeriTen. brirt. 
l»v whom he had three iKin» ami two daiigh- 
tere, and dyinj; in 1740. was t. by his eldest 

TlioHAS DrwcoMBE, vtq. of Duneomlw 
I'ark.whom. Isabel, daughter of —.Soleby, 
eiM(. of Helmnley. in the county of Vnrk, by 
wliora h.- left al hint deeeaitf, llth Seplem- 
bcr, l»i;». (with several dnughterf), 



Charles, wbo^. to hU father's csfatco, 
and was elevat*!d to the pcprnge, Hih 
Jnly. lR2n, as LiiKD Flversh^h. 
Thoh AS. present po^Sf-Esoruf Co jigrovr. 
Slin^by, m. and hns iM;ue. 
Amu — PtT rlirv, ciig. go. iinil iir. Uirep 
talbola' bcaiU eriutKl. rounterrhanfcpd. 

Crrrt — Ontof nducal ooronrlor.'al 
hind |pg JiA. shoe arg. 

JUatto — Deo, regi. pstric 

EUatet — In the North and We«l R 
of Yorkshire. 

Stat — CopgTore, near Boroughbrti 



SALWEY, JOHN, esq. of Moor Park, in the couniy of Salop, b. 25th June, K 
to the estates upon the domuc of hifl father 4th Februar^r, 1825. 






Tlie Sew VMS. now Salweys. arc of Saxon 
origin, and wi-re settled at Cannae (the )>re- 
sfDt Kanfce), in the county of Staflbrd, at a 
period anti'ccdcMl to the Conqae»t — thence 
they spread into Worceelershire. Salop, and 
other flhireft. and have been resident at 
Richard's Castle, in Shropshire, for several 

Geoffehy dr Salrwrt held lands in 
NortoD-under-Cannoc. inthe coantyofStaf- 
furd, temp. Ueshy III. (1*210). 

WlUJAM Salrwey likewifle had posses- 
lleiia in the same place temp. Edward I. 
His 80I) and successor, 

KicHARD S^LFwev, Living in the reign of 
Bdward n. nns $. by his fton, 

WiUJAH Salwey of Cannoe, who m. — 
Mytton, of WestoQ-under^LoKard, in the 
i-uunty of Stafford, and was a. by his son. 

Adam S*lwey. of Cannoe, whose son, 

John Salwby. lord of Levcrofl. in 

Staffordshire, was cho«vii among tboM 
portabant arma nh anrp5lriA," In atte 
king SB a nian-at-anns and an esqti 
Franr«. He m. Isaliell, dauf;hter an 
of Sir William Tramwyu, kot. and 
son and succeasor, 

John Salwey, of Cannoe, whi 
lord of Stanford, in the county of W 
t«r, in the 3rd Uenky IV. and died 
t>{ the manors of Stanford and Ric 
('■astte. in the county of Herefon 
Hknhv V. He m. Isold, daughter oJ 
Washbome, of Stanford, in the con 
Worcester, and heiress to her tnuthei 
danghter and heir of Sir John Moaaoi 
and waa t. by bis son, 

Hl'hfkey Salwey, of Kanke and 
ford, who was the king's escheator 1 
county of Worcester, 22nd HrnrY II 
knight aiare^chall of that prince's CO 
Appears on bis monument in Stanford o 
of which he wa.t lord and patron, 
poused Joyce, daughter of Sir Koberl 
ley, Lnt. of Strelley, in the county « 
tingham, hy Isabell, daughter of T 
and si»ler of cardinal John Kemi: 
archbishop of Canterbury, and had it 

John (Sir), knt. who was in the 
diate cervire of the Duke <l 
rener, but being diMnberiied, i 
oneceetl lo the fiimily eatata 
m. Margery, daaghtcr of lluj 
deswicke, of Sondon. in the 
of Stiiflord, and left three 
his heirs, viz. 

I. Cicelley, m. x*> 




nJne«by. uf Hampton Court, ia 

3. Margart-t, m. to Kichiinl Bitl- 

dalpli, of Uiddulph, in the county 

of Stafford. 
3. Jojrce. m. first, to W. A^hbye ; 

and, secondly, to Rsulfo Wo)m>- 

ley, of WolMley Bridge. 

Tnomu, of « bum bereufter. 

Bdnnnd. n. tlin daughlfr of — Ilufg- 

hill, uf th« rounty of Hereford. 
boM, m. tu Richard Actan, uf Sutloa, 
i> the oouiily of Worvestvr. 


loius Salwet. uf Kanke and Slau- 
»ii Boai{BAl«d hrtr ir> tbc family pos- 
piM by his father. He lived temp. 
IT VTI. nod M. Jane, daugbtL-r of 
las Lygony of Mndderslield, in t1i«< 
[jr of Worceitsr, and was i. by hin 
I MB, 

»MJkt SaLwsT. who vrH» in ward to 
■itah-gvmuiD, Thomas Actan. a raurtier 
vrwDiaf Kinf^ Hiinky VHI. He es- 
4 Mmrgrry. dau^IitiT and ci'>-hi'ir i>( 
am PorteTt esq. of the county of Wur- 
r, «id bwl iasne, 

In-How. who WAS disinherited by his 
fklheT, and d. s. p. 

4tTlirB SiLWYT. who was made heir 
• Imf aad rrrovery. Hf was of the 
oAf^aer I'mp. Qutren Eli/abetm. 
f; Mary, daughter and ro-heir 
8««rlc. esq. of the dlv of Loo- 
id faMe. 

RtiiniBEV. his snccessor. 
Banry. k miUtary officer. 


ArAwr, In holy orders, rector of 
Sw^rfB .'*tolcr. in W'jrct*»ler»hirc, 
TUi gf ' d bffnrf the 

Bo«s« ' > 'the OAlh Oc- 

Hber. 1A49. 

Mary, m. to Rowland Bradshaw, 
rttj. uf Richards Cattle. 
Jailitfa. m. to Thomas Wythe, esq. 
of Droitwich. 
1. Jaa», m. In Sir Robert Pnnlow, knL 

C Maripiret. m. to Philip CorVerham, 
spq.ofWlfpnore Abbey, in thccoaitty 
■f Hereford. 

. AwH-t •■■• (A Prter Pnancer, esi|. of 
Marrton. ia the couatv of Herefonl. 

10, niixab^th. m. to •— Hainwariug, 

t»q. oftlif eounty of Chester. 
U. Alice, m. to Richard SLInner, esq, 
of Corflon. in the county of Wor- 
The eldest son, 

JltiMPHHEV Salwey, esq. of Stanford, 
jutttice of the peace for the connty of Wor- 
c'csicr, was a member uf thu lung parlia- 
ment. previoii»ly to 1663. Hit nt. Anne, 
second daughter of Sir Edward Littleton, 
knt. of Pilhiton Hall, in the county of Staf- 
ford, Bud bnd, M'ith lhre«^- daughters, five 
sons, vie, 

t. Eon-titD, hu successor Ht Stanford, 
and M.P. for Ornttwich in la'M. 
jointly M-ith the Right Hon. John 
Wjlde, lord chief baron uf Uie ex- 
chequer. He espoused Dorothy, third 
{laughter of Sir Erasmus Drydoii, 
bart. of Canon's Ashby, in the county 
of Northampton, and leA issue, 
EDW4HD. of Stanford, (of the Inner 
Temple}, barridlcr-al-law, at 
whose decease unmarried, the 
estates passed to hU sisters, u 
Mary. m. to Colonel Ro|;ers, of 
Linn Vuch, in the county of 
Monmouth, governor of Here- 
Honom, m. to — Hanbnry, esq. 

of tin- county uf GliimorftaD. 
EHxabeth, m. to Sir Fnincia Win- 
nington, km. solicitor-fi^enpml to 
King Ckarlks II. who hccAme 
sole possessorof Stanford, haTing 
obtained the right of the other 
two sisters therein. 
3. Humphrey, who had one son. Pos- 
tlmmous, a sea raptain, who d. a. p. 

3. Arthur, in huly orders. Rector of 
Sevenio Stoke, who m. the diiughter 
of — Gih-8, e«j. of Lindriilge, iind 
had issue. 

Arthur, in holy orders. Rector of 
Stanford, d. unmarried. 

John, iu holy orders, Rerlor of 
Richard'fl Castle, who espoused 
ter nf Richard Salwey, esq. of 
Richard's Cattle. 

Anne, d. unmarried. 

Elizabeth, m. to — Harris, of the 
city of Worcester. 

4. RiciiAHu. of whom presently. 



TW tmalk Mm. 

RiTRtBO Sjilvvt. cM|. of IUch»rd'« Cas- 
tlr.failhc cquitly of Hf ir fonl . a la^jor in Uitr 
tirliamentofy amty.wa^Bocc ^J wyrly M.P. 
for lh<f f-nantic* of WoTCe»irr (IQ^), and 
for WcMMorvlaiid (IttW). In 16S4 be was 
KKMrturtta MduMdor und^r ihe prour- 
fnnitf to ComrfMntlBOplc. » cootouHknier to 
In-lMrul, r«ii2»-r n( Wyrhwood Potrst, and 
Mmit of Wor«-*ter. He Mpoa*ril Annr. 
lUui-htrrnf Rirbanl Wanngf. «*q. Alderman 
n{ Lonilun. aiul had ism«, 

1. Jons, his micceuoT. 

^. lUchanl, of UiDdou, merrhant. nlin 
m. Karali, danghtcr of Samiirl Ucr- 
Vf'u\, t-sq, of Bujiiadocs, nml iiad 
with ih>vrral oUx-r c^hUdrpn, who nil 
it. uiiniarrieil, an only «urt iviiig 
ditURlilfr and lirirrM. Ja\£. who «■»- 
|MHWr<I Imt coiwill. KiCMARD SaLWE\. 

i.'nq. «*f the Moor.Pnrk. 
a, Ttioiiiiii, a Tiirkfv inorchanl. al 
Hniynin, who m. Mary, danghler of 
John t-'ri-cninn, vm). of Loiiiluii. and 
hy h<T (who fBpouiu*d uftrr hin (truth 
John, I<on1 Up In Warr^j he had iiii 
only Mti, Thoinun, who tt. tinmnrried 
nl nhoiit ihf* n|;r <if twi^nty. 
■I. Rdniird, i>f Stniirunl. in llio fviiint^- 
of TtMox, a Turkey nicrcrhant, »lio 
m. Ilnnnnh.iirrond ditii)chtf'r and <'o~ 
heir iif Thp(i|thiltin Ht-vi-ll, rmi. of 
liondon, and Ifft isnur, al liix ilciiibf 
in 17:11. 
ThrnphiluH, uf Snlwcy Houn*, 
Woiidford, in the eouuly of Ea- 
■FX, ii director of tlie Bank of 
Ktiiflnnd, who m. Mrs. Mary 
Oarlwrijcht, dniif^htj'r and -iolc 
ht>lrtH of itobiTt Drnnft, oiu]. 
of Walthnmirtow. but tt. ». p, in 
Hii'Iuird,orWoodford,lnthp county 
of Kii^i'X. ■ dircrtor of tlir South 
Hi*N tVtntjtany, who it. t. p. in 
Ilaiuiith, m. to Kichard Knollyn, 
ram. °f ^''<'''l l^ttts-t, London. 
'^ flrary. H, nnmarrlnl. 
0. Kitihfrtnc. in. IWIH. to Wtninni 
tV-krrltnm. riw], ol Wljrm*'"' \hl»cy. 
In ihr ciiunty of Hrn-loni, 
7. lluiHitth. Ht. Ui hrr i«ui>in. t>K- Kct . 
Jiihii HulMrr. 

M^or Sahrn mmt.hj^, 

JnH\ SitWLi, cs^ of Rkhar 
who ■. Jaae. dau^kirf aW keira 
iim Grifidk, e«i. of Ludloar. 
of Sutnrrsrt Hall, ra^ of Briafia 
conaty of Urrrfoid. by 'mham he 
thnA dasghtera, wIm d. f-mnr 
»otu. tU. 

I. Richard. bisa»pewnf, •! 
Park, and Hay ParL, tnlh 
of Salop and ilcrefurd, wl 
Eliziibeth.^ouuger fUatchte 
irr White. ee<\. of Uritlleti 
(Tpunly of Wilu. kihI co-hi 
brother Wiillrr. and had 
Jolin and Kirbard. wtw ba 
married. He e»pa>afed sre 
rniiain JaiK-. dnu^hler an 
of KEcliard Salwry. ^^a^|. o] 
by whom hf had an only 
and lut hrir of thi- line, J 
Benjiimin Booth. e«q. of the 

2. JuHN. of whom pn>5(^tly. 

3. H^-nry, I/>rd of tlip Mnnni 
in lht> founly of Hcrrfanl. 
dHiightrr nnd i*u-hcir of Dl 
tiiii- Ca-fyir. bu( rf. *. p. 

4. William, //. unmarried. M 
The fiet:oiid (non, " 

The Rev. Johv Salwky, M.A> I 
Riihiird'H Castle, m. in 1706, Alb 
and hnd iMiif!, 

I. .luhn. who rf. an infant in V 

3. Thomas, ^uccvs^r lu bis fj 

3. Eilward, of the Lodge, in ll 

of Salop, d. unmarried, in 1 

The eldest lurrii-iog son and heir, 

TiikKev. Thomas! 

of Richard's Castle, espuost-d in 13 

stance, only danghter of PrancU I 

esq. of Ledbary, in the county of F 

and bad i^ue, 

1. John, his successor. 

2. Tltomai». i , 

3. Robert, S ''■ >**""S. 

4. THKopHlLrit, nf tht> Lo 

ft. Mary, rf. yoiinp. 

6. Jnnr-Coostam.'e, who d. in I 

7. Frances, who d. auOi May. 
tt. Lncy, d. yoauK. 

U. Sarah, d. in IN28. 
Tlir Rci. Dr. S.itwry was #. by h 



t»m% IML«VT,«9q. nf UiL' Moor atiil Huye 

iififif iu ibe I'uunty of SAla[>, wlm m. fir«(, 

Anne, only tlaugbtcr of Thomas 

kttjth, c«(]. of tJTuQi-housc, ill tiit- 

T)' of ShIm)!, AU() llBl) tSStIf, 

1. Julin, d. an iufitnt in 177f>. 

2. RicHANO. taacetiior to hi^ father. 

3. Tht-upLiliu-. a licntenuit in ibc R. N. 
who m. 4tli SeptFUilK-r. IKiri, Mary, 

tAWNE^'"' "^ Tliomad DavieK, e«q. of 
>T Moor, aud by whom bv rc- 

tluil e»UiU-, and bod i»sue, 
Humphrf). A. I.ltii July, !«>:). 
Gr.tK>rf, 6. -iiKl Dftpmbt-r. 18tM. 
WaJlrr. *. IIUiMttj. ISOfi. 

Ilrrbert. A. 4th April, 1816. 
Aifrrd, A. 27lh April, 1817. 
Mary, (J. ill IH23. 
I. Eliubcdi. m. la LieulenaDl-Gfiitrnil 
Sir P. K. Kocbc, K.C.B. and tt. iii 
iu KAdwrinc, ft. luiniarrictl, in ItUH. 

TIk- ('Ideal surrtTiiig ton and lieir, 

HiCHARD Salwev, tTM). <if tlif Muor Park, 
and tbe Have Hark, A. 3(n]i Novt-ntWr, 
1773, i>i>p<iu8^'d Uftbellii, ibird dau^btfr of 
J(t)i Wa1k<T Uiuij^li, i-K(|. of Slotu-liuii»e, in 
tho county of Halop, nnd bad isoiie, 

I. JoHS, preuenl proprietor. 

3. Constancc-ItmbeUa. ni. IHtb May. 
1816, tu TUoiiiaA BritU-, estj. of Clie 
Ileatb, iu Ibe rounly of Sniop. 

a. Ktizubetb. 

4. Fruiifi-a, 
fi. Kuthfrinv. 
'i. Amelia. 

7. Cliarlulie-Murgiurftta. 

H. rctiliii-Sarali.rf, P<>Iinmry. 1HI6, 

Mr. Salwey d. 4lh Frbrunry, \iK&, and wns 
i. by bi« Mu, John S^I-wkv, Pi^q. preoetit 
rpprrwntalivo oflhi' family. 

Armih — Sii. u saltirr cugmili-tl or. 
Cmt — A Suratrt'ii'ft hvul. 
Vtftto — Fiat voluntas Pri. 
Seat — Moor pAfki.Salop. 


ALWEY. THEOPHILL'S-RICHARD, e»q. of tho T-odpe, in the connty of Salop, 
Et/ds >iarrb, 17.07, m. 9tb April, 1787, Aana-Mariii, yotiogi^r daughter and cu- 
tff TbomaA Hill, wq. M.P, of Court, of Hill, io the county of Sslop, tiid eldnt 
of tbul fninily. by whDia(who d, I3tb Aut^ust, 16r2) he baa luul laitie, 

C»»tili. A. I'itb Fi-bniary, 1790. 

TlM>aaB«. in lioly orders, A. ISIb Octotier, 1791, Fellow of St. John's ColI<^«, Cani- 
bj ' T of Oswestry, in the county of Salop, niid Rt'c-tor of St. Florrnce, 

in . '-.''nliirr, m. ill li^^, Fruiict-fl. diiiii;bter of ibe litte Henry Gibbona^ 

c*i|, of t,>awi-»try, and b»a IftriiiA, a daugbliT, 

0«ary. of Eifhiiin Park, A. *iUth January, l7iM, lalo lifuti'njuit-cnlnnel in the Cold* 
•irrsin fpiartU, who m. Mth March, ItKM, Klizabeth-Philippa, only dauf;bter and 
Wtna» of John Uoopcr Holder, esq. of Stanton-Lac-y, Shropshire, by KHzabeth, 
ymD^*\. d»UKbl«f «f Honornbl«! William Willinmn Hewitt, hmlhrr tu Vixcouut 
Uibnl. L/iird (Miancellorof Ireland, and ha« iftsue one ion and two daughter*, viz. 

1. E*lnMnl-Hi'nry, 1830. 
a. O'DiMaore-Kliza. 
3. A daujtbter. 

Inlisr. A. lAtb February, 1797, clerk in his Mi^rsty'tt Treasury, who m. '.2lHli July, 
IK34, Annr-Franref Pole, only daufcbtr-r of Vit:e-Ailiiiiral Mauley, nf nra^ie^s, in 
tit* nwoty of Oxford, by his wife, Frunced Pole, of Kiidbuurue. Derbyshire. 

KkWil, A. tftt l>«-itit>rr. IHOO, in holy orders, A.U. of Christ Church, Oxford, and 
Revtor ti Fawkham. kcat. 



of Packr orininnlly wu of 

.nPjiritK, or Finchley, a mer- 
lon, mpotufd Mary, diiui^tili^r 
fMi. of tfac Prinvipidily uf 

fntbor of 
PHEB P\rKR, lord mayor of 
001 1*1 Tliu ^(.'ntlcmiui, r 
hBltBTiBD, rereived t)t<> tioiinr 
from itiL- Proterlor Cltom- 
A member of the 1j9uriJ<^r'« 
purliiuni-'iil, oi Lord Packf. 
niiioii of Uie monarchy, Sir 
iiBUM^. »l tbf e\preK4 r«coDi- 
tbc Huiuv of Lunb, wtu 
list of prnwiDs itxireittiMl from 
'doo. " pronilod ihat he fihould 
il timr atTi-pt auy office, ec- 
ril, or military, or any other 
fiDenL" He vra» uccurdingly, 
citurus. who bad scr%-ed the 
mayor in the time of the 
01. deprived of the nidermanic 
Ithilruwitig into retirement, he 
fsently in (ijeal hospitality, nt 
■tonhire. where be wa« living; 
raid* viMled that i-uunty. in 
% liut died on the I7lh May 
loaf Mt yfara of Ago. Thid 
married three wives, but 
f by the seeond, Anne, diiuglt- 
Edinouds, esq. of Howell, in 
Lincoln, nod nioco of Sir 
khuUt comptroller to A'ia^ 

hkh. hia tncvestor. 
captain in the Flemish wars. 
Sir IleDry Goodriok, hart. d. 

. to TbotnaA Wilson, esq. of 

iqie, and d. to 1772, leaving 


, lo George Pochio, esq. of 

r, AiKt d. *. p. 

m. to Sir TbomM Belloi, 
r Moreton. 

t» pACKfc, esq. of Presiwold. 
of Leicester, a justice of the 
•bire, rsponsed Jiuie, daugh- 

ifrnaiw Clifton, bnrl. by Jane, 

, daughter of (aervase Eyre, 

, Notts, and had issue. 

Clifton, his succowor. 

Ctmrtcfi. who m. Penelope, daughter of 

Paul Jerikiiison, esq. of Hodseck. 

and d. in 1751. 
Am lie. 
Praneeti, m. to Sir Robert Clifton, only 

brother of Sir Gervotie Clifton, Tiarl. 

Mr. Parke d. 6lh September, 1«U0. and wan 
t. by bis elder son. 

Cl.irTo>j pArUE, *>eq. of Presiwold, who 
m. Penelope, dauglitur and heirei^ of Ed- 
ward Bate, ewj. of Maid's Morton, in the 
county of DucLiugbam, and had a sun and 
two dniightrrs, vix. 

Cii inr.p.!;, bin siicceasor. 

Penelope. «i. lo ilie Hon. Mr. Vernpy, 

son of Lord WillmiKhby de Broke. 
Anne, M. to Francis Stratford, eiu|. of 

Mcre*ale Hall, ui tJio count)- of 


He was t. at bis decease in 1707. by bis son. 

CUARLRK Packf., esq, of Prestwold Hall. 
This KL'"<lv>"»" cspousnl Rebecca, third 
daughter of John Harvey, e»ij. of Old Duck- . 
enhani, in tbc county of Norfolk, and dying 
Ist August, 1736, was g. by h'n only son, 

Charlks^ahes Packe, esq. of Prestwold 
Hall, h. in 1736, m. first, Charlotte, younger 
daughter of Thomas Poobin, esq, of Bnrkby 
Hall, in Leicestrrahin?, (by hin first wife. 
rhnrlntte. eldest daughter of Sir Edward 
IlufiM'y. bart. to whose estates Mrs. Packe 
evcntunlly succeeded) and bad issue, 

Ciiarles-Jahb5. present proprietor. 

Charlotte, m. to William 
of Kelmarsb. and bus iitsue. 

Mr. Patke espoused, secondly, Catharine, 
daughter of RoIktI Clifton, esq. of Loudon, 
and hnd other ebidren, viz. 

Roberl-Cbrtstopher, 6. in 17B3. 
Henry, A. in 17H6. 

Frances, m. in 17LK>. to Robert Andrew, 
esq. of HarlcstoD, Park, Nortbnmp' 
He rf. amb Oetol>er, I81fi, and was *. by 
his eldest son. (be present CiiARij'..s-JiHKs 
Packe, esq. of Presiwold Hall. 



Eli/Bhriti, M. lo — Cbnrlcy. vm\. 
Van. ut. to — Calvcrley, ftj<q. and 

Mauil, m. to — Newt'Jtl, esq. 
Bttrturn, d. uiimArrird. 
iJubn Ctfwprr rf. in \5it7, and wmm «. bj 

COVPBR. who f>#cpou«e(l. in 1A3A. 
.dM^rhtrrof — Matntraritit;,('!i(i. nnd 
In IM3. nuA >. )ty Ilia vuxi. 
lovt^CowpER, whom. ElfBnor, tlnu^ii- 
\m( Sir MicbocI SUnlio]M>, and Imd lwi> 

JoMH. hi* brir. 

ft>l|ili,«. to MtsA llowc.and Tla4 laaiie. 

fai I6H3. ind wua ». )iy lit« rider !W>u. 

CoirrRR. who n. ('nthrriDe, dauf^h- 

'— Duttun. i-Kq. ond finindaaKliti'r of 

t^pttDD, firvl Enrluf ttridgeHBtt-r. Aiid 

loMw. fats nreeMor. 

w. to — M«r«dilJi. uid U«d 

Binbelli, m. lo Thoma* Walter Sl 
Joha, rm\. und hud issue. 

X^mfrr H. in 1(S)», and wr# buried at 
k^ofi rhorrh ; " John Cowpcr dt^ Bob- 
Up vtM «. by hU »Dti, 
IK r<>u TKH. of BoMlvn. who i'^|>oiued 
}, 4aapbtrr of William Hron-toD, rsq. 

I W two iOBB. 

.foHY, U* niceemor. 

■mu. «. Alicia, dau^htAr of — 
F^rton. esq. and had iMuo. 
> im. and wa« #. hy Lift elder snti, 
TowpFR, caq. who w. Miiry, duu);h< 
beirrM of W. R. Haiidfun]. rM|. 
' u«ae. 
I \, hta Micceawor. 

1 nk*, m. lo Sir lljchard lulgeroft. 
''Mt. and had iiiaue. 
''■ry. Mi. to John HHinpAon, esq. and 

ii4 an only dan^hter. 
' -ik. m. toHirThoRiiu Ut-nnUun, iLOt. 
LuoWiIl, m, loSjrThoinii3H>dt'.knt. 

bvprr A. in 1701). and wu j. by hits 

ll»«C<i«rii. p«q. of Bosden, wbo eit- 

tklTni^Sarah, ilant:l>ti>r and )ieireK<( 

CopeaoicL, *?aq. of L^tiKley Park, 

fcy^w» and bad iasuc. 

«■». vbo «. in 1731. IlaDnab. dangb- 

Ht and britva* of Tbonuu Strettell, 

rt>q. of .\ablon, and dytii|{ before hia 
fiither, in 1728, ti^fl twn sous and a 
Uiiutthler, viz. 

John,* who inireeeded hi« (rrnnd- 
fatlier ut Bomlcn. m. Anne, 
dnntcbtrr of the Rey. Willintn 
Dodfrt', of SoHi^by. in York- 
shire, and bi« duughtpr^ Kwv. 
('ooPKK. espou^inK lht> Rev. 
John Heap, of HerL'thatii, Su»- 
*'x, was iiiiilher of lln; gircitfiit 
William - Dodge - Cooper (late 
Heap) Cooper, esq. 

Thoh^s. of whom pre^rntly. 

ta, lo Joiibna Royiancv, ri«q. 

bul 4. ». p. 
Rti»a)M>th, m, tt> .SHmiicl Oiile, e*|. of 
lljindforti. und had tvrn dmightt-rA. 

ElizAhetb Dale, m. to Willmiil 

Warren, esq. 
Uridtfv'il Dale, m. lo Meur>' Leigh. 

Mannah. m. to John Bennison, (>m). and 

lind a dfiughter, . m. lo I'lrtrr 

l^-igb, efiq. 
Mr. Cowper rf. Olh October, 17'i.H, and was 
t. by bin elder grandfOli, John Cooper, esq. 
HiA yonnger grandson, 

Thomas Coopfr, eaq. in. in 1740. Sarnb. 
daaghter and hrirew of Williniii Paulden. 
cwj. and had twelve children — eight song 
and four daughter*— ten of whom di«-d in- 
fantit : the youngest daughter. Sandi. died 
in I7H6. The youngest son. 

John ('onpFR, esq. h. Ifith January, 17fiO ; 
m. Jane, daughter of William Giddt-n, ew). 
and had an only daughter and lieireM, 

Elizabeth Cooper, who espoused ber 
lyiusin, William - Dodgr? - Ccwiper 
Heap, esq. who in coniiequenc'e 
changed bis suniamr lu Cooi'f.r, and 
is the prt>«M>ut propn<.>tor of Tudding- 
lon Park, Bi-dfonl«hire. and of Park 
House. MiddK-si'x. 

Mr. Cooper surved the office of sberiB* for 
the county of Bedford in IK12, and was «, 
nt bis decease by bin »on~ir>-lAn-, the pretient 
William-Bodge-Cooper Cooper, fsq. 

Arms — Gu. on a chevron hi-ttreen Ihreo 
lions passant org. each holding a hntUi*-a\e 

* This John and bis bmUier allvrrd ibr spvQiag 
of lb* BSim to Coopsa. 



Imt hmi bme by h'u second »)f<> 
(BUMb«di. dau. of Sir John M< lU-, 
knt. of Itf (his Hall) outy. Aniuii^l 
olhen. his too and beir, 

L Wiu-IAH, w)io m. Cnltirritio, dnii. 

r of Sir JoAeph Ashe, and had n 


AsHE.orFellbri^e. M.P. for 
the county orN<jrfo)k,Teii);i, 
Qurtm Anne, who rf. in 1740, 

I and was $. by bii» win, 
fatlier of the cetcbrnted 

Thtf eminent person was bom in Jjia- 
LflrdUay. 1750. In his seventh year 
RMa placed al Eton, and Wunoie i-on- 
I ainoiif^t his companions fur atiili- 
couragr. In 17W. he went to ilie 
Mrsfty of Glos^w, and the next year 
Irtemt Oxford ni a )(cnllemaii coin- 
'. At this period of bis life, he fell so 
I iMwest in public aOuira, that he was 
to know whowa9 prime minister. 
ilfcftt. as -a public siveakrr. vtas al a 
IcaJ BkcetioK in Norwich, and he there 
led, with KTCst energy, the Bubtcripiion 
!■ pp o gi e a a to sustain the American 
■ Id 17X3, he obtained a Mat in par- 
as representative for Norwich, and 
I. as at Eton, be was soon dLstinKtii^hed 
lajents aod intrepidity. Iti I7H;}. 
appointrd chief secretary to llie 
■Kntmant of Irclnnd. Upon the dia- 
UKRifst the uhi^s. in I7ii^, Wind- 
BttMhrd himself In tturke, and the 
:y*ar be was constiluled secrelar)--a(' 
, «idi the UDUsaal distinction of a Mfut 
ke rabinel. From thin time he held 
anri] the retirement of Mr. Pitt, in 
, St whose decease in lUtM, he resumed 
Hatioa of secretary -al -war. Joined to 
tt colonial secretary', undnr the Greii- 
inblration. With the whi):^ he 
I rrtirrd. and evt-r afterwards sate upon 
UyjHwiliiiii bennh. His death, wbicJi 
ftace in ISIO, arose from the following 
ttaikce. While pnrainf;. in the pre- 
yrar. by the end of Conduil-strei-l, 
tv M> Joly.J he saw a house on Rre. 
illl kis characteristic intrepidity, pnt- 
iDvanU the spot, in order to aflbrd 
HBstance to his power. He fmind 
w* rapidly advancinfr towards the 
of ihc Hon. Mr. North. whoM; 

4. Francis, d. unmarried. 

6. (leorite {Sir), d. unmarried in 162-1. 
0. Gtror^e. nnccstor of the Wyndhams. 

of Cromer, in Norfolk. 

7. Humphrey, from whom des<'endcd 
Thomas Wykdium, e*q. of Dtm- 

iHTcn CaKtte, in the county of Gla- 
mort^an, whose only daughter and 

Carolinp. Wynpham, m. 27ch 
December. ICJIO. the Hon. 
Wiudliiini-Henry Quiu, elder 
son tif Valcniiiie, f,<iril Adare, 
to whom she conveved Dun- 

valuable library he determined, if possible, 
to save from destruction. He labtmred at 
the tusk, whii^h he tlma imposed upon him- 
self, for no le^ thau four hoiint, duriu;; a 
heavy rain, and amidst the playing of seve- 
ral eri^nes. He laboured, however, not in 
vain, for niodt of the books were preserved ; 
but he Kustniiied a seriuus injury in the hip, 
by falling under the weight of some lienvy 
volumes: of the accident he tuok Htile no- 
tice, until an indolent enryjtied tmuotir bad 
been formed, when, upon tukin^ surgical 
advice, be found that it whis nt-cessary for 
him to submit to a painful and ilaugerous 
operation. The tumour was accordingly 
operated upon and removed. 17th May, IHK», 
bul unfavonmhie sympiums followed, and 
he expired on the -Ithof the following June. 
■* Windham generally acted," (says a recent 
wriler.)" as though he cared for no opinion 
but his own. He dealt hirffi'ly in piira- 
doxe^, was often Uiisv in his phild^iphv, 
ami occasionally advocated nonsense ; yet 
he had tlic credit of being an enlightened 
man, and of alwavit speaking a* he Ihoughl. 
A (^uixi^ln against what he deemed the pre- 
judices of the greul : he frequently startled 
the dull ear of some stalely sssoetale, by 
asserting that it was essential for the su|>- 
portof oiirnational intrepidity, lu encourage 
coek.-(ighlin^, hnll-boiting, and puj^ilism. It 
was his ambition to realize and embody in 
himself the popular idea of a tboningh Eug- 
lishinan ; hi:* eloquence was bold and forci- 
ble ; his opinions mAScultuo. generous, and 
tolerant. He had a most fervid alTection for 
the pastimes of our anceslum ; iiiid de- 
claimed with equal r^al and eloquence lu 
prove thft necessitj- of ibeir perpetuation. 
His popular predilections were so nicely 
balanced by bis loyally, that he erynyed the 



ravon Cni»t1e, &o. niid lit- iih- 
Bumctl till- atSilitidiinl siirnamv 
orWVKDIlJiM. Ilii* ratliiTWai< 
mtwequently creulcd Karl of 
Dunr»v«n nnd Mouijte«r]. mul 
Ito iiiherimi lliuee huiiuiirs 
binueir nt tlit^ decrasp nf tliai 
nnbleman, 21tli Aiipiet, \^l. 
8. Hu^lt (Sir), of Siltuii. This Reiitlr- 
man waa cjUImI in lln- ilf'grer itf 
Beijeanl-at-law Ut Juiio, ItUib. con- 
stituted otie of tlm barotiF of thr ex- 
clieiim-r in lrt7<l, and HiitiiirqiH-iiUy 
tritii!(f(-rrfd to the ttrucib of ihc com- 
mon -ptrajt, 
0. Wadiku (Sip), of wliom we are 
alimu to lri>ul. 
The ynunRcct son. 

8m Wadiuu \Vi\nm»i.i)f Norrinpton. 
in tlic count)- of Wills, \v«s one of llu- 
judge? of tlic court of kiiigV hoitcli. in UlfJO. 
H« m. Biirlmra. linufjliicr of Sir G<*orpp 
C'Inrke, tin. ofWalford, Nortliainptoiwhirc, 
•ind TiaJ, willi seTornl oltuT cliildrcn. 

rarf friitity, as » (luLlir man. of Ueiny iti 
liipli favour with tlic pcopht. tviihout n-iidipr- 
infc hiiitscir M nil mlious lo llii? sovt'ri'ifrii. 
He was muc-li In'luved in iirivali' life. Iii>i 
cliartu^ter heiiij; Aininlile, and Iiiit iton%f rftn- 
Uon Titripd, sportive, iiitolliK<^iit, aiid con- 
ciliating. So ilrcidedly hij^li did hv rank in 
poblir estimation, that tlie immediate nei^h- 
bourhcMHt of hi!> rcfiidcnrcr wua thronged wiili 
carriages duruig hit illurss. i-unliiiniii)( 
anxioa.< rnqniror-i an To thi^ ntnte of liis 
healtb ; hiit bouDr waa rrouded uitli frietid.s 
duriD); Die con«uItHtions uf ht^ medical at- 
tendanlji- All claS8e.s e\liilii|i<d ibc rau^t 
lively sympathy for hiti aufIV'rin)j;fi; and llitr 
kiag himeclf repeatedly dcpired to he in- 
foroied of tbe pronr^-MH of bis nmUdy ; eni- 
(ibatically d(^t:Iariiig lliat tlit.- expiring tteiiRtor 
was a RFnuine patriot aud a truly liouest 
mail." Mr. Wyudliaiu ti, uumiirrivd. 

[on. wbo ': 

T. .limv. of Norrin^ton, 

daujihttT of Thomas FoWI 
and left three Buns, viz. 
f . John, whow only dauj 
heirew. Annf.. wedded 
James-Everard Axunde 
in 17D0. 
2. Wadham, <f. f. />. 
:i, TlHiM\«t, forsevcral y« 
CH4NCF.iJ.nK of Ireland, 
elevated to Ibe peerap 
kingdom, »* Baros W 
of Fini;litB. Ili« lonlab 
ill 174A. 

II. WltJ-IAM. 

The second son, 

William W\noh*m, ejwj. of 

WiUsliiri'. m. Ilriirii-nd, dnUghUir 
hrir of Hrnry Stratford, enq. of ] 
ill tlie county nf Gloucester, aud ' 
hiK de^Teoae by htit »on. 

WiLi.iAii Wy\i>hah. mu). of D 
the county of WiltB. and of HawUti 
ei-stcrsbin', who m. Biirbara. dang 
heireii* of Michael Siiiilh, ejM). of I 
St. Itemnrd, in Wtluhire, and hi 
and fluc('e!W>r, 

WiLim* WvvDHiM. ri«(|. of Pin 
of Hawtinp. wedded FliKabelh, dai 
Sir ThomiiB ileathoole. burt. of 
Lodge, nnil wh!i v. a( hi* deccHBi 
e!dp!"t Kon, 

WiLLiAH Wtndkah, e»q. prraeti 
ftenlalive of this brancli of the fami 

Armt — Axure a chevron bc( 

lloiia' beads eritse*! or. 

Creft — A lion'* h«ad era 

fetterlock or, 

yfittta—Xu bon droit, 

Kttalet — DiSTOV, piirchnM'l 
NoRiiiM-.TDN, purchased ia II 

Stat — Ointoii. in the conntv 



iVIBOND, GEORGE^BRUDENEl.l^MICHELSEN,e»q. of Hatfield Peroroll, 
icoimtj of Esiex. b. fith March, 1796, m. 15th July. 1826, FranccB, second 
tier of AI«x«iMlcr Hatfield, esq.of Twickeiihiun. and grandau^hter of Sir Richard 
n. Mr. LoriUHid s. to the efitnte« upon the demise of hii father, in 1817. 


mvrt Hamiltos-. {^anAmn of Clawl. 
Lnd Paiftley) a distitii^ialKd officer in 
Irrln of lLm% WtitlAM lit. was olc- 
|tetlb« p«cra|^ in I7I'>, hh Bikon nnd 

EBoTK'E. IIU lordftliip rapousod 
dwighiw of Sir Henry Brook, 

pDAEairK, who ui. Snphiii, eldest su- 
toofiainra Viscount Liroerick, and 
pndeowwd hia futhur in 171.5, 

I. OflBTAVUB, iUCCMSOr to hls 
irniiidfalbvr, ai second ViacorNT 
BoVKC. Hix lordship d.g.p. 
and was t. hy h\A counin. 
3. Janm. d. ». p. in 1744. 
'Ctntvi-s, of whom presently. 

HBvtiivt's HAyiLTov. of KedwQod, 
Vuii's county. M.P. fur Bunc^iil. 
W ia I71(J, l>orothpa. only dnuglitcr 
Lord BcUrw, and had (with 

Frederick, who inherited from his cou- 
sin, as third Visciutnt Bovne, hot 
dyin^ iitDafttfSit, was s. by his brother, 
Richard, fourth ViscoumtBoyne, whose 

Gtr$TAvu», is the sixth and present 
ViscuCNT (see Burke'* 
CAnoLlNF., of wham presently. 
Mr Hamilton's yonii{;c!*l daughter. 
Caroun'e Hamilton, espoused in t744. 
Edward Lovibond, e»n. of Hantpton (son 
of — Ijovi bond, 'esq. a merchant and East 
India director). This gentleman wm a poet 
of some celebrity. Ho wrote seycral papers 
in the *' World ;" and hi4 poems, cotiMsting 
of 2 vols. 13mo, published after his death, 
display some oriKinatity of miinncr. with 
coiisidvnihle spri)^htlincs8 >iiid ingt-iiuity. 
He d. 27ih September, 1776, and was s. by 
hia son, 

GtuHCB Lovibond, esq, who inherited 
from his uncle, Anthony Lovibond ColHns, 
esq. the estates of llatfietd Peverell, and 
Sandon, in the county of Essex. He m. 
'Hind March, 1703, Martha, eldest daughter 
of Sir Elijah Impey. and dying in lK17,wu 
*. by his son. (>u>HOK-URL'oeNi'.i.L-Mi{:HFX- 
90N Lovibond. esq, now representative of 
the family. 

Armt — Ai^. a boar's head coupcd and 
erect gu. between three roundtes per feeue 
or and gu. 

Crrgl — A boar's head, as in llie arms. 

Etlatta — HatAeld Peverell, and Sandon, 
in I^ex. 

Town Refidenet — 23, Manchcsler-»quarc. 


ATTHILL, THE REVEREND WII.UAM, of Brandition Hall, in ibe ( 

Norfolk. A.M. probondary of C'logher, Rector ■ 
of the parishes of Fiiituua, m the cuunty of Tjl 
of MBg:henicutinoiiy, la the county of Fvmianft| 
April, 1776, m. Iflt April, 18Q5, Henrietta '. 
F.yre, eldsat daughter of the very Rm-erend 
MaimAell.D.D. Dpanof l^eighlin, niece of Robeii 
esq. of Macrootn Castle, in thf county of Cork, a 
to the Earl of Bantry, by whom he ha» iaeue, 

WiU-UM. in holy ordera, A.B. *. lllh July, I 

Rflh*rt. A. B.A. »th February, 1810. 

Richard, b. Ilth Aogusl. 1811. 

Johii-Grey-Porter» *. 31st December, 1812. 

Edward- Eyre. 



Henrietta- Elizabeth. 



This gentleman waa elected in 1796, a fellow of Caius and Gonville CoU^ 
bridge ; whence remonng (o Ireland, he obuined the preferment above ment 


This family deduces its origin from the 
rime of ili^ Norniau Conquest, at which 
period ju first founder came over iiilri 
England, snd i» 8»id to have home the 
name of De-la-Hov*. Hin grandson having 
»ftt)rd in the county of Berk)), llie surname 
origtiially riipiifying "Oftkt HiH," lietuine 
corrupted At tht Hill, and thiiice w&a 
shortened into Attiiiu. From this Ue- 
LA-How lineally descended 

KtcnAlU> Att'eiiill, of IJarewortli, in the 
county of Rerko, (who»e name, &c. are 
recorded in the Abhrevialio Rululu Ori- 
ginalium. 3Ut Edward I.) He m. Mnudr, 
dau)chter of Sir John Harley, ur South 
Wales, and had idsue, 

SmoK, bta nicceMor. 

Tboma*, in holy orden. 

Petek, of Walpolc, in Ihe coanty of 
Norfolk, who had a Ron, 
John, of whom pre«ently. 

Mnudv, H. iinm. 
Rirbard Alt'ebill. was t. at his decease by 
liLi cldent aon. 

SiHON Att'ehill, who died U 
only daughter and heiress, who 
ill IJ'AI, iH-r e<.iu»in, 

John Att'p.hiij.. This gvntU 
the fir^t of hi« family who aettl' 
c'ouHty of Norfolk, where ha de 
|ga\e lunee eoiitiuued (o reside, h 
ttoned among die benefactors of t 
»f Leweit, and li. leiiving i&»ue, OH 
a djiiighirr. Hv was interred in tl 
of <>eysnnck. Norfolk, wherv ■ I 
to bi» memur>' still remaina., !■ \ 
ni»le. He wa6 1. by his only 80a, 

W11J.IAU Att'f.hiix, esq. wl 
1354, Catherine, daughter of — A 
of the county of Norfolk, and ] 
two sons, Thomas and John, the 
whom Required the landi and tea 
Harewell, in tlie coanty of fierk 
without male issue. 

Thomas Att'p.hiij., the elder 
L-eeded hts father at \\'alpoIe. ' 
tleman was anHinic the Taliant 
of the chivalrous Edward 



lo h*Te difplayed on MTeral oucn- 
, proofs of the greatest valour ; for 
Mad other tcrvi4.'p», Edw«HO graiilt'd 
ntatrs to a considerable exieiil in 
KkiBfcfaanubirr, of which wc find mention 
A» CalcDdariutn RtiUilumm Patt^nlium. 
Ui2, in the fotUnring word*: 

*Rc& confimiavil Tliomat Att'ebill, iirm : 
in general' toUin, nnum niewiiuatfiuin, 
Tocat* Le ARprevil in Aileelmry, in 
«a«n' Backa, el alt* oiL-Hung' ib" ei 
dfti\ iLc, kc." 

m, in 1377, Mar^rcf, daughter of Sir 
I Coadoys, knu and had isMie, 
Thimiu. bis lucceuor. 
Kidiard. wboae aoB, 
Hekrv, inherited the family rstnles 
opoo the demiae of hia uoclf, 
nilUam, in holy ordera^ D.D. rector 
of Foxlry, in the county of Norfolk, 
to wbirb ttTing be wan presented hy 
Ibe Bishop of London, and other 
feolfeca of Rvgioaid Grey, Lord 



Att'ehil) J. at an advanced age, and 
*. liy liw eldest son, 
TncMtJ Att'f-HIIX, atwhote deceaii>p. tm- 
imrd. the family iiihcrjtanco di'volveil 
his nrpbew, 
«T ArT*tHiLl_ Thin (fentleimin's 
among the li^l of the gcntrv 
returned by the cnrnmisfiunrr^ 
Ign of Henry VI. He espoused 
Xar}-Tltere»e, daughter of Sir 
JHttatBorencie, a French otKcer, 
'. Irft with three daughter:*, 
BtKBlt. hia aucceMor. 

vu ; liy hl» elder ton, 

Rlui Arr'tyiLL, who fell in the ivar§ 

Katti, le««in)( an only son, who d. in 

The family estate* then devolved 

eaty brutbrr, 

Att'uill, who m. in 1471, Lncy, 

of Sir Kalph Murdaunl. and Imil, 

luifhnirs, an only son. hie «ur- 

p» BiouKD Att'uiix, knU who d. in 

ivioc two snos and two duu^htl■^t, 

iMrrred in the rhun-h of (Jfjsi- 

! hi* elB^ in bra«a vlill ri'niain^, 

e, bearing Ihv fulluKiDg iii- 

"Ornte A. i. k Riehnrdi AttliitI, etq. 
qui ohiilSeptmibris Atinii D. MOV." 
Sir Kirhard was t. at his demise by his 
elder son, 

Anthony ATr'HiLi-iesq. The family reni- 
doucc hnring become dilapidated, this f^vo- 
tlemun settled at Cawslon, in (he county 
uf Norfolk, where his descenduntij euntiimed 
to reside, antil they removed to Drajidinlun, 
the seat of the present proprietor. He m. 
in l.VIO, nnd had tusue, four Mins and two 
daui^hters, of whom the eldest, 

RiniASO ATr'iiiLi., esq, b. in IMd, mo- 
cpeded Ins father, and marrying ia IMM, hitd, 
inter alios, a eon and succcHor, 

Edwakd Arr'tiiLi., esq. a captain io the 
amy of ClUiil.Rs I. who r/. in 1076, aud was 
r. by his only surviving son, 

Akthonv Att'hiix, esq. of Cawston.who 
m. in IG^, Anne, daughter of Sir Thomas 
Lombe, kot. {maternal ancestor of the pre- 
sent Earl of I^odrrdale, nnd of Sir Richard- 
Paul Joddrcl, of Sail House, in the county 
of Norfolk, bart) and left, besides several 
daughters, two sons, vU> 

John, from whom the Cawvton branch 
is descended. 
Mr. Att'hill was s. at his decease by bi« 
eldest son, 

Anthony-Lombe Attkill, esq. of Dran- 
diftton, who m. Maria, daagbter of — Capoo, 
esq. and had issae, 

Anthony, who m. Maxy, daogfater of 
Charles Wclhcrnll, esq. of Norwich, 
nnd d)-tng before hEs father, iu 1768, 
left issue, 

1. AsTlin\Y-JoilN,succes»ortohia 

2. William, M.D. of Spottisham 
Uall, iu thv county of Norfolk, 
d. unm. 

3. Jermyn. H.E.I.C.S. </. abroad, 

4. Maria, m. to — Bond, of the 
county Middlesex, esq. 

Edward, A.M. in holy unlers, rector nf 
Sparham, and Foxsall, in the county 
of Norfolk, ti. uiui\. 

John. R.N. d. at st>a, nnm. 

Ltimljet, fN. Kliiabeth, daughter of — 
Johnson, esq. and- left iMue, fuor 
finiis, and tliree daughters. 

MRty, m. U> — Smith, of Cottis Itall, 
in the county of Norfolk, nnd hud 
with other issue, 



Hiiry, m. to Ihr Ri|;IitR<'v. Jolm 
PorUT, 1>.I>. l^rd llifthnp of 

Mr. Althlll n u) s. at hii decease in 1760, hy 

l«. Anthosv-John Atthiu, esq. of 

Braiiiliiiton.^rlic) m. in 1773, Sitralj, iluuKtiUT 
of — Howletl.fsq. of MnRilmin, ill the county 
of Norfolk, and had ieaue, 


U* tl. in 17^, and wa« succHiIed by hu 
onlv eon. 

WtLLiAH, the preiieiit reprewntAfifti 
the fanuly. 

Armi — Arjf. od a clievron go. three i 
coiil* or. 

('rati — Fimt ; a dpini fn't^n rami 
Second. ■ falcon or, ducally Koffted 
bi'Urd aud Icuslied of (lie first. 

Mnttaet — Honoraotefl me lionoratfo ; 
Monte de alto. 

Seat* — Brandiaton Mali, coontj of No 
folk. Ardrt>»s Ret'tory, county of Fei 
na)i;li ; and Dumlevea, in tlte cuuiity 


KYNNERSLEY-SNEYD, THOMAS, esq. of Loxley Park, in the county of Si 
ford, b. eth May. 1774. 

This gcDtleman, whose patronymic is Snetd, assumed in 1815, by sign manual, il 
compliance with the testam(?nlary injunction of his uncle Clement Kynoernley, 
tho additional aunuune and arms of that family : when lie succeeded to the Kyi 



According to an old pcdi^^rec 

** The family of tlie Kyuncralcy* t* very 
Rucient, heing sealed lonjj Iwfore dii- CuJi- 
qupsi in com. Hereford, in n castle soe enlied 
at present. In Doompsday ilooke it is re- 
corded, that when Ilie Conigucror van pos- 
sc»M'd of his newe kin^dumr of Englaod. 
hee sent his tTouiiss" throughout y* rrmote 
parts thereof, to know liowe everj- man held 
hit> laridn. In whieU tymc there wna an 

ould t(entlcroan that lived and was owner i 
K\iinard»ley Coslle, in eom. Hrrefurd: 
name John de Kynnardsley, atid by tltlti 
kiiit^bt (if any knifihts were before the 
•{lu-st]. Tilts outd iientleman wns blind. 
hml then liveing with him tM-clve tot 
whom witli himself he armed, and stoo 
his t'Bstlo K»tc, his halberd in his baiid,i 
teiiiLJiif; (he coroin;; uf sheriBs and 
comiss"* from y king, who beio^ airi 
deniundrd of him by what tenure he 
hih i-astle ami laiiiU ; y* old kn' rr|i!yed 
bii> nrmes, sbewinj; to them his halberd.* 

lil'iio DKKYNN'ARDStCYF if mentioned i 
neveral diarters, in ihe limo of HrVRT 
and n-as seised of the manor of Newl 
and other c»Iatt'!< in the cuuntiea of Olc 
ter and Hereford. This Hugh, a soldier < 
the rroM, accom]Mtnied Prince Fdward 
(he Holy IajuI. and received the honor 
knifchlhood ; upon which occasion he add 
the Jeruralem croMtes to hit arms, wl 
were beforu " az. a lion rampant ar." 

John ue KY>N*RD5LEif, in the Uttrr ■ 
of the reijpi of Eow^RD II. orihe beeinii 
of th.-it of Edward 111. espoused Johaa 



hcimuof T)iomsi.4 dn Ferrrni, 
tey. ID ihe coauly oi HtuQurd. » 
' braocb of die family of Prrrurn, 
r Derby, and ia writtrn J>omiiui» de 
rye. II r had a wii, 
DR KYN^AnDSLti[;,of LockcaU-yp, 
Jnaii, dAuchlf-r nnd h<-irf>s.t of Srr 
DeUut'kf, kilt, and dying 2.')r(l Kd- 
I. «u ». by Iiix sun, 

an IkE KVK»4KD!(LF.T, of Uxki'tt- 

bo wrddrd Elizabeth, Aiati-r inid 
kf Robert Salway* of Cuinock, and 
I otiirr iwue. 

IT OE KY!IWAKDSI.KT.ol^Loi'ko«U y^, 
msrd. firvt, Elii'.nbc(l), daiighfer nl' 
I Gyffoni, of Chillingtun, ktit. mid 
ft, JoiiK, his succeMAr. fie «. sc- 
loane. rrlict of Sir Thunuii? Tnni- 
f witom Ik* bad h »uii. Hfnr)'. of 
in Ibr county- of Hrrby. and thirdly. 
anf^tcr of John Myni'kl*'y, of As- 
^4. arib Henry vi. and was i. by 

Mt KtksaRD&LRV, of Luvkestry, 
larpirpl.daiighlrrof Robert AHion, 
, and liad, with other utmc, nho 

•MAS, hU lacccMor. 

C!t, «. to Julut ritz-Hvrbvrl, of 
I, ai. to Tbotnaj LnnKhain. 

KjmunUlry d. Rib Rdnard IV. 
t. by hi» wiQ, 

19 KYM*tiRns[.ev, of Lockpflrvc. 
ftnl. MarKaret, dnnglitrr of Jobu 
t Fwton, ID Ibc county of Derby, 

p, who m. Dorothy, daughter and 
irvH uf Pi-lit, iif Itid}(fr, in Iht* 
snty of Salo]), and |'»redt-i*e.-uing 
I AillM-r, left, nil)) othfr iMtu*^*. 
Tnomn, nccr^ior to bin j^iid- 

udM, in botv orders, rector of Leigh 
4 BlithAi'ld. 

llliji. m. lit Humphrey Minors, of 
mtr. m. to Rolwrt Whitcball, of 

m IhTbyaliirc. 

John Slrrluy, ofSlrclay. 
tbr-th, m.U> — Abt-lU'^n. 
K]rBO>n)«lry rii)ionM^d, tircnndly, 
ifduchlerofllumpbrvy Wolrych, 
t o( Hrary Petit, of Itad^rr. by 
bad furihi-r iaaiic -. iind thirdly, 
u daaitlittir of William lluMejr, of 

Kinc'x Bromley. Mr d. muh Hk\kv VIII. 
and waa m. by hiit );ntnd»un, 

Durot})y, dauKhlcr uf Sir Philip Draycot, of 
Pcnsli-y. in tliL- i-ounty of Stafrord, and bad 
Am'iiunv. bi« successor. 
Tialiih, of Uridgcnortli, in the coantyof 
S«]o[i, who bail nson, FmiicU, r/. M.p. 
Philip. > . 
Nirhol«9. \ ''■ *■ ''• 
in Uil3. who m. Jitiic, dntif^hlcr of 
Rirhard Jtihniion, of Chmter, and had 
«f>vfr»1 Aonri ;itid ^mnditon* in tbv 
service of the parliament. 
EHzabclh, ) , 

II,]...,. 5 ''•'•/'• 

Klizabeth, m. to John Cnme^, i>!tcj, 
Annf. wife of John Aron. 
The eldest son, 

Aktmiisy KiN*ROsr.K>, V9f\. of Loxley, 
succeeded 1u the cnuiti-* in th<; .'lllb I^liza- 
hf-th. He m. Iitiibcll, daiiKlitrrund tirircwof 
Le«iri WalkiT, of Braiiiiibnll, and had issue, 
Frwcis, his successor. 
Edward, who m. Margaret, diLUfcbtiT of 
Willinm George, ewi- nnd n'lvc: of 
Sir Jithii (ii-or);4>. by whom lie bad 
several children. 
Mnry, m. to Henry Muinwaring. esq. 
of Caiinghum, in Chedhire. 
Aiilhony Kiriiird.-B3ey WM r. St bift deeflUfle, 
ill I()2-2, hy hJH aoii, 

Fraxcin Kinakdknley. esi). of Loxley, 
who marrying L.'lltce. dn.igliler of Richard 
Ungot, es(|. of Blithfiold, bad, with other 
chiUlrrn, u aon, 

Thomas KynnekM-RY, eaq. hi* iacee^sor. 
ill 16>')4. This gentleman, who w.iii rtV-rlff 
of Shropsliire iu i(J53. m. Eliaibeth, dangJi- 
ter of Ralpb F1oyt>r. of Hints, in the i-oimCy 
of Sti-klTord, and had « son .tnd surcemur. 

TiiiiM*!* K\NNF.RM.i'.Y, e^tq. of LoxIcy, 
who N.. firftl, Sarah, daiigbter of— Clarke, 
esq. of Watford, in tbeeoanty of Northanip- 
ton, by wbom he hiid iH.4ii(>, 

Thomas. Iii» »ucce^»or. 

G«wge, rf. in 1«57. 

George, tl, in ItKk). 

Surah, rf. yuunj;. 
Hem. Mtcundly. .Man,-, daughter of — Jodd- 
r«U, esq. of Twnmley. nnd bad further issue, 

John, of Badger, who m. Miss Aiinti 

Clemetit, of LUloxcter, */. t. p. 



Etixabelh, m. to Waltrr Horton, esq. of 

Catton, in tho county nf Derby. 

Lvnice, m. lo Ralpli Adderley, esq. of 
Cototi. .SLiirnr(t«Iiirc. 
fifr. Kynnersley d, in IGGi, and was i. by 
hi« pidfst Mm, 

Thohak Kynkkhslev, esq. of Loxlcy, 
b. in l(iA4. who eApoit»ed Maiy', diiu^htiT of 
John Looduii. of Lttini^ton, mercbant, aud 
was ». upon faiii demise by \a» sun, 

Thomas Kvsnersley, esq. of Loxley, 
wbo m. Burbani, tldvst daughter of Sir Gil- 
bert Clarke, of Chilcote, in Uie couuty of 
Derby, by whom (who d, Jo 1717) he had 
fourteen children, of whom six only sorrired 
itifiiiicy, viz. 

Craven, his successor. 
TMOHAS,whoinberia'd from his brother. 
Barbara, wi. to Sir Juhn Frederict, 
hart, of Hampton, iu the couuly of 
Mary, m. to — Kirby, esq. of Leicester. 
Dorothy, d, unmarried, in 1760. 
The elder son, 

Cravks Kvnnersley, esq. of Loxlcy, 
waa aufDrtunately killed in the park at Lox- 
lcy, by the acfideiitnl discharge of hisfowl- 
inf;-piere. He had m. Jane, daughter of Sir 
Edward llaKot, bart. of Blithfield, hut dying; 
thuitin 1736, and leavirifT nu issue, ttw estates 
devolved upon liis brother, of Loxley, an 
officer in the navj-, who m. PeiielajM*, only 
daughter of John Wlieeler, esq. of Wootton, 
in the county of Htafturd, and had is«ue, 
John, i/. in I70C. 
Ttiomas, d. in infaoey. 
Clehent. succesAor to his father. 
Penelope, who m. John, Sueyd, esq. of 
Bishton. aud afterwards of Belmonl, 
io tlie county of Stafford, and bad, 
with several older children, a son. 
Thomas, who inherited, by will, 
from his uncle, Clemenl, the 
Kynnerfrley estates, and asjuitu- 
Ing lltat additional surname, is 
the preuent Thomas Snevd- 
Kynnersley, esq. of LoxJey. 
Doratliy, m. fir^t, to Thoman Byrche- 
Skvafrp. esq. of Elmli-y LVtle. in tlie 
county of Worcester, and secondly, 
lo Hnlph .\dderley, esq, of Colon. 
Barham, d. nnmarriird in 1782. 
Mary. m. to Charles Augustus Loui^ 
Frederick Baron dc Bodf, and d. at 
M«www in IH14. 

Catherine, d. unmarried, in ttiU 
Mr. Kynnersley d. in 1755, and wa 
his son, 

Clemevt Kynnebslet, esq. of I 
who m. Rosamond, daughter of Sir V 
Dixie, ban. of BoAworth Park, in the 
of Leicester, but dying iB«ueIcss, ii 
wilted his property to his ncpbew. T 
Snevd, who has assumed tlie udditioi 
name of Kynkersley, and is the | 


This is a branch of the ancient fa: 
Sneyd, of Keel, in Staffordshire, spi 

WiLUAM Sneyd, esq. of Keel, and 
well, nheriR' of the county of Slaffur II. who espousixl Elizabetl 
of Robert Audcley, of Gransdeo, ai 


Kalph, of Keel. 

The second son, 

WiixiAM Sxeto. psq. of the Bircl 
ibc ruunly of SlaSbrd, m. Sarah, da 
and heiress of — Wcttenhttll, esq. of 1 
bouse, in the same shire, aud had bn 

Ralph, his auccesaor. 
Wettenhall, d. in Ireland. 
Richard, who m. Anne, dnugl 

Charles Addcrley, esq. of CI 

field, hut d. $. p. 
Elizabeth, m. to Samuel Adderle 

of Blakehall. 
Mar}', m. to Walter Chetw}-od, i 


The eldiuit son, H 

RiLPH Skp.vd. pm|. of Bifhton, m. 
brth, daughter and heir of John B< 
esq. of Bisbton, and had, with other 
a don and suecetUKir, 

Wati-tM SsF.YD.caq.of Bisliton,« 
poused Susan, only danght<-r of Job 
monds, esq. of London, and had is«ae 

In 1767. ^1 

2. John, who m. thrice, bat had 
only bj' his first wife, Pcki 
daughter of Thomas Kvnnki 
esq. of Loxley, with seiai|| 
children, ■ 

Wiixjam, of Aahconib. ^ n 


Ao m. in 171)0, Jane, ilnuj^hliT 
beirew of Simon Drhank, 
'Lrvk, and bas iame. 
, of Huntley Hall, who m. 
ffnt, in 1813, H«Ieit, dau^hur of 
ftifil BtioUi, in CheBhire ; and, su- 
condty. ill IHSd, ElizR-CaUieriuB 
CottoD, daughter of J. Green, est). 
of Dalbory, Uerbyahire. 
THou«»,Mbu bas aiMumcd the sar- 

tSUOe of K YNNF.AKLP.Y, and it* 
MRSLtY. cMi. of Loxlry. 
EliMbrih, m. tn Willinm Lloyd, esq. 
wf AMou, in the coonty of Salop. 

4'. SnMiiiia, M. to H. Povyg, nq. of 

Arm* — Quarterly; flret nnd fouiib. for 
Kykkf.K!<i.ey, ax. aetni^e of croK'ii'9 cro^lr^t, 
a liou ranipant at^. Second aoU third, for 
Snf.yD. nr. a scythe, the blade in chief, t)u; 
lined, nr handlit, in bend ftininter, s-ible ; in 
the fess point a Cleur-de-lit of the second. 

CWttt—¥iJT Kynnekslky, a mount rert, 
ihert'on ti i^reybnund Hciunt ar)f. collared nr, 
under a hawtliorn tree ppr. For S\kyii, a 
liun Ktataiit piiirdant, the tail extended va. 

MiHlv — \ec opprimere nee opprimi. 

t^ttUft — III Staffordshire. 

Stat — Loxley Pork, in tbe coaoty of Staf- 


lOORE, GEORGE, esq. of Applebj-Parva, in the county of Lekeitor, l>. 17lh 
inber, 1811. «. his father 23rd Juoe, 1827, 




rily UcrirrK from the Moores, of 
lUnk Hnll, in Laiieusbin', niid 
,antit)iiilr. Aniung^t iu iince«tor<i 
mentjon tnay be made of Sir Wil- 
• Morr, who wad adviinced tn ihf 
kDighc-bauiuervt by Edward (he 
k. Prince upon the field of, 
lABU-a MooRK. of Strettoa. io the 
ty «r IVrby, purchased in tbc 4lgit £u- 
pB. of Htr Edward GrifTin, kni. the 
af A|>pleby Par>a, in ihu counties 
aad Uvrby. lie eipoiuod 

Cicely Tate«f and had, with several other 


CiliKLiiS, his successor. 
John (Sir), knt. a citizen of London^ 
who wiw elected alderman of Wal- 
brook ward in lft71. chosen cheritTof 
London in 1072. and raised to the 
civic chair in IQSL For his eminent 
services during his mayornlt)', King 
Chaki-F-s II. granted to him and the 
de»eendants of Charles Moore, hi» 
father, an honourable augmentalinn 
to their nrms, viz. " on a raaton pi. 
a lion of England." Sir John Moori; 
ti. t. p. in 1702. 

George, from w]«om descend the Moomes 
of Kcntwell HaU. 

The eldest son, 

Chahifs Moorc, esq. lord of the manor 
of Aiipleby Parva. who succeeded his fulher 
It) IGM, m. Kebecca, dauglilcr of the Rev. 
Thomas Mould, rector of Appleby, and 
dying in 1700, was t. by his eldest son, 

TiioMAJ^ MooRP., eyq. lord of the mnnor 
of Appleby Pnrva. Tl)is);entleniannt. Mary, 
dnu>;hter of Thomas lleaAcld, estj. of Ap' 
picby , and had four aons, viz. 



1. Chariefi. d. in infnncy. 

2. GtuRtiK, nin:cc5M>r to his fatlier. 

3. Julin, who«e nan, 

(Charles. itvLerited from )iis nnvlc. 

4. Tlioiua», who Imd i^siir, 

Thohab, in lioly orders, of mIkiiu 
pretently, »■ KaccesMir to liiii 

COiuill ClUBLKS. 

Georor, who inherited from bifl 

John, in holy orders, of n«]itlcy, 
in the comity of Wam-ick, wlic 
Mr. Moore d. in 172A, and wa« s. by h'u 
eldest BunivinK *od, 

Gkoiige Moore, esq. of Appleby Parta, 
who served the office of iheriO' for Leicester- 
shire in 1728. He died unumrried. 13th 
July. 17&1, when the eftlatn devolved upon 
1)19 nephew, 

CiiAaLF.s MnoRE esq. LL.U. F.K.S. &c. 
of the Middle Temple, hnrnMer-nl-liiw, who 
m. RHxabeth. dauslitLT of Jobu Mould, esq. 
ol* Kentwall Hall. SufTulk.. but haviof; tio 
issue, waA >, »t his decease, tSth May, 177&, 
by his cousin, 

Thk Rev. Thomas Moohk. M.A. of 
Appleby Parva and of Heniley, in the 
county of Wanrick, an estate he inhentnl 
from his father. The Ilcv. Mr. Moore 
dying nnnmrried, yth Fobruarj', I7l>3, de- 
viseil his miuior and estates of Bentley to 
liiD youngest brother, nod the po«»caision« at 
Appleby to his eldest, 

Geurue Moub&, eiq. of Appleby, sheriff 

for Leicestenihire tn 1794, and 
lieutenant of thut county, who m. 
belb, daughter and beire&s of V 
Darker, e»t\. and was <. ni hin deni 
IHia, by his eldest MD, 

Gforre MonRE.i-sq.ofSnarentooe 
in the county of I^eicester, who, bcai 
herilinf; from his father the manor i 
pleby Pana. with otiier large estmtei 
counties of Leicester, Derby. WarwU 
StafTord, siireeediil to the poiwesai 
Brntley upon the deceaM-, issuelefts, 
uncle the Rev. John Moore. He *er 
oflire of sheriff for Leicestershire in 
and m. firsr, Sitsan, dauglitrr of Jobs 
mond, e^. of Megfjim-h (Wtle, in thi 
Ij of Perlli. by wliom he hitd tA5ue. 

GKORiiR, preitent proprietor. 

S tuutn- Dnimmond. 
He espoused, secondly, Elizabeth, da 
of Frttnri»Siurt.ewj. of Alderwasley, 
wninty of Derby, but hud no further 
Dyinn -Mnl June. 1827. the csUtes de 
upon his only son, George Moori 
now representative of the femily. 

Armw — Ermine three grerhouid 
rani, in |mle, sa. collared ru. and i 
ton o/ the third, a lion of England. 

Ctfst — A moorcock sa. gatt^ or, tW 
comb, wattles and le^ pt. the wiii| 
pandcd. bolding in the beak a 
healli ppr. 

-Vo«o — Noil civium ardor. 

•Srol— 8oareslone Ixidge, Lei< 



trON-WHARTON, ROBERT, esq. of Old Paik, in the county of Dur- 
ham, and of Crinkle Park, in Yorktthirc. b. in I7G0, m. 
Rnt, Miitt Penelope Suinsby, and tiui iiiuie, 

RictURD, h. in 1705, an offic^er in the army, m. Prancts 
Penelope, daugliler of lieutenaut colonel Wuisun. 

iViiiie, IN. tu Jubn Wilnififit-Id, esq. uf IK'Bluo Ilnll, in 
the nmnly of York, and ii. in 1HI5. 

Prances, in. to John Wilkinson, esq. 

Elizabeth, in. to Jauies R. Watson, esq. 

Mr. Wharton- Myddleton ej'poiisod, secondly, Kiizubeth 
Sophia, daufrbtcr of Captain Pocorkc, of drat rc^ment of 
life {pianljs, by whom he hm furtlicr iwue, 




p fuaHy poswaiMiu upon the demise of his father, in 1794, and inheriting* 
^ WtatM at the death of Sir Thomiu Keron-Myddletnn, hnrt. in 1801, he 
• •unuine of Mydplrton, in pursuance of the wilt of his maternal grand- 
ici* Myddleton, eaq. of Offertun. 



|Py, which derived itri «aniame 
jb lordship," situated upon tlie 
fit of forest auttquity in the itorth 
■ One of its members t^poiisid 
|of Kiny Edh'akd 1. Iho daughter 
I of — Elaatings, and thereby ac* 
lla>d< of Cumberland 
tiinvd in the family until (be df- 
flip. Duke of Wharlon, in 17.11), 
tr arm* : ensigns which still con- 
j Ihrir dfseendaut, the prcseur 
hrtoii Myddleton, esq. Theprenl- 
dwB oftbc bcin-ss of HastinK», 
WiuRToiK, of Wharton, on Ibi- 
beEdeo,li*ing in 1400, possessed 
f, m. Elizabeth, daugbtcr of Sir 
but(ra«e, Int. of Harchi CiiKtle, 
fetjr ofWeAtmori'luiid, and bad a 

iWhjirtoa', of Wbarton, who held 
^ najTying die daughter of Sir 
Irtkfr, knt. of Lowthrr, had if^»v. 
■ST. of Wliarton and Croglin, 
l*u Krandfatl)er of Sm Thowa^ 
UKTOK, knt. GoverDur of the 
b ud castle of Carlisle, who. in 
MUi IIemiy VIU. a»9U>ted by Sir 
liare Mu»j:ra»r. at th«> hfad v( 
tkrre hundred meu, i^ullunlly 

reitivted an incureion of the Seots, put 
thetr to the rout, and madp prisonent 
of the Earls of Cai*8ilid and Olencfurn, 
with Acvfral other prrAunagt's ufiiole. 
In two year* afterwards be marched 
into Si'otlaRd with the Lord Uaere, 
and wan al (hr taking of Dumfries; 
furwhifh.nnd nlher eminruttu'rvicea, 
li» wM «ammnned to parliament as 
B^noN Wii\KTON. 30tb January, 
IMA. The lineal descrndiuit and re- 
prPscntaliveoftlUsemineiit nobleman, 
Philip Wharton, sixth Lord and 
second Maniuis of \Miartnii, was 
ereated DvKf. op Wharton 'HHh 
January % 171 H. Of this, the ec- 
centric, witty, and gifted Lord 
Whnrtnn, Walpolu thus sppHks. 
■' With attachment (o wo party, 
though willt talents to Kuvem 
any, this lively man ehatiged tlie 
free air of Westroin#ter for the 
eseurial ; the prospect of King 
Oeorue's Carter for the Pre- 
tender's : and, ffitb indifference 
to all religion, the fro[ic lord, 
who had wrtitcn thr ballad on 
the Anbbiithop of C-mtrrbury, 
died in the hnbit uf :i capuchin. 



for joiinnt; the Chf.vauf.r. d. 
ill 1731, when ali hit Aonvur*, 


imleiiendeiitly of the attainder, 
became extinct (Sec Bnrket 
Extinct and Dormant Perrnp^); 
but were Ihal avt rcpt-alfd, the 
IliKOMYWDukl then be vested in 
th« present Manhionesa Dow- 
ager of CLolmundvlcy, Lord 
Wninnghby de Krrsliy and 
Cbarlea Kemey»-Tinte,eftq. M.F. 
ufHalBewell Uuui»f,indi>croDnty 
o( Snmersrt, as descendants oi 
I'hUip, Tounb Lord Wharton. 
2. GiLBKKT, of whom preseiitly. 
Tbe aecond »oii, 

Oii-BF-RT WtiABTON, M. JiMUt, daog^hter 
andheireanof — Kirkby.cif KirkbyThorc.iii 
the (.'ouQiy of WeEiitmoreluud, and bad issue, 
JniiN, liU suct^eMor. 
Edward, Hector of Wharton. 

Henry, Rector of Kirkby Tbore. 
Gilbert Wharton dying in 143fl, wan *. by 
his eldest son, 

John Whartov, of Kirkby There, living 
in 1461, who espoused Is;ib«l, duiigbter »nd 
eu-heirof Juhn Lniica»ter,of Rrnmptoa, and 
relict of — l>e Fleming, by whom be bad 
two eons. viz. 

I. John, bia siiccesMtr. 

II. Chrititopber.ofUffertoii, in the county 
of Diirhnni, who«e {;rt'ul graiuWiii, 

Christopher, of Oflerton, marrjing 
Alice Shepper*oii, left an only 
dangbter and heiress, 

£LlZABeTll WH«HTOS,»bo es- 
poused George Hyddletan, 
en), of SilksworCh, lineal 
desc-endant of Sir John Myd- 
dtrlon, of Ueleea Castlu.aad 
thus conveyed the estate of 
Offerton to that faintly. Eli- 
zabeth Myddlelon was 4. at 
her decease by her second 
Fraiit'id Myddleton, eaq. of 
Oflferlon, who was hitnself 
t. by his son, 
Kirbiird M j ilJIelon, r»q. of 
Offerton, who m, Catherine, 
only dauKhler and heiress of 
Nicholas Convent, nf Bowl- 
by and Kasin^^on, a staunch 
royaJisl. by Jane, dauf;hter 
ofSir WilUatu Lamblon, who 

was slain at Hand: 
and bad issue, 

1. Fhancir, wliod 

t2. Catharine, wl 

Culhbert Hc^ 

and had a soa^ 

Sir Thomas 1 

wbo aMmr 

surname ol 

without ma 
in IHOI. ibi 
passed to hi 


TUN, esq. I 

S. Mary, who its. 

Wharton, esq. 

graiid»on is the 

Ri'BtKT W« 


of Old P«E 

John WbartOD was t. at his 

eldest son, 

John WhaBTok, of Kirkby Thc«t 
sel to Lord Clifford 21st IIenky V 
espoused Elizabeth. dHUf;hti-r and e< 
— Fcnwick, of Wallinglon, in the 
of Northumberland, and had a son 1 
L-eiMor. J 

Gilbert Whahton, of Kirkt|| 
who m. first, Catherine, dauRbtcr 
Marhell, esq. of Cnickenthori»e, 
county of Westmoreland, and had 1 

JoiiK, his successor. 
ITe espoused, secondly, Eliuibrtli. d 
of — Crack enthorpe, of Newfai| 
whom be had, with other iMne, ■ 
Akth<)ny, of Rtgwell Grmsg 
whom isprang the Wharlaiu 
Itngwood, since eMinrt in tl 
line, but now represented 
females by 
John-Hall Stevcxso 
Skellon Ca«Ue. who 
by royal license 
and arttifl of Wharton 
of those of Stcvensoa>_ 
Gilbert Wliarlou d. in 1561» aadB 
Ills eldest son, 


m. Cicely, daughter of &U WiUias 

borough, of Selsall, in the county 4 

(norland, and had issue, ~ 

T)iiiH4»>. of Kirkby Thorc, 

line became extiiiet in I 

JniiH, of whom hereafter. 

The second sua, 



I Wh ASTON, of Winston, In the comity 
if Porlum. was a. Ii) hu son, 

i«HK WiMRTov. esq. of Winston, wbo m. 
■^keth. daughtrr of Rogpr Hwl};soii. of 
WWMtm. ThUf^nntlenutn, niio piirclinscd 
DU Park, d. in 1028. uid wax /. by hia son, 

Tli<>M«« WmuTov. M.I». of OIJ Piirk. 
kin lAH. Tbi-4 cPDilMnim was the i'4-lr- 
Iniid Doctor Wliirton. trim continued to 
Ibctfce phi^ic in London during Iht* tlrrad- 
II pin|^ of Ifi(t5, and to whom King 
tkuiaEi n. |;nntfd, in consideratiou of 
venunml scrvicra in attendance upon tJie 
fefcvf Ibe foot gnnnlji, an lionniimlilc- aog- 
lo bis paternal rout of arms. viz. 
•r. l>r. Wharton, tlie friend and 
of A^holmo and Sir William 
UK/die a«trolo;;er. 4. in Iff74, Uraviog by 
■i wtfr, June. daoKbter of Willinm Al- 
fM^ii, esq. of London, sn only ntrririnfr 
taMd nigef—of, 

I TKnitaa Whartom. M.D. of Old Park. 
Hy MiTi»d twice, bat had iswie only by 
[jfcn wife, Mary, daogliterof John Hall, 
PbufujB, vie 

Geoeoe., bii ncccMor. 

Ambm. S all d. infantB. 

Mm > 

Roust, tacc*nor to his brother. 
^tWiMU, N.l>. who went to VirKiuia, 
id dL in 1746. 

^jj[^ > both i. unmarried. 

tiar. Ri. to John Carter, esq. of Essex. 
iThMBM Wharton dying in 1714, was «. 

WN4HTOK. M.D. of Old Park, 
idrccnse, without tMur, tbc family 
) devolved u|M>n bis bruilifr. 
WtlAnriiN, nK). of Old Park, 
raf Unrliaiii, wbo na. Mary, dnii^'htcr,in the 
paMne (refer to descendanis of 
lapHn, second son of John Wiiar- 
,af Kiii.b]r Thore, living in 1401). and 

TwiBAS, his successor. 
R>rit«rd, mayor of Dnrhant, h. in 1721 , 
wb» ■>. Anne, dauftbler of — Lloyd, 
H|. of Wnles, and had a son, 

Robert, in holy orders, chancellor 
of Lincoln cathedral, archdeacon 
of Hlowe, and rr-t-tor of Siggi-rs- 
thorue, in the coonly of York. 
wbo m. Snrah. daugbltr and 

heiress of the Rev, John Wbul- 
ley, rector of 1 1 indicate, and It-ll 
bsuu at bis decease, iu ItHM, 
three somt and two daughters, 
1. WiLLiui - Lloyd Whar- 
ton, fft\. of Dryliurn, near 
Durliain, barrislcr-at-liiw. 
wbo m. Frances, dangliicr 
of the Rov. John-Henry 
3. John-Thomas. 

3. Ruliert. 

4. Anne-Rlixabelh. 
A. Catharine. 

Jonathan, of London, who vt. Mary, 
daughter of Oeorge Wilooii, ea(|. but 
d.i.p. in 170H. 
Catherine, n>. to William Eltrick, esq. 

of High Ilarnes. 
Etixabvlh, m. to the Rev. Tltomus 
Mr. W^hortoii wa« $. at his decease by hJs 
eldest son, 

ThuM4S Whartom, M.D. A. 51. of Old 
Park, the friend and correspondent of Uray, 
the poet. This giMitleman wedded Margaret, 
daughter of Anthony Wilkiniion. eitq. of 
Cross Gate, in the county of Duriinm, by 
whom (who d, in DeceinWr, 1H03) he had 

Robert, present propristor. 
RicbanI (deceased), sometime of Offer- 
Inn, A. in 1764, h«rri«ter-at-law, M.P. 
for the city of Durham in the years 
imia. IWW. IW)7, and 181*2, chair- 
nian of the ways and means, and 
sulisequently one of lli« joint accrr- 
tnries of the trcunur)'. He m. Hen- 
rietta, daughiiT of James Ferrers, 
esq. of Lincoln'fl-tnn. 
Deborah, m. to the late Rev. Tbomns 

Catharine, m. to Major-general An- 
thony Salvin, and d. in 1700. 
Dr. Wharton d. in 17tM, at the age of 
wventy-sercn, and was «. by bis eldest son. 
RoBcitT WiiARTOM, esq. now representatire 
of the family. 

j4rau — First and fourth grakd oirAR- 
TEKD, first and fourth quarterly gii. nod or, 
in tlie first a crosH ptilnnce nr)^nt, for MvD- 
DLKTOK; serond and third, az. a maunch or 
for CoNVBRS; second and THtRO UIUND 


qrARTEHS, m. D maundi arg. ■ ranton »r. 
for Wharton. 

CretiM — First, n wragc tnan wrcilhrd 
aliout the head vritb IcaveB, in the dexter 
hand hu 0:1k Irt-c era»i-d ami fnirlt^d all 
ppr. for Myddlftom : »pcoiii1, a bull'ii head 

erased nrp. cltari^d witli a irefaO 


Motto — Lei«r» dire. 
Eitates — In Yorkshire. Dnrliam, t 
Seat* — GrinklePiirk.nciirBowlliy, 
sliire, and Old Park, in Ihirham. 


LANE, JOHN NEWTON, fMiq. of King's Bromley Half, in the conntyof St 
A. 4th December, 1800; m. 8th January, lSi8, the Hon. Agnea Bagot, 1 
daughter of WiJIiBm. I^rd Bagot, by Lady-Louisa Legge, daughter of the E 
Dartmouth, and has had iasuei 

John-Hemiv-Bagot. h. a4th February, 1820. 
Alberl'WilUnm, b. in IK»0, nnd d. in January, 1831. 
Sydney-Levenon, (1. I.ltli April, 1831. 
WiUiam, b. 14th Februar)', and d. 15tb April. 1U33. 

lis father in 1824. 


The atieicnl ramily of Lane came inio 
England, »(.Toriliiig to Hulin^hed, witii 
WiixiAH the t'onquti-or. Itit pedigree cam- 
invnces with 

Adam dp. Lone, of llnmrton, butMatand 
the sucrvcdiiig nuine are witboul dale, 

R1CH4RD UP. iJt Lnvt lived nr nampfnn 
in the »th of Edward II. anno 1.1t.&. \Vi* 

Andrew de la Lone, living in VJSff, wrb 

JoHX bt: LA Lone, whose son. 



IIP \m 

Richard Love df. Haiton. 
»lh of Fdward IV. Elizabeth, dau^h 
heir of Ralph de la Hyde, and left ■ 1 

Joiiv LvSE. of Benlley and Hyde, 
nt. in the 11th of Hknhy VI. Mai 
daughter of Randle EgerluD, of Wl 
Hr was t. by hiB »on, 

RtrHARO Lane, who^e nou, 

Ru.PM L-iNE, rf. in the ITtli Edwari 
and len by Joyce. daug:hter of 
set, a sou and sucvcuor. 

IticiiARD LiNR, who m. in tlie 
RY VIL Anne, daughter of John liar 
of Ruunton, aud wai i. by hta son, 

John I.i\p., of Deolley, who J*. C 
rine. dauf^hter of Tbomaa Patrick, of I 
Ilronttey. and dying in tlie IDth Eul 
vrm ». by liifl hod, 

FKA\<:t.s Lane. ThJi K^ntlemaaf 
llierine. daii};hter of Kiehard Tr 
esq. ami had issue, 

JoiiM. hi« «uc«!es0or. 
Kichanl.ofKiemu, inMonmoutli 
C'ii»!Uindni. HI. to Thomas Lift 
third Min of Sir Edward LittleC 

He d. in the 31sl Eluabrtu. 
hi.4 eldest son. 



l«IaiiE.c«q. wliom. JuDC. Jaaghlerof 
EtlwAnl Liltlvton, ktit. nnd luid iwue, 
Tti<>Wi». hift ftuccrMiar. 
.VUfia. m. to Alexaiidrr Wlu^btwivk, 

t4> IB die 3rd of Jiivu I. and was «. by 

t. tlAcit dnu^liU-r of Wull«-r Bugut, 

of BlitliCrld. ill tlit- rauiity nf StnT- 

Ifaml cisteT of Sir Hanry Ha(;ot. I>art. 

M aereirly by lib attach- 

iBse), by wbam bi- bad 

i<>. his sitrcmsor. 

1, from whom ibe Irub branch 
'Ac Ikinily dcrivt-». 

!. A ^rufiin nf tht; bedchamber. 
)i%t. Tbi* lady bait become cf It-bnttt'd 
fay ber vpirit^d conducl iit siivjng ibc 
fife of kimg ClURLFJI H. after tbe 
faatilr of Worceeler ; by ridiDi; br>- 
hiBd the Privce, disKuisrd, from 
BcBtlry.lbeunricnt ttcat oflbc I^niif 
(anily. in SbitTuttliitiirv, In bpr cousin 
Mr*. NorUiit'A bouKP, orar Brislo], 
Sbfl m. sub^rqurnlly. Sir Clement 
Fuhrr. of PncLington, in WiirM'ick- 

Vfritbr, R. lo — Peiira. 

kr, m. U* EilwnM Birch, of Lcscrofc. 
r. •■ to Fdunrd \ii-buliis, cup- 
tr It* A'lity Jmiks I. 
d. in 1060, Hd was t. by his 

ioiiK Lane, who Mv«d &'m9 
■flrr l}ir lialtic of Won-f »ter. and 
lura •! bi« ««itt m Bfiitley; from 
rt waa eaovrycil, in diHRUUH?. by 
r, AS staled above, to Mm. \or- 
I Bristol. For thMi* fti^fnal !ttfrvii!c;i 
i gnattmd. after tbr rvstomtion, 
evloarl and hU Mtntfr (which were 
, with arrears coustADtly owing. iu 
uf Uufm \\\r.), and the family 
rrr dtKnifird widi no rsjicciB) 
'•f hwaor, «im. fhe armit o( England 
1, in aagmeDUtioD of thrir pater- 
I; OAd a crrst, a vtrawbrrry bur»r, 
brtwrro ht5 foff Irgs the royal 
Tkcrp is A tradiiioii in thr> family, 
rCUakrl Lane was likewise offered a 
b«t declined It. Ill' Ml. Albalia 
and IuhI. with other insue, 

TwMbui (Sir), hU saccrssor. 
9am»m, m. lo Wini»m 09lpy, e»q. 

Har>-. Bt. to Sir Humphry Jerris, lord- 
mayor of Dublin. 

Colonel I*ane rf. in lfiB7, and was *. hy his 
eldest son. 

Sir Tmomax L.\nk, knt. who in. Abif^atl, 
Lady Williams, widow of Sir Henry Wil- 
liams, barl, ami ilnii;{htfr of Snnmcl Wigbt- 
u'ifk. CS4]. prothunatory oftbe King's Bench, 
by Hliom lip had i^sne, 

John, his sticcoisor. 

Thouiau. rf. a( Sluy», reluming from 

Flandeni. 3rd April, 1007. 

Sir Thomas </. in January, 1715. and wis t. 

by ht8 only surviving son, 

JoHM LwR, esq. fc. I3tb December, 1669. 
m. 3<Hh April, 17(«. Man,, daughter and 
ro-hrir (with her aialer Sybill. wife of the 
Rev, Dr. Birch) of Humphry Wyrley.csq. 
of Hnmptfli'ud, id the county of Stafford, by 
Mary, eldest daughli-r and co-beirew, with 
ber si»t<*r Jane, m. lo William dfl /iitestein, 
Earl of Horhfonl.of Sirllf-nry Wroth, knt. 
of Dnrancc. in the county of Middlesex." 
By Ibia Indy Mr. Lane ha<l iwue. 

Tiiou,t^, bin ancreenor. 

Man.', ju. to — Leigh. esq. of Atdridge. 

Eliziibetli, rf. unmarried. 

Jane, m. to Jolin Birch Wyrley, esq. 

He rf. 2aih October, 1748, nnd was t. by his 


Thomas Lave. esq. b. '2)i\.\i April. 1703; 
m. first. Mi^s Annr Anttler, and had issue, 

John, litf> siKxessor. 

Thoinan, who rf. young. 

Marj-. m. lo John Taylor, esq. of Wal- 

Anne. rf. \oinig. 

Elizabeth-Sybilla, m. to Roger Uolme«, 
«aq. of Walsall. 

Mr. Lane espoused, sfcondly, Miss Anne 
Savers, aiKJ had 

Thomaa, in holy orders. rcctorufHands- 
wortli, in. in 177U. Efttlier-Barbara, 
dnitgbtrr of Judge Birch. 
Charles, rf. young. 

William, a colonel in the army, and for 
suiue tiiue governor of St. Helena, 

• By Anne, daojchlJT of William, Bret I^rd 
Maxwi-lb Sir Henry Wrutb wm RreH pmndsoB 
of Sir Robert Wroth, knt. by Msiy Sydney, eUcit 
ilaughler of Robrnt, EsrI of Leicmrter. 



m. Mifts Camar, of Greenmoont 

Lodf^e, in Ireland. 
Edward, d. ia I7H4. 
Jiuie, m. to John Freer, of Uirniiug- 

linnv, 5urgeon, and liad B son. 

The Rev. T. L. Freer, rector of 
llandgworth. m. Sarah, daughter 
ofthevwrj Rev. Doctor Wt-tlier- 
ell, Iat« dean of Hereford, and 
sUter of Sir Charles 'WBtherell, 
barrUtiT Ml law, M.P. 

Anne, wi. in 1776, tuGforge Bin-b.t'iM). 
of HarbQiime, and HanipsU'Rd. in tlic 
county of Stafford, mid had iuue. 

Wyrley Birdi, of Wrolham. in 
Norfolk., m. Sarali, daughter uf 
Jacob Re)-nardsan, esq. of Moly- 
vell, JD the county of Lincoln, 
by Aiuic. Ulster of the (imt Lord 
Brownlow, and dau^^bter of the 
Right Honorable Sir John Cust, 
spe»keT of tlto House of Voni- 

Marj'-Aiine Bircb. m. lu Kicbard 
CougreTe, e mi. of Burton, in the 
county of Cbeiater. 

Esther- Barbara Bircb. tt. young. 

Sarnh Birth. 

Jane Birrh, m. to William Durbtn, 
esq. son of Sir William Durbiu. 

Mr. Lane rf. in 1775^ and was sucreedert by 
hit vldvst son, 

John L.iS'E, esq. b. in 1723, m. Sanih. 
dauxbler and cu-beir of Riebanl Fowlt-r, 
e«). of Penford, in the county of Stafford, 
and had isitue, 

John, his successor. 

Thomws. of tlie Grange, in E».*ex, clerk 
of th>c Gold^ttiitb's ('ompany, b. !UHh 
September, 17M, m. Barbara, daugh- 
ter of Thomas Fowler, es*]. of Pen- 
fold, by whom he had issue, 

1. Thomas, who m. Mrs. Napier, 
widow of Captain Napier, and 
d. $. p. 

2. John, who succeeded bis father. 
as clerk, of the Goldsmith's Com- 

|i»ny, and In tbe Gi 
m. Jane, dttUKbter u^ 
T. William*, of Some^ 
.1. Charles, in holy of| 
1793, m. Frances, dai 
Poctor Sandfunl, tita^ 
of Edinburgh. i 

4. Kicbard, h. 3nd OcM 
6. Sarah, m. to Willifl 
ew]. of Wnlwood, EsM 
0. Jane. d. yoim^. t 

Mr.Thomas Lane d. id Jana 
Rlibanli, Cup. R.N. d.ia 179 
Newton-Charles, in holy ordi 
of Christ's Callese, Cankbl 
Maria, m, to tlie Rev. Jobi 
Charlecote Park, in tha 
Warwick, and had issue. ( 
Mr. Lane d. 2»th June, 1792, uij 
bis (ddestson, , 

John Line, esq. 6. 2&th Decea 
Fellow of Queen's Colle(;e. C'aml 
biu-rister at law, m. in llWO, Si 
dau(;bter of Thomas Lloyd. e«q. i 
of John Amlf^r, esq. of Ford Hall 
shire, (by whom she had one chill 
m. to Sir Edward-Pretyman Toa 
and had JMue, 

John-Np.wton, his succcsmi 

Thoma.«-Leveftun, in holy orj 

September, 1H02, rector o 

Ion, in the county of GloQ 

Mr. Lane d. 2l9t December. 1^9 

t. by bis elder son, the present J 

TON IhlKR, eMJ. 

Ai-m$'—Per fesse, or and aa. 
between tliree mnllets counter-ch 
canton of the third, three lions 

Crftt — A strawberry roan bo 
roiiped at tbe Hankie, bridled 
framished or, supporting betwM 
a reprl crown. 

Eilatrt — At King's Bmmley, 
tyr Hay, In the county of Staffc 

Seat — King's Bromley Hal), 



fLMER. JOHN-HARRISON, ew). o( Walworth Caxtlo, in the county of Dnr- 
h. %*th Janouy, 1813, m. his father, QenenU Aylmer, in 1831. 


ili» bnuich of the very iinctrDl family 
r^ of iHtDudeft Oiutk. springiug 

iPtrattBALD AylmrB, Itart. of Dona- 
l)p,* N'fao m. Elizabeth, dautclittr and 
Fralon Coif, etq. of Silver Hill, 
of Fcrniiinagh. by whom be 
dK»<c in Pebniary, 17M, with 

OK (8Ir), hit Kuci'^uor, u t'ight'i 
btn. Thiiigrnili'injuiMpoaMd Jitne- 
Grm. dau^hCrr of Sir Jobu Prckt, 
hart, and sister of Lord Carbvrry, 
^ mham hv left, with Mverdl otlifr 
ckjldrvn. m ton and focccMor, the 

[KGRHtl D4iKnir.ft AYLMRH.blUI. 
nonadeK CaiUe. 


ri«iMt GrKERvL Aktmir Aylmkr. 
of the pi-at:e, forlht^rouutj 
(or the North Hiding of 
eleeted cbainnan uf tlio 

th« **[ly dtwent, bm BMrft*** r*«r<i{a 

quarter sesaions for the former ifairc, as 
successor 10 Williiim HuTi^hinaoii, Mq. of 
E^ti-KtoD ; the duties of which DtAtion he 
f^ilfiU^^d witii exemplary altciilioa. He ea- 
[louaed, itth June, 1807, Anoe, only daughter 
tuid lieireM of John Harrifton, fn|. of Wal- 
worth Castle, by whom he had iitvae, 

JoHN-H4)iHi.M)S', prment proprietor. 

Elizabeth- MarfTRfet. 

Gnice-.lnni?, m. to the Rer. Charlca 
l*<mlcy Vivijin, vicar of Willin^- 
Iwrou^^h, Northamptonshire. 

Louitta- Lucy- Eleanor. 

C athe ri ne- Dorothy . 

Augusta- Anno. 
Lieuti'nant General Aylmcr dying onirer- 
willy rcp-fttcd, in IH3I, wfu #. by bis »on, 
tlip prcAcnt 

Joiin-Uabrison, eaq. 

Armt — Arg. a crow 8a. between four 
Cornish choughm pjir. 

Crttt — A CorniAb rliough, rimog out of a 
ducal coronet, all ppr. 

Jf*«fl— Hallelujah. 

Eitatft — At WalwoMb. parish of High- 
iii(fl"»-<'*'>d at Stinderland.aud Hisbopwear- 
itiuutli, ail in the county oi Uurboin. 

.S>«/ — Walworth Caiitle,*uear Partington. 

* Wtlwonb Cude beU>n|:;ed formerly tn ibo 
iuii;i«*[it family of .'i*nRis»n, wtid ikc lutpouMftor 
of Unit niunp, IWph Jpnnlaon, vat\, wbo ww 
tnulrr of the sta^ hnandt of King Gunnns \\, 
and wbo niarri(>d one of tbewealthy eo-bcirrsMV of 
Allan, of Allan's Hntls, in tba county of Durfaun, 
wid (Sp muor, (HUtl», and ntate of Walwortb, to 
Miuli«w 8tnpIiRD«Bn, esq. tvbo noon after «mi- 
reyMl h to iobn HniiKMi, nq. xhv bttwrof iba 
lal«G«D«ral Aylmor^ wife. The Jennisuiu rHircd 
to the oontiiient abool dM year 1770, and tlieir 
" ancient blood, eaya Mr. Surteea. ia now wiilply 
sprvad by intennarriage with the NoUeiee of U»- 
Tiha and Austria." 





LENTHALL, KYFFINOOHN-WIU.IAM. «q. of BeMPU Uigh, in th»eo 
of Berks, and of Maj-Dno Hall, Caemarvorwhire, 6. I'2ih Octoljor. 1789,m. 28ih .4 
1818, iMary Ann, eldest dftugbter of John A^htou. esq. of the Gnui^, in the co 
of Ouster, and had i»sue, 


Mr. Lenthall s. to the estates upon the dcmige of his father. He m 
of High Sheriff for Caemarvondare in 1828. 






The aurr»ior of this nncient and difitin- 
l^ialird family, 

SiK IlowLAXD Lknthall, of Huiuptou 
Court, in ibc county o? Hereford, w«ii Iiigli 
in farour with AVwjr Hkkkv IV. to whom 
hi- wftft maslpr or the robes. He was one of 
■he lord«-marchcrfl, and for some time aiti- 
boxsador to thi? Parisian court. Nir How- 
Inud accompanied HtvNRV V, to France, and 
lia%lDg a (^mraanil at the Bjittle of A^is- 
cnirRT, made so many priMioL-rs in that 
cwlvbmted conflict, that he <:om(iInted. witli 
iJir prodiKv of liii-ir ransotn. tlie nrw build- 
inK* iit Miimplon Cotirt. In that man^iuo waa 
prt^t^*fA H piirtrire, piigr»T4-d by Vrrtiie, 
•fid aatd to be an undonbted ori^nal of 
H)<-«H> IV.: |>endanl from the nnrk in a 
(Italu and mrdallion, on which are depicted 
0t» erm* of the Piu-Alan«, Earia of Amn- 

J3'A*rt* Aiti 5«c. vAii 

dfl, and nndontvatti the following inig 
lion : " llfNRv IV. Kinjt of England,* 
laid the first dtone of ihU houiw, and le 
plctore in it when he pave ii lo Lent 
Sir Rowland espoused Marj^rei, 
ter&nd eventually co-beirea>orKichard 
Alan, Karl of A model ; upon which 
riitge, Lady Marficaret beinfc related to 
king. Sir Rowland bad given to U« 
thouiuind hy the year," for the maiW 
of tbeoi and their heirv, of wbick 
Bays Leland, the town of Ludlow tan 

Some years afterwardii, the Lenlballl 
their poaseniona, in Hereford 
ComwutU, BaronK of Bnrford. 
at Lfttchfnrd and Great Hom-U-v, in 
»hire, (which manor« and e«.tatfB ihejr 
quired in the reif^ of Edward IV. by 
riage with the heiress of the Pipard*,*) 
they remained seated for nianygeOi 
Ju lOOfl, these estate* were 
Sir Rdhiind Levtiulu who wu 
tho9e Gned, under an act of par 
pHMed in the reifcn of J4HE.S I., 
training persons of quality from 
&a much of tlie ytrar in London, 
mund dying nithoul issue, the MtiS 
ftiuiily wii» cuutiuuL-d by his biolfaer. 

' A membsr of tiua anciaDi ftanilr. I . 
lantly distingniabffd hiaarif in tb« "li iiHirf| 
was sumntDDed to pariiianaot, aa « 1 
Otb Fcbnuirr, lt99. to 24tb .tnly. i: 
EiliNCl and U(«rmamt Prrrtif*. 

K /yC*f Uk' ^iXjof CiK<ri . /7.Z /i\ C4-L ^^h\ 



UiiLrvmitL, cwrj. nlirxn. Frnnres, 
•otSir Ricbaril Southwt.*!), and bkd, 
aihrr Utue. 

I. JuH\ (Sir), wlio inhcTilp<I llir faiDllr 
vstmtM upon ihe demUp of IiIa nnclr, 
Sir Ednand. This frvntlrman. who 
WM a nrtnWr of tbi- ling pnHio- 
men(, m. Bridifvl. dauffliier tit Sir 
Thomas Teiiiplp, hurt, of Slow, and 
hid nx «on« (uf whoiD four died in 
infaary). uDd right dnQKliten. Hu) 
»ldr«t ton niid succrMor, 

EOMIAD. IN. EUzabctb, daugbter 
uf Sir Willtnm Wade, lirtileflaitt 
of the Tower of Loudon, and 
had iuar two boos otid a daugli- 
tvr. The t-ldcrson marrit-d iiit«^ in 
Uft, and, aclliiig tlu> old family 
rctUM at Latoliford and (irtat 
Haaele;, trrmiuati'd thU brant-b 
ofihr family. Joh\, th««eooiid 
•OB, d. Ulb May. IfMI, wttboiil 
imnr : and Bridget, thf only 
dattgbtrr.d. unmarrird. in 1<Mt. 

%. Wiuj4M. of whom bfreart<>r. 

& A. daa^tcr, wb» m. into thv family 

of Warcnp, and was motbf r of 

Sir Edmund Warcup, th« bigtoriiui 

of luty. 


td Lkmiull, e4<i. hanng studied 

flaw with FHiinebt oA-iiduity. and hiiviiig 

ht)|b distinction in that Itamed 

I, Iran, in 1(07, adiniltcd a bruchrr 

lii'a-lna, made recorder of Loudon, 

oer of the rntls. In 1030, be *ra« 

MMnbcr for Woodstock, and wlicn 

ilnB( {HU-liamfiit met, on the :tnl No- 

lAW, he WW cboMD speaker, 

tfl^MMlant oAcw be coatintted to bold 

dM knc*» death, and until the *lii»i>- 

mf that aaBTmbly. In Ihe Grxl jtar- 

cttUrd by Cai)H«f.ix, as prolr-c- 

;te kad BO iiial; but in the «eco»d. he 

rrtarard fnr two plai-es, the city of 

r, aad the cimnly o( Oxford, and 

elretrd fi^nfftker, lie snlwe* 

ma api>ointed chamberlain of 

chanevlior of the dnchy of Lau- 

■d keeper of ihv grtuil seal. In 

parliamrnl assembled by Rir^liard 

rEll. he aat in Ihe HpjM-r bouse by tht^ 

of WiUiani. Liord Lentiiall. and so 

his inllurni'e and wi.'i§)it »t ibe 

tlutt Gvneial Monik assart-d 

CH4atJLa, Uwt he could ool bare 

broujiht almut that desimble rernl withoiif 
Mr, Lentball's (-oncurreiit-e. Thin emitieni 
Inwyer and statrsmnn m. Rlixabrth. dau^h- 
tpr of Ambrose Evans, esq. of Lodingtnn. 
in the county of Norlbumberlautd. by whom 
he left mirriving issuo, 
John, hu suet-ei«or. 
Elizabeth, im. U> Rowland lyacey, esq. 
of Puddlecote and Shepton, in Ox- 
Cad»arine, m. in lfl63, to James. Lord 
Paisley, by whom (who prededeased 
his fatlu-r, tin* Riirl of Abercorn) she 
had an only daughter, 
Catharine, m. first, to her cousin. 
William Lentball.e«q.; 
CODdly* to Cbarlrs. fifth Earl of 
Mr. Speaker Lentliull d. at bis seat the 
Priory, Burford, Ui September, IMI, and 
was privately buried at Uurford. the iid- 
vousMiu of Hbicb church, with the manor 
and estate, he bad purchased of the great 
Lord Falkland. His only surviving nun 
and successor, 

Sir John Lknthaix, was member for 
Uloncesler in the long parliamvut, a colonel 
iu the army, governor of Windsor Castle, 
and one of the six clerks in chancery. lift 
m. first, Rebecca. daaghtiT of Thomas Ben- 
iicl, an alderman of Luiidoti, bul Inid by r 

hvr BO issue. He wcddi'd, secondly. Mary-^ — 
Blewet, relict of 8ir Jot^i Stouebonse, hart. I 
by whom he had three sons, 
WiLU«H, his successor. 

James, to whom General Mokk stood 
spon»i>r, and who tt. nt Burford, Alb 
September. IflHG. at tlic early age of 
Sir John espoused, thirdly, Catharine, daugh- 
ter of Eusebjus Andrew, esq. of Edmonton, 
Middlesex, hut had no further issue. He 
served ihe office of sheriff for the ciunty of 
()\fonl in 107*2. and dyini; ml) Navember, 
lf>H1, was buried in tlw chancel of Besaels 
Leigh church, and was t. by his eldest ann, 
WlUJAM Lrnthall. esq. who m. hii firet 
ooaain, the Hon. Catherine Hamilton, only 
child of James, Lord Paisley, by whom 
fwho m. Hf^er his decease, the Earl of Aber- 
K-arn) hf left tsMie, at his demiiw, a son aiKl 

JoHh Lt>THAli., e*"I. who served the of- 
firo of sheriff for Oxfordxbin.-. and marry- 
ing Jane. ilaught<-r of Sir Wilhiun Hill, had 
two sous aud two daughters, 






WiJXiAH, hii luccoitor. 
Tlie elder ioii. 

WiiiiiM Lkntiull, eM|. Mlierifl* of Ox- 
furiUltirt.', dyinp; unmarritKl in 17H1, thti fa- 
mily repredentatioQ devolveil apon his bro- 

John Lenth ALL. est), who m. Antic, dmigh- 

ter of the Rev. Chriolopbcr Sbules. nml 

bad* with two dnii|;)itera. two »ona. a 

John, shcrifl" for Oxfordiliire in I7W, 

wlio m. Sarah, ilaiighlt;r of Die Rev. 

Mr. CMwall. rector of Swatrliffe, by 

whom he leA at hia dvccHsc, in ItfJU, 

two 80u» and four di<a((htf rs, 


The second »on. 

WiLLIAM-JoilN LeSTMALt, fM]. h. ill 17fM; 
m.U) Januar)', I7S9, EUzabetli, eldt^^ldaitgh- 

ur and co-hcire»» of Sir Tbontas^^ 
Mnyntui. in Ibc county of Caernarv 
whom (who ft. in June, 1791) be h 

K^iriN-JnllN-WlLUAM, hi«S110G 

Aiiii-Miirj^ret, J, young. 
Mr. Letithall was t. at hia dt;cea«e 
onty«on,KYFnN-JoHh-WiLUAM Lli^ 
eiii|. prrwjiit poMCBwr. 

Amu—Xr^. un a beoil cottued H 
mulleu or. 

i'rttt — A grey houod cottrant Mgj 


MoWt-~ \T\nconTt. 

Ettatft — Bkhseus-Lkigh, id Bet 
purchased from the Fediplacc far 
I63U; YELFORD-HASTi\t.s, in Oxfoi 
acqiiirod about th« euinke period ; Hi 
in the county of Carn&rvna, 

Seali— BositrU - Leigh, near AWi 
Maynaa Hall, Camarvutuhlre. 


CRAVEN, FULWAR, esq. of Chilton Houm, in the county of Wilta, I 
Jiuu, 1734, m. 36th November, 1809, buira. 
dauKhter of Georpo Vajwittart. esq. of Biaham 
undo of Lord Bexlej, hj whom he has Lasue, 



FiiLWAn-WlLLUM.ft. !2th September. 1810, an 

in the army. 
Georgr-Vnmiittart, i. 15th 0<:ti)ber, 1812^ 
William- But. 
Georgia nit -Maria. 


Thisi is n brunch of the noble family of 
"Cmven, (ipriiiping: from 

Sib Willmm ('ravk>j, ii)kiii whom the 
dijfnity of Louu Ckavkn. of llumpiitead 
Miir^hall, wa« cntniled. Thisfrenttenian m. 
Mary, daughter of Sir rhristophc-r Clap- 
ham, knt. of Beanwly, in the county of 
York, by whom he had, with oeveral othtr 
children, who died nnmarricd. 

I. William, who inherited upon the 
demise of his roii^in, the Ramovy of 
raAVR^. mid left itgue al hifi demise 
in 1711. 

William, hist mcecMor. ai 

I»rd of Craven. 
Fi'LWiK. w^o inherited fr 
brother, as fourth lord, bi 
i. p. in 1704, the til 
npoa hi« kinsman. 
it. John, who left iMiie, 

William, who ». an SfUl ) 

CrHVi-n. but rf. J. p. 
John, whorte only 9on, 

WiMlAM. *. h'\m uncle I 
lord, and rf. in I gBj 
jug*, with other 

Wiiu««, nvTrnlti lord, 

«l«vate*l loMii earldom, 

Eaki, Cii.tvr.K, iti 

H. His UirUdbip'ti 

rIdi'M Mfii ift 

WiUJiu, pre»<>iit 
earl (Skv Burkw't 
!!^«IU£ji,of wlioin tnitnedinlely. 

\M9 Ckavkn. esq. wu conxtituted 
r of Cuolitm, in Ihr rei)ni of Qiii-*^ 
1^ Mpouaed KUzaWib, dkughb>r ft( 
[caq. fay whom (who m. aftrr hi* 
lit Raymond, rftt). of Brrk- 
iVft St lu« dt-Atb in 17&4. an ooljr 

John CitA\£^, nf Cliillun Hnu«'. 
aC»t]irrii>p. daiigbbr uf JamM 
^M- of Litcomb, in the county of 
j^vlioRi be hiwl Mirvi*ing iuuc, 
■Alt. prpMRt |>ro|)rietur. 

loliit. h. Uth Miirch, I7H4, m. 

aSrd Ort. IHI 7, Prnclopr. daUKhler of 
Edwnrd Wticelcr, v*»\, am! Ims iwitp, 
CiURi^fi. h. 2iid Aiigiwt, IAI8. 
C'liarloiU'-KlixnIjt-th, Septt^lier. 
IHIU. to l^ir JobD-Waltrr Pollen, 
ban. M.P. 

The Rev, Mr. Cravert was t. at )im dc«fa»p 
by bia ^ldeet «on, Fixwar Chjivkk. raq. 
rvpruKntative of tliia bntneb of the ftunily. 

A»-mt — hrg. a feaa bntween Ax cfoa 
croMlrts filcby ^i. 

CrtAl- 'On a cbnpvau ga. turned up rr- 
roiui', a gripliort stiktant of the aecond Iwakt-d 

Motto — Virlus iiiactioDc con»idtit. 

luMtatrt — Cbillua Foliat, aud Dracot St. 
(if or^e, iit the count}' of Wilts; ripci>n Hill, 
Bvrkvhirt' ; and Sctiningluii, GlonceAter- 

AVfli— €hi!ton Hoiuu*. Wilt*. 


\, TIIt)M AS. e«q. of DnMik-y Hall, in the county of Diirbam, *. 2!Jlh of 

and the many important lurrioM whtch 
llivy bad rendertMl to tlie eronn and to the 
rountry. Tbe nanH>, according: to OansR, 
ihoji ortf^inatcd : " About tbe liint* of tbe 
C'liNmirROft," sayft tlinl indi-fuli^ble anti- 
i|uiuy. " here was n town nbicb, tbe tradt- 
liun of the inhabitant* atalvs, wait (turned. 
|( tbi-n brlon^pd fo lbi> i>arls of llritUiny 
mid Rk-hmond ; the ciuitle na« Imtlt, it» Mr. 
Uor»clry thinkii. out uf Ok* niJns of the 
Komnn forlrewi by Alan Niger, the flrat 
Biirl of that title,* nbo li snid, in a manit- 
acript belonfcinK to tbe dis»olved inonu^iery 
of St. Mary'a at York, platted tluTeiu, Wil- 
liam, bia relation, witli llTohundreflari-hera, 
to defend it a^inst Home innuntentD, ia 
Cumberland and Wcatinorelnnd. confrdc' 
rated with tlie SroLi. givinkt him for tbe da- 
t^iee of hiji ftlaudard, the arme of Brittany, 


K*«tlen>in, binng a lineal defcen- 
the eU«r bmncb of the Bowes '». of 
m CMU. is rrpreitaditivi' nf thnt 

finally, wliich. for a long period, 
t *f tbe most powerful and di.otin- 
t to Ibr ccniDty uf Durham, rrnonned 

■Vcawitf loyalty of iu membrr*. 

* Thi« i* wTiNig, Abiii Siger WM ueoni ndof 
nichnoad. aee B».rfc*'i EuinrI pMMjte. 



wiOl three hovi» nnd a bandlo of lurow*, 
from whcricv liutlt Ilir cn«tle aiid itj* com- 
mander derived their namc^, tbe rortner 
IwiiiK ciilk-d Bowr C^ulie, and tlie Intter 
Willinm di' Arvutjue." Of Uiw iicntoii 
CiMDBN alM ruakeit mention. " Neur tliis 
standi) ii^lrcllbam, lor a long time Uie seat of 
tlie inmom Aitd kciiglitly family of the 
]Jowf.-«, or de Arcubuv, who have often dune 
great service to ibt^ir Ling and country in 
CiniM of extremity, their pedigree is from 
WiltiaiD de Arcubus, Ike." 

Sir WiLUvtM Bowu, kit. oAptain of fire 
hundred archent, and governor of Bowe* 
Caiitle, wa« great'(;r«nt-g;randfathrr of 

8iH Adam Bowrs, Itnl. jiwtire id oyer of 
the liherliea of Durham, and steward of 
Kirhmondithirr, living in 1345, who nt. 
Alice. »olt" heireM of Sir John Tmyne, knt. 
lord of StTf arlam. by his wife Asnen. hcirf«8 
of Halph dt? la Hay, I-ord Prny, of Staio- 
lou le StrntB, to whom Unrnnrd HnVuA gave 
with hia niece Apnesthelorddhip of Streat- 
lam, tec. By tliis great heireKi Sir Adam 
had, Hilh jiiniur iraue, 

RoBF.RT, his Aut-ceMor. 

Tbomas, who rf. t. p. 

WiLUAM, of whom prewntly. 

Sir Adam was i. at hi^ decease by hi» eldest 

Sir Robert Bowrr, knt. lord of Streat- 
lam, wlio, in the 21^th Edward III. entailed 
all liifl eftateii upon hi^ idsue male. He m. 
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Lilburnc. 
of Lilburne, in the county of Northumber- 
land, but dying witliout i^ttue, bis posses- 
sions descended to his brotlic^r, 

6tK WiU-iAM UnwEJi, a gallant warrior, 
who received the honour of knight- banneret 
at the BATTt^ Of PoiCTlEdS. He espoused 
Maud, daughter and beire^a of Jordan Daw- 
den, and with bcr acquired Daudcn, Sea- 
ham, Htfhvpe, Sealtm, itc. witll the advow- 
son of Uawdt^n church. Sir William was 
t. at bis decease by his son. 

Sir Robert Bowes, who was made a 
knight-banneret at the siege of Rouen, in 
Normandy, and was one of the victims to 
the iudiscretioii of Thomas, duke of Cla- 
rence, at the biittle of Bangey Bridge, 
where he fell, with several other illustrious 
piTsonages, in tlie year 1419. He j»i. Jane, 
daughter and co-beiress of Sir Hoberl (!^n- 
yent, of Sockburn, knt. and bad, with otlier 
issue, a son and imccessor, 

SiH Wiuuu BowEE, who was kuigbtcd 

at the luttle of VcmoHe in t* 
eminent warrior was chamberlain to 
Di KE OF Br.DFOHD, wliilsi regent of F 
and was constituted by tlmt prtni-e gm 
of the eitstle uf Galljard, in Nnm 
He continued abroad twenty yean 
sent home a model and plan for rebi 
bis easlle of Streatlam, to which he I 
ou his return, and resided there (o i 
age, being commonly known as *■' c 
William Bowes." He m. Joan, da 
of Ralph, Lord Greystock, and ao 
by the alliance the manor of Newl 

Sir WituAH Bowes, his son an 
ct'ssor, was warden for many year* 
Middle March against Scotland, an 
sheriff of Nortbumbt-rliind. Hr k 
Maud, daughter of Henry, Lord Fit 
baron nf Ravenswortb. and had issue 
Wti-LiAii, bis successor. 
Robert, i both predeceased th 
Thomas. > ther i. p. 
R-tLrii, who inherited the estaW 
family upon the demise of hi 
ther iMTuelets. 
Margery, m. to William IlUl 

Hit Ion. 
Elizabeth, m. to Sir R. Buln 

Catherine, m. to Sir Richard Co 
Margaret, m. lo Sir Humphrey 
Isabel, M. to Sir John Swioowei 
Anne, in. to Ralph Wycliffe. 
Sir William was /. at his decease 
eldest son, 

Sir Wimjam Bowks, knt. who i 
niece of Lawrence Boolb, bishop tt 
ham, but dving wilboul issue, in \4 
fumily estatPB devolved upon his brff 
Sin K*tPH Bowks, knt. who m. Mi 
daughter and co-heir of Richard O 
of Souti) Cowton, and bad issue, 
Ralph, his successor. 
Robert, succeaMr to his nephn 
Sir Ralph Bowes wmi t. by his ekb 

Sm Ralph Bowes, a military ofl 

distiiielion, who received the hon 

knighthood on the field nf Flodden. 

Elizabeth, sister of Henry, fint • 

Cumberland, and bad issue, 

Gfhrup.. his successor. 

Margery . 





! Salpb dyiojc U 1&16, wu t. by hi* only 

Sm GeoHCE BoKU, of Dawtttn, whu m. 
ricl Enre.KmKUufchUTofWilluini.l^rtl 
1. EIJMWth, m. ti) JiihD Blackiston, 

e«). of liliickision. 
1. Dorotby. m.luSirCufbbertCallinit- 
wiKMj. ol' Eftltnton, ia the county of 
a. Aane. 

Omtc* dying tbiu witliout mole intue, 
iMcrcedrd by hi« anrlr, 

K«KBT Dowe^, IldI. who wna master 
11*. privy coonrillor lo Kin^ Hkn- 
*ad wrardrii of ttit* Midillt- Mnrcht-s. 
ircrthy, daughter orSir-lHrncfi Met- 
t, int. bat dyinK witlioal furviviiiR ineue, 
bauly niaiRM dvvulvcd upon bu brt>- 

Ibcnaui Bowes, of Askff. wbo m. Eliza- 
4n;blcr and co-brir of Sir Rojri>r 
•f Aakr, knt. and had, with MivtTal 

Onus (Sir). 

Robert, ambaasador lo Scotland with 
U« pWw brolbtT. Sir OvorRe, He 
•. Elvannr, d.-iii|fbUT of Sir Richurd 
MngrsTc, of Hartley. 


%l GluRut Bt>wp_«. knt. bi^i'itTni- hi-ir- 
af the fauily, mid tubitii d<;»ec'iicl<-(l 
■■tolM, with uthuT ptinseutoiM, 
part ofthe county of llurhaot. 
ktti|;bt- marshal 1 by fl|>fi-iHl 
, for h'lM fli^nl Rfrrirpii to Qufrn 
■urm. When the Earl» of Westmore- 
( «Bi) VoTtlniinberlnnd r«r«d the Stand - 
•f rrtoll in the North, Sir George wus 
wafy p«r»Aa of ^rf at influence thnt op- 
ll ^ l—arg c in*. hnrtni;. for that pur- 
Umoelf in Barnard Cttvllr. 
fa Kjyiy euramifiAiQas for treaties 
, nd hud other marki of con- 
Irwt. Sir Oeornv m. twicv ; 
kDerodiy.dAaghtiT of^^ir H illiani Mai-' 
\t£ StmAiey, nrikr Kipon, in the county' 
'«i. and had i«sue, ' 

ViLLi«il, hi* vucccHor. 
BAbert, kiUrd in Uit> Kecwlck mine«, 

Ceor^^or Biddirk. wbo m. Magdalen. 
irr of Sir Edward Bmy, and 

1. GRoaiit, aueccsaor lo bis tincle. 

2. Robert, of Beddick. who m. in 
low, Jowi. daughter of Roban 

Hutton, U. D. prcbcndar)- of 
Durhuni. and bud several chil- 
Etizabetli, m. lo Sir Charles Wandca- 
ford, of KirlltngloD, in the county of 
Anne. n. to Sir John Conyere. 
The knight nmr^hBll e«pou.wd, »econdljy 
Jane, daughter of Sir John Talbut, of .\|- 
tirigliton. in the eounty of Siilop, knt. and 
had tieveml children. It appear;! thnt, by 
a alrange « ill or entail maile by Sir tic-orge 
ubout the year 151X*, the entate of Strcatlajii, 
with Ike gn-ul hulk of hi^ proi>erly, pawed 
to Sir Talbot Bowes, hia son by the se- 
cond marriage ; and tiuu hia cldcut sun, by 
)ii« former wife, via deprived of his birth- 
right, aad only inherited from bis father 
the e*ute and lordship of BKAULKt Haix, 
which bad been uci^uired by n grant from 
Ihv^ crown Mtliof EliuiWtb. The younger 
brniich, huviug in ihis.'miniiif r l»<^<x»n»e pOi- 
(wfwfd of the immeiife eMatc? of Sir George, 
continued for a long time to be one of the 
raosl considerable furailiefiof the county pa- 
latine, until the property finally camo to (thfl 
(leaci'Ddant of the necond niarriage) 

Gt'it.muii B"WEs, csci- of Streatlomt 
wbo»e only daughter and heircw, 
Mahy-Elumor, espoused, 6rst, 
John, ninth Earl of Stratbraorc, 
wbo thereupon Ai»>urot<d Ibesur- 
name of Bowtui, and bud, with 
other isiue, 

1. John, who succeeded aa 
tenth Kurl of Stralhmore, 
and wn9 enrolled nmoug ibo 
peers ofthe United K ingdom 
by the title of B^kon Bowes, 
of NireaiUm CattU, iHth 
July, lUlA. His lordship w. 
in I83(>,M[m MaryMUner, 
of Slaindrop, in the county 
uf PurhuHi, but dyiiig the 
iliiy afU*r his nuptials, tlir 
SrAtiifth peerage devolved 
upon bis brother, while the 
prinripnl pnrt of his furlune, 
including Slreatliun, pa^«vd 
by will to his ton, 
JouN Bowes, 

prcM'nt proprietor of 

Streatlara Castle, who ^?5^^i^^i 

unsuccessfully claioied •'^■^V^t| 






StbaTHMorr (Bce Bttrke't 

Mary - Eleanor, Countrps of 
Stralliraopc, w. setVHidly. An- 
drew Robinson SUm(>y, e^q. nf 
the King's connly, who likewise 
usumed (he name of Bowks. 

Sir Oenrge Bowes' eldest son, by hts finit 

Sir William Bowes, Jtnt. af Bnidley 
HatI, wiia frecjuenlly employed in cmbaiwiM 
to Scotland. And was treneurer of Bcrwirk- 
npon-Tweed, in the reign of James I. He 
m. first, Mary, lUniphli-r of Ht>nrj. ninth 
LnitD ScROPE, of Hiiltun, and uprm the de- 
cease of her ancle, Emnnuel, E-^wl of Sun- 
derland, heir to that Barotiy. By thin lady 
he had an only dnnghter, Mary-, m. to Sir 
William Enre. Me espoused, secondly. Ina- 
bcl. daughter of judge Wray, and relict of 
Godfrey Poljamhe, esq. hut had no further 
iaaue. Dying tlius. Sir William was t. by 
hii nephew. 

Sir GEORiiE Bowrs. knl. of Bradley Hall, 
heir-general to all the family. This gfliitle- 
man m. Mary, eldest daughter of Sir Kalpli 
Delaral, of Seaton Delaval, and was i. by 
bis son, 

R*!.!-!! Bowes, esq. of nradley Hall, who 
m. 20lh January, 1049, Margaret, second 
daughter of Sir Joseph Cradock, and was t, 
hy his SOD, 

George Bowes, esq. of Bradley Hall, 
who wa-t himself «. by his son, 

Thomas Bowes, esq. of Bradley Hall, 
who m. Elizabeth, daughter of John Pick- 
ering, esq. of Hedley HalU and had isaue, 

/ Geohoe, his successor, who d. without 

^ Robert, m. to Ann, only daughter and 
* heirless of Ralph Clemeut, emj, and 
had issue, - £?*■ Vk-h*. I 


1. Thomas, prcsmt pom 
Bradley, and n-present 
the ancient family of Bo 

2. Ann. m. to — Smiths 
and had a »on, G. T. St 

Sarah, m. to Captain NogenC 
Jane, m. to Jacob Griere, e|^ 

Amu — QiMKTEHs: 

Ist for Bowes. -Ermine, Uir«< 

strung in pah? gu. 
2nd for Travnk. — Arg. a cm 

bctwi-'.*n four oiartlets ox. 
3rd for De la Hay.— Arg. a j 

tneen ux. martlets gu. 
4th for Dawoen.— Arg. lit 

a border eng. gu. 
6lh for CosYERs of Boil 

maunch or, debruijfed by a 

cheeky ermine and or. 
eth for FiTZ Hioii.— Ai. a cli 

three chevronells conjoined 

7rh for Grey. — Gu. a lion i 

williin a border eng. arg. 
Hlh for CoNVERK OF SnuTU Coi 

Az. a mnunch or. 
0th for Akke. — Az. foar fcsaet i 
10th.—A» first. 

CVrst— A sheaf of arrows at, \m 
girdle ra. surnioiinlisd witJi the motti 
varianec et man droit. 

Moiio — In multis — in tnagnls — I 

Hflatt — Bradley Hall, in ibe pi 
Wolsingham, in the count)- of Durfc 
quired, by grant from the crown, ai 
the forfeited poasesfiion of the Earl o 
moreland, temp. Elizabeth. 

Seal— Bradley Hall, Durham. 






INGSTON-SPOONER, ABRAHAM, tsq. of Elmdun, id the county of War- 
wick, h. in 1770, «. iu ]7y7, Elizabeth- Mary- A ^nen, 
only dnu^ter and hplreiw of Luke LitlingAlon, eaq. of 
Ferryby Orange, in the nouEty of York, by wtwm (who 
rf. 6th Januar)*, 1830) he ha« tsauc, 

lsAAC-Wiu.tAH, ffl. 9tb January. 1R32, Katht^Hne lnn«s, 
only (langhtpr of the la(e Hn|;h LtmLsay, esq. and 
gTPBl nipcn and sole-lK-irc-ss of ths late Sir Huph- 
lnnc#, of Balmarara HouAe. 

Charles, m. in IH37, Harriettc. only daufrlitvr of Uia 
Rrv, Cbnrlcs William Fonnt-reaQ, of Chriat Cbiiivh, 
SulTolk, and has iaeue. 


G^orgr, M. SQth Jnoe, 1833. Barbara Ann, only chQd 
of Henrj- Spoontr. enq. 


gCoUeman, whcwo patron}'mic is Spoovkr, aasiimed by lettt-nt pulent. upon 
the hrireaa and reprexoutntivo of Lillikcstuk. tlit! additional sunuuni! and 
lef tliat family. 



' Sruonuu wer« in p<jM«ifton of pro- 
m ibc ncinity of HirnimKbain temp. 
IT Vltl-.aud at ni*nwo<Ml Hnll, in thr 
of Warwick, lowardu the clo«e of 
kth <i#iktary. 

SroaiiKR, of Handsworth. in tb«? 
«r Sciilbnl, i. iu lOOU, bad two 

Joiiir, 4. in 1040. who d. nnraairied. 

UM 8rooNEH, e«]. who ». first, 
Bftdea, by whom he bad an^uily 
i»c. I. io lOOA, who vs^jieird Elizu- 
i«nly daughtrr and brirrM ■y'Kfrliiird 
I. ra^. of Little Uromwick, in the 
of Wwwirk, hut A. vrithoal iwuc. 
i^pooM>r wedUrd, arcondly, -^p «nd 

laM SrooKRR, ««(|. ft. In IflDO, who 

Asa*, dAughti>r of Oeorgn llirrh, 

fef Harboafn. in iht? county of War- 

■ad •il4«r of Sir Tboinas Blrcb, our 

ija^sea ta ihr rrtpn nf GkoRup. II. by 

kr had an onl« ilaiigbler, 

Ann, m. toCapcl Bond,i!flq. of Coren- 

try. and A, r. p. aboal tbe year IH)4. 

np 4>9poudMl. ferondly, Anne, daughter of 

Richurd Knij;:!!!. esq. of Downton Canlle, fa 

Ibe couiily of H^rnfonl, nnd had fnrlher 


Isaac, hU heir. 

EliKulwlh, d. unmarried in 181A. 

Mary, d. unmarried in 1MQ3. 

Oiriatiana, m. to Kirluird G^ast, e«q, 
of Moseley. in,tbe county of Wor- 
cester, and d* a widow, in WHS, ia- 

' 0uplea5. 

Tl)« eldest mm, 

- IsA+c Smover, f«q. i. in 1730; wedded 
Harhora, eldcB^ 1lil%i;btp? hi Sir Henry 
Gou)i;h. bart. and vtater r>f the firel Ijord 
Calilkorpe, hy whom he had six »on» and 
three dnughiere, lix. 

Abrakah, pre««al proprietor. 

Isaac, A. in 1774. wlio m. Lucy, duujjh- 

ler of John Tyler, cmj. of Kedlanda, 


Ilrnnt'. A. in 1776, who m. Auo-Jaiic, 

danghtcr of Nathaniel Pnlmer-Juho- 



goiii e-sq. of Burleigli-field«, Leictefl- 
William,/*. in l77W.»boni. Anna-Marie, 
tilth (luu^hwr of Sir LiioiiiftO'Bripn, 
ban. of I>romoland Castle, in the 
couuty of Clare. 
Rirlinni, 4. in 1783, wlio m. Charlrttte. 
daughti^r of Dr. Weth<Tall, Iteiui of 
Johu. b. in 17«5. 

Bnrbara, m. in 170?, (o WilliHin Wil- 
berforce, etq. M.P. for tha county of 
Anu, m. lo Rev. £«twfird Vnusittart- 
Nettlu, esq. of AIIe*ley Park, War- 
Eliza, d. unmitrried. 
Mr. Spooner vt»g g. nt lii? drceasr by liis 
eldf-st son, Abkaiiam Spuomjr, esq. wbci 
lian inMutned, as stated above, tli(.> itdditiuunl 
suniame of LllJ.lh'U8TiiN, and is llii? preHenI 
rcprcsentalive of tli^ family. 


Of this family, supposed tohc of German 
extraction, was 

Colonel Henbv Lillikostok. ft. in Ifi2(>, 
who served undi-r Gcui-rnl Monck, in llie 
cinl wnni. He bad two bo»«, 

He?4BV, who d. unmarried, 

Luke LiLUVOftroN, asoldierofdistint-tioti. 
who attiiiinc<l the rank of gt-ncral in Hxf. ar- 
my, iind was cntninti-d wiili the conituaud of 
an nxpcditiim to tlie We*t Indies in lOOfl. 
He m. first. Rlixabf'tb, only daii^htrr and 
heircM of Robert Kaunderson, tM^. of Bun- 
nell in the province of Guclderland, by 
whom hfl hiu] no iMiie. He espoused, ee- 
condly, Catherine, only daiighlttraiid heiress 

of Colonel Hassol, of Kirby Gi 
the county of York, and relict of i 
Towcy. Dj irig. however, iMueIr«8,C 
Lilllngston was *. in Ike cstatea of I 
Grange and Kirby Uriudilith, by bit 

Lit4.lNn«To>j HownRK, e»q. b. In 
who assumed the surname and arms 
LiMUHToN, and marr^inK 1^^ dang) 
William Diiwson, esq. of Fortinglan 
county of York, bad issue, 
Luke, his sacceMor. 
Afpies, m. to William Thompao 

nf Humhieton, Yorkshire. 
Elizabeth, ni. to tlie Rev. Arthur 

son, vicar of Bull. 
Mary, i". to John Pownal, caq. 
of the prrsent Sir George P(rt 
Thu only sou and siict-eswir, 

LV!KK LiixiNGSTON, v»q. cspoased 
olma-Joanna, second daughter of Ab« 
tin, es*j. of English, in Oxfordshire, 
father of Abel R. Uoliin. isq. lale M 
Southampton, by nrbum he bad k 
diiiightrr nud heiress. 

Elizabeth - Mary - Arnm, w! 
poused, as slated above, .Ka 
Spoon &R, est}. 

.4 rmi— Quarterly, first antf' 
LlLLiNCSTOS, a bugle, »lriuged, b 
three crescents; sitrond and thir 
Spooker, az. a boar's bead in be 
armed or. coiiped. gult^-e de sang. 

h'italet — Manon*ofWar<l End, pur 
in 1730. and of Elradon in ITOT, 
Hoinpton-in-Ardett. all in the CM 
Wanvick ; together with estates in I 
shiri> and Devonshire. 

AV«I— Elmdon, near Warwick.! 



RSTAN-PIPE, STANLEY. e»<\. of Siatfold HaU. in the county of StnfFord, 
b. 2Ut Marc-h, 1785. m. 2Ut .luly, 1817, Elizalfeth- 
Jervifl, eldest daughter of Swynf«a-J«nrts, esq. of Ken- 
sington, and ^rwndaughtcr of Philip Jerrifl, e«q. of 
Nethorsealo, in LeicestenihirA, bj whom bo has ii»ue> 

1. Fbanciii-Stafford, b. Uth October, 1936. 

2. Grace. 

3. Annii-Marin. 

4. Margaret- Jane. 
&. Frances- Etizabflh. 
6. Another daughter. 

Mr. Wolfurstao succeeded to the estates upon the decease 
of bis fatlwrin 1620. 


rWoLftllitTo»>,e«H- ofWolfcrstOn, 
^WuAt his will iu 1493, and was «. 

S WoLVMBTON, esq. of Culfyc, in 
rbo m. Mawilc <or Mary), dnu);hler 
unphry 8unli-y, of Pype, Kninht 
■dy to A'tNjr Henry Vll. and had 

Ip.of Wolferstnn Hall, in Saflfulk, 

IB left an only daughter, 

ikpT, iH. to Sir John KcUtirrew. 

^KbL of .iln«i'nack, in Cornwall. 

HllT. of whom presently, 

[»on. m. in July, 1.'>6H. Jane La* 

uv.aiul had leversJ children. 

ICUTt, in. to Robrrt, son itnd heir 
Riclwnl Everard, t>«ij. of Holher, 
ibe coanty of Leicester. 

I. a. to Hugh MHMyr. 

ad •on. 

IBKT WuuTRSToK, esq. s*. Kuthe- 

(jhterof John Stanley. cmj. of Grove, 

mrty of Nutttnghnm. by whom hi- 

the Manor of Statfuld, in 8laflbrd- 

I bad ijuHie, 

CT, his MicrrMKir. 


Hauling, m. to Alice M»wlde. 



Hawde, m. to Thomss Arblaeter. esq. 
of LoDgdoo, in the county of Staf- 



KnthtTine. m. to HnlphThUiVii^ 
of Bajlcrlcy, in StniTurd^hire. 


Mr. Wntferston d. about the yt'nr IJWS, and 
was t. by bis eldest son, 

HhHCV WoLfERSTttN, esq. wbo m. IKth 
SeptritilM>r, \'iOCt, M.iry, dau^bliT u( Ralph 
Cgerton, eaq. of Betley, and had issue, 

Walter, d. la infancy. 
FaANi'i&se, his auccesaor. 
Riebord, it. young. 

Kalherino. m. to John tirnmefield. and 
bad issue, 

Mr. Wolferslon, wbo was sometimes styled 
Captain Wolfi-rston, and ia supposed to hare 
bften nt the uking of Cadis in I&U6, d. '2HtJi 
July. 1600, and was j. by his eldest sur- 
\ivin); son, 

Francisse Wolfbrstok. esq. baptized 
3rd May, 1613, who nt. Wth Sept. 1631, 
Frances, eldest of twenty-two children of 
Gcorse Middlemore, esq. of Haelewell, snd 



hni] a niimerouii issac, of whirli tlircr sohh 
«iiil tlirrr itniiglitrrs livc<) In nialurilv, vlx. 

MiddlerDorf, b. lUth AujCiist, 1043, who 
li. uniiiarrit-d. 

Klanrord, M. A. in holy ordora, Vicrar 
of Wottoii-Wawpii, iind Frllow <if 
KiDRV Cnllc^e, Cacntrid^L*, wliu m. 
first, in 1679, Isabella, daughter of 
John Hinckley, T>.D. Rwlor of Nortli- 
field^ ill the county of WorceHer. ly 
whom (who d. in lOW) lur hud an oulv 
child, FranciH.nliiif/. in inJan<Tj-. H*- 
espoused secondly, 8iuuinnn, diiu<;htiT 
of Mr. Johu Creed, of Caraliridge, 
nnd left isaiip at liis dri'eiue 2ftl) 
September, 1698. 

1. ST.tNCOKD, of «hora hereafter, 
BA heir to bi* uncle 

2. £dward, b. in IftUI , who d. i. p. 
iu 1761, und wa» huricd nt Taui- 

3. Francis, in Iinly orders, Ret-tor 
of Drayton DaMcl, in the county 
of Stafford, and of (jrcndon, iii 
the county of Warwick, d. i. p. 
in 1758. 

4. Nicholas, who resided at Bury, 
in ttie county of Devon. He m. 
Iwiw. liut Irfi iMue only by his 
first wife (KliKabeth, duuKhtcruf 
George Phillips, esq. of Coni- 
vrall), viz. 

£dwiird. who had two wives, 
hut left ifMue by tlie neeond 
only, \it. 
I >iicho]««, t. in 1774, who 

d. uumarrieil in I79D. 
Murj,iM. loKov. William 
Chant er, curate ofl lari- 
laiid, nnd bad i»»ue. 
Elizabrtli, m. t<i tlip Rev. 
Thomas Thoma;*, master 
of a grammar school at 
Hristol, and had issue, 
Sarah, who rf. uDtnarried 

in 1B14. 
5. Humphrey, Solicitor in Tam- 
Grace, if. untn. in 1720. 
Annr, 1002, to Edward Arhln.Mer, 
eiH|. of Lyswis, K^ndsou of Sir 
Thooiiut Arbla.tler. 
Elizabeth, m. lo John BoU, eMj. ol 


Thinslnll, in the eou 

and liad, nHlh three other dai 

Uhace, who es|>ou8ed th 

Humphrey Pipe, M..4. y 

of the brAneh S|irint:in>;fn 

de Pype, Uiing lamp. E 

U. nnd had iiuue, an onl 

Samiu. Pipe, iu boly 

M.A. vicar of Cro 

die county of IVrl 

rector of Walton « 

in the tMime shirr 

Au^)l^l, I7I1>. who 

Sept>-nilM-r.l74f), Dii 

eldest dau^literofSt 


fold Hall, by nhom 
ailh Ociohe'r, 17M), 
several children, ini 
The eldest son, 

Francis Wolfekktok, esq. pnrchi 
1086, the manor and a considerable 
the liiiida of HarlHStoo, in the eoi 
Stafford. This (gentleman waj> tlie fia 
friend and fellotv amateur of Ur. P 
historian of Slafibrd5hire, who inctj 
liml plate to him, and frequently (|uo 
OS am authority for hiii narrative, 
likewiau a maker of indifferent 
among others, a tran^lnlion of Ovid 
amendi. \u IOC? he began to wi 
name Wo{ftrttan, an orthography h 
ther ond po-iterity continued. j 

Mr. Wolferstan was a barrislcrv 
pRiclien until the Revolution, but en 
one of ilie siiffest of nim-juror^. 
twice, but left is^ue only by hi* fin 
Hester,* danghtor of John Bowyer, 
Biddiilph (by Ellxabetb, daugblaM 
William Uuwyer}, viz. an only dao^ 

Ann, heireM to her father's |nir 
estates. She was set^nd wift 
John Egt-rton, baru of Wri 
but dyiirK in ITUfl, without sin 
f)isup, devised her poAse^oni 

* The follfiiria^ linen In the memoiy ofu 
wlu) d. in 1673, vera ioKlibed by hu bual 
the cburcli tif Stalfbld. 

If Mbn aweetnM, ch«arf)dl mndMlii 
If |irud«Doe, puliriu-^s pii^'y. & hie. 
Anil rniiirnl Inith, henltli, wt-ahhor 
OffCend fratn deuih, sbe bad not dv'il,' 
A liveing monumenl orthfcr, hefixF 
Sbe'a ^n, itbc'a dewl to live, snd die no 



Rrton'a third Mtn, by > former 

Miur, Suifolii (Itfvolved u|)oti U\» 
w uid heir in till. 

SifORO WnLr&li^rt^;, esq, &n iictivp 

If for the counlim of Stn(ff>rd and 

irk, who m. Sarnh. youngest ilaugliWr 

EUn-mrd Littleton, ban. luid had auae, 

Unlrton. who d.M.p. befurv bid latlirr, 

in 1760. 
I>oiioTit\. wbo Iff. in 1749. th** Rev. 
SkHreL PiPK. M.A. Rrctor of Wul- 
ton-oo-Trrnl. tp_v wliom (wlio rf. I.'jlli 
Frhnian,-. 177«) slie hHd i«*a<?, 
I. SiHftu inhrrilorof Slatlold.of 

wbi>ni |>rrjwnlly. 
3. lliimphrpViOl'L'noxetfr.'wLom. 
in I77B, Elitabvlli. duaebtt.'r of 
('barlcii PrHtrll, i>m]. nnd lind one 
not). Snmuel. who ^. youn);. 
.1. Sarab-UntTf. m. lo James Ik-ll, 
of Utloxotvr.iuid bad i<au«, nson, 
SaiDDc), 6. I7tli Jaimary, 17H9, 
wbo M. KatbiTiii*;, dniiehtpr ot 
Simon Mountl'ort, esq. of Ileftin- 
hunt. oikI tbrev dntiKiitcre, 
Sarnh - Gra<r<^, Anu-Marj', and 
Hornlby de Pipe. 
EUsal><;tb, m. tn 1775, to tJie 
Rrv. G«'orgp Greaves, Rector of 
Stanton, and nf Swarkston. bolb 
hi the count}- of I>«rby, and bad 
tin«, A M>a. GeorK?, who d. tn 
1801, witb fnurddughterB, Lydiu* 
Blizabetli. the wife of tbe Hcv. 
Paul Belcher. Dorothy -(^atlie- 
rine, FrancM. and Georgtana, m. 
lo W. D. Ftnnistced. rsq. 
, m. [n 17:17. to Ja«epb Girdlcr, 
_ faftrriatpr at taw, mtn ajid heir of 
flerjrani JiKtrph Oirdlrr, of Ha*elor, 
Id tbe cuiinty of St^fTunl, and dyuig 
hi I7(»l. left U*\\c, 

I. JtiBr|ih-Biiyntum-Girdler| who 

4. id 1787. 
3. Jobo-Stanford-Girdler, b. in 
1761, of H«M-tor. m. Mr«. Le- 
titia Jonet, and luirl issue. 
3. Fmncra-LuCT Girdler, d. to 


lojrcc. m. firrt, to Edward Littleton, enq. 
(ff ikf Mnitt, by wliorri »hr find iio 
iittoe. Shf f^poiiitrd secondlv, Efl- 
mtd Plaif ted, Bai|. of Bolcltali, near 

Tarawortli, and left at brr decease fn 
1776, an only E^urviving daughter. 
Miiry-EIizftbi'th, i«M'onil wifi; of the 
Rev. Martin Slafford Smith, of Hath, 
Rector of Fladbury, in tbe county of 
Hester, rf. unmarried in 1746. 
Frnncet), of Widt-omlMr Hoii«e, near 

Balb, d. in 17I>7. uoniarried. 
Eltrabcth, m. in 1773, (o Thoma* 
Hedges, esq. of Week, m tbe coonty 
of Devon, major in tbe North Deron 
niiliria. and d. in 1811. », p. 
Afr. Stanford Wolfer&lun dj ing 2nd July, 
177"i, dcvis^'d bis esBitM,* after tbe din-eoiW! 
of biswife, to bif) (p^nd^ion, 

Samcei. PiPK, esq. tv'bo Juberiling tbern 
apon fbf deiui&e of tliat lady, assumed, in 
i77f>, by si^n nianiial, tlio »urnume and arnid 
of Woi.FF.HSTi*N. He wi. first, Mar^rct, 
dauf^btiT of Walter Biddulpb, esq. of Bar- 
lon-undcT-Ncedwrxnl, uncle to Sir Thc- 
ophtluR Biddulpb, biirt. and had t«Mie, 
St^slpv. present proprietor. 
Margaret, fa. in 1817, to Charles Sail. 
Ho enpouwd seeondly, 4tb October, I79fi» 
Klizabetb, eldem daughter of Philip Jervid, 
esq. coosin of John. Earl Si. Vincent, but 
had no fiirthcr iiwue. 

Mr. Pipe Wolferstan. a dJIii^ent and ae- 
ronipliithed antiquary, d. iu 1830, and was 
i. by his son. Stanikv Pipk-Wolferstan, 
esq. now representative of tbe family. 

Arrmi — (junrterly; forWoLFF.RiTAN. Sa. 
a fetu< vravy between three n-oWes* heuls 
vm«ed or. For Pipe. Az. l»o onfan pipes 
in chcT. between ten rroM croHsletK or. 

Creitt — For WoLFf-RsTW. A wolf under 
a tree all ppr. For Pipf. A leopard's 
liead erased or. 

iVtf/rjf— Siatfo'.d, in tbe county of Staf- 
ford, fin^l po«Ki.'?»od in IS6(t, Hcarlhcote. in 
the ronnty of Derbj , and Pipe, netir Lich- 
field, an anrient property of that f/untly, re- 
purrhosed in IfUM from theWeld?. of Dor- 
nrtabire, by tbe Intc Mr. Pipe Wolfcmun. 

^Mf—Stalfold Hall, near Tamwortb. 

* Vi'iih retnaindir to Iiis gnndaon HatnplireV 
Pi\>f. and hiN other f^rantlsoni, tbe GlHOLtliB, in 
strirt sHtl^Rienl. and >11 tBkio]; th* aana aad anna 
of WoLraBtTAK. 



lAYNE, JOHN-HEARLE, «q. of Helipuij in Cornwall, ana of Sydeahwn. id 
the county of Dtvoo : If. 17lli March, 1780. m. 11th 
January, 1$13, Carulinc-Matildu. yoanj^t clau^fhter of 
Sir WiJIifun Lemon, Darooel, of Carclevr, and ban isstie, 

John. h. l.'rth April. 193&. 
Arltinr, b. lAih May. 1827. 
' Ht-ury-UuHkint, b. '^4th March. 1830. 

RarrieC' Jane. 

Mr. Tremayne. who haa represented Cornwall in Parlbi- 
m^nt. inherited the estutea from his Inther, the Reveraod 
Hcory HavrkinA Tremayne. 


tb» Maaor of Trrmatmr, in the 

F«f St Marliri. on ihe banks of He)- 

mn. this fami!}^ derived at a vpry 

periiml its drsipmtioii, and in the 

Eowtiin III. Kv Aiiil rt^iiliiif; tlii-ri- 

iTblmaim.. who, by Lin Klfo, Itutae 

iemj*. nwa father of 

TMCMATKe, to whfiDi. haTJnjj no 

pir. •occerdeil hU brotlivr. 

TarutYNC, who m. Onera Tre- 

i4 wwa fpninill'atlirr of 

U» TtttuaNr. Thix wa» tlio last 

nf ibft family ■! Trvmaync. ||v 

laalM>lla. daofthtfrr and aole hc{< 

'Trmrhard, of CoHarombe. in the 

'' T, anil reninvi*d In ron- 

xtalc, where his descend- 

i>i.> ti :<>r more titan ihrt-ecrnturie^, 

IImt hit;hr»l dej^rre of reputation. 

h aiw a of the Tri-nchards he bud 

jiiaiNjU, hit sitcccHor. 

Aoau, is holy orders, rector of An- 

■ L*<'vi>nithlre, and canon 

of Si. pMer'rt. Ex*-ief. 

iU4y (Iftakelta Tn-tii-L'ird') Mirvivin^ her 

.mikame>lv«ith.Sif Jxhii Damme rel, 

Bapaiml so much iufluencE ovt>r her 

[lord, that hr brtllrd iipou her and 

I by Trt-mayn<!- (nbr l»ad no ehildri'n 

I) NoKTH Hi'iKH. Sydeniiam- 

wttli Mher landa, and appoinlpd 

I her executrix liy his wiU. dalpd befon- the 
feast of Simon and Jiul<;. I'J^i, Thomas 
Tremiiyoe wa» *. by hi# elder son. 

Nicholas Tiieuavnf., who was /. by his 
Thomas Themaync. who m. Elizaheth. 

daughter of Carew. In I-Mfl. Edmund 

Lucy, Bishop af Exeter, granted lii%mte 
unto thid Tliomiui Trcmnynr and hia wife, 
" that they might have divine serrjcp eelv 
bratiMl in their presence within the Mbdot 
nf Colhicombe." They had ii^sue a son and 
JoMM Trehaynf., of Collacombe, who 

wedded daughter of Wair. and 

had iK»u(*. 

John, his heir. 

Riehard who was seated at Tre|*onnan, 

in the pariah of St. Eae.iu Cornwall, 

and was ancestor of 

LtvriH Trehaynr, of Hellgan, who 
commanded a r«-(timent of Tool 
for A'lN^ CH%nLP.« I., and was 
Castle. Tbiit gallant person had 
two sons, 

1. John (Sir), Serjeant at law, 
who d. IviueleaB. 

2. Charles, wlinsr son, 

LtWIfl TltEMATNR, m. the 
fo-beiress of Clotwor- 



[LATHAM, JOUN.esii. ofBnicIwiJt Hall, iu Oi« county of Chester, M.D. 

Colle^^, Oxford, late Prc«ident of the Rojral G 
of PhysiciuM, London, F.H.S. L.S. *c. 6. 29tJi D 
ber, 1761, m. ]'2Ui April, 1784. Mary. eldeM dai 
and co-beireM of Uie Rerereod Peler Meyer, (tee J 
of Meyer a( foot) Vicar of Preatbury, and haa imm 


o o 


John. LL.D. Bonietime of All Suul'v coUcge, <k) 
i. lUth Marcb, I7tf7 : m. Eluabelb. d;iughtcr i 
Hrarv Dampifr. kiit. Iut« one uf the judges < 
court of kind's bencli. 

Peter-MiT«, M.D. of HnweuoM college, Oxford 
low of thr rw)-al college o(" phjiiicianB. b. Isl 
17aK; m. Dimm-ClAriaMi, dMii;r)it«r of Mnj<ir-gi 
tbf Hun. Rranvill«-Ansoa Chctw),Dd-Stapylloi 

Heury. M.A. of Urasenoae Cullcin;. Uxford, in 
onliTit. b. 4th Nureniber. I7U4; m. Maria, dav 
of Jamiv Hallhiell. eflq. of BroomfieltU U) Lanca 

Sarah, wt. to Georg** Orowrod, «^. of Srdltur) 
in the t-ounty of Gloucester, and hns ifwar. 

Frances, rl. uiiiuarrifd in \V20. 
Dorlor Latham succeeded hifl faUier SUt June, 1783. 


Tbii is a junior branch of the ancient 
['ClifNhire hoiute of Lathom, of Lathom and 
Knou'sley. which terminated in an heiress, 
IsAnKLLA Latham, who m. Sir John Stan- 
ley, knt. anceator of the earls of Derby, by 
whii-h iklliaoce the Stanleys acquired, with 
.'«llMr landa. the estate of Knuwvlt-y, in 
nhire, which has since been their chii-f 
•eat. This line divided itself into various 
branches, amongst which the estate whs 
partilioiH'd, ami immwliute traces of con- 
nexion lost, but in the reign of Ilr.NRY VIII. 
Ai.K'XANDeR 01'. Latham occurs in existing 
deeds, as seised of lands in A»ibury, and 
usin); the same arms: and from him pro- 
perty descended lincuUy to tite present pro- 
prietor of Brndwall. 

At^HASDKN Latham, of Conglcton, in 
Choabtro, living iu the time of IIenky VIll. 
was fatlter of 

JotiM LtTM^M, of Otnglelon. who n. 9th 
FebruBT)-, 1A7H, Margaret, dai^hter of — 
Wardic, and wu t. by his son, 

John L.tTliMi, of Coneleton, b. 26th Oc- 

tober, LVTO: m. 3nd February. 1007. 
cilia, daughter of — Ley. and bad tsai 

John, bis saccessar. m 

Edward, who left iitsue. H 

John, in holy orders, vicar of 

ingficid, in Suffolk, futher 

JoHv, rector of Westleii 

the siinie county. 




John Lathntn d. .lUl December, 1031 

was s. by his eldest sou, 

JnH\ Lathav, of Congletoo, 6. in 
nnd dying in 1(770, was s. by his son. 
Thk Hev. ioH> Lavham. rector of 
ton, in Cheshire. &. in ISW: iH.3l»tlf 
1W2. Maria, daughter of — Murelai 
had issue. ^fl 

John, bis successor. 
Hester, m. Iti tlie Kev.lK'iUtam 
ret:tor of (tawswonh. ami H. m. 



[r. Lalhani d. Sth Jane, 1706, anil wiw r. 
hi* SOD, 

Thc Rev. Joii<ii LiTK.oi. minister or Buii- 
r, ta the CDOtit}' of SulLt. and of Wtwl- 
in Lrk-eturabire. ft. llih N'ovembor, 
; M. Margarrt. dsuiflitor of 
, eiq. of Grral Onnerby, id Ltocotn- 
tt sad had two tons, 

Joan, hi* taccemoT. 

Charles, of Walibam, Ui Leiceslenhire, 
m. aad ii»d iMtir. 
Mt. iMkmm wm i. by liu eld<^r aon, 

Tm Ktv, John Litham. B.A. of Oriel 
CiU*fEV> Ovfnrd. minister of SiddiiiKton, in 
kirr. t. atttfa November, 1725; m. Wh 
17^ Sarah, daughter of Richard 
«M). of Saodbacb, in the saine 
r. aad bad taaoe, 
ioMN. M.D. preaent pro^irietor of Brad- 
wrll Hall, in thv county of Chc»(i-r. 
Rirfaan), of Siuidba<;h, m. Sarah, diidg;b- 
ler of Cbnrlo* Latlinm, esq. of Wal- 
Ihani, in th« county of I^ic^ster, and 
ka« bsoe. 
tatkam i. 2l*t June. 1783. and wan 
at Prestbury. in the county of Cheit- 

Anu — Enn. on a chief ludcnted nz. tlire« 
'fcmat*, mer all n bond gnlvit. 

fmt—Ott a rmk ppr. an fagl« with 
I cl«Txt«Hl erniiuoi*. preying on a child 
rnvaddled az. bandrd nr. 
fi »l* t — The maonr of Rradwall, to Che- 
, pvcfaued by tbe present prnprictor, 
I TvJcNB other minor ealalea, in the eanie 
Infacrilod from the Meres and Ar- 

Jh«-Bradwall (Ull, ai««liire. 


PrTEn Mere, of Hougb, son and heir of 
William Mere, of Mere, m. FranL-e«, d»u)(h- 
ter of John Uertou, of Burton npon Trent, 
and had issue, 

Peter, d. t. p. iu 1737. 
Henr^-, rf. t.p. in 174fl. 
Peter Mere d. in 1720, and was a. by hia 
eldest ion. PKTtn, who dying t. jt. waa i. 
by bis brother Hgnky, but be dyin^ like- 
wise issueless, the eittatea and represenia- 
tioD devolved ajKja the yoaogeftson, 

Natiunkx Meyeh, of Macclesfield, nho 
m. Sarnh, daughter uf WUIiam Ljiigard, 
and had issue, 

Pl-TF.R, hia successor. 
Henry, in holy orders, MjL fellow of 
Braaenoeo college. Osfntd. and rec- 
tor of Cotlin^bHio, in Northampton- 
shire, m. Eton, duu|ttiter of — Jeffe- 
ries, of Northwich, but rf. a. p. in 
Miiry, i'. 4th January, 1733. 
The eldest son, 

The Rkv. Petsk Meykr. ricar of Pre«- 
bury, ill the county of Chester, b. 30tli 
March, 1738; m. 2atb December, 1763. 
Martha, second daugbter and co-helreM of 
John Ardcrne, esq. of the Oak, jn Sutton, 
Chetdiire, and of Roms^'y, in Hants, and 
left at his decease, in 178&, two duughters, 
hU co-heirs, vis. 

M«Rv, m, to the pr«>i>ent JoiiN Latham, 

M.D. of Braduatl Hall. 
FhaNCEA, m. Ut ihe Rev. Da>id Davies, 
l).l>. of Macclesfield, and ditd 1.501 
October, 17!>7. leaving an only daugh- 

FKAhCEfe Davies. 




HOWARD, HENRY, eKq. otCmhv Ciutlc, in the county of Cumberlaod. 
July, 1767, m. Grst in 1788, Maria, dAiiglil^r Kod i 
of Andrew, Lord Archer, by whom, who d. in 
he had no isatie. lie e»potiae(), secoudly, in March, 
CHtborine-Mary, second daughter of Sir Kichtird I 
of Dagnam Purk, to the county of Esiox, but. u 

PiiiLiP-HehRT, M. P. b. '22n*l April, lOOl. 

Heiiry-FniHcitf. in. in )tKtl>, Hon. Srvillv Er 

iliDiglitPr of I^ord Er^killP, bimI has a daui^lilcr 

Calht?rin«, ni. in 18*29, to tlir Hon. I'bilip Siour 

■4»\ liSSil \. Emma. /n. to \VilliatQ-HeDry. iirKavnl Lord Pe) 

*r\i^^ \ Adi-lizii-Moria, «. in IWW, lo Hfiirj-Pctrv, n 

X rf. in 1833. 

y T N. J Mr. Hownrd i» high shoriflF for the county of Ciiahi 

in the present year (1832). 




This 19 a brauch of Oie ducal house of 
Norfolk, springing from the second son of 
Thomas, fourth duke. 

Lord Willum Howard, who was r^s- 
tared in blood by act of parliament in I0U3. 
He ctpouM:d Elizabeth, dnuKliter of Thomns. 
aud BiHter And co-bcir of Gi-urgc, Lurd D.i- 
ere, of trill^land, and in her right became 
po»ae«»edorNAWoRTH Castle, in the county 
of Cumberland, and uf HiNotiiSKEU. (where 
now Blands Castle HowanlJ in Yurksbirc. 
By this lady his lord«liip It^d at hi« decease, 
fire sons and three dAU);litei%, riz. 
PlllUPfSir), whose [fTandson, 

Charijis, was clfvffllcd lo ihc pceruffe 
in tlio di^iities of naron Dacrr, of 
OUUtiand, VitcuHHt lltmittrd, of 
Morytrtk, and EaKL ur CAKUst>:. 
by Iciiers patent dated 'JUtli April, 
16GI , und was anceatur of the pre- 
sent earl. 
Francis (Sir), of whom presently. 
WiUinm(Sir), d.t.j,. 
Charles (Sir), m. Dorothy, daughter of 
Sir Henry Witherington, knl and 
left u son, WUIiain. 
Thomas, m. Elixah«!lh, dauf^hter of Sir 
William Ear«. km. and had issue 
(with a »oD, Thomas, who d. un- 
marripd) two daughters, his co-heirs. 
Franees. m. to — Fetberstoii, esu, 
Mary. m. to Sir John Wintour. 
ElixalK-th. m. lo Sir Henry Oediiit;- 

frld, km. 
Margaret, m. lo Sir Thomas Cotton, ht. 
The second son. 

Sir Frincii Howard, kot ofCorli 
tie, in the county of N'orthumbeTll 
first. Margaret, daughter of John P 
esq. of the Manner, in LanCMbue>4l 
issue, I 

Thomas, A colonel in the sen 
Chakles I. who fell al At 
Moor, in 1043. 
ElizabL-Ui. m. to F.dward SlaadU 
of Stondish, in the coun^ «| 
Sir Francis espoused, secondly, 
diiughter of Sir Henry Witheringtoi 
by whom he hud issue, 
He wiLS «. by lils t>ldest son, 

Francis Howard, est), of Corby, l 
twice, but leavinir no male issae al I 
cease, in 1702. dt-viscd bis estate 
fourth brother, 

WiixiAH Howard, esq. of Corby \ 
who m. Jane. daai;bter of William D| 
eiM|. ofAcorubank. in the county of 
luurlund, and dying in I73l>, was «.. 

Thomas Howard, esq. of Corby \ 
who m. first. Barbara, daughter of 
Viscount I>jiisdMle, by whom he haj 
three sons, wliorf. in infancy) three dan^ 
Mitry, d. young. 
Elizabt:lh. ^ 

Janf. Ml. to Francis Wanrid:, 
Warwick Hall. 
He espoused, srt'ondly, Barbara, if 



WEi.D. OF uiLwon-ni. 

nirlctrt|ther Mus^rave, mmI dyfng in 
■>. was I. by bb ton, 
fitnur II«w4RD, rw). of Corby Cutlr. 
'M. Ann, <lnut*hlrr of Henry WiUiam, 

(tfi'MSt; in ibe county of Ynrk. I1p</. 
I7W. and wu *. by bis son, Hr.httt 

»Rp, wq. now irpr¥SeutaUY< of lb« 

rM«~4)l>«liTrBI.T or IIX. 

Ilo* mn. f^. oit bend between «k cro«s 
rronlrU, filcM uy. an i>«ciitchtK>n or, 
char^n) witti a drnii-lion rampant, 
ptrrcrd ihnxigb th<* inmitli with oti 
UTDW wtifain h dcjuMf" tr(«»ure Anry. 
miBter flory ot' tbe hnt. 

Bh'»hp.hiom. ^. ihrve lion* pnnaiit. 
(ii«rd«nl in pnle. or, on a chicra label 
of ihrca poiauafg. 

Warrfn — fThequy, or and az. 
MoHHiuY — Gu. a lioo rampant, org. 

armed and landed ax, 
DtCHE — Gil. Ihrr-r rftcallopi nr. 
Ghevktock— narry offlix ar^. and az. 
over all tbrre chnplebt go. 
VrtH — On n chnpcau pii. turned up er- 
mitH*. a lion stHtanI ^tardnDt. llip l»i( I'x- 
Ifniltnl or, ducHlly rniwneil «rg. ^urgvd with 
a Inbrl of thrtf poiuU of Ihe ta«t. 
Motto — Volo non valeo. 
Ettntet — In Cumbckland. first poaapMed 
ill ISHS, In tlie countv of DL'itiiAM — an- 
cient inheritaneA from ibe Barona of Orfy- 

Town IttiiHenet — Ijowcr Hrook-otref t. 
Seat — Corby Caatle, Cumbcrlmid. 


IplKB Vatanri Cnliiul THOMAS, of Lulworth CasUo, in the coiintr of Dor- 
«ct, b. 9'2nd January. 1773. Tliia dtstinguislied prelate, 
prior to tJikin^ nrdera in the rhiirch of Uome. onpnuMd 
<in 1796) Lucy, daughter of tlie Honomble Thonutl 
Cliflfonl, by wbocn he had on ooly daughter, 

MARY-Lrcy, m. in IB18, to I]ng:h-Cbarl(v, present 
Lord Cliffuro, of Chidi^ioh. and di<rd in May, 
Ih3I. leaving; tMue. 

Upon the diKwaw of hin wife, Mr. Weld became a Ro- 
man Catliolic clLT^^'Hian. nod was soon ai^niRird« pro- 
matH to a bitthopric. He obtained a cardinal'i hnt in 
18*29. Ills Eminence has for neverel yeora durotc-d hit 
liiit». and larp) fortune entirely to the wnnla and nervicea 
of the unfortunate, and has juxtly acquirvd the hi^ient 
reputation for piety and benevolettco. Mr. Weld is the 
lintt lui^lirthm»n nho him had a ffput in the Comclave 
ainco the pontificate of Clejnekt IX. He inherited his 
paternal estates at the dec«&sa of his father in ISIO. 


I faa&7 of Wkld i» pre«umcd to ilc- 

■ BBBiac, MimamctI Wiin, «r Svi- 

. a*W waa nrplir-M in F^lrii-. l>uLf> 

|„..r.,,.,l ..( r.N.n, .1,1111,'htrr nJ 

I Enm * ' •"•rt'ii'h'd 

MUiku ^^ 1 nt Eaton, in 

'1 m.-trr\me Anne. 
WhilnHU. was *. I>v 

faiiA* Wuii. will) wedded Uargarcl. 

daughter of WQIlam Bnatock, and wai 
^rantlfaThfr of 

Kdhahp Wfio. who vepouAfd Margarel. 
tluu^htrr ol' Thumo* Cotfcravc. of th^ county 
of Cbri)|er. The ^ran^Uoo of thLi»marTiafc<\ 

JiiDM Wei,(>, marrying Joanna. dao([hter 
of John Fit£ lltifih, of Conglelon. hod three 
«oiui. via. 

. RoRrnr. of Eaton, who ut. Fli-nora. 
daughter of Robert 01dluo,or \V rlku 




HftUt imI fram bim cprong the 
Whuw of Eatoo. 
3. John, who teltlcd at WiUey. in tbv 
couuty of Salop, and was patriarch 
of Ihi^' W tiJts of that place. 
3. Ill'MFHKKY (Sir). 
The third son. 

Sir HiMPHKRY Wkld, knt. look up his 
abode at Holdw^^U, ia the couut>' of Herts. 
He wa« vberifT of London iu MiOO, and I^Hti 
Mayor in trn years afterwards. Sir Ilum- 
phn'V cspouaed Ann, dauphler of Nirholas 
Wheler, €«q. umd left, with twodaughterj, 
at hid decease in 1610, a son ^nid nuceasor. 
Sir John Weld. kK. of Arnolds, in the 
county of Middlcicx. who wedded Vnncrt, 
daughter of William Wbitinore. esq. hv 
whom (who d. in lUVj) hn had iMue, 
1. Thomaa. who H. young. 
3. Ili'UPHRFA. hill heir. 

3. John (Sir), of Compton Bniiu'tt, in 
the conntv of Wilt«. n knight tmii- 
nerel. This gallant ppr^on m. in 
1648. Mary. d.iuirhter of WilliAm, 
Lord Stour'ton, and dyin^. llth July. 
1074. iefi an only »an, 

William, who sdccceded his uiicte 

4. Oeorsp. who w. Bridget. (Iauf:hler 
of — Tkimhlethorp, esq. of the oonn- 
ty of Lincoln, nnd died iu 16!X>, Irav- 
iax two daughters. 

Cicely. IN. to Jami-« Mabuny. Vis- 
count of OIdca«Ile. in Spuiti. 

Elizabeth, m. first to — Dirkendon, 
e«). : and secondly, to Pbilip 
SlafTord, em). 

5. Anno, tn. to Sir J. Cult*, of Chtl- 
diTley. u> df^tt 

6. Mary, m. to Thouiaa Allen, esq. of 
Fincbley. yU ♦ 

7. Francejt, m. to — Mjirlin, esq. of the 
county of Burkin^hani. *'• Jfitm^ 

8. Margaret, w. to William Bowycr, 
es<^. of Dunhfim C-ourt, Ilucke. 

Sir John Weld d. iu lffi», and was *. by his 
eldest Mn, 

IlrMPHREY WrxD. esq. of Hnitlwell. 
This fieoiliimaii wa» governor of Portland 
Castle, He pun^hnsed iu ItHl, from the 
Howard family, the Manor of Lclwobth.* 

• Tlie bm (MMMMon of this mwior at- said to 
Uvf" bc«i tba M LoujnHjBins; batihtponrrful 
family of the NiwtvROBS held it aaeuHy h Um 
reipn of JtinN. CHautnAN, thp boIp hl^tm• of 
8ia Room NK«Bt.-noM, cnrrifd the estate in 1514, 
to her bushtiiiil, Sir Johs MAnxtr. Lord MameT. 
and her wcond dougtiter, and erpntutl btircM, 
F.i«»DiTii Markky, msniinK I'hoinu, Lord 
Howard, of ItiDdoD. ntnwvfd il, with aereral 
Mher mnndmablft estates in t>o™ciahire, amonj^t 
wlitib WW ib« BUDor of Uindon, to iLe Mow a«un 
wow whom, am stub-d at»Tv. ii wu* imrvbiaed is 
1641, by HomphrM Weld. 



and divers other eKlciisiT«'' 
county of Dorse'L He m. CUrr. yd 
dauf^ter of Thomas, Lord AmndeL oi 
domr, by whoai he ha') an only dtl 
Mary. m. to Nicholas TanlTe, Ead ■) 
liuicford. Mr. Weld died about ibi 
I6tk. aiHl was boried in King Hxsatri 
chapel. Westminster. His nephew, 
WiLLUH Weld, esq. gupce««ted 
estates, and tbns becaoie of ** LtawJ 
This f^entlenukn espoused in 1673. ElU 
daajchtcr of Riehard Hhirebom, < 
Slonvhont, in I^ncnshire. by whom 

John, who d. yotinff. 

HiHrHREY, his beir. 

Mary, wbo «n. Nirh»la« Pairft] 

nepbew of Lord P«ir6tx, on* 

his decense, espoosed Sir J 

Hongate. b«rt. ; by tbe UU 

bad itn only daughter, ' 

SIary HrST.ATB, wbo w«M 

Edward GaKoij^ne, of ff| 


Mr. Weld d. in 1698, and was s. 

only survivinK son, , 

Ht'MPHRRT Weld. esq. of Lntwori 

tie, who m. iu 1701. Marfptrcl, oiilyj 

tor of Sir James Slmrniis, bart. ofCU 

by whom be bad ii^«ue, 

Nieholas.J who both 

James, { father. 

EnwAKD. his heir. 

Thomas, who asnuaed tlie nm 

81HE0N8. -He m, Mar^', dao^M 

Thomas Fitzberbert. esq. of S« 

ton, by w)mm (who d. \m 13 

bad an only rinui;tiler, { 

Mary Sihlonx. who took 1 

at Bruges, in FlandrtK. 

Marv, m. in 17'^H. to EdwB^ 

dringtnn, esq. of Horsley, fai] 

umberlaiiil, hy wlioni (whodL' 

she bnd ah only dauf^ti-r. 


of her tiilher. who ai. 1 

lliddel, esq. of Swiobom 


Klizaheth, d. unmarried to 17BL 

Humphn-y Weld d. in I7'.i:2. and wa 

his elder survivini; son, 

Edward Wfld, e«q. of Lnlworfk i 
h. in 1706. This gi^ntlemati es' 
in 17-27. r.-itlurine-Eli]uiU-lb. 
Walter, Lord Aston, of Forfar, 
tssuv by that Udy. He m. 
1740. Mary-Thcrcfti. daoirb 
Vaughan, esq. of Coarlfteld, by wfaoi 
d, in 1754) he bad * 
Ei>waiid. bis beir. 

TiioMAft, sncceseor to bis b' 
Mary, who liecamc " a Poof 
Aire, iu ArtoEs. 





If. w»til " ttvcil," Ba}'» Uutchins, " in 
prtx crrdit ud huspit&litjr ai Lulwartli, 
■untsintng ■ good correspondenre and har- 
amoy with ihn nnj^boaring g*Mitr>' and 
drrify. Dor did dtflcrenci' of opinlou cn.>nt« 
w rrro or dlstaDCV ; althoairli he vrvr hv- 
UvM «» a peaceful subject, he was ordrrcd 
inin ritfUidt in 174A, on acrount of hut name 
<«-iiir nirtitiitunl tn a treasonable anonvmoun 
<\>[wd ue-nr Poole; but hut immt- 

■! boDourabk- divcharye U the moat 

Being proof "f his inuoocnoe." He d. 
iber. l7HI,aud Mb eldest 

£d«.uid Wild. r»q. of Lnlworth, A. in 
1741 ; m. firvt. in \'(Si. Juliaua, dao{(b- 
Jtt td Robert, Lord I'etre : aiid espoDMd. 
Ijf, jo 1775, M«HY-A>SL. joongi'Bt 
•r of \\ U-ttB S*ivrnf., e«(. of Hram- 
!, in ihv county of Hanta. but hnd do 
Me c/. in 1776. and bt« widow mar- 
TlloMAB FitiiiERirRT, esq. of Swin- 
■ ahe ■urrived. and has »iace 
ittMlmBUbe<l place in aociet)' a& Mrs. 
iBtRT. Mr. Weld wm t. by hi« 
' Mtrv^Tlnc brother, 

RnMK Vt fXD. eMi. of Lulworth Castle, 

ijM. io 177^ Mary, elilrst daughter of 

Q Sunley Masaey -Stanley, hart, of 

,iii Che^iiin-. Iiy tvlionibe had isaiie, 

l-Ymnut. hi* heir. 
Erfwan]. ft. in I77A. rf. in 1796. 

Jo«rpl>' *■ ■'> l^*^- "■■ '" '^*^< ^^''' 
leU«, third daughter ofCharlea-Phi- 

Itp, late lord Btourton, and baa iuue. 
J .1,0. i. in 17M), a prietl, deceased. 
\V itliun, rf. Tnnnir. 
Ilaiu|>luTy, ft, in 1783 : m. in 1811, to 

Chnstiiia- Maria, eldest dau, of Chus. 

Ut« Loni Clifford, and has isftoe. 
JaMes. h. iu I7H&; m. in IB12, JuHanft- 

AflBV, secand ilaui;btrr of Roliert- 

Cdvrard.lUtb I.a1. I'elre.andhnsissoe. 
Ccor^r, (. in I7W, m. Maria, dau. of 

J)iha Srrlf, esq. and has issue. 
JitliaBa. who tooi. tlie TeJl At Bruges, 

mwA diicd at the convent in Winches- 

Vr tn IMIU. 
MttryTberraa, a nun. 
C^tberine-WUiiffed. m. In ISOO. Co 

WiUiam. present Lord Stourton. 
fiUsabvlli, IK. Io O. Hoilrnham, esq. 
TWrv»a, m. ill I H03, to William Vaugb an , 

•^. of Courtfield. 


ii rred upon the Jesnits, lands 

'. in lAnca»hire, where they 

>.- celebratrd Kitinan calholie 

- II known undrr tbnt name. 

'\ Uierr in IHIO. deeply and 

jrv^w-T iiiai«nh>d, and was j. by hta 

•«tti ttM present Cardinal Weld. 

Atw» — ^z. • fcsw ocbnlc. betwven three 
tw mail to enn. 

Crttt~\. wjTem sa. goulte of ermine 
issuing out of u ducal coronet ppr. 

MaUtt — Nil sine numiue. 

Ettaiet — In the counties of Dorset and 

RrnHmcr —Rome. 

Stat — Lulworth Castle,* Dorsetitiire. 

* Within the frronod of Lulworth Mr. WoU 
affonled %t\ nsylum to tba Man» ot Lk Tn^rr, 
wImo those Bostere brothen w«n> dnnn from 
Fnnes by tbt isrolntion. Tb« IbUawin^ oecount 
of this roonasiery ia extracted firon tbft " Monthly 
Miipuine" of Octobar, 1800. and from Ibe " G«d> 
llnnan's Msguine of 1815. " I paid a sbon 
riait id tlie coune of liul aununer to Lulworth 
Caslte, t)ie scat uf Mr. W«ld. Al t-iglit o'cIckIc, 
of apleaiont morning in the beKioaing of July, I 
left DorcbMtcr, in company with two oibrr |^en- 
tliinen, one of whom ktui previuuily vi^Jt^d ih« 
moniuteTT. and Icindlr nntlCTlonk the offica of 
IOii<l«. After % ride of about eleren nils* orar 
downs, ooTered with floclia of UiMp, we declined 
on X)m rijt:fat into » bbisII rsUey, overlitmg with 
woods. The riew at the exTremity of tbii ratley 
is bnutifuUy temuDsled by the F.nglub Channel, 
and in its centre stands LvmoaTif Cji>tle, an 
Anlt()nc Gothic edifice, coosistinf; of four round 
towers, connected \tj as iminy curtains. As 
ttnngan bts panDittcd to aec the insida of tUt 
castle, wa Blighted at the principal cnlraaos, aa 
raoh sida of which are two Latto inseriptioaa { 
the one eonmanonting the exteodnl tolentton 
frranted to the Roman catholics in 1780. th* other 
recordinf; a ruut (torn bis majesty A'ing GaoaoS 
111. with which Mr. Weld wm« hmonred. After 
jrnti^rtng o«T»elT«s by ui in*pe<nton of th« edi- 
fice, we pmeaadsd through tlie Grida for abmit • 
mile, before we reached tbi- moneBtery, This 
building is conitrocted of rery nide uststisls, 
■nil in B Tcr^- rtide manner. The jrotinda at- 
lucbed are sbnut one bundrvd acrea, wUeli are 
cultiputed by the mooki, with the sadMaiiM of a 
carter and his bo}'. The commuaity rtsa at one 
o'clock in the ■wmin;. winter and aununer ; (be 
clioir brotbora then beftin their deeotbna. sod 
roatinuu iu the cb«{irl until nine, when each foee 
tn (OOM manual Ivbitor, in tlie ^niden, on (be 
rokds. or lb* gronndi. until eleren, whan tbera la 
■ abort ser*ici>. which loaU abool half an hour. 
TIhmi to labnur a^aia onlil balf (laat one, whvit 
tbey tacara in prayen Cbr balf an hour, and are 
than SDRUDOOM to their trmnX neaL After this 
neal ia over, tha ordy one which tbey hare daring 
the feu r-and -twenty hoars, they reUim thanks to 
God. and adjoumtaihaehapcrrnKMs, where tbe^r 
oontiiiue to read ot nedital e uUll the day m 
nenily oTvr, when they oaeo ntere ^ to praren, 
and mira to their d o rm ian iw aboni eight o'clock, 
bavlnf spent the whole day in abstinence, nkorti* 
Station, Isboar, aileaca, and prayer. Every soo> 
ceedinf day, like the fennet, eootuually basteninir 
the icrave tint Uh open. The severity of thia rigid 
onler re<|vti«s no cOBnun den<ee ; perpetnsJ si- 
lence refltiains them in the Kisstest eojoymant of 
lifr. )irriH-tual slMlitieiicv, UOttifiestion. and po- 
nnnce, pnrenv and pray«-r. sewn mate than buDDSa 
nature is capable of andereoing, and nnkes the 
aioda of the religtoos war* baojwl np by iha fw' 




DANBY, WILLIAM, esq. of Swinton Park, in the county of York ; b. 9tU Jolr, 
1752 m. fim, in September, 1776, Caroline, dnughler of Henrr Sermour. wq. by 
whom (who d. ^Olh March, 1821,) he bad an only son, who died io infancy. Mr, 
Danby cspooMd, secondly, 5th Januaiy. 1822, Adoe-Holwell, second daugfaier of 
William Hater, esq. 

He succeeded to the oslates at the decease of his father in 1781, and umd tin 
pfEce of ftheriff of the county of York, in 1 784. 




John dp. Danby, Lord of Great and Litllir 
Oauby, and o( liintt<< in Thirsk, Hiillon, niiil 
ScowrttoM.Irftaii uiily daiij;ljliT and hoircM. 

Armathi'dk dp. 'l)AN8Tf, wlio wcddcd 
E<Imiind Slriuffcrt or SlruKfii. one of tlip 
Hildivni of Ihc Couqucst. and left a Kun. 

John SmiNfiKNT. alias pASSie, (in ri^lit 
of hid nimh<^r)who w edded Mnr|!»ret, diiugb- 
(er of Tbouias Cathorul, and w&s i. by biit 

Thomas Danbie. of Danhir, who >». a 
daughter orTlminaoOiiltlley, and froaiwbum 
we (>a«8 to hie defl(.-<.'ii)lniil, 

TiioH^s Danuif., oi Uanbic, who e«poiifM'd 

votti of ti)«ir devotiond, ihvy could ool kiH>|i tli^iu- 
MlrMabrr. Tbnr abAtnin wholly from mcBl, fifb, 
mtd fovt and. during Lent, from baner, milk. 
•fig*, ami chMiM. Th«y mmid, iM>viilhi'lM8, per- 
iMlly amUuit. Tb« muuka (ihMrvf jHTprbuiI 
nIpdoo, Bcarotly vrva look at ench othvr, and 
a»v«T ipMk bat to tbe prior, and tben only upon 
urf^mt uecsainQK. Th«y ii*vt>r wandp-r fmiB llieir 
convrnt witbmil ]HtTmix>iiiiii of llu-ir tuprrior, 
but p> eftch tDomuig ch«errullv to inch wvrk m 
lb*>T afp diractttl Id p^rfonn. Aa W4> pttMMl ibrnr 
IHHir, bunibli>. unoflintdiQ); monks at tlwir trtnk, 
■ her re<r*tv«d ua with courtccy and humiliiv. bui 
nirvr ii|>oke. Tti« nuMl perfect ulence aD<{ traxi> 
i|ailUly mewtd Ihrougbout tbix Uttl^ vale. hilIi 
nothin|C to inttTmiil it but tba cwnrral lirU, and 
ibo dMihinit of tbo warea npon the aintn -. even 
ilvp winda oi heavm on rpatisinrd framviiitinK 
ihia pliM loo ronghly, for tbw duim prMvcta it 
Irmn llirif fury." 

In IM^ Or Ct.ARr, Karl uf (lUnKHKlM-, lixik 
Ui« iiAKu: ur LuLLWANu Cor tJic Eni-ai^i M«i'i>. 

M»ry, daughter of Robert Tanfleld. of Da>> 
by, and bad witli othrr lunie, 

William, Lord of Uanby. and Ynilbrd, 
who m. ibn bcircKi of John PrctrtJf^ 
and left a son, 

Hubert, of Danby and Ynflord, 
who m. tbc hcirrsa of Jobo Ayt- 
lebif, and was fitther of 

Rai.pi), of Dauby and Yaffart, 
who nt. Marf^rct, daoffhtrr 
and ro-hrtr of Sir KiobaH 
C'onyer», of Cowtoo, and 
left three danghten, hll c^ 
. bt-'irs, viz. 
.': I ^. Al.tcr., m.toj. Ai-klan. 

\ , 2. MAKfitnv.m. lu llaltih 

Kokchy, ofMonliaiii. 
3. Agm-s. m. to Jatrn-i 
Stran^ayv«, of Onu* 
Robert (Sir). 
T\ic Younger of ihcso two wot (the flflli of 
his father). ^ 

SiH Robert Danby. wnf ruii>iitutrd i| 
tliti iHt of EdwahD IV., chi«-f juxtice of 
Comnion Picas. Tbisfreotlemanpn 
Tliori* Pcruu. He m. first, KatI 
daughter of Raliih FiU-Randal, 

ill liil.*i, wht-n Kin^ Jahi$ I. csD»to bnat La 
jtark and Isle of Purbeck, tH* wr« bosj 
ivrtaioml at th« coalla of Lulwunh, sa 
in KUh't, A'in^ CiiiBLis II,. and tbe 
York anil Itloninauth, wboaa naiDM the i 

they occupied aiil) rvcord. During^lbe 

it wu frcqumtly uaed aa a eifck ttp«Q 
Culls, lu I7B9. Owioa 111. with ha 
and th« Ihreo elde« priocaiapB, viAimt I. 
Cutlc by JW« tntai Weymuuth. In l79t. dm 
sntar royal party nfivatnl ibvirTimbT lanrf. Is 
ih*- nfji ym, their mftjestin, with tir. 
Widei, and fiT« of iJm nrincnawt, ^ 
WeTOiniilb in tbe Juoo (Kg»t«, in ord^r -.i .im 
u^n tbi> Cutlli- ; the ara, however, runninx hl^ 
Dono of tho nautical pany aitetii|ti«><] m Unl, «■ 
cwpt lliD i'mvci: o» Walm. wLa efiedrd il at 
<>xiM-tice of n ai'vere drrachinf;. In ir.,«j. 
worth Cutle (>)i«iiMl it* ipilrc to the ezibd . _ 
fniiiilv ul i mnre, v-hi'rv tiu'v vjoanied tmttl lb ' 
dtjiiLnun' fiir Hulyrovd ilottae. 


, <lAii|thlPr Aiid heir of 
His son and Lfir at bu 

ihK JtMfji ItiNMY, wftii luaclf* n ktii)|;lil 
Inauet bjr RiciuKO. Uaka i>f UloortMitrr 
uilcfirarda KKHtni>, Id.), iniUlloo Firld. 
h&ntUDd. tir m. AtCi>t'«. daugblrr nml 
■If krIrcM uf Juhii l«iii}(toti, eitq. of Fam- 
ily, lad wmM ». by \m rod, 

Si« Cimi.HTonitH Danbv, Itnl. of Farn- 
kr, whI Tl«irpimi», who m, Murgarvt (or 
BUi Uiltn S<d»i>i. i>t Matham and Vfuul, 
pid uor <ir ' i^ Id liiat luirony ai i1il> 

kmwoi -. OfctFtRV. ninth lord. 

' * '.* '• -ti'il f}"r in'tntPreragt, ) 

:.U'\ ■\ .i> t. tiv liis sou, 
. I> v-ut . L..'tt. ThUgon- 
!i. rjiint iluiiKliti^T i>l'Ricn- 
.iil Ltrid I.alimer, Krid 

IP foccewor. 
'Uij, n, k( Sir Jiihn Neville, 
uyt, IK. tn ChrislO[jhi>r llopton, 
.of Amil^y. 

,M. lM('iiriatophfrMiilIorr,r9iq, 
I, M. loTliLimasW' 
I. I» Sir K<t<%ar(l .Muiiliirrcr. 
. tu William CiiUfrlc}', i-'mj. 
■a, M. la M. \V\vin, f-9t|. 

t. i;. ,-.,..- ^Irrnrll, mq. of 

'■*■■ I'hrjjroaijfran- 

■II . orihistuBiriu^. 

M >' I . c^jjouH^l Ikt kiauaan, J, 

^1' _\ni>ll, Fttq. of Tlioniaby. 

rhpf Hiu) ahfriff of YorksUfrp iti 

Hr>RT VIII. Uc rf. in 1671. 

■ "I sun, 

^ , knL who p«rM>us<>iI 

>lmII. urcond daucDlM of 

Eur! <i| Wr»lniorIi»nd. Sir 

'it-rilT of Yfirlt^liire, rn llie 

I itt. and dj ini; in IdtK), wuji 

ui UthOT, cvq. Tbt]4 );oiiilrni.'iii e\4m dsnKhlcr of Tho- 

i^' m\.* (uMil lit4 wife Miirpi- 

l^' Hi heir of Sir Williaiu Gn^- 

kHU u( (!«Hi]iorp«) aod dying in 

'1* f hy htn •on. 

■'I. who Wpoiticd 

ofHilward Psr- 

U>T!i Xt>ri().i [i,y bM wife Elizabflh, 

TWa ni^Mi W«Biworth li. in rebraw. 

'-*. j>^mmmi tiUad* id tb« Mmnty of VtifV, 
'<■' • JMT. Ue nu 1. by lii» nm, SrK 
■ iviwmTM, who WM I'tllwr of the cale- 


'>4aBA'a am «od noeunr Waumi, 
tfU- mad Altvlt^, ina Iha pM«un lo 

rantaf^hU Mt'T wu addrm«n), bv 
L tKc g mM fminr fiai in Um rap of JaRM« 

only dnti^Utcr nnd heircOT of Williiim Stan- 
ley, Lord MutiU-uf^o), by whom (^wbo 
m. secondly, William Riotiards, iwtj.) he 

Thomaa, (Sir) hia surcewor. 
Kalharine, m. to Sir Francis Artny- 
In^e. III. 
3lr. Danby J. io \&i4, and vent t. hy hia ma. 
Sir Thomas Dandy, knt. high tiherin' 
(or the counly of \ork, iu th« lir«t year of 
King CH.tRLE!i I: to whiii^h tinliajipj mo- 
narch ho ndhtffed Kith ilio ino«t devolml 
(idetit)'. and for his loyalty wa« tined in Ihe 
»um of £47HU. lie t-Hpotu>vd Katharine 
Wufidi-sfurd, and had i.tsue. 

Thi>U4S, a captain in the royal army, 
and Mayor of Lrpdd, ilain befors 
that town in 1067. He m. Mar^ret, 
djnij;bl'!randro-heir of C^ilonel Wil- 
liam Eure. flixtli Lord Ei'nE, who 
fell at Maraton Moor, in 164A, and 
had issue. 
Thomas, uho <f. young. 
Charlotte, killed hv a fall from her 

horse, in 168H. 
ritmsTornER, of whom presently. 
Kjdhcrinc, m. to Henry Best, mq. 
Tbf weoiid (k»i>, 

CiiRisTurHP-K Dandy, esq. m. \i\ae Colft- 
pe|i|i(T, niece of the Lord Colr|>€rpper, and 
dyio^ in IG05, was t. hy hint »oii. 

Sm AK.HTKitrti« 1>ANB>, knt. jufllicr of 
(he peace and deputy Ueut»naut of the 
county of York. This'gentlcman m. Judith, 
dnugliu-r of Abraham Moon, eiK|. a mer- 
chant of London, and dying iu 1727, waa r. 
by his con, 

AstiTRiipus Dasbt, ew). of Swioton, h. in 
IffiW : M. io I7W, Eliza, daughter of Anliur 
tugrato, esq, broUier of Henry, Lord Irwin, 
and liiid iflsoc, 

WiL'JAU, hia heir. 
Arllmr. rf. unniarrif!d. 
AnPtrupna, »lio w- Mine Hannah 
Woolfi!. and left a daughter. 
Klizalietb. who if. unm. in 1708. 
Jntte, d. unmarried. 
Mr. Diinhv r*s|>ouM-d iwcondly, in I7'i0. Hnt- 
lina. dnnjihhT of the Upt. lir. Eu»lin, and 
litid iwo dnughien!, Judith and .\nnr', who 
both died bsnrlcys. He waa /. ni hij de- 
cenw by hia eldc»t son, 

WiixuM Danby, esq. of Swinton, A. in 
1712, who m. Mandrel, daughter of 4>ilhrrt 
AffltTk. esq. of Delham, in SutMk.ond bad 

WiurAM, his sDccMSor. 
.Mury, m. first to'Thoituw Lockbart, pm). 
and secondly lu William Earl Har- 
I'limliflh. d. nnninrried, 
Mr. Ilanby died io l7tM,»nd was 9ucc<^decl 
by his only son, WitXlAM DaIi&y, ciq. of 



Arnu — Arjf. three chf-rmnels, bmacrd in 
tl)« bow* poiut of the eflciilcheoQ, nn. on a 
cbief of the secood three mullets of the 

Ettattt — Dintrint called MashiiniBhirc. in 
thti Dortli riding of Yorluhire, the chief part 

Acquired by the tnarriage of Sir* 
Danby, with Marfrnret, >ouo|^at d 
of the fifth, and s\»irt and co-heir 
last L»rd Scrupe, of Masham nad C 

•S'«f/— SwiNTON Park, 
county of York. 


HALL, BENJAMIN, e«|. of Llano vor- Court, and nf Ab«rcanie. both in tli« 
of Aloiimoulh, b. 8tb Novemher, IS02 ; m, 4th December. 16'23, An^stK, d 
and co-heireu of the Ute Benjamin Wuddin^n, esq. of Uanorer and has isnu 

Bp.NJAMiN-HAWBi'HV-STrART, *. 9th January. It*26. 
B<-njuinin-Cruduc-Trcvor-Frsnci»<Ziicchia. b. at Romey 19Ui May, |8j 
A uga«ta-Char lutte • El izabr Ih. 

Mr. Hall, who s. to the estates upon the dcn)i:>e of his father in 1617, 
M.P. for Monmouth, in U3K 



The family of Hall Is suppost-d lo \\»\k 
come ov*T wn'lh Henry Vll. It setlli'd In 
Pfuibrokcahirt', and rftnaiin-d llicrt- until 

13ESJAMIN \\\u., chancellor of the dion-fle 
of LlandalT. removed to tb;it town. Ho ea- 
pouaed Eliziibeth. sister uf Henry Grant, est), 
of Gnoll-Court, in Glamorganenirc, and had 
two aoDS, viz. 

Bb\jahin, bta heir. 

Henry, who d. in India, in 1900, un- 

The elder son, 

Br.Miuts' Ham., ewj.M.P. for the county 
of GlamorK«n, m. lOtb December. 1801, 
Charlotte, second danfichtcr of llirh.ird Craw- 
shay, esq. of C'yfarifafn, iu UlamorKaushire, 
hv whom (who m. secondly, Samuel Haw- 
linfl, Cftii.) he bad issue, 

BtNJAHlK, his heir. 

Richard-Cravshay, h. 

Heury, who rf. in 1809. 

Hrnry-Gmnl, whu d. in 1922. 

Charle»-n.-»nli.(-u. *. 2!Mh May, 

William-TlioiituA. b. '2^rd Mare! 

Cbarloue, m. to J. I). Bcrrin^ 
of Swansea. 
Mr. Hall d. 31st July, It«l7, wh«a a 
ment was em-ted Iu euminrinonilB | 
rices and talents by the geiitleiMa 
county h^ represenied, bearing iha 
inK inscription, indicutire of ths 
they boru of his merits : 

Iq a mull near this 

Are depoftited ilw mnaioc iiF B. 

of Ht-nvl t 'utle, 

formnlv EMmlwr ot pariiaaunt for tUai 

w'ltodieil Slfit July. 1SI7, ■f>«(l S/iyi 

'I'o reford lb* high aaoas they f *— rfn 

ioiluiitrv. tikleuiA, and tnt^grityi and mi 

duo to the inan, wlioat lilt* waa aacnfinN 

wnlous discharge oT hii poblk dutwa. 

TUis moauiDBDt w«a crtclcd by a csa^ 
body ortlip luiliility, cbft^, |{«aitiy,Biid6B(| 
01* tbe county of Olamori^. 

Mr. Hull was m. by his cldMt son, I 
HiN Hall, esq. uu'w r«pr«sraUUinf 
family. ^1 

^mi*— Party p«r pale arjf. «A^| 
ehe\Ton, between thre<j talbois' he«dl' 
their necks encircled with moxml 4 
three hawks' Inrrs ppr. 

CVecl— A ^fTin's head or, with • 
tore ppr. in itd mouth, and a palm 
verl behind. 


«ff — Tiirpiter <lp»pcratur. 

to*«/*f— Tbr A^)>■^t■Il^lr^ eciatr- in Mon- 

■Mrtb, nhirh t'ornierly formed pari of (bo 

Igmtcnse MUtk-s o( tliv Eurl of I't'oibroke 

and Hontgomcrv. purclmwMl b> Uie fatlivr 

nf llie prespnl jmiweMOr in 1807. Th«.> olber 
family t-fUtea 1i<> partly in Motimoultwhirv, 
Rod partly in GlASiorpLOKhire. 

Scmtg — UiiDOTcr-Oourt. iK'ur Abergaven- 
ny. Abercamu, n«Hr Nc»p(;rt. 


j^RUNE-PRIDEAUX, Tlk« Rev. CHARLES, of Pridenux Place, in the county of 

Cornwall, and of Plumber, in Dorsetshire; A. in 1 760, 
m. in 1794, Francea, dtiti^hter of Thomas Fatten, esq. 
of Bank Hall, in Lancashire, and has iwue, 



Chaklrs, in. 10 Franrea, a«'cond duuRhU-r of Etlmutid 
John Glynn, enq. of Glj-rto, in Cornwall, 

Dorvihfu, Ri. to JoM'pb GraTe*-SawIe, m<). of P«nrMe, 
in the Suuic couuty. 



Tliis frentleman, in conformity with the testamentary in- 
junction of Q m&tiimal uncle, from whom he inherited ex- 
bonure estates in Cornu'all, aMtume«) the ^iimanie of 
Bruxe* in addition to his patronimic Prideacx. 



1W immr of PRiDFAitY was adopted by 
ftOrirBt family from the lordship of Phi- 
v\, in tlie parish of Luxilian. tn the 
ily of CorawiUl. 
Am* »R PatneArx, Lord of Pridcaox, 
the CoKoresT. was fathf r of 
9m RicitJtnD DF. pRiDEAt'x. knt. who died 
jll99,aikd was m. by his son, 
Xu lULftKlni OE PniDCArx, knL who J. 
IM6, liwvia(( a son and sun.'«flSor, 

na PaiDEtux. t1i*< fmber of 
■lOUaD, who inherited Pridcaux.* and 

Mbsr lands in Cornwall. 

' 4e Pridenux d. in 1 160, and was j. 

r son. Tbe strood aon, 

pRlOEsix. inherited from his 

nmMriihh" estates in Itpvonahire, 

eMctl Aem by marrying the heiress 

Ralph Orcharton, of Orcbartoni in 

laty. Hr lefl u son. 

8lB Rjcrtiao PaiD^irx, of Orcharton, 

FMa«>t:x (.'.«aru ooailnu»il in tbr oune of 
■X luxU (Iw Ilibof RiitiAnn 11., whi>u it 
lls««{b kn bwvas to thw teuly of Auta*-, 
I A» Aafjw'i u SMsainsd for two cmsrsttons. 
M tf WM oanvsyad br thrir heiress, ia nsr- 
^. la 0IM nf ih^ fsaiily of Hsau^ of Wrat 
^motI«, is NMlluuabtttland. 

who m. Eliubedu dangfater of Roger Mor- 
timiT, Earl of March, ami was s. by his son, 
Sir Jf-FFKRV PKiDRAiix, of Orcharton, 
who tt. in 1'249. lesrini;by bis wife Issbclla, 
dau|;bter of William Moolacute, Earl of 
Salisbury, a son and suctrcnor, 

Sib Pir.BsPHioKAiix.ofOnharton. This 
eentleman wedded Joan, fianghur of Sir 
Williiim Biftbury, and was fnthfr of 

SiK Kali-h PiUDEAi'x, of Orcbarlon, who 
wiHldfd Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Walter 
TrevcrWn, and was *. by \n« son, 

Sir Hocfr Pkidkai'X. of Orcharton. ono 
nf the knights in parlinnienl for Devonshire, 
in the Alb of /(inff Eowahd III. He m. 
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Cliflbrd, 
and hud two sous. viz. 

KooKR, who inherited Orcharton, and 
WHS fntber of 

Joii>{ pRinRAOX, of Orcharton, 
M,P. for Devonshire, in the 7lh 
and 11th of Kichakd U. This 
gnitli-inan baviti); bud Ibi; mis* 
t'ortiine, H'bilt-> buntintc, 10 kill 
his kiasman, Sir William Big- 
hury, was obliged to alienate the 
greater portion of hia estate for 
the purpose of raising funds to 
procure hb panlon. Orcharton 
was llien sold to the lamilv of 



Jmis (Sir). 
Tti*" >oon(jpr non. 

SiK John I'rideaux, espouwd Joan. dFiii. 
End co-hrir of Gilbert Adt.-stoii. of AdeMon, iu 
fhf <^)unty <*f Devon, mid vin»t. by liifl mmi, 

GiLKH Pkidkai'x, nf AdfKton, M.P. for 
Totoeiw, intbn-iSnd Euwaro III. This gen- 
tlrniaii wdik'd tiie daugliliT uud hfin-w of 
Giinstun, uud had » son and succfsfior. 

Sir Jomv Pridkavx, of Adeston, who 
married thrice, And was t. by the «ur of liiH 
thinlmftrrin):^. (with Annr.daughtrr of John 
Shsptoo, of Sbaptou, in l>ftoni»lun*), 

WlM.MM PRIDf-*! :X, of Ad(>S(OD. This 

EmileniBD esjiou^t-d Alioe, daughter uud 
eircM of Stephen Gifford. of Thiiborough, 
in the county of Devon, tD which pUcv he 
flubs«queiilly mnoved bi« residcnci*. He 
H-u t. by hi« son. 

FutTLKR Hkideai'x, of AdcsloD and Thu- 
boroujth, who nt. Jwin, dnHght4>r of Sir 
Humphry PojnU, of Langlry, In Devoii- 
•hire, itnd tviu father of 

Hl'MPHRF.Y PKtDF.At-X, of Adcston Hlld 
ThtilHiruu^h. ThiDp-ntlcinuneiiKtuacdJoin, 
lIn«Khter of Rtchani rrjwel.of Fowolscomlx-. 
Slid u idow of Sir Pl)ili|) C-«Hrl<'nny. of Lntigh 
Torr. in th« wmnly of Dtvou, at>d left (W- 
lidi-K diiughlcrs) four soiw, viz. 

KiciURD, Ilia ho'tr. Adrston was sold 
to ihi' Hrles. but Thubor«m^h con- 
litnifd in Ihr draeendnnts of tliitt 
Kirhnrd Priilfaux, miUI 1710. wlien 
by thi- di-ath of Josathan Piudkaix, 
i^itboiit mftle instii'. it passtsl to Liri 
dnii(,'ht)>r, the wifo of Cuaries Dnvic. 
^»^^. »{ lliddf ford. 
WilliMin, of c;iirlftiid, in Corawall. 
|{o<.bi<, of Holdiiii, 

Tlionuw, \rhodi(-d A monk, in FUuders. 
Tb« lliird aoa. 

UoifiiH x.ofSoldoa. in Ihr coumtj- 
of Devon, WAS »hcrifr of Ilial «hire in i^79. 
lie m. Philippn. diiughler of Sir Kii-hant 
Yurke, vogeant-at-law, and left two sons, 
tlx., his successor. 

Kdinuuil. i;re«ti'd n barom-t iu 1622. a 

dignity rt^oyrd by his dpsr^udniit, 

the present Sir .loti*i Wilhot-Phi- 

DR*t'x, of Netherton, in l>evon«hire. 

The elder sop. 

Sir Nicholas PitiDEAt'X, km. inherited 
SoldoD, and erected PurE, near Padstnw. 
the pre^ui nrsideiice of the family, in lAf^. 
ile wiw one of the representatives of (he 
borough of Cumelford. in the l.ltli of Ti.!- 
21BETII, and died in 1027. leiivin); i^nje, 
by bin first wife. Thoroiiaine, dauphter and 
heir of John Henjpwott. e«q. of Ilengscott. in 
Devon, a son. HtrHPiiRV. his successor at 
Holdon: and by bia second wife, Chcslon, 
dau. and co-heir of William Viall, ew). of 
Kl. Hn'rH-^k. in Comwiill. nnntlicr aon, Johx. 
nbu (nbrrilc*! Puce. The elder son. 

AMI or 


HrMfiinY pRiDiui'x, evq.. 

wedded Honor. dniii;hlerof Edamiid 
cue, ei«|. of Fallapiit, in Devooafail 
had is^ue, 

NicttoLAS, who was bis fitkei' 

anil becanip ** of Sot.DON.'* Hi 

daughter, the erentual heirvaft 

DON, wedded her cousin, Jam 

•on of Sir Peter Prideanx, I 

Nutherton, and convey*^ to h 

band the esute. which was aAi 

Bold lo the Prrr family, and 

the pro|KTty of Earl Stamiof 

John, who tl. t. p, 

Edmcsd. of whom preuntly, 

his uncle, Joh.v Pridmi x 


Thonin<iini-, m. to John Fo 

of Iluckland Filleigh. 
EtiznU'th, m. lo Sir William 1 
ttn-n-tHry-of-alalrto JSTiapCllAl 
The third sou, 

Edmund PitiDEAtx, esq. ioheritol, 

dt'ceiMc of hift uncle John Pl^CE, i 

other Comiah estate*. He m. Brtdgt 

of John Moyle, es(|. of Bake, and lia 

son». viz. 3H 

3oHn, bis Buccessor. ^M 

Edmund, J, i, y. ^\ 

III Mi-tiKY. (&. in 1648,) in holy 

Thiti gentk-mau was Dean of N 

nnd tilt- iiiithor of numeroua 

distibgiiiabed alike for pie 

learning. He neddcNl Bnilgi 

of Anthony liiAenham, ew). < 

niiiigliaiu, in Suffolk. Docti 

deaux d. in 1724, leaving an Ol 

EDHI^fiD PuiDEAirx, of wht 

eentlv, as represrnlativB 

fumify, upon tite <lcc««M 


Mr. Prideaiix waa aherifT of (!orai 
IWJI He rf. laih October, 1003, 
t. by bis eldest son, 

John Prideai'x, esq. of Place, kl 
dec(!ftjie without iuur, in 173H, Iht* 
devuKcd upon (the only aon of Th 
Rfv. Dean Prideanx) bis cousia. 

Edmi'sd Pridrai'x, who thusbecai 

Place." He wedded Hannah, dang 

Bt-njiimin Wrench. c««|. of the dty o 

wi4,-h, and hud issue, 

Ht'MPHRY, his heir. 

Charles, </. t. p. in 17B3. 

Rebecca, m. lo Sir Horatio Petto 

The elder son, 

Hl-HPHRT PRIDKAI'X,e«<|.ofPlace, 
the office of «heri(T for Cornwall ii 
He Iff. RnU Mary, eldevi danchU 
eo-hrire«A of Sir Gtrorge Chudtcigfa, 1 
Haldori lloune, iu the eounty of Dei 
whom he bad an oolv ion. Groror, 
unmarried. He wcadcd. aecondly, 
second daughlerofNevitlr Morton-PI 


r. in lh« county of DunK't. and 

ChjUUJU, in boly onlvn. prvmrtit pru- 
yrietor, and rrpnwDtalife r>r llii^ 


Muiii|<lirT, wbo M. Eliznbvtb. daughter 

of the- Intf Sir John St. Autiyn, barl. 

Ani) ft. I. p. 
EdmiiMd, «*Ih> m. llcl>e. daughter of 

the {iri-M>nt Sir J. St. Aiibyn. biiri. 

!•!■'( <ti4-d. tfHiini; two dauglitt-n. 
■■ . , rf. unniurri'Hl, 
^^ .ii<-Bnin<-, lu. the widow of Capt. 
it.L-tuiy, R.N. but rf. $.p. 

Iv... .)^. 

Mary, nt, to Tbomaa Bull. c»n. orSfn- 
fi>nl, in tlir- (■•>iinly of Watt^rford, and 
l(>n IMO daufihten. 


|& WlIXlAH LC BrI'NK. LnL cbamborlaiii 

COWAAD I., dird ill lli« 20th oftliiil 

»'« reign, tcaviiif; by Sis wilV, Isolds, 

titfirccs of Philip Kuvkluy, of 

Emok, luul uaia of honor to 

Kll (^or, a Kon. 

iMtlRKi' It' Itiu SF, kot. who m. Mii- 

daufchtvr .tiid bi-ireM of Sir Philip 

e. And dying in 1364. was t. by hi^ 

M« Li; Brcvf.. knt. who ucddi'it 

ii-rof Kii-bard Laypr, aUkrmaii 

■•\ Hboni (who IN. after his dr< 

ii<>M Mnrnt^) hf had a son and 

"in 1304. 

' \, knt. who dit^ ill 

. i._^ 111- iMi'f!, Elizabeth, daugb- 

^ ur ut Pole, a •on, 

' - 'l-t -, V. knt. whose name 

I tlift priilry of Ibr 

;; lu Ibe I'ilhof IIknky 

M-rtrd Xliv otHru of gbrriS' fnr 

< the 13th, Uib. and Slot u( the 

Hr m. ElizAWth, dauirbter 

Radford, knt. of Irby, and had 

. Sir), who m. FJizaboth, d-iugh- 

fti ami co-bi-ir of Sir Kobrri Daroy, 

A»4 d> iiifi III tho lilrtime of bi^ fatJier, 

left twn (liiu^htcrM, rix. 

AlJi I . M first, to Robert Rarlm- 

[ • ijiidly, to Sir John 

1: ,,m. 

I-Iij/ >i<i iH. FN, first, to Tbuiuus 

Tjrrcll. of Mi-rnn-H, and Okeii- 

(leu, in l^^v ; jitid neroudlv, to 

Sir Wilij^m Ukamhis. kni)(bt. 

tlaiidard bt-orcr of the Eitrl uf 

' <-<'ind, at Botfworlb. and 

< iiy ih«r band u( RttiiAiip. 

If William fthe ivux mother 

. >*<lt'l>mL'dCii4iu.FJi Uii,i\- 

I...S. I»iikc of Sufftilk. brotbcr- 

ni l.iu tu Ainylll^SRV VUI. Her 

ladyship espoused, thirdly, Wil- 
liam Maltury. 
Sir Maurice d. lu Ibe Bib of EowAnn IV. 
Hiii yonnger aon, 

Tll'oM.48B[ii\t,o»pouB«d Elizabeth, coiifin 
and co-heir of William Sluriuy, of Wolf 
Hall, and hud two sons, 
John', hi^ hi-ir. 

William, liviiij; in the time of llr.vRY 
VII., m. Calhcrinv, danj^htL-r of 
Willtum Rincboni, and buii u M>ni 
ThomaA, who d. s. p. in the en- 
suing reiga. 
The elder son, 

John Hri'M':, evq. litinft in t'WVt. ut-ddrd 
Annf. dHUf^bter uf Michael Tii'Itburtic. f»i). 
of Tichbunie, in llampfihire. and bad. with 
a duugbler, ElizuW-tb, m. to Henry BicUcy. 
a Ron and surc4-!u<nr. 

SmJoiiN Bni'NP., knt. nbow. Jane Bamp- 
lield, and was t. by his »oii. 

IltNH^ BntiNR, esq. Thi» ct^'ntlcman m. 
EliuklM-th, daui^hler andt-o-lM'trof Nlrhnlaa 
Martin, of Athelhampiitn, (bv Margaret, 
daoKhler and eo-hrirof John Wadhani, e»«j, 
of MerrlGeld, in Somersetshire,) and Itail 

Jotiv, ivlio m. Bridget, diinghter of Sir 

Eilward Seyiintiir. burl., of Berry 

Pomeroy, and died wiUiout lAaae, in 


CiiiMLLS, wlioMT deHc«-ndanta continued 

Ibe line of the fttniily. 
Elitiibetli, fii. lo John Scrope. esq. of 

Caatl*<.*onib. in the county of Wiltn. 
Mnry, m. to John Hall, esq. of Urad- 

Grai-e, m. lo Sir F.dward Lftwrence, 

knt. of Creech Grange. 
Anne. m. toU. Itaccomw, eeq, of Corfu 
Mr. Urune held at hift decease, SOtll EU£4- 
BFTH. the inuniir of C'barlum, a uioiety of 
the manor of Athelh.iniplon. the manor of 
KarduliMTtuTi, the manors and advuwBons of 
West Tinrlelun and West Wdodsfnnl. wilh 
divers other liuid« and niaiKir». His elder 
•on, as staled above-, died Hilhoul issue, tfau 

CilAfti.Fs Bki<\e, e»f|. rh. Mnry. daufchler 
of Robert Ofiker, e&q. of MupoMder.aiid luid 
two sons, %iK. 

John, who died in Idi^. leaving by 
Mary, daughter of Edward Hoo[Kir, 
osn. f>( Boveriilj^'t', an nnly diiugbler, 
Makii. im. lu Sir Italph Uuik», 
knt. of Coric Cuttle. 
llie younger son, 

CiiAnLF.Ji Btti'NC, eft^. wedded, first, Mar- 
f;.\ret. daughter of John DvntUB, e»q. of 
Pui'klecburcb, in Gloucesterilure, oud biul 

John, who d. ». p. 



Mary, m. Co Williara Lcw-ys. cfiq. 
He «. secondly, Jane, ilaughtvr of Henry 
Collier, eaq. of Hprmit-tge, nnd twd one itoit 
'«Dil two daughters, namely, 

CtHRLU, bi» SnCCOflBOr. 


Bctly, iH. to WilUara Weston, esq. of 

Callow Wuston. 

Mr. Ilninc purflijued Plumb&r, and wai i. 
at hia decease by hu only sumnnj^ son, 

CiUKLEtt UuiNE. v!K]. of Plambur. TliLs 
EPotlenian wedded Betty, daueliter and solt> 
uetrvM of — Jefliery, of Bagnorougli, and 
bad issue, 

Charlu;, wito d. #. p. in 1770. 

John. 1 

Henry, }■ wH d. t.p, 

Jami-5, ' 

BerTT, m. to Nerille Horton-Pleydell, 

esq. of Shittcrt<»i,Bnd had' 

issue, _ 

Jf.NNT PtXYOCU^ who IV. 1 

PHRY Puiniuux, esq. of f 

and wijs tnotljer of the pr 


Armt — Quarterlr; Enit and fourth, 

a chevron sa. in chief a label of three \ 

galea : adopted by the Prideams ttht 

marriaK*-^ H-ith the hetrfw of ORCUal 

Second and ihini, party per pale ajp. 

^iles, three ca^tleti counti^rL-hnn^eil. I 

tlie ancient anne of Prideaux, of Pridi 

Crttt — A man's head in profile, cc 

at the Bhoulders, on the head a chapel 

turned up arj^. 

Eitatet — ui the counties of Corn 
Dorset, Hants, &c. &c. 

Stat — Pridkaiix Plack, in Comwijl, 
Pluhbkr, in Dorsetahire. 


GIFFAHD, THOMAS WILLIAM, esq. of Chillingrton, in the countv of S^ 
ft. 25th March, 1789 ; inherited the estates at the decease of hia father, Ist 
1 823. Mr. Giffard Is major of the Staffordahire militia. 




Osborne Dc Bolf.Rf.c, a noble Norman, 
in the lime of Robert, father of William 
the baslird, had two di.itini^ished son;), 

1. Waltkr (Uaulticr of the Noniimi 
Chronicles') Compte de LonKuerille, 
who assumed, for what reason has 
not been asorluincd, the surname of 
Gyffiirde. Thto pliant person ar- 
qnired great renown in the armies of 
Wii.i-i lii. achtevinff several i^i^nnl 
victories for Normandy, in the war 

between that country and 
When the duke, upon the acoa 
of Harold tu tlie English throne 
titrcd to intrude tbia tnlnnd. mauj 
deed most of the Norman nohlus 
cautioniily back from praffei 
bcin}( wearied and impovet 
the eoolinui-d Ktrugf^lrs 
WiLLUM had been engaged 
fatber^s death. But a few 
friends, amon^ the for 
whom was this Walter and 
ihiT, coining noMy fon* ard " 
of men, ships, &c. the ~ 
thereby wanned to the under 
and the expedition ms amtnll 
set on foot, lu the snL- 
cess of his cbier, the Coiti; 
guerilte largely participated -. br 
taiaed no less than onf. Hi-vnar r 
scvBK LoiiDsutrs in tic 
country, and was ron-' 
the line of this nobleman. 
JSxtinel and IhtnuMtU Prrrayrj 

2, Osborne. 
The second son, 

OKROHNeGYFTARoe, baring likt 
in placing Eugland under the toI 



i*d of eoufw hit portioo of the 

«ud Uu> fertile county of OloucMtrr 

u liie locality of hii rpw&nl. 

held the rrt tenure tnaiioni of 

Id, RocfavmtiinA, Alderberie, nnd 

' ; npoa tbe first oanrd of which be 

»a&a Ifccn wbiequeDtly a grral rutlt 

, (ttmf. STEraaN) whirb continued 

irmdeaee of the familj until it wuc 

by th« nrmy of Edward II. in iLe 

war, anno 1323. This Oihome 

: atwiit Uke year lOtMJ, und wa» «. by bi» 

IM GuTAKDB. who wa< <. by hie flon, 

i« (SiTTtmit, who hiul two ions, 
1. Uci.t««, whii cBiried on the linr,and 
whoM- drAt-i>iid«nt, John Giflard, had 
nminuufl to })arli»nicnt from the'i4ih 
J,,...., i:{t>5. to llHh April, 12(», as 
<s OiFrARD, of Brituslield. 


iilfrr son, 

(T GirtABDs, wM father of 

Fma OtiTtiDK, whn m. in the r«i^ of 

Itny I! . Miirr. Bi«ti>r of Pttcr CorbDchin, 

'' ' '{ tbir manors of Chillinj^on 

^l "luantyof SutTord. Thi^ 

■1 iolinKuu'tit'd for >ii8 niili- 

[rT'land, under Ids kiuMunn 

|B«B<ri. [■) r 1 i(t».i-umnionlyoallod(Vir'>ni7- 

, Etai («r PcMaiOKK.* and wiw ri'««ard(>d 

ft (*&a( uf land in tltnt kiugdum, Hv 

li. by kia aon, 

im Gin-ARDE, of CbtUiDcton, who m. 
4* Cbndd«ley, and was #. by hia 

imts Rhfird, who pfpou«r>d Ada, 

pr of Hui^fa t'ourtt'iiay. Baron of 

■ptOB (tbr name or' thi* 8ir John 

Dnnintui dc Cbilliti|cti)n, in I'JVO). 

7 I .Old waK t. h\ his non, 

iRD, of Chilfinetnn. Thi^ 
an nt Hb«>nt thti U-fpnnine: of the 

omtnrv, Catherinr, dau;;hl«r and 

' of HtnlTord dr Mar^tun j and 

: tkfraiup |>uft«nuunt of ibe maixini 

and Enaon (near to the lowu 

»rd). which are atitl bvM by tbc fa- 

Hv ti. iu 1371, and waa t. by bis 

CtrrmD, of CbilUnKton, who 

dauirlnc'r of Vmabtca, Lord of 

IS. Thi* EdtDuod wan living in 

tbr iiRi« nf liU d«At]i is un&ACor- 

Ilr waa father of 

rAHii. wbo waa Lord of Chilling- 

aud WB9 a. by hitf «on, 

fGirrAU>. of Gliillin^oit, who m. 

litet of Sir RiiliiTl praunnevfl, 

Tand bad aa her down- tlt<* estate 

* Stito«MiBO« w«i rnat ipuvdaoa, in th« fe- 
^ tow. wT Walli* (jy Afde, Arat Earl of DucV- 

of Whi«lon, which ia trill in poaanaion of 
tilt: family. Thia Thomaa waa Blifritf of 
8laflford(ihire. in 1411. At bis decease be 
Iffl nn only i-hild, 

KonKitT'(jiFF«RD.«f Chilliii^on, who n- 
poQKetl, 6nt. la&belln Blount, lutl by that 
lady had no iMuu. }Ii' m. lecoodly, Caa- 
Mindra, daughter of Tboiuas Huinpbreaton, 
atid was r. by hia son, 

iiiR John (Siffard, of Chilltngton. This 
fCentlemaii m. first, Joanna Hoorde, and bad 
(with a daughter), 

Thouas, (Sir) Ms succewor. 
William, archbiabop of Rheins. 
Ho wedded, secondly, Elixabfllh Greyseley, 
and bud a dau);htcr. France*, wlto m. f^r 
John Talbot, of GraO^in. Tbtit Sir John 
Giffard wn« fiw tinies ahoriff of hia native 
county ; and to him IIknry VMI. granted 
tb« disaolved taonastcry of the Black Tji- 
diea nt Rivwood in 1A30. Ho J. in 155^ 
and was j. by his son. 

Sir TiioyAft Giffard. wbo wrddcd. first, 
Dorothy, daughter and heiress of Sir John 
Montgomery, and had a danfchier, Eliza- 
beth, m. to Sir John Fort, of Rtwal). Sir 
Thomas m. gecondly, l.'raula, daughter of 
Sir Robert Tliro|£inorton, of Caugbtou, by 
whom be had four Auns and Hyf. dnujchter*. 
Ht was sheriff of the countv of Staflord in 
iho lilciinK- of bis father, in' 1630 and l.Vi3, 
He- d. iu K'Will. and ivii<i t. hv Iiiik eldest son, 

Jons GifFARD, esq. of ChilWiipton. This 
^•(•ntiemnn eppousod Joyce. daMghtt-r of 
Jaincs Li'vcson. of LiUvshnll, by whom be 
bad a lar(;e family. Hr was sbprilf of Slaf- 
fordjtbire in IdTS,' and dytug in 1612, wai 
«. bv bis eldest sou, 

Walter Giffakd. esq. of Cbillington, 
whom, in I67U, Fbilippa.danphterof Henrv 
White, esq. of Sou thw^imbo rough, in tJic 
ruunly of Soulhanipton. and was *. at his 
deceaae. '2!>lh April, IC'Jrl, by hi.s elde«t son, 

PrTHRGlfFARtt.cuq.ofChillington. This 
gfrntleuian wedded Frances, eecond daugh- 
ter of Walter Fowler, esq. of St. Thomaa. 
iu thv couuly uf StuObrd, and had, with fivu 
younger imn» and seven daughlcrit, 

Walter, his boir. 

John, of Black. Ladies, wbo m. MlM 
Catlicrine Hawkins, of the county of 
Kent, and the graudnon of this tnar- 
riagp, Pi'ter Giffard, ewj. of Block 
Ladies, eventually succeeded to the 
estates and rcpreseutatioa of the fa- 

Mr. Giffard adlicri-d with de»|MTale fidelity 
to the falling furtunea of the CiUKLKhLs, 
and several of his family look an active 
part in the escape of tho younger after the 

* Frota this pariod until 18S9 tba family wis 
rendttred incapaMs of holding oAc«, by constantly 
wUi«hjig to tha Catbotic tvbgum. 




fighl of Worcrftlrr. BoscoIk?! was a lrxl[;r 
of llic UifTanlx, tlie Peiiilrels liejug nK^rply 
houMke«pers, ice. oixl the trit-<l loy&lfy at 
that celebrated faaiily ouglit mtticr to' be 
attr>ljut(.'d lo thv'ir nllachnivDl lo tlit^ir Iiiiid- 
lordn Aitit f(>ii(lal Mi{i<-rio»t, tliaii to any at>- 
itnict tvjuv of (tut)- tu the kiDf*. Fur thu 
scnlous devotion to liis iinliiip|iy sovereign, 
the trhole of Mr. (litTnnl'K jiroptrrly uhm 
flfHjueHtprecl by the I>rury Hi»tiw Conimis- 
iiouera, and at the ailvnuced age of Mtveiity 
be was liimsclf obliged to seek a place of 
coDeealuieut. Hr lived, however, to wilnesa 
happier days, nnd rei^eived (tardily Itimitih) 
from the restored motian-h a royal ^aiii. 
rviiutatinK bim in the whole of his noble 
pMseuionn. A few months afler thit* act 
of justice he exeeatrd a dwed, by which he 
vurrendercd ever\' ihiii); to his fon WALTr.n, 
reserrin); only for himself a Hinall fanti, 
and tiuch maintenance {ifitli two M-rvants) 
ad, «Bith the deed, " was boeoininff to a gen- 
tleraaD of his t|uality." He did not long. 
Iiowt-ver. enjoy the calm this arnin^ement 
0<^el^ed lo promiw. He lived but to aee 
Ilia family replaced in the wealth, influence, 
and liOQOiir. which were their heritage, and 
died, " full of days," the 25th June, 10S3. 
Ili» succeMor, 

Waltkh Gin''AnD, esq. of Chillingtun, b. 
in 1611 : IN. first, Anne, danghter of Sir 
Tbomfts Holt, hart, of Astun, by nhom he 
had John, hi^ «ueoe8»or, nrilh two other som 
and three daughters. He n-edded, Mrondly, 
Anne, daughter of Thomas Hugpefoni, ewj. 
of .Solihull, hut had no other i.«jiue. He (/. 
ia I(MM, and wa« t. by his eldest son, 

John tiin-AKD. esq. of Cliillinglon, h. i» 
1037; m. Pruncis. dunEhter of Willjnin 
Pitzherhert, esq. of Swmnertoii, aod dy- 
iog io 161M, WAS t. by his only surt iring 

TiiouAS GirrAitD. e«). of CItillington, 
who wedded, in ItlhH, Mar>-, daughter of 
John Tliim^lby, esq. of Fornham, in the 
county of Lincoln, but dyintr without i^sue, 
in 1718, wa» succeeded, by his kinsiuan. 

Pktrh GlFTtHn, eHq. of Black Ludies, 
(refer to John, second son of Peter, who 
suflcrcd during the civil wars, and died in 
10(13), who thust bevume of Chilungton, 
and representative of the family. He 
wedded, first, Winifred, daughter of Robert 
Howard, ciiq, of HorccroBs, but had no 
issue. He espoused, wcoudly. Barbara, 
daughter of Sir Robert Throgmorlon, bart. 
of Cauf^tton. and had, 
PrriiR, his succewor, 
Maria, m. to Sir Edwiird Smyihe, barl. 
of Acton ifumell. 

Anna, m. to Weld, esq. 

Mr. Oi(T»rd m. thirdly, Helen, daughter of 
Robert Roberts, esq. of PI&A-Ucha, in t)ie 
county of Flint, by whom be had two sons 
and a daughter, viz. 

TnnuAs, sueeesaor lo hii' 
John, who inherited bis 

of PlAa-Ucha. 
Catherine, m. (o Francb Cani 

of Foxrole. 
He d, in 1746, and was r. by hi« 

PETtiR UlFFAHD, CSq. of CbiUl 

died ill 1741). lH-fore be had atafl 
mnjoriiv, vrhen the estatea den^i 
his ha I ('-brother, 

Thomas Uiftard, esq. of 
Tbi?( gentleman m. first, Uarbara, di 
of Robert Lupl Petre, by whom )ie b 

Maria, m. to Sir John Throgi 
Mr. Oiffiird espoused, secondly, Bi 
daughter of .Sir Robert Thrc^nnr 
and had a son. 

TiioHA^, his soccesaor. 
He wedded. tJiirdly. France*, d«l 
T. Stonor, esq. of Stonor, Jii the 
Oxford, by whom he left, 


France*, m. to William Tbr 
He rf. in 1776, and was #. bv his 

Tho)u« GtFFAKD, esq. of ^hillinghi 
m. 33rd June, 1788. the Right Hun 
Charlolle Courlmiiy, aitfer of the la) 
of Ue%'on, aud had issne 

Thom«<»-Willu», his heir. 

Francis 'John. 

Walter- Peter. 


Robert- Ed ward, captain lOlh 

Charlotte, n. to Samuel • 
Simpson, esq. 

Lucv- Harriet. 

Sophia- Elizubeth. m. to John' 
lev. esq. son aud heir of Sii 
Wrottesley, bart. 

Anne-Barbara, at. to the Rcrj 


Carolinc'.MBllfllt. m. to Johnj 
esi|, of llalston. 

Mr. Uiflard d. lei August, lK2n, and 
by his eldest sou, the present Tu<.>ha4 
tIAH Gii'FAKU, esq. of Chilliuu^U 
twenty-first in the dirt-ct male 
W.tLTER Gyftardi, first Eatl of 

Armt — Quartcrlv. first aod fo. 
three stirrujui uilli leather?, or, 
one (for Ciiiujvcton); se^-ond 
gules, three lioiu' paiBanl, arg. (for 

tYetti — A timer's he«d eouped, fall 
spotted various, fliBrf i>suiiig frc 
mouth, p)ir. grautiHl in Idl3. A 
nrcher bearded and eoupeil at the Ls 
armour, ppr. from bis middle a abc 
|in)y, arg. and gules. At bli middle I 



Mm^ «r, in fc(* hands a bow ntui arrow 
M Id ttif tir»l, or. cnuitml iii 1^1. 
uto- ■ ' ilriue, tirex fort. (Takt* 

krtr« < tiiiiini:l/in, &o. in llic cuiiitic* 
kfford iwd SiUop ; WkIioii, Mnr-ir'ni, 
Ion. bjT normKi', about iho year 13W) . 
L UmLm, by grant froni iiu: vrown. 

temp. HtNiiV VITI. : Sir>w-Hratli. (coal and 
inin mines bptwprn Wnlv(:!rltaiii)jl<in aod 
BiLilon), by marriaj^, nlwut l.'^OO. all ihcMS 
Irkf wise ID tbf ooimly of Stiilford. Tb«r« 
nrv aim) valoabli* manorial riiclits. 

SetU — Chilliiigtoii, in Itiv (umily of .Slaf- 


IS. WILLIAM-FIUNCIS-BENTICK. eaq. or Kilbrkle, io the county of 
« f-olooet LD the army, b. 17th August, nR^l, nt. 9th Uctob«r, 18)9, &lar- 
riet. d&ugfalvr of Arcbdencoa Lan^ruho, and niece of Sir Robert Laagrisbe. 
hu taaue, 

Wii.i.)au-Jame«. b. 7th January, lt«a. 
Hriir)-, b. &th Miircb, 1823. 

k ...._. 

^^■rSt. Pftlrick. in 1819. He s. hi« father 15th July, 1831. 






tfamnyof Loflnrt.or m-il waijuiciently 
Lortboa««, »\yyrmrt frrtni ihe arrhivcn 
ItMHT, lu ha^r tlotirtKhcd in York- 
:n of AunnD. and 
thill riiri»toiih<>r 
;inur ul lli^lagb, in the sauii- 

PH. of SwioMhrftd, in Ihf 
l«n livo t'>n». 

illtl lIlA- 

. .- - ,.; iioiiitrd 

LoiU) CHAMrfij/iR nr liirLA<«D, 

Bod crrated in IR32 

VlBCoi NT LopTts or Elt, a die- 
nil} wliicli expired with bis Lora- 

abip's gratNboD, Ahtiidk. third 
viavciunC who d. in 1726, williout 
male iuoe, wbuu fain Muii»5tertv 
TtD eatile passed (u liia only 
daughter Junta's »oD, (by Clinrles 
Lnni Moon") Henry, fourth Earl 
of Urogbcdn. 
2. Adam. 
The »econd Ktn. 

AOKH LoFtrit, Ti.Ji. of Trinity College, 
Cainbridi;e. wa« connccnited in 1561, An-b- 
biihop of ArraaRb, and translatt^d in mix 
yrnn aftrnrardst to the »ec of l^ublin. Tbia 
rmini'iil pnUto was (wir<' Rpfper of the 
groat Sral of Ireland, and dii:il lu ilie hi|;fa 
office of Lord Chnorcltor of iliat Kingdom. 
He wiu four tiioeii,(vix. in \Q&i. \ot!A.\,'df7, 
and U4l(>)oiieof llie IxinLs JuBlirett, aijrl was 
I'rovobt of Trinity CoUegr, Dublin, which 
Uiiivemity be had a prlnnpAl pan rn found- 
ini;, and in which his descendants rojoy 
eertaiii privih-^ii during the ncnod Ihey 
an- stndfntM. Ili.^ ^r:u'i< built the CaKtle al 
RrnhfiLrnhnm, and died Sih April. 1006. 
at the age of PerentT-Itvu. hnving bad by 
lli.4 wife. Jane, dau[;bler of Adam Purdon, 
ei«|.or Lurgan Race, in ihf county of Louth, 
fiyf *yii» and 9e*en dnu;:htt.-rs, vij. 

I. DtliLfT. (Sir) the eldrnl wo. of 
RAthfamhani Cairtle.m. Annejdangh- 



(er of Sir Renr; Bagecal, of Nrtrrj-. 
apd from tliM alliance liDfulWoitninK 
Nicmoux Lttm-n, f*^. M.P. for 
the covDty of Wexford, who wo^ 
elevated m ibe prcra^c nf In^ 
Unil, M BAiio<ii Lom'K, of I>if- 
■nrs H»i-t, 6th OclolMT, 17.M. 
Ilia lordjthip wu »wnm of \m 
M^je»ty'BPrivyCoBni:iL,iii 1763. 
nomtnaleil |i^*iTDoraf the nounly 
of Wf xford, Slid ad?ftiiced to a 
Vi»coanty. &» Viscoi'NT h^trvg 
of Eiy. imh July. \7b5. ilc 
inu «. by tiis elder aon. 

NiCHOUS,Becond viseminl,wbo 
wa« nued to an Earldom, 
an IU»L of El'v. '^rd Oc- 
tober, I70fj, iiud WHS #. by 
hu only aon, 

NiciioLAB, Kcoitd rarl, 
who d. unin. in 17fiO, 
when the earldom ex- 
pired, but (he vincooiity 
atid barouy reverted lo 
bis Qocle, 
Thr Hon. Hp.nry Lof- 
TL'S, a« fourth vUcount. 
Hii lordship wiu cre- 
ated E*RL or Ely, but 
dying *. ;>. in 171*3. the 
hunora and male line of 
this branch of the family 
etpired, while liis lord- 
•hip'fl (^states devolved 
upon (the M>n of hia 
sitter, the Hon. Klini- 
beth Tottenham) hio 
Right IlnN.CiiARLFsToT- 
TKNiiAH, wbollien'iipon 
AMumed the liiumanie 
mkI aruw of I^irrcs, 
udwaf oreii(ed in IMN), 


lonUbip d. in iKOn.aiid 

WU8 I, by bis elder «on, 

John-, prvaent ajid 

■eeond niarc|i]L>ss. 


nge and Haronel- 

Q, Rilward(Sir).n>rjtaol at law,(f.f.». 

In \WtL 
X Adam, a rapiain In the army, killed 

in action x^itb the 0'Uvnie« of the 

county of Wicklo».'iythMny.iai»9,ji.p. 
4. TittiMiut. (Sir) Ltil. of whom pre- 

A. Henry, rf. yoiiiif;. 
G. Mitreitrel, m. to Sir Oeorgr Colley, 

knt. of Edendrrrv. 
7. iMbella. m. to ^$ir WJUiam Uaher, 

knt. nnd •/. in Ill'i, 
«. Alii'ia. Ml. Ill .Sir Henry Warmi. of 

Vk arreuatoun, 

\). Martha. M. to SirTbonu* 
knt. of Tintem Abhey, in 

10. Anne, m- firvt lo Sir H< 
kol. of Cutle Carbcrry, 
fp«al-KTeat-|cre«t-Kreftt f^ 
are Ifae present Maranea* m V 
ley, the Duke of WeUiii^^o 
Uaryborough, Lord Cowley, i 
Rer. Doctor Welle*lcy. 8 
ponsed MKOndly George IIloiu 
of Kiddpnninftter, and 
ward, first Lord Blayoey. 

1 1 . Jane, m. &r*t to Sir Pf 
ley, of AskeatoD, and 
Henr^' Berkeley. ef>q. 

12. I>orothY. r». to Sir Jol 
kjit. of CroglieD, and fr 
■nre lineally dcrivee CI 
sent Earl of CHAKLe^iu.F.. 

Thr fourth «on of the archbishop. 

Sm TtiuHAit LoFTUs, kut. of Kill 
the rounty of Meatli, ivas appoiole 
May. 16m, constable of the caxtle of 
low : knifrhied 34th September, IfiO 
in J)ei*eniber, 1610, he received a g 
the monaster}' ofCloDard, with n^m 
in the county of Meath. He 9 
daughter of Robert Harlpole. T 
Shnile, in the QueenV rounty (wi 
Prancii CMby, es^i. uf Slradhally) I 

Edwaixi (Sir), rf. t. p. in 16«U. 

Ili'Di-EY, &uece»tior to hif falhrr, 

Adam, who m. Donraa. daugl 

Richard Coaby, esq. of Sin 

in the (jueen's county, and hi 

ibrtT Hons who d. in infancy 

daueliten, hi^ m-heirs, viz. 

Ellen, m. to Vincent Kiddl 

of Aghnbointte. Qneen'i i 

Ana.m. toThntnas B«'anliac 

Miirtlin. m. lo Walter Tayli 

Edward of Uallyiuirifjn in the 

I'lHiuty, who M. M.ini.' day^ 

Jnmea Br>'an, e^i^. of W^ 

in the county Kilkvnny^H 

one son, V 

Thomas, of Wliilefiwall an 

lynnri^n, who m. Thi 

d'aogbter of Haywood Oi 

esq, of Bor>'n, in the t 

cnunty, and )iad two voa 

mail and Edward, llie d< 

ants of whom itetiled «n l 

der» of the King'* con 

the ronnly Calway. ^ 

Franri^, </. unmarried. H 

EliMbeth. m. to Jeremy Jofl8| 

Balaghv, in ihr i'otinl\ Sliiv, 

Sir Thomaa i^fui» dyin|{ at Tie 

1st December, I«W. wm iutrrii'd 

Palrick'a church Dublin, and waaj 

eldi-M niir^irin}* son, 

SiH DiiDi.r.v Loni's,knLof ] 



of hid estatP^ i;ttli Maich, 1637. 
ford ot' tbc ainnom of Killyan und 
). uid tuul Ibe mlvoKsifn i>rClnnRrtl. 
llry m. CtTilin, duughler of Sir 
Ware, kiil. aurlitor 0«ne«l of Iff- 
hy wlioRi lif bml Uraf) 

iBuabctfa. m. to Jrrpniy Jones, vwi- 
'Elf Dor. m. to — Dtu;k«nfii-t(), mj. 
[d. ID \Mh. and wm '. hy \uh only non, 
...■•.« I^iirrrs, p«q. of Kill} an nod 
' t». firM Susauiu. dau(;htrr uf 
I Jirad, esq. by whom bo bad 

[. jy* ni rv, of KillyAD, hIio m. Anne, 

■•'T of Tliuiiiu Sinyih, K»q. of 

riT. and dyiiiK in 1714. Itiii 

1. TnoMA!!. of Killyan. who f»- 
twiunl fint Alicv. siatt* r uf Ro- 
bvrt Rorltffird, fint E»rl of 
Belvcdt-rt.', which liiity d) inj; 
». p, 13th July, 174t^, he m. ««- 
condly it) l?."^, Jiine, dauj{hlur 
of Rabvrt Percent], esq. <ir 
Kiu(br«broui., and bad (mtb 
tkn< daugblers, Jiiiie, Aiiae, 
asd Martha.) a sou uiid suc- 


Di'UUY, of Kiltyau, who m. 
in ITllft, Lady Jane Goro, 
ftaughtor of Uic Enrl uf Ar- 
run. and hud {mlli 4 non 
l>uiUi-y, who d. ynuDK) 
tan dnugbtan, hi« co-hvirs, 

Cathkrine. m. to Sir 
Gvory;!* Rich, kiit. 
cbaniberltiia to the lord 
Ueutrnani of Ircltuid, 
and has insuc. 


m, fint lo Thomas Al- 
lan, ««|. who d. I. p. 
and secondly lo Wil- 
liam Maicau, enj. and 
ba« i»Buc. 
Dudley Loftua H. to 1807. 
when ihp male liii«' of 
Tborau Uiftua, of Killyan, 
by bia Srat wife Stutnan 
EIL<-nbcad. Ix-camt- eviinct, 
■ltd lh<- rciimu'iitulioti of 
the Ltiflud lantily dovolred 
UUU1I I^dw;ard I>i>ftua, e«q. 
of Anni'villt, and aihia death 
u{>un Urncml I<oflu«, 
%■ Arthur, in^gor in Wolfa rvgi- 
mrat of foot, it. anmarricd. 
Rdwafd, of ih<^ <»rnng(<, hi the 
ft* •"'•■" ■■■''filr. and marrying 
ly '<i<--r iif Rubf!rt Lof- 

Ua. _, I ihe King'i County, 

U-n 8t hi» d«cca!r,2Dd Msnib, 
ITH-'^, a attn and heir, 

JlitDLP.Y, of the 
county of Meikth, wbo m. 
Ann, dauRhtt-r of Juitf|)h 
Aslii cBtj. of Aflhfield, and 
liftd isitiif ui lijs detuiae, 7lb 
Aiifi;u»t, ISOA, 

I. CnwiKD.of AnnrriUo, 
u militury olHrer, HtAD 


upon tbedemiM; of Dud- 
ley Lonns,e«). in lttU7, 
who eepousdd Mim 
Ruth Faulkner, of Hal tlic county 
of Tipperarj-, but dving 
/. p. in l»i4, tht, Cfliim 
relate devolred upon hla 
»i8ler« u cu-heun. 
3. Suaonna. 
3. Auuc. 
4. Suivih, in holy orders, ricar ot 
Coolock, iu Iht; county of r>iib- 
lin, who m. Siiruh, diiushtcr of 
BrcutHiuith, en\. of Oubliu.and 
iD'.d u»ue. 
Dudley, \ 

Thomas, V whoall</.iasD«lMS. 
Alice, ) 

6, Susanna, in. to Joseph A«bc. eeq. 

of A>*hficld, in the county of 

G, EliKabcth,in. to Laurence Steel, 

o^sq. of Rathbrid^, io the coooty 


II. Edt('.ird,ofQrnng:e, in the county of 
Kildarv, whoM. Mim Suiiauo.i Cory, 
ami dyin^ i. p. in 1737, bequciiihed 
hiB estate to his nephew, Edward 

III. Annv, I \. ,\. J 

IV. Saaanna. $ !•«»»■ ''••■ P- 

V. Cecilia, m. fint, to Walter Weldou, 
e§f\, of Kahfnderry, in ihA Quren's 
County, fit.-condly, to Jontis EiuttAce, 
i-ttq. iiud thirdly, to Adam Kidder, 


TbomaH Loflus, e»i|. of Killyan, L-spouaod 
eecondly, Letitia,* daiiRhler ol Siiuou Ut^by, 
D.U.Biahopof Eliza bfrth,dn ligh- 
ter ofWartRT Wcslenm. e»q. anccxtor of 
Lord Rossmofi!) and had further isaur, 

I. Adani, wbu d. iu youth. 

II. SmoN, of whom presently. 

III. Susanna, m. first, to Francis Obrc, 
ewi. of Cloncolin, in the county of 

* Thii lady wa* grral ojoroof ihi* fir«t I-on! 
Uitfby. aud df'tcfnd'Ml iLnfuj:;!! l.etiUii I'iti (Jr- 
nia, Couutcsi of Offkl«f . Ih4> m-ift> of Su Rubnt 
Digby, fiuB Jolisn, dauKbtar of John Duke of 
Laneaiteti son of Edwakd 111, 



AnoBgh, nod secondly, to Tlioma« 
Richard Barlow, esq. of LaDcnfljin.'. 
SiUON Ijorrrn, ewj. p1de»t »ar%'iving iMin 
ofTtiomaB LorhiH, of Killyaa, liy hin sprond 
wife, was licuteiiniil-colonel of tbc l.Vh foot, 
nndd. (about l7-M)Rt JiiniBicn.ortlicnouiidjf 
be hnd ri'L'rivt-d ut tltv siegv of Cartlingrtiia. 
Ho m. Hannah, daughter and ro-tipiri^fi^ of 
Henry Johtifton,' frBq. ofCIiira, intlio county 
of Gilkoiiny, by wtuun be had issue, 

AKi'iiiiit. miijur in tbc 22nd foot, and 
for mimy yi'ftra a inpnibe r of tljt- Iritili 
parlinmenl, who <. hU ninlbtT, iil 
Clara, whirli folate he snld tn hin 
cousin, Edward LoltuB, esq. of (iranfff, 
He m. Mins Dorotlij Wtnlhcrbead, of 
Bostnii, New England, but d, t, p. In 
Hknry, of whom prp»eDt]y, 
Dudley, lieutenant in the army, killed 
at Cartbngenia the saiuv year as his 
Mary. m. to the Kev. John Elringlnn. 
and had issue two soita and one dau|;h- 
lur, viz. 

1. JAHeS-Dl'DLEY Elhis'otom, jn 
holy orders, tt. unmarried. 

2. John-Henry Elnnytou, major 
of the Tower of London, who 
m. Susanna. dauf;hti'r of James 
Read, esq. and has is»ue. 

3. Mary Elrineton, m. to Matthew 
Villiers-SaiiKey, esq. of Cool- 
mnre, in the county of Tipperary. 

The torond son, 

Hrxuy L(>m;!t, eaq. was member in the 
Irish |>iirli.itnenl for the borou);hsof Fellierd 
Bannow, and Clonn)ine»>. Hr- ei!|«iised 
Diana, dauj^hter of William Ilulloek, esq. 
of Stnrsloa Hnll, in tbc county of Norfolk, 
and dying tn December, 1792, Bgred sixty- 
•eren, left issue. 

THOHAii, member in Ibe Irish parlia- 
ment, and a caputn in the Lit horse 
guards, who m. Mar\-, dniighler of 
the Rev. Dr. PulUiwr. of Ratlifam- 
bam, hut d. t. p. in 1791. 
Wii.LiAii, of whom pn«enllv. 
Arthur, in holy order?, who »i. Ellen. 
daugbu-r of Duke Giflbrd, e8q.f of 

* This gcDtlenan bore Hm arms of i)i«> DuVe of 
Bourboo, (ak«D prisoner by bis aacnuor it tha 
battle (if AKiacnurt. 

t I'hf family of Uifford derired fnMo 
Waltim GirioitD. Kat] of I>on^uuriU«, in \'or. 
mandy, who lud two son.-i, tib. 

1. Waltsii, who, fbr his «niiiieni lervices in 
EagUnd. «nu di^iliml by the CoM^jviaui 
wiu Ibp mridom of Uucltin^ltain And Pom- 
btok*. and from hiia d«rires thnnigfa an 
Iw w af , ilti- prvnetii Duk« vf BuckiDgham, 
••• Hurkit Filittft Vttrap*. 
*. Hiwh, BDMfttor of the Oiffunls, of Toalle 
JoroBo. IB liw cvanty of Mentli. 

Castle Jontan. (commonlT ^ 
ler and co-heireas of Alexant 
tace, e^i. aiui lefk at hia d«cea 
sons, vis. 

1. Hesry-Dpke, a mrioi 
army, and raptain in UMI 
who espoused Mary-An 
daughter of General. 
d. t. p. in ia23. 

2. .\rtbur, of Ralhai 
tenant in Ihr na^y, 
Abigail, only elitld and 
of JobnUrcv. esq. nnd b 

Arthar-John,(. l«tM| 

ti. William, a captain 
wbo IN. Bllea. dauf;! 
Felix Brady, of th« 
nlium he left tsftOt atl 
in 1826, one Mti and a d 

WiUiam-Henrv. M 
Ellen, whod.ioOim 
The second son of Henry Loftua, €k 
WiuuM Lorn K. e!)q. of Wimpolt 
I>imion, and of Kilbride, in the ot 
Wicklow, a general officer in tkn 
colonel of the 2ud dragoon guarda, I 
tenant of the Tower of Loadoo, 
upon the decease of Edward Lofhil 
Aunerille, in 1824. tlie bead of ih 
family. This gallant Mddier. at iIm 
his death, was one of the oldest ol 
thu service, having entered the i 
cnriiel, iu ibe !Hb dra(;oon ffuardlf 
us 1770. He euiinenlly dislinevisfi 
self in the American War, taking i 

fart in the metnonible conflict of I 
[ill, lit the laniliuK of New YorL 
tack on Fori Wtwniiiglon, &c, 1 
Capuin fytiftus rained, and was d 
colonel of, thtt 24tli li^bt dragooni 
1796 was made a nuuor-general, 
l>ninled to the EnglijJ^ Staff. In 
waa iioinitLited to the Irish Stall" al 
conunaud atfVirk, uud iu the follow 
wo lind him commanding;, wiib dk 
a briiii'ade againM the rcbeU, ^ 
Hill. He was sobtequently and ran 
apiKtinted lixutenant-gencrnl tn til 
governor of Dumbarton Castle, and 
ant of tlie Tower of Loitdon. 1» 
ohtained the rank, of fuU (reaen 
1H21 the colonelcy, of ttw 

Previous tn the Union, 
■tat iu the Irish jiarliament for Baai 
in the EnKlisb from 17W1 lo IRIS 
sively, for the borouffbs of Gre.-it Y 
.^nd tamwurth. He m. &rsl. lt!iib F 
177ft, Margaret. dRUKhl'T and eo-h 
M. Kin^, esr|. of Lcii^iu Halt, in til 
of Dublin, and bad iwur, 

Henr\, colonvl in tbr an 



tib in Uic Coldstrcnm Guari)«, who 
4. *. p- in l^£l. 
Wiiutu -FHt*ioii-BeNTiCK, present 

rpt>rp*rntativ<- or the tamily. 
^f:lr^-\nnc. w. to Mnjor Hetirj Diikc 

|y tins. nikI d in IMI I. 
)l->!riri,n«, ti^ Tliomu-llnarke lUckelU, 
rH].of (.'ombc lionHv, HenronUbJre, 
,,„l I,.. Usur. 
Gf '•I. nwnriilly. 7th May, 17!»0, 

If. J I (i T'lwr^hrml. ilniijjhter of 

Cttn^e, tint .Mar<)tifu Tonnsht'iiil, by htA 
Im wifo', l^dy Cliarloitf Compton, Ua- 
UMin PutKKU, of CiuHTLET, aotl bad 
tv1)H!r tMue, 

Oi<)K<-*-f^nLBY,ftf Woollaiid, {see Uial 

familv I. 
ArtliPii ' ■ ..rdfri. M.A. of Clare 

H.-< i^u. rcttor of FiDchatn, 

Noii .* -. ,ii. July. I'ya. 

I'hnrl^^. n livuti'iiarit in the army, aud 
U(r ol Itir ('old iit renin (liiard)), A. 21 oi 
8«ptrinber. I70ti : m. in I'cbmury, 
tn&. Jhiip, diiighttT of Coluut'l Joliu 
DKon, ofGIpdhni*, in Yorkshire, and 
hm* isHiic a daiif^htrr. 


ft. 34lh Junr, 1798 ; m. 1 Ith October, 
I8,t2, t^^iittia, only child of tht^ Kcv. 
John Itastard, of West Lodge, iti 
Frrderirk, a cnptain in the Nrmy, ft. 

I7lh NovenihrT. ITlfJ. mnrried. 
Charlotte, »i. in IKI2, in Lord Clmrles 
Vere Coinpton -Townahend, M. P, 
brothiT of (he Marques* Townsht'nd, 
Ann-llfirnei-Mnrgnrr-l, i/, in 1835. 
Janc-Pcrceval-Compton, n*. to H. C. 
Singleton, l'mj. 
Gvm-rnl LofhiJt rf. ISth July. IH31, yrhca tlie 
n^prc^rntalion of ihv Loftus family devolved 
upon hid etdeMt «on, Cou WlLUAK FhaNCIS 
LoPTi's, of Kilbride. 

Arm* — Sa. a cher. tngr. erm. betwceo 
three trefoils, slipped arg. 

ri-p*!— A hoar s head, coupiil and erect, 
ar^. lanpiod j^u. 

Mottuts — Prend moi tel ipit^ Je aais. 
Around tkr rrett : I^ynl A mort. 

t'»((i(r»— Kilbride, in tlte county of Wick- 
low, nnd plM^where. 

Snrt— The Mount, near Oswestry, in the 
county of Salop. 


IS. GEORGF,-C(II.BY, esq. of WooIInixl House, in tbo county of Donwt, 
r^^ I ebruary, 1701, m. in 18*21, Caiherinft, dangliter and aoU* heireim of Jolin 
ir. Mq. of Woollatid Hoiuto. This frentleman, Iat« a raptatn in the 3nl gtiarda, 
Btidcf Uio Duke of Wollin^on in Spiiiri nml Portti^. 


For ui aemnnt of this j^ntlemBD's family 
' tmorial rnaifnu, refer to Uneai^e of hta 
brother, Ct'L. L«:>ni'>', of Kilbride. 

Ettatet — ill Domctshire. 

Stmt — Woallaod Mouse, near Blandford. 


i£.N)UJU8E, HUMPHREY, esq. of Alnebin^h or FJlmborouph, oth^rwiw Nethw 
Hall, in the county of Cumberland, h. 27th November, 
1773, m. 'iJlth SeplcmWr, 1803, Wizahrlh-rnincea, 
daug'hter and co-hoireM of Robert Charles Oroarcfl, esq. 
(w)io baa Hincc BMumed the nmuuno of Ley), of lii^leby- 
HUl, Uk Derbyihire, and has iMuc, 

HiiNrHRFv, b. 16tb AprlU 1800. 




Mr. Scohonso succeeded his father in 1HI4, and served 
the office of ahflriff for the county of CumbGrland, in 



The Atntlv De SF-wymiousB, l>e Srvrn- 
uoi'BE, or t^v SFSilni'fiP, deriifti* its mir- 
name from flail Sevenhousc, or Scuhoust;, 
a district of Cuinherland. Tb« fir»t of its 
in4>nib^r8 upon rerord, 

Walteh ih-1 SnwvNMoisE, Iiml B i?rnnt of 
Ihv fifth [)itrt of the towns1n|i of Uolion. in 
Ibe parUb of Ciwforth, from Alandc Coup- 
lana, anil liltemse » f^rant of olfarr luitdx in 
Uie mne parish from William dp Waj- 
bertlimiitf. These grnnts art- both without 
dale, liut both arc vtiiiie«8P<I by Sir Adam 
de I^mjtliiKh, knt. who lircd in thr limes 
of KiMt/g RiCHtKD I. and John. Waller 
Whit t. iiy hia «on, 

Walter at. Sevbnhol'sb. who wm wit- 
iteH to A deed. sUo without date, with Sir 
Ricbsrd If Flvminj;. kiit. uho died aWmt 
the close of Hfvhv Ill.'fi reign. Thifi Wal- 
ter WM J. by hi* Hon, 

Nicholas dz Sfvemhohxp., who was t. by 
bifl noTi and b«ir, anotlter 

Snuons DE Sevenhovse, who held the 
hamlet of Nrwton,orSea«rnle, in th<* )><iri!>h 
of Gngtforlli, of Thomas de Multon, of Fgrf>- 
mont, as appears by the office of escheat 
after the death of the said Thoma;*. hc-annK 
date 16th EowARD 11. Nicholas de Seven- 
house betam*' posJiewed of the hamlet of 
Newton in right of his wife, a daughter and 
heJresB af Do Pon^onby. whose rtbi quar- 
tered with those of IV* Serenhoose, en- 
praven on stone, are at present to be seen 
on the manor hall of Seascale. He was t. 
by his SOD, 

Nicholas of. Sewtvhocsi or de Sbn- 
iior.sE. who had » grant of certain lands in 
Boltnn from James df Way berth waile, bear- 
int; date Oih Uioi.tKD 11. and i^rantii of ("er- 
lain other land^ nithin the lurdahtp of Bol- 
ton Fell from William df Wayl»erthw'iiite. 
formerly rector of Wnyhfrtliwaiti-, all dal^d 
in the 14ih of the same rei^. He mnrrii-d, 
us it would iieem. » danghlcr ond co-heireiis 
of Alan lit! Cutipliind, of Conplnnil and Sea- 
ton, in the county of Cumberland, and wa» 
a. hj his son, 

Wli-LiAM OF. SrvKNHot'SE. who m. a dauph- 
tcr and eo-heir of Lucy. AiQongitt the ar- 
chives of Ihe family of Senhonse is Htill 
preserved a deed of conveyance from Alice 
dc IjUCV, danifhter and co-heir of Kirhard 
lie Liicv. of Rcreiooiil, by Ada de Morville. 
his nite. to her second aon. 8ir John de 
Luev. high lihrriR'of the county of CunilxT- 
lanif for i^to ve«rs, .list Kowarp I. .-iiid 
knight of the shire for tlie same county ."Mlh 
of (lie same rei|{:n, from wliom, by bts wifc 
Cbrisliaii, descended the wife of this Wil- 

liam Sevenhoose, which Wflliain wi* $. 
hit* decetise by bis son, 

Thomas dk Sknhoitsr, who«e name 
pe.irs in the return of gentieinen of 
county of Cumberland, made in the 1 
Henbv VI. It i« related ttiat in a wi 
altercation with a monk of Calder Abb 
relative la his claim of a right to fish in 
river Calder, this Thomas de Sevcnbo 
was so highly exospemled Uiut be biir 
tht> monk over the battlements of the brid 
For this summar)' act of extra-judicial p 
cess he was oblif;ed to compooad u] 
heavy fiuc imposed upon his estates, 
m. n daughter of Sir Riehatd Hudleston, 
Milium Castle, in Cumberland, knighl b 
ncn-t, and was r. by his son, 

Thomas Senuoi'se, who was a parly* 
Hii-hnrd Hudlefiton, enq. of Milium Cm 
in an .tward made hy his brother. SirSb 
Senhoiise,* prior oi" CarliAle, IGth Ho 
VII. He was also, in the next yeat 
party with William Stanley, esq. of Di 
^rth, in Cumberland, iu another «r 
made bv Willinm Sivpger. Lord Diihop 
Carlisle", 17th Hknry VII. He ni. Elcifl 
daughter of John Iiamplugh, e«j. of liin 
high, and hud John, his succeMor, rt 
THOXY, and Marearet. wife of John Staali 
esq . of Dalegarth. This Thomas, as did 
fath<-r. eigoved the family estates for bat 
uenlurj-, tie was l. by his sun, 

John Sr.VHouse. who m. in ld3H, Eli 
betb. elder sister and co-heir of Kh-k 
E2lcsfleld,t son of Gawen EKlesficlil, 
Aiuehurgh Hnll, high sbcrilT of the mW 
of Cumberland in the IHh Hesht TI 
(which Rawen was the descrridant in I rij 
line from John de Eule^field, the elder b: 
Ihcr of Unberl de Eglcsficld. tlic tocM 
of QirEEN'sCoLLfoE.OxfoHD.) Tbiiio 
Senhouse received an ample panloa, 

* Sir StuoM Ssxaoeiv, prior of CaHiil«.Mn 
son of TbaiBiis de SeTenhouar, bv the ilui|(btt! 
Huilleslnn. Iliiii nTPiruil mtii iemrvod p€t 
csiiMd tbe principftl aparrmenl in H» town tt 
firiory tn )><• curinokly ptinlod wilb the ftfM 
CTww, motfu, irod ba4iC> >^ wvU ss the BHtt 
his toother's (tb« IJudtrirtotiV ftouly. anpl 
witb numerous embknifttic dAvices, ud pi 
eiiifulstinns tn prase nod mW. He had Iftn 
the lefiivnda of Saint Aaiboar. Bstat Avpd 
nod .Saint CntliWrt, paitit«d (n ibo nitW of 
caibeilml at Cirii^e. Ha lies hnnrd m^ 
morble tomb in the nonh side of tlM> eslfc* 

f With Itor aister Ann", who m. John H 
sey. ot BiirdaoT. hi Laonshtr*, and 4. i. f. 


IfWml, for nil fucti vntneK of a trek- 
it naiurv us h« hnd prt^vtausly com- 
tand lie wm Kppoiuled, also by Irt- 
MBt, dated 7th Eiujbcth, rvciir-iiiar 
> cnnntlfa ttt Cumlwrlanil anil Woi- 
uuU Hni^. ill )M>H, leaving four «o»s, 

IMM>, who inbrriled all Uie pairi- 
■I rfiUtP* of Ibe fumily, niwl ac- 
■A tiinurir. ID llic Otii of Ei.i/;i- 
. Ittr HiUuwann and richl of 
inu^ of tbe reolury nntl [larinli 
"Jiof<Jo»fonh. lit- M. Uorothy. 
itmi^tite'r of Julin Viiux, »twj. oI' Cat- 
Urlrii, 111 Cumlirrlaiiil, andwna j. Iiy 

^MlH^ SknMOI'SR, mc). of Seascale 
^^ lltll. "Iio w. Mary, duuglitcr of 
W'illiAm Klcminc. '-''i<l- »f R%<lal, 
in 1\ fiitiniirfl.-iiitt,RM(l(/. iit ItElti, 
Irjirjac t^suf , 

1, 3nn\, of Scttsicate, who hi. 
Anne, dauirliirr and ro-bcir 
nf Jnhti Uini|>«ori, rat), uf 
Shrvin^on, in Lancasliire, 
by his wifi', tin- msKt 
Hn4 i-o-hrir of Sir Kilward 
Wn'thtiogton, kiii^hl, of 
Wri^htinifioD. in the «ime 
rounty. Thift Jolin't* namr. 
und'T thv di-iioininntion of 
•' John Srdliouw. ewj. of Ei;- 
rlrstuu," wan iimifrti-d. '2Klli 
Oi'tnlH-r, 10^3, In xhv aildj- 
borml bill for tlic naW of 
lands nnd r«tiilo» forfritcd 
to tlir ronimutiwrallli. Hi& 
cIilrMi !>nn, Joltii. H. iit the 
lifriint<- of bU father vritli- 
oul itfur. Ilia ftfcond lion, 


of Sofucnk' Han, who 
vn* (n bavf lit'cn one of 
thr Knif^buofllif Rtiyol 
(ink, in imo, ffa« fa- 
tbrr of 
John ScNiioi'SK, of 

tibprifT of Cunibcr- 
tAml..1nl of A\sr, 
who ni. F'lttutlxMb. 
dati. of John Kvi- 
»!■»», in Wi-nliiior- 
laad. This John 
sold all the patri- 
montHl •-H(Rlt>s,Rnd 
bi!4dr-so<?ndiints hv- 
cnnu- »:xriNtT In 
the- male linr at»out 
tlio middle of Uir 
laitl cniitiiry. 
3. Jowrph. foundvr of Ihf Hall 
bollon family, whii'b Imt- 
caOK BKTIKCT Iri Uic tuale 

line about a bundrcd yean 
II. Peter, of EllenborouKh Hall, who 
was admitted to the freedom of the 
city of Fxnnlon in IftCS. To Uii« Pftcr, 
his aunt, Aiiiie llardwy, (rrantt-d one 
half of her moiety of the manor of 
Ahieburfi;h, oilivrniDe Nether Hall. 
He d. unmarried, and bequeathed Itia 
estalee lo hi» brother John. 
It1> JoH^, of whom preoeiitly. 
IV. Kichard, incuinoent of Claughton, 
in Lancaahire. 
The third son, 

Joii>< SF-Miot'se, succeeded his eMvrbro- 
Utfr Peter, in bis half moiety of the manor 
of Ellenboroiifrh, and inherited from hia 
mother her tuoit^ty of the same. He had 
an\tt\ llijit lady')! life, ut the immineDt risfc 
of hi« own, from tin' t^trtainty of being 
drowned in tlie river I>erweiii. He inhe- 
rited, likewise, bio aunt Uardsey's half 
moietv. and thus became eventually sole 
proprietor of Alnt^hurgb, or EllenburouEht 
otherwise Netlierhall. Thie John is the 
perwm whom Camden mentiotui in his Bri- 
tannia, us having collected with threat indus- 
try, numerous Roman stones, altarA, lavcrv, 
Matueiii, ntih Inscriptions, which he bad 
plaixd witk much taste in his hooses and 
Ituildiugn ; nnd b» hnvio); nitertitined, in I6tl0, 
the celebrated iinti<|n.-u-y himself, and Sir 
Itobert Cotton, of Conini^ton, with great 
civility. He was steward of all ilie lord- 
ships, manors, lands, he. which formeriy 
iH^loneed to tbe monastery of Holme-Cutt- 
nim, in the cnuuty of Cumberland. He m. 
Anne, daugh(<-r of John Ponsonby, esq, of 
Hail Hall, and had, with other isiue, 

1. PhTLR, hi8 successor. 

2. Simon, who was murdered near Do- 
venby, by Sl^elton.of ArmathwaJihe. 
Skehon and biniself art- tuid lu have 
paid tbfir atldresses to the same lady, 
who gave the preference to Simon, 
and thereby so enraged SkcltOD. as lo 
excite htm to so base an act of oii- 
nit'riled vengeance. 

3. Iticbnrd. in holy orders, D.I). fel- 
low of Si. John's, Canibridf^e. after- 
nards dean of (jloucc8ler,and conse- 
crated in \&H, bbbop of Carltslc. 
Of this firelate it is related, tbal 
" Wlien be vtas a scholar at Cam- 
bridge, coming into the country to 
see his friends, bis horw; happened to 
cast a shoe, and huvin^ no money to 
iQ yny the smith wilha],— 'WtU, 
tfilt says tlie smith, * ito your wntft, 
nntl triten yoM rn/iw lo hr htjhap of 
i'nriitlr, ytnt'll jmif »«#,■' whieb he 
did in aliundance of fpVnity ; and 
was a reliitioufl nnd honest pastor." 
Hr. Si'nbowse pmnlicd the corona- 
tioD scriDoa before A'in^ Cuaimisl. 



itnti took for \u» tfxl, " f uill f^Wv 
tiiee a crown of Ufft," which wsn 
aftrrwanli Mtiwincd u a prophecy. 
Ue wa» an excellent iireachrr, clu- 
(Iiicnt itnci grBf^pfiil in drlircry; ami 
lour much adtnireil M>.nnotui were 
pubtisbcd after hia ilecva4<;. 
Eleanor, m. to Ucur>' Flctcber, esq. of 

Morevby Hnll. 
Jmiip, m. — Bl«uoerlias«eII, rst]. nf 

KlizalK-lb, fli. to William Briscoe, e^q. 
of LVorton. 
Mr.Senhousi:* d. in )0(M, andnas «. by hia 
rttlfst luxi, 

l*F.rr,R Seshouse. esq. of Alnebnrigh, or 

ICU^nbomuKh Mall, othtrnise Nelherball, 

who wan ap[>uiotp(l by Ictti-r* pnteni, iu the 

ffi-unil of .MtiF-S 1. lo succfvtl his father n« 

Kt(*war<l of ihc lordahips, &c. formerly he- 

lonKing lo the moiLister)' of CuHruii. Hf 

Koji ontistilutrd likewise by letter* pnteni 

(*jl) JtVF.K I,) t'ltcherulor of the couiitit-ii of 

Cunibcrlnml and Wpslniorclaiiii, and he 

nerved the oflicc of shcriiT for Uie former 

•hire iu ihp 3rdof CtURi.RS I. IIeeApou»r(l 

Fmnre^, daughter of Lancelot Skc-lton, 

rH]. of Arniathwaite Cattle, io Cumber land, 

and hud. with other children, 

Jnn\, his SiirirCiwor, 

ThoniM, of Long Nowton, in Cumber- 

L-ind. who m. — dimi^htcr of Whelp- 

dnlET, and na:? (grandfather of 

JoUN SEMlorst. esq. a lienteriaul 

Ui TangiiT. who built Tangier 

Houae, and Tanker and Ken- 

housc-strcet, and was possesued 

of larp' properly at Whitehaven. 

He d. iinmarrird. 

* Mr. Srohousp hnd al» another «on, LsoNAab, 
wht> n-«i<lnl u Isel in 1591, but »ib«n]umilly r«- 
nu^nt In Wij^on. H« it. in livtB, iMvtDg, wilh 
a <lau;;htiT, J urn, ■ aon nnd heir. 

Joim ScMiiniJSE, t»i. gmyitaihn of 
Joatpu StMtoitaK, (wq. who wedded Ute 
dBOKhler and betreM of John Tiffin, ewj. 
of Calder Abbey, and wu a. bv bU tldeit 
JoMii SKMitatUK, v*n. nf Ciddrr Abbey, bizb 
•benff of Ciunberluid, 3lit Oboboe II. 
wbo w>«^ by his MO, 
Jcwtni-TrtrtN SiMimrM, t^\, of rali^pf Ab- 
bey, nn oC«er in the ptiud*. who wHded 
Srat, lUiabetb, daughter uid co-bt-ireu of 
Robert Waters, «•>]. of Linetbwaile, Imt 
had oo issoe. He espoaM>d, uncoodly. 
Sanb. daug^bter of Jobs Sunderlnnd. etq. 
of Cartmel, in l.nncashire, and di«'d in 
lSi>5, le&oitu; four dau(:blen, ria. 

I. Mtn\. [irfM-nt jHiuMaor of Cald'T 
Ablwrv, «h(> n>. in IR^I. lluimas lr> 
win. est), o cnptain of dngnorm. 
S. Eleauor, m. ta ia24. to SauMl Irtun, 

mn. tif IrtoQ (Ko vol. id. p. 67A>. 
3. Sanb. 4. Elbahvlb. 

He* d. in 16&4. and WM «. 


John Scvhouar, raq. of Alnel 
who IN. Elixabctb, third dBu|rhter ( 
phrt-y Wharton, e»o. of Gillinproo 
county of York, ana liad, with otfafl 

1. Humphrey, who i/. hcfors k 

2. John, successor to his fi(tfl 

3. Richard. H 

4. Palriciiis, who m. In ifli 
beth,* daughter and beirRW 
mas Uroinfield, esq. of Ham 
Cumberlaod. and relict of 
Dalton.eiMi. of BrrKiham. T 
tlcnian'a great graodsuo, 

Bridgfixil, ill Ihe coaotyi 
herlaiid, major of the C 
hmd militia, and a magii 
Ihe countv.iH. Iubelln,d 
of William Ponaoabr, 
Wliitchaven, (by Cl 
d.iuf^hter and co-heir i 
SenhonK, esq. of fbt 
place), and leH issnie, 1839, 
Humphrey, a cai 

CumhcrlADd mil 

has iBstie. 
William, of 

* Tbia Tetar Senhoase wiwin to I 
Kiwiimt wife, B Mn. E^leafield, aad ' 

A:«TTtof.Y ScxMOvaK, «q. of 
Ibe cwinly nf NortbaaiptDD, who i 
dBU|i;)iler of Jobik UDoka.eML, lad 
hiK deceaie, by bis etdeataoa, 

The Ro»'iTend 

PirTm SrviinwsE. »iear of KempItT, : 
ceaterahirw, nnd of Lintan'«iiio-Ija 
couu(y iif Hereford, a prebeodaiT 
eon. Tbia leaned prelate piu 
1797. ft aennoa oa " the n];ht«a 
proveoieat uf m-naiiirr- pteaNorci^^ 
putienlarty of tnaiic," preachad^ 
tbcdral 01 Gloacmter. at tba 
meeting of the ehoin. He 


J'mn SrvHocn, eaq. of] 

cealerahire, living in 1738, wl 
Hud, and tnu i, by bu aiater, 
ELizAnrni Sz.vHocu, who 
coti, (>•({. uad Ihnar 
C\i.Dutiit. naq. oi Di 
boncber of the Middia 
present TeprMcuatin of lUa 
the SenluMisei, 
i This lady waaoneof teai»1ert, ninn 
di«l of ibf p)ii^», rxi^lit from a roan irh 
riUtpil in at ilie bitUBe In Iifrfat bu pipe. 
ef'lf, )>viDgiD London. earaped, buteoauil 
on heuHiiifaf (hetrmisfartDnwiwaa 
nui^ihlmles to ixnivt-ne with hor 
tlie rivet Uorweot only. 



burriattr-iiMaw. wlio d. in 


rullierinc. m. tn Ra1|iIi Cook, 
esq. of Cuniriion HhII. 

i. Mjirpitrrt, ■>. to Henry Egl<^!ifi(^li|, 
c*^. of Cram Cmionby, and H. in USH . 
ft Elinboth. M. to U'iiliiim Nicbolson, 

, «q- 

[£ciiImum d. in I6i;7, Knd wa* ». by hii 
iving ■oti. 

iH<m»F,mc|.of N'(■tllo^|>- 
l CH4Htr.» the Firbi's armv. Tliis 
la'rflpautvd firit Evlizjiboth.'dnu^h- 
af icrom Tolbnral. est^. lioutcnnnl go- 
u»l M-P. (>r Carlisle, but bnd no 
Hv m. Mrotidly, Mhi^, daughter 
RuddlnloD, e«(j. of Hulloii-John, 
rluid, ftnd nitT« of Faihf^i Hud- 
•haiilaiu AUd oonfeuor to Charles 

|. Jofi-v. bis heir. 

Aodrrw, killnl nt KA, ItgHting 
■j(«iiiit tUf rn-iicb. 
Ihidlry, drowned in Ihc rive." Lune. 
\i. Peter, n. CaUK-rti<r>, daughter of 
Sketton, of Branthwalte, and bnil 

John, who had n son Peter, who 
4, unmarried, and a daughter 
CaiKeriiie. m. Ut WilUnin Pon- 
»ijul>j . e*(. ol' W)iil«tiAvcu, and 
lisd an only Barnvjng dAughtcr 
*iu) heireu UABELtA, who m. 
M.ijor SenhouM. lu stated above. 
>Ii;linrd, M.IK tfH a ten, Peter, 
■ ' ■» il. uiim^rrtL-d, in \7M. 

■'l^, tif whuni |iresiriitly as 

. „.L'r of tlio mauor atid e»ljilv of 

Sribrr. and contixuator of THE 

U«| or THK HHILT. 

't lianllty, in. to her cniiDin IVin'riui 
'^wlKnue. et^- of llatncs ItJll. 
(' Varv. M. to Kirbinl Richmond, esq. 

Bcabauae ■(to|>trd a nitliliirv life 

ftut agaiokt Uie nishes ul' hi'fi |ia- 

r^ nd ■ normw eacupe of bi« (ife. 

^ttti Mvtd by the timely iiilfrpofi)- 

'I imnl who had followed 

I who anerwardB licid 

I'urooijh rfnl free lor 

lu&c tL ill lOOT. and 


\Hwtt.. cjiq. of Nethorhall. who 

£>!j.-tii'r III KichanI Lnmplut;h. 

•T' .11, 111 CumWrland. by 

-mindly, Chiirk* Or- 

*^-i nd.) Ik- liAd surviving 

•" .. HUM. 

1, til Frnnris Skelton. 

.;v. and nt'condlv to iti- 

eaq. of Roclifle, in 

^imi, ■■ ni Jnfiit f^trpbrnaoD, esq. 
MBaMool. in lb'- Mr of Man. 

3. Francifl, d. unmarried. 

4. Crac<:,m. to llitrbard. Viscount Shan- 
non, and bad au only daughter and 

Giure, who m. Charles, Earl of 
hiiddlesex, eldest mn of Lionel, 
firat Duke of Donii^t, Imt ti. t. p. 
b. babel, m. lo John Fletrher, e«rj. of 
Clen Hall, in CumberUiid, now re- 
prcM-nlcd by hiit fcreal f^nindgon, 
SiK HcMiY FLtTrHKK, baronet, 
fl. Elizabeth, d. unmarried. 
7*besc ladiea, who inhrrtted as co-heirs to 
their fatljer, disposed of the demesne of 
Nelherhnll and manor of Alneburgb, or 
Ellcrihoroa^h. to their ancle. 

Hi MPiiKr.Y Seniioise, who thus beoiRie 
of Netherh.-ill, or EllenlwmuKh. He was 
enabled to effect this purchase by the gnit»- 
ful munilicence of his mother's sister Brid- 
get, daughter of Andrew Huddlestoii, e«q. of 
Hutton-Jubn, and of her husband, Joseph 
Huddleslon, esij. of Milium Caittlf, both 
of whom adopted him, being theniselvea 
without issue, in consequence of some need- 
ful kindnesses received from SenhotiaeH 
father and mother, durinj; the first yeiirs of 
their marrtftgc ; an alliauce which had taken 
place contrary to the wishes of their iiu- 
raediate families, while Joseph HuddlesTon 
was n younger brother and before he in- 
heriled the patrimonial efttat^ of Milium 
Castle. He espoused Elciuior, daughter 
of William Kirby, esq. of AsUck, in lh« 
county of Laiicnster, and had issue, 

Joseph -Richard, who d. unmarried, in 

Hi'MPMREY bis »ucce»5or. 
William-John, who rf. tinm. in 17^7. 
Bridget, m. to John Clirisliau, encg. of 
Dnerigfc Hall, aad had with oilier 
iMue. a daughter, 

Mahy who wedded Edmund Law, 
Bisliop of Carlisle, and h-id, inter 
alio*, ft son, 

Edward (Sir), who upon bring 
elevated to the peerage In 
IHU2, assumed, by permis- 
sion of the Inte Humphrey 
Senbotise, ewj. M.P.. the 
the ancient patrimony of hia 
(jraiut mother's family. 
Johanna. M. totiusbivus Thunison.cM). 
of Arcleby. 
Mr. Sonhouse. who served the ofliieei of she- 
riH' of the i-nunty of Cumberland, tn the In! 
of George L, died in 17:18, and w:ia t. by 
his Kon, 

Hi'MPiieT Sr.Nnousc, of Netherhall. who 
m. M.iry, daughter and ultimatt-ly co- 
heireits of the Right Rcr. Sir George rlem- 
ing, bart. of Rydal. Lord Bishop ofCur- 
liele. and had Lisuc. 

I. HluttiKFY, his successor. 

II. William, h. in 1711, a lieut. K. N.| 



and snhsoqnfntly .StirT4-vor Ofneral 
of B«rl>a(lo(v, iinH thf^ I>«ward Is- 
litnd«. lie m. Eli£ab«-tli. dnufiLUT 
of Snmfloa Wood, C9<\. of Uarlm- 
doe». speaker of the Ituusf of m»- 
senibly. and d>'iiig «n IHOfl, left 
ftmonf^At other iMine. 

1. Witliani-Wood, a comniandiT 
in the R. N.. to whom tht- iu- 
habitaolx of Brid^-town, Bar- 
bttdoes, and the Islands of St. 
Kim, ^ach preaeuled n twortl of 
one handrrd j^invas tnIqc, in 
teBtimony of thv i.-alJntatinD in 
which they held hin galLinl pro- 
fessional iictui^v«meuls. tie d. 
* 1800. 

2. SamsoD, who purchasf^d the 
mtinur of New! on nimI Seasoale. 
with the advowson and n-ilnry 
of (io^fonh, which ho iif^erwurdi 
»old to his mother, the present 
p'>»Mes»or of those cstHKra. He 
w. in IMl), Man', daughter and 
co-hffiresd of Nicholas Le Me- 
siirier. ew|. of th(- Island of 
(lUFDM^y, but has no issue. 

3. Humphrey • Fleming, a posl- 
captain in the Roynl Navy, r| 
urcMMit flng-captaiii of his Ma- 
jesty's Fleet, iu llie Medilerra- 
Deaa ; ■ knight cointnAiidtir of 
the Royal tlanovenan Ouelphic 
Order. He espoused in I8UI, 
Elizabeth, daughter and even- 
tually co-heiress of Vice-admiral 
John Manley, of l*lyniouth, and 
has two dauglUcrs, Hlizabeth 
Manley, and Mary Le Fleming. 

4. (jeorge-Septimus, lieut. ILN. 
This gcntloniau vma prcsentE'd 
with a luhscHption »worx), by 
Ihe crew of the t'uit*- Man-of- 
War, upon being jMiid off. In 
IbU vesect be was tlien serv- 
ing lu a rery yonng midshipman, 
and the crew, prior to present- 
ing tbe sword, carried hini three 
times round the de<'k in their 
arms, giving him tliree cheeni. 
The sword was inscribed n-ith 
llie word*. "The good will of 
tJie tJnile Crew." Mr. Sch- 
boufte bad overbeard some mu- 
tinoiu expressions on their pari, 
and had so remonstrated with 
them astupneil'y their turbulent 
feelings, and to produce an ebul- 
lition alike houorabli? to tlietn- 
t<elvesnnd hiui. He i/. unmarried 
in I 808. 

j>. Edward- Hooper. Heut. R.N., 
m. in 1816. Eliuibctb- Bishop, 
daughter of John Spooncr, esq. 
of Oarbadoes, and has a ton, 
William, b. in 1816. 

G. JamAf-Lowth^r. IB I 
perpetual cnrate of ^^ 
in i>erbyslure, anJ'^l 
Oosfonh, who m. in 181 
Rtizabelh Brouki, 

7. Mary-W^ard. m. In Jah 
row. eaq. of Borbadoes. 

8. Elisabeth, m to Fraud 
Pindcr. esq. of Barbadui 

0. Johanna. 10. Sarah 

III. Jofteph(Sir), fr.iu 17-13. in I 
Company naral service, knig 
1783, m. Mary, daughter a 
heiresH of John Ashley. CKJ. 1 
ley Saint Legers, in the coi 
Northampton, and dying in 18 
sorriving isnie, 

1. Jnstni-AitiiLEV, an nfl 
the Vmsi Iiidiii Company i 

2. Michael le-Flrming, in 1 
pay office, Westminrter. 

3. flunipbrTy-]>>kcs-BaUi 

4. Willium, un oflii-er in th 

5. Maria, m. to Joseph Gi 
M.L>. of Bath. 

fi. Catlieriue. 7. Saink 

IV. Mary, m. to Robert Gale, 

Mr. Setihouse wasliigh sherifTof the 
of Cnmherland, in tbe IGlh GkOI 
He foundrd the present flourishing ' 
Mnryport. situated at the foot of tl 
&ien, whirh he po deuominated m 
lady. Hp rf. in 1770, and w*m wj 
eldest son, 

HrnrMitEY .Sf.vHofsP., esq. of ] 
hall. This gentleman, who was Uen 
colonel of tbe Cumberland Mililta, 
si-nted Cockennuutli in parltainrnt i 
and the rnunty of Cumberland in 1T| 
m. in l"flS. Cathen'nc, daaghti<r of 
Wood, e5q. of Bewlnell. in Nortl| 
land, and died in 1814, learing anoi 
vi»inp child. i 

Hi'ui-tiRr-v SKKiioosit. e«q. tbai 
Mr.Senhouse inherited Iheantiquan 
and hospitality of his ancestor, Jol 
bouse, the friend of Camden. 

Arnu — Or, a popinjay ppr. (ollieni 

pale, arg. and gn. on the fir«l a pam 

Crtit — A popinjay, as in the anai 

label in iw beak, inscribed, " OcoO 

Motlu — Vgp Virtis. 

Hadtjr vftkefamilif—K crimMUi t 


PoNtkONBY— Gu. a cberroB 1 

three combs, arg. 
LiicY~Gu. tbree luee» liaari*a 
CopELANO— Or. two bars, and ■ 

gules, over all a bend «a. 
EoLEsnuJK-Ar. three eagli 

FLrwiKK— <:!plrs, a fpcl ar. 
5c*/— Netlierball, near 




L, THOMAS-HE\RY, ewj. of Annitago Park, m the copnty of Stafford, 
MkUtPK npon ihft demise of hw fatlter, 24tli February-, 18'28, m. 6th Nov. 
ihi I1it'rv«.i. daughter of the Late Hon. Georgu VUliere, brutbar to the £tul 
uid hae a son and hi^ir, 

Tuoiu&VlLLlEM, h. 7lh May, 1832. 


hnoon wilb thoie on tho 
continent thnn it* iiNiinl at 
pivM>Dt. !li« family and 
counlry rKcoramrndpd bim 
In Anne, Countf« of Pem- 
. broke, whom he appeari 
to havf served in tlH^ 
double capncity of af^enl 
and phystcinu. By hi-r rc- 
rommcndation he bi^ritme 
phyriciau in ordinary to 
ilucftt Anne of Denrnmrk, 
nnd afUrwards to Kittff 
Chahles 1. from whom he 
re(-r>ivctl the honor of knij^ht- 
hooil in l(i3(). Having even- 
tually attained the highest 
profcBsioitiil eminence, he 
wnM »|)|i()iiiti*d prrsident of 
the colltrge of phyirii^i-infi. 
He d. about 16i!>7, at Bur- 
well, in Lincolnshire, aged 
ainety-tno ; an innlnncr of 
a conflitutinn, which rillit^r 
ne«ded not the aids of his 
own facnlty, or prored their 
3. TimuAii, of whom presently. 
3. Nicholas, d. t. p. 
The second sod, 

Thoua.x LiATEK, married the daai^bler 
and heirrM of Ro|{er de ClidKrow, of Clide- 
row, and had iMue, 

Thomas Liatkr. who etpoused Eflamia, 
dauRbler nnd co-heir of — Wesiby. of 
Wcttby. and vrns t. at his decease, in IMU, 
by hiti son, 

Thoman Lister, of Weeiby, whom. Anoe, 
daoffbtcr and heiress of Richard King. riK]. 
of K tnf|fS4.*ro«st>, near Halifa\, and hud. with 
other inaue, 

TtinUAR. his loccesior. 
John, who enjoyed his mother's estate, 
and was ancestor of the Listers of 
The eldest son, 

TtioUrOk IjIhtkr, esq. of Wfrsthv, wedded 
Alice, daughter of Sir Richard (lou(thton, 
of Houftbton Tower, in the «mnty nf I.jui- 
casler. by whom he hod (Mitb several other 
ebiblrr-u) a son and »nrce»*or, 

Thdma*) LiMUR, ti9n. of Westby, who m. 
Janr, daughter ol John Grcenacrvs, esq. of 

lily is uf great anii-iuit)- in the 

EsjCland, and Ihr »f nior branch. 

sled b; Lord Ktliblesdale, has 

. at Ubbuniii for more than five 

ton of Thomas Lister, es- 
IS, Isabel, ditiighterand heiress 
ilon, bowbearer of Holland, 
■niative.ncrording to l)ug- 
lun Fjirls of Merria. The 
of tilts marriage, 

1. of Middop, m. in 

' ^ Joan, daughter of 

Aix i> _i. of Calvcrley, and 


IM, nf Middop, whose lineal 

fUtimm Lister, knt. of Thorn- 
fO«, narrjing Mary, daughter 
of !*ir llrnry BelUays, baPt. of 
N '.. lelt at bis decease. 

It \\ other issue. 

biu 3lAbris LifiTK.R. knt. the 
well-known physician. Thi^ 
eminent i>vrson was bom 
at Thornlon, in Craren, and 
i>diica(<-d at 0«fnrd, where 
bit h«i'ame fellow o( Oriel 
(.''ollep*; bnl, travelling 
abroad, he took the degree 
of M.l>. at Uu^il, and. in 
I0U&, was ineun>*i^*«'d nt 
Oxford, as the r.n^linh uni- 
¥e.raities allowed a more 
OUiTenal commuuication of 



Wonton.antl was/, it his deceue, in 1607, 

by his rlUesI non, 

Thomas Listeo, peq. of WMthy, ajiistite 
of tbc peace for YorktliirL-, l.'j Jauls I. Hu 
«8pou»ed Jbdl-,* daii^Iiltr of Thoiuaa fio- 
ber, csii* of Mnrton, and dylug tii Itill/, wu 
J. by hill eldest bob, 

Thohas Lister, estj. of Wcslby. bnptized 
at Gisburn in 1601. Thi» ^tiUi-muii. during 
the eJTil vran, Mpoused the ftnuw of tht; 
parliami-'ul, and wu one of ibe romniifi- 
(tioiif rs for the trial of KiHff Chakij'.s. He 
attended, however, only four of their meet- 
inga, and never signvd the warrimt; from 
which, it appears evident, that he did not 
oonlially approve of the course the pro- 
ceedings were taking: and il wan probably 
in consideration *of this circuiuttUuee, tliat 
tiie family ertatc» »ire exempted from for- 
fulure at ihe reutorHtina. ile m. Caihe- 
rine, daughter of Sir Richard Fletcher, knt. 
of Hutlou, iu tlie county of Cumberland,. 
by whom (who espoused, after Mr. Lister's 
decease, Sir John Assbeloa.f bArt. ofWhal- 
ley Abbey, in Lancashire) he bad ifsue. 

1. TituHAft, uf AriioIdsbigt;inand Wf>iil< 
by, who m. Mary, daughter of Kich- 
ard Deane, c«]. of Uvendcnwyrd, in 
the countv of York, and left itl his 
deceiue, tn 1660, au only daughter 
and heiress, 

Catiikkikk, who espoused Thomas 
Yorke, esq. of Uichuiond, York- 
shire, and their de»cciidaut now 
resides in (hut county. 

2. JoiiM, uf Mb<iin presently. 

3. Jaui^, rf. 4inmamed. 

4. Barbara, HI. first, to William Nor\'el, 
esq. of McrelHV. in Lancashire, ajid 
secondly, to Jnbii Lambert, es^j. of 
Callon. son of Major-generat Liim- 
bert, by whom the had an only duu, 
nod heiress, 

Pkancu, m. to Sir John Middle- 
ton, bar), of BeUay Castle, and 
her gnwt-gntndsoii is the present 
Sir CiiAHLEs-MiLE*-LAunrHr 
Mo\CK, barl. of Uelsay 
Castlr. I see ^SurAe'^yefni^e 
and BartnuUt^r). 

5. Mary. 
The second .ion, 

John Lister, eM). of AmoldRbiggin, was 
baptized at Gisborn, '2nd Febniary. 16-11. 
He m. Mary, daughter of William' Lodge, 
of Leeds, merchant, and was r. at hu de- 
veaoe by bit eldest son, 

' This lady mamed, nfii*r (be dece«i« of Mr. 
Lister, Ri«hard Aibe, psq. of AnKlitoa, irbo mw h 
ttmber of the Templ«, maatei of tlui rmwa o£(n>, 
daring tlw lumrpalMD, snd counsel for tiM ngi- 
cidm at the trial of the hint:. 

t TbiB (j^rnilt'inim Irft ccnsidenible estate* to his 
wife's grsodson. Lister. 

ThoM4S LtSTrn. <fsq. of Arw 
whoiN. Elizabeth, daughter of Jo) 
esq. of Extwisle, in tbe county of 
and dying in I706,tfaeutata'der 
liis ehlesi sun, 

TmiMis r^STER, c*(\. MJ*. o 
biggin, and of Lower Hall, 10 
gave the name of Gidburoe Par 
removed thither upon tbe dem 
John A«sbelon). He m. Catharj 
ler and co-heir of Sir Ralph Aat 
of W'hallry Abbey, by wMa (w 
AugtJit. 17'28) he had isme^ 

1. Thohaa, nho«e MO, 
Thomas Listkr, eaq. of 

Park, was elevated to t 
26th October, 17»7, b 

ofilAKOI ll]BBtESD*l£,l 
Perk, in the county of 1 
lordahip m. in 17tiU, Kel 
of Joseph Fielding, e« 

Tiio«A», Mcond Lo^ 
leaving an infuil so 
sent iXrd. 
Catherine, m. first, ii 
James Skurray-Da- 
iircoDdly, in iH17. j 
Jiihn Fleming-Part 
Rebecca - Adelaide. 

2. NATHAMtL, of whom pre 

3. Catherine, i 

4. Mary, C all dL obbm 

5. Anne, } 
The second son. 

Nathaniel Livter, esq. of 

Park,* which property be pure 

pre-senled Clitheroe in parlUtn 

1761 to 1763 incloMTc. ud ^ 

known In the liieran- world. Ml 

addressed to him a ^cautifal poe 

ing read his verses in MS. He ■ 

daughter and belreu of John Fie 

of Lichfield, by nhom lie had iasu 

John, his succeraor. 

Thomas, evenluai inhcrritor. 

Mary. m. to Hev. John OMot 

rector of Tanio. in the 

Chester, and H. in 1814. lea 

Cailierine. m. to Robert Sm 

bar, esq. 

of Kirkodbright, Scoilaitd. 

Mart}ia. d. unm. Ifith Febms 

Cbarluite, m. in Jannary, 18 

gustus Bulstrode. eaq. and i 

Mr. Bulstrode, the laM n 

seiilutivc of the ancieol hoi 

nanie,rf. liimmUf in Sepl«n 

Mr. Liater was /. at his dt 

cember, 1703. by his eldest . _„, 
JoHv l.iJtTF;R, esq. uf ArmitA^ 

' This e«(ati> pnerioosly 10 tiM Bwi 
called Uawkaraid Park. 



, m Jup. 1 Mf2, div estates di-TolTed 
iUimIt Imtihrr, 

luKii LjcTtK. caq. of AnnilaK« Park, 

KoTHmlker, 1773. who Uktwise inhe- 

t; of bU nitkt«rn«) grnndfii- 

rard mpntion* Oiftt ftenllc- 

iving )|^V4>u to Uic pablir printK 

yia o{ bis linn |H>ftic tulenlA." 

finCio IWO. Hnrrtftt-Ann. (Inuf^h- 

Jalv Jolm Smlc, CM), of Mounl- 

^Mmnlyar Devon, by «'hutn(wlio 

iliM-, IMV2) be bulan only son, 

ondly. ill IHI)^. Mary. dnu. 
u- ii iiiiiuB Iftinf, *»M. or Honj- 
ibc ccrauty of Warwick, and bad 


Adelaide, m. lint iit 1836, to her coupid, 
the Hon.Tbo. Usler. Ule Ijd.Ribblea- 
dalit, nad 'Jodl> lo Ld- John Riusel]. 
CharIott(^, it. in IB27. 
Mr. Libit- r rf. ailb Februarr. iRaft, and was 
*. by his «uii. Til II M«S' Henry Listkr. wfq. 
now repr«H-nta(ivc of ibii branch of th« 

Arnu — Ermine, on a feu 8&, thive mul- 
U-ta or. 

Crfit—\ liucl'a head, parly per (erne, 
ppr. and or, with a cr<>seFnt on il. 
Motto — Retinen* ve^ti|>^i funiii!. 
Tatcn RttiticHee — Kent llouar. Kiightt- 
Seat — ArmitAge Park, Sttiffbrd»bire. 


I, CHARLES, esq. of St. Pierre, in the rouotr of Monmonth, m. in 1777, 
AoQ-Susaiiua, dauf^htcr of Francis Daria, esq. of Chep- 
atow, by Anne, daughter and co-lieiress of John Tlifrford, 
«9q. of DLxton, in the county of Gloucester, and Kaa 

TlioHiS. Lieutenant Colonel of the Monmouth pnd 
Brecon Militia, who m. firM Maria-Anne, dauffbter 
of Thomas Daniel, esq. of Henbary, in (he county of 
Gloaler, and secondly, Carol ioe- Jane, daugblvr und 
co-heir of Thomas Dyot Skep-Bucknall. rsf). of 
Hampton Court, in (be county of Middlmex. 


Francis, who m. Manr, eldest datiftbter of the Reverend 
E<l«Vfird Lew is of Portskenet. by Mary, daughter and 
co-heir of John Fruke, esq, of the county of Wilts. 

France ft-Sueanna, m. lo John Baldwyn, esq. of tbe 
Mouni, Cbopstow. 

Mr. I^wis t. to ihe estates upon the demiso issueless of 
his hrothar in 171(0. 





n\ of iM» Umilv is derived in a 
r I I Ctpivott, 

-la), apor- 

, , MUltA ruRiiiria'-U t'cmbroke* 


I^Mahfists SKribe in lliia Cwiitf a 

hwi iliMniiT.Tin wbatsvM- doQbls way 
. te — ih aiti city of his ptdlffrM fton 
ttj af mtdtrnt nantumipu. tnct trvdili- 
tt uajr b« coarMled. ilui hi* p»>- 

flourisbed about the period of Ihe Norman 
Conquest, and was buried in the priory of 
Carmarthen. He cspoosed Ellen, daufinter 
arMl heiress of Lwcblnwen. the |;ri>at Lord 
nf Kils.-iiit, and had a son HitDiti, Lord of 
DIaencuch, who m.Clydvi-en, daughter and 

•nwioiu anil cona^sioai uoon^vt a pra|(ls an 
le»ark)ii> of thp ■ntiqnity of tb«ii fomiliM. sf- 
furd TMSoosbla proof of lb* ooUUty of Us Uitb 

Uid tfSllOB. 

papiujon. of ACRrSE. 

ri Aor fRM gnwbon, 
■k «K S^ JMffclii vT Cradoc »p 
K^ Uenc* ipCMapa op Alkebtao 
9^ ^^ iad A Ma «ari —e c ri aor. 
iHia^ 1m< «r 81. CUn and Owyo- 
,i»lfci— ^i^rfCar— ftbrn. who m. 
ii^airiilco-fceirof SirMor- 
A, iMid ofTredenr, ducended 
Kac aT Soath Walea, and bad 

K, LafI af Sl Clan and Tredc- 
ftaM wbiM derived the Hoa- 

I^awiuit AP tvoK, wlio bore for 
•IT. a lion nmpunl 
•t Hea. Ncete,dAiigfa- 
'GviliBi 8aTea ap Madog 
Vdjv, and bcs gnal-s'vat-giTat- 


HlXST Eavu^ 

ca^ of St. Pirrre, liring 
I Bridgrt, daughter and 
1 J Kewya, and was father 

WiuiAii Lcwb; caq. of St. Pierre, living 
M lAKX who H. Marcmrrf, daughter uf 
R ab ert Gaaage, «q. of Coiti«, in Glamor- 
faMhire. aad wif f. by his md, 

R»kKT Le«is. eaq. of 8t. Pierre, who 
«aa im fBUtmuu from 16UU ontil 1630. 
WaaHiaod bar(bTJoaa,dai^bterand co- 
W<ma of Bauy Herbert, of Winatoa, and 
ht» wtr<r. Lac7, davgfaler of Edward, third 
Eari of Worcvster.) 

(Ut^aut I^wu. fM]. of Sl Pierre, who 
M. Mar^r, daaghier of iSir William Morgan, 
■ritvtefar, LnL and wu father of 

Ttioiu* Liwii, feq. ofSl. PiiTr«, a slHunch 

1 Tb* Uubiaa MSS. KyW this penoa Geoxcs 

aod devoted rOT&llfl, who lirM to 
liie c)ow of the ««*enleenlh cciitwry ( 
He eepuua«'(| Jonnna. dau){hter of J 
Lanf^uii.efui.of Ncttlun Park. in thee 
of Suiucrstl, nnd wan t. bv bis son, 
Th<)MA5 Lewis, esq. ot !St. I*i 
m. Delii Rivers, dnnghter of Sir 
Morgan, of Clifridlun, and was fa 
THrtM*s I.nwis, esq. uf St. Pie 
in 17>VI, uud HMs t. by hi» mid, 

MoR^jAN Lkkis, e0(|. of St. Pic 
genllenmD m. Rachel, daugbter of C] 
Van, tail, of Lanwrrn, and bad ism^ 
Thohas, bi« heir. 
Chaklf^s, present pro{>rietor. 
Jobii-CravcD, nctorof^t. Pisi 
Morgan Lvwiv d. in I77!J, and waa 
elilMt sun, 

Thomas Lewis, esq. of St. Pirrre, 
decease tasDeleta in I'M). t)te l^ 
latei and represeulaliuu derolved 
next brother, 

Charles Lewis, esq, prefcnl pofl 

Artnt — Or, a lion rampant gardai 

Crett — A griffin wgreanl sa. 

Notle — Hapersalafide,baperior 

EalaUf — fn the county of Mft«"»H 

SratSt. Pierre, near Cfai " "" 

mansion stands at a small disi 

Severn, nearly half a mile 

road k-udinglo Chepstow. It it 

structnrc. much ullpred and modeni. 

sanh windows ■ r>ne Low^Ter still 

which proves 11 to bare been com 

early as the fourteenth century. 

way is still more itncionl. and in feo' 

was part of the old cnstellated 

is a gotbic portal flanked by two 

embattled turrets, and bB« a T' 



PAPILLON, THOMAS, e»q. of Acrise Place, in the ctamty of Keal, 

January, 1757, m. 2ml January, 1791, Anne, 
"V / of Henry Cresaett Pclham, esij. of Cnwhurst Pi 

^'**'» * f^V-*-:! f Btx, and Couxid Hall, Sbropehire, by whom be 

Thoman. «ho ffl. Bth September, Mfiiy, Fr 

rt, daughter of Sir Henry Osenden, bift. 
in holy orders. 
Frederick William, lieoU R.N. 

Mr. PapUloa inherited at the deoeiM of his fatLer 




« .VmwM.* we find ToHALnit 

<» onr o( Uir n-iln■^)'«t-s lo n deed 
jkilitlini, |;r»tited by WlixuM the 
r to thr ctiurcb of Uurhnin. 
rvifp uT htnff John 
PafiLuiN «■»» clrctod Abbot of 
nrr. This rminenl dirinf, one uf 
rlmiuMtt prt^chcra nf hw lime, 
luinction under tli«> protPi'doD of 
1 liKWTracc, b}- whom, Hccordiii^ 
, be wiut «p)K»iiilrd Frinr n( Hur- 
j of WntntiiiEti^r. Hi; i» «aid to 
tteo B volume of Bermons, and 
t Ituiullics, on tbc eputlrs and j^- 
'hicb l^lxnd «{M-iik.ti ill bigh teruut 
iom. He d. ill 1*^26. 
n P*.nujOH, iMie of A'lttjir Edward 
|i mosl deroted MJrvnnU. «ii5 n- 
h\ ht> ro)al nmnlfr, in tlie 3lci 
mgn, to ihr ahltot »nd ronvi-m 
fur • currody fruui tbiit bou^e. 
MMI l*n|>illnii tH ^u|i)iosi?il (o K-tiP 
of I'apilloti, of I.ubbcD- 
re. b«iti|; lint-itl un- 

PiMlioK. who pspoused Jniie 
[la Pirrrr, and who wat succeeded 
r, 'Unb Novrmbir. leutl, by hu 

nf Luberiham. TbU 
h >1 a lirtfUAe, drtled ^Ird 

E9t from Anbbi'hop Ablwt p«r- 
iwvir and bia lijiniiiy to frequent 
ih at Mi-rston. in the county of 
4ao, a* briu^ ni-an-r tbitn their 
di cbarcb ol Lubrnham. ntth u 
Hiwrtcr, ttiBt ibey »lioiitd once nt 
r ycarl,al E«*ler>altrnd the IbImt, 
•ujm and prvacbiog tiieir, and to 
i» aaiTAUtf ut. 

hpiUoD |>ut>ti!)hrd, in l(M6, " A 
M(-ir,i. I of Ibf Art* of Fortifii.-a- 
• uiilAiiiitig four diltvrvnt 
• 'lion, with B|i|iroft-d niirs 

tu itii iit'ld all iiiimnfr of suprr- 
ni'ltDtriiu. and Mpproachns h\ (bo 
, or witJi linrt Mid atakes. written 
rfltof tuL'h a» dfliichi in tliif prac- 
lohii- «ru." He was lik(>wiae 
BDcither wiirk. unlilkri " The 
LUip* and Pajwionii of Men." 
I, and was r. by bin Kon. 
kriLLOK. **«i. fif I.ubcnitain, I. 
t, IffiS. Tliid t;«>iiT!i'niiiii w.ia 
chant, of Ixindon, and re> 
tcity in pnrliamt'nl in tbi- lOch 

Tl. Hr bad prt-viou«)y mic 

7*sniT (temp. rit*iiLl'-S II.) for 
le waa a n1n>nuouii iinpporli-r uf 
fiarty, by whom A'lity JtUM 
. VM comiK-Ued to abdicate the 

tlirone. He m. Jane, danglitcr of Thomas 
Broadnax, esq. of OocUnerahiun, and tiod 

Philip. hU successor. 

Elizabeth, m. to the Lord Chief Darou 

Sir Edwiird Uardi-. and H. in 1723. 
Sarah, m, in 1083, to Samuel Kuwrilunic, 

Anna-Maria, m. to William Tamer, 
vwi. barrixtCT-al-law, and had ferend 
' cbildn-n. 
Mr. Papillon died in 17l>3, having pre- 
rjoualy f^ven (in 1701) £60. to the i)Oor of 
the parii'li of HI. Katberiue Coleman, and 
bei|u«-H(liin)C ^IIKKl. to Uir Mervor** ('com- 
pany, of which be vfm master, " tu relieve 
any of bia family thnt mit;ht at any future 
time come to want. He hud purchased. In 
laCii}, tbe niniior nf Acrise, in Kent, in « liich 
iind hi« other poMcseions be wu sia-cveded 
by bis only iiou, 

pHtur PAPtLLoK, of Acriae, i. in IflOO, 
M.P. for Dover, in the reif^a of A'ln^ Wii- 
utM, QweFN Anm<, and in tbc brginninK of 
(hat of Gkori;!: I. He «iile anerwarils for 
New Komnev. He m. ftrtl, in 1680, Anue, 
daugliter of William Jolhlle, esq. by whom 
he bad an only puniving Min, Oavio, hia 
heir. He wedded. »eeoiidlY, in 16(16, Su- 
sannah, daughter of — Henflhaw, p«|, by 
whom, who a. in 1707, he had iiwue, 
Thomnti, who d. unmarried in 1714. 
Philip, of Wegt Mailing, who m. Iwii-e, 

but died iwaeleM. 
Kli/.;iln-ili, d. unmarried, in \7ittt. 
SiiKauiiah, m. to John Gregory, esq. 
Sarah, d. unmarried. 
Mr. Papillon died in 1736, and waa 9, by 
bi^ eldcet aon, 

DAVin PAriLUtK, enq. of Ai'riite, 6. iu 
10SI ; M. Miiry, dauf^hlcT of Timothy Key- 
aer. esq. of London, merchant, and hadtur* 
viring iMue, 

liAvin, hia fiiKX'esKir. 

Anne, m. to ibe Rev. John Henry 

Elizabeth, m, to the Rev. Tbomnii Cur- 

lei», XI. D. uf Seveiiouk«, KenU 
Sut^aitnah, m. first, in 1754. to Arthtir 
KeA\er, e«q., and, secondly, to — 
Opihy, esq. 
Mr. Papillon wna n member of parlianieni 
fur Aevenil yenrs, and be was appointed io 
17-12, a roin'miB»iiiuer of excise, which oflc« 
he resigned in 17M. in favoor of bit loa, 
Ilr died in 1762, and WAS succeeded by that 

IftviD Papillon, esq. of Acri»e and Ler, 
botli in the county uf Kent, one of the coni- 
miMinnera of the exritu>, which office be re- 
stoned in I7M, aAcr having prnided a* 



chairman of tbe board for M>%Trnl ytar». 
Hp m. fir*1. Ill 1763, Bridpet, it.'Mi||;)iUrr of 
William Turner. e«q.. by which lady (who 
d. in 1770) Ue liaii i^jtuo, 

Thomas, hU fluiroi-Mor. 

David, wborf. in 1772. 

William, vrbo m. tn 17dN, Sar^ili-Mariii, 
only child of the Kcv. Hichfird l>rake, 
of VVjTnondham, in Norfolk. 

Philip. 1^. unmarried io IHOU. 

John- RAwiiome. 


Anna-Hana. d. anmarrit 
Sarah, m. to H. Jiirki'un, nq. 
Jane, ft. in iiifatit'y. 
Mr. PupiUoit c(^pou<M--d. eccoodlvJ 
dauKhlcr of the Krr. L>o<.-(or Cflj 
SevtnDa\s, bat fatul no other t-htlr 
df. ill 1800, and was i. by hts t:ld< 
proMint Thokas Papillo!(, eaq. of i 
Amu — Aa. a che»ron, bfltfTNa 1 

fiffnfry— Acrise and its ticuiityj 
Awf—AcrtM Place. 


FOUNTAINC, ANDREW, enq. of Narfonl Hall, in the coanty of Norfor 

July, 1770, 7w. 7th NoTcraber, 1805, Hi 
daughter of Thomas Penrice, esq. of Great Yi 
/' \ whom, who d. in Januwy, 1830, be hu a 








Mr. FouDtainc wns Mieriff of Norfolk in 1&38. 
ceeded his &ther hi 1825. 




The family of Foi'ntaike was originally 
of Salle, in Korfjilk, and aasumed the sur- 
oame of Di? Fonle, or K()ntibii!<. from the 
8pritt|^ or fountains nearwbich they n-aidcd. 

The first apon record who a^sunted the 
designation , 

JoHS DP. FosTK, called aUo t)e Ftmtibm 
dt SalU, who flouristhed in the Utter end of 
the rei(^ of He\ky III. wiu much in favor 
with Ro^T Bigud, Earl of Norfolk. He 
died in the beginning of EDWAno the FirAT*8 
time, and was t. by his eldrot son, 

RoBtHT ur. FoNTlBCs, of Salle, wboae 
great f^rand^on. 

John Ffl^ntkyn, of Salle, was relumed in 
1430, as one of tlie ehif f grnllemen of the 
county. Ho wa« a principnl benefarlnr. if 
not sole founder of t]i<^ north niiile and north 
tranoept of the present church of Salle, 
wherein he lies buried with hi* three wives. 
He rf. in M.13, ami was #. by his eldeM sihi, 

Matthew Frt;MntN, of J^alle, whoeooM- 
denibty increased his patrimony, by mairy- 

ing Elizabeth, dauj;hter and hfirel 
liam WaUhr, (if Ciijhy, by Mdr 
ter and heirejs of Simon ^ 
eldest sun and successor, 

Artiiib FoPNTArst, c*q. of 
pouHed Praneid, daughter of Qi 
grave, esq. by wham he had issu 

John, his heir. 


Arthur, who nt. Aane St 
had iasue. 



Mary, m. to Thomas Parkini 

Darotby, m. to John Hobat 

Beatrice, ni. to Robert Cubit 
The cld.'sl (Wtn. 

Jon\ FoivTATvr, esq. of Salll 
Mary, daughter and heiress ofJai 
ofSallp, in whose right, the famtl] 
»ini-e quartered the arms of BrJj 
pre, and .St. Omer. Mr. Foont 
by his eldest sun. 



I PbrwTAiNF., Mq. of SxMt, wbo m. 

^eMm 5i«trrof Holx'rt Henley, esq. 

'-' ■■z'9 Bcncli Office, and hsu 

'1 \'rAi\c,p«]. ofSalle, whoMl 
< in thi' reipi or CtURLEs II. 
I r«|><KLMr(l e^unh. claD|;ht«r of Sir Thunin-t 
MB«tirr nf Ibr) OnlnAhce, Aiiit 
^U'or of the Ittichv of lAiiraftter, by 
ilw tuul Mttntl ohilAmi, of which three 

him, tIx. 
Amuw* his heir. 


.; ANTtiitw Poi'»<T«i?*t, eriiictHl au early 
for the aDtiqu»rian pareuilH, in which 
ft(trrw«nb M> ^itiiitenlly ili«tiii- 
WliQe St Christ's Church, Oxford. 
Ircw mp m U*t of Aniclo-Sn^oii niid Anslo- 
I OdIm, pabtubrd ill l7lVi, in Hicke's 
Sepleatrionalu. U« subse- 
ij forxi^d, apoD bis travelj. a fine col- 
of pirture*. mednls, and antiquitii'». 
A'lRf nH-LlAM III. he received Ihe 
of koi^litbood. and in 1737, ujion the 
Bird death of Sir Isaac Newtoii, sur- 
ihatcmiueatly learned penon in the 

office of warden of tbe Mint. Tie waji like~ 
w»e vivr-chamliertain to Quffn Caki>i.imf., 
nm) tutor lo Primer Willum. Sir Andrew 
Fountaine nut priictirally acquainted with 
the fine arts, and made aonie designs for 
Swift'it " Tale of a Tul>." He d, in 175.% 
leaving no isviv. His sister, 

Ei.i/AnF.Tti KnrsT*iNF., eB|>i>ii(ii-d Colonel 
Ednurd Clent, uf Ihe county of Worcvsler, 
by whom 8h« bad an only dau^ihter. 

EuxABeTH Clknt, who m. Captain Wil- 
liam Price, and left one «*>q, 

Brioo Prick, eiU|. of Narford, who as- 
ftiiined, by act of parliament, the aumanie 
and arms of Poiktaink. He eopouwd, iu 
July 170U. Mary, sole daughter of George 
Hogge, esq, of Lynn Regiit, by whom he 
left at hiri di-c4^ii«i*. 20th Aiiril. IH2d, an only 
surviving child, A>DRrw I'oi ntaine, Mq. of 
Narford Hall, now reprv»entative of Ihe 

Arms^Ot, a feaoe gu, between three 
elephants' headu, erased M, 

<V«r — An elephant ppr. i 

Motto — Vix c's nostra »oco. 

Etttttti^Vn tbe county of Norfol^. 

Se«/— Narford Hall, Norfolk. 


kRKE, ROBERT, Mq. of Comrie CuU«, in iho county of Perth, % deputj liea- 
tftnant farthu shire, n. Isabella,* eldest daughter of Ro- 
bert Wellwood, esq. of Garvockr by Liltas, second daughter 
of Janes Hobertsoo-Barnlaj, esq. of Kearille, and baa 
bad isBiie, 

Andrew, who espoused Jane^ only child and heiress of 
Colonel Sir John Wardlaw, bart. of Pitreavie. Fife- 
ahire, and assiuning, in consequence, the additional 
surname and arta* of Wakduw, is the present An- 
drew Clarke- Wardlaw, esq. 

Robert-Wellwuod, who d. iu lit24. 




liilias. who d. iu 1903. 

Anne, who d. in 1M>6. 








Cbffc* MMW^rd^d tn tbe estatet upon the dpimae of his father. 

^ % 


Mm WHteaod w« nXtft- to the R^t. Sir HiMi»y WellwoodMoocridr, bwtjnel. of TnUjbole, 
ynaamcM lo 8i( Itntien rraston. fattronel. of VaUeyfield. 
I, V 




Tlic ■arname of Clrrk. or Clark, a com- 
mon ODC ihruu^Loiit Europe, i» in ScolIiirMi 
Dim of f;rt>al antiquity ; Rnd vraji probahly 
a^flumcd from Mote office bcarini; the dt*- 
gjf^adon. It is a maltcrof notoripty, tlial 
ibcn: were many fret- baronn and men of 
great potiseMiiins aitil power of the nattiK 
of Clark, in rery early times. Sir Jamra 
Ualrymple dtM a charter (prior to the year 
IIHO) of A't'n^ WiLLUH of a donation to tlic 
ahbacy of Holyrood Hoii«>, and anionic (he 
«ntneM4-9 (who nrt all men of rank) are 
Hugo < iericiu rrgit : ilut/o CUrieut ctncfl- 
tarii: Jahannct CUrieui, &c. &c. tn 12116, 
Rirhnnlu^ Clerk, jiuhniiltpd to Enw^nu 1. 
an<l in the same year Ileof^dict Clerk, a man 
of rank and fi|;ure, waji carried prisoner to 
London for refusinf^ to snxar alli-Kiunei' to 
tlie English monarch ; and Mnriota, his liidy, 
ohtatned a safe nondiirt to vinit him in Eng- 
land. At tlie bailie of Durham, William 
Clerk waa taken prisoner, and remained in 
captirjty until released iti 1357, with hin 
Bovereifin David II. The dan of Cbatlan, 
and some ol' the hest Highland families, 
etaim to be deaceaded fnmi the Cl.F.RXn ; 
and from charters onder the great seal, il 
appears that various families of this surname 
hare held exteniiivc po6»eti«j>ciiiB from a very 
remote era. Ttie house we are aliout to 
treat of, in supposed to he defended from 
Alanuj Clerk, a fr«e baron of Perthshire, 

one of the inqoest on the terrjee of Sir 
Ale:iBndcr Moray, of Abercaimy, tmtto 

Andrew Clark, etq. of Comrics aa4 
Itonnyside, m. Anne, eldest dangbter of Ro- 
bert Campbell, esi|. of Ard Chnttan, in Ar- 
gyleiibire, by Margaret Maefarlane, of Mac- 
Carlane, and had issue, 

RoBKBT, prefent proprietor. 
William Colin, a captain Otb foot, aide- 
de-eamp for many yeara to his CDitrii 
lieutenant-general Sir Robert Msc>> 
farUne, K.C. B. and G.C. H.. wkn 
commanding in chief in Sicily. Ckp- 
taiu Clark m. Mary Maclean, a etih^ 
braled beauty, second daughwr tf 
Colonel Maclean. depatygoTemorflf 
the Tuwur of London, aud dyiai; ii 
1H2H, left an only daughter, Hakuil 
Mr. Clark wnn «. at his decease by hii gUt 
son. the present HoBKRT Cljirke, c«|. af 
('omrie CasiJe. 

Arm»~Or, a fesac v}teqoz are. aiM) u. 
between tworre-sceots, jn chief. wilhabnoT^ 
head couped in base sa. 

Creft — A denii-huDt^mnD issuing ost of i 
wreath and winding a burn, ppr. 
Mitllii — Free for a blacl. 
fWofej— In the county Pertli. 
Seat — Comrie Castle, Perthshire. 


JODREI.U JOHN WILLIAM, esq. of Henbury, TeartJsleyaDdTaxaJ.aMiBil" 
county of Chester, b. in 1808, 5. to the estates upon the demise of his faiW. 
5tl> March, 1828. 




The JoDRELU of TeanUley, extind ii 
Ibe elder male line ffince \7'in, bat rrprr- 
sented through females by th« presfrnl Mr. 
Jodrell.of Henbnry,were settled atYeanb- 
ley. in the county of Chester, aa early ai ihr 
times of EdkaRD III. or RiCHAHti ll. 

The first of tlie name on record was po*- 
ses^ed of lands in Derbyshire, nitfatn the 
ntanor of High Peak. 14th Edward I. Hi ' 
great grandson, 

WiLUAM Jal'DCRELL, the immediate an< 
tor of the family, serve*) as an arrher und 
I'daahd Mr ^Urk Prhur. in the Fret 
Wars. He bad his paas for England, 
Edward III. and is supposed to hare 
M-qUQHtly become posaesaed uf land* in 



■ -cum - WTialcy, in 

I4« DnidsliAwe. and was fnher o( 
. Jaudr&ll, of YeartUlcy, wlio was 

yrari cKtuire of the bwJy li> h'inp 

ll. and fur his vIixn) Kfrvit-«-!i in 
I, had Kritntrd to liini tor lift- (i7tii 

II.) tiif. town of HlK'^toii, iu Lci- 
r«. Tho Qflh JQ UdcbI dcKciit 

R<i|{fT, WM inotlier 

JutiDRU.u eM|. of Y«ard«ley, wlio 
lOlb lleJiBir VII. Iuil)«^l, daufchier 
ntlon, Mq. of Hutlon. and M-cundly, 
Uuj^fatrr nod co'ht-in'SA uT HnKt-r 
i, of TwcDilon, by whom fats butl 

I bar, 

ID JoDlUA., eaq. of Ye&rdtliry aod 
r, who MUHued Kitbimne, dau|;h> 
uses Keual, of BrwUbawr, oiid 


D JoDREIx, esq. of Yeard»lry and 
r, wbo »«?rTcd Uit office of sbiTiiT 
lircin 1460. He mi. M»rv, daugb- 
b«rl Holt, f»n. of Stubl^y and Css- 

Lkacailitre, and wu f. by hU son. 
ID JoDiiELL, esq. of Yvard^lfV and 
r, hijch theiifforCheshin-, in 1070, 
Uialwth.diBghterorSir Fraum-yK 
iNirt. of Pumnftrk, la the couiity (if 

II ti iiua and boir, 

It JoDKBLL, ew). of Yrsrdsley and 
r, wedded Elixabetli, ilBugbtL-r uf 
Uolyncux, bofl. of TeTerahal, in 
tf oT Nottiagbain. and wa» t. by 

It JODBXU^ Mq. ofYrnrdaley nitd 
'• h. in 1889. who iitir*<^ tlic uSicr 
' of Cbt-i>bin;,in 1710. and marrj-- 
lah. uuly daugbU'r aud beircw of 
ilOB, ekq. bad a son. 
icm. y. in 1733. wbo m. Jane. 
ii|:hUT and cti-beireH of Tbomae 
iitrrworib, ifsi). and predecea«ing 
I &tbt:r aWut 171jO, left JMiiif . 
FKlNCUt, of nboro pri-»L-Dllv. 
Elicabrth. n bo iiib(.-riU'd l)ie Ytvt-m- 
lowestati-.aiid iN.Kiifrrton Lri^li, 
). of Hi^b L«igb, in the i:ouuty 

IWm>(bl Tirratluw U> ber kakband. 

FmNcKs JoDBELL, eldM" grandaiiBhlcT and 
1ieir**« oftlie YttABPStkv [irojHTlv. pfluoui'rd 
ID 1776, Jnii\ BowtR, eM|. of Mam-iiPfttf^r, 
who upon bii marrtafcc. assumrd. by sit(n 
luaiiuni, in coropliaiice wilb th(! fcs^tflini'DtJiry 
iiijunrltoi) uf bis wife's gmiiilfitlbcr, ibe ant^ 
uacni'and amiH of JnDRtLi. He attenraida 
byu^,-llt IKnbur)', where Xw. sctlk-il in 1779, 
and became powieaiied of tlie Tuxal estate, 
U|Kjn (bv demise of bis brutlicr, Foster Bow- 
er, VM{. Itarrister-iit-law, and reconler of 
Cbesicr, by whom that tiro[>rriy bad been 
)>urchiided towardi ihe cIom; of the Ia«t cen- 
liirv. Hr. Uower-JodrcU bud is«ue by bis 
nifr Frani'«a. tbree aous aud Iwu duuglitcrs, 

Francis, his BucceMor. 

Tboinait-Marftden, captain in tlic 3Ath 

n-^inifiil of fool, wbo fi-ll at Koiwtia, 

wbile acting as aidu-de-camp to (ie- 

ncral Onwald. 

Ed niuud- Henry, lieu tenant-colonel in 

tttf (irrnadiiT giinnU. 
Harriet, m. to ShuLespear Phillips, «aq. 
Maria, m. tu Jahn Stratton. eu]. 
Mr. lIowcr-Jodr«ll d. in 1796, and t>*»*. by 
biii eldest son. 

Francis Jodrci4„ e»q. of Henbary, 
Ycardiilev and Taxal, w]io was »hcrill' of 
Cbetibire'in 1K)3. Hem. in \W7, Maria, 
dauf^htcr of Sir William Lomon. bart. of 
Carclew, in the eounty of Cornwall, (by 
Jane, d.iuf;b|cr of Jamea Bullrr, esq. of 
Munial} and had infue, 

JoHS-WiLUAM, present proprietor. 
FosTBR-BowEH. 6. in ItllU. and d. it 

Oxford, in November. KtJO. 
Franii-t-niarles. h. in IHl'i, an officer 
jn the Crenndier guards. 
Mr. JiKlrell d. 3tb March, ItfH. and was t. 
by bis eldest son, John-Willum Jod- 
KKix, CM), present reprrsentative of Uifl 

.-Ifiau — Sa. three buckles arg. 
VrttI- A cock's head and neck, coaped, 
or, wings elevated arg. combed and wattled 

Kstatei — In Ibe county of Chesbire. 

.Vea/*— Henhury Hall, and Taxal Lodge. 
both tn the county of Cheater, 



3MYTHE, ROBERT, cwj. of Methven Castle, in the couDty of P« 
February, 1773, m. fin«t,.5th April, 1810, Mary, daughter of JamenTownaenc 
esq. of Diionekier, in Fifoahiro, and espouped, Bcoondly, Gib Febniarr, 1811 
Reoton, (itdvst dau^tit«r of Sir Alexander Muir Mackoniie, Iiarl. of Dclvine 
no iMiie. Mr. Smythe inht^ritcd the estates at the decease of his father, Dafl| 
titulary Ijord Methven. 




The surname of SMITH is of great aniiiiuity 
to Scotland, and han at difTerrnt t)inn« neon 
wriltt^n Smtt, Smytiie. and Shith. The 
hnutt of Smith, Iraditionally, owes its 
uriKio lo ihc Clan ClUTAN.liL-ing descended, 
it is aitsertnl, from Nkii. Crohr, third non 
of Murdoch, of that clan, who flrturiebed in 
the lime of W1U.IAM tAr Lion. The family, 
of which we are about lo Ireal, derives from 

Thomas Smith, who, hftving npjilieil hh 
lalenla to the study of physic, attniiifd high 
eminence in the medical profession, and 
was apiminled apothecary tu Kittff J kutsitl. 
BM appears by a charter bearing dnle 2Mih 
J»uuiir>', 1477. Hewaji father of 

Patrick Smith, of Brucu. in the county of 
Perth, who lived temp. James IV. and was*, 
by his BOO, 

WiLUAM Smith, of Braco, who. with the 
fpecL&l consent of King Jame« V. had a 
charter, dated in IMl, of his lands of Braco, 
Warkland, 8cc. from Pairiek. Biiihop of 
Uurray, perpetual coniiuvndnlor of Scoon. 
He nt. Af^nes Scott, of the fnmilv of Bal- 
wcarie, in Fife, and rplici uf Chrislopher 
Snel, of BalKarvtv, by whom he had a son, 

pATHica SutTH.of Braco. who was »en-ed 
heir to hi* father in IStil. He m. Chris- 


tian, daughter of Ilaldane, of 
had issue. 

I., who wedded 1 
daughter of Williara Olive 
of the Laird of Pilfaf^o. fay 
left at his demise, in ItJlM (' 
then Uviug), two sons, viz. 


father. _ 

3. Andrew, who Itad acf 

estate of Rapncsa, in 

where he married, and I 

OEORoe, of RapocM 

Anne, daughter 

Graham, of lodi 

and bad two daogfaj 

m. lo Sir William . 

Ludquhnini, and ' 

lo Mr. Leitfa, of A1 

I'atrick, an advoca 

espotned the daag 

eo-heir of Arthur, 

Galloway, and had 

II. Eupham. 
Tlie Laird of Braco d. in 1004, 
his p'andson, 

Patrick Smith, of Braco. 

man and hi» brotht-r Andrew, beu 

at their graodfalber's decease, we 

under the gunrdianithip of George 

tlit-n niinisltr of Scoon. who. beii 

(jjiifutly coiiM-eralpd bishaji »f Orlt 

his pupils thither, nhere they bod 

The I^ird of Bruco espoused fimt, 

Calherine GrHham, diuightt-r of hi* 

guardian, by whom he hud, with oC 

I. llenr)-, a youth iif great 

who, joining the royal bami 

Mftrslon Moor, in IMi, tu 


1. George, d. $.p.ia the UfM 

n. Patkick. sueceasor to th«4 
4. Andrew, who m. MiM 91 

Burvh. and had issue. 
A. Catharine, m. first, lo St 





of TftUor Town, and biwl a daiii^htcr. 
Kathariiu Cowaa. wife of Sir Wil- 
Itaia Oiabam, of Bnico. Mrs. Con»ti 
M|ioiued, seoondly. the Rer. John 
Dnunmood, minUtor of Mooeiljr, aiid 
lud two aoiii, 

llavid Drtimtnond. advocate, tr^n- 

ftuiYr to tUf bank of Scotland. 
John Ifrumntoikd, oii i^oUDCDt ptiy- 

fician at Kdiiiltur^h. 

6. Mariaa, m. to Fain<:k. Monteith, of 
Eplshnw, by whom »lir had an only 
dauglitrr, — , lieireuof C^iUhaw. 

7. Barbaxa, m, to the Rev. John Gjb- 
Mn. minuter of Halinu. 

1 Jraa, m. lo Ricbnnl Murray, brother 
of tbc Laird of Peiiuylaod, and had 
0. Harpiivt, M. to James Drumtnood, 
of OniniRionrlrnnorh. 
Pltriek Smilli m. smuidly, in Itt^), Mar- 
pift daighler of Henry Stevrort, of Killi- 
«B,uut had. 

10. Jnhn. of Hiiip«. 

11. Uniiil of Uarnliill, who m. Iwicp, 
and had four dnui[hters, two of whom 
died nnniarrird, tliu ulhrrs were, 

KatJiarinn, who m. fir«t, — Willinm- 
>oo, a Men:bant of Perth, and 
frcondly. 8ir David Threipland. 
bf. of Fin^sk. by whom she 
had »<ivMral children. 

, m. to Patrick. Davidson, of 

Woodmell. provost, and bad issue. 

13. Alciuiuler. ta. and bad issue. 

U. William, Punjon of Moneydie, who 

■. oiw of till' daiiKbtrrH and co-heirs 

of Arthur, Bbhop of Galloway, by 

wb4m be bad a son, the celebrated 

Jitiea Bmitii, of Eiiherncy, one 

of tho most eminent surgeons of 

hi* time. 

14. Agni>A, m. to Colonel Patrick Gra- 
ham, and bad lame. 

Titf Laird of Brmvo wedded thirdly, Mar- 
prvt Vadrrsou, Ntid hod three daiiifhlerH, 
ate all diMl iMui-Iru. This Patrick Htuitli 
nds fmt acceiaioD to bis paternal estate 
il PMfaahiiT, and acquired likewise, the 
of Main, in Orkney. He was at last 
■way in t-nrs)>in|{ the Pentland Kirth, 
hbnsrir aiid tbr whole boat's crew 
i«tl, about the year ItiAl, He was r. 
ddftfi sur^ivlnic son, 
FsTKtai Suitll, of Braixi. who wedded 
frxt. in tfUi2. Anne. dan. of James Keith, 
m, brotlier of William, sixtli Earl 
A., by whom he had one son. 
Fatrick. who was »crid'Mttally slain hy 
llts luliir, upun H uliuutin)^ P**^}) ^" 
Ik* Lack of Mrlhven. 

He espoused secondly, in 1683, Janet, dau. 
of Haldane, of Glcncagles, by whom he 
bad iiuiue, 

f)4ViD, his hfir. 

MuDKO, a military officer, who H. i. p. 
Patrick. This gentleman wedded Eiiza- 
betli, daughter of Colonel Strusbai^, 
of the Russian army, whose mother 
was married to tlie celebrated Gen- 
eral Gordon, the f^eat favourite of the 
John, 4. unmarried. 
Marf,^ret. m. lo Sir Tliomaa Moocrieff, 

of Moncrietr, and liad insue. 
Kutlieriiie, m. to John CauibelLofGlen- 
lyon, and had imue. 
This Laird of Braco, who Kold his estates in 
the Orkneys, and purchased the lands of 
Methven, in Perthshire, was succeeded by 
his eldest Rurviviitg son, 

Patrick Smith, esq. of Methven, who 
espoused Knttierine, daughter of Willinm 
Cochrane,* of KUmaranock, by his wife, the 
Lady Grizel Grahatn, daughter of James, 
MurqucsB of Montrose, and bad iasoe, 

David, his heir. 

Grahatn, a capt. In the anny,(/. young. 

George, d. unmarried. 

Christian, m. to John Craigte, esq. of 
Mr. Smith, who was esteemed a prraon of 
more than ordinary abilities, and ifreat sa- 
gacity, rf. in \7X>, and wait i. by hiit son, 

David Smtthb. e«|. of Methven. This 
gentleman m. first, Mar>', eldest dauKbter 
of James Graham, nf Brnco, and sister of 
General, by whom 
ho bad, with other i&sue that left do posterity, 

David, bis Bucce!i»Qr. 

Margiirel, m. lo George Oswald, esq. 
a mcreh.tnt iu Glasgow, and bad issue. 
He espoused secondlv, KutlieriiieCninpU-dl, 
daughter of the titulary Lord Monzie, but 
had no i«iiue by that ludy. Mr, Smylhe <f. 
in ntm, and was t. by his sou, 

DiviD of the senators of (he 
College of Justice, under the title of Loan 
Methvkv. This eminent person eapouMd 
twice, and bad bv bis first wife Elizabeth, 
daughter of Sir Robert Murray, bort. of 
Clermont, receiver general for Seotlaml, a 
son, Rubekt, hii) heir, tho present proprietor. 

j4n«i#— Az. a bumtng cup, between two 
chess rvoks, or. 

CV»f— A dolphin haurient 

Utoitu — Mediis tranqnillus in nndlf. 

Eitatf — Methven, acquired in 1073. 

AVaZ—Methven Castle. Perthshira. 

* FathrrofTboows, sixth Eiri of DaadoBaM. 

PO\VELL. WII.LIAM-EDWARD, cwj. of Nanteos, in the county of C»nlig»n. 
UtTii UeutenAOt, M.P. and Commandant of tho militia of that «hiro, b. I61J1 Fcbruarr. 
1788, m. in 1810, Lnum-Edwyna, eldest daughter of James SockvUle Ttifton Pb^!p. 
e«q. of Coalon House, iu Lciccstenliirt', by whom (who d. in 1822), he has t«o 
Ml nil, 

WiLUAM. C'orueliaa, 

Mr. Powell s. his father in 1797. 

SinTiioUAA PowtiJ-, liviufT in lfi88. mic- 
CMiaivcly one of the judges of Iht- CoHrU 'if 
KiD(^ Bvnch luid Cotumou FU-bb, wi«» fiither 

Wiluam PowEtL, rsq. who wedded Ava- 
rioa, daughter and co-heir of Cornelius le 
Urun. a nariTc of Cologne, by Ann. his 
wife, dau|;htvr and co-hrtr of Colonel John 
Joiifs, of Nantcoa, and hnd inatie, 

Thouas, living in 1737, who represented 
the county of CardiRan in parliament. 
He m. Mary," gmnduughter of Sir 
Johu Fn-ilf rick,t lord niiivar of Lud- 
don in I6G2, and M.P. for that city 
the following year. Mr. Powell t^. 
».p. in llCrl. 
John, d. unmarried in Africa. 
William, of whom presenily. 
Elixabeth, m. Iin>t. to Kictiard Portrey, 
e»q. orYH>« KedHtu, in the county 
of Urt-cknock, and sut^mdly, to James 
or Samuel Phillips, D.I). 

* JuH, a ymuiy;eT aiator of Uui Maiy, was 
Diwb'w of Athol. 

t Sir Jobo FnHl«mk, the kml autror, waa one 
of llw must cansidprablB liadcn of tin city nf 
lAndeo. and a bfRdaetar to Cbrist'a Hofpitnl. 
Tlw pToarat Sir Ilicbaid Fndarick ia hia uneal 

Anne, m. first. In Rirhnrd Stediuan. 
e»q. of Strain Florida, atid serondlj, 
to Herbert Lloyd, c«q. of PeierweU. 
The third son, 

7'ie Ree. Wilijah PoWELL, LL.D. »•• 
poured Elizabeib, «ldest daughter and co- 
heir of Athelstan Owen, rsq.of RhiwaapMin, 
iu the county of Mont^meiy, hv Ana, hia 
wife, beireaa of the ancient family nf Cor- 
bet, of Ynya-y-maengwyn, in the coontv of 
Merioneth, and left at his ilv>eea»e. in 17»0, 
a daughter, Williama,in. tuColonel Willtnm 
Lewi^, of Llanayron, in Cardiganabire. and 
a Aon and luret^^sor. 

Thomas Powell. r»q. of Nanteog. who m. 
Elinor, eldest daughter of Edward C-orhet, 
esq. of Ynyns-y-raaengw^ii, (hy Maonab 
hiii wife, eldest daugbit-r and ro-heir with 
her Ulster Marj", wife of Sir John Hill, of 
Hawkentone, bart. of John Chambre. eaa. 
of Petion, in Shropshire,} and had iasBr, 
WiLLiAy-EowAKD, his heir. 
ThomaB-Jobn, (f. in infancv. 
Ilichard-Owen, nrliom. in March, IflSfl^ 
Ilarriet-Anne, third Annii'ini; daugh- 
ter of W illiam M') hnr. esq. of Peni- 
artb, in MerionetUsliire, and has 
Athelstam-Owen, i, in 1633. 
Elinor- Elixabeth, m. to Gdwspd T, 
Phelp, esq, of Co««on Houao, in At 
couuty of Leicester. 
Aune-Cortwila, m. to RoderieV Riek- 
ardes, eaq. of Peoglab, in the county 
of Cardii^an. 
Mr. Powell d. in I7S?, and was t. by hi* 
elder ton, the present Wmxiam-Ed«*ii» 
Po» EU, i-«q. of .N'snfrof. 

Arm* — Arp. a crow flory, engrailrd f 
between four Curniah ehi)U|fba |i)>r. On 
chief axnre a boar's head.co4ii>ed arg. luik 
or. langued gu. 

Oeii — A talbfil's head. ppr. 
E*t9tn — In the counties of Cardifac» 
Urecknork, &e. 
Stat — Nanteos. 




PRATT. COWARD-ROGER, esq. of Ryston Hall, in ihc county of Norfolk, A. in 

1756.71*. 3rd December, 1788, Pleunnce, dau^it«r of 
Samuel Browne, esq. of King'g Lynn, ia the same shire, 
and has had isaue, 

Edwakd RnuER. 

Philip- Bra woe, i. 19th October, 1791, cf. 17th October. 

JennyD, A. 35th October, 1704, and rf. 10th Dcc«inb«r, 

in the mhm* year. 
Henry, a major in the arnay. 
Jennyn, ia holy order*. 
Robert, *. 2(id F«bruAry, 1700, killed 27lh Aiienat. 

iHia.on board H. M. S. the tirantcua, at the battle 

of Algiem. 
Charle* Browne, ft. 3l8l May. ISV2, d. at Ryaton. 13th 

October, 1822. 

Hen rietu- Blanch, d. in 1700. 
Lucy, m. 10th January, I83A, to tltr itrvscnt Lord 


Mr. PrmU t. his father in 1784. 





TUi family bat bern for n considerable 
iar mahH»hed in the went of Nurfulk.aiid 
■ Ibf reign of Hrmby VIII. poAfl^ss^d with 
•Ikff prop«'rty the estate and manor of 
Cwln, in Ilockwold in that county, where 
4i Pratt* formerly resided. 

1W Rvklmi hrnncb derive* froDi 

Roifjir PaiTT, whoBC ion, 

Edmiad I'KitrT. eitq. of Hockwold, liviDK 
klip. Hri«nT VIII. m. Anne, only daufchter 
■4 bcireM of Waller G vinur, pm). uf Rv- 
*oa. and iLna obtained the citaie. tie 
W (Moe a Mn and «ucceMor. 

loRk PlUTT, eM|. uf Huckwold, who left 
(■tma, William, tohn J. i. p. und 

Idbokd Pa«rT. e»(). who m. Catherine. 
Mkr«r William JimtII. e»q. and had 

L F»«iio, hiftsarceMor. 
II. Grcp>rv, to whom William Pratt. 
kii oncCe. loft hia eatalen at Rvstou. 
He m. Ann, dauKhter of William 
Corkn. e«<|. of Beettborpe, Norfolk, 
uid had iMuv, 
1. PraacU, who m. first. Temper- 
ance, danghterof — Mundeford, 
r«*i. of Ptllwrll ; nnd, aecttndly, 
Ur»ula,daughirrof RoberlGcw- 

nold. r«q. of Ottley, in the county 
of Suffolk, by whom he bad two 


Edward, of Ryaloa, d. $, p. 
Henry, of London. 
3. GreKory, who m. Tbeodosia, 
daughter of — Tyrrell, caq. and 
widow of Edward Wi-st, esq. of 
Maaworth. in the coaaty of 
Buck*, and had nn only Mrn, 
Sir Roger Pratt, who wa* 
knitfhted by A'in^r Chari^s 
11. for his exertions in re- 
building the rily of Lou- 
don aAer the great fire in 
lOtMf, in concert with Sir 
Chriatopher Wren." Hi- 
espoused Aunr. daughter of 
Sir Edward Monyns, kni. 
and baronetof Waldershire, 
iu tho county of Kent, but 
d.t.v. in ir}H4. 
III. Roger, m. Ann. daughter of Bald* 
win Dereham, esq. of flereham Ab- 
bey. in the county of Norfolk. 

* Evelyn's U«DDtr>. 


but. bx Mary, hts wife, one of the ro-bei 
ofTbomu, last Lord Jennsrn (Sec Aari' 
£rlwr( Pfermvr), and bad inae, 

Edward, nis succe»«or. 

Jemyii. m. Ann, dauf^faterof — St 
forth, f«|. 

Mnry, m. tn Edward Sufibrd. Mq. 

ITarriet, m. to Thiirlow Stafford, **<V> 
Mr. Pratt wan m. at bu decease, in 1771, \^ 
bis elder sod, 

Edward Pratt, e«q. of Ryston, wbo 
Blaacb. daughter of Sir Jaoob AMley, Uut-''^ 
of MeltoQ Constable, and bad iMue, 

Edward Rtmikr, present proprH>lQT. 

Sarah -Maria, m. to the Rev. durlis 

Lut>, m. to Hammond Alfw, esq-'ofj 
Mr. Pmtt, dj-ing in 1784, the famflj estate* 
derotred upon hti only son, Edward Robkr 
Pratt, esq. present repraentatire of the 

Atwu — Pratt. Ar. on a chevToa, •r.Im^ 
tweca two ogresses, each charged widi a 
martlet of the first in chief, nod ao ogrea 
IB base, charged with a trefoil slippsd ar. 
tlire« nuucles or — borne qnartcrly with, 

GTlofR. Sa. on a cherron arK.'berwv«a 
Ibrec prwils' heads erased, enninr, beaked 
gtL as m&nr aaoulets of llie first. 

Crert — Between a branch of oak. and an- 
other of pine, each frurted, or. a wolCft brad 
per pale, arj;. and sa. gorged with a eoltaf 
cfaanced with three roundles, all couMer- 
cbaiyed. lancurd and erased, go. 

Jnollir — Kiili'nl floreatia prata. 

Estale*— In Norfolk, goffolk, aiwl Ohh 
brid grab ire, 

5ea(— Ryston Hall, Norfolk. 

COR^TON^^' PftNTll.I.IK. 



$ai tutraship or Cmrytun, in l>f> 
*<aitarp, wtii-n* il i-* ii»)i|m>!h-*I to Imvi" Ik-ch 
•aiMl brforc thr C"\*ji tiM'. TJiat it wns 
tMritliin^ ihrtv in llu- n-igiiK of h'infi Jiiii\ 
U4 UUKV III. iit, howiMpr, .ixri^TlaitiiHl 
(na» (triiHu and autht>ntic rrcordn. 
tlklfKID or (JH'IVtlV.V DP. CoRYros. rf. 
IU%iii III. »i-isrtl o( Coryloii nriil 
ini* in tbi* buntlrti] uf Lifton. He 


Wiiji»« PK CoBTTox, who was faihiTof 
IKluttM Dr CoRTTDH, who was i. fel ltt« 

. W Edward I., by lii» sun, 

Wiuj4ii m. CoBYroN, wli0»<> Kninddon, 

Jwk DL CottTTUN. cspoQs^ Iflolda. Only 

''■C^irr and hrirvM of Sir John Ffmirs, 

if Mnitun pvrnin, Coniwall. and had n 

WiLUkH Ci»nvTO<(, of Corytonand Np%v- 
ton Fcmni. who m. Agnrs. daughiiT Jif 

TLiixii. TrcTCinyiie, e*q, of L*ollii4;ombf, 
1 lie cTvtH grval gruni gniU(l«on of 

I'lrtK t'oKYTOK, e«i. uf Coryioii, m. 
IB, (Uut[liti-r Bttil co-liri r(.>»« of Jubn Tn<- 
.of TrecBjwan. in tli(? county of Corii- 
and kail au InM than twenty •four 

. nf whom, 
loUKD. (the I'ldcit) Bocccodrd Iiia 

iba, «. Codo, c»q, of Mor- 

th, m. John Trevelyiin, esq. 

, J,, m. Oliver Carniinow, rs»i. 

Cotylun wa» f. by hii rldvut !>on. 
Tk tUBii Ci'RYTON, rt>n. of Corylon and 
.wImr8|Hiu»pd A»n«*.diiiipl(' 
. (!odc, i>*q. of Morval, ami 

*K>TU, liif RieccMor. 

The '*ld*'sl .son. 

PprpH CiHtVToN, i'«t|. of Coryloti and 
Ni'wtoii-Ft-rrara, m. Joan, duiixlilerol Juhii 
Wruye, e*q. of Militon, in tUimwuH, hy 
Blanche, daughter and co-bcirvNi of Henry 
KillcxH-'wi', I'sq. und had iitMie, 
William, Um suL'coMor. 

Mary, m. to Thotnoi Trrfnoift. rM|. of 
The elder son, 

WlU-TAU CoRYTON. csq. of Coryton nnd 
Nowton-Ferrars. wa» vitt*-»vBrdi-n of Ihr 
■tannariui of Cornwall from IIElKt lu Ul:Ut. 
one of the ifiire-Hentativf-f for the county of 
Cornwall, 2Ut Jamek 1. and tn^cibt'r for 
wveral oilier places at 9ub»«qiu>nl jKriods. 
This ^(-ntlcnian, the friend ami nartiiUkti uf 
HAMi-nr^, PvM, and Euot, z«iuou»ly i»- 
opprati-d with these fmincnt pcritoDS in 
rpfifitinfr forced loaiia and arbitral^ jiower. 
Me likt^wine distin(ruii>tK-d lliml^l-lf »d a ttire- 
iitioua advocate for thv petition uf Kuiiir, 
nnd was one of ihostr who wen; iiuiirimjofd 
for having forcibly detained Uii* &peakf>r 
(Finch) in thi> chair. This staunch |iatriot 
Mpoiucd EliuttKth. (laii)fhtcr ut Sir John 
Chichester, of Raleigh, in ihi- c^iunly of 
Devon, and had a son and succcMor, 

John Cobtton, eaq. of l^rytou and Nrw- 
lon-Ferrars, who baviiiK represcotrd for 
several years the county of Contwiill in 
parliament, wns cn'alcd a baronf.t STtti 
Februiirv, IfXil. Hv m. Ann, only dauf^li- 
tcr anil I'leirMS of John Mill*. ei*q. of Cole- 
brookn, Deron. and had iB«ue, 

1. JuHN (Sir), who 1. hjr> fntlicr as se- 
cond baronet, bni dying wilhmit iwne, 
the title devulted mion his brother, 

2. WiiiiAM (Sir), who became third 
baronet. This m-ntleniun m<»s M.P. 
II. J tHt-S II. William III. and Quern 
Anne, lie m. Sus-'iiina, dantiliter of 
K'JM-anl Littleton. e»i|. of I'iltnton 
Hall, StHlTonlflhire, and had iMiie, 

John (Sir), w|in inherited Bx third 

baronet, but d. t, y. 
Suiannu, U. unuiurrifcl. 
3: Eu/nHrTii, itf whom hereafter. 
4. Anue, hi. in 1G§6, to Jolm Peter, 
«Bq. of Harlyn. in the county of Corn- 
wall, and the Rreat great (jrandson of 
this marriuge i." iIn* priTeut 
WlUJiM Petf.u, esq. of Harlyn 
and Cbiverton. 
Sir John Coryton's elder diinRhter. 

Elizadetii CoBTTn>, upon the demise, 
i».»uele»9, of her nephew, the laat baronet, 
inherited. u8 eo-heir with her »idter Anne, 
wife of John Poter. esq. the represeBlalion 



of tlie Rucient funlly of Coryton. She es- 
poused William Goodall, esq. of Fowe}-, and 
hid ■ sou and »ucccwor, 

JoHK QnonAr.t.f eiiq. whoM! son and heir. 

Petkb Goooiu., esq. asBuined the pur- 
name and anus of Cohyton. He was »»c- 
cceded at hu deciiuc, in 1766, bv his itnn, 

John Corytom, enq. who wedded Mary- 
Jeiniina, only daughter and lieirca^ of Jnnies 

d was 0^ 

TilUe, fsn. of PentilHe Caetle. HOd 
tiy hi» eon, 

Jons TiLLiE CoBYTOKi, pr^. prrvent re- 
pro!tentat]ve of the fitmily. 
Arms — Arg. a euliire sa. 
Crcrt — A lioD pai^aDt gu. 
i?rfa/«— Chiefly in Comnrall and Dn 
po(uie««ed nince the rei^n nf Hfkry II. 
Semt — Pentillie Castle, rornwall. 


POCHIN, of Bariil.y Hall, in the county of Leicester, A. 10^ 
January, ld'20, s. U* the estale« tipa the demise of hitt father, 2Hlh Deoenil 


rhf Right Rev. Thomiw Dore. D.D. 
Ilisliop tif Pclerhoroiigh, and ser 

llecter. daughter of — Arthington, vaq 

Arlhington, in the county of York : by «| 
littter of thrive ladies he had, inter alio!E«.. 
win mid sticiTWior. 

TiiOMAR PonllN, esq. of (larkby, fc. ti 
KilH, who (MTTod llie offiet- of sheriff fni 
|jfrice5terxhire, in Il»47. He m. Iinsl, i '■ 
ihia. ilnughti'randcn-beirof John Wiii' . .,.. 
e.ii|, of Morton, (by whoni. whorf. 2»>th M a 
l(U4>, and lit's buric-d nt BarLby.) he ht 

1. Gr.oRGF., of Stlt'by, m therouutyofl 

Leicester, who m. Mar^'. daughtrrof 

Sir Cliristopber Pnrke. of tW». 

I*urd Mavor ol Loudon, b«l</. (.fi. 

ill 1707. 
'2. Thohah. of whom preseDtly 
9. John, tt. young. 

4. Joseph. 

5. FhVjibeih. mi. u> William Sniith,««^.| 
of LoHfliiii, inen'baiiL 

fi. Leventlior|>e, m. to William Tnl- 
lope, c*q. of Thurlby. 

7. Abegail. 

8. Catharine. 
Thomas Pochin nt. secondly. IlariMn, 
daughter of SirWalMao, Uiti*^, bArt. i 
Miirket B4i»worth, nnd relict of Kiejuf 
Peot, psn. thp second son by lii» firdt wilr, 

Thohas Pociii\, e«q. of Ilarkby, shml 
for Lelccsterahtre in IWtl.m. Mary.dau;:! 
ter and at length sole heir nf Sir rbarln 
Hus«ey, hart, of rnylli<if]>«', by whom, (wl, 
d. in 1fl97, and i* inlerrt-d at Wanou,) bi 
had (with seren rtauKhters,) 

I. Thomas, hill »nceesM)r. 

II. George, of Hnmim-r^milh. in 
CORiDiiiwion nf lln- |i(-ni-i' fur i/firt 
tersbire, who d. nt l<ftiighlM:irou| 
17^, leaWtig by lii« nife Pran* 

This anrient nnd iuHuential family is of 
long standing in the county of I^ices'ter. 

WiiTra PonEH.ofBarkby.len a daugh- 
ter and heiress AkNB PotvbH, who m. Pi-ter 
Lincoln, and bad a daughter imd heiretui, 

AvNR Lincoln, who m. William Wil- 
louebby. and was t. hy her only daughter 
antl heiress. 

Alice WitLnrGiiBY, who m. Richard Po- 
cbin. and their gmndson, 

Thomas P«m;iii\ of Uarkby, espoused Eli- 
zabeth, oldest daughter of Ralph 8birley, 
esq. and i. by his eldest »on, 

Grorc.f. Pochi'k, etu\. of Hurkbf, who 
m. Katherine, daughter of — SkeAington, 
esq. of Skelfmgton. in the county of Lei- 
cester, and dying in \0H7, was «. by his eldet>t 
surriving son, 

Matthew P<h;hin, esii- of Hark hy, who 
m. Katherine, daughter of— Blewitt, esq. 
ami tert at hi» di-eease in lft't!>, with seveml 
i>lh(-r childrvii. a son and succfo^nr, 

Gkorgk Poi'MiN. esq. of Uarkhy, h. in 
Ifl02, who in. first. Elisabeth, daughter of 



<t«n- ud hcirew of WilHiun HodiC' 
n0, fff\. of Setilt^. llirc'i* sons, viz. 
1. TltoMts. M.D,, nlio tvimpilfd 
a biMory of lx»ugh borough. He 
*N. in 1741, frwletift*. daujjhtLT 
of thv Rrr. Pual Jrokiiison, rvc- 
tor at Wp»lon, tiy wbum hr \c(t 
■Muf" It hi< decease, in 17N1, 
(with A daughter, m. lo Tbouuu 
Clarb«. e»q-) a aon, 
Tm"iia)(, who tn. EliatlMtli, 
daugliter of — Bird. r»fi. or 
WmI Lekc, iDd left at tits 
dcmut'. in I7K>. two sons 
utd a dau^^liUT, rjz. 

after, Hi ifiberiiorDfthtf 
cslatcs and rcpKsciitH- 
tion of ibe family- 

2. GEORor, auccf»5i.>r to 
hi* brother, 

3. Prances. 
2, Oflorge, ill holy ordirti, rector 

ofMorcottt, ill RiillaniUhim, mid 
ol Caylhorpo. lii Leiceslmbire, 
nbo m. S.-vrah, ilau. at Thoniiu 
Pocbin. i:m|. of Barby, but d. j. 
p. In 17W*. 
1. Wtiliain. nllnrney-al-latv, who 
i ill I7JH, Icaviiifi uouo, 
WiUiain. M.A. in holy orders, 
rvctor of Morvote, m. and 
ImuI ia«ue. 
Francec, m. to Ibe Her. Jolin 
Aikew,D.D.rfK:torof North 
CiHlbiiry, aiul bad in^ue. 
EIiMb«tli. M. to John Thorpe. 
Mq. of LougbboTOugh, and 
had lasae. 
a. ifL Ckarlev, d, young. 

u PocHiN, CM), of Barkby, wat 

■kenf fur lA-icfstrnhin! io 1711. He 

.Unit. <'hurlotl<!. eldei»l daughi(>r of 

j/d lliM*<-v, b4rl. of VVelboiirMe. by 

(milt* d. of Ibe «amll jiox in 17*J6) be 


ThamH, wbo d. of Ibe small pox Ibe 

rntoe day lu bii mother, and wiu 

InrM wltb tKr at Barkby. 

Sai«li. JM. in 1761, to the Rev. George 

I*«M:hin. uf Morcole, but d. ». p. 

^**-"», whoemntaally irihonled iIip 

^^ of her griuwll'iKber. Sir IM- 

rinfrfHuary. barf. m. in KM.Chnrlft) 

Js»M Pack*, ^u|. of PrMtnuld Hnll. 

i* the nxinty of Leicctter, and hud 

CnaU-m-Jamm Packk, esq., of 

Prrstwold (see Uwl fomiJy). 

rIotiR. M. tn William Kitnbur)-, 
oa^. of Kclmanh, and bad Imuc. 

Mr. Pochin etpouaed, secondly. Mary, only 
dfiU(;hter aiid oeir»^8 of Thomas Trollope, 
•-«i|. of Bourne, in the mtiiity of Lincnln, by 
Mar}-, «ti«ler to Lord Craven, and bad fur- 

Uicr children, 

Wii.u«M. his heir. 

George, of Bourne, tn the county of 
Lincoln, irho m. Eleanor-Fiances, 
daughter of Sir WoUtano Dixie, and 
dying i. p. l.tth Muy, 17t>6, devi«ed 
the whole of his rutates (after the 
death of hit* bmtber, WilliHin) to bis 
cousin. GEORiiP. PocHIN, e9»|. father 
of tlie prejtent possessor. 

Mary, who bad the Ufv aw of the 
Barkby estatra. 

Mr. Pochin was $. at bi« decease by hi« 
ebk-iit surviviiiff wn, 

WiiJjAM Piiciiih', esq. of Barkby, who 
wa« sheriff fur the county of Leicester In 
1768. and knight of that lihire In four par- 
liamenLf, front 17H0 until his demise lOtb 
Scpleiiiher, 1708. UyinR uunuuried, the 
represen til tion of tlie family devolved upon 
his rr-lativp, 

CiiARLM Pochin, e«q. of Barkby. (refer 
to tgsue of Gbokoe, Mcond son of Thomas 
Pochin, esq. of Barkby, sheriff tor Lcioes- 
tershire 111 1681). Tliis gentleman inherited 
the family estate-s upon the deuiine of hii 
cou.tin, Mias Mar>- Pochin, and dying i. p, 
in 1817, was t. by bis brother, 

GeoRCE Pochin. c»(|. of Barkby, who 
served the office of sheriff of Leiit^ii-mhlrc 
in I82H. This ^entlemaD m. in 181 1. Mis« 
— Norman, second daughter of Richard 
Nonnan, esq. high sheriff of Leicestershire, 
and left at bis decease, SUth December, 
IH31, surriviug tssue, 

W11.UAH, now representative of the 

John-Muthew, b. 1st Bturcb, ISM, 
Charles -Norman, b. Mth December, 

Edward -Norman, b. Idlb February, 

Ralpb-Gcargr, b. Htb July, 1829. 
RI irjibeth - Frances. 
Emily -Caroline. 

Arm* — Or, a cher. gu. between three 
homes' shoes sa. 

Cretl — A barp^. with wings ppr. full 
facj-d, aud tail lni«|«Hl round the leg 


WlUOlCHBV, WiNcorc, 

Lincoln, Hti»$eY, 

Pai-MKB, 8m:. 4tc &c. 


Etlnt€i — la Leiceslershlre and Lincoln- 
^MMf— Barkby Hail, Leivester. 



HOMFRAY, SIR JEREMIAH. Lt. of Undaff Houiw, in the roanty of < 
fc. 16lh Fpbnwry, 1759. m. Man", dangfat 
RichardB. cAq. of Cardiff, and ■Later to Libdj i 
whum (wliD d. in March, 1830), he baa had mat 


JritrMtAii, b. Isl Seplemh^^r, I70O. 
y^V f John, *. lOih Septf-mber. 17M, m. Ut Noremb 

C D Aiina-Maria, only dani^htpr and hc>trcu 

I r Rit'hurdi, e»q. of the Corner Uoum-, in CiU 

./^ I I 0_ »hir(\ and han Usuf*. 

1. JoiiK-Ri€iMHt>s, Ir. 9t]» October, U 

2. Marj--Jiiut>>Kicbard«. 

3. Anu-Maria. 
Pnuicis, who (/. in IfllA. 
George, who (/, in Ml.l. 
Jeaton, b.^ud Jidy, 1797. 
Anthonio. M.l>. b. 4th Oclohrr. ITW. m. 

dauj;hlcr of Kear A.dtniral l>oiiuully, 
Lady Audley. 
Rohrrl-SheddeEL, A. 22iu) Jniiuar)-. IHO«. 
Marianne, w. in IWKI, to Thoinaa Montford Newtc, «>q. aad rf. 

tKI», j.;». 
Charlotte, wi. to Janies Lewis. e«). 
Catlu-rine'Dtaiia, «. to Jatob-iEiuelins Irring, esq. of the 14th drago 

han i»8iie. 
Harriet Newt«. 

This ptintleman received the honor of kni^thood in Noremborr 1809, 
ihu office of hig^h sheriff, fur the coanty of Glamorgan. 


The name of Homfrav i-« deri%-ed from the 
French words " I[o\imk vrai," and the ne- 
veral familie« of Hcmi nr.Y, various a« the 
RpelUnp may be, claim a common progc- 
niior. The hrauch, of which wc arc now 
nhoiit to troBi, is the only one, however, 
which bai preserved the correct ortho- 

Toe HoMFRAYH were distinguished amon^t 
the soldiera of the Crow, and they were 
emiuent in the earty war* of the Plantage- 
uet Kin^s. The portrait of John Uomfray, 
living in 1390, and a f^allnnt narrior of that 
day, is still preserved in the British Mu- 

WiLtuu HoHFRAY, who resided at Wale«, 
■ear Roiherham, in Yorkshire, in l&OO, was 
Uueal BDceetor of 


Fkascis IIdufray, b. in I«74, wedded 
Itrst, Sarah Baker, by whom he had isnue, 
the male line of which is now extinct. He 
*«. secondly, Mary, daufi^hier of — Jtwiou, 
Mq. of the Heath, in the county of Worcf*.- 
ler, by whom (who rf. in 1768)' he left at hi* 

decease in 1736 (with five 
sons, viz. 

1. Jkkton, wh'i m. Mary, dan 
Tbomaa Cotton, esq. of the | 
mere family, and left a soa 

FRANaj«,*in holy ordenjil 
Lanraycr. in tht; county 
motitlt, whom. Harriet,d 
of JeHtou Homfray, eaq 
in IH31. leaving a §tm^] 
Homfray, and a daa|i| 
ria. ^ 

2. Tbomns. 

3. Francis, of whom presently 

4. John, whom. Mary, dau^btf 
Rpr. Jeremiah Addrnhrooki 
and thereupon assumed that) 

The third son, 

FfUKCts HoHFRAY, esq. of 
Hall, in the cmtnty of Woi 
Mary, daughter of — Popkins, i 
Traheyne, in the county of Olat 
left one son and a dnu^htt-r, vis. 
Je^vriN, of llroadwaters, in 
shire, who m. 8arah, daugW 



Pidcock, CW|. of tlir PlnlU, and d. 

VMli March, 1810. leAving iuuo. 

Usry, m. to Thomu Barkor, eM|. 

K. Momully, Cntherioc, daagblcr and 

MrM of JvrcDiiali CoAwt-ll. eiiq. of Uie 

IB lbs county of Sufford. and bud 

^^^■citf of the Hyde, who m. Mary, 
^^Biffbler of — Pidcock, ch]. of the 
PlatU, snd li. in ItWO. Icaritig iuue. 
Jkiemiah (Sir), of Laadaff House. 
ThftHiaf, of the llUl, in Worct'^lcTshire, 
who wadded UiM EliubvthStvpheTie. 
and d. in 19KS, leavink;. with oth«r 
tMBf , a ion, JoHv, wh» haj ajsjiimed 
the name of STEnicss. 
Samoel, MJ*. for SudonU »horiff of 
MoBMloatbahin; in 1814, who m.Jane, 
daa^tec of Sir Charles Gould Mor- 
faa, bnrt. of Tredegar, and d. tioth 
May, 1832, leavins iMue, 

1. Samvkl, &■ 7u December, 1796, 
M. Uth Di-M-uib^r, 1924. Miaa 
Cbarlotte Stable, and bu issue. 

2. Walkiii, b. 30th IK-t-embcr, 

1796. M. in S«pt«ml>«r, tS23, 
Hi«s EItxa-Le« Thoin«on, nnd 
baa iuue. 

3. JaM,M.in18IH,loJ.K.Picard, 

4. Aniplia, i«. in 1817, In William 
ThoDuoo, esq. M.P. for London, 
and bos isiue. 

6. Maria, m. to George Darby, 
eaq. lud h»» iMue. 
Catherine, m. \<i TlioniM Wilson, e«q. 
and d. ^Ih March, IKOI, leavine a 
Bon, McMUe Wil-ion, who m. Miss 
Stevenson, diugblcr of Sir B. Ste- 
Tfliuon, and han tsnie. 
Amu — Quarterly, first and fourth: pi. 
a croe« bwttony ermine ; ifecand Ba. four 
pales efniine ; third arg. three ban ge- 
nielles sa. 

Vrfit — An otter ppr. wounded la the 

Moiie — L'bomme rrai aime ton pay*. 
Sent — L an da ff Hou»e, in Glamorgan- 


CUVKRING, EDWARD, luq. of CaUaly Castle, in the county of Northumber- 
, K. lOth October, U03, Mary, daughter of J. O. BymB, esq. and Itni two eon*, 

Edward-John, a magistrate of Korihumberland. 

ChrariBf, who is in the commission of the p«ace, for the cotiaty of Nortfaainb«r- 
I, «■ to Om MUtM upon the demise of bis half brothor, in 1 826. 


sCUBlly.ftQm which sprang the Vpscik, 
lof Aluwici— the Uicis. Earls of Lin- 
-IW Emu. LonU Cure, in the male 

line; and the At.ToN5, and many other 
eminent boust-s in iht^ ft'uiale. reside at 
Callaly Castle,* in Nurthuiuhi>rland. Fal- 
lowiug tlie example of many of their il- 
lustrious countrymen, they entered England 
under the banner of the CoNguERott. mid 
the gil^ of numerous estates marked th« 
srnrices which they auhseqoently rendered 
to his cause. The family i* a scion of the 
ztt-Jkl house of Dt: BcHuii, and tl ori);innlly 
bore that surname ; but from tlie lime of 

* Thii oMlls was tbs shode of Wilijam oa 
Chilalv in iJin heginniDg of ItKinsY (A« Third'* 
itm», and of his aon, (iiLStiT, in the sune r*!^, 
who granted )t. with (hr inmnut of VetliDgtoo, to 
RoMUiT I'lTi Uocca, B«on of Wafkworth ud 
Chrertny, wl« aasuMMd tbt sonunw of C\^- 
vuiNO ; and that |Tiot bang Molnntd by the 
cruwD. C^LULY hw reauiocd •?« sioes m tbs 
I^gswuion uf the funily. 



Hr.NKV I. QDtil thai of EdwiM I. wtirn 
comiuiuidcJ to lal.p il«-' d«»iuii»lion of Cla- 
\b:KlN*), from an ebtale tti E»^x, the lif,ntl 
i>f lilt* family a^iiiiK'd for nuniiimv tlii? 
('farUtian name of bis futlieri nilbi the nitiEi- 
ijon of Fit/. 

ErSTACCDE Ui:hg)i, Baron of ToiieburKh, 
iu Normandy, younger brother uf Hah- 
i.owKN D& BiiRuH, Ibc auc(.>«tor of tbr Lordtt 
Claiiricardc, and tbt* numerous faitiilii-^ of 
Dt: BuKGii, Bt'nKF., nud BoriiKt;, bad two 
SOUK, who both held r&iik in the conquering 
array, namely, 

Jolui,8urnamed.VontK^iu,fram having 
but one ityc. 
The cldtT »on, 

Serlo d¥. BcitGH, erected the castle of 
Kiian.-eburoH^h, which pasMHl at liia dr- 
cciue. without issur, to hi^ brother, 
John iVouoruitu, who had tlirvc sons, 
pAOANUS, Vrhcsc brotbi-r» were wil- 
EUSTACB, f nesses to the rnyal fuun- 
William, J datioo of the abb«y of 
CirenctBter, iu Gloacesterabire, in 
The older son, PioANVS, dying without 
issoe, wu succeeded by bis brother, 

meet potent nmongst the norltirm bnroiin iu 
Uiereigti of Hf.mry 1. and a grvnl favourite 
with Uiut monarch. He esjioiised, first, 
Affnes, eldest daughter of Williiim Fitz 
Nigel. Baron of Alton, constable of Chesler, 
and Viscount Coiistautiue. I)y this lady lit- 
acquired the baruny of Ualton, and had an 
only SOD, 

Richard Fit/ Et^TACc. 
Ho vrcddi-d, secondly, Beatrir^, only daugh- 
ter and heiress of Vro de Vrsci, Lord of 
Alnwick., in Northumberland, and of Mal- 
toD, in Yorkshire, by whom he bod iMue, 
WiLLiAU, pro^'uilor of the great baro- 
nial bouse of VE.SCI. 
Eustace Fitz John, who founded the abbeys 
of .\luwtck. iu Northumberland, and of 
Wullon nnd Malton, in Yorkshire, fell in 
UiL- WfUb wars, anno 1154. HiBeIdf>iii intn, 
KicuAKD Fitz Fu.STAce, inheriting (bo 
honors of his mother, became Baron of llal- 
Utn, anil constable of Che«l(-r. He m. .Al- 
breda, dangbti-T and heir of Robert de lA- 
aure^, and half sister of Kobert de Lacy, 
aud had three sons, viz, 

John, who oMumed the snrnnrae of 
Lacy, and inherited tbe bnrony ul 
Halton, with the office of Constiblc 
OFCHfcsrKR. He d. 36tb Hckky II. 
and from him the great feudal family 
of L^cr derived. 
Rohi-rl, the Hos|iitallrr — that is, of the 
llospiLiI of St. John of JvrusuJrm, in 

The youngest son, 

KocF.nFtT/. KiCHARlv, became by gift of 
Henry H. Lord of the manor of Wark- 
worth, i]i the county of Northorabrrland, 
and was t. by his son, 

RoBEiiT tiT/ HcM.ER, BfTond llanwi of 
Warkwortb, and founder of the munanifry 
of Langley, in Norfolk, who wtdilrd Mar- 
earel, only child and hcires« uf Williaoi d« 
Cheney-, and widow of Hugo de Cr^^Mey,* 
by whom he had an only eon, 

John Fit/ Kdukrt. 
This Robert Fitx Roger obtained a coaSr- 
matiun, u]ioii the acri>.<uiion of King i*\\\\. 
of the cajitle and manor of Warkwortb, iu 
Northumberland, of the barony of Claveh- 
ISu, in Essrx, and of (be manor of £iifr, ii 
lluekinghamHhire ; and be Heoed llie oBor 
of sheritTfor Nortlmmbfrlai»d, Norfolk, and 
Sutfolk, for each county thrice, in that bio- 
nnrch's reign. In the baronial war, be flnM 
silled with the initurreetionarv barons, but 
afterwards returned to his allegianM. U* 
d. in I'24U, and wa» i. by his md, 

Sums Fir/ RoBenr, third lord of Wark- 
worth, and timt Lord of CtAvxHihC, in K«- 
Kcv, who espoused Au4, daughter and ht-ir 
of Hugh de Batiol, and grmiid-aaDl of Ba- 
Liot. Kinif of Scotlttud, by whom 
three sons, viz. 

RofiMt Fitz John, his race 

Hugh,8uniamcd "de Eun%"froniwfii 
the I»rds Eure descended. 

Robert, ancestor of tbe Eurc«, ofAl^ 
holm, in Lioculushirv. 
He vras *. by his eldest son. 

RuuEK Fit/ John, fourth Baron of Waik> 
worth, and second Bnron uf Clavering.ata] 
d. IB 1149, and was t. by his son, 

Robert Fit/ Roukr, theniDiufaairr.uti 
placed under (he guardianship of U^itliUj 
de Valence, the king's brother, allliaa{k| 
Ada, the ehdd's grandmother, ofl'errd iw* { 
ihoubHud two hundred marks for (he varf"! 
ship. This feudal lord became so eratotnl i 
in the Scottish warn of Atnij En* tuff'' 
particularly at the biUtle of Falkirk, thitl 
was summoned to parliameat, as a BtlM. 
on the '2nd November, VHtS. He wasaAcr-^ 
nanU, with his son Joh\. at tbe siege tl\ 
KARLAVtRok. His lortlship e*poasodll*r*( 
gnn-l de la Zonrb, and liad (ive ulberi 
n bo d. t. p. m. 

John, CO whom Aih^r Edward l-p*'] 
the surname of C-LAvtHlxr.. nicc«H*J 
to Warkwortb and OlavvriRf 
tittrke'M Kttitut ojtd Dermmml ' 

* Hy HoDo na Crssbkt, »be had an olyi 
llccui n« CauARv, who m. IssbcDa dia Kw. 
Wl (bur sons, all of whom drmf It 
Banont or HoMffMO, Mugants i _ 

cane ■veptaally (a bw bun bj Satan PM* 



IW yoongMt koa, 

8ia Aut's DK CuvERiNO. obtained from 
Ui bfter tLc »Uti- of C*iX4t.Y. He m. 
l-WPa. <l«ii^titer of Sir Wiltiam Riddel, 
aad wmft fatber of 


Sm Roubt or Claverino, to wbou 
mtBOtmdtA bis elde«t son, 

Sir ioitv DK CtAvKKiiitu, who Kcetrnj 
ftc bOTHmr of kjiigliUiuud in lltu ftvld. He 
M. Jowma, diuigbbr of Tbutuiu de llcton, 
*ad djing in tbe -Itb of lUsHV VI. leH a 


KoBtmT OR Claverimc, fatbftr of 
RoiaBT oe CLAVEftimti," who dipd in 
*• ibM of Edwird IV. and wu j. by bis 

ioWfl »( Cuvuiwo, ttho«e son, 
BAMST or CfcAVERIKG, w«dded JOU), 
Au^^anof — Retail, orSbortflal. in Nor- 
AuBWrlatid, and hud a »on, hi* sncccwor 
Ub»4Mva««, imh Hf.NRY VIII. 

JftHH CuivEKiMG, of CalUly, who m. 
Bii^Mh Fenwick, of FeQwi4;k Tower, in 
Nvtemberland, and wus i. in 1536, by his 

K«BUT Cl«vkrimu, of Callaly. Thi» 

pMttrninn •■•■ixxiu'il Alinp, daughkT and 

I iijiniu (trey, of Norton, 
<i, and bud fonr miu, 
RttCRRT, hu iiiccrMor. 

JnMM,of Axwcll Park, who m. Grace, 

(langhtor and co-bvlr of Rog«r Ni- 

eUlMli, of NrwcAitle-Dpou-Tynf, 

■awbaat. Rod had a ton, 

John Clavrhino, e»|. of Aiwell, 

ia the cuuuiy of Durham, who 

m. Auii«, daui;hl«r of Kubert 

SluDoc, c«q. and bad with otiier 


JahuCuverino, esq. of Ax- 

wi^ll, who WHS crvatod a 

BiKUHtr iu lOfil, Mbicb 

diirnilj ii now ei^oyed by 

hi» dricrndant. 

Silt TiioHu John Cu- 

VRKINO. (Src tturkr'g 

Pttrmfft and Baronti- 

WQhaoi. Rlain ai liic batUv of CIsver- 
{■k'* tiroM. 
TL Hd«M Bon. 

EiiRtai Ct-*VRRINo. V9>\. of Cnllaly. m. 

VlTT, Aaocblrr of Sir Cuttitx-rt rulliiig- 

••M.of Eiiiini.'i&[i.iQ Northumhi'rlaud, and 

>H I. !. -s son, 

iiiR i tHi<u], kfli. who wedded 

\Sfmit. hi* mwfmmit, li» had RiiKUtr, 
•■^■r a/ lb« Ci-**iHi«ri», at l.i«rrliild, ■Dp- 
pmA to tM aow extiact, and tbo of Um CLiria- 

|WW^ flf TnBHVtlL> 

Anne, davKhter of Sir Thomas Riddell, and 
had with several other children, 

KoBKRT, (Sir) a aealous caralivr, who 
held the rank of colonel In tl)i> Royal 
Army, and was made a knit(bt ban- 
neret. He raised at hU own ex|icn»e, 
a regiment of bone, a regiment uf 
foot, and tome extra truopa of dra- 
l^oons. He died ouoiarricd, in Uil- 
lifi-timc of bia futlier. 
RM.rii, who Bui-cffded biR father. 
William, from whom dtygt-eod the Cla** 
rerinps of llerrington. 
Sir John Clarcriotf dic-d a prisoner, in Lon- 
don, for tiiH loyaHy In htna ('tiAHLCs I. 
Hill eldest eurriviug «on and licir, 

Ralph Cl4%xkinu, esiq. having likowiM^ 
espoudi-d teatoosly tbi- Royal cause, suffered 
inipriAnnmenl, and was eventually oblig-ed 
to Ko beyond tli^ seajt. He returned mitb 
A'iii^ Cii4KLES II. and having m. Mary, 
datighti'r of William Middlelon, esq. of 
Stokeld, in Yorkshire, left nl bin deceaae. 
a dnughter, Mary, m. to Gerrani Siilvin, 
esq. of Croxdale, in Durham, and a aon, his 

J<Mi> Claverinu. esq. of Callaly, b. 
ill ItiW, who wt-ddi'd Anne, dnuKhtcr of 
WilliAiii, Lord Widdiingtun, (by his wife, 
Klizabctli Bertie, dauf^bler of Sir Perrgrine 
Bertie, and niece of the Earl of Lindsey.) 
ami had (wilb si'virnil other children who 
all d. unmarried) .1 daughter Antiv, m. Iu 
F. Maire, esq. of Uardwick, and a loa, fats 

Ralph Claverinu. esq. Callaly, h. in 
1606, esjHfUBcd in 17^, Mary, dauKhler of 
Nicholas Suplftoii. esq. of Pouteliind, aad 
CarletOD, in Yorkshire, by whom he bad a 
lai^e family, of which two tons married, 
namely : — Francis, one of the younger, who 
wedded Eleanor, dau|;hter of ^- Lambton, 
esq. of the county uf ]>urbam, and the 
eldest son and heir, 

R^Lnt C'LAvtHisu, esq. of Callaly, h. 27ih 
June, 1737, who m. first Eliza, daughter of 
James Egau, ■'sq. but hod no isaue. He 
wedded secooiUy , FraiicM, daughter of Johti 
Lynch, esq. and had a son, 

Jdiis Ai.nrsir.H, bis aucvesttor. 
Mn ee|i(iiised ihirdly, in 1707, Marv, dntig^- 
tcr of Edward WaUb, esq. and hai) i»6ue, 
EDwtHi*. succcivsor to his brother. 
liiiry. m. first Uj Juhit Sluplclon, esq. 
of Cliutx, in Yorkshire ; and occoudly 
to J. Paston. esq. of Norfolk. 
Frances, m, to Henry Robinson, esq. 
Mr. Clavering was s. at bis decease, in 
17W, by bis eldest son. 

h, in 170.'*, who m. first. Christina, daughter 
of Sir Edward Swyuliurue, hart, ana se- 




condly. Id 18S0, Catherine, daut^hter of 
TtiotDU Selby. e&q. of tieUdlf^tun. in Nor- 
ihatnbcrUiicI, but (lyin;{ wiUioiK »8ue. I^t 
brother, the pretifnt EDWAati Clavi-bing, 
esq. of Callaly. 

Amu — Quarterly, or and ^. over ill, a 
bend, aa. 

Crvt — Achcnib'shend, widi wings erect. 

Motto — Ad ctpin* rnlanii. 

Ettatet — Calliiy and Ydlui^toa. id 
iwridk of Wbittingbain, in Ihe itwoty 
N orth umbv rlund . 

.SW— Callaly Castle. 

yut^.— This Annilvt beini; TtoH*)* dywa 
liM bt-m fictaded. anti) IHtT*.), frotn tbM« pul 
ofiicM to wMcb iu nitk gav* tit* (ulfeai tiAt. 


BOND, JOHN, esq. of Grange, in the county of Dorset, b. Ist January, 1802, j: 
to the eatatee upon the dflmiae of his father, l'2th May, 18'24. 

Mr. Bond lately repre*etit«d Corfo Caatle in parliamout, and vu high sherif ot 
Doraet, 1830. 


The family of Bond were of |DT*at anti- 
qoity in the count)' of Cornwall,* and nrf 
said to have been originally »«atvd at Pvu- 
ryn in that coauly,+ but removed thence, 

* " Bond, of Cornwall. « vary anciaDt fiucily, 
from wboia thoM of London u« dMoanded."— 
Ouitlini'* HiirnUn', etlit. — la iIm pvdJgrM of Sir 
Tbomu Bond, ban. in tb* coUt^of anu, An,nn 
up in iIm year 1669, his ancMtor. Wtllivii 
Bond, 4>f Hucldand, in the county of Som^rart, is 
daacribed U being " «x (intti(ui»ftiinK Uouduruin 
siir)i« in Proviacit ComubiR oriaDdoa." 

t Mr. Kriiiil hiu nn old MS. p«digrM on t«I' 
turn, dated i636, which iktluct^s diair daaMnt 
(ram ■ Naraiaa, who cune in at tba Coiujnnt, 
and marnHd tlie ilnufchter <uid b«ir«u of l(oDd. of 
fMiryn. in Coniwall ; *nA in And«nao'a pedi- 
gfw, of Churrhill, Duko of Marlbonugb, w« find 
tlwi Hnfb Fiu Bog«r, Hcond aon of Rogvr do 
Cottfcil, (a foUowai of WiUiam th« Conqueror, 

at a renr early period, to Earth, In (ba |ii-- 
rish of St. Slvpbens, au Liitatc- they acquinJ 
in marriage with the daughter and bnrrw 
of a very ancient bouse, which took, lla nun* 
from that place.! 

From thin match descended 
KoBERT Bo\o, of Earth, who i« slatMl ta 
bsrt; had three aonf, 

Tboinaa, who died $. p. vt, 
KoBKRT, of whom hereafter, and 
Richard, of Earth, who m. in 1431, 
12th Henry VI. Afpiea, seojed 
daughter and co'beireas of Richard 
Maynard. and their posterity wen 
still residing at Earth at the vifila* 
tion of Cornwall, anno 1030. The 
Bonds, of Holwood, in the ua»t 
county, were a younger braadi of 
those of Earth, and are now renr»- 
sentcd by Thomas Bond, esq. of EmC 
Looe, in the county of Cornwall. 

and who obtainwl from him vxlenairv catKH b 
SomvraMshire, DoiMtsliim, and Wiltsbin, m t^ 
prvn by llomeaday), «M>atutn(; ibn tiatmt wA 
beirosa of Bond, lord OH rishertoo. theEr oObprtai 
aaaumod tba «umasw tad arms of tbic feafly, 
VIE. sa. a fiMs or, and faenee nuoa ibe badlr oC 
Uond. Tbia BoimI (or Bondi aa hs ia oIM ia 
Domasday book) ^p»an 10 bar* bacn a Saaim. 
and ia tDeotioDed in thai record aa ^M^l^wy Fufaiv 
toe in Wihs. aa well aa otbvr lordahipi m Doaaat 
and Soouirtet, h aariyastbe lint of enwianA* 

t " la following the caQraa of tba Lynar, yoa 
MIc downe by Master IWind'ii anfieat bo<iaa li 
Eaortbe, dewended to bia aaceators froai s daoch'- 
ler and heir of thai Qsnt»." 

Huiui H<>vo, removed lo IleaucliamiiV 
BtfJtr, la KoaivrKUhirv, nntl in tlt«> year 
1431 lOtb HciliY VI.) was M'ntril ac Lul- 
k«. m iho I»lf of Purtirck, in Ihr county 
«t Itoiwt, an estnU- ht ac<|uirr<| jn inur- 
fiifa with thr daugbtcr and bcireM of h 
toflf of Uiai niiQv, anil wliirit has wpr 
Mr ntnlinunl m the posit^uJon of Itiades- 
cn4ahU. Hr bad 1»imi« two MM, viz. 

Willtani. of BucLlanil, in tli(- county of 
Scmiers**!, who wfi« fiilht-r of 

I. Wiliinm Bond, of Cro«by Pa- 
la<'^, [junilun, aldennan nndahe- 

riffof ihM city, who d. in ii7e, 

and to whom and to hU M>n, 
Martin Boad, there an? curioiM 
mnnuinriitii in ihc church of 
Great Si. Ilttlrna, (»niliin. 
9. 8ir (J<-or|i>? Bond, lord mayor 
of London in 16H7, from whom 
of the household to Qium 
lleKBirrrt M*iii4. Thia 
penllFniAn w.v rrrated n tm ■ 
ronvt b( Bniuels by Kintf 
C.M^ni.f* II. and had. bv- 
sidi-« his atinccMor to the> ba- 
ront'lcr, a Mrond son, Tho- 
mas, who t'tip'^ustfd Henri- 
etta, rldpflt dnu(;hter and 
co-hrir of Thomas Lord Jcr- 
mvM of St. Edinoud»bury, 
TUc baroDetcy became f\- 
Utict in the Bond family 
diirini; ihe lost century. 
Tl« tUn «on. 

Koaixr Uovn, of Lulion, rspOBScd, In 
HM. Harr. daughter i.f Sir John H«r|y. 
kw. of P)llr«doit, in ih^ coHMtv of Dorset, 
Wd eliirf jufttice of Ent^Ianif anuo IHlh 
Dual Vr ami wiu fnthrr of Wiu.tAM hifl 
mm n- m t t r . and John Bond, of BuckUnd, in 
te rovbty of Dorwt, uhoao eon. Sir Ni- 
<Ma» Bond. hnl. d. i. p. m. 

WiUJAii Hi->\o, of LuiliJn. r-ldwt son of 

IteWH, wu bfim tn l4Ad, and m. in 14M). 

Diaa^' I'rr and co-heireaa of John 

Pmvi . ' , in the ciiunty of Uorwt. 

Wl^ •«• J' 11 Kimily of Prowi^ of Gedlej^h 

CmOm, in I>rvoD»hiV<-, and had 

DcwB. V' -or. 

J«4s, 'I !1. in the coantv of 

^^ ■ ...™ in liWH, Anne.daogb- 

irtflift tif Juhn Hnlnifttcd, of 

ill "lif otnaty of Ewrx, 

I I illirtnrr> thr llosni of 

i- , who muite n difltr- 

> I ' 11 'I' ir itmiv to diiitinijuish tlivni 

::ih:rr branch, and Ikti' »r){. on 

a ^- 1 . ri M. jtltear'o hr«d i-rnoiil.or, 

LI1...-.I. .:. ifu. bclwevn two b(<z.inta. 

William Bond dyinfc fu 1S30. was i. by his 

Dkkis BoMt. of LuttoTi. b, in I.i04), who 
tn. in 163*2. Alii'f, rljiiii;htrruf Rubprt Stmi- 
ways, of Ttjller, in tiiv nitiiily of Oor^i, 
and bad several children, of whotn. 

Robert, the tlde^t Km. m. in I.Vi6, 
Avis, danghter of Ilifj-iT Clavell, .*f 
Winfrith, in the county of Dorset, 
lint died i. ft. m, 
William, the third fon. b. 1264 ; rc- 
nided at liliickmanMon, in the I«|e of 
Purbi-rk.itiiil m. in I6H8, Ann. daugh- 
ter and co-heir of lUchard l»n|L', of 
GlaAtonbury, Id Ihe county of So- 
menH-t, but leaving ao tnaJe isdue, 
his nm|ile postwuions in Dorset and 
Somerset were ilivided amonKft liis 
three daughters nnd co-heirs. Edilh, 
tile cldeHt dauehlcr, married in )fH3. 
Sir White Beekonshaw. knt. of 
Moylefi Court, in the county of Hants, 
bv whom she had only two dauf^hteni 
his co-heirs; Alice, the eldest of 
these, married, in 1(137, John Lble, 
of the IsLo of Wi^ht, who afterwards 
became n member of Cromwell's 
liouM of lords, and one of the com- 
iniMloners of Ids ^n-^t seal. She 
was cnielly condemned to death on 
the (iretended ehnrge of bi^h trea- 
son by Jiidt^e Jetfries, and bvheudiil 
at Winchester 2iid September, XGx^. 
This judgmcnl was afU'rwards re- 
versed by act of parliament. (Seo 
JoH\, fourth fon, of whom hereafter. 
TIi£ fourth son, 

JuHM Lntlon, i. Iddfl. can> 
linued tlie line of the family, and wa» ap- 
pointed, in IdHH, captain of ihe Isle of Rnrt- 
land at the time of tlie expectud hivaj'ion 
by lite Spanish armada. He espouded. iu 
1683, MarRaret, daugliU-r of Richard Pitt, 
esq. of North Criekell. in the county of 
Somerset, and had issue, 
Dkms, bis siicoestor. 
EttuB. of Wareham. representative la 
liiirliamenl for that borough 1 1th 
CllAILES II. d. i. p. in 1680. 
lie d. in 1633, nod wai t. by his son. 

DkMit BoM>. e»q. of Luttun, b. in 1568, 
This fcentleman, at the breaking out of the 
riril wars, joined the side of the jNirlia- 
ment, being at that time one of the repre- 
sentatives for the borouiih of l>orch<;Bter. 
He subsequently rose high in llic fitvitur nf 
(^KnUWf.tX, and li<itl tlie cnntidence of the 
pArliament ns w<-II iw nf llie Photf-itok. 
Prom the enmniencement of the civil war, 
ho was of the (.ommitlee f'tr bis ow n eouniy, 
nnd from IftM lo UkW, he na<i M.P. for 
Weymouth, and one of Ihe I'ouueil of sinte 
from 1048 to 16.U. Me was likewise comp- 
troller of the receipt* tif the cxchciincr, and 

/ Jvff^ 



was oomhtntfil one of the jud){C9 aniut 
till- ill (nU'd king; liul nllhuii^h tic nnd a 
rcAl Mid fixt^ BTt'ntion to the rule of Kint} 
Charlks, yet he could not be prevailt-d 
npoo to bike his sunt, or in any WHy to 
unimoii? the marder of the monarch. Mr. 
'bond m. llrBt, in 1610, Jomtf. daughter 
\vl John Goold, eai). of i>orchcstrr, hy whom 
kc bad iuuc. 

Sons. L1..I>. M.P. for Melcoralte R«- 
g^s, 16th Chvrles I. one or the as- 
ACTubly of Divines in l&4fl, niaiiter of 
Trinity Hall. Cuiiibhdg;c, preacher 
b«fun.' the long (larliaiiieol, &r. 
d. », p. in 1676.* 
William, of Soutli Bestwall, ha the 
cooaty of Dorset, who m. in 1662, 
Mary, sole danghter and heir of John 
Sulb'y, of ReAtwall, aforesaid, and tf. 
ill 1069, leavitifc. amonf^t other >chil~ 
dreii,twu dau;;btvr», Mar>' and Mar- 
Karet. who eventually bec-ame liis 
co-heirs. The former by her second 
hiutband, Jaines Gould, eaq. of Dor- 
chenler, was mother of an only child. 
Anna Maria, m. (irst to Geueral 
Chiirlci) Chwrchill, brother of John, 
first l>uke of Mnrlboruugh :»e(-<md1y, 
to Moatattiie, second ICiirl of Abiu^- 
dOB, and </• 1- p. 174.3. Margaret, 
fbe atoond dnuijbter, m. ^N'illiam 
Speke. v*q. of Shrjiton Bean l- ham ]j. 
In thv county of Somerftel, and her 
son Geor^ Speke. eventually in- 
herited the estatCfl. 
T{i*e*)ioiiied»econdiy. tnl632, Lucy, daugh- 
ter of William Lawrrner,rf«|. uf Steepletoii, 
in ttie county of Doniet, and had, with other 
iwur, KAmucI, sometime M.P. for Poole and 
Mclrnmh Regis; nnd 

N«TlUMni, hi)< iiinvetwor, nl T.nttfin. 
Thin Pitiunoh patriot dvinn 301h Anf^iflt, 
JlflAtt,! t*ait buried in Westminister Abliey, 
And f. at Lulton. by his ion, by his second 

'"Thinjulin HiiRcl, hvlliewny. v'KiB'Ufltknow, 

bohig acare wum in ihv piit|>i't. mu he began to 

^cbnuMn haavcn irttti itoino of hi* divinit>-, by 

BlUnf the auililory with ^ut ival, tint ih*^ 

night to coatributn nnd nrmy In ilo all lljey yier^ 

i«l)lo to hrinit In their bn^tbren of Scodand for the 

. aMlliu^ufUotl'sMiiiBe. " Iiay tltiAuGod'sraaae. 

[ md if ever God hid n eniuie it i* ihia, nnd if tliia 

I'be not (.iod'n cause, then God t> no God fnr van; 

but die devil a got up into beikveo." " H'aocT* 

Alh*t** Otanieaffi." vol. it. p. 11.'^. 

t " Ud the 39th of Augaii, 1658, being i1h« 
Monday, and th» windi«*t day tliM bad befbra 
bsnpened for twentv ye&n, be payod bis Ust debt 
ta NBtum; st wbicbtime, u tb* then rul^u-Iulk 
was. lb« devil come to tkke vwmy Olivei Crom- 
well, wbo then lay on hiadratb bed, bill lieiiig nfal 
prepmd fcr Inai he ga<r« Itond for bJ* future ap- 
pnruwe. end accordingly on the Fridav following. 
L being the Sri of ik'pleiuber, bp mede good hu 
[ ftraiatse."— " H'luiri .-tlAnt^ Uioiuriuo.** 


Nathaniel Bond. esq. of Latton. *. 1 

who was bred lo the bar and became ki 

serjeanL He pan:ha»ed in I6ttf}, the 

joining estate of Grange, which has ft 

been the chief reaidencc of the Inoiily. 

m. Mary, danghter of LewiA Williams, nq. 

of .Sbitterton. in the county of Dorset, ami 

relict of Thomas Browne, esq. of F^unptal^ 

by whom (wbo if. in 1728) be had issue, 

Dkms, bis auc\;easor, 

John, of Tvneham, in the Isle of Pur 

beck, M.P. for Corfe Castle, 

Hth, and Idth GtOBOli 1. m. in 17 

his cousin, Margaret, third dan 

ter of John Williams, esq. of H 

riugston, in the coonty of Dorset,' 

by whom (wbo d- in 1776) he had 


1. JoHK, who t. lo the estatea of 

bu uncle. 
'2. Denis, of Tyneham and Egii^es- 
ton, in tlie Ul« of Purl>e*Tk. rec- 
tor of Steeple willi Tynehatn, t. 
1718. d. t. p. in 17E»&. 

3. Nathaniel, of Holme, in the 
Isle of Porbeck, b, I72t). d. i.p. 
in 1780. 

4. Thomaa> h. 1721, cT. in 1773. 

6. Margaret,6.17^.(/.unman-ied. 
in I7U6. 
Mr. Nathaniel Bond, who was M.P. fo< 
Corfu Castle. Slst CllACtLU II. sad sabse- 
(juentlj fur l>orcbe«ter, d, in 1707. and waa 
t. by hift eldest son, 

Dems Bond, esq. of (Jranfce. This gen- 
tleman was M.P. for Dorchester. 7th X 
for Corfe Castle, ls( and 6th Oeorge I. 
for Poole, 1st GeoSoe II. H 
in 17ia>. I^onora-Sopbia, relict of 
Dummer. esq. and youngest dau 
Sir Willi;tui-DuUon Coll,; knt.enT< 
court of Hanover, by Mary, bin tiki 
(of whom she was co-heir) eldest 
danghler of John , and co- heir of her 
W'eutworth Gameys. esqrs. of Dovlanif 
Kail, in Norfolk, and Kenton Hall', 
Suffolk. Ttiiit laily was bom in Hau 
uud obtained btr baptismal name from 

tianii I 

i He was second anrrieiog son of Geof* 
Calt. f<«q. of Colt HitU, in Snf&lL. liv FJimJmA. 
his wife, eldest daoghu-r and co-bor oT Jute 
DuttoD, esq. of Sheiboro, in Gloocestenhin^ aad 
brother of Ilsiry-Dutiiia Colt, cmted a basiiiC. 
4«b WiLUAM and Mabt. (Seo BmH^'t Pwr^i* 
anrl Jiaraneiagt-) 

■ This estate wm hidd by Iro ds Keoeom, sad 
AUcia, his wife. Ann" 1194, 6th Rlrhaid I. md 
dvaceoded in a dirfct Ime thmgb die Auih W 
Oanieys, to the Isls Mn- Weeibrook. of F««at 
Han, in Ea««, wbo was sole duightio^ and im 
of Wilhiin) Shuie,e«|. of the sane pisw. by H»- 
attelh Colt, his wife, the alder atsier of the a^d 
LMiiK>nt-Su[>hb, sod WM aoU by bar atwnt the 
^eai 17T4. 



rdrbrated EIpctrPM Sophiti, her 8|K)n8or. 
Mr. ttrnif Bond d. i. p. in 1746, and the 
wrt i l jp dcioKrd upon hi* upphew, 

Jdhm Bovd, eaq. or Grangp. b. 1717, 
I.P. for Corfe CaMlp. from 21«t GeoRne 
b) HUi George III. who m. in 174&, 
' riLrtitt'r nnd ro-heir(with hrr 
wiff of Vjiltrnlinp Ktiijfht- 
...\:-lFy Park, id ihr cminty of 
ipton) of Eiltnuud Dunimrr, e»q. of 
S*«Slliii|C, in the county of HanM, by the 
»lk?rc nrntioiir'tl Lt-onorB-Sop)iia,daD{:;hter 
•rStr Williitm-Dutlon Cole, nnd bud issue, 

Jdhm, bu successor. 
_ NitH4>jieu (Rif^hi Hon.) of Holme, 
I. I7M, •omctinKf M.P. for Corfe 
CMtie, one of the inosl houornbU* 
prirjr roaucil, judze advocntr- gt-ne- 
nl, a kioK's cooocil, one of tbi> lordg 
of thr ircwory, and a bencher of the 
tant^r Tempi p. ff. i.p, in 18*23. 
Tbomu, of Eg^lestoD, h. iu I7M, vicar 
of <!onn)b« vrith Wool, In the county 
of Uorwt. 
WillLim, nf TynehAin, b, in 1757, evc- 
Inrof Stwplp withTynchani.aud pn>- 
U'udary of Bristol calhedmt, who M. 
Jaaf-,only dnueliter of Henry Bigpi, 
eaojaf Stockton Houm. in the rounfy 
oC Wills, und ha« Istav. 
Wniium. of Ihr Inner Ti-mple, 

iohn. viear of Iloth Weslon, in 

Hrnrv. rirar ol South Pptlii'rtou, 

in Homenctshire. 
Mwsnrel-Sopbk. m. In tSOI. to the 
R*», John Ro^rs, of Berkeley 
Hotur, in ihe eoiinty of Somfntei. 
•od^f. 1. p. in l»^>. 

in ITfW. to Nieholna-CiBMr 
■ifcllb. raq. of WtToiihoe Hall, in 
ikm cnuniy of Em«x. 

Bom. i>«q. of Grange, A. I7M, «. 

■|r« njmn the deniijir of his fiilher, 

He e*|K)iiaed. in I71)H, Kliyahelh. 

im^hter *pA heireM nf John IJoyd. 

of Ceacood, in tlitt county of Cardigan 

ka^ ImW, 

iou\. fff«Mnt poMcvsor. 
K»lbABi«l, of Holme, in holv ordem. 
^. In IHf>4. im-ceed^ to the etttnfes of 
■B4-|r, thv riitht Hon. Nathaniel 
I, in l»t3. 

h Bo«d. *ho wu M.P. for Corfn Castle. 
tarii af Mar, IBM, and wna m. by his 

elder son, John Boni>, esq. pr«s«nt repr«- 
senlntive of the family. 


RoNn {anrieni) — A fess or. 

UoNt), OF CoRNWAU.— Arg. on a clier- 

ron iA. three bezants. 
LdTToN. OF LnTo^~Vert, nn eagle 

with two he.-idfl displayed, or. b<'nked 

and menihered jpt. 
Pkovpz. op UKU)V-Sa. three lions rura- 

paot arg. 
nruMGK, OP SwATiiLiNQ— Az. three 

fleurs de lis or, on a chief of the 

second a demi lion rampanl sa. 
DuHueH. OF Dimmer—Gq. nine billets 

nrg. four, tlirvc, und two, and in base 

a W'Kant. 
Colt, or Colt Hall*— Arg. a fesg be-, 

Iwcvn three coltg at full fpeed sa. 
Garnf.ys, OF Kkntos* — Are. a chevron 

engrailed az. between thruc escal- 
lops S8. 
R«MHFY, OF KesTON* — Gu. three rams' 

heads ciiboshed arg-. 
\Veujniiah,ofKf.stos* — Su. two bars.' 

and in cliief three cinquefotU or. 
Kevton, of Krnton* — Sb. r cberroa 

between three cinquefoils or. 
Fraunckys. or Giffohd's Hail*— Go. 

a chevron engrailed er. between 

three falcons i-olant ari;. beaked, 

meiubcred, and bi'lled or. 


(laxi^nnl gnrdnnt or. 
Waxtok — Arg, on a eherron sa. a 
cross crosslet of the fie Id. 


chevron gu. between tiiree pheons 

reversed sa. 
HtiSGATF, OP Tf>nR4iiinR— Gu. achev^] 

ron between three talbots ttejaiit ar^. 
B.icoN, or Bacossthorpk, Norfolk- 

nx. three huan passant or. 
A^TL^cllAH, OF ANriNGiiAJi, Nokfouc., 

~S». a bend arg. 
Uanzaiid, op Spkcteshall* — Sa. ai 

fess between two cbcTToneU or. 

WeKTWORTH. op SnMEllLF.VTnN"— Az. 

a ezltire er. between four eugles dis- 
plnyed or. 
L1.0YO, OF Ce<iJCOEO— Ars. a lioa ram- 
pant «a. 
Quartered by Llovd— Arg. three boor^i 
beads erased sa. 1 

Cretti — First, an enffle's wing sa. chargejj 
with B few or. Second, a deroi-pcgasua, . 
wjns^ nnd sem^e of estoiles or. 
motto— Non Kufficit orbis. 
Ettates — In Dorsetshire, Hampshire, and 
Card ignn shire. 

Srai — Grange, in Uie Isle of Purbock. 

(•) In Saflblk. 

LLOTD, JORK-GAMALIEL. e«q. of Welcomb«-Hoiiw), in the county' afi 
Wwickf $. to Uw ettMtes tipun ihe tlerotse of hiii brutlier, iu I B.1I . This f^entleniui, 
«W ia a bencher of the Middle Temple, fiervcd the office of high sheriff for the 
nmatj of Wanrick ia 1832. 


GAHAUtL Llotb, of Matteriev. in the 
tmmtj of NotdairluuD, ■>. \ane Ari^f:«. of 
W%aB. ia Laaraakire. aod had iwuc, 

Oaosot. hi* heir. 


WBIita. wlMiae rrpmentarives are now 
tW Boom, of GlendoQ, Notu. 


Aonr. iM. to Jo«pph Smetbantt, and had 
a tiuinerous [MVStFritT. 
OauiftUrl Uiiydrf. I«t November, 1G61, and 
«a> t. by his v\Avr sod, 

UioROE LmtD, i. in 1060. wbowa« settled 
at Mani'healrr. nx a ini'n^hittil manuraclurtT. 
He m. Martha \V hiltaker. of Nf wlon llpnth. 
in the cnuniv of La.n<;ast«-r, aiid d> ing iu 17'J}t, 
waj* ». by hi» "Illy itiir* iving son. 

OiMAUU. LuiYD, who resided at Man- 
elMCtar, aa ■ merchant and cutnufitcturer. 
Ha eapouaad RliuilH'th, daughter and co- 
hrtrran of John Curie, M.Il. of Man- 
cheater, by bift wife, Sarah, dau^hler and 
co-helreaa of Andrvir Morewood. ffq. of 
llaDow*. ID the county of LVrby, and had 
hy her (who d. .ttHh September. 1703) au 
ohK ohihi. 

UtOROB LtitYD, etu). his Buc4-esaort iit 
1f48L Thia p'lilleman took tbf^ de^^ee of 
M.R. ■! ramhridRe, and waa aflerwardj 
chtuen a (rUovr of the Koyal Society. He 
t««ldt<d i>Ui<i'v>«i\i-ly III MnnchostcT. at Alk* 
rUiRtiiu lUU. the pn^perty of the Lever 

family, at Hulme Hall, near Manchetter. 
which he purchaiMi'rd, then at Tork. and 
la«ily at Barrowby, near Leeds, where br 
died 4lh December. I7K]. and was interrtKl 
at Suillin^lou, in the same iieiKtilMJurbood. 
In 1779. he wa;; noininxitrd, by the Marv|ue*» 
of Rockiiif;haui, a deputy lieutenant of the 
We«t Riding of Yorkshire. He m. fim. 
Eleanor, elder daughter of Henry Wright, 
esq, of Offerton, in Cheshire, by Purefoy, 
daughter of Sir Willoughbj Aatoo. but. 
and hud an only ehild, John, hi5 auccesor. 
Mr. Lloyd espoused, secondly, Soaaanah, 
dau^hler of Thomas Horton, eyq. of Chad- 
derton. in Laocashire, (wmeliine p^reraor 
ufthe Isle of Man, under the Earl uf Derby, 
and father of Sir William Hortoo, karL) 
by his wife. Anne, daughter and ctHhcireat 
of Richard Moslyn, of London, aad kad 

I. Gahauel, who was a merchant at 
Leeds, and aldermao of that corpora- 
tion. He served the office of mayor 
of Leeds in 17T1>. and a few yran 
afterwards removed tu Bury 8t Ed- 
munils, in Suffolk, whence be agun 
changed his residence for Hampctead, 
aad at length settled in Ureal Ormood 
Street. London, where he died 3lM 
August. )HI7. Hem. Elisabeth. das. 
of James Attwood. esq. and had Usaa , 

1. WlLUAM-HoitTON, F.L.S. |MM- 

sesM>r of estate* In the coanlua 
of York. Lancaster, and I>erhy, 
&. Iinfa Febraary, I7H4, who m. 
13th April, 1)136, Mary, foarlk 
and youngest daughter of George 
Whitelocke, esq. of Seymow 
Place, BryanstuH S«|UBrf>, !,(«- 
doo,hy Marr. daughter of Datkl 
Rocbe, esq. an alderman of the 
city of Ltmenck. and has had 

Oahujbu i. I^b June. 1837. 

d. Och Noeember. ISrio. 
Oeorge - Whitelocke, (, MU 
May. ItVW. 
3. Mary-Hortoo, m. to Slepkea- 
John Wiothrop, M.D. and left] 


>r ilpceimc Toai soiib nad two 
llera, rix. 
BwgoiiUD Winthrop. in holy 
•raen, rorale of S(. Sepul- 
dire'i Oiurth, Noiiltamp- 
Stephen Winthrop. 
Giln-artl-Gainiilid Witithrap. 
William Winlhrop. 
HaryaDUP Wintlirop, m. To 
tbe Hon. and K«v. Edwnrd 
PcUrw. fonrtli md iif VU- 
roaiit Exmoiilli, and has a 
Edward- Win tlirop Pellew, 
h. in tKK), 
Eltxabcth Wiiiiltrop. 
3. AnDo-Snuuinab, m to r..eonnrd 
Horner, esq. K. H.8. and ha« 

Mnrv-F.tizabrtli Hnrner, m. 
mh July, la-W. 10 Charlre 
LvfU, cnq. nroft'wor of ge- 
oloRy, K ill);* College, Lon- 
Franrrs-Jonnna Horn^cr. 
Aonp-SuA.inii.ih Hurnrr. 
Kalherinr-Murray Hurner. 
Leonora Horner. 
Jotiniin-llAillre Horner. 
II. Cror^, barrij)ter'at-Uw, loni; rt<«t- 
drnl at Manclic»It-r. and aftfrwanU 
*t York, who m. Elizabeth, dniiKhter 
«f Jervmiab Naylor, esq. and had 

t. Geomgr. of Acombf, in (be 
county of York, somctimt.' a rap- 
tain it) thr'^ml |>iiiK'iiAhin^ mililia, 
A.'iUtMay. I7H7; nt. )7th May, 
IttlO, Alii'ia-Maria, daughlor of 
r J<^n Grcamr, eiq. of Kfwcrliy 
Uotuc. in the county of York, 
■hv Sarah, dau^hU-r of Charles 
Varburgb, esq. uiid luu iwiut^, 
GEoKue-JoitN, h. 3Hili Julv, 

Henry, h. UUUi December, 


Edward. &. 37th May. 182a 

iiU<-ia- Maria. 
Edward- J irt-miah, of Oldfield 
Hall, in Ihp comity of Cheshire, 
bamttrr-al'lnw, who m. Eliza, 
rtrrood ilatit^hlrr and «-o-heircwi 
of Williain KiKby. i^. of Old- 
"^-'■^ M ". and haa iMHu. 

■ . m. fint to William 
i.v..^-. ;„.rd.t'Mi. of Strath Mar- 
Im. ow Pundev, a eapUiin in 
Ikr I7thdragoons, by whom (who 
d. in IKIO) the haA iMii«t. She 
twpotiMd secondly. Kobert Ali- 
•on. 4*sq, of l>ui]dce, and has 


4. Sawmnfth-Oeorgiana. 

5. Mary-Aone, m. 4th Aiifi^sC 
1831, to her couin, the I(ct. 
Ocil-Danirl Wray, one of the 
felliiwit of the collegiate church 
at Mancbt^stcr. 

iti. Thnman, of Ijeeda, ni«rch.-\nt and 
common councilman of that coqiora- 
tion, and mbscqtienlly of Ho^fortA 
Hall. Ho wna for many yeoni Heu- 
leiiant- colonel commandant of tbe 
L««dB Volunteen, on resifrninK: tlie 
command of which corp», he retired 
to the ui>rlh-ea»l of Y'orkshire, andrf. 
at Kingtborp HouM, ntnr Pickering, 
7th April, 1828. He m. Anne, dau. 
of Wflitcr Wade, esq. of New Granf^. 
in the county of Y'ork. by Annr. dau. 
and heiress of Robert AIIanMm, eMj. 
of the Koyd, and bad issae, 

Gkorge, of Coatham, Yorkshire, 
b. 26lh Mav. 17Ha, for screral 
^eani caiitnin of the 3nd Weat 
fork militiu. He m. first, in 
1S30, Marlim Chrintina. fifth dau. 
of Alexander Maclean, pm). of 
Col, in ArfQ-Ieihire, by whom 

inho d. in H«l) be has no Wue. 
le espoutu'd iM^conrlty, 7tli Jane. 
IH25, Flixabvth. arcond daughter 
of William Kookes Lerd» 8er- 
jeanteon, i-an. of Caiup Hill, neat 
Ttipon, and l>a» isnie^ 


2, George-Waller. 
a. Johu-Geor|te. 
4. Caroline-Anne. 
I). Marianne-Jane. 

Mary-Anne. m. Kith 'NoveniLer, 
IHtft. lo Mr. John Prie»tly. of 
Thorpe, merchant. anil iL In H«3. 
Ien\iug tno daughlfra. 

IV. Anne. 

V. Suaannah. m. to the Rev. Henry 
Wray, and haa two sons and a 

vt. Elizabeth, m. to Thomu Batraont 
esq. and had a »on. who was ervaled 
a baronet in IHIH, and is the preaen. 
Sir Robfiit Itirr-soN, of Bclvoir 
Park. M.P. (sec Burke'i Petrayt 
and Baronetage). 

The eldest son of George Lloyd, who d, in 

JoHK Lloyo. esii. F.R.S. lived tit Smit- 
terton, in Warwii-k shire. He m. Ann^-, 
dauKbter and bein'M of Jamci Hibbins, 
M.D. and had surviviug iMoe, 

OtM>Hi>r, bis heir. 

Joiin-Gamauel, present possusKir, 
Charlotte, m. w the Rev. Thoimia 
Watde, of Leamington, iu Warwick- 



ehire, and ha« a aon, Charle*-Tboinas 
Mr. Uoyd d. Mth Jant;. 1777, when the re- 
presentation of thirl wi<l<<-ftpre(uling family 
di-volvc'd upon his eldt^r aoo, 

GEoKiiE Lluyo, tiHi. of Wi-lcombtf Hoqm, 
b. 71)) March, 17QH, who whs sheriff for the 
county of Wanvick. in IdOG. He d. un- 
maiTitHl Ittb July, 1831, nnd wui «. Iiy his 
only brother, the present Joiin-Gahaufj. 
Lt/tYD, CM), of Wclcumbc HouM. 

.'IriM — Argent, tiuee lioot dormant, iu 
palo sa. 


Carte, Staftoiid, 


Crettt — First, a df ini-ann in Male annotir, 
thv hand naked ppr. the caff ar|;. gn«piiu| 
■ liKard vert. Second, two arvu embowcd, 
anacd ppr. mpporting a (diaplel of oak 
branches vert, fracied or. 

EilaUt—lxt Wanrirkahire, Laacadiin), 
I1erlfordslur«, and Euex. 

Seau — Welcombc House, near Htratlbrd' < 
upon-Aron, and Much Hadham, 
Biahop'a Stortfont, HerU. 


ORLIiBAR, RICHARD, ew). of llinwick Hoiwe, in the county of Bedford, b. m 

1775, m. in 1804. Maria, fourth daughter of Beqjainta 
LoQguet, esq. of Dath, and has had iMue, 

RlCHAni>-LoKGi KT, h. 2lin Juur, IHOO, who m. SSrd 
Mav, 1831 , Sophia, daughter of Ja«per Parrolt, eaq. 
of I>undrid|;e, Devonshire, and haa a daugblcrr 
Carotin e- Augusta. 

Cuthben, in holy ordcn. t. in 1807. 

Jnhn, in the royal nary, i. in IHIO. 

AlfximiliT, royal engineers, A. in May, 1814. 

Diana, m. in 1831, la ber uou«lu Edward Carey, Mq. 




Ann-Harriet, rf. at Venailles. in 1839. 

Mr. Orlebar succeeded his &ther in 1803, and wrred 
tlie office of dheri£F for the county of Bcdfonl in 1 80B. 




In the reign of Edwakd HI., 

Thuvas Oklkukre, otherviite Orlrbar, 
was rnenibtT uf parliaiucut for the town of 
Bedford, from this person we {tasa to bif 

JnuH Orlkbar, of Harrold, in the rounty 
of Bedford, who married abvut the year 
1&60, RRd bad three sons, 

1. Robert, wfao U. unmarried. 

2. GermuF.. of whom presently. 

3. John, who m. Mary. diiu^hlLT of 
Richard Hyder, uf'the rounty fif 
Kent, and bad two sons and twn 
daughter?, all of whom died un- 
married, except, 

SvBAKNAlt, h. in 1030. wbo w. Sir 
Jonathan KeatA, hart, of the 
Huo. in Hertforddhire. 
Tlw leeond fw>ii, 

George Orlkdar, ■■«). e!t|KNi*cd Mar* 
g'lrrl, only daughter (and uiKHi the death 

of Henry, son of Sir ChrislopherYelverton,) 
sole heir of KJohArd I'hild. esq. of Podding- 
ton, in the connly of Bedfonl, mi»hew (by 
hb siatcr) and heir nf William Payne, 
lord of tne manor uf Poddington. By 
this lady Mr. Orlebar bad no leas ikatt 
■ixteon children, of wboin, 

I. G^uRbE. succeeded hU father. 

'j. Ricli^ud, b. in ia». m. Elinbftb. 

(laiij-hier of Henry Cooper, esq, of 

Arthingworth. in the county of 

Northanipton. by whom be bad iaaae. 

Cooper Orlebar, esq. wfao im, EU- 

Bsbeth, daughter of — Pownry. 

raq. of Bmywick. in the munly 

orOut'ks.and d. st the cnrU «ge 

of twunty-nine. loading an only 

dnnghii-rnnd lifir«M Euuhmi, 

who m. Sir Thomas Hattoo, barL 

flusanna. m. tn IWtt, to Humphry 

Wykeham, e*q. of Swaclife. 





Jiidftli. m. to iHnws Johoson. 1>.D. 

3. John. *. in XttXl, o( Ihc Midillr 

Tewjilr, M>. Elizabrlh, d»u];)iler nf 

Sir Jobii K«'lynsf>,of Soutbitl. In the 

UR>iintyol Bf<irord,Lonl-Cl]irr-J(i8tire 

ff llw court of King:'B Bcnrti. hy 

lartkft, "hi* M-<S>ad wifr, iUii^ht«r of 

tlr Tbomas Uoteler, of Di<l«ntiain. in 

. J connty of Biittirorti. and had a son, 

JobD. h. in 1667, of the Middle 

Templr, a muter in CliAnctrry, 

whu Hi. Etizabfrth, diiuglilttr of 


Oerksbtre, and left an oa\y Fan, 

JuHS, of the MiddWTetupli-, 

of whom berpufter aa iu- 

herilor of the landed for- 

fane orhia couiin Richard 

Orlbbar, £»ti. of Ucnwick 


-4. William, whu waa baried at Poil- 

5. Matthew, who had a son, 

JuiiK.wbixf. Iraiiiig three daug;h- 
tf. AlexatKler.ofthr lnni!rTeniple,ff.v.p. 
7. Tbi)TnA«, H. a. n, 
K. Anne, m. to Richard Ilippialey.eAq. 

of the county of Somenet. 
B. Elrtabeth. m. to — Cobb, esq. of an 
aneieal Betlfordnhire family. 

10. K^buva, M. to Thnmaa Mulso, ettq. 
•f the Middl«> Temple oud of Fcne- 
dno, io the county of Northampton. 

11. Marr. at. to — Gray. esq. of Pcr- 
teahal], io tho county of Bedford. 

' laesAR. esq. m. Urvnla. daiigh- 

IlPT r Boleter. of Wooton, tn Bed- 

(>*nl»lur*. {of ihf ancK'nl fnniily of Bofcler, 
liWito BalrUr) nitd had with utlirr iane, 
BiauRB, hiH sMCffssor. 
040ffT*, proved VounderV Kin, arcK- 
htahop Chicbrly, All »oal». Oxford, 
tkroa^ tiu tnothiT. 
Jntftti. m. in tOTA, to Jamea Boteler, of 
_ llarrold. 
■ ttarfsret, m. in UtTfl, tn Jnhti (Inwcv, 
V afan anrii-nt Bfdfordnli rr? family. 
TW rMt«t win, 

Kic«i«an n«i rRAR,eiU|. m. •Fane, daaifhter 

«r8irT%ainaBll»tti>n.l>.-ir1. of LcjnifSmahjn. 

I la tfcr ruiinly ■•(' Cambridifc, and had issue, 

^K RjoiiRD, bU tuci-esanr. 


hi* fint rouffio Judith, 

i! r .lame* Bntrler, and waa 

c urenloT of thf Kev. Or- 

p. tW Aspley Houjk', the 

[' I tr Mar^ and the Rev, 

it -:. John Coo{>er, all of the 

eoonty of Bedford. 
Wnitani. an oftccr in the irmy. d. nl 
BnatoQ in .Vmerica, in 1711. nnm. 
Tbr «hlnri aoo, 

Richard Orlbbar, ei>q. built Hinvnek 
House, in the parish of PoddinRlon. Jlu 
wedded Dinnn, dnuf^hter of Sir Samuel A»> 
trey, of Henbury, but dyio^ «, p. lefll kig 
lauded iiroperty to hia cousin, 

John Okli:b*r. esq. of the Middle Tem- 
ple, and of lienKtck Hoow.% (refer to issne 
of John Orlkbar, who wan born in \Ga», 
aecond sou of GKoniiK OnirDAH, pm). by 
Margaret Child, his wife.) This gentleman, 
who waa born in I6U7, iras a commisiiioner 
of exciae, and represenlvd the town of Bed- 
ford, in parliament. He m. Mary, daughter 
of Samuel Rolt. eaq. M.P. of Millon Ernest, 
in the county of Bedford, and bad a son aiid 

Richard, eaq. h. in 1730, one 
of the clerks extraordinary of the privy 
council, who n. first, Elizabeth, duuf^hter of 
the Kev, Ju»eph Cutbbert, rector of Bui* 
pban, Em«x, oy whom be, with four 
daughlera, a son, 

Richard, hia aucceiwor. 
He erpuui<ed Keco»dly,Cbarlotle. only child 
of Robert Willing, esq. of Loudon, and bad 

John, h. in 1781, late a captain in tbo 

royal artillery. 
Ueorge, h. In 1783, died in tbo royal 

Roln-rt-Cliarles, of Husbome Crawley, 
in the rounty of Bedford, h. in I7K), 
m. in 1H(I7, Charlotte, daughter and 
heiress of the Rev. Daniel 8htpton,* 
of Husbome Crawley, and has gur- 
siving issue, 

I. Rnnr.RT Shipton, h. 13th May, 

3. Arthar-Bedford, h. lllh Jnoc, 

3. JoliB-Cbarlc*, h. 18th Harcli, 

4. (ntarleS'Baniel, h. I9th April, 

a. William, h. lOlh August, 1810, 
e. AugiulUJt, h. 14th June, 1834. 

7. <*harIoiIi»-Temperance. 

8. Mary-Conslanlin. U. Emily, 
Orlando, A. in \im, an ofHeer R.N, 

who wt. Helen, only daughter tif Ad- 
miral Aplin, and has issue by that 
lady, who tf. l.Vh November. 1H3I. 
Frederic, h. in 17OT, lateof the E.I.C.S. 
m. *£;nd April, IKttI, Ann, daughter 

' Hy his wife Temperance, daufchfcr of tha 
n«». Arthnr Itedford, view of PoiWiujclMi and 
tilinralinuk, in tb« connty of Bmlfbitl. and hia 
wifc. Temporsnee, d»«ir>i"T of <!"• R*'^- Vw« 
Alston, onlv broUier of Sir TVjmii* anil Sir R'lw. 
land Alston, bnrts. nf Oil>>UCMd». Tempennce, 
the lady of Uw Rfv. Dsnipl Shiplon, by tl>« will 
of hi«reou«iB.ThOB«ia-JianraSelby.e«<|.nf WWJ- 
doD Hall, od Wnvenibm, in the county of B«cks, 
•ueotadad to a pwt of bis sstatM io 1771. 



of Steplirn RoancI, esq. of Beech 

Hill, Itt-rkx. 
William- A u^stuii, b. iit 17d4, who nt. 
Mary Caralinc, <fcond (laii(;liler of 
Bt-njomin l»nifuct, e«|. of linth. 
Henry. A. in l7iW, died R.N. 
Mr. Urli-bar li. in IHtV), and wmi. by his 
eldest 80D, Kjcharo Orlebak, esq. of 

Hinwlck House, now TepteaaaUdwt at tfaa 

Armt' — Arg. two bar* gu. chftTpid. tlur 
upper witli (n-o roses, *n£ the lower with 
one. of the field. 

Cmt — A denii ennlc. rollared. 

Seal — Hiuwick HOuse, Poddinftoa, 

.•^« -wT- 


BENETT, JOHN, esq. of Pythouso, and Norton Bavmnt, both in the county 

^^- Wilt«, b. 20tli May, 1773, m. in 1801, Lucy, dao^bter 

^^Ck of the late Kdmiind I^mb^rt, eAq. nf Boylon liwise, in 

""^(W tlie county of Wilts, by whom (who d. in 1827) ba has 

^X^i^^ ^*^ issue, 

John, b. l.ltti An^st, IflOO. 

Thomas- Edmund, b. in 1812. and it. in 1829. 

Lucy-Harriet, m. 27th August, IW)2, to Arthur Fuw, 

eaq. son of LifutL'uaut OeuLTuI Sir H. Faue. 
Elhcldn-d-Catherinc, m. '^Ilh AwRust, 1827. to Lord 
ChiirlfA Spt-ticrr-Cliurirliill, si-coiid iwn of His Gracr 
the l)ukc of Marlborough, And has issne. 
Emily, d. young. 

Mr Beneti has represented the county of Wilts in par- 
liainent since die year 1819. 




TTie family of Bknktt was founded bv 

John Bknttt, who was fthcriff of Wilts 
iathe5l8tof I1e\ry 111. Hit great fj^and- 

Thomas IJcmltt, of Nortoa tiavant, es- 
poused the dau^titor and co-heir of — Papc, 
of I>evi»>fi, and was t. by his ion, 

John Uekktt. who weddfd Af^nes For- 
wardc, of the county of Somerset, and had, 
with other i^Hue, 

1. John. 

2. Thomas. D.C.L. canon and treasurer 
of St. Paul's. London, jirvbcndary 
of Fatdsircct and of Ru);intre, (irt*- 
cantor and canon reaidentiarj' of Sn- 
nim church, where he was buried in 
1S58, having lived from the reij^ uf 
Edward IV. 

3. WiLUAU. 

The third iiod. 

WiLLUH BeNKTT, m. Isabel, daughter of 
Augustine Dureley, of Gloucestershire, and 
WJ15 *. by hi!) eldest son, 

WiuJAM BeNP.TT. who es|M>used, first, 
Uargaret, danghter of John Aylearde, of 
Bowngstoke, by whom (who d. in 1583) he 
bad issue, 

Thomas, of Wcstbury, d. lo 1006. 
WltxlAii. Mnrynret. 

He wedded, secondly, in lAfL'i. KatbeHae, 
daughter of William Willonifhby, of Syt- 
ton, in Dorsetshirv, and died in 1&74. His 
second son, 

WiLLiAH Besttt, whose will bears datp 
1617, was s. at his decease by his only son 
by his second wife, Ann, daughter of -^ 
Wuilis, esq. of Grovely, 

Thomas Benett, esq. who m. first. Mis* 
White, sister of John White, of Carnarvon, 
and hud one child, TiioMt^. whose cmly son 
dit-d i«iiii'les«. Mr. Beiiell wedded, we- 
rcjndtv, Miss Elizabeth Moore, by wboai 
(whorf. in 1681) he had issue, 

1. John, who m. Frances, daughter of 
Thomas Garratt, esq, of Lambonir. 
by whom (who n. secondly, H. L. 
Coker. esq. of East Knoylc) be left st 
his decease, in I70(i, nu anniriMf 

2. WiLt4All. 9. Richard. 
•t. Samuel, in the nary. 

6. Elizabctli, m. in 1660, to Edward 

Hawtatne, M.D. 
C. Ann, d. iesaeless tn 1073. 


7. FIoreiKV, m. in 1083, to Ednrnrd 

OftmLrd, c»q. of Sarum. 
:A. Uury, m. in lOM. (u the Rev. 

Thomu lAntwrt, F).D. r>r noylon. 
9. Sunb, m. to John Godilard, eAt), of 
Ut. BvDCtl J. in 16&3. His accoiwl son by 
Itu aeeond wife, 

WltUAH BbNETT, esq. of Norton Bavnnt, 
uid of Wwtbiiry, in tliv coaot; of H'ilt?, 
rvmrder of ShafUmbury, aiid Bridport, 
ia Donelshire, mftrried, in lOftS, Mm. Pa- 
ikntiK Biakop, iiBt«r ind sole heir of Colo- 
Rfl Thonas Betinet, of Pytboue, secretary 
in Prw» Rl'PERT, by whom he left at bid 
decease. In 1707, a Bon aiid itueui'ssor, 

TnoWAS BlNETT, esq. of Norton Uavanl 
■■4 of Wenbory, one of the refrislrarfi of 
iW prvfogslive court of Canterbury, who 
fmtammi, m lT2a, Pi-thousv estate. Thiy 
Ips— Iwnti wedded, in 1713, Elhe1dr«d, 
2aa(tlil«r and co-beir of Hu Grace Wil- 
UaM Wakh, D.1>. Abchbishop np Caster- 
•I av. by whom (wbo rf. in 17WI) h« left iil 
1u* decease, in 1754, with other children, 
wIm rf< uBRUtrried, 

VtlxiAH, who predeceased his fa- 
ther, (in 1740). IcavinfT by hia wife, 
Miaa Mary MouolaiD.of Stockbridfie, 
aa only son, 

WiLUtH, of Norton Bavant and 
Wviibury. who wedded Mrs. 
Jane HHrfonl, and dyiog iitsue- 
1«M, in t7K|, devised all his et- 
tatti tu that lady. 

JetuB. LL.D. in holy orders, rector 
of Oonhead St. .\ndrew. in Wilts, 
asdofOwer Moijcne, in IJorst'tithirf. 
Thb iceatleman m. Prani'<>]t, sixter of 
Wit Tboma« Turtoo. bart. by whom 
(wte d. io 1796) he bad issue, 

Charlev-Cowper, of Lyme Ref^, 

ia Dorsctunir*?. whij fM. in IHIO, 

Karab, dnu. of William Durlton, 

.k.< .,( ii.inhfAd Si. Andrrw. 

f <. in Ittll. Miss Hen- 

< ' lin Kni]ic. uf St. Hr- 

Iraa, «od (/. iu 1tti£3, leaving two 


CScioTK*! of SaleiuaD's Crosi, Sur- 

rey, m. Miss Patience Ridley, 
of Croydou. 
WiUianfWnkc.of the Royal Nary, 

lulled in action. 
Henry-Cowpcr. d. ». p. 
Frances, m. to Urepory Doyle, 

esq. of the county of Gariow. 
Cathirrine-Maria, m. Io Stanford 

Carroll, e«q, of I>ublin. 
Boctor Benelt d. in 1808. 
Mr. Benell d. in 1764, and was interred at 
Norton. Hi^ eldnfit iiurriving son, 

TiU)MA» BevETT, esq. of PythouM, ob- 
tained u fellowship st Oxford, as founder's 
iiin, tl)rou{ch his mother Etheldred Whko» 
to Archbtuop Cbichely. He wodded first, 
in 176fl, Frances, daughter of the Rev. 
Richard Reynulds, of Little Paxtou, in 
IfuDtingdonMiire, chancellor of the dio<:es« 
of Lincoln, but bad no itwue. Mr. Benett 
m. secondly, in 1771, Catherine, daughter 
of John Darell, esq. of York-street. St. 
James's, London, and co-heir of her brother. 
By thin lady (who d. in 17M>) ho bad issuer, 
Thomiis. rf. before bis fiilher ( I78U) *. p. 
John, present Lord of the Manor. 
William, of York-street, Portman- 
square. h. in 1779 ; m. in IBld. Ellen, 
dau)(hter and wjle heir of Thomas 
Gore, efiq. of Tring Park, Herts, and 
has Burriviug issue, 

1. Fu.>Kt^<.■E-AMBt. 

2. El.LF.N'C«HOUKE. 

.1. Fthf.ldreda'Anna. 
£lheldr«d-Anna- Maria. 
Mr. B^niett, who repurchased Norton Ba- 
vnnt, died in ITt^, and was j. by his elder 
surrivinft son, the present John Benrtt, 
esq. of PythoDAe, and Norton BavanL 

ilmtf-— tiules, three demi-liou rampaal, 
arj:. a mullet or, in the centre, for cadency 

Crrat — Out of n mural crown, or, a lion's 
head i»suanl arj;. rharged with a mullet or. 

talititt — Norton BaTfuii, acquired in the 
latti-r end of the fourlpenih century, as ap- 
pears by the visitation uf Wiltshire. Py- 
lhnii»e, purehaseil in I7'i& hy Thomas Be- 
nL>tt, it being the Ytiry aiieieut seat and pro- 
perty of his mother's family. 

Seati — NortoQ Barant and Pyibouse. 

lu htir. 
rf Am Middle Temple, d. v»- 

VH"^ »te«. CKflieriite. duwhtor 

^^Uir JjMeley. »q. of UieJiMa-. 

^K MM. Via fiUi^r iaaaCf 

TIr Jir««.WtuJtM Oauxkt, rector 

•C B^ Cni«. in Slircmsbon 

<i*f •» article Oaicley. of 


^ f rf. Mumiirrinl. 

•. to ThouM Downr*. 

0«DUT, caq. of Oak«I^r. 

if S*r Ucrtiert Croft, tiaru of Cral ' 

I lai f«o Mas, 

fa koljr «idon, ivrior of L^.| 

ti near of tHbury. vfe to- 

Aoae. 4Mif;blrr of BoWrS 

Mq. of lAiklode, aad iL ■> 

jMy. «fao labtTfad iW ooMw ai 

lkff4Mth ofUiBBCkb. 

Chfaky ^ in 1738. a«l wmi «. by yi 

OUZLBT, Mq. .>f OAkeley, M I 
Mv JModm, tiic famtily ettolM 
jHlOtfXUT. rtq. or Oakelcy. «Emv 

ftB Bl*. Bmcar Oak fi r t . of ( >AkeIi*;, 
■■ttr«fl^JhB,prebaiiilar> <ii \\'oitr»h-t, 
oa»s.a>lMrffcx«n bjr tii» cldcM mh, tite 
^— Wmiuut OtuuT. ewi. ofOHirlcj. 
' pst «■ a f«ue bt-twreo &r^ 
MHiaj fleara-dt^ly* or. 
-am embowed. in anooor 
_ ' tdmittr also p^r. pan- 

- w^-b the paiWwa of Lvdkaa. 

^i^'» Caetlr. tTdbory North, aod Nor* 

tarv.^attv'aaBtr of Salop, pomtmd 


a^ OAiiry. BMf Biahop'a Ca«dr. 



;CJJ^Y. WJLLrAM-GRYFFYDD. eaq. of Plai Twi-y-bwlch, in thrcounty 
KuUi, 6. 18th December, 1790; m. I3tb February, 1817, LqiiIm, elduC 

o( R. B. Nen. esq. of Middle Hill. 

(kc-ley, who wiccecdvil liis father in Au||niiit, 1811, wu sheriff of Merionetli- 
'ldl4, and of CamarvoDBhire tho following year. 


7'A' RntrrHd 

WiixjAK Oakkley. Rector of Flatyrroas, 
ffarwilmiy. and of Forton, in Staffurd- 
\tr- (.■r-.iirlaon of tln? William llakf|<>y, 
iiv, ivho d. \n IWM,} m. CiUhe- 
■ >:iKhi('r of Sir Putriclt .Slraliiin, 
mmd hsd iaaur, 
Wiujam, lii» heir. 

Oukries, who, having dintiiigtii»hed 
binwtf in the Eftst India Oimpnny't 
•enriui, wan created a BARONf.r in 
1770. His lion is the prvsviit Sin 
BtttgKKT Oakbley, bart. 
The eldftci itou, 

WtixiAH OiKu-KY, e»q. b. in February, 
I7M, n*. Marcori'l, only child and heir of 
Bvn OryHydil. Em. uf Plas Tun y-bwtch, 
•■ dw eovalT of Mfrioortli, and had an 
•aly «oii and hfir, tlte present Wiluam 
Obtttydd 0*KtLET, e»q. 

Mr. 0«kclcy died in Aapnst, 1811 ; and 
Ac luisnaDceiDt-MU of bJB death was Ihuti 
•CMmpaaffd, Id the Gfinllcman's Maga~ 
ata*: — 

" Al Tan- y-bwirh, William Oakclry. esq. 
Thr la#> the inhahitnot^ uf the ' Ha|)|)y 
VaJr*. and its nri|;liliourhood, have nus- 
Mbv4 by hi« death, »nnot easily be eeti- 
wmMA. The flvcellent roads formed tinder 
fell dlrretioa, trough a district formerly 
•baiMl imtwa'^-ilrU. ar« knovro to every Ira- 
»( which ho has fertilised, 

Ifc- •' tdiich he has planted, 

sad. aW^c .til. the deli^litfiil exhibition oT 
N*twr*i. In h<>M Aiid iiirturi-Bi|U«; vcetiery, 
»4' i'-reiMpt'd and luiorne^, 

bii Nies of rapture to every 

nMi<^ 3 i>i< u( nincence has bettered (he 
mm^tkam, and made happy the dni-lliit^', of 
Many a msUi^ ; and ilu' memory of Xiia pri- 
raW fan&act* will lon^; live iu the boiw>m« 
«f M» r«]ali*r* and Irl>'iiiU." 


IT aavrrTDP. living in 17W, tlie 

itati*e of Ji *<'ry aueient family 

at Harh-y-Miiai, county of Car- 

I, ourriiHl Calberine, cideil daughter 

and co-bclrof Bran Evatu,*of Tan-y-bwlcli 
e«q. by whom he had isitue, 
Evan, hiH AMCvttMfir. 
John, married, and left issue. 
Owen, in hwly orders. Rector of Llfui- 
frolheti, ronnty of MerinreHh : died 
13th oi April, 17-M. 
W^ilJiam, inarried — , daughter of David 

Williums, and bad issue. 
Jane, wife of Griffith Parry, of Pe- 

Aonc. married oo the IBth of July, 
1727, to Lewis Lloyd, of Mae»-y- 
Gwen, wife of Lewis Anwyl, Vicar of 
Abergele, county of Denbigh. 
Mr. Grjffydd was succeeded by his eldest 

Evan GRYrrvPD, of Bach-y-saint, and 
(in his mother's right) of Tan-y-hwich. He 
married JancI, daughter and to-hejr of 
ThomaaMeyricli.ewi.ofHerthllwyd, county 
Merioneth, by whom he bad isane, 

Rftnr-KTGttYPFYDD, esq. of Tan-y-bwlch, 
who wa* sheriff of the county of Merionelti 
in 1742, and mnrried Anne, daughter of — 
Anwyl.of Hendn^ m6r, in the «amfl county, 
and by her had issue, 
Evan, his raccessur. 
Hobert,rf. 17th March, 1770, aged 22. 
Ev*\ Gktffydd. esij. the elder son 
and successor, married Mary, one of the 
daughters of Willirtm Anwyl, of Ucndre 
mftr. eaq. by whom (who r«-married in 
177». the Rev. John Gryffjdd, and died in 
1701.) be had Usuu an oiily daughter, 

MABiutneT. who succeeded to the es- 
tates of her fiimily, and. as staled, be- 
came the wile of William Oakeley, 
est), and mother of the present pro- 
Mr.Grvlfydd was ahcriff of Merionelb In 
177(1, about nhich year he died. 
Arma — Ai^. ou a fesw between threo 

• Ttw fiunilv of Enuu hid Wen the 
of Taa-v-bwlch for mmt^ii geaarsliotia. 

W tW peaee for the Wnt Riding of Yorkjhin, 
' U« &dicr 4th April, 1817. 

C oWye f , and died in 1686. Hi* Toia^efi 

Bkkuhix IHaltbt, merchant. (. hi 
MSi; died in 1797, and kft with senior 

^ ^w 7^. M« ft «M pmwtd M Tocfc. 

IT Pumi. ti T m ^ ftm, is the 

^T«ik. HiMi m lh» Ckwm. ui 

M Jw» L kA. 

m •« J^n. MM. BWMk, <i Mith»CTo f 

■- ^- WnMW,)he 


BocJAMi*' De*ltry, e«q. of Gnlnttiro*. 
wW •. Dtoah, Kcood daughter of WiUiim 
Dvaloy, v«|. of the coonty of Linroln, and 
— H «. n 1746, bjr his only son nnd h»tr, 

J*H» DULTRT, p«q. of Gunsbro*, n 
jwtfa* of the pcacf for the n>uDly of Un- 
oola. wbo wedded, in 1767. Elizabeth, rldrr 
daaihler and co-heir of Charin Hon," 
(•q. cT AMenraaley. hv whom (who waa b. 
nriOctoheM751,andrf. in lasS,} he left, 
at Ut dccewe, in 1817, an only anrnrinf 
the present 

B£SJ4Hi> Dbaltry, esq. of LofthcMJ* 


RtfrtMnUd hjf duprrtrnt Jtln. Dtmiirj. 

Thov&& Procte*, fnq. of New Halt, near 
Otler. barriflteT at law. wiu father of 

Henhy PaoCTiK. esq. of New Hall, who 
». Mnrgery, daughtf>r and heiresa ofiolm 
Gascnif^ne, esq.f of Thorp on the Ht11,i 
was I. by his SOD, 

• Thtf &auIyof IlnaT iaooeof gT«M aaiiqsity 
in tha ooasty of Derbj. and hia tntaniiain«d wita 
(he hooMM M Baainoai), OaraaifUL. IKmrva. 
LuTvi, Rouu^ he. Thnni^ the Uatdh, Uu 
Dmhrj is • d««c«iidsot of John Crtnaur, hnothW' 
W AacwufltorCiuyMxx. 

t ThronKb thia alliance. Mia. Dealliy, &■§ % 
nghl 10 twenty quulrringB b hctt 



[«*(MY pRncrKR, t^. of Thorp, in ihc 
oiMuit>' of York. Tbis t^eiitleDian wedded 
Anop. (Inuplitcr of Tbumaii Fawkeit, riq. of 
Farnlcy, (li* bis wilV Mary, «]nut:l>ti.!r of 
Sit Joim J^oltiiiflUX, ban. of Frvcrelmll.) 
■■d iru /. at hi» deceu« In 1672, by his 

FftAKiris Pbottkr, esq. of Tborn. whom, 
Kliubetb. eMeM Aiitflttu-r of Williftm Mel- 
ckU, «»n. of Tfaoroboruugb Hall, »ud liad a 

McTCALr Procter. p»q. of Thorp, who 

CifpoUMd Martha, third ilaii^hti-r of thr 
R«v. John l>in)ey of Lincoln, son of I>a- 
■ieJ IHcuey, caq. by Catherine. dituKhter 
a*d co-heuTM of Ht'iin -Fyiieji Clinton, e»n. 
nmndaon of Hvitry, Karl of Lincoln. Ity 
mt» lady Mr. Procter bad tno daughters, 

CAniHNlNP, m. in t7&'>, lo Thomaa 
Hotiard, third Earl of Effin^liMtn, 
butd. M.p. 
Maktiu, m. lo Ralph Hnnson, psq. of 
Ford Hon^p, in th* comitj- of Devon, 
and hrr tlati^hter and hoircw, 
CATHtRiNK Hanson, m. Benjiuiiin 
Dcaltry. esq. as stated at com- 
Atvu — Ax. flv« fiuilli io fuse org. flar- 
mouQted with a bendlet fpilM, Qaartering 
thu Ensigns of the families of HuiiT. Lowe, 
and FaWnk, anil beiiriiig iinon an i^mulcheon 
of prft«ne«, thoae of Iunsok, Proctbr, 
Gancoionb, and Mowbray. 

Krlatrt — Ijonboww in Yorkshire, and 
l7|iton, in the eoiintv of Lincoln. 
Seat — LoflbouM tlall, nihur Wakefield. 



hays, ID Cornwall, and colonel of the militia 
of that county, &. in 1 780, ni. fint in 1 801 , 
CharloUc, daoghtAr and co-heir of — 
Hosier, esq.* and hu had issue, 

Jomn-Charlm, m. to Cbarlotte. daughter 
of Trelawney nrcreton, efi<|. by whom he 
hat (frith one daughter) a sod and heir, 

Hcnr>-, m. to Georgiaua, daughter of Co- 
luiirl and Uie Hon. Mrs. Lee, and niece 
of the late celebrated Lord Byron, and 
has issue. 

George, lieutenant R.X. w. to Gertnide, 
danghfi-r of F. T>anicll, e*wi. of Trelissic, 
in Cornwall. and d. lUlhScpten)bor,1K33. 


R* Bspontd, Mcondly. in 1830, Sosannah, aerond daughter of Sir Francis Burdett, 
ta. «mI has MW daug^htrr. 

ThH gantleman, whoae paternal Bumame is Br.TTKswoRTn, aMumod in addition that 
of TKRYAVIoy. with the amu>rial rnsi^s of that famibr. He s. to the eatatea upon 
ibe dvoMM of his fiahor, and scrred the office of BberiB of Comvall in 1804. 


7Ue Catmily Is of remote HnlJ()uity, and 
m* 4»dacc muthmtifally its pcdi^rcr from 
ihedlMOf RdwAfdll. 

5is Jottv T.M <. iKioK. kilt. l»n1of Tre- 
faMMi. r of parliament for Lost- 

.(,11 :n of EDW,tnD 111. He 

* Mr. Mtmm. with Ow wkoi* of Iiia (imiiljr »• 

71 two da«|[lMn. naiDvly, ManuiDH. ilw wir« 
Liiwi»»fiaal t7«n«r*l Shaqw, of SuMldinft Cns- 
dt, it, B. asd IW abomiMnKiinml, Cbarlotin, 
•aalMl w ihm G w e ia ff, East iDiliA-nuui. 

an. Johanna, daughter and heireas of 
Stephen de Bcauprf, or Beltopraio, and was 
4. W his «ou, 

RuBKRT Tkkvaniok, of TrevaiuoD. who 
esuoused the daughter and heiress of Afch- 
deVue, and was t. by hfa son, 

RoBtRT Trbvaniok, of Tfevaniou. who 
M. iohanoa, daughter of Utliu Anmdcl. ol 
Tremhlith, and was father of 

Robert Trivamon, nf Trevanioa, who 
by his wife, tlie daughter And heireaa of 
Carntinowe, left a son and successor, 



RossitT\ioh, ofTiTTiBina. Thtf 
feudai lord m. JohaniiA, dauvbter nod heirew 
of RoDOLrH ARt^OKix, of Caenhays, aod 
obtabed tbrrebjr that estate, which has run- 
tiaaed atnce ibe ehM rrsidence oCthe family. 
The H>D and beir of tbu marriage, 

TnnMAi Trcvamov, took up his abode al 
CARaitAYu, his fnaternal inberiuore. He 
iTfdded MaliMa, daughter and co-hdrfwof 
John Petit, ofArdr^'ura, and waa#. by biiaon, 
JoHK Trevikiok, of Caerbayea, Wring 
io the 22Qd of Edward tV. He m. Jennt-t, 
daagfater of Tfaoioaj Trefry, of Fowey, and 
WM MKC«edcd br hia bod, 

StRWiLUAM TtBVANlON, of Carrbay«s, 
who raeefrod the honor of knighthowl, niid 
WM Sheriff of ComTrall id 1502, whit-h 
olice be lerred again in M/OH. H« es- 
|>oiiwd Ann«, dangler of Sir Richard Edge- 
conbe, knt. of Cotbele, in CorDwall. by 
whom he bad two boom and a daoghter, via. 
HcuH (Sir), his heir. 
John, who woB sealed at Trerabtcr, 
and PK. a daughter of ~ UoUand, 
bj whom be was father of 
John, of Trcralstrr, who by Maria, 
his wife, daughter of John So- 
master, of the county of Deron, 
left three daughters hia co-heirs, 

Maria, m. tiy Richard Tre- 
fat-in, enq. ance«tor to Lord 
Johanna, m. to William BUgh, 

Alicia, m. to Nicholas Boa- 
cawen, esq. 
Jane. m. to Jieglaald Mohtin, esq. of 
8ir William was f. by his eldest son. 

Sir HtuH TREVA\ioN,ofCacrhay8. This 
gallant person was the particular faTounlc 
of hia n-andfatber Sir Kicbard Edcccumh, 
with whom he encouuti-rcd many nnngpri*. 
in the time of FiciiARn FTI. He fouylii 
uadsr the banner of tlie Earl or Kk hmond 
at BtWWOHTH, and rpcetved the Ui^b mar- 
tial honottr of kntglit Baniterct, for bis 
brave deitorlment in that memorAhle field. 
The sworil with which he was confirmed ti 
still to he teen in tlic church of St. Mi- 
chael's, Cacrhay*. He is »tat»?d to hare 
been the abettor of Edgecomb, in the pur- 
nit of their fallen opponent. Sir Henry de 
Bodrigan, and to have ihared in the divi- 
sion of the lands of Ihut uiitorninnle gen- 
tleman. Sir Hugh m. Flizab^tli. daughu-r 
of Sir Lewis Pollard, and had three sons, 

Hi'OH.hia heir. 
John, whorf. J. p. 

Richard, m. to Margaret, daughter and 
co-heireu of Thomas Chamond, of 
Tregarlhian, and rflict of Anindell, 
of 'Hilvanie, by whom b« had issue, 

1. Hugh, of Tretegan. wlio m. 
Aminm. daughter and heir of 
Thomas Mayow, of Lo«twitbiel, 
and was g. by his sob, 

Huoii. of Trelrgan. living in 
10'A),who Was >. by bitt t-aa, 
HroH, of Trtlegan. who 
died one of the poor 
Knights of Windaor, 
wilhonl inne, and with 
him the lininch of Tre- 
legan eeasrd. 

2. Richard, of Trcgar&ian. m, 
Maria, daughter of Uenrr Rolls, 
of Heanton, in Devonshire, and 
waa 1. by his son, 

Nathakiel, wboso represen- 
Richard, was living at Tre- 
garthian in the beginning 
of tlie last centuiT. He m. 
Miss Bond, of Earth, and 
hod on only daughter, 

, who espoused Peler 

Major, esq. of Fowey, 
whose heiress married 
JoMS GnoDHAU^ and 
present John TitIXt 
CnRTTON, esq. of Pen- 
til lie Castle. 
.1. William, who inherited from 
his mother the manor of Tke- 
G4DDER, and his only daughter 
and heiress marrying John ficr- 
Tcys, was anrestor of the Hev. 
Richard Uerveys Urylls.ofHel- 
Sir Hogh Trevanion was >. by bis elde»t 

Sin Hl'oh Trevanion, int. of Caerbaya, 
who w». Syhilln, daughter of Sir Thomas 
Morgan, and sister to llie wife of Henry 
Carey, first Lord Hunsdoo, and bad, (witll 
three elder sons, wIm died unmarried) 
CuAMtES, his succeasoT. 
Amu;, m, to John Kitliowe, of Lon- 

Beatrice, m. to John Trelawny, 
Elizabeth, Robert Carey, Earl of 
Moninuulk, fourth son of Henry first 
Lord Hun^don. In the memoira of 
ibi» noblrman, written by himself 
and published by John, Earl of Cork 
and Orrery, he says, " 1 married a 
gt-nlU-woiiiuM, Elicabcth, daughier nf 
Sir Hugh Trevanion, more for her 
tr»rlh than her weatth ; for her «•- 
talc was but MOl. a year jotBtore. 
She had between fire and NX hun- 
dred pounds in her par«e. Neither 
did she marry me for any great 
weallli, for 1 had in all the wnrit] 
bat 10M. a year out of Hk Excbr- 
qof r as a pension, and thai was bnl 



during pleasim, aod 1 wu near a 

itHMMAitd pounds in drlil ; W-sideo tlii> 

Qbmii (EuzABrTti, bin first cou^iiit 

<ru luiffhtily dupleuod wttb me for 

tnarrTing, anil niosl of my Ix'st 

fri«iia«, only my failuT was no 

w«>-s offended itl h, which ^ave 

me great c«;nt(-nl." For a ruriiii^r 

■rcoontof this nobleman, sec Burlu'i 

Kxtimrt and Dormant Peeragf, 

^Sir Hugh wft« t. by his only surviving son, 

C)l4RUn Tbeva.mon, eim- of Cacrhays, 

vice adiunU of Coruwalt. This RCuUfman 

e^MMied Jobatioa, dauebler aivl hi.'in>^<i of 

— WiUhaha*-. «^q. of me count)' of D«von, 

by wfaom be wiu father of a daughter, Ca- 

iMriaet who died unmarrieil. aud a son, his 

SlK CHfcRICJI THKVANION, kot. of CftfT- 
Ibafc, M.P. and high sheriC of tiiv county 
Connrall frmp. Chaklks I., who m. 
•Ural daughter of Sir John Mallet, 
' Ba»ere, aud hod a ton, 
_J*HK. h. io 1013, who espoused Mart, 
yo uu eet daoKbter of John Ariit^dkl. 
9f TWruv,* ono of the faithful ad- 
bereats of King CHAHLts I. and sifi- 
Urof KicHARo, first Lord Arlndei., 
wfTrrriff, hy whom (who m. second- 
li, Kir John Aruudel. of Liiuh<ime)hc 
leA at bis decease, being »laiii before 
BrialoU a wn, 
Chamju, aaceesaor to bis grand- 
84r Charles «taa $. at his decease by hin 

CniUU Tkivanion, esq. of Caerbayea. 
This frotlrBiah m. on*- of the dauKhlers and 
cu-hein of Sir Adam Dnimmund, knl. and 
was «. by bts elder iWD, 

loMX Trcvamon, esq. of Caerbayes. 
^^Wh ia 1738. m. first, Anoe. daughter and 
^^^HreM of Sir Francis Blake, of North- 
^^^^^pand. bul bad ao tvnie. He esiMu^ed 
^^^^Hly. io 1730, Barbara, daughter of 
^Wun, foarth Lord Berkeley, of Slratton, 
%y tthom be had, 

WltUAH, bU mccrMor. 

PlUN«M. co-heir to licr brother, M. to 

• JoM* AaonsL, »f Trrnn, M.P. for ^h* 
f at CotairalL tn^ KUaalwUt and King 
iLaDd fcrTivgeoy.ia tfa«mptof Ciukiu 
Al tim hiatiin oat of thr civil wan, this «mi- 
pmnii, aith kit fiiur non*. i-ifpoiiA^ th* 
md tnok un *niu fortfae kiuji;. 
ir 0'- . Jnlm and William, lost thrir 

Itl i«» MTvi,-* at thut anfonunata nuter, 
Uttt ■aOaiil trfhar bMiM defiaofis to Utv 
a iW battboHnla of Peadennis, aji^ 
hta poattioa la ihm vtty end of tbotr 
jitOLOj Wthnoffa baaioicrd both by aea 
balag. as L-onI ClaTvndon rdates, tlwn 
Irmt Mtm iMTi of aic*. and on on* of the 
___ jm^m md tnUTMta in tbe counnr of Com- 

John Bettesworlli. esq. LL.D. ofan 
ancient Susai-x family, and had issue, 
John UKtr^s worth, whit t-^entu- 
ally iuheritcd Catrhayf^d. 
SoFiilA, co-heir to h^r brolhiT, m. to 
Admiral the Hon. John Byron, se- 
cond son of the fourth Lord Byron, 
aod hod. wilfa several daughters, two 
aoas, vix. 

1. John, an oflScer in the army, 
who first espoused BaroneAs Con- 
yen, and had ao only daughter. 

AlGL'STA. IR. in 1807. to John 
Leigh, i>w(. lieutenant-colo- 
nel of the I4th dragoons. 
Captain Byron espoused se- 
condly. MiMtiordoo. i Scottish 
beireeiri, alliei) to the blow] royal 
of Sootland, by whom he had 
an only son, tbe immortal 
OKOROK-OnRpoN Lord Byron. 

2. Ueorge-Aoson, a capuin in tlie 
ruyal nary, m. Henrietta, daugh- 
ter of Robert Ihdlas, c»q. and 
had a eon, 

GF.nKr.E-.\KSON, a canlain Jo 
the royal navy, who suc- 
ceeded his cousin, and is the 
present Luiil) Bvhov. 
MrTrevaolon wasi. at hia decease by his wa, 
William Trevanion, esq. of Caerhayea, 
M.P. for thf borough of Tregony in 1763. 
This gentleman died withont issue, in 1797, 
when bis sisters inherited tbo estates asoo- 
heirs, Caerhits, Slc. devolrlng apoa the 

Frahceb Bettbsworth, who was i. hj 
her son, 

Ji>HN BsiTEawoRTH, esq. of Casrflaya, 
who eepouacd Frances, diuigbter of — Tom- 
kins, esq. of the county of Pembroke, and 
had issue. 

JoHN-THF-VAMtoN-PtiRNEL, his heir. 
Oeorgo, a captain io tbe R.N. who died 
of wounds received in baltlr. with 
the reputalioii of a brave and enier- 

E rising officer. He m. Lady Hannah 
Henrjr. captain tn the royal Cornwall 

Mr. Bettoeworth was >. at his demise by his 
eldest son, tbe present Johk-Thevamon- 
PruNEL BeTTeswoHni-TRCvA.MON, esq. of 

j^rnu — Arg. on a fesse azure betwe4>n two 
chevrons guirs, three escallop abells or. 
Quartering the arms of BeTTCSWortii. 
Crrst — A stag trippant ppr. 
Si^porterr — Dexter a stag; Sinister m 

JUtttto^ — En dieu psI mon espoir. 
Ettmttt — Id Caniwall. 
Stut — Cacrhays. ComwalL 







ceq. of Priskilk, in the rmiat^r of Praibrokc, h. 
Fobmary, 1783, m. 19th December, 1«07, Fr 
fiioith diQ^hter Mid ro-licir of the late Borrctt Oi 
JordaD, flK]. o( NeeatoD, (bj Martha hia irtfe, youi 
dftuphtcr of John Adams, ew). of Whitland, in Uie rouaij 
of Carmanhon, by hl« wife I'lliznbcth. f Idcrt sialtr of the 
late Sir Herbert Lloyd, b«rt. of PeterneU. id therountTuf 
Cardi^n, M.P. for th^ ^lire in aevenil pnrUiuneotiO And 
hu iuue, 

GcoHGE-JnitDAN, &. ?7th September, 1816. 

Owen-Hill, *. 8th F«:bru;ir>, IBW. 




Tliia pentlemui. a magistrate and depnty lieutenant for 
the county of Poinbroko. and late major of itA militia, 
aerred the office of high aberiff for that sbir« in ISOti. 
He s. Lib father in 1808. 


The Harriesks of PriBkiHy are an an- 
deal fitniily, nod have n-^ided rroiu n Tcry 
remote era in Pembrukfsliirc, whtTf, aa 
well MB in CftnBartbenKhin<, ibey have long 
poMessed congiderablp estJtte*. Tbey are 
a junior branch of the IlARRiEfir^ of Trc- 
uwiNT, wbo bnre hei-n titled at their 
manston then* for M-^i>ml ceiiluricB. m ap- 
pears from deeds now in posaiMAion of the 

Thi; immediate nncet or of the Priakilly 
branch wna. 

Jahes Harries f»<\. (second son of 
John HARRiet(, Trrfnrint, whoM de- 
accodunts hare iiiteriiiarric-d witb the most 
respeetable families in tXw. counties of Pem- 
broke, Cannarthen, and Cardigan). Tbui 
gentleman mi. id 1940, I-'llen, daughter and 
bein-M of Eynon Gnffilli, esq. of Treaiasilt, 
by whom he acijuired Ihe Tresissili, and 
other contiguous estates, which ar» still In 
the family, and were their principal reai- 
di-nev uutil VTHi, when tbey removed to 

Mr. itarriea waa i. at his deceaae by his 

John HtRRtes, ew]. who m. I*2th De- 
cember, 1^70, Letitia, ilauKhler of John 
Oweo, esq. of Priskillv, and had (with three 
dausblers, who all married into respectable 
families in the county of Pembroke,) a sun 
uid a locccsaor. 

OeoROB HaMIIBS. esq. who, by the will, 
dated 0th October, 1726, of his nuitcr- 

nal uncle, Thomas Owen, ew], (the laal 
mule defendant or the OHKVh, lortls of th« 
atirient barouy and lonl.fhip mnrchtT of 
Omaea), became poAseMed of the PriAilly 
Forest estate, held in eapile under the Di»bi>p 
of 8t. David's, and also valuable landed pm- 
)K-rly in the parishes of Davids, Fish|ruanl, 
and Irftternton. He w. Marearvt. eldest 
daughter of John Symmons, of Llanstiitan. 
eaq. M.P. for tlie borough of Cardigan, and 
had issue, 

John, his successor. 

Geor)i^, an officer in tlie army, d. In 

Martha, m. Grat, in 1739, to John Wil- 
li ams. esq. ufCom^van, in the cooaqr 
of Cannarthen, an] bad tame, 

John WilUanis. d. tiamarried. 
Anne 'Williaras, m. In Wilham 
Brif^tock. esq. of Blaen Pant, 
in the county orCardii^o. 
ElizatH-tli Willianin, m. to John 
Hnghes, efttj, of Carmarthen. 
She eRpouspd, secondly in ITiV, 
AlexandiT Scnrlock, esq. but had no 
further issue. 
Anne. m. to Rowland Edwardes, enq. 
of Ultle Trefgam. (of whirh family 
the Edwardes, Barans Kensin|;loB« 
are a junior branch) and left issue, 
John Owen Edwardr-9. wbu m. Ca- 
therine, daughter and ro-brirras 
of John Tocker, eiq.of SMdyhan. 


RawIaiiiI Kdirardr-A, lieiiteiuuit-«o- 

loui*l ill Ui(^ *rui>. 
WillijiiD-MorUnirr Eilwanlra. 
ICargairt, m. (» William (ianlni-r, 
oaq. trtirrtRtrr-st-law, uuU left tno 

Q«at^ llomes. e«q. ff. t.1lh St-plemWr, 
ITXt, and (HM (. Iiy liis t-ldrT Af>n, 

John HARKins, t^v\, of Pn^killy, who n. 
Xhh Jutur. 1740. Harriot MouD^oy, oiifv 
^fld and hrir of (he Rot. JoMph Hill, 
O.I>. nf C4)Irbrrtok., in Uie county of Cwr- 
nanhrn, iind Prfcenlor of Si. David'i, by 
wtwn h» had iwue, 

JuniHlliu, captain of Grenadier*, 33rd 
rntlmenl of Font, wh'n fell, mortally 
woundtnl. in th<^ ■uvmomlile t>nitlf 
ODth«ltrandyWiDe, tu Amt'rica. LItfa 
Svplrmbcr, 1777. 
GeoRuR, Bocc««9or to his fatbrr. 
Jowpbt M. is 1799, Jaoe, sole bdnn 
of hmr gnuidfatber. Gilbert JaMoa, 
Mq. of Llitnnnwas, and dying in 
ItfM, Irft a son, 
Gilbert James, eftq. m. Cecilia, 
•Idcct dAiigh(4!r of Charri AlUn 
PhiUptia. of St. Hride's Hill. 
•M. aaA ha& two dftuglitcrs, Jane 
mna Mary. 
[Hwgarrl-TbcodiMia, m. nOtb Scptem- 
bcr, 171ft, to Thoiniu Williamii, ctq. 
at Trrlrthin. and d. t. p. 7th June, 
namat. n. in 1784, to the Rev. Wil- 
Utuu James, ricar of Malhr)'. and bad 
iMnc. four vouaod four daugliters. 
Abac, d. young. 

Jane. iL unm. 24th Oelolwr, 1923. 
John Hnrrifs li. ]H Nov. IHOt. mid wna 
i. by bis im-iinil, but t-ldfisl viinixint: moi. 

GcoRiic IltKH)»ji,<>«|. fif IVi.^LilU. Tbin 
ei'iitlcmitii wt'ddfd ]>lb Jutu-, I7HI^ Mary, 
MNL-oiid daii|^liU-r nf William B">wen. ('»q. of 
Leweston, and bud iasu«>. 

JoHN-Hlu^ bi« surcr-siior. 

Oeor(p', in holy onlcn. A.M. rrrtar of 

Letientoiiitiid Noltoii, vit-arof Kuch. 

prebpiidarj- aiid canon rt>«idcittiary 

in the catltedral of St. Pavid'e. 

Willtam-Tbonias. first licnlcnaiit Ro^al 

Jo»pph-DeU-bcre, UeutenaDt 3rd Foci 

Charlca- Richard. 

Marfrarct-Janp-Martlia, m. in Seplein- 

• ber, IKIO, to Geor^^ Lloyd. v*<\. uf 

Bnutant, la the coooty of Camar- 


Mr. Ifarries d. 21st June, IHW. and wai 

r. by bis eldest von. Jomn-Hiu. H^kkiek* 

vsq. preaenl proprielor of Priskilly. 

.4rmr — Azure, three mollets pierced, or. 
Quartering the arm* of OvfKK. Gu. n 
boar ar^, chained to a holly banb. vpft. 
armed and l&nj^ed.or, the chain and collnr 

CrMf— A mallet pierced, or. 
Motto — tntvcn'itiu Hempcr Totamen. 
Eitatrt — Chiefly in Prmbrokesbire. 
■Sral— PriJkilly, Pembroltcsiiiri'. 



SLACKFIT. niRISTOrHER. CBq. of Wytam. in the county of Nonhumberland, 

fin-mcrly a captaiii 18th huMHni, and lute* M.P. for Biwr- 
aUton. m, ISth Aufriutt, 1818, Elizabeth, daupliter and 
ro-beircM ftf Monta^ Biir^yne, ewi- younfrer ann of Sir 
Kofrar Btirgoyne, bnrt. and bis wife, \jtiy Prances Mon- 
tagu, (u«t«r of the laat Earl of Halifax), by whom ho haa 

Ed nrard- AlgcmuD . 
Frances- Mary. 

Mr. Bbtckeil inherited tlie ottulc* upon iha demiw of kit 
father, in I8S9. 




who hclii the liotiorary office of rortiler of 
SlADhope, <t. in 1^)50,' nvited of i)h- manor 
of Woodcroft. ill the county of Durliiua. 

8lH JoHh Ui-AOtETT, tnt. of Woodcrrjft, 
one of thr hero*^ of Aiiucourt. m. Mar- 
(jarft, Lftiiy Htron, only daughter of Sir 
Italph Hii«tin}C»( and heiren inri^bt of her 
mother to the manor of Nonetey. in I*fitcs- 
Ifrshire. Sir John Blarkelt was knijjhl of 
that shire, 4th He.S'RY VI. fttid d. before 
SAth July, 1418. 

The fourth in descent from this Sir John, 
NiCHOus Blackett, eeq. of Woodcrofl, 
m. Aly»on, daughter »nd co-heir of Sir 
Rowland TeinpMt, knt and one of the re- 
prMentatiTe* of the noble family of Um- 
fri'v-ilte, EbtU of Angua. 
Ui* grett pnnAMoa, 

WiU-iAH Hlackett, ett\. of Hoppyland, 
,in the rounty i>f Durham. Crvt iKi8«i-i9»ed the 
If'ail tninefl iu Durham, fthich have pro- 
duced such immense wraith to the junior 
branches of his deM-cndiuil». He had iMoe, 
three aona, vit : — 

Chhiatopiier, biii nicceasor. 
Edward, whose iwue is extinct. 
William^ member for Kewcaslle-upon- 
Tvnc, in lereral parliaments, waa 
created a baronet in 1073. Sir Wil- 
liam m. twice, but had i^nr. (n\Lir) 
by his first wift-. EliBiW-th, daughter 
of Michael Kirkley, of Newcantle. 
merchant, namely : — 

I. £dwaho, wbor. aasecond baro- 
net, and hit lineal descendant is 
iJie present 
Sir Wiluam BiacKETT, Lt. 
of MutMiD Hall. 
It. Michael, if. s.p. 
HI. W11J.MU, of Wallio^loD, io 
Northumberland, who was cre- 
ated a baronet, 23rd January. 
I0H4. Sir William enjoyed icrciit 
|K>pularity, was esteemed a man 
uf strict prnhily, and eminently 
distin^ished bimself as a parlia- 
mentary speaker. He m, Julia, 
daughter of Sir Clirialopher C«n- 
yers, fat. of Hordcn, Durham, 
and left iune at hts decease, in 
170&. one «oa, and six daugh- 
ters, vit : — 

I. SiH WltxiAM.hisiuecevsor, 
at whose ilecrnse, *. p. in 
17*28, tlie buronrtcy expired. 
3. Julia, m. to Sir Walter 
Calverley, of Culverlev, in and her e^dcnt 
son Waller, inherited the 

c>late« of bis gscle, 
WUUom Blackett. 

3. Elizabeth, m. to Willta 
the cuuuly of Hunlingdan. 

4. Frances, m. u> Hon. Kot 

6. Diana, n, to Sir WiUiaml 
Weiitworlb, of Brvt<Mi, in 
Die county of York. 

6. Anne. «. to John Treiwh- 
«nl. esq. ofAbboU Lei«;k. 

The eldest son of William BUckeu, of Hap- 
py I and, 

Christopher Blackett, esq. of Roppy- 
land. an officer ia the army of Am^, 
OllAKLE» I. m. Alice, daughter utd saU 
heir of Thomaa Penwick, esq. of Hatfoa^l 
in the county of Nortliumherlaud, and hat' 

WlLUnH, who m. the daaehter of the 
Due de Boys, a Swedish nobleman, 
but d. r.p. 26tb December, 1006. 

The youngrr son. 

John Blackftt, esq. of Hoppylind, 
of WyLam, both in tho county uf V-rThif i^ 
berlaud. served the office of hif^ sheriff for' 
that sliire. in 1693. He m. Mary, dau^te-r 
and heir of Richard, ton of John Errini^n, 
en}, of Errington Hall, and Dorothy, htt.^| 
wife, sister of Sir Henry Widdrington, knt.^1 
of Widdriiif^Q Castle. Mr. BUckvtt was 
*. at his decease by bts son, 

John BL.tcxETT, esq. of Hoppyland, and 
Wylam, who was high aheriff lor N'orthum- 
lierland, in 1714. lie tt. in the same year. 
leavinf; by Kliiabcth his wife, daughter of 
John Bacon, esq, of 8tawmrd Peel, an only 
8uD and successor, 

John Bt-ACKFTT, esq. of Wylam, high 
sheriff for N orthnmberlaiid in 17M, who 
di9|K>Md of the fuuiil) estates in the comity 
of Diirtnin. He m. finit, Domlhy, daugh- 
ter of EdMard Urey. esq. and baa 
John, his successor. 


Thumas. heir to bis brother. 

Hu M. secondly. Mis* Elizabeth Crosble. 
and had anuiher sun, 

CiiRi^oPHER, who s. his half brother,! 
Thomas. 1 

Mr. Blacken wu a, at hi* deceaae by bia 
eldest son, 

JoH\, at whose 
di*cease uniiiAfried, the estates dcroNed 
upon his next sunriring brother. 

Thomas BtiCKiirr, esq. of Wylam, who 


also wHbout iiumr, wm f . by tiis lislf 

CiiuiTorHSR Blackett, esq. This gen- 
iIpdibd npousod Alicr, daazhter of William 
logbam, iwq. xoA left At liin deceiuw, 2>5th 
Jan. 1019, with two othtr soiu, and thnstt 

CHiitfiTDpHnK, prrMRl proprietor. 
Arwu — Aiftfnt, on a rhevron brtween 
thrr« malletfl piercMl, Mt. three eacAllope 
oT Uic ficM. 

i'rrtt—\ liHwkV head erttsMJ, ppr. 

3/olfo-~Nou8 tnirafUeroni dans I'mpi- 

Brtatr* — Wylani, situAlrd in Ui«r parisli of 
Oringhftin, Nortliiitnbcrland. Tlii-i manor 
formi.Tl>' au appurtvnaactf to tlu.- uonajtler? 
of TvueiDouth, waa j^nlF'l lu tlip F«nwick 
fntnily, nboiil the lime of the r«fonnntJon, 
oitd part to the BlairkftT«, in the reifn of 
Charles II. 

&'«!<— Wylatu. 


BEST, THOMAS-FAIRFAX, uq. of Wlertmi. in the coaaiy of Kent. b. I5th 
October, I78(>; espoused llth Juii«. 1817, MaixKrvt-Anna. duij^ter of Joeepli- 
Gvorge Brettf eaq. of Old Brompton. Middlettex, and Itaa ianie, 

Carol in e-GeofKti na. 
I(ul)«Ua- Dorothy . 

Margaret- Anna. 


Mr. Beat, wlio his been an officer in the 1st foot guards, succeeded his fether Bth Sep- 
imdW. 1818. 

TMa iff a junior branch of the family of 

Btrr, of Park Uousv. iii Kent. 

i*«u Bairr, nq. of Fark House, high 

for the county of Kent in 1751, m. 

, fltailncr of IlJchard Sbclle|, etq. 

>%rDVf, in the county ol* ^usa^s. 

uhI liad iBwnc. 

TMttM«!t. Ilia h^r, who carried on the 
Uav of Hark Honitr, and U now re- 
pr^nrtifrf! hv .lAWr-n Br.sT. egg, of 
P„ I . ' litfut ool. of the West 

Jaw*", >>< (iiLjiliam. m. Mis* Hannah 
Midiletoa. and diad in IH38, j. p. 

Ritihard, «. fint to Misa Townahend, 

and a^condly to Mim M.'irtha Howman. 

nEORtiE, of wbumwv are about to treat. 

Dorothy, m. to Wiltiam Twopenny, esq. 

of Woodstock Park, Kent. 
Pniiire», m. to the Ruv. H. Hardinge. 

Elizabeth, m. to the Rev. Maurice Lloyd. 
The youRffCJUt aon. 

OioRiiE Best, i-itq, wa.i of ChiL^strin Park, 
ill thr irounty of Kent, and reprcB^Mitt'd Ro- 
L>hi-At«r in ikarliameai anno 1790. He es- 
poiued Caroline, dant;bter of Edward Scott, 
eaq. of Scott's Hall, and bad isiue, 
Thomas-Faikfax, his heir. 
Georg<<, of the lOth Foot, died at Lan- 

caaier. in IHM.i.p. 
Wtlliatn-UAliol, rf. t. p. in 1623. 

Margaret, m. to the RcT. J. ii. Brett. 
Louisa, n. to G. M. Tarlton, eaq. of 
the 6th Foot. 
Mr. Beat died Htix Sept, 18IH, and was «. 
1)V hia twn l)ii> present THoHAS-FAiRrax 
tfr-iT, esq. of Wierlon. 

ilmu— £a. two cruw croMlcU Hlchee in 
chief, aciuqui-foil in bate, or. 

Crett—\n ostrich anj. issuing out of a 
mural crown, in the beak a croa* eroaalet 
litchr. or. 
f.'»i4ite»^ln Kent. 
AVal— Wierton. 



RODD, T rtBMWffiL HFARTF. esq. of Trobartha Hall, in the county of Cornwalt. 
h. 29ih Octobar, 1766; m. 29Ui June, 1795. Mary-Anor, eldwt daughter of the lai« 
Joha Corylua, osq. of Crocadon, in llie ftaiiie ohire. Mr. Rodd Buccecded to tlw estates 
at the decease of his father, the late Colonel Rodd, and was high sheiiff of Corawnll 
in 1818. 





Tki/ rnmil}-, which in the timn of Kinff 
John, win waXud at tiii: Kodd, in Here- 
fordnhirc, remoTed iuto Devon, and formt-d 
Mil)««quent)y a ounni'uoii by marriage 
with the Sroi'Hliji. of Trrkarlha llatl. an 
CBtato which became in I721> their properly. 
Ity bt-in^; drviiiccl by Mrs.GrylU, the heiress 
of the SpnrKHS. to the aticetstor of the pre- 
sent Mr. Kodd. 

l-'RANcii) KooD, ejq. of Tn^barthft Hall, 
colonel of the Itoynl Ctomwall Militia, and 
<-ommift»Ji)a of the ueaci- for that 
nt. firtit Jnne, Beconcl daughli^r and 
af John Heaxle, esq. of I'enryo, 

III the 



Hoinetime warden of the Combb Stannerir*. 
uikI li'fi iMa«, 

Fkancis-Hkjrlk, \\\t heir. ^ 

Edward, in hol> orders, |).D. virar o| H 
St. JiiHt, in Roxfland. Cornwall, and ^^ 
of Lamerton. in l>evon. Dr. Hodd 
m. Harriet, eldest dauehlor ofChiirlpii 
Rjishleifch. esq. of I>uperth Hoosr, 
and has isdae. 
John-Tremayne, a rear-admiral of tho 
White, andC.B. who m. Jane,daUKli- 
ter of Gcnl. James Rennell, of Lou-^H 
don, Bad has iwue, an only son. ^| 

Jane. ^ 

Harriet, n. to George Sydenham Fur»- 
don, esq. of Furtdon, in l>evoiiiUre|, 
and has issue. 
Colonel Rodd rttpoused sei-ODdly. AnnOiJ 
daugbler of John Saiidfiird, pm). of Niue^l 
bead, in the county of Komem-i, hul hi 
no other i»«ue. He was t. nt his drcvasal 
by bis eldest son, the pn-sent FftftNCi 
MluiRLK Rodd, esq. of Trebartha Hall. 

Arnu — Arg. two trefuiU slipped, A. aad 
a chief of the last. ^M 

Crejt~\ naked man. brAriDg on b(t^| 
fthouldent a Imw, the right hand holdtiiff ^^ 
an arrow, and the finder of the left point- 
ing upwar«). rays surroundinp the bend. 

J-Sttatcf — In the northi-rn oiid werfrni parts 
of Cornwall, and in (be soutli of Ilevun, 
StMt — TrcbortliB Hall, Cornwall. 



I.EICllTON, FRANCIS-KNYVETT. esq. of Shrewsburj-, formerly a rap 
ia the line, ami lieutenant-colonel of militia, b. in 1772; nt. in July, l«Oi, the 
noraWe UoiM-Anne St. Legar, daughter of St. Leger-Aldworth, 6rst Vbeouni Doiw- 

raile, and hua issue, 

Fiuncis-Knyvktt, in tioly orders, fellow of All Souls, and curate of Condoirrr, 

the county of Salop. 
Ijouisa-Anne, m. to Thomas 11. Hope, esq. 







' ''^ nf LrJr.MTDN wui in Eiij^Iand 
I" -ijo NniiM\N C«)S4i>..sT, aiiJ \i 

»t< iidrn iti I)U BriUuniik, Aofri/rm, 

« ■ Famili^tm. 

>-... :..; . Uir Lr.l<.llTt>N, Kiiielit o( thv 
SapiiidlfV, loa and lirir of rulhliert, aiiil 
fpniidiMiii niid farir o( Totilui de Lcigbton, 
*• iitrr, u|K>n hia rclum from the 

II > >i( Ihe Abbey of lloldi-wna, in 

HftJap, t>| Mliicb luriiltoii in niailv Jii »oiiie 
old tuuniMTinu written lijr Kogrr >tiid Jolm 
ChaUiofworui. The ton of Uiij f^lant 

^ ' I uiD DE LriOHTON, knt. hnd a 
r* I uf tlitr nianur (irL<?ri|j)itna from 

W II1I4III iiiL ^lUo 0o»ii after the Conquest, 
aad Dot of thl« manor, nbich lay close to 
dw Akhty of Baldcwoji, tiir Ricnnrd gnve 
l»*4i lo that hooM". UM .ippenrs by hia ^anl 
wMiiHii .i«i.., iniH*rl4>d In l»uK»ii»lr'» Montu- 
ti- ' < Itiiil in nliieb KtHif 8t»j>iikn 

_c»>i ■ h'- aaid abbfv. From this Sir 

lard wi> p«u OT«r a long line of disUu- 
ibnl iiuUridiMlB to 

Eawiiiid LFiiitittiy. nH|. of Wallesbo- 
ruactl,iD lllit cuuiitjr ofSnlop, whii wa« vre- 
•tri a BtKo\F,T on tho 2nd Miurh, in^i, 
ami rrprr*«<ii ted tho abin! in tiarliumcnt in 
tkr rvifn oi Wiu.l«M 111. Ht- m. lirvt. Do- 
rMky^ ilaagbtcr of Sir Jnh Charllnn. Iiart. 
of Lsdibrd, in tl>« count)' of HLTufnrd, niid 
bad CBrf ivlnK laaue, 

Edwamp, Mfcoiid baronet. 
LrUirr. wbo 4. iintiinrrii^d. 
9lt E4«ranl ea|^>oiiard atcotidly, Jane, dnu. 
af l>*ikiel NieliaU. *m\. «r the vii> of Louduu. 

l>*Miltu of whom pre»rnlly. 

Fraacu, a licuteuant- general in thb 

army, iind noloael of the 33nd ivgi- 
ment of foot. 
Gerard, a raptain in the army. 
Jftne, «. first to Thomas Jones, esq, of 
Shrewsbury, und secondly to Sir 
CbHrlcs Lloyd, luirl- uf G»rth, in th« 
rouiity of Moiit^ninery. 
Victoria, m. to Edward Kynaston, e«q. 
of Haitlwfck. 
Sir Edward Leighton 1711, and was t. 
in tbtr hnronelcy by hj« t-ldest son. (See 
Burke's Pterage and Jlanmetat/r.) The se- 
cond son, 

Uakiel LivinHTON, «aq. & lieutennnt-colo- 
ni-t iu Guucml Evuns's horse, m. Jane, dan. 
of NatliBniet Tborolil, esq. of the city of 
LiQcohi. (this lady was bedchamber nonian 
to the Princess of Wales.) aud had btsue, 
IlEi(nr.KT, li is successor. 
[:ldn'ard. lieutenant in the royal nary, «f. 
unmarried, of a wound received in 
tlie hattte of Toulon. 
JaiMf, m. first to Captain Cuthcnrt, and 
secondly to Jonathan, eldest son of 
Sir John Copu, bart. 

m. to Captain Sabine. 

Colouel Leighlon was #. at bis decease by 
lii« elder MH, 

tUBBEHT LKiflHTON, esq. a captain in the 
array, centlemnn usher to Frederick, Prinre 
of WbIcb. (father of A'tny Ci-<}RGE III.^ and 
piige to th« Princess I)«w»j;^r of Wales. 
Ho m. Hnrriet. eldest datigbtt-r of H«nry 
Wil^n, esq. of Ashweltlior{>e, in the, county 
of Norfolk, by Elizabeth, eldest dangbti-r 
Hnd co-heir of John Knyvcit, and hnd a soo 
and successor, 

The Rev. Phj\cik I>f.|(>iiton, who m. 
Clare, sister and co-heir tj£ John Ilo_\iitou 
Adams, esq. of Camblcflfonh, in the county 
of York, by whom he bad a child, the pre- 
now representative of tlils branch of th« 
LelchtoD family. 

Arnu — Quarterly, per few, indented or 
and gu. 

Vrrtl — A wiveni, with wingH expanded 

jTforfo— Dread shame. 
f/fdrej— Uewtley, in the conoty of Monl- 
gonicry. at the foot ofthv Bryddcn mountain, 
in Itie family time immemorial. Also a 
ili^itlvd properly in Yorkshire, at or near 
Co|)Dinrth(ir]ici, llalwith, and Howdrn, ac- 
ipiired with Clare, the daughter and oi>- 
beirAsn nf John Hoynton Adaau, «sq 
Rttidtnee — Sh re wsbury . 



HCSSKY, EDWARD, esq. of ScotoeyCsAtle, in the county of KeuU it. 13th J11I7, 
1607 ; mcceeded to the eBtatc* upon the demise of his father, 10 1807. 




Th*^ family of HUBSEY came into England 
at the CoxqiiKST, and botislf nn nlltanre wUti 
the DiiRESorNoRMAsnY. It has, at various 
periods, riyoyt^cl frrcut Liinded poucniotu in 
manv parts of th<; kini;tlom, and do Ich than 
fourof its difffreiH HKions have been ularated 
to the poeranc. 

Thi; brDii(-)i immediately before us derives 

Edward Hl's&ry, osq. of Liltle ShclsWy, 
Id the county of Worcester, who efipoutK*il, 
in 1041, June , and tra« t. by his son, 

EoWAsn Hi:i*SET, esq. of Norprove's End. 
in BaytoD, in tlie county of Worcester, who 
married twice, and left at his deceiue, 'i7th 
May, 1707, au only oon, (hv hia firnt wife, 
Elinor, third dauf[ht«r of Kdward Creaset, 
«Bq. of thi- CotP!, in die county of Salop, an 
■acient and reBpvctubli- family of that shirvt) 

TlioHA!) Hpsskv, esq. of Barwaah, in thr 
county of Sussex, who espoused Frnnces, 
daughter and co-heiri-stt of Thomas Lake, 
eaq. of Taywell, by whom he hud isAue, 

ThoHAS, hin AUCCL-SsUf. 

John, d. in 17&4. 
Edward, rf. in 1743. 

Pranccn, m. to Gvorce Weller. esq, of 

Tunbridge, and bad (BRue. Mr. WeN 

ler stilmeqaently luok (he snniame of 


Mr. Iluascy d. in 17:!6, and was *. by his 

r|iK-iil Bon. 

Thomas HussCT, esq. of Burwash and of 
Aibfurd. in the eounty of Ke»l,&. in 1722, who 

m. 8th October. 1747, Ajine, only child nf 
Maurice Berkeley, esq. by} <laueb. 
ter and eventually hein^a of the Rev. R/igc r 
Calov, of Warbleton, in Suasei, and bad 

1. Thomaa, who predec«aaed hi* father 
in 1764. 

2. Edwakd. succMwr to the estatea, 

3. John, in holy orders, who left at his 
decease ao only sou. (by bis wife, 
Mias Jennings, an heiress,) tie. 

Thomas-John, in holy orders, b. in 

4. Wiltiam. in holy orders, A.M. rwlornf 
Suiidhurst, who m. Charlotte, daugrb' 
ter of William Twopenny, esq. of] 
Rochester, and baa insue, 

William, offUwkburst, 6. in 1784, 
whom. Mary-Anne.dauftbter and 
eo-heiress of — Law, estq. son of 
the Rev. Archdeacon John Uiw, 
I>.D. and has fire aoni and aa 
many daughters. 

Arthur, in holy orders. 

Heury, of the Chancery Register. 




Charlottp. m. to Alexaadcr H. 
Sutherland, esq. F.S.&i 



Mary -Anne. 

Harriet (deceased). 



■f th. ~1 
me. J 

all d. nnraarriod. 

y. Frances, m. to S. Streatfield, eaq. 
and had issue. 

10. Philadelphia, IB. toThomas Ration, 
esq. hut d. imueXena. 

11. Harriet, n. to John AustiMt, esq. 
Thomas Hnsaex d. in 1779, and was t. by 
his SOD, 

Edward Humet, esq. of Scotney Castle, 
Kent, whom, in 1776, ^lahcth-SaFali, Only 
daii^bter nnd beireits of Robert Bridge, esq. 
uf Bocking, in the county of Essea. ^ whom 
(who d. I7B3) be left a son and ancceasor, 

Edward mi»»EV, esq. of Scotney Caslle. 
who iR. Anne, daughter aod co-beinss of 



WniUra Jcninci.M(i>or AMifortl.anddfint; 
in IHI7. left BDrriving iMue lui only sun 
And daaRhlrr. vit. 

EnKARD, hia brir. 

Elmnar. who d. in 1820, 
Mr. HiitHjr was t. al h'm dacrue by hia 
MO, dwprMetii Edward Uumet. esq. or 
Beotncy Cwtle. 

Armt — Or ft ctoM vert. 


RiUKT. Or, ■ erou vert. 
UcHlT. UmTy ofaix, rnn niid ru. 
LlKB* Sii. n bead bctKevn six crou 

ciOMlels fitch^c arg. 
LccAt. Arg. a feas betwMn ais annu- 
let! gu. 
BtRKELtT. Gu. a clicvron vrmine be- 

Iwcea ten crooMs pat/it^. 
CtLDW. Arg. 0* a cberron betwi^rn 

(hree leopards' fiwea la. three aonu- 

IcU of Uie firat. 
BlllMiK. Arg. A cliief gu. over all a 

brad 4>ngrAiled aa. a cbaplet of the 

field, oa a dexter cliief. 
Jnuotr. Party per vherroD gu. and 

Bii. Ihrcc untcoms' beadaarg, artned 

And bi^wnlrd or. 
r4TTF.\<<nN. Arg. on a fesiic sa. three 

fltani dt; lis or. 
Caldwlil or KADwrxL. Arg. a cross 

pat6e filcliif between three esloUec 

Hi/NN. Party per chevron 8ory cnunter 

flory, «a. anil or. three bezants in chief 

and 11 tower in base sa. 
• On a chief two boars' heada 


A chevron between three grey- 
liountU courant. 

C.V»(~-A hind ducallygorf^ed and chained, 
at lodge, midor an oak tree, ppr. 

£ttatrt — lu Uir piiri^hi-9 of LiiinU-rhurst, 
Ooadliunit, Ilrenctilvy, Wadhursi, Durwash, 
Heathfirld, Cranbrook, UJdilend^'n, lladlow, 
and in divers oUn-r parishes in (he counties 
of Keot and Sussex. 

Town Acnrfnwe— 133, Park Street, Groa- 
venor Square. 

Snt — SootDcy Castle, Lumbciiitmrt, 


Ibt ecNlBty of Cumberland. Tbia peDtlemnn Kitcowilcd to (he estates upou the denibe 
of U0 hiker, IStli December, 1830, and wm M. P. for CockeriDOiith. 





_^TUi wry ancirnt Cnmberland family is 
nU to Inra been located at Dykuficld, 
H itei aUn prior to the Normak Con- 

WiLUaa DU. Dvu« was grandfather of 

Robert dkl Dyri^, who gmnted lauds 
at Uargh U> WUIium del Monkys, in a 
dt-4'd supposed to hare been outdo in ibe 
time ofHBNRT lU. The graudsoo of this 

WiLUAM DEL Dykes, living in the reign 
of Edward 11. > eapouKed Agors, ht'irvas of 
Sir Hugh Waverlon. and hair(wiih a dauf^i- 
ter Agnes, the wife of J. de Ormsby,) a son 
and MocwKor, 

WiUJAM DKi. Dtk&b, who 6ourished 
temp. Edward III. and was father of 

WiLUAM DEL UvxtB, whu m. ill the reign 
of KiciiAitu II. Jniif, heireAS of Sir H. Du- 
tiiigtoa, and was j. by his son, 

William dfl 1)ykei>. lining temp. He^RT 
[V.. who eipousod Kulbertne Thwailea. of 
Tbwait49, and was t. by biii ttoo, 

William dpl Ilyar,». This grntlemun re- 

ftrctenled Ibt- county ofCumberland in par- 
iamenl, iti the rei|{n of Ilenrv VI. He m. 
EliRftbfth.dsughterofSirWiniani I^e.knt. 
of tKell. (a drKendanl nf I.iii-*-n, duNnlilr-r 
orilu^b, Earl of Cbe^ur. whose raolher waii 







: — •-»?' 





M«w & 1^ wim «f OiUttS> II.. «a> s. •< 

« twi 



Ismums DnuUtMq.wlK) ecpoiued »boa( 
AaytMrirgSawnna.tUagMcroflhe Rov. 
Tmm« CaMtack. of Nrwburn, in Nor- 
IblMtMUiiJ, hy llf*tfr, his wife, kt&q- 
^■gltter of Sir Joba Lowtlier, and hod 

pKaTCBKVtUJi, of Warlhole. who m. 
MaiTt daughter of John Oroa^un, 
esq. of CocKemouth, and had an oiUr 

Mary, vbo uibcritrd the proporly 
of Iwr ancle PeU-r Lumpluf*l( 
Bna^hHl, Mq. of llotrnb}-. 
aad tapeosnl her coiuin, Jowijh 
Drkea BallaDtine-Oykea, «an. 
la "SOW. 

Lwwi Dnn, eiq. ml in 1705 Jane. 
^m^mm m4 hatrm at toHti BiLUwriKr, 
a%«f OooUak. aad aanuocd, in conae- 
•■aee, Ae aMitiCHMl aomaiue nod arm* of 

Joan, tarn wmeeemor. 
FwaAffOt, po th i ea l aftenl. and colonel 
mmmmmiMMt in ibe East India Com- 
fimj't aerrice. 
Mary, wu to JamM Speddjnf;. p»q. of 
Sbbkmct Grove. 
Ifa^ Pytf-IUIIanline was <■ at hit deceaae 

Jo*V« I>Tft.u-BiLUKnNR. eaq. of Do- 
B. MatT. <Mftur ofFrrichrrille D^kra, 
«n%.(^ ■ary,dan^ternrju)in Bronf^uOr 
af CockBBOMn. and sisu^r and hrireaa 


lawfln^h-Broogbam, cm). of 
I M fend iaane 

FlkKKHCTiua-Liir$n\, hjf hrir. 
Umfik, in holT otdcr?. M.A. a Fellow 

flfOom'sCoUegr Oxford. 
l^Hytefb-Blowkaai . a Fellow of Peter 

nmti. OaaWdge. 
!<■— I Prtar. 


Jfary, m. in 1R38, to John Harthatl, 
eaq. aon of John Manhall, i^. of 


JaT CnHaliaMu 

Kr. BnlbuUine, wrbo aannned imoo hitt tnar- 
ria^ tko aMitioBa] samanii? uf lMkr>, wnit 
ihectfofOinberUndinlHor. lirrf. in Ikji). 

Arwki — Or, three cinqnefoila m. 

Or** — A lol»>t«-r or crayfish rcrt. 

M » l tm Primi fniD);itur (|aani flcctilar. 

Bttmltt — Warthoi.h. where lliu famny 
•eOM in tht! n-iin) of Hknky Vt. IjiiidrtI 
MfVfCy at liovenhy, Scales, Bridckirk, 
IWrfcatn. Allrrhy, Uv. inhrritrd by Mffl. 
t>Tke«,froin htrnpatiTiial Ann-siur. Richnrd 
Msplngh, eH(. of RiUtoD. The liein-u ul 
lM|d!un. (wheacv Uic uaniv of Uovrabv; 



eoartryei the mnnor to the l)e RotU, in tbo 
Kigv of HcNRY III. lA'vr lit^UI it in the 
ttne of EDW4IID I., from the Luryu, it 
pyaed to the KiKKBnrpKa, (deicendaiitB of 
OfUrd, baroD ofWiptop,) wliose lu'in'M, 
trmp. RiciUHD II. inarricil a brulhi-r of 
Sir Tlimnaii Idiinptuf^h, from wliom dt^- 
MTfudiil Antlioiiv I^mpluf;h, whose f^eai 
gnwda&gbtcr, Mus Mou\E, espoused Ri- 
durd LdDplogh, of Ribton, aod their gjeat 
(pmndAa);htcr Hiw BrouKham, (of the prc- 
«rat Lont Chanctfltor's family,) married 
Pmchville Dykei. esq. of Warthole. Thii 
lmiy'$ brother aiwutnvd the suraiimi- of 
LiMfLMull. and his iiroperty at his du- 
ceaftt- devolved unon his ni«ce, Mrd. DyLps. 
Crixirdalr auu Ihebt came into the 
family by the marriaire of Lawnon Dvkcs 
with the briress of Baltantine. Sir John 
Baltnnttne rspoufled the heireu of Mu«- 
gravr, to wbon Crookdale came from 
tbe Lrit«TiieHi of tliat place; Irvby ramv 
iDto tiK- Mutjirave fumiiy by tlieir nllinnce 
nith the hrireu of Colvil, vrbit'li family of 
Colvi] had prevKHiaty obtained the heireM 
«f Tilllol- ScALKX* vraa inherited by the 

* Drttnil 0( H^ IHialt of ftcaln ftall. 

TboM4i Uroi'OHAIi, of Ltrcmghain. m, the 

■■-* -"' h«inM of Joba Vnox, of Caiwrian 

. n», uwl wu hthet of 
I <H-DN«M| of niMclibiiil, ID Ciunb«r- 
Imti, mito wWJ«d Anae, daughter aad b«ims of 
iota Sootbaik*, v{ ScAi^u, in the taau Hum, aail 
ria« aDijiiind tint nt«t«. Il« d, in 1 A70, and 
mt I. by his wo. 

ffnav Drdvobah, of Scales uii] DUckbaU, 
\ask ■bortC ftir Cvmberlaiid, wlui d. in 16?«, 
Wii ia ff br bis wcond wifu, Catberinv Folloir&eld, 
a ton sniT b<>ir, 

T>i>a*i Ilni>cir.U4M, of ScalM. Thia t^ndnnan 
wrufd Um dAc« of kbanf fct Combprianil. H« 
m. M»ry, daugbbrr of Sir Duii«l Flt-tninK, of 
Rvdal*, and dyiug in l648t wu i. by hta kin, 

llomi KkOfonAH, M(). of Bralw, wbo»nlaf^:«l 
bM ii LJ i—taiuaa ihsnt, and enwtod Scalu IIalu 
M7 M aaoMKl wifv, Eliulwtli. daufcbliT of Ji^u 
LM^Awhi >vi. of Lamplu^b, Iw had iuuo, 

«, jMr«i eoMnoidy ralln] rMnmiinMirr 
Jtw M l Ua i, wbo ntrefaafftd bank (ram tbo 
^.iMali bildmi 01 jMoai Dird. tba iDci«tt 
•nl nf Ui« family, lliiiiiuiitM Kali, llo 

4. 1- p, and wn* * h* l'i» Wpln-n-, 
IT. I'irt*T, m. Kliiabolli.iliiiJKhit'T imil IifireM 
■f PbnBlt>|il>rr Ru-tiin'i»>l, n«i|. iiT lli^t^ 
bpid CavlW, i^tviuIkiii (tirougb bis molber. 

mother of thi* prcinont proprielor fhna the 
fumiiy of Bitniii;tiAU. 
Sfat — I>ov«fnby Hall, Cumberland. 

Mabal, of John Vaui, of ('aUxrluc, br 
wkinn be Ufd two aoiis, who both died 

▼. SabwI, who m. Dorothy, only daogbtM- 
of John Child, (ISO. and had two aoni, 
t. John, a b<.>ncbeT of (jniy's Jno, who 

d, iisuelMt. 
t. HhNMV, of UnMi;h«m, who, apon hia 
ton's nttnining najfirity, in 1765, auf- 
!et*d a ncovsry of Scalts, and otiwr 
esUtea. tiff d. io 1782, aad wva t. 
try his ROQ, 
' liiNKV Itroufh- 
am, b. in 174i, who sold Sc«lu 
In Pstcv Lanplufb-Bionf^hiiD, 
esq. in 17W. Ba si. Elaanor, 
oafy child of Jtam Byna. D.D. 
bv Alary, sister of Robartwm, the 
Historian of Seotlaodi and bad 

HcKiiT, LoaD BnovoiitM and 
Vavx, LOUD IlioH Chan* 
csujoa. (Sm Durfcs'i i'nr- 

JauM. M.P. 
Pmst, d. i. P. 

Jaha-Wauf;D, wbo d. in 1829, 

Imivin)^ insu», 
Williuik, ouff n( the maaten 
in ehancry, aod MJ*. fct 
n. Maar, wbo w«ddod — Brovchn. esq. 
(pn'MUDMl to ba«« bera a son of a brotluw 
of ihs lliomia Unmgbam, wbo d. in t64a> 
and bad a aoo, 

JoitH DaoiKUUM. oaq. of Cocktnaouib, 
wbo mpommd Fraaeaa Woodhall, and 
bad iantk 

Paraa LAMFLtiON-Baoiionsit. who 

rncbssed the aitaU of Sutai, 
1786. ud d, IntMtate, in April. 
MkST llaotiaHiM, wbo wmlded 
f Wt/'hcTtllr Dykes, usq. of War^ 
li(d». and drioirin Uctobrr, 1795. 
leA an ddIv dsiiKblar, 

Mahy, beima la bar unnla, 
t'«tcr Lanploi^BronrhiaB, 
esq. and iaWritor of Scslcs 
BsLL. flbe veddad Joava 
IlsLLAtmvE, esq. and hw) a 
•on, the pnvffni k'arnnis- 
TU.i.*.-l>A<rtoK BALl.A^'^T•1'• 
Dtass, vaq. of Duvuiut. 



^VAKEW, GIORGE-HESRT. «,. of Cww C«Ue. in the ««n.y of Pambrokr. . 

Crawcombe, in SonefseUbirc, and of Pei. 
tnput, in the comity gf Salop, m. in 1794J 
M«f7, ddeat daughter of the lAte John C«- 
rew. Mil. of Antony Hoaie, in CorewuU, and 
bai iaae, 


1911. «• 

THOMAS-<3eoftCE-WiitRiwcTi>if, who m. 
Uin Oa/ke, unly child of the late Tbo-fl 

Renry. m. Ja&fr-Maria, only rhild of John 
Rogers. e»q. of AjTshford, Sidinoalti. 

John- Francis. 


Nnta. m. to Gabriel Powell, eaq. e]im 
»ooof ihf Rfv. Tboma* Powell, ofPe- 
terslODf Coort, Brcckaockahire. 





Caroline- Harriet 

■ WAkftivOTOir, mumud by rigTi mnniuU in 

«f Cauw^ oaJy. He had nicceeded in 1802, in riplit of hia 

mherittd, in ]d23, a nioie^ of tlie Pynoombe 


TW Cancwm are one of Ae tew CiKiliea 
a— I— innii nhii h i aa li 1 1 ihi ii ili m i iit 
wiifcawl (nlmaiilioa. 6«b dw Anclo-Saxoa 
peet*4 af BB«Bah Ualafy. 

OilMt IMiff in the time of Eswamd iA« 
CVq^ftaMT, Mf arvcnl la>iihi|ii in Hamp- 
lUre. Hirll^luMMii. wd IGddlewx, 
nnd wM «. Bt his drMnae by his aon, 

WaLTUt Fm Omo, wbu, ai the time of 
the ipHMral anrrey, appean by Dome'MlAy 
book to barv vinoyed the aamr Iords}u(w 
whkll hia &tbrr bvM. The name and la- 
mUy of tUa Waltar'a wife are in doubt, as 
l&«wW llW aeniofity of his three sons.* 
TlMae aons yrvrr 

Wiui4M, frtMnwhom deriTed the Lords 

Roaur. Lord of Eston. 


The tliinl in ihli list, 

(URALD.aometimes styled DiWiNDSORE, 
and al others Fm Waltkr, >• called, in the 
Duke of Leiaatef^ pedigree, the eldest boh. 

bal iu the pedhnm of the Ear) uf Krrr)- 
the joaagest. He was apiminted castellan 

* R«6tlo£b4t'iCiiiNcfawli^nMj«ir«r«i|:«. 

of Pembroke Castle and Itentenant of Aq 
parts adjacent by Kimj Henrt I. He m. 
Nesta, (iaughter of Rbvsap Tewdwr. Prince 
ofSoDth Wales, by whom he aci|nin-d the 
barony, manor, and ciutlc of Carrn, with 
seven other lordships. This Oeruld was 
lineal aooeator of 

8)8 Niciious CiRRU. of Cami, a person 
of eminence in the reij^n of Eou^tht) I. who 
was nunmoDcd to tbo parliam^tit held at 
Lin<.-aln by that monarch. He had also two 
military summansef, and was at the cele- 
brated siezeof Karmvarok. Sir Nicholas 
Subscribed the letter to the Pope witfa kiK 
appendant seal of three lions. His sob and 

Sir John Carku, was father of 
Sir John CtRfur.lLoighl banneret, Rel- 
iant soldier and diatin|piu)hed statesman, fn 
the martial and victorious reign of Eeiwjiiid 
Til. who was present, with bis son. Sir John 
Carru, at the sie^re of Calais, and was after- 
wards ron^iitutAd Lord Depittt or lar- 

LAND. He wedded Mnr]^ri-t, dani^htcr of 
John. Lord M'ohun, of Dunster, at^ was f. 
by his son, 

Sir Leonard CsRau, to whom 
his son. 


Sir ii>HN Cjtntw. wbo wn» knit^hted by 
King KirHAKD II. and afterwards attained 
hijcb di^itiuctJOD ill iho French war* of 
Ht^iRY V. bring one of the conunanding 
oScrntnt the \r\scm'KJ. Sir John Curew, 
iiUhr CMine rrif^, waa joined with SirGcorfCR 
Talbotf in the i-ominuid of Oie navy, sod 
vbtoised for hU Mrvic*^ a grant of oav 
haadred nwrks p«r annum for lif(.% payable 
bj like rM«lver of Comwall. Tliis gallant 
parHO was 1. at hii decease by his son, 

8ik Niciioia8CiiRE.w,lord uf C»ri-w, who 
•milled JcuiD. daughterof Sir HughCnurte- 
nay.of HaL-coaib*, and had issue, 

1. TnnM*s(Sir),nuce»torof8irCeorge 

Camr, carl of Totneu. 
3. NicholBJi, of Haccombe, from whom 
&9 Carews (baronets) of that placse 

3. Hngh.rf. a. p. 

4. Alexaudrr, an^'estorof the family of 
East Antomy (See Pole-Cakuw.) 

6. Wniiam (Sir). 
Tbr fiftli win, 

im \Vii4J4H Carbw. acquired from his 
ft, ihr aianum of Wicheband, WitU'- 
igf, llolkclarid, ficc. This t^L'ntlomaii was 
made a knight banner*^! by Henhy VU. 
*IW flw battle of filavkhca'lh. He bad a 

ioHK Cabew, esq. who wedded Margaret, 
daughter of U'llliara Kelly, esq. by whom 
b* obtaincti thr mauors of Stoftdlcv and 
CuDcnon, but dying '• p. was i. by his 
brodher (or aoo), 
GeoRfiB CiMw, esq. who was t. by hit 


TunttA* CABitw, etq. who m. Elieabeth. 
danghter and co-heir of Hugh Hiccombo, 
nq. lord Df the manor of Crowcomhe, and 
an%iiirrd tb«reby that esute. He wu« 9. at 
hw drsiar, in 1004, by hi.1 son, 

Sia JifHV Carew. knL who inherited temp. 
Jawm I. Crowrombe, rintworthy. Camer- 
lim. and Htoadlnjr, This geDtleninn bad, in 
ikal rF*gn, a charier of free Wan^n. in 
Croweoube, and a grant of Carbw CAn*!.!!, 
wliob laner had been mortgaged by his 
aiorrior. Sir Ednond Carew. to Sir Rhv* 
mp Tlomas, and had been forfeited to the 
trwu, wlwnAi* it was leased to Sir Jnbn 
Perron, and others; tberemaindcr of who#e 
tmre «M DOW purchased by 8ir John 
Cwiw. H« J«A al bis demise in 1637, a 
•ottaad ssMMsor, 

Th«iu« Cauw. eaq. of Cirew Castle, 
Bbd i>( Cr p wc om he, who m. Margery, daugb- 
le^f of 8ir Ji^lin Wytidbam, of Orchard 
Wvitdham. i(t the oouty of Soiuerset. 

This gentleman outTered mnrh for his 
loyalty to the IIoi'se of STt'ART, and hnd 
tiw honor of receiving n letter signed by 
A'tRjr Charles I. commanding hj» altond- 
ance aiOxfnrd. He survived ihot« perilous 
times, and lived to witneM the rentfiratioB 
of tlie moaarcby. He left at bis dcnyase, 
in 1002, ft son, 
Thomas Carew, esq. whose son, 
Thomas Carrw, esq. of Carew Castle, 
espoused Elizabeth, daughter of John San- 
ford, e<H). of Mynehead, and liad issue, 
Thomas, bis hvir. 

John, who inherited at the decease of 
Lady Carew, relict of Sir Corentry 
Carew, bnrt. in 17(J0, die manor o'f 
East A^iTONY, &c. (n Cornwall, bat 
leaving no male timue, the Cornish 
estate! pawed, at his deceaiK-, to the 
family of P01.F,. He had, however, 
two daughters, viz. 

Haky, of whom hcresfter, as heir- 
ess of Cahcw Castlb, Caow- 

COHBB, he. 

The elder son, 

Thomas Carew, esq. of Carew Castle, 
Camerlon. Crowcombe, Clatworthv, and 
Stoadley, M.P. for Mfnehead in 170ii. wed- 
ded Marj-, daughter of Francis Drewe, esq. 
uf Grange, in the county of Devon, and had 
an only Rurviriog daughter aud iK-iresn, 

Ri-izADETH Carrw, who espoused Janes 
Bebkard, esq. of tlie Middle Temple, but 
having do issne, die esutes passed at her 
decease, under an entail to her fintt cousin, 
Mary Carbh, eldrtit daughlcr of John Ca- 
rew, of East Antony, in Coruwall. This 
Maky weddwl in ITM, GeoROR-Hr.NRY Pentrepanl. in Shrop- 
shire, who having aitsomed Ow surname 
and arms of bis wife's family, is the preaeot 
Cahf.w. of CtRfW. 

Armj — Or, three lions passant, sa. 

Orttt — ^A maio-maat. (he roundtop set off* 
with palisadoes, or, h lion iMsuiog ihereoul, 

^VM;i7>orter«— Dkxtcr, ft Uod, la. SiNUTBR, 
an antelope, gn. 

Motto — J'esp^r* bien. 

I-'itntt f—T\\e castle and manor of Carew, 
in Pembrokeshire : maaors of Crowcombe, 
CUlwonhy, and Bore Path, in Sonu-rsrl- 
shire ; and of P«Dtrepa»f, in the county of 
Sialop ; and a moiety of the Pyncombe es- 
tates, in North Devon. 

Strati— Crowcombe-Court, and PenCra- 




CALMADY. CHARLES-BIGGS, esq. of I-angdon HaU, in the county of Deron, 
^'m 1791. ■». in 1816, Emily, cldent daughter of William Greenwood. «q. of Urook- 
wwid, HrutOf (of on ancient Yurkihire family) ami has issue, 

VlNCeNT-PoLLEKFEh, b. iu ItfiA. 

Honora-M ary. 

Mr. Caluwdy oucceedod hia father. Admiral Calmady, £tli March, 1807. 




Thi» anriciit fnmily. which irn« ecati^il at 
CftLMADV, in Cuniwrilt, hI a very remote 
IMTloil, a|i|ii-nni to have removed into l>e- 
vuualiin* iiboitt iht! Iieglnaing of the aix- 
treutli ctMtiury. 

John C41MADY, of Calmady, living In 
I'tlKI, wiu fiillier of 

— CALU40Y, who ia fuppo9ed to bavt- 
married the daughter of Fraucis Vinci'iit. 
Ilr bitd ihrt-i' aon», via. 

I. RtriURD, of Farwood. M.P. for 
PlymptOD in I6M. died in IMS, 
leariiig three dnuKhtcrs. 
3. VlncBirr, of whom pn^eently. 
3. Andrew. 
1%e aecood son, 

ViscEKT Calmady, who is auppowd to 
luvr erected xhv mansion oTLaiodok Hau^ 
M. firHl Maria, dauxlitrr nnd heir of Rohrrt 
Ntekf. of Linon. in Cornwall, and had, with 
III III- r iwne, 

JoM48, h(« succeMor. 
I In etpiiuMnl, Bpcondly. Wylmole daughter 
i>r ' AUurd, by whom tic bad thnw bohd 

and a daughter. Hta will hear« date fn 
1679, and he wan t. hy his eMeitl »na, 

JiwiAs Caluaut, u{ Longdon, who tn- 
heriied Ukewins the Torliine of his utirle. 
Kicliard Culmady, of Farwood. TbU gen- 
tlL'mau m. Catherine, daughter and beire«« 
of Carrw Courlenay,* graiidsuu of Sir Wil- 
liam C'OurK^nay, of Powderbam, auil hod, 
Willi other isflue, bt« sncccMor, at hia de- 
ceaau in the beginning of the Kvenlecntlt 

8iK SillLSTON Calmapt, who reoeived the 
honor of knighthood in 1618. H« m, firal, 
Kiizabcth, daughter of John Copleatone, 
e«q. by whom, who d. in 1017. he bad im> 
Burviving isitue, He Medded secondly. Uc^ 
iiurn, daughter of Edward Fortcaque. rtt^. uf 
Fallow-pit, and relict of Sir H. I'rideaua, 
knl. by whom he had tlircc sonn, rijk 
JoKiAS, Ills heir. 

Sbil»(on, of Leawood, who eniouMd 
Elizabeth, daughter and co^beuuB of 
Humphry Gayer, eaq. and bad, villi 
two daughlcrv, two suna, rts. 
JmiAK. who nvenlually eoeeecdcd 
to the (wtatea and reprM«ntaiiM 
of the family. 
John, M.P. for Oakhampton. 
FrBnciii. of Oonbahead, in Curowall. 
This gentleman rebuilt the tnanaioa 
at that place, where hia anna and tb« 
initials of hi* name, with the date 
1063, remain over the gateway. He 
m. Joan, danghter and heireai of' 
Walter Faraland, eaq. of Bickingtoa, 
in Devon, and was father of 

FRA<kc» Calmaoy, eaq. of Cooibi- 

* Itii Cai«w ConitHiay wai aon «l Ftim 
Courtenftv, \>r FJizabrth, daoglitar tni liaiiwi of 
— SbilMoo, of lArrouahirv 




beiul, A. ill ino-l, who was «. in 
17(M. by hisi baii, 
Fkancis OtuiibY, e«q. of ComlM- 
head. who m. Cvciliii, tl^ii|^)iUT 
of Wnrwuk Piilivxfpii, rsij. nf 
Moth<?ro»iht*,in OpvonBhircand 
bad, with »'uL other ion^t aLd &re 
ilaugbler*. who all diVd unmar- 
ried, hifl succexsur in 1747. 
PRancis VtN'CF.>r Caliiadt, ew]. 
of Conibahead, of whom liere- 
ftAer. a« succesAor to Ut« repre- 
sentation mid cxtatei of the 
branch of Lun^tlou. 
^u ShiUtiin Calinftdy va» killed at the- 
■kite of Ford EIou«e during Itit civil want. 
ilia widow •urvived liiin. xnd dyjti^ in IGflS 
ws« buried in Uridcsloa churcli. wht:ro t)ie 
following vuriott* epitaph is to be seeu ujion 
her tomb: 

*■ Gi^t Hying; bmicb«t still are n>rin^ng found. 
Tboagllhn* ths loot liMd«wi wituin the grouix). 
TWa liwahwila la thmr toaAm divided Ue, 
WW hath dU in th* b9d of honor dio ; 
Bvt DOW tbs Una of tsrron, oh unjiut. 
At Inffth has laia thnr sowoa in Ui« dun, 
TQl lli«t which her* is in diahoDOf aown 
B* ru*Ml in uuMiM Ui ft jlurioua thrPOD," 

9f Shilstim was t. by his eldest son, 

Joaus CiUUOT, esq. of t^nfidon, who 
«. ftrtt. Tbomasini?, <laiii;hter of Sir Rich- 
ard Bailer, kut by whom Im had two daush- 
ton> Fie rspouiw^ iu*i-ondly, Elirabcth, 
daa^trr of John CoRiu, esq. of Portlodf{p. 
h IHtioo, and had two sons, Josias and 
SliDaton, who both died yoang. This f^n- 
ttcano Itfptl to an ndvnnci-d age, and was 
■HkClMMy oc^cuiiird in re|jcviu||; ihc dij>- 
CMBH. In his lost ti'Atnnii>nt he was yet 
■hrffill of their want9. hcqut'athinK twelre 
^••ee yrr i*<fk, in ii«»<.ind bread, to tJie 
poor of the purt»h of W^ubnry, for ever, 
payahb' out nf the reuld in Culehrook.. now 
Ae pfo|«rty of Earl Morlt-y, to he distri- 
Wm every Sunday, by tlie charchwardent. 
Aa4 InnoK £aiM> to iw miscd out of the 
af the parish of Wenihury, to por- 
laods. the income aceruiug from the 
to Im- applied to the relief of the pari»h, 
•rponliaK lo the provisions of bis will ; 
■rhlefc BiMiey has efnce been expendeil in 
tlM pnchiM of an estate, Higher Eirciimb. 
•od RanHdown, in the parish of Milimi 
AUmmI, In Ai« cwinly of Devon. This be- 
arrolvnt perwio J. in \lis2, and leaving no 
snle iuuf. was t. by fain nephew, 
JoiUlCiLMADY.vsq.of Ixtawood.M.P. for 

• Ot»pf timm sons, tt ,ibwk«. C*i-M*nr, wiu 
a rapcain t« the navy at the iiin» Adniiral Byag 
WM tJiM al I'oTtsoioulh, and tlirtw up hia cm- 
■taiifciain diifasL 

Successors in turn lo the 

Oakhamptnn in lf!80, nml sheriff for Ihe 
county of Dtvon, in IfiHH, who thus betuttne 
iilsti ofLauKdou. IIeiN.fir«t.Eli£»beth,dau. 
ftiid heiress ol Edward Wnldo. esq. (by 
the dauKhler and hein-.ia of Poller), and by 
her. who d. in I(K>4, bad (with two younger 
daughters, who d, uiuDorried), 



Waij>o, ' 

EiJ/ABETH, eventually heiress. 
Mr. Calmudy tspouned secondly. Jane. dan. 
of Thotnaii Rolt, t-«q. of Mittoii, in Ihe 
county of 1><:von, and had one daughter, b. 
in 1701. He was r. at his decease by his 
eldest son, 

•lo.suBCALHADY,esq. of Ijingdon and Lea- 
wood, who served the offiro of BherilT for 
Devon, in lfi94. He espoused — (wd h.-ul 
several children, who all died younz. His 
widow died at the advanced age of tti, in 
17A0. and was buried iu Marylebono chun:h, 
London. Mr. Calmady was t. Id 1714, by 
his neiLt brother, 

SiiiuTn<ii Cai.hady, em\. of Langdon. 
M.P. for SaltAsb, at whose decease, unm. 
in 1730, the estates devolved upon bis bro- 

WiLOo Calhjidy. esq. of Lnngdon, who 
served the office of slieriff for Devon in 
1728. He died issuelerw, in !?<!.'), when Ihe 
estates devolved upon bis tlireo sisters, as 
co-heirs, but the two youoxer dyin^ un- 
married, the property passed eventually to 
the eldest, 

ELizABF.Tn CALMAt>Y, who espOQsed John 
PoUexfen, esq. of Holhecombe, in Dcron- 
»hire, high sheriff for the roiinty in 1718^ 
and Irft nil onlv daiighlcr and sole hcireH, 
nii/.ABK.TH Poi,i.exvE\. (the last Survivor 
of that ancient bouse), who tmuried 

Francis Vincent Calmady, eMt.orCoinbs- 
head, (refer to issue of FkanciiI, third 
son of Sir SiMUTON Calmady), and had 

Fhancu. hb heir. 

EuzABtYH.iN. lo Christopher Hntnlyn, 
esq. of Paflcoe, in the county of De- 
von, and has a soDfCalnuidy-Pollex- 
fen Hainlyn, esq. 

PnLLExmN. of whom hervnfter. 
Mr. Calnindy was s. at his decease, in 1766, 
by his only son, 

Francis Calmady, esq. of LnnKdan, who 
died uuuinrricd, and bequeittheil hi« estates 
to bis yonngest sister, 

PntxrxFKN Caijiaov, who thus berHme 
of Langdon. This lady etponaed Charles 
HoliiicH Everitt, esq. an admiral of the Krd, 
who tiiereupon assumed by act of parlia- 
ment, Ihe samame and arms of CausaDY. 
Uy the beir«at of Calmady, the admiral bod 

Charles, who died young. 

CHAHLfcK-Bluiis, pr«4enl [KMaesaor. 



Ambcllft-PhnippB, m. to C. U. Uatek- 

Admiral CulaiAdy d. in 1807. itnd was 
l>urio(l in Oic famil]' vault, at Wcmbun-. 
nh«rc A ocaI marble monnnicni in frcolfd 
to bi« mtnoory, wilh the following; in«crip- 

Nov Uiia pile* «• daposHvd (Jm reaiaiiM of 

CburlM HotnM CtkoMdy. tatf. 
AdmtrmI iif Ibn lllu«, irlto d^piirUd Utis life,' 
15th March. 1B07. 
In ilw> Mth yMf of hit aga. 
1m nMtmimiu^ of hia Btaar riitDM. of hii (frmt*- 
hi Tfnrd, ind hikwv afeetioQ lo bia wif#, of 
faia WMrijr lAeliaB lo Ui ehtldnti. of bia com- 
punoana car* of iko poor and friciulleu, and 
of Ui bcanolanea to au. 
TUi laopamwt li fi«ct*d, tbat tlio good 
Uwf bo rorervncrd aft*r tlwy ors goiw bene?, ud 

Ant BO mora aaen. 
On him. who bniTM unhurt the batllo's roar, 
HbowTtKk'd, still trcaiU apiin hia amrt tbore; 
On him, ancurp in atidniiiht'i pfareful hour. 
May ruah. O Death, thy deac4«tiiig' power. 

Than. ChriatiBa. watch, raeb boor iutroct tl 

To aaeh, lo Gad, to bohl that baHtiw peri ; 
•So on thy pilUrw calailr eloae thine eye. 
Nor tnnbla. thooffb tby laat diead foe be oigh. 
Nor wake but in ibe naming of etertuly, ^H 

Admiral Calmmly whk t. by lile only a^H 

vivinf^ Mn, CHAKLP.K-IIiiif^.i Calmady, taq. 

of Lanpluii Hall, tht- preaenl rcpreseDtative 

of this ancient family. 

^m»#— Az. a cherron between three 

peara, or, ^M 

Crest— K Pef^DS, hT%. ^H 

Motto — Simili (hrndeacit rirgo metallo. 


Strode. Shiijiton. 


GaY£K. Waloi. 

Penwahnr. Potter. 


Nicks. PoixexrEN. 
Court KN AY. 
St«t — LungdoD Uall, near Plyroootfa. 




BRACBBRIDGE, CHARLE3-H0LTH. esq. ofAtherstoDe H&ll, in thecoantyi 
U'arwick, h. in March, 1799, m. in 1824, Solina, daughter of William Mills, osq. of 
Biatenw, in tho county of Hnnts. 

Mr. Broc«bnclgc succeeded to the r«prMenuiion of tlie family at the docoaM 
father, Slit August, 1832. 


H of ^H 


Thia fiunily derivea ^tn Tt RCHtli. DR 
WARewm, 4 S*xtm, wbo. at the period of 
iho CoKt^rKKT, hail the repatadon of on 
Earl, aud ita present repreaeniatira atill 
rvlalni of ibf oriKinal poM«isk>» sf thitf 
•uoralnr a rrnt chnrgv iu KiDgvbmry. the 
prtnBiiuJ Mr«t of Ihr said Ti'KCHILL. I>ii£- 

dnlv anys, Ihni tht« nublr Saioo. who waa 
descended from Gu^-. Eitrl of Warwiii nod 
King EtbeUuui, in tmitalion of the Komiwi 
and bia followert, asaumins a aomaaia, 
adopted titnt of Arden, r dexignatiott giveN 
t(> a wuodland tract of the coaot; of Wrt- 
TcRCHiLL DS Warewick Mpoued, Aral, 

, and had a aon, 

Sewaho dk Aroek, livins ktap. Hc»- 

RY I. who w-aa father of 

UrsRV DE Arden. nhoac son, 

Tiin»u» OR Arokm, livJBg b 

Ihe reijcn of John, coate«le4 

fur some yeare widi hif kia»> 


lh« tuhcrilance of KiDfCsbwy, 
but nas eventually forced to 
abandon bia prcti'nKinns. 
The earl m. aecondly, I^Tcmnia, with wl 
h« acquired the manor of KIng«bnrv, in 
county of Warwick, and by her h&d a 

OsRKtT Dl AJLDBXi, wbooe Service for 
manor of KiD£»bur\-, Ravith, Emrl ^ 
CWrTrr, granted in the time of Stcmikh:, t* 




Kobert MkniJon, of Tamworth Caftllc, and 
his h«lra. Thi« Osb«rt luu! iMae, 
0>BenT, hU ^ucceuor. 
A-HlciAt of whom pmeotly, aa heir to 
her DtecM. 
The »on. 

Obicbt de Ardin. Lord of Kintt«bary, 
ImkI two daughlcra, hid co-hpJr*, nainvly, 

AdsuI4 tiE AttoCM, •t'lfe nf Sitnon dv 

Ahabil DI Arden, wife of Robert Fitz 

Tbr»r> Inillf^dyiii^bolh UsueI«M. llielord- 
ahipor kJuj^sbury dcToIred upon their auut, 
Awiru l»; Ari>mn, wifi- of 
Peter de nRAreRKinou, nha had iis- 
nuaicd hu yiimftnir from a place so oal!<ri), 
neftrLlnculn.qf which lie was Lukei. "Tlii^ 
Prter," hftvs Ilu^dalv, "wo* a militaric 
nwi, fur I fitkd thnl hi> nve uiito WillJHiii, 
llkr «on of Fundus, ana hi« lioitfl, certain 
l*acU within the prvcincl of this lordahip. to 
the ini«iit lh«l the vaid William should, 
■poo lawful warning, carry hitht*r to 
Kia^bary, midi painlod lam-rs from Lon- 
don or Mtirthamploii nt Ihr charge nf him, 
ibe Mid Peter, aa be might have occa«ton 
b> oBv in any tonmeameDt then, and that 
wheoMMiror ibr eaid Petrr vbmild takv a 
^Bjr bevond M*. for perforuanrp of 
^nwtial exploiu, ho the aaid William 
•ttrad to bring back bia lancva." 
*cier llraeebridgK aiKl his wife conftrtned a 
oflands, ukI tbe advowson of Kings- 
bury Church, inadr by 0«bert d« Ardru, In 
ihf Duiu of Mrrgaie. The validity of Uii« 
fraat was iftrrwanb. unsuccew/alty, coo- 
IcMed hj Strltilpb de llraeebridge. Peter 
Naa #, at hii decease by his elder son, 
J JoifK DI BR*cBlutHi4]. Lord of Kings- 
|bory, wbo enrountrred much difficulty in 
l«f*«il!af bis iiilit'riliuicF from bin cousin, 
dr Ardfo ; but r-vrntuully auc- 
If^rf, Usui^lffl^, in tbff'^nil <if Uv^i- 
l. and his estates devolved upon his 

William db Dbacesricr, Lord of Kings- 

^ who was coastiluted, in tltf> lirth of 

It il l, a joMice of assize at Warwick. 

~in ooufiniKHl to tli4.' monJLA of 

irrant of u yan) land in Holt. 

'■\ Jobn, hilt di^ccft^ed brother; 

I'lse the said John bad fpTen 

K-ry. He was*, al hbdeceuse 


RaiFH DB BnACCBRino, knL Lord of 
libvry.whonrcrtvcdthe honor of knight- 
Iti Ibe 33rd of Hemiy 111. He left al 
rtfrrratc. a daughter. Matilda. m.tuTfao- 
HU dn Clinton, and m um, his surecsMir, 
Sri Ji)H<« i>L Bkickrhioc. knt. whu in thr 
4iltb of Hc^Hi )II.|wid a finr of two marks 
In goM to the kinic. thai his knighthood 
mirirt bv |MwtfKrn«-tl fnrlhm* ymra : during 
wUcfc ^AipattHUida being aae/ced at a mark 

by the Jiisticos Itinerant, in Linroltuhlre, 
for not being a knight, he obtainr-d a fjK-cial 
nitutdate to the barons of the K\cbrquer, 
for aoquilliog him of Ihnt peaallr. ^!iib«e- 
quriitly ndhrring to the barons, who took 
Dp arms in the 4Hth of this reiga, be was 
made priwoer by the royal annr, at the aur- 
iiriMil 'if Korlhainpton, conlinod at Sbrews- 
fitiry, and compelled to surrender his lord- 
ship lo Roger de ClilTofd. Ohlainiag hi« 
liberty be fled with the younger Simon d« 
Montford, to the Isle of Axboime, wb«r« be 
remained uiitjl the total discomfilorv of his 
party, when submitting, he regained his 
lands under the " Dictum de Kenilwnrih." 
Re fell afterwards into such pecuniary etn- 
barrassments, owing lo llie iieavy fines he 
bad to pay, tbat be wa« obliged to make a 
leaiH' of nenrly hitf whole lordship, to HuImtI 
d(> Typetot Ue waj» t. at his decease by 
his son. 

Sir John de Bracebrioo, knt. who in 
the 3rd of Edward II. bad n special patent 
from the crown, exempting him from serv- 
ing upon juries, or executing the offices of 
shnrtlT, escbeiitor, coroner, he. He d. in 
six years afteraard.', leaving a too. 

Sir John de Bracebkioo, who was t. by 
(his supposed ancle), 

Sir Kalph dr BRACRBRir.0, km. who in 
the tltb of KnwARD 111. levied a fine of iwo 
parts of the manor of King^bary ; and in 
the lUtb of tbe same monarch, had a mill* 
tary summons to attend tbe king with horse 
and arms into France. In three years 
afterwards ho bad an especial patent of ex- 
emption from the offices of sheriff, escbcator, 
(kc. He was t. by his son, 

Sir John dr Bkacebhioo, knt. at wlmsti 
deoease the estates derolred upon bis brother. 

Silt Kau-h de Braccbriou, knt. Riylcd in 
an inquisition laLen in tbe Istof Hekrv t\, 
" Prater Johnnnis di- nracebrigg Hilitis." 
lu tbe 7tb of Hf-KRY V. Sir Balpb was sum- 
moned tbn jt'ril amoogat other peraons of 
note, '' Anna portunles, de armis anliquis," 
as expressed in Ihe writ, to attend tbe king 
in perani, for Ihe defence of the realm. In 
the same year be took a lease of the manor 
house, parit.. 8tc. nt Lutton. of Richard 
BeaDchami', then Earl uf Warwick, tu bold 
for life. He was afier^vurds retained by ihu 
said earl, who was lieulenaDt-geaeral of 
Praucc, lo serve bim with nine laooes and 
seventeen archers in defence of Talais. 
This Sir Ralph de Ilracebrigg. it appears, 
(from an old MS. book of Sir Simon .\rch«r, 
the antiquarian friend uf Hu^lale) in H14, 
attended, with eleven other knigbts of 
ancient family, Henry V. lo Paris, on the 
ofNiasion of the coronation of Charles VI. 
of France. His son, 

JiALcii Bracebriuo, of Kingsborv, es 
p<iu»ed. in the lytli of Ht.SRY IV."jfN»ii. 
daughter of Sir William Newport, koL and 
was /. bv bis soOf 



fLiLrH nRArEBmco, of Kingshory. wlio 
wui (. by hi« hrothcr, 

8luoN Bk\ckbki<ju, of Kingsbury, who 
WW «. by Ills «an, 

ftirii.vRD Hkackbriog, orKinf^barv, who 
m. Joyce Wilioufihby, and was t. by bis 

TtlnuAK (a md of Simcn 
nrfu^ebrigg, by Klieabeth.dnughter of ^^'j|• 
Ham Harewpll. of Wotlon-\Va»cn). Thw 
gentleman bving <loe|»ly iudubleil Co Sir 
Ambrose Cave, kni. cliaiici-llor of the diii-tiy 
of LAncaflt«r, paMtNl bv a def>d of aale in 
him the inheritance of nU tnanor and do- 
inninf. He m. &n%, Juhiinnn. dangbtcr of 
George Catenby, esii. of Lapworth, atid hnd 
with three younger sons, 

WiU-iAM, who wedded Anne, daufchter 

of Julian Nethemull, a citizen of (^ 

▼entry, and dyini; Id the 2nd of 

EuzABrrti. left i»aue, 

Michael, died /. p. tn four years 

after hia father. 
Margery-, m. tint, to W. Willin);- 
ton, aud secondly, to B. £a£t, 
Jane, m. tn Lionel Skipwitb, esq. 

Thomas Bracehri)^ espoused seroiidly, 
fwhen he dtsinberited luis children liv his 
first wife) Joco««, daa|;hter of Tboiuaa \V'il- 
■on, and had is«ue. 

Thomas, who was mnile heir bv hla 
father, but huvin^.aceurditig to1>UK- 
dote, grtiitly enliintc''''' hiiiiM-lf in 
debt, he eventually rtold the remainder 
of the manor of Kinfcsbury. to Sir 
Francis WillDughhy, lint, of Middle- 
ton, and through (;reat ini)truvidencc 
died in extreme want. He ni. Alicia, 
daughter of John Kugclcy, esq. of 
Puntgn. and left at \iia decease in 
10U7, infer uUof, 
JoiiK, who espoused Susan, danj^h- 
ter of Thomas Cotton, and had 
an only daughter. 

Anikr, the Mifeof M. Sanders, 
of Bedworth. 
Edmund, m. Dorothy, daughter of 
R. Rugeivy, c«q. of Duuton. 
Tbis line is now extinct, 

Ankitil. of whom presently. 
Simon, m. Ellen, daughter and heir of 
Anthony Crewker. esq. of T^riford, 
in the county of Derby, and left an 
only dauKhler and heiress, 

fiLizAUKiH, FN. to Francis Beau- 
mont, enq. of Darrow, in Lei- 
Mr. llracebrtv;^^ wedded, ibirdly, Elisabtsth, 
daughter of Utorge W inter, esq. of Wor- 
thingtuu, and died on the l»l of March, in 
the lllhof EuxABKTtl. The third son vi 
Ihc second outiriage, 

Ankitil BHACEBRIUfl, esq. *>. Anna, dan. 
of Thomas Curbio, esq. of Hall End, and 
was father nf 

Ricii.viitt BRACEBNtOGKf ecq. of Atll«^ 
ston, whone son, 

Sahi?el Bkacebridoe, esq. of Ailieraton, 
espoused Elixabeth, dan. uf John Moorv, 
i-sq. of Shakston, and had witli yonagsr 

ABHtdAU, his snccessor. 
Thomas, in Holy Orden, who m. 
Jaue, daughter of John Ludford, mq. 
of Ansley, and hod.wiOijuniariMue, 
a son, 

SahuEI., who assumed the additi- 
onal surname of LrDFnNO. He 
Ml. Catherine, daughter of John 
Lewis, esq. of Guildford, and 
d>ingin I7t?7.wns». by his snn, 
John LiDroRD, t<sq^ b. iHlb 
May, 1707, who m. Juliana, 
daughter uf Sir Richard 
N'Mdignte. bnrt. and rf. in 
I71f>, leaving an only son 
and heir, 
John Li'dforp, esq. of 
Analey Hall, who ■■. 
Elizabeth, daughter of 
John IliiAWt^ll. esq. and 
li-n at his decease in 
ltf22, tliree daughlem, 
bis co-heirs, viz. 

AKA, ni. JohnChet- 
modc. esq. eldASl 
son of Sir John 
Chelwode, bart. of 
Oakley, who luu 
Bsaumed, by sign 
manual, the prior 
and ailditional nr- 
names of Ncwoi- 


3. Francbs-Miuj* 

CENT, utmarriod. 
3. Marv-Ankp., n, 
to the R*T. Fnu>- 
cis Astley. of Etbt- 
ley. in llie county 
of Wiltft, and Lm 
numerous issue. 
Tho eldest son and successor in 10D3, 

Abraham BRicesniDaE, esq. of Aihei^ 
too. m. Maria, daughter of Thomas Cbar- 
uell, Esq. of Snarei«tOD, in the county of 
Leicester, and was father of Samuel,* of 
Liodley, and 

* This sp^dman bad. wtib nther jasae, 

SjtiirrL. M. P. for Taniwnrllt. who <j. inihs 

Isleof Scio. in 1786. 
Pntitr, in Holy OnlRm, who H. in IT6I, 
lenrin); two daiiRhten, 

ANKr, m. to itobeii Abavv, asq. 
AuiriA, M. tu GeOfyv lleming, eaq. 


EvRAHAM BRACEBRiDat. e»q. of AtLcr- 
L*ton, who vrcddrd fin( (V-dlia, duuglilt-r of 
' WUlism Binl, (-M|. of (Ilaybniok, in l^rJ- 
1 0eiCenhire, by whom he bad oo iimui'. Itc 
*L Mooodiy MMTUtf daughlpr and co-heir or 
Ihe B>v. Wtlter Jenaing*, o( On|Mnra, in 
StoCttrdihire, aod wu f. at his deceup by 
bii nou, 

AftRAHiM BRACEBRtDGK, Ciq. of Athcr- 
■ton. who married Murj-. daughn-r of Jolin 
filifa »i F«S- ol* LUbriilgf , and had UeuA 
\&RAMAM, hia auccoMor. 
ftiUst, who m. Harriet. dauf;htor of 
H. Streatierld, i^sq-of Chiddiri}::<I<iiir, 
in tfa<> roiinty of Kf iil, hy wlnim (whfi 
d. in IM'^4) he ltd it his d^cea^e 

Waltcr-Ucnry, uf Mi>r\illf Houiti.*. 
iit lli« I'ouiily of Warwii'k, whn 
M. in 1603 hiA flnt cousin Man- 
|]alt«,oDly daughter of Abraham 
Brarrbridgv. caq. of Alherstunt- 
(hy Mary-t^Iiiub«tb,nrilyduiigli- 
l«-r and hi-irf»« of Sir Charlt'S 
llftllf. I)art. of AitoD in War- 
it id nhirp). 
H&rrii-i-.iViinp, m. to Henry 0|{le. 
r*tj., iH>ii of the Rev. John Ctglc. 
of KirLb'v, in N<>rlhiiuil>i-rUnd. 
Elizahi^th, i/. uiimarrit'd. 
[fir *nu 1. at bts dccca^tf iu ITb^, hy hia 
tMrvt voo. 

Ajramam BliACEBRlDCR. esu. of Ath«r> 
r, whn wv-ddt^ in 1775. Mnry-KHzA- 
Mitv dBU|;bler and bfin-M of Sir 
nolle, bart. of Aston, in the couurt' 
_. irick, (sec family of Holte, at fool). 
ml a 9on and daughter, 
CfiAKLU HoLTK, |>r«»ent proprietor. 
Haltf, who t>»pousGd in IH(X1 her 
eOttiiD, W«ller'Hrnr>' Braccbridge, 
c«|, of Mont lib* House. 
Ir. BrarrbridKr tt. iu 16:33. 
drmi — Ob a vair« arg. and m. a fesse 

CVwl — A aUlT niiEwIe. Note. " The 
Bear afld r»int*'^ Stuff," b<-lon^rd to Tur- 
ctial d* Warwiuk. a^ di-ti-endant of the cfai- 
valroH Gt'v. Kim "r W^bwicr. 

Matt^—nt 9a (Sa& 221(11. 

HoLTt. Clobkry. 


Ijarvii. EuCRros, itf. 

EUmttt — In th(> parUh of Main-'t-tKr, 
ityof Warwick, (lurchaacd temp. JxMts 
I. (ron tbr R^pingtons. \ rent charged 
la Klag«t»tr«, the only remnnnl of the rs- 
1*10 which (*i-tpr de BrAoebri^K mquired 
ly hl« tnarriagr with Ainicia, ^rundiiu^h- 
\mr of Tunhil. Earl of Warwick, temp. 
[BtXHT I. and which has lineally descended 
tbr prt-aenl pofarsanr, from Inr year 851. 
~ ATfiERrroNB Uali., in the county 



Thp ancient deedx and writing of tliia 
fatnily havinic been destroyed when A.^Toy 
HoKsK wnif plundered, iu the lime of the 
rebellion, l&ll, the lirstof ita membera that 
can be traced is 

Sir High Holte, UtJd^ 14 Edward H. 
who wedded Matilda, daiigbtcrof Sir Henry 
dr Erdio);taa, (by Joan, lita wife, duuf(bter 
and co-heir of Sir Tliomaa de Wolvey,) and 
WA6S. by bis son. 

John Holtc, wlio m. temp. Edward H. 
Alice dc Castcllo. or Cuau-ll, duughter, and 
:il le-ngtb aole heir, of Sir Georj;e dc Catiti'll. 
dciireiitlcd from the CaMtellf, ancient Lairdu 
of Witbibrooke, in the county of Warwick ; 
and, through a fvm<tle from Reginald dv 
Ai^lrd, I-ord of NochelK. In iho -llh of 
Edward IH. Alice, (Iliea widow of Sir 
George, niece and heir to Aliva, one of the 
co-Iieim to Simon dc A»»ele»,) in r4>n*ider«- 
tion of forty pounds. jMisscd awny all her 
inheritnocc in the manor, to her ;;ramUon. 

SiMos nF.LHoLTF, (son of the above John), 
This Simon m. Albreda dc BimiinghsiD, 
(daughter of a noble and eminent buuBV in 
Ireland,) and biid t%vo iit>ii.i, John and 
Walter, hy the elder of whom, 

Joii> Atte-Holte, he waa Hucccedcd. 
From this John we pass U> \m deat^ndatila, 

William Hnvrt., c>k|. who m. MargorKl, 
daught(>r of William Cumberford, esq. of 
Cunibvrford, in Staflbrdishire, and was r. 
by his SOD, 

'William HoltR, f»q. This gentleman 
eapoused a daughter of Adam Kuigbt, es^. 
of Shrewsbury, und was t. in H1!> by hu 
eldest son, 

Thomas Koltc, i-mi- an eminent lnw}-er, 
and juiitice, nf North Wales, in the time of 
Hi-\i(Y VHI. He m. Mar|.'arct. eldest 
daughter and co-heir of William W'il- 
tington, esi). of Harcbeston, in the county of 
W*arwiek, who, sun iving him, became afUT- 
wards the wife of Sir Ambrose Care. knt. 
chancellor of the duchy of Lan(;aster in the 
reign uf Eu^abetu. 'Tbonuu Uolut was t. 
by his son, 

EDWAKt> Holte. esq. hi^b t^herifT of the 
county of Warwick, in Uic 'i5lh of Elizabeth. 
He m. Dorothy, daughter of John Ferrers, 
eu], of Tamworth Cuatle, and was i. by bis 
eldest son. 

Sir THitWAft Holte, knt. of Aston, who 
receiri'^d the honour of knighthood from 
h'iitff jAMK^t I. in his majefitr's profin-sf 
from Scotland to London, ami was crraled 
a Baronet on the 36th Noveml«*r, 1«I2. 
Of tliis baronet Hugdale says, that " by 
him vrst* eni-lost'd a fair park hrrc, (at 
Aston,) and a noble fabrick therein erected. 





^•tf. M 

A fa MMw 

■M or Uf 4mM«J KM 


«f Pr. i< U Kmc BUUp vf Lw<M,> bb 

Sib a«wt Bocn, »t— < fe«BMt, * 

4r>«*i4 cs««Sw. U|fc i terig rf W fwick- 

■OS jw tMWi4 to mmMKmmgm W Aat 

ItoH VfWrtHli* fait- 41 BRCCtBHtta^^CSHffC^ 
BrvnrlM. of IW Ifiiftii^ cT IiiImJ, mJ 

8i« Chauu HoLTt, AM hMBtt, M. P. 
for dMr ta«Bl7' of WtnricL. ttaft Jamu II. 
He m t 44 v 4 Ame, «Ma< daagtarr ami a>- 
Mr of Sir iafai OebeiT. koL otf^ Bn4- 
•ioWf h Ae coMBlT ol* tkrvoa, (W A«m. 
M> rrnai Tift, i^rttn if fTinrtr Tub 
toer, oq. » iMen&Bt of Ao edofaraaed 
An4>hlMiy Craaner.) uid. 43rBi( auA 
iuie, 1722, WM «. W Ua too, 

S» Clobuit Kom, ronrdi haraort. 
TIriogcBt lnw Mp a w td Buten, rfa^teer 
•Bd btiroTTbowMUrtn- cwi.ofWtiticld. 

• TUa My bwMiiac tte heini or Wr cmt 

ilM l7«t. biwcbt tlw mU« nuioa and MWe 
of 0nrMH iMB tb« Ilolu SmUt. 8b» ww 
UsNllr ilawWBdiJ froB tk M^ra bria of Cbaa- 
Wr, of whan tiw fine. Hagfa Lapaa, wm tbr 
wpbnr of (ba Coo^oarar. 



to 17S9. 


Airili', (IB 

■.••f-to I^^ fc— Ae tide •■« 

flrvBavcv ^(mb feai BratoCEt 
StoOlaMtB Batw, anlh fcw^t. TW 
«• waa i^mmm aaK mT cfaa 
•f Ae AiR te A« OTHB «r Wa>w 
t7^a.iinu. AMKrr gill i«f 
PiBte7 laiM, c*^ af Ls^kr ■ War- 

yktoifa, «■< hid o. OBly 4M,fcter BB< 

M^JII-EuXASCtM, «t« millMld. Ib 

QbBiw-Hous B&ftcsasiBSB, 

So- Clftrla fic4 U I7«a. «Wb A* Bi- 
ao«ncT liiBMii E«n»cT. Vmtat A* 
wa or 8k Litorr. «W> dM ib I78BI Ae 
■MOB of BntcBM ud AatoB wcffv ivnlfd 
oa hii ImAer, Sir ClMlaB. te Ui Ufa. 
wiA moifadcr to Ui HHT Bale : RHBfadir 
to H. Le0e. n^. aad Va iasw aale: r- 
■l i iiii to U Baffoc. KAof of >orvk4. 
•■d Ilia itoBc ■«!*; ntoalBdBr lo W, 
Ks*^,fmt.mihmmmmmmlKi •ad.biriY. 
w aia* L i toAerig>* kir» of Ae laid ^ 
liMer Holto. Sir Ckarit* Wl aaly our 
dsni^trr. mnd Ae otfatoi, Aaa ib tvrcnaoa, 
wrrr ntimMUd at aboBt £000^080, m tee. 
In iai7. BBBctof padiMBeBtmsebtolDed 
ior Ae ifctomAmBwrt of Ae e— a. to 
waafy Ae rhii ofaeairigBpea B«d aaeil' 
of AbrakMi BraeeU^e. c«q. aad 
oAer AnSr dana, aamil as to fad«aaify 
Mr. Lqnr and Mr. Ih^bv, (both hOxg 
wiAoal iKin male-,) for Ar rcaif;aaliaB of 
Aair nspeciiTe iatoiceli. Ctidcr Aia ad 
Ac eatolM baM baaiMld. 




THE REVEREND GEORGE-HENRY, of SpringBcld Lodge, in the 
coiintj of Snrrey, M.A. Patrou anil si>mctime Rector of 
Stow Muiea, in the roiinty of Hmcx, b. lUtli .laniiary, 
I7fiG. m. ia .luly, 1796, Elua-Jekyll, youngt^t daughler 
of Colonel Jan)n« Chalmera, of Clioltwii (tty liu wifi: Ari- 
aonn-Miirui^roUa, daiip:hter of John Jf'kyll, cm. and 
greut-niecc of the RiRht Hooonible Sir Joneph Jekyll, 
Muter of the MoWt.), iiy whom (who d. 5th Mmvh. 1 825) 
bo hu iMuo. 

iOHI^^eoKOE, In holy orders, M.A. Vicar of rttmbor- 
will. A. 8th June. 1797. m. Oih Julv. 1*22. KlizaUctli, 
daughter ofHir Jobn IVrritij;, hart. auU hnn muf, 

KIixklM>th-Jek\ll, 6. 'iitlh April, 1K20. 
Georgiana* Maris, ft. loth Au^Rt, m:HI. 

Ueorge- Henry. 

Thomas- Chaltoff n . 

Cliziiln'th'SiipUia, m. to Jfihn Sinii-ov .'^aDnilrnt, rw], 
harri-i.l(-r lU Inw. oul) mu of th« llou. Jobti Saundurs, 
chiVf jiuflii-o i)f Nirw Brunswick. 

M arga rr t- F ra nc i" ^ . 

Mr. Storje weecteodod his fallter in 1794. 


Thtf name of Dr. Stirt, Sti'hvp, or 
Storik, hu held an hotionihle place io our 
rrrord» from the faHiesl rra, hairiuir bpi-ii 
iti varimu pcriotti rontiLTtod with tru)>tj of 
distioctioos, with knightly dcgrrv, and with 
r|u»copal rank. 

PfWTt nn anrwni Ifac fa the north of 
< r« and in Salop the name 
i'd> drsccnded 

it,v,\ » - I who was honi ahoul 

the «Dd ' I of Huent Ku/*BFTii, 

■oJ rr«»u**'>i " dtr north of Knf^land 

bt* Rcnfnrwfthire, where he poHa.-Mi'd coo- 
cy,.r.,i.i.. .,r„,i,.rty. Hr rf. at on advanced 
■fr, iring iasuo, 

J --uccfMor. 

J3nir«, who d. unmarrii^d. 
Tht r^^^^ srn, 

J I trtt\. h. iu 10-1^, m. ill tOfffi, 

Joki. ! of Willi.'tm Kobrrtsoii, esq. 

LuaI UiUi', 

,4(ihn, 4. I8th Ortohff, Ifi77, 4. young. 
GROttcr. his ftui'i;e(«rtr. 
J«mr«, m. hi 1727. Janet, daughter of 
— Mavwpll, of Mrrkflnorlli, i'tH|. and 
had iMi childrfn. of whom John, the 
«ld«rt, a captain in the army, d. t.p. 
in IWO. 
Snwheth. J both d. yoanff. 
d.YJ\\. unmarrii'd. 

John Slorii' d. in I73(f, and wna f. by hb 
L-Idcftt suniving Hon, 

Ugorge Storie. e«q. b. 23ivd MMn-li. 
IBS5, who nt. first Jean. daiiKhn-r of Wil- 
liam Caldwi^ll, rsq. by hi* wifi- Jeiiii, daii^h- 
ter of Allan Pollock, eu). of Arthurlif, and 
had iftnip, 

John, 1u5 racecBior. 

Ocorjje, d. t. p. 

Jniiet, d. young. 
He m. secondly, in 1733, Margarel. daugh- 
irr of Gcor^o l>ainzicl, i-hj. and ri'lirt of 
William Glassford, rtq. and had further 

Oror^f. an officer in the army. 


George Slorie d. in ITGO, and waa i. by hia 

John flTttnir.. eM). h, 18th December 
1731, who dying 4. p. Iu 1780. was s. by hit 
only nurhiug brother. 

Thouai* HroRtf., es4|. an rminpnl mer- 
rhant of London, who m. llanaah, dauKhicr 
ijf Henry Robrrt*. esq. of Stundou, Ij*!e of 
Wight, hv hif niff ElizaWth, dxnglilpr of 
Colonel 'fuffnell, and bad by her (wbo d, 
Viih May. 1B30). two aont and two daugfa- 
tera, via. 

vulvood. of garvock. 

Af*a, 17M. br hi* elder mm, ibc Hav. 
Hk^st STnitiL. (be pnteat rtpre 
at Ike faaulj. 

■Ar. m lioa raaqMUtt. doabl* qarud 

fa.jiB ft cibwb ax. ft Be«r-dc>lts or. 

-iiiw, M n the mnam. 


b &«mr. Emtx. and lUtu. 

SfriH*«U Ladce,«l^j 


HOFFATT, M^ ml Garrock. U Uk councj of Fift, 
l^far, ind kM ft! mtj dao^ttr, Akxi. 

•ee IroB Seoc- 

fa 1 I I rfb«b««^ 

yee«(4 ftf iMiciB AesBfaeroT 

AicUiihop Skarpc. HftviftgcaaH 
firtei lii cAwa<iaa at LOTdea. 
wl taUa Ike 4envc of M.P.. br 
wiA J(n« WiUJAH al 
Boig inf olred ta 
■kDoej aboal 
Snm the IaM of Gar- 
provinD^ to re- 
be slMuld come ta 
Garroek, coatrorr to hi« 
did rait that dty 
ly, wk(^ |lr, 
«ed unae » *id bti rvUtiao kt 
aa oe cUef «f bu family, 
■cw Mid tbe dcbc Dr. 
WcUwvod «>• aftrrwsnlf 

■yMMIili i1 ooe of llir 
■aiirSooclaDd. lie 


esce iabttpro- 
■I wail ml a conaner- 

. Sir Tbomaa Well- 

of Uenoira of 

Ike nmr 1688 ta 

LoCwi rit , tboagh 

' tii M <u fJwiifclhepr»- 

wtfamtmiaDa of one. 

Iftaaflrrrriii tbr n*i| 

nvriod to oblcb hu 

He d. u 1716. 

ammtl^ aeeond poweMor o( 

VmiiUi WiUwooD. eaq. of Toacb. r*- 
^ <f NiAal Wlfdbw of 'Wealer-Laaiar, 



Utf ^rfHt-fjTmndanghtflr, pAtRmally, of the 
knd of that lEHMt anck'nt house, Sir Alex. 
W'MilIaw.of Torrie, by Lady Agn»'s Leslie, 
daoKkler o( Uiv Earl of RuUi^s, aud km *. 

■ hj Ut ton. 
RnciiT Wellwood, CM], of Touch, who 
acqoJred the e^lntc of Garvock, in adftitioD 
to his putrimutiuil iiroperty, H«^ n. altout 
tbo year IISM), Cnilierine, sixth dauKlil<^r of 
Jnlin Denliam, ^1^. of Muirhoiwe and Shiels, 

■ b/ whom he had two sods, 
Hexry, bis lieir. 
Robert, Huccesaor \a hU brother. 
Thp elder fton, 

IIf.nry WttxwooD, esq. of Garvock, 
dying onmarritrd, left lo ihn son of liis bro- 
tjirr'a duughtrr. Sir Henry Moocripfl*, the 
cMlle and cAUle of TuUiebote, opoii coD<li- 
boo that he bore the aarDamB of Wellwood, 
and qnartrrrd the MoncriefT coat H-iih the 
Wrlltraml arms. Tlu> otherMWtes, of Gar- 
vock and Tniich, paased, od Henry's death, 
to hia brother, 

RnBLHT Wu.LwooD| eaq. of Garvock. 
who bad tMoe, 

RoirjtT. his heir. 

kCalhrrinet m. lo Kir William Monrrieir, 
bart. and had. with other inksue, 
SirIIevrv Wkllwoop-Moscriefp, 
liarl. an eminent divine, who in- 
hvritMl from hia Qocle, as Mated 
above, the citstle and tanda of 
TulUebole. He e»poused Susan, 
cldot dauKlilcr of James Ro- 
bertson Barclay, «*<\. of Kea- 
villi>, and was fadier of the pre- 
Sir Janks Wf.[,i.woop-M»n- 
CRIEFF, bart. of Tulliebole 
(see Bwrkt'M Peerage mmd 
tm and increuor, 
RoDtKf WrtiwiMiD, «M. of flarvock, m. 
AftM'* cldeat tlaughter of hir Georee Pre«- 
■■■, barU of Vatleyfiold, by Lady Anne 
Oachnui* abter to tb« Earl of UundDDald, 
■Ml barf bauc, 

I. RflBRRT, biaheir. 
3. A.xoREw-Mopr*T,prPBeiitprDpriemr. 
3 Aaoe.M. lo WilHiim-Scolt Moncricff, 
and bad a von, WilUam-Scoll Moit- 
crirfffOf Eiliuburgh. 

4. riizfiWth, m. lo Alt&n Maconochie, 
L<>rd Mcadowbank, a St^otch judgv, 
of RTeat abilities, and very rare at- 
tainn>«-nl8, in literalure and philo- 
fiopliy, by whom she had isiMie, 
ALEXAKDt-KMACONocHtc.lord ad- 
vocate of Scotland, raised to the 
bench, as Lord MeadnwlMink, in 
tH|9. Hem. Anae, diiughler of 
Lord President Dlair, aud has 
James, an advocate at the Scotch 
liar, sheriff of CaitkncM Uld 

a CMherine, ( ''■ -""'•"ied. 
Mr. Wellwood was «.hy hU elder ion, 

RuBFjiT WELtwooD, esq. of Garvock, 
who espouaed Ltlias. second danichlcr of 
Jnmes RaberlKOii Han'lay, e«>(. of Keaville, 
and had two daughters only, vix. 

1. ISAUILLX, m. to Robert Clu-ke, pw]. 
of Comric CasUc, deputy lit^ulenatil 
for the county of Perth, and had, 
with other junior iiwue, 
Andrkw Clarke-WardLjIw, e»q. 
who m. Jane, only child and beir- 
eM of the late Colonel ):»ir John 
Wardlaw, bart. Mr. Clarke 
Wardlaw lineally represents the 
Wellwood fiuuilj, and opon the 
demise of bis grand-nnele, Ibe 
pn-Mnt possessor and last heir 
mate, will be sole representa- 
3. Mary. m. to Laurence Johnstone, 
eB«j. ofSands, in Pcrthsliire, formerly 
a captain in the Scotch Greys, and 
has ^oe. 
Mr. Wellwood dyin|^ withoat male issnn. in 
1830, was t. by his brother, the present Ak- 
DHEW Moffatt-Wellwood, Mq. of Gar- 

.4rnii — Arg. an oak issoiag out of a well, 
in base ppr, 

Svpporter$ — Two eagles or. 
f>e** — The fitnmp of an oak. 
^yorro— Revirrsco. 
Ettatn—Xn the coanty of Fife. 
.Slrnl— Pitliver House, within three miles 
of Dunfenuline. 


5TW00n HOUSE, 


now irprcseatative of this branch of Uie 


WiUJ*i* FlTZOTHKH, at tlie timr of tJic 
f^rncml 0urvt*y, w»9 oisti-llan ii( WimUor, 
^tyl vATtlrs uf furt-sU, in llerkuhiiv, iind hv 
IKWMiMpd ■Fvrnil lonUhi|ta in Uie coutitipa 
of UiddleAeK. Huiu, uid lluofc«. Ho luul 
thrtt MRS, 

WiluaM, wbo ivok Uie surnaatp of 
WiKpKMR from hid father's oAicp, And 
wasatii^Ktorufthf Windsors, Baroui 
Wind«orp,(Be€ Burke' i Extinct Petr- 

Sober t. Lord of Eston. 
Okraij}, Willi whom we vo about to 
prof red, 
TT)r third mhi, 

CtK«in Fit/ Waltck. m. Nesta, daugh- 
ter of RtMft, Mil of Theodore the Grvat, 
Priucr of South Wittr*. and bad iuoe, 
WlLUlit, of trhotn |irviu<nlly. 
M«uri^t^, aiu')*ati>r of the Fitx Geralds, 

Utikfit of Lrin»ter. 
Darid. Bisho|i of St ParidA, wbo d. in 
Fkvm ib«> *\AtM fton, 
8iit Tm>ll«^ Gt itiun, Itnt. who w.m rr«t- 

tled a baroiii'l at tlie first iuilitulion of ihnl 
>rdrr. anno UtII, He m. Ihriri.-, but liiid 
•uc o«ly hj hia fir>l wiftr CiVrU , dtiiighiiT 
' HIr Walter Mativy. knL of StHi>lcbur»«, 

THov.k« (Sir), 

Kranci'ii. m. to Ralph Stnndifb, esq. of 

onW iu>n, 

Sia "fiioMiis GF.Kiiii>. eA(K>nJed Frances, 
lufbtirr of Sir Kichiinl Muliiti-aiix, )>Hrl. of 
nn>in, ami \im\ nilh »thr*f wsur, 

1. W'liii^H (Sir), Mhu », to till' bnro- 
nrli-v. 'mil ftitutuinf; tlio side of King 
Ciuituji I- cxpi^Dilt-d a Inrae vataie 
io tht^ Krricv of hi* nfyol muter, 
whtlr li)' luM cnnsuli-nLblf jiro|i<-rlii 
bi-«idr hv»pt|uifstriitiuu. Sir Williiim 
('liflon, bart., and froiu ihiD alliance 
tiiii-allydcrivt'B ilu- [in-wnl Sm John 
GI.K4KD, ti«fi.i>rjlr>)i. (Set! ISneiu't 
i't<r*y< antt Karonctntjr). 
2. Ricu*iu>. of whujti (irt-si-iill)'. 
ITV' ■nN>iid H>ii. 

|tu:iuHii (UnABD, eeq. became powanor 
' IsLX b} purcbaae, fruui bb coaiiD ThomM 

Gr-rnrd, of IntM*. Hi* m. fir^t, PrniKm. 
dauRhlcr of Sir Kalpb IfHnHlt'y. of TicLhill 
Ciisilc, in Ihc county of York, by whom ho 
hud OfiP son, nho di<-d in infutu'y. Up i*»- 
poniu^d Bfcondly, Jndith, daii(;hu>r of Sir 
Nichulus Stewart, kut. of I'utcBbal, and 
hnd (nilh oUicr children, wbo all it. uu- 
murrtiHl) t\ro w>iw, rm. 

1, TitouAs, hia succeuor. 

2. Richard, who m. Jaae, danKhter of 
Sumupl PrcKOt, csc|. and bid a son, 

Richard, who m. Isabdiu, daufchter 
of John Buldwio, (!S(|. niiU hud 

1. W1LJ.1.UI, who $, to the ea- 

tate of Incb apoo the de- 

ccaae, ImuMpu, of biscouin 

Richard Gerard, in 1743. 

*i. M«UY, m. to John Wal- 

3. 1-IuZABrrH, d. unnkarrii-d. 
Rirhard Grrard, alVr haricfi Acquired high 
n'putntion us a Mtldicr. tu lirvrrai vi-ry ob- 
Ktinalu and wpli-faught batllcii, in onr of 
which he was shot ilirough lh« llii);h, H. iih 
Sept. 16M, and wun t. hy bi» rldi-st wn. 

Thomas Gfraku e»f\. of Itirr. wbo m. 
SUsd Mary Wright, iind was j. at bis de- 
erase, in 1724, by bitf son, 

Richard GtiitnD. riui. of Inco. at whoae 
dei^ea^e, without iwuc, in I7-|:), the manor 
nod estates dcrolvtd upon his roiiAin, 

WlUJAM Grkahi), est), of Ince. (ref<T to 
ismv of Uie second son of Rlolmrd GcriM, 
first poftsessur of Irioe). TbEa gi'iitteuian d. 
iinraarried, and his iuhuritjiiire devolved 
upon bis two sisters, as (To-heirs, viz. 
Makv. m. to JoiiM Walhesiet, esq. 
Cu/ADf^i|i. who J. unmarried. 

Amu — Quarterly, lir»t aiu) fotirlb, pn. on 
a rhief ermine, two hiirta, for WALMrn.rv ; 
■rcoud aiid thinl. ar^. a saltire gn. for 
G Kit All D. 

fi-ert — A lion ntatant, guardsnl, ducally 
crowTked. Kulej). 

Motto. — Ku IHeu est mon e«p«ninee. 

K*ttile$ — Westwood Hon»e und tiw minor 
of luce, near Wignn, first ciiinr iulo tlie 
family in the rei^n of Edward til. by ibe 
marriage of John Gerard, yonn^r son of 
Sir Peter Gerard, of Bryn. with the betreiis 
of luce, and his descended to tlie present 

tiroprietor. through bis {rraodmotber, which 
adv und her »ister were the co-helreama 
auQ liui of the Gt>nrds, of Inee. 

Stat — Westwood House, in the wunur 
of Lico, Wigao, LAUcashire. 



KINGSCOTE, ROBERT, esq. of Kingsoot*. in tho county of Olouciwtfir, b. I5th 
April, IT.'i'l, Colonel of tho North Ciloiirenter militia. 

CoIoDtil KiagBcote succeeded his tinclo in 1773, and never having' married, ento tUd 
iiu eiUUes upon the childna of his brothor, the Into lliomiu Kingscotc, eaq. 



^ © © 

^ <5 © 

"It nBT he said,'* %vj% Smrtfap. of Nib- 
ley, "of this family, as douhtU'ss of uoe 
ollirr in thi^ county of Gluuccstcr, nor, i 
think of mnny oth(>rA in thin kin^tlnme, tlini 
the present Mr. Kinf^iicotc, aud Iiia lineal 
anccslon) have continued in this manor 
Dowe nhout J300 yr»re)>, never ntliiiiitrd.nor 
dwvltinfCi! out of it (>ls«where, nor liatli the 
tide of hifl estate bi^^her or lower flowed or 
ebWd, in hi-'lter or worse condjlioo: but 
like n fixed »(ar in hiy firniEimeot to have 
remained witliont motion in t)ii» titd tittle 
orbe. without any remarkable ehangf ; and 
M to the name of the first ancestor that vi 
not (ierishe<l, AKMicnus ; it imjioiieth that 
it iA hereditary Saxon." 

A.\»G rjf» . living io 96 5. wai grand- 
father of" ■" " 

NinELL Fitz-Arthiir, who wedded Adc- 
ra, diDKhter of Robert Fitz<nariHii)fe, 
grandaon uf SuKNO, the third KiNr. or I>f.\- 
HAHK, hj RvA. nieee o^f WiixuM the Con- 

Siteror, With this lady he received jw 
ower the manor of Kini^eeote, (e-alled in 
Domesday Book, ClltsuescdTK), and he had 
by her, two snna, 
Ai^AH. bi.1 heir. 

^ ob; ' rL. living in l!M I. who bad iMuc, 
Niop.iJ., evenloally inheritor of 

RicHAKD, beirto bis brother. 
The elder (Kill, 

Adah df: KivcBrore, of Kinpeote, had 
a confinuation of ibat manor in l)8tt, from 
his ancle. Lord Maurice Filz-Hardinge. 
He rt. — and wiiit buried in Briirtol cathe- 
dral, and was <. by \\\« only sou, 

RiciiAKD DK KiKcscoTK. of Kiof^cote, 
who died i«sQeles« in 1241, ujid was s, by 
his kinsman, 

Ntcet L np. KtvoKCOTC, who thus becams 
"of KingBcote." Tbii Nigell w«i /. by hb 

RiciMRD OF. KiNGscoTE, of Kingscote, 
living in 121*6. father of 

Nir.Kix nti: KiN(i»:oTF,nf Kingseole, roas- 
ter of tlie hone under Maurice, seennd 
Lord Derkeluy, who died in tlie 12th of 
Bnn.tKD U. and was «. by his fon, 

WiLLi\M DE KinoscoVe, of Kingscote, 
living in 13*29, fattier of 

NirHnUfl DK KiNUSCOTE, of Kingseote, a 
gallant soldier, who accompanied King 
£dward 111. in bis French wars, and was 
present at the battle of Poictiers. His sob 
and lieir, 

Wiu-uw (or Henky) de Kixorcotb, 
adoptiiif^ like his fatlipr the profession of 
arms, shnrvd in the Kl^y of AziKcutRT. 
He «vua T, by his grandson, 

William 'Kis«(scote, of Kingscote, who 
wedded the daughter of llyres, and was 
living in the time of Euward IV. His loa 
and successor. 

WiiLUM KiNOSCoTE, of Kingse-otOt c*- 
poused Anne, daughter of ~- Stylesburj, 
and dying in 1535, whs i. by his son, 

William Kinoscote. of Kingseote. who 
wedded twice, and dying in IMl, left a son 
and heir, 

WtLLiAH KiKOSCOTB, e»q. of Kingscou, 
father of 

CiinisToPiiFR KiNGScore, esij. of Kingv- 
eot*'. This gentleman wrdded first, FliM- 
iieth, daughter of Thomas Daunt, esq. of 
Uwlpen, in the county of Gloucester, and 
secondly. Anne, daughter of Mat. Poyiitx, 
esq. of Alderley, in the same sbire. He 
died in l<{08, and was *. by bis sou, 

.\nthoky KiNOsroTR, esq. of K{n||;*- 
rote.who m. Kntlierine, daughter of Robert 
Chambers, esq. of Bath. This gentleman 





4. !■ 1046, and lira iuterred tii lite charch 
ofKngvoolo.* His md and BDCocssor, 

Abhaimm Kingscotb, tv\- of Kingsrate, 
died 38th June, 1970, iMTittg B son ftnd 

Wiluam Kinascotk, Mq. of Klngflcolr, 
who d. in 170G, and wm a. tiy hix Aoti, 

WiuJAH Ki\GscoTF, eaq. of Kiii^scole, 
•rbo M. Catherine, djuighter of — Burnsley. 
eaq. aod bod i»ao, 
NiQEUi his bfir. 

Rohert-Fiuthitrdinge, of London, wtio 
wfdded Mary, daughttr and co* 
hcinia of — Hamtnoad, eaq. and 
dying in 1770, teA iuHii*, 

KoBERT, who inherih-d ihe efltalea 

from hia unclf, and in thp pre> 

aeni Colomcl Hinuscote. 

Tboma*, who wt-dded Harrirt, 

fourth daughter of the Ute Sir 

II. Peyton, bart. of Uoddinp- 

laa,andd)ing:in 1811, left ti»auf, 

I. TlioWAfl-Hr\BV, b. lUlh 

January, I7)W, m. in lH-i8, 

Lady Isabella- Anne Somer- 

act, dauKhtf^rof HrNry Di'KR 

OFBe*i'ronT. Her ladyship 

difd in 18.11, and Mr. Kin(;s- 

rolc m. aecondly the Hon. 

Hnrriet Bloomtield. 

3. Ilenry-Roberl, h. in 1803. 

3. Filzliardiiige, d. unmarried 
in IK34. 

4. Robert- A rthur-FiUardinge 
t. in lull. 

In Ihr MOM cliDKh « tomb-«tOBe records ihn 
Ifcaf TaoTLL't KiNOM3>T*, "who didsarrice u 
tmmmalat So* tliw l'niir« of Onm|t« ftnty y»an. 

Wtaf ««hty Tears old. i-nded ibis life upoa 

WikHtDtmlbu, 1636." 

d. Harriot, i. in 1818, tui- 

0. Emily-Frances, Ml. to John, 
eldoit son of Sir Joho K«n- 
naway, barl. 
7. Caroline* Miirianne, m. in 
1808, to the Rev. Alan- 
Guduer Cornwall, second 
son of the late John Corn- 
wall, eaq. of Hendon, tn Ihe 
county of Middlesex, and 
l^ndsoQ. malemally of 
Alan, 6nit Lord Gardner. 
Elizabeth, >it. to Thomas, Earl of Suf- 
folk, and d. in 17(W. 
Mr. KingKote d. in 1731, and wm a. by his 
elder sou, 

NicEix Kikghcoth, e«q. of Kinf^srote, ft. 
in \^•2i^. This gentleman dii'd unmarried, 
in 1773. and wns t. by his nephew, the pre- 
sent RuHKiiT KiNr.scoTE,e*q. 

A ntu — Ar^. nine esealtop shells sa, on ■ 
caalun qu. a star or. 

Crett — An escallop shell sa. 
Ettaltt — At Kingscule, in the conuty of 
Gloucester, acquired by marHaRc with Al- 
nr.vA FiTziuRDlNGB, about seven fanndrcd 
yean a^a. 

Seat — Kiagscote. 

lint* — TIm iniiDri)iluin tt]Min a tnoaatiml at 
Kinncote. ooccludes tliujt, io roilijr<.>nctt to di« 

DoBBBS hujus Don Miwi 
Anns (jMUrunl rtec inglorii, 


lllc idm Msuntiuj Aumsiius 

Prineep* intali sunt ; 

(hnnea ad innnn 

Contm quamcunqos Tytaaaidis spMiwn 

Tsin in •luiris, <]UBni in rivilibus 

Suenu6 et semper certtreranu 



. -^"'/'j 



^HBELYAR, WILLIAM, esq. of Cokt^r C'^urt, in the eoantv of Somerset, and of 

H ^ Sedgvbit], in Wiltshire, b. I4th May. 1778. m. Hnrriet, 

^1 { * — ^Js — ^ daughter of T. Grove, eaq. of Fcrnu Ilouac, in the latter 

^H ^Ami , county, and haa iarae, 


■^ <^aEm Albert. 

B^^ 7 Charles. 

^f ^ f^ Edwin-Grove. 


File II- Harriet, 

Lucy* Elizabeth. 


Mr. Helyar succeeded at tlio deceaac of his falli«r 31»t 
Au^st, \^1Q. We. is to the commi-iaion of the peaco 
for the cofintiu of Wilts. Sooierwt, and Devon, and he 
sorved the office of sheriff for Sjomcrsctabire in IS'iU. 



This family cam« ori|ciDalIy from tkp 
cvanty of Ile*on, wliere il a(>pearB |y liare 
been of importunce, for we find one WiL- 
UAU IIelyar rt-|>r*wet)ting Mclromb-Rcf^iit 
ID partiamcot, id the rrJKiu of Richard II. 
amlUENKY IV. la leiU, 

WiLLIAU Helyar, arcbdpneon of Barn- 
sUple» in the diocMe of Exeter, and ranon 
residetitar}' of the Cathedral of St. Pet<?r'« 
in that city, purchaved the manor of East 
CoKrit, with the advowson of the (larisb of 
llariliii^toti Mandt!vH]p, from Sir Rrtht-rt 
flielipjf. In (his parish he eubsequeutly 
liuiit ail Blm»-Luufic for tH-ctve poor men 
and women, nnd t-iiilun-c-<l il with Mn eiitate 
in ihe 'pariah of ^\1iit(.-burL-h, io the countv 
of ]>Dnft, Archdeacon lielyar, who bail 
twcD chaplain to Quefn Eu/^atTH, vfu one 
of the fitvt Fi-Uowd of Clielsva CoUt-^, ao- 
mioated by A'iri} Jamps I. He wiu made 
ranou uf the diurtrh titExvivr, iu 1602, aud 
became archdeacon io lOOH. Wlieu the 
rebels during the civil war, were ravagiiii; 
the cathedral and plundering the royalists 
at Exi-tcr, thr venerable canon, then be- 
tween eifjhty and nin#4y yearn of ajie, was 
df«gpd from hifl bed at midnight, and hur- 
ried on board n tfhip, where he was delniDed 
in close custody, subjcctird to the most bar- 
barous In-atineDl, until he had consented to 
pay the SiUU of eight hundred |iound« for his 
redemption. The following id a copy of the 
protectioD he Ihua purchased. ** Whereas 
Arcbdeaoon Hclyar has cabuiittcd and sent 
eight hundred pounds to the parliament upon 
the pro|>uditionii. These are iherefore. to 
require nil the forrrii of the parliameot to 
take notice thereof aud to protect him in hifl 
penon, family, nud goodn, titriclly ehar^iitg 
and comniandiag that no man hitnccforth, 
moleal or trouble him. January 19. 1643, 
tigued, Jo. Northcole, Sam. Rolle," Jtc. 8tc. 

Archdearuo Helynr, in. and had 

a BOO, 

HKKIty.wbo d. IHth April. 1634. (his fa- 
ther being .itiM living,) leaviiig(wilb 
younger children ( by his wifis Chriit- 
tian, daughter of William Cary, esq. 
of Clorelly, iu the counlyuf Devon, 
WiiJ.iAU, 9nixeA(H>r to his grand- 
The Archdeacon d. in l(HA, and was #. by 
hifl grandson, 

WiixiAH Hpxvar, esq. of EastCoker, &. 
8th March, I6SI. Thift^ntleman, who was 
axealoiia cavalier, and raised a body of horse 
at hia own expense, for the royal army, was 
nhliged (o compound for hi« 1aii«L>. Im |my- 
iug a fiiu> of £lTiiii. H« wedded Rachf^l, 
daughter of Sir Hugh Wj'nrlbam, hart, of 

Pitt^oo, in the county of Dorset, by wkoi 
(who ff. 2Uth May, 107)^,) be hod, wil 
other children wbo'all d. yuung. 

Hear)-, b. 17th Janunr^', \C»S3, d.o(A 

■mallpox, 16th Apri], ltt74. 
William, successor to the estates. 
John, of Yulley, in Surrey, 4. 18t 
October, IG&i. MiM Hklyar, Uii 
gentleman 'd onlv daughh-r, and heii 
es«> eapoused SVadhun Wyndhan 
est], and bud i»sue. 
Richard, b, Mth Mhv, IGOT, in hoi, 
orders, rector of Hfu-dlngton, Ja^ 
nterM'tKhire, d. in 1736. H 

Hugh, b. in l(j(». V 

Mr. Helyar, whoservedtlie office ofsheril 
for Somersetshire in 1061, was ». at his de 
cea*e by his eldest suniriog son, 

WiujAM Helyar, esq. of East Coker, ii 
Somersetshire, and of Canonteign, in De 
von, 6. loth July. 1662. High&beriff for tbi 
county of Somenier, iu 1701, and mmbe 
of parliament for tlie Kamc shire in 1714. Hi 
wedded Jobaii. daughter and co-heircM o 
— Hole, ewj. o( South Tawton, in Oerao 
shire, and had ts^ue, ,^ 

WiLiJAH, bis sncoessor. ^M 

KoWrt, barrister^al-law, <f. s. m| 

Richel M. Iu 8ir John C-orytou, barf 
of Newton Park, io Carnw«ti> 
d. r. p. 
Mary, J. anmarried. 
Joanna . 
The elder son and heir, 

Wiu.iAM litLVAR, cM^.of EaslCoki 
M.iry, diiughtcr and hriressuf John U< 
estj. uffiilliugham, in Dorsek«hire, and bad 
with three daughters, an only son, his snc 
cesiior in 1723, 

William Reltar. esq. of Coker Conrt 

iu the county of Somerset, and uf Blackball 

in Devon, b. La l''20. Tins genileioaii BS' 

poused Betty, daughter and co-heir uf Wil' 

liarii Weston, ejq,. uf Weclon, in Dorset&hirt 

and had with four daughters, 

William, his heir. 

Robert, of Newton Park, in Cot 

d. in tlie unny at the age of 


Weston, sDceMmr to his brother ii 

Newton Park, a magistmie fa 

eounty of Somerset. 

Edward, b. Ulli November, 1743. 

Charles, 6. 'Jmb December. 17^ « 

olticrr in the army, kUl«d in tb 

American war. 

John in holy orders, rector of Hart 

jiiffton and Tollard Roval, ia 


rau> ■■ 



thei II 



Ir. HtTrnr wasdhcriff orSonerwtaUri- in 
170«. rie <L Id l7tM, u»l wa« «. by hit* 
eldest MR, 

WiLUAU H^t-VAR. CM. ofCokcf Cdun, 
in 8omrr*et»hirp, nnd of Sedyt'Iiill, in tlie 
[countT of WilW. 1. macistratc for the coun- 
, oi Wi]k», Somcrvet. iiiitl Oevon, b. 8tli 
nbpF. 174ft, M. F.WjihIm-Ui, wrond 
i-r and co-hrir of Wtlliiiui Huwk.iT, 
Mq. nf Puuiidi^funl I^odge, Somertifbhir«, 
and bftd »urri>ini; issuo, 
Wiujtw, hiii heir, 
M<-nr),A.'2UUi Noveinbrr, 17M,ioholy 

orden. rrctor of lliirdiii'^n. 
G«>oric<<, i, (iiL Auti^uat, 17tld, barmter- 

Hugh. A. 33d Blarrh, 1709. in holy 

ordfre, rector of Suttoo ant) Bing- 
ham, iu .Somerietxhirft, and of Bvar 
Unckft, in the coaiity of l)or»p|, 
Charlr«-Jobn. k. tfiA Hay, 1796. bar- 

II arriet. 
Mr. Hcl>iir, d. 300i Angust, 1820, and wai 
t. by IiIa pldeftl son, Wll.uAM Hl-XYUl, esq. 
the prr«£nt proprietor. 

Amu — Az. I croiia Beuri arg. between 
four mnlteu pierced or. 

Cmt — A cock aa. beaked, rombrd and 
wattled fpx. under a crou fleuri fitcb(!£. 
Motto— la laborc quies. 
Scat — Cukcr Court, B«ar Yeoyfl. 


IfORTON, THE KEVIIREND JOSHUA-THOMAS, of Howroyde, in Uie eounly 
Yorli, ricar oC Orniskirk, m. 6tli Novomber, 1832, Kvriel, eldect daughter of Sir 

Dslrpnple Heaketh, bart. of Rufford Hall. 
Mr. Hortoti inherited the eatatei at tbo d«cewe of liis &tber in Dceciober, 1B30. 




Tbc aatiqnity of the family of Horton 

f»lablisb«Hl by thr faet, that one Robkht 

flftHTAH, niwnuiuittril u iHtndiiiAn Ui bia 

If of llorton. lon^ bt-fiirc tbc tloie of 

Iv^ry \mc\\ V.»r\ of liinrolti, who dlral in 

IniO: it !■ Mined that llip Horlonii 

lad a (um n (irrnt Hnrl'ni, vHU 

iiji'' ■ i'- land^ tliervuntu 

j'^rlfM ■ (M'rind, 

M 1. . . - « It ., .... i-ndt'd from thft 

at>o*f- tn^ntt^tt-d it<yl)<-rt. liiinp in 100:), 
wcddi-d Kti/.a)>Mli. dati. iil Tht^iiiii* Ilaiifon, 
c«|. of Tonthill. and hnd l^hoc, 

I. WlLLitH, of lUrkiflland Hall, who 

purehaMd In tlio I5tb of Cmarlrh I. 
the Mtate of Uowroyde, and vrttled 
lutnwlf tbvre. Hv m. Elixabelh, 
(laat;bt«r of Thorn** GIrdhil), rwj. 
and had, with three daogbten, two 
Bons, rix : — 

1. ThoMAft, of BarWiiilnnd HalUd. 
Und Janiiar>', ^(HM, teavini; tbnc 
dau(;htFr8 bi« co-beira, namely : 

Elizabeth, im. to Richard 
Bold. e»q, of Bold Hall, and 
eoBV»")*"d lo ber husband 
Ibr fitatfi of UarkUUnd. 

Sl^SANKAH, m. 1(1 Itii'bard 
Bvaumont. traq. of Whitley, 
in Yorkshire. 


2. WiUiamofHowpoTde.iii.Mnry, 
fourth daDKhter ot 8ir Rirhitrd 
Muai^w.Dt. of Hayton Caatle, 
by ubooi bi- If ft »1 his drvCASa 
iu 171.^, two sons, the elder of 
whom. WtLUAH of Coley, left a 
daughter Mary. 

M. J(i«iii<A, «f whom presfBtW. 

III. Tliomno, a Du-rchunt at LivcTpoul, 
m. Fr.iiicf9,cldoslilMiiKhlerumiuDiSfl 
Throppe, pftq, mi aldenoan of Cbes- 
lur, and died in 1060, leaving no 

IV. Sardh, ra. lo John Gledhill, em. 

V. eiixabelh. 



The second WD, 

Jo»iii4Hi>HT(.>N,es(|.wu(.in IfflO. Thw 
grntli-inaii who trnn m (he comnuHion of 
the. peac« for the W^t Hiding of tlic couuty 
of York, purchased the manor of Horton, 
in Bradforddalc, Stansficld Uall, &c. He 
espoused Mnrtha, duu^htcr and co-heir of 
Thomu Rlnns, esq. nf Rudhuorlh, by whom 
(who d. ill l6tA4) he had surriring mav, 
Joshua, his heir. 

Elkanii, of Tbornlon, in the county of 
York, barrister-at-lkw, d. t. p. in 
Tbomad, M.D. who wedded the daugh- 
ter of Dui-lor Wutmough, but dyiit^, 
t. p. 1(104, heqiientlicd liiti vslatv at 
HalifAX, (o hia eldeal brother. 

Marlbu, m. to Johu Gill, esq. of Car 
IIouso, iti Yorkshirp. 
Mr. Horton d. in 1679, and was t. by his 
eldest SOD, 

JosHii* Horton. esq. of Sowcrby, who 
purchased, and resided at Cbadt-rloa. He 
wedded in 1679 Mar>-, dauglitt^r of Robert 
Gregg, esq. of llradley, and bad thirteen 
children, of whom 

Thomas, inherited the estates. 

Sarah, m. Tltomas WilHamiwn, esq. of 

Elizabeth, m. William Wiltiamson, esq. 

of Liverpool. 
Martha, m. Richard Clayton, esq. of 

Jane, m. John Parr, esq. of Liverpool. 
Mr. Horton rf. 15th I>eG«mber, 17(W, and 
was interred in bis chapel at Oldham church. 
His wife died hi twelve doys of grief for 
tlie loss of her husband, and was buried by 
his side. The eldest son and heir, 

TlioUAS Horton, esq. of Chadderton, wa 
in the commission of the peace for the 
county palatine of Lancaster, aud governor 
of the Isle of Man for the Earl of Derby. 
He wedded Anne, daughter and co-heir of 
Richard Moatyn, esq. of London, (a younger 
branch of tlin Moatyns. of Moatyn), by 
whom {who d. in 1726), he hod issue, 

WiLUAN, (Sir) bis successor, at Chad- 
derton, who was created a Bahonkt 
on the Htb nf Januarj-, 1704, being 
at the time high sheriO* for Lanca- 
ihirc. He m. Susannah, daughter 
aDd heir of Francis Watts, esq. of 
Barnes Hall, in Yorkshire, by whom 
he hud three sons, W.tTT<i, Tbomns, 
aud William. The baronetcy, in 
fkihire of male issue, u now ex- 


rhomas d. yoaug. 


Susannah, n. to George Lloyd, < 
Hulme Hall, near Maocfaeater, ai 
bad issue. 
The third son, 

JoflKiiA Horton, esq. h. in 1730, 
HowroyJc, in the coanty of YorL. 
weddetl first, Anne, daughter of Geof^ 
Clarke, esq. governor of New York, b 
had no issue. He m. secondly, in I7C 
Mary, daughter of — WooUin, esq. 
Tbornliiil, iu Y'urkaliire, and had 
Thomas, bis suecessor. 
Joshua Sidney, an admiral in theHin 
Nary, who m. Mrs. Whurwood, refl 
of — Whorwood, esq. asd luu li 
sons and a daughter. 
William, in holy orders, who m. Hj 
Lyon, of Liverpool, aud left il I 
decease, three sons and three dang 
Richard Henry, a lieutenanl-coloDel 
the .irmy, d. unmarried. 

I ' i both d. unmarried. 

J n nt* , ) 

Charlotte m. to the Rct. W. Richar 

son, of Ferrj'bridge, in Yorkshii 

and has issue, 

Hurrielt. fl 

Mr. Horton wiu <. by his eldest bov, ^| 

Thoman Horton, enq. of HowTovde.vl 

wedded in March, 1789, the I.Ady Mai 

Gordon, youngest dauKbler ofGeoTgeiTtUi 

Eiirl of Aberdreo. una had issue, 

JoKHrA Thomas, iu holy ordexi, I 


George William, lientenaDt-coloBri I 

the army, who m. in lifiS, Pnaa 

Esther, second daughter of the Rr 

Williain Gamier, of Rookesbnr), i 

the count)' of Hants, by wl 

bus one son and a daughter. 

Mary. in. in 1816, to Francis 

Hacket, eta. of Moor Hall, 

county of Warwick, and haa il 

Mr. Horton, who was a magistiat* 

deputy lieoteaaul for the counties of TtC 

and I^ncaster, d. in lft30, and was s. W II 

elder son, the Rer. JosHt'A Thohas Hoi 

TON, present proprietor. 

^rnu. — Gules a lion rami 
charged on tlie shoulder with a 
couped az. nilbto a bordore eai 
the second. 

Crett-"\ red rose, sewled, Uarbed, U 
surrounded by two laurel brandiei, pfir. 
Motto— ^To rege, etlege. 
Kttatet — In Yorkshire and Lanoaaliin. 
Seat — UowROTDR, near Halifax. 



©UKE, The RrrsftKiin EDWARD, of Lake, in the county of WUis, A. in 1779. 
[ in 1813, Harriet, duigbter of Hcory lliiixiuaa, esq. of Ivy Cbureli, utul liad iswo 

Edwahd, b. fa 181-f . 



•Mording to the Ti«ttAtion miule by 
ST.UEORce,iD 16S3,u » branch 
ancieiit family of I)i:kE, vf PowtT 
to ihvcow)^ ofDcvuii. 
>iiii ntKE, Mil of MiciitrL Di'kf;, a 
uf tbe DcTODsbir« bouAe, wu f&thvr 

BOKUS DfKE, esq. wbo purcbawtt, in 

I; fur iMin ibuuMud marks, the enljite 

maoQi uf Liikr. in W iluhire. TbU 

SfiKAB wtMtdcd DorotliY, dBUgbtlT of 

lip Poor, esq. and bad tlirvR mnt, 

r\\ . Jmii-., hia bcir, lifnrgi', itnd An- 

w> If of ihfi l>ulLe« uf Biilfunl, 

, I ' . IB IGIO, And was i. by bia 

>t «on. 

ts IH'KB, Mq. of L«k«, high 8b«riirof 

nt}- uf Wilu in 1640, wbo m. Maria, 

lr( uf John Young. e>q. of Dunford, 

OiONOt, wbo died In tbc Ufetirae of 
hia fatbtrr. dnrnt iti^S, lrarin|r by 
KliaabrUi, hifi nife. da\i}AUiz of Sir 
Oeoricr AylilTr, knt. of Robaon, two 
MB*, viK. 

I. Souju. wbo pre-deceaied hia 

2. Oborob, beir to that E^nlleman. 

It. Jobn, of SartOD, in Hnmpehirc. 

who bad an only «on, 

Ckuroc m. to Cecilia, daufrbier 

of Robrri Nfwmiin, cmi. of 

Queen's Camel, nud waa t. by bii 


"oHK, wbo wedded Mar>-, 
daughter of the Very Rev. 
Dr. Harlow, dean of Chl- 
cbcatiT. and dying in 1743, 
waa 4. by bia sod, 
JoHS, who m. Bliaa Fran- 
ces Bankes, and bad 
•urnving iumi' (Mn, IrtfW). 

1 Ueoror, lit>Dt-CO). 
in the army, m. 
Emilv, ttiird 
daugnt«rof John 
Freeman, »»q. of 
Chut? Lodge, 
by whom (wlio 
d. in 1819) he 
baa no liwue. 
2. Churle?, licut.'cot. 
in Ow annv, h. 
In nat; tit. in 
17iM. MiKsMary 
Nash, and li-ft at 
bis decease, in 
Eilward, lieu- 
tenant K.N. 
ti. in IB36. 

TiinuAft, h. 
in I HOI. 
Thomas, h. in 

CharW, w. 
Miaa Jose- 
phine - Isa- 
bella Doug- 
las, and has 




Fff inm 
3. Frances. 

itt. Bdmrd, or WiDtcrbonr - 8toke. 
Tbii (CvnUriDftn d. in 1706, and lear- 

isg tH> Hu/r usnr, thr rcUitr of Scot- 
laiid, in thi! |i.-irinh of Wint>-rt>amf, 
became vestrd in hi« i^nndjiuebrrr, 
Bebecca Uoee. who w«dded io 
1700. George Ilcly, esq. of Uie 
county of Kilksitiiy, and the 
dMcrndantof that manuge ttow 
enjoys the property. 
Mr. DnLeand his i-'ldi-^t M>D.Gi-or^ Doke, 
werp involved, with Colonel Jubn Pftorud- 
docke, llui;h Grove, and sevrral other ^mi- 
nimi royalists, in tlie aiuuccvssful attcmpi 
made in 16£i6 U> rvHorv the railed mutiarch 
to the liirooe, and wen* forcMl to surrpiider 
toCapbiJn CfoIlp, at South Moulton, baring 
obtained conditions from that officer, un- 
Mndioned. howi-vcr, by Chouhcli.. for the 
preterratiun of llif ir Uvea and efiuics. Of 
these faithful cavalierar Wogstaff, Mompes> 
sou, and MasOBt were forlonati! enoa^tocf- 
fccttheir escape, the othenbsrini; been cnn- 
viclcd under a upetinl conmiission. Pen- 
ruddr>cke and Grove Dulfired dL*c«|>itjition, 
and eight died upon tht> gallown; but the 
Dukes obtained a pardon. The father, an 
stated aboTC, outlived the son. and dyinff in 
1071, was s. by his grandsoii, 

Grorcr 1>rKr. tm. of r>ake, who m. 
Elizabeth, daughter of John Rirhardti, e»cj. 
of Yroverland, in the Ule of Wij^bt, and 
hud a son RoBtRT. bis heir, with it dfiugbter 
Niuijinnah, the wife of John Wordeii, trsi\. 
He d. in li%)0, and was ». by his son, 

RijBEKr Drxb, e»q. of I^kv. This gen- 
tlemaa e«|>oused in ItiUS. Jane, daughter of 
Tbomu Freke, e»(\. of Wyck, in tlte county 
of Dontet, and bad iame, 
RuBKHT, bis soccetsor. 
fJeorge, who m. Sarah, daughter of 
Edward Hiuison, etuj. of Aliingdou, 
and left at his deoeitftc- in 1731. 
George, d. anmarried, in 1747. 
Rohr-rf, d. tiiimnrried, in I74!2. 
ThomiM, d. unmarried, in 17611. 
Edwahi), of whom herc-aftf-r a* heir 
(o bis cousin, RoBtRT Dvkk, of 
Lake.«, m. to Capt^ Lawrenue 
iioyd, K.N. 


TbODMS-Freke, m, Miv Lucy 0^- 

ro«ft, and luid issor. 
Mavy, m. to John Bonrles, Mq. of Unr- 

con be. 

Jaar. m. to Samuel Andrews, esij. d 
Mr. Doke d. in ITiA, and ww /. by fab 
eldest son, 

Robert Di ke., «*<\. of l,ak«. h, iu Ifltit, 
who tm. in 1723. Frances, daughter of Hrsry 
Blake, es«]. of Bmtu), and dying bt I'-V, 
was 1. hy his con, • 

Hubert Dcke. esq. of Lake, who wedM 
Jane, daughter of Jonathan Rnshleifh. nn. 
of Menabiily. in Cornwall, but d\ i 
less in 1793^ the estates dovohed' .,, 
only surviving son of his utkcle Ueoigc) L* 

Edward Dikf, esq. &. in 1731. who tboi 
became " of Lake." He m. in 1771 F»iinj, 
daogfater of John Field, e*q. of UUni^Wa, 
and had iune, 

George, who d. in his father's UfetiBit, 

Anno 171H, 
EnwtR[>, in holy orders, pmeai Lnitu 

OF THE Manor. 
Jane, m. to John Wrstall, cvq. a»d i. 

in iHOe. 

Lucy, M. to William Blandy, asq. 

Siis.vinab, m. In James Prince, esq. 
Mr. Doke was «. at bis decease, by his noh 
surriviiig eon, the Kev. Edwakd Dt kl 

^rin*— Per fesse, arg. and as., (km 
chaplets. two and one connterchac^d. 

tVfjf — A demi Griflhi,or, holdiag betwM 
the claws a ehaplet^ az. 

Estate — The manor of Luke. Thi* h- 
eientlv formed part of the powessioni ^ 
Ihe Criiild or Fraternity of CarsromV, >f 
the coDnt>- of Somerset. At the di^ 
of that Guild in the 1st of Kdwai ' 
revt-rted to the crown, and was gi 
about five years afterwards to Rol' 
mas. and Andrew Salter, Mercbaui i i- ' r- 
in London, who transferred it to Jiihti i .^-r- 
lyn, uf Soiitbainpluri, by whom it wu uji 
in 1.'i7h, toGp.oRfiF Dikk- 

Seat — Lake House, near Ameahury. 



FAM, JAMFjS, «iq. of Largv, in the rounty of Fife, > funeral officer in the 
t. Hill Jima&ry, 1764, m. first, 1779, Lliaabeth. dauc^ter of Colonel Slieltkii, 
rick, ill dio county of Beilfonl, Ijy wliom lie liaJ vo i»sua. Gunerul l>ur)iniii 
d, «ecnndly, in 18*27, Mar^rel, eldest d&ugtiier of (Lionel John AuHtrutlier 
m, of Ch&rlum, in PUealiin. 


inw of ni'RiMH, althoufch sui>- 
D havfl oriKiimtcd in Engtiuiil. has 
wn Mtiibt»bvil upoD tilt; »ouliii;rii 
of ScollBnd. 

WtLU«u Pi-niUM, a nrraonagc of 
ml hislily rli«tin|^uili<'4l in tlt(> reign 
iRRT BHiTr, bad n nmnt in I.T£f, 
lat manurch of Ihc UmlK of Graii^>. 
I trmp. Kimtt David, and from him 
■ i|r«rondMl, 

iNDiR l)i nil Ml of Omii^, livinjt in 
ho marri'"'! Janr-t. daii):Ii(i>r of John 
r, baron of Dun, and had lliri>t- biiii», 
UXI««, hill «u;r4>Mor at Gnuig<s who 
Mmlintiid lb* leniDr line of the family. 

nrv, th^ ancestor of th<> DcnHAUs, 
if DuiiLan'fe 
rond aon, 

' OrniiAH, liavinfE realized a fonanK 
unerciiil tmrsuitti, art|uin-d a cnitai- 
• «wUt*, inclndlnj; ihr htndu o( IMn- 
, Omkchic, &t.-. Uo wedded Isa- 
Ufthlor of Kj'd, of Cnii|j;ii>, in ilir 
of Forfaf, and dvinf; trmp. Mahv 
rUKD, was $. by bu eldogt Don, 
.t DtrnHAM. of PittlLfrntw, who m. 
dawMrr nf Sir Samt* Wiiibnrl, and 
Id mt n;ign ufJAUZX VI., WAS 4. by 

CANDKR DruHAU, of Plttk^rrov, liv- 
OSn. who m. Jcan.dAiiKhtcTof Duvid 
V, of Halmain, niid had wilb ftcvcrnl 
hildrvn. a miii aud 9uKCK*Mr, 
Iamu DrRiUH, wbo mcalvod the 



honor of knishtliood from Kiug C.HAnitt t. 
Uc m. Janet, dnu[;hli<r of Jamrs I>ur)utin, 
of Dnntar*ie, mid bud (with two daugbtcni) 
four MHu, rix. 

Jahbs, Ilia heir. 

William, who acquired lands in Lon- 

*| Ttti-fi^^fntletiicn, with many 

other iiiitivp^ of Scotl&ud. 

' eutered into the aerviue of